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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  February 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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breaking news. the xhooulter rail getting back on track after massie delays. >> plus the search is on. after police say two gunmen were spotted on campus. and donald drum weapon harsh word for pope francis. did he change his tune at last good morning. 9:00 on this friday. i'm nancy chin. >> i'm sarah french. we'll have your top stories in a moment. first let's talk about the forecast. we have a nice warm up in store for the weekend. >> absolutely right. sunday. bit of cold start this morning. temperature making progress
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and you look to south west of us 48 degrees in cincinnati. 49 chicago. this milder air we will tap into for saturday and sunday. to get there the warm front has to come through. producing snow showers through upstate new york. they are swinging through this evening transitioning to rain by tomorrow. coating to an inch of snow a possibility not of mass pike. an inch of snow into southwest new hampshire. temperatures seasonably. upper 30s to near 40. we will not warm up drastically today. the trend to up the side as we go throughout the weekend. right there at 50 on saturday. lower 50s on sunday afternoon. may have a little bit of snow in the air sunday night into early, early monday morning. we'll talk more on that forecast coming up. >> time for fast track traffic.
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we mentioned the good news about the commuter rail south station back open. we have some delay on the commuter rail on the wo crester line now. here's the expressway northbound from braintree to boston. let's go to maps and that will take you about 24 minutes. south of town route 3 slowing through weymouth. this morning the pike from framingham eastbound into boston no major delays. you are slowing as you head into town. you see the red. on 93 you are slow and go from 495 over 128. into boston you start to slow down through summerville. route 1 not looking too bad this morning. back to you guys. >> now to breaking news this morning. trains are once again running in and out of south station. a signal problem snarled the morning and evenings commutes. yesterday victoria warren is live at south station. it looks like the trains are finally back on track.
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it's business as usual. and this is the sight that folks hope to see. a crowded south station. listing just about all the train as running on time with the t had created the contingency plans. but it turned out those plans weren't needed. >> miles at south station. >> happy, very happy. very happy. >> i was very excited. got out of the house. got on the train. this after a day of drastic delays. passengers forced to get creative after amtrak signal problem shutdown almost all commuter rail service from south station. i took a cab from where i work to the sheraton hotel. >> amtrak calling in staff from philadelphia, connecticut and rhode island. they say a system failure suddenly knocked out the computer that ran the switches in all 13 south station tracks at the start of thursday
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>> all of a sudden it went dark. >> amtrak said it's one of the most complex systems they have. saying the fix came in just under the wire for this morning's commute. they gained computer control back around 5:00 a.m. >> there was actually some component that had to be replaced. once all the troubleshooting was done it appears at this time that the -- there was a system failure in the programming. >> commuter cautiously happy saying past experience makes them a little bit skeptical. >> we'll be watching the incident all day today to make sure that afternoon trains are way home. the big question remains what caused this system failure to begin with. that's something amtrak says they continue to investigate. at this point they have no information that it is anything malicious. live this morning from south station. new england."
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umass am hearst are search for two gunmen who they say assaulted a student on campus. >> campus intruder alert. in place. the two men with a gun attacked a male student and then took off. they gave the all clear after determining the suspect were no longer on suspect. they were from out of town in clear by had information that people saw them getting in a vehicle and leaving. they were in fact running from the building. getting in a vehicle and leaving gone. the victim was treated at the hospital for a cut to his head. also happening now a mother and her baby daughter are recovering from serious injuries after they were hit by a car in roxbury. thewomens crossing with 5-month-old at the time of the crash last night.
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>> police are covering this gun mass bay community student. that student heads to court charged with assault and battery the a dangerous weapon. he's accused of pointing the gun at another driver on route 9 on way to class yesterday. >> new details about a report of person barricaded inside a home in roslandale. boston police investigate as a case of squatting -- swatting. there was no emergency and no ones hurt. the driver involved in the crash in lemonster is facing several charge including driving to endanger. the state trooper said he saw the car go passed the stop sign then speed off. the trooper followed and soon found the wrecked vehicle. the driver ran away after crashing. police eventually arrested him t a nearby store. new this morning the headmaster of boston latin
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students say the school did not properly handle allegation of racism. the internal review said there was one instance where the schools didn't properly respond to racial slur. the review came after two student started a local social media campaign to raise awareness to what they believed was the school's failure to address the racism. the student met with the school board last month and since then the school said it will implement its own program to handle incidents that may happen in the future in the school or online. right now police are looking for two people in connection to a crash in revere that left an officer injured. revere police released these pictures of michael gustro and jaqueline murphy. >> they are expected of starting a xhas causing an officer to crash his cruiser. the suspect are driving a gold honda. the officer crashed in chelsea into two telephone poles. witnesses who were nearby pulled him out of his car. and investigator say one of the
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officer with a syringe at a traffic stop. right now police are searching for this man in connection to the murder of a women in malden. earlier this week 35-year-old kenneth manning was last seen in summerville. the victim's body was found monday night in her malden home. she's stabbed to death warning that manning is known to carry a approached. we're following breaking news overseas. american warplanes have struck targets hissing isis training camp. it was targeted senior operative linked to two major terrorist attack. 30 isis recreates are believed to have been killed. now race for the white house. candidates are making a last-minute push before voter head out in two key states tomorrow with the republican in south carolina. and the democrats in nevada. the democratic race for president is tightening.
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sanders holding a town hall meeting ahead of saturday's caucus. the race neck and neck there. new national pal poll find sander within 11 point of clinton. her lead was 25 point a months ago. both tried to win over key voter. i'm a progressive that likes to make progress. i know how hard it is. >> i want to take 11 million undocumented people in this country out of the shadows. out of the fear that they are experiencing every single day. >> they traded jabs. >> we're in the campaign. and the secretary will say what she will say. i don't know where this comes from. maybe it's that senator sander wasn't a democrat until he tried to run for president. on the republican side it's a battle between trump and the pope. after his trip to mexico pope francis seemed to question trump's christianity because of plans to build a wall on the u.s./mexico border. trump downplayed the issue.
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i don't think it's a fight. i think he said something softer than reported by the media. at the same gathering jeb bush refused to pile on the front-runner. i don't think it's okay to question his faith. if he has relationship with the lord fantastic. if he doesn't it's none of my business. the most emotional moment. he said he found meaning in kasichs kasichs's message. i've learned so much from listening to everybody here. you have to celebrate other people's win and sometimes you have to sit with them and cry. >> highest ranking african-american in congress is expected to voice his choice for president today according to cnn south carolina representative will back fellow democrat hillary clinton. his endorsement could prove critical in the state where the
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a week from tomorrow. the body of justice antonin skalia will lie in repose. funeral services will be held tomorrow alternate the national shrine in washington, d.c. still ahead on "today in new england" a helicopter falls right out of the sky and it happened near a major war memorial in hawaii. >> at 9:30 company behind that deadly tank collapse in new hampshire now facing steep fines just how much they have to pay up. cold start today plenty of sunshine out there. we're talking temperatures in the 50s over the weekend. to get there a few snowflakes first. the forecast ahead. in just a bit we will introduce you to this week's class act. what they are doing to make sure all students feel included. the world a president has to imagine.
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a special treat for visitor at yosemite national park called a firewall. the optical illusion looks like fire flowing off the cliff; right? park ranger say it's the sun flowing through water fall. the angle of the sun has to be just right for the picture which only happens this time of year. ist thinking kind of reminds me of manhattan. when the lines up perfectly in new york city. well i haven't seen that. this the beautiful shot there. i haven't seen it out of yosemite before. 27 in boston right now. of course we've had nice sunrises and sunsets in the city with thin clouds once in a while. pretty good sunrise this morning. thanks to clear skies west to northwester i will breeze only # miles per hour. that's good. because when you start off on the cold side you don't want the strong wind.
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24 worcester. we're off the low by about 10 to 12 in the suburbs and light winds will continue to be the case throughout the day. the breeze picks up for tomorrow. what we watch for the weekend is the milder air to return to new england. we're in the 20s across new england now. but you get back into buffalo, new york it's 32. 48 in cincinnati. 49 chicago. piece of the mild air breaking off heading into new england. we just to wait for the wind to change direction back to southwest and it will do so behind this front. you can see snow showers from pennsylvania. to get the warm front through here you are also pushing in a little bit of moisture enough to gives cloud cover. going to rain showers overnight tonight as temperatures rise up. evening commute. clouds increase this afternoon. and then late tonight and into tomorrow morning we'll begin to see some scattered snow showers
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they be more extensive than this model showing. even in boston through worcester couple of snowflakes. late tomorrow into early afternoon. that's the best opportunity of getting sun. late in the day early tomorrowening may be a quick passing shower rolling on through. that's should be about it. not a lot of snow tonight. coating to perhaps an inch of snow through the worcester hill. that should do in a lot of southeastern mass spotty coating. i don't expect much accumulation there. sunshine increasing cloud. seasonable day. 36 to 42. average high the 40. we're close to that in the city of boston this afternoon. temperature tonight going from upper 20s to near 30. back into the mid 30s by daybreak as you transition over to few rain showers. now tomorrow it's mostly cloudy could be a sprinkle or shower first thing in the morning then late in the day i expect another passing sour but the overall theme here so warm temperature up and watch the temperature climb into the upper 40s if not
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you are kind of book ending with sprinkle or shower. overall mainly dry saturday with chance of sunshine returning late morning into the early afternoon. sunday morning i should say sunday night we will watch this system. may provide with a quick burst of wet snow. for more on the weekend forecast and what's going on across new england let's head over to danielle. as far as february temperature they are close to average. our average temperature is just above 30. that's pretty close to where we should be. we've had our warmest temperature in february recorded at 65 then last weekend we recorded that 9 below. this weekend much different. much more mild 50 tomorrow. part of the reason for mild temperature is that we bring in the mild air from the south. with that bringing in a little bit of wind for your day tomorrow as well you can see tomorrow as we head into lunch time those wind gusting up to 30, 35 miles per hour. not terribly strong wind a little bit breezy for your day tomorrow.
9:18 am
some skiing. it's a great weekend for that. today we're just below freezing. as we head into the weekend temperatures close to 40 by sunday with some snow showers possible tomorrow. and speaking of snow we're also keeping an eye on the storm next week. >> bigger storm rolling up the coast line danielle as we get into tuesday night into wednesday. the track will determine how much snow, ice or rain we get. if it takes more inland track then you talking about mainly rain. if it stays offshore there's enough cold air in place more of us would see snow and mixed precipitation verses the rain. we'll keep an eye on but highlighting wednesday as the potential. again danielles mentioning warming temperatures. good ski conditions up north in terms of comfort level across much of northern and central new england. we'll catch a few inches of snow tonight and tomorrow with the snow showers. >> just enjoy saturday and sunday while we can. we will hope it's rain. you know coming our way.
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it's all caught on camera when this helicopter drops right out of the sky into the pacific. >> also ahead suspect headed to court today. why a s.w.a.t. team was called to the hotel he was mornings. wonderful, crazy mornings. we figure you probably don't have time to wait on hold. that's why at xfinity we're hard at work, building new apps like this one that lets you choose a time for us to call you. so instead of waiting on hold, we'll call you when things are just as wonderful... [phone ringing] but a little less crazy. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other
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we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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the sky in hawaii and crashes into the water below. witnesses watch the whole thing happen from just feet away. terrifying to see and at least one of the five people whos onboard in critical condition. 7 adam williams has more. >> reporter: witnesses could tell something was wrong. the tail of the sightseeing helicopter was smoking as it descended toward the rocky shoreline then the moment of impact. with the chopper sink ink several samaritan plunged into passengers. >> i saw the helicopter sputtering a00 feet. the pilot did an amazing job. five people onboard and pulled ashore. at least one suffering critical injuries. all were rushed to hospital by ambulance. the helicopter is owned by genesis aviation the same chopper seen here before the crash offering aerial tours of the arizonaar memorial. it's a miracle everyone survived. i'm adam williams 7news "today
9:23 am
the person in critical condition is a 16-year-old who got stuck inside of the helicopter when it went under water. officials are investigating what went wrong. >> still ahead at 9:30 she's done it again the charges this serial stowaway is face thing time. next we head into the classroom to introduce you to group of impressive students working to make sure everyone feels included.
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this morning we're excited to introduce you to some standout students at auburn high school. they are so special. they make sure all student feel
9:26 am
and outside of school. here's this week's class act. >> reporter: is this rockets to rocket. we do this awesome segment called class act. speaking of awesome. there's a lot of awesomeness in the room. rocket to rockets plansent at auburn high it's focus inclusion for all students especially those with special needs. >> i just wanted to pay special attention and give a special brianna. [applause] kennedy oman and brianna turned it into success uniting student school. >> i just really love it when i see people including everyone. we make sure that every kid no matter what ability can participate in some way, shape or form. >> and their advisor couldn't be happier. they are exceptional.
9:27 am
instinctually know what to do. it's not just in the classroom. it's throughout the school day. it's going to the bus. it's sitting down at lunch. they just have a natural slow in the day to work with other student and to make everyone feel included. the two say the group has given them a career path. >> i want to be a special ed teacher. to have a classroom that's mine with students. i just love being in the program. it makes me happy. it's the best part of my day. >> kennedy and brianna say the rockets to rocket program gave them new perspective of other making sure everyone is comfortable in group activities no matter what. >> so inspiring those two. if you know a student between sixth and twelfth grade doing something outstanding please nominate them online at and ahead in our next half hour it started with a signal problem.
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an update on the breaking news the commuter rail trains are now back on schedule. last weekend windchill factors 30 to 40 degrees below zero. this weekend 50. we're looking live look at the supreme court where justice antonin skalia casket. justice skalia was not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. only at a sleep number store, right now, all beds on sale. save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed, know better sleep with sleep number. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple
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california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts. great tasting, heart healthy california walnuts. so simple.
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>> breaking news on the commuter trail. schedule restore after day of massive lines and delays. a state senator under investigation. what one man had to say about his father's relationship with brian joyce in the interview you will see on just one station.
9:31 am
again where officials nabbed her this time. 9:30 on this friday. welcome back everyone. i'm nancy chin. >> i'm sarah french. we have good news if you like the warm weather. we have a warm up in store. we're excited about that. it's amazing how much difference a weekend can make. last weekend we talk about windchill factor at minus 44 degrees. at one point on sunday morning. this weekend we will be closer to 50 above zero so much improveed forecast i would say. 27 now in boston. 24 in worcester. this afternoon not bad. seasonably cold and temperatures into the upper 30s near 40 degrees from the north shore into the city of boston. some mid-to-upper 30s out to worcester hills clouds increase this afternoon. thanks to warm front working from the west. that provides some snow showers to rain showers tonight. coating to an inch of snow north of the mass pike right there at 50 degrees both on saturday and sunday.
9:32 am
coming up. we're following breaking news now. live look at the u.s. supreme court where the body of the late supreme court justice antonin skalia is bringing brought in. his body will lie in repose before he's finally laid to rest tomorrow. and the public will be allow in later today to pay their respects. president obama the first lady will pay their respeblths later on however the president will not attend funeral services tomorrow. we'll have how much more on that coming up throughout the day. we continue to follow breaking news on the commuter rail. a commuter rail train they are all once again up and running out of south station. that's the good news. >> big news there. this all started yesterday when an amtrak signal problem led to massie delays all day and into the night. victoria warren live at south station. it looks like the trains are finally back on track. >> they are back on track. a lot of happy passengers this morning. we thought they would have a
9:33 am
expected. south station filled with passengers again. our live look at the board. you can see most trains are running on time. the t put all of these contingency plans in place just in case. and it turns out those plans were not needed. >> miles at south station. happy. very happy. very happy. >> i was very excited. this after a day of drastic delays. passengers forced to get creative after amtrak signal problem shutdown almost all commuter rail service at south station. >> i took a cab from where i worked to the sheriden hotel and we went home. they say a system failure suddenly knocked out the computer that ran the switches in all 13 south station track at the start of thursday morning rush hour. all of a sudden went dark.
9:34 am
complex systems they have. saying the fix came in just under the wire for this morning commute. they gained computer control back around 5:00 a.m. there was actually some components that actually had to be replaced. once all the troubleshooting was done. but i appears at this time that there was a system failure in the programming. >> computer cautiously happy saying past experience makes them a little bit skeptical. >> we'll be watching the incident all day today to make sure that the afternoon trains are running correctly and on their way home. the big question remains what caused that system failure to begin with. amtrak said that is something that they can continue to investigate but they say at this point they have no information that it was caused by anything malicious. victoria warrens 7news "today in new england." vicki, thank you. now to an interview you will see on just one station.
9:35 am
owner talking about father's relationship with state senator brian joyce after federal agent raided his office wednesday in the man said what started as small favor turned into more than decade of free dry cleaning. it was all in exchange for his legal help. >> he did perform a couple of legal services for my father. and he was paid for those. there was billing and he was i think he definitely took trusting. the fbi and irs raided senator joyce's law office reportedly involving his relationships with people in his district. new details on the deadly circus tent collapse in new hampshire. the florida based company is now facing 33,000 in fines. a severe storm knocked the tent down on the fairgrounds in lancaster last august. federal safety officials say the company ignored weather warning. 41-year-old robert young and
9:36 am
were killed in the collapse. dozens of others were hurt. the company now has 15 days to respond to the proposed fines. >> police officers in fairhaven speaking out about their part in ice water rescue. crews rushed into the water when a driver lost control and crashed on wednesday in the first responder found the truck upside down with a man trapped inside and that's when they jumped in, cut his seat belt and pulled him back to shore. >> i would do it again today if i had to. i would hope if it was family member of mine someone would do it for him. it just happens. it's part of the job. you just do it. >> the 61-year-old driver was condition. his family said he is expected to survive. today. the trial for five baltimore police officers accused in the death of freddie gray have been put on hold. next month maryland court of appeals will consider whether a sixth officer charged in the
9:37 am
other five. porter went to trial last year mistrial. he's expected to be retried. gray died last april days after suffering a spinal injury during his ride inside a police van. his death led to riot and protest nationwide. the woman known serial stowaway is facing charges again. police arrested 64-year-old maryland hartman at chicago o'hare airport on wed. probation. due to her prior arrest she is property. >> also on 7. los angeles hospital dealing with the costly consequences of a hospital hack. hollywood presbyterian was held ransom by a skilled hacker who system. the hospital said it had no choice but to pay up. here's kim khazei with more. >> reporter: it happened at hollywood presbyterian medical
9:38 am
all of the computers frozen with hacker demanded $17,000 in ransom. payable in online coins to release the computers. locked out the hospital ceo said in the best interest of restoring normal operations we did this. across the country in maine hackers held the lincoln county sheriff's department computers hostage. >> they asked for gladly give you the code for a nominal fee. even police had no choice to pay. cybersecurity she now big business. encrypting government files family photo health records and financial document then demanding payment for the code to unlock them. becoming a victim as easy as badmouth click. >> any of the files whether
9:39 am
longer accessible. until security report of 127% jump in ransomware cases. >> it's a high volume high speed game they are playing. that's the business model they are using now. with the hacker often a world away if you are hacked you may have no choice but to pay the ransom. kim khazei. 7news "today in new england." >> to avoid having data held hostage. security expert recommend updating anti-virus software enabling pop up blockers and backing up your computer on an external drive. >> that's scary. it could happen anytime you just don't realize how much of your life on your computer until it's all in jeopardy. you have to update passwords. download all the update. it's really important. and still ahead in 7 sports. the red sox getting back in action what the skipper had to say about his return to the team before today's first official workout. we are whipping up a delicious dish with a winter twist. you don't want to miss it in
9:40 am
from winter to spring mode as temperature rise close to 50 on saturday and sunday. take a look at the numbers, ahead. >> we take a live look at the u.s. supreme court. antonin skalia body just arrived there were his body will lie in repose.
9:41 am
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>> a world of difference from this weekend to next week. hard to believe we were negative something. now you are like the 50s. en huge changes in 367 hour from monday verses sunday morning. his mindus nine in the city of boston. you take a look at sunrise sunset. the daylight at least the number of hour getting longer and longer and we're really adding time here. so nice on sunny day to have daylight to 5:30. we spring forward march 13th and about that point you get your daylight until about 7:00 in the evening. just after dinner time you can go for walk there if you have an early dinner. 20 the low in boston. 11 bedford.
9:44 am
cold start. seasonably cold this afternoon. that's almost mean temperature close to 40. lowell over kings borrow at 27 degrees auburn at 25. then you drive down 495 and get close attleboro at 29. 30 degrees in west bridgewater. these numbers rising close to 40. not quite near 50. we wait for warm front to come through. that will come through overnight tonight. also surprised with scattered snow showers later this evening for about midnight 1:00, 2:00 in the morning. after that likelihood of seeing snow showers diminishes because we will warm up enough likely see rain drops up there. not a lot of snow out of this. maybe a coating in some towns in perhaps an inch.
9:45 am
this afternoon warming up close to 40. tonight this even we're close to 30. but watch what happens to the temperature as we go from 11:00 to 6:00 or 7:00 tomorrow morning. they warm up close to 40 because dragging that mild air and if we start off near 40 on saturday morning you know it's not all that hard to reach 50 by the afternoon which breaks of sun. i do expect that to be the case for tomorrow afternoon. the best chance of passing shower tomorrow first thing in the morning early in the evening the rest of the time dry a little bit of breeze out there. all and all a good weekend. you kick out moisture. we enjoy a dry mild day sunday. sunday into early monday. we have to watch this wave of low pressure. close to new england that may throw a little bit of wet snow sunday. but for more on this weekend forecast in particular turn over to danielle. thanks. as far as temperature so far
9:46 am
where they should 30.6 degree our average temperature. we've seen our warmest temperature recorded at 65. then again we were talking about last week down to 9 below. the good news mild this weekend. i'm certainly not complaining about that. i don't know about you. in the 50s tomorrow. 52 on sunday. now the reason for this is because we are going to have some wind tomorrow. the good news that is bringing this more mild air from the south. tomorrow as we head into lunch time we see the wind gusting 30 to 35 miles per hour. not too bad. just a little bit of a breeze throughout your day for tomorrow. if you head up north. maybe doing some skiing. it's a great weekend for that. 30 today. then we warm up getting close to 40 by sunday. we could see some snow showers up north for tomorrow. speaking of snow we keep an eye on the storm for next weekend too. we will have storm coming up coastline as we get into tuesday night into wednesday and the track will dictate whether we see rain or snow with this or
9:47 am
it's tracks kind of all over the place on the forecast model. we're still about 5 or 6 days out. we'll keep an eye on things. can bring you gusty winds as well. there's the 7 on 7 forecast. despite being close to 50 degrees on sunday afternoon there's a potential of a little bit of wet snow. sunday into early monday. by monday afternoon back into the lower 40s temperature on tuesday a little bit cooler there and cooler air mass will help supply at least initially the opportunity for some snow and ice before changing to rain. closer look at the track of the storm as we get closer in. >> thank you. this morning we firing up the grill in february for a sweet and savory dish with a winter twist. >> fruit cider glazed chicken kabobs. >> while grilling may seem like
9:48 am
at not your average joes in waltham executive chef is turning up the heat with cider glazed chicken ka bobs. >> it's a chicken dish with full flavors. >> to start cut the chicken breast into cubes and put them on skewer. >> keep them equal size to one another. they cook assenly as you can. then make your glaze which will also act as marinade for the chicken. >> iave apple cider that i reduce. it helps to concentrate the flavor and thicken it a little bit. i reduced by half. then to that i will add whole grain mustard. also add maple syrup. the sugar comes from the syrup helps to carmelize on the outside of the chicken. let the chicken marinade.
9:49 am
a spice rub to chicken. coriander, cumin, salt and and pepper. you want to sprinkle on the chicken. >> start with nice clean hot grill. that way whatever you cook will not stick to the grill. after flipping over jeff adds more of cider marinade to chicken. cooks nicely into the outside as it grilling. >> finish off. remove the chicken from the skewer. make sure the chicken gets cooked through. at not your average joes they served chicken on a bed of roasted spaghetti squash. we use this across the top. garnish with scallions and toasted pumpkins seeds. >> are you starving. >> that looks so good. the marinade especially. >> all the segment they are just at the perfect time to make you go that's what i'm craving. up next in 7 sport rumor they
9:50 am
but did the celtics make a key rule before they ran out. >> we will see if they can get past the predators. they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> good morning. if you were one of the many fan refreshing twitter page at the nba trade deadline yesterday afternoon probably. they couldn't find a dance partner and his team and his surplus of draft picks remain the same. the celtics president of basketball operation putting it bluntly saying quote there were no deals that we felt were good enough to do. that's it.
9:53 am
opportunities to add to his team which sits in third place in the east said he wasn't willing to risk long-term ramifications to get it done. >> we're not in the business of making a 27 game gain for a long-term. spring and summer and have another crack at it. >> bruin try to make it four or five to start road trip and not getting it done nashville. allowing pair of goal to predators bees couldn't find the back of the net and drop this one 2-0 the final. celtics back from the all-star break tonight in utah. trying to go at it without kelly olinic who is expected to miss the next two weeks with a shoulder injury. >> red sox getting to work in ft. myers. this is first official workout for pitcher and catcher.
9:54 am
attention on baseball again. of course he was diagnosed with stage one lymphoma last august and forced to miss the rest of the season. in october he learned his cancer had gone into remission. now he's trying to make the sox a winning team again. >> you appreciate every day that you have more so than taking things for granted. it goes back to relationship you have with people and ability to be involved with great organization. sox hope to avoid third straight losing season which hasn't happened since 1994. fingers crossed; right? >> good to see them back. next in the buzz disney classic coming back to life. >> wait until you hear may take on the roll of mary poppins. >> cold air in place this morning. by this weekend temperature back
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> british actor may be taking on a new roll that would be the roll of mary poppins in the highly anticipated disney sequel. variety reports that the pregnant star is in talks the play the legendary childhood icon. the casting would film director as last work together on the most recent live action musical 2014 "into the woods." >> i love mary poppins. this sunday five of six members of friends will join others to honor director james. he directed episode for friends cheers, will and grace. even though matthew perry wasn't there he's still going to be part of the segment. he will reach episode 1,000 on the new comedy crowded. that will be fun. >> just one question for you. could you be more excited. not for this weekend.
9:58 am
good shows though. 1,000 episode. 36 to 42 today. into the weekend a lot to get excited about as temperature warm into the lower 50s saturday and sunday. there's much more of today show straight ahead. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. i'm nancy chen.
9:59 am
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this morning on "today's take," donald trump versus the pope. what the presidential candidate is saying and not saying that might surprise you. then, the ultimate geography fail, and it's hilarious. a mind bending performance by a meant list. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today". it's friday morning, february 19th, 2016. i'm willie along with natalie and dylan in for al this morning.


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