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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  February 19, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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we can't build an ecomy thatorks for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. >> nancy: breaking news at this noon hour. people... rather police issuing a warrant for the suspects in an attack that triggered a campus lockdown at umass-amherst. one student was hurt in the attack. cheryl fiandaca joins us live from the breaking news desk with the very latest. >> reporter: nancy, last night the university of massachusetts-amherst ordered students to shelter in place after two men with a gun assaulted a student on campus. now, police say the two men
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off. video shows the suspects were us courted into the residence hall by a student. there were no reports of shots fired. today a warrant was issued. that suspect is facing charges of armed robbery and assault and battery. >> we have issued a warrant for our main suspect. he has been identified. he is not a umass student. not from the amherst area. we are actively seeking him. we have alerted authorities in his community as to our warrant. and we are hoping to have him in custody as soon as possible. so we do have warrant for his arrest. the second suspect that is involved in the case, that investigation still ongoing. no warrant for that person yet. >> nancy: well, the victim suffered a head injury and was released from the hospital last evening. you mass-amherst has added additional police staff today. cheryl fiandaca, 7 news. >> sarah: the commuter rail back on track this afternoon.
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problem that jammed up service on thursday. officials say a software issue is to blame for the meltdown. >> nancy: it took bringing in experts from out of the area to get things fixed. victoria warren joins us live from south station with more. >> reporter: yeah. what a mess thursday was for commuters. but things are running much more smoothly today. a live look at south station here behind me. plenty of people. that is a good sign. the trains are running. look at the board right here. most of the trains are even running on time. the "t," they put all these contingency plans in place. just in case. it turns out they didn't need them. smiles at south station. >> happy. very happy. very happy. >> i was very excited. got out of the house. got on the train. . >> i took a cab to the sheraton hotel.
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we went home. amtrak calling in staff from philadelphia, connecticut and rhode island, they say a system failure suddenly knocked out the computer that ran the switches on all 1 tracks at the start of the rush hour. >> there are some components that had to be replaced. once all the trouble-shooting was done. it appears at this time, that there was a system failure in the programming. it is one of the most complex interlockings in the northeast corridor that amtrak has. >> passengers originally planning to alter their morning commute. thrilled the fix came in just under the wire. but they admit, there is still a... they are still a little skeptical. >> we were all chatting, talking about how we got home and thank god it is working. and we are glad it is friday. and we will be watching the internet all day today. to make sure that the afternoon trains are running
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home. >> reporter: the big question remains, what caused that system failure to begin with? amtrak continues to investigate. they say at this point, they have no evidence that it was anything malicious. victoria warren, 7 news. >> sarah: police say this is gun a college student pointed at a driver during a road rage incident in wellesley. this afternoon, that student made his first appearance in court. from dedham with more. nicole? >> reporter: well, sarah, prosecutors say that this suspect is a threat to the public. and wanted to keep him in jail. but the defense lawyers say he suffers from ptsz and needs to undergo a psych evaluation. a mass. by a college student finds himself in a courtroom instead of a classroom. accused of pointing a gun at another driver during a road rage incident. >> the defendant who was driving his car, got up in
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was driven by the victim. he reached in and took out a loaded firearm. and pointed it towards... in the direction of the other driver. >> reporter: the 25-year-old admitted to officers he became frustrated when trying to merge on route nine in wellesley. he did pull out a loaded gun. he arrested on campus. he does have a license to carry. and the guns were legal. officers say bringing the firearm on to campus is against the law. defense lawyers argued the former army medic suffers from ptsz after serving a tour in afghanistan. >> we have nothing to say. we love our son. >> reporter: his parents supporting their son. he has agreed to immediately undergo mental health treatment. >> he has been very good for over two and a half years. trying to deal with ptsd on you can't do it alone. this incident probably arose
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of gotten away from his treatment for a couple of months. >> reporter: he has to immediately report to the v.a. hospital. he had to turn over all firearms to the wellesley plid. that includes the handgun and rifle. nicole oliverio, 7 news. >> sarah: 7 news now turning to the weekend forecast. it is pretty cold outside right now. but a warm-up is on the way. so let's send it over to meteorologist chris lambert with more. hey, chris. >> chris: think spring for the weekend. temperatures close to 50 degrees. if not just above it. on a couple of locations there. i think low 50's will do it for a lot of us saturday into sunday. 32 right now in boston. 36 in norwood. we have some work to do. high temperatures today in the upper 30's. to near 40 degrees. add another three or four degrees. that will get you to the daytime high later on this afternoon. where is the mild air? you look back into the midwest. you can find it. ohio valley. cincinnati, 61 degrees. 59 in chicago. won't be quite 60 degrees. a piece of the mild air breaks
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to get to it, we have to go through a warm front. that warm front off to the best of us. you will notice the milky appearance of the sky. this evening, some scattered snow showers transitioning over to some rain showers. a coating to an inch of snow. into the lower 50's on saturday. into sunday. a mainly dry weekend. then sunday night into early monday, could be a touch more light snow. we will talk about that forecast coming up. thanks,, chris. a mother and her baby daughter are recovering from serious injuries. they were hit by a car in roxbury on thursday. the woman was crossing humboldt avenue with her five-month-old when the crash happened last night. the driver of the car did not stop and is cooperating with police. and revere, police are searching for two people in connection to a crash that left an officer injured. revere police released these pictures of michael guthro and jacqueline murphy. officials believe they were
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caused an officer to crash his police believe the two suspects are driving a gold honda accord. officials say the officer crashed in chelsea into two telephone poles. witnesses who were nearby pulled them out of the car. investigators say one of the suspects tried to stab the officer with a syringe at a traffic stop. also on 7: the headmaster of boston latin school will keep her job after students say the school did not properly handle allegations of racism. the internal review said there was only one instance where these schools did not properly respond to a racial slur. the review came after two students started a social media campaign to raise awareness to what they believed was the school's failure to address the racism. the students met with the school board last month and since then, school has said it will implement its own six-step program to handle future incidents. >> sarah: a developing story. american warplanes launch a strike in lib, yeah hitting an
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the strike targeted a senior operative linked to two major last year. as many as 30 isis recruits are believed to have been killed. now the race for the white candidates are making a last-minute push before voters head out in two key states. south carolina. while the democrats are battling it out in nevada. the democratic race for president is tightening. hillary clinton and bernie sanders holding a town hall meeting in nevada ahead of saturday's caucus. polls show the race neck-and-neck there. a new poll finds sanders within 11 points of clinton. her lead was 25 points a month ago. both candidates trying to win over key voters. >> i am a progressive who likes to make progress. i know how hard it is. >> i want to take $11 million undocumented people in this country out of the shadows. out of the fear that they are experiencing every single day. jabs. >> we are in the campaign, and the secretary will say what
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>> i don't know where all this comes. from maybe it is that senator sanders wasn't really a democrat until he decided to run for president. >> reporter: a battle between donald trump and the pope. the pope seemed to question trump's christianity because of his plans to build a wall on the u.s.-mexico border. at a town hall in south carolina, trump down-played the issue. >> i don't like fighting with the poem. i don't think this is a fight. i think he said something much softer than was originally reported by the media. >> reporter: jeb bush refused to pile on the front-runner. >> i don't think it is appropriate to question donald he knows what his faith is. relationship with the lord, fantastic. if he doesn't, it is none of my business. >> reporter: an emotional moment came when john kasich was asked about a hug he gave supporter earlier in the day who had said he found meaning in kasich's message. >> i have learned so much from listening to everybody here. you have to celebrate other people's wins and sometimes
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cry. >> nancy: donald trump has a sizable lead in south carolina in recent polls. >> sarah: the supreme court holding a private ceremony to honor the late justice antonin scalia. this is a live look inside the supreme court. his body is lying in repose. he was the longest serving supreme court justice. the hall is now open to the public until 8:30 tonight. funeral services will be held tomorrow at the national shrine in washington, d.c.. he was 79 years old. the author of the pulitzer prize-winning novel to kill a mockingbird has passed away. harmer lee was 89 years old. the novel which defined the racial troubles of the deep south was published in july of 1960. it became an enduring best-seller in classic film. services have not been announced. >> sarah: coming up, a helicopter crash caught on camera. the problem witnesses noticed before the chopper slammed into the water.
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behind clouds tonight. we will watch some snow showers working in overnight. we will take a look at the forecast into the weekend. mild temps ahead. details coming up. >> sarah: an amazing sight at yosemite. the optical illusion creating this so-called firewall. your daughter wants to stay organic. your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. you want to stay free from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with small victories like nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items.
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>> sarah: a special treat for visitors at yosemite national park. it is called a firewall. the optical illusion looks like fire flowing off of a cliff there. the park rangers say it is actually the sun glowing through a water-fall. the angling of the sun has to be just right. which only happens this time of year. just incredible pictures there. beautiful. stunning to see. so gorgeous, chris. i have been out there once before. the sights are stunning. chilly. >> chris: yeah.
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temperatures. a beautiful shot. the sun just at that right angle to get that light through and get those beautiful oranges and reds. seasonably cool outside today. dealing with scattered snow showers tonight. these will transition over to a couple rain-drops by tomorrow morning. as temperatures warm up. we head for 50 degrees over the weekend. we will enjoy a little taste of spring out there on saturday and sunday afternoon. the low temperatures this light. this is an easy cool day to deal with. it is seasonable for this time of year. a little bit of an on-shore breeze kicking in in the city of boston down through plymouth and certainly, on-shore down through the cape and the islands. light north wind there. generally, out of the southwest in bedford. only six miles an hour.
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not overly impressive. windchills right now down into the 20's to near 30 degrees. the clouds off to the west of us. these clouds will advance on in. mid to high-level clouds at first. giving that milky appearance to the sky. some snow showers you see back through upstate new york and pennsylvania. those will start to work on in. as we get into this evening. really any time after 8:00, 9:00, fair game for some snow showers to work on in. after that time, temperatures warming up enough where i think we mix in some sleet pellets and some rain-drons. i don't see any slick spots tomorrow morning. by 6:00 or 7:00 in the morning, heading out the door. temperatures above the freezing mark. 48 in detroit right now. 59 in chicago. this is the mild air. at least a piece of it. trying to work into new england as we go through the weekend. so enjoying that. here is the timeline on some scattered snow showers. again, it is not going to snow all night long. we are just dealing with the snow showers in and out. and again, by the predawn hours tomorrow, a lot of us seeing some rain-drops. even across northern massachusetts and southern new hampshire by 6:00 or 7:00 in
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the reason for that is the milder air working. in late morning into the early afternoon, i think we will catch some breaks of sun and then perhaps another shower or two swinging in near day's end. all right. temperatures, as we go through the overnight hours tonight, will go up later tonight. in fact, we will have temperatures closing in on 40 degrees by tomorrow morning. and then by the afternoon, temperatures running close to 50 degrees. for more on the weekend forecast, we will turn it over the danielle. doip thanks, chris. this february we have had temperatures of both extremes. our warmest temperature of 65 degrees. our coolest one, last weekend, of nine below. so for the most part, temperatures pretty close to average. our average temperature just above 30 degrees. the good news: we are looking forward to this mild weather as we head into the weekend. 50 tomorrow. 52 as we head into sunday. tomorrow will be the breezier of the two days. we will bring in the mild air from the south. as we head into tomorrow morning, getting close to lunchtime, those winds gusting anywhere from 30-35 miles per
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they are not too bad. a little bit breezy. throughout your day. now, if you are heading up north tomorrow, maybe doing going to be a great weekend for that. maybe some snow showers tomorrow. getting up to 40 degrees by sunday. speaking of snow, we are also keeping an eye on the storm >> chris: yeah. a couple of ones we are weekend. sunday night into monday for one. the bigger of the two storms will be along the coastline tuesday might into wednesday. the track will dictate how much cold air gets left in place. and whether we see a snow mix or snow going over to rain or mostly a rain event. depenning on that track. a little too early to tell as of now. we will keep an eye on it as we get into next week. for wednesday. maybe some lingering snow showers on thursday. despite being close to 50 degrees over the weekend, you know, we could get a little wet snow in here sunday night. first thing monday morning as well. >> sarah: all right, chris. thank you.
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are making sure every kid at their school has a chance to they are this week's class act. >> nancy: plus, a terrifying crash caught on camera. what happens seconds later that may have saved lives.
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>> nancy: a helicopter comes crashing down in hawaii. witnesses captured the crash from feet away. people onboard is in critical condition.
12:22 pm
could have ended up much worse if it wasn't for some good samaritans who rushed to the scene. adam williams has more. >> reporter: witnesses could tell something was wrong. the tail of the sight-seeing helicopter was smoking as it quickly descended toward the rocky shoreline, then the moment of impact. with the chopper sinking, several good samaritans plunged into the water to rescue the trapped passengers. >> f i had seen the helicopter spuddering about 500 feet. the pilot did an amaying job. >> reporter: five people were onboard and pulled ashore. one suffering critical injuries. all were rushed to hospitals by ambulance. the helicopter is owned by genesis aviation, the same chopper seen here before the crash offering aerial tours of the arizona memorial since 1999. witnesses say it is a miracle everyone survived. i'm adam williams, 7 news. >> nancy: the person in critical condition is a 16-year-old who got stuck
12:23 pm
it went underwater. next at noon. how did the driver survive this? a crash split the car in two. what he did next that may surprise you. plus, two local students with big hearts. how they are focused on inclusion, earning them the
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>> sarah: this afternoon, we are introducing you to some standout students at auburn high school. >> nancy: they make sure all students feel inklied in activities inside and outside of school. christa delcamp has this week's class act. >> christa: is this rockets to rockets? we do this awesome segment called class act. speaking of awesome, there is a lot of awesomeness in this room right here. rockets to rockets is a group that plans events at auburn high.
12:26 pm
for all students. especially those with special needs. i wanted to pay special attention and give a special round of applause to kennedy and brianna. kennedy and brianna have turned the program into a success. uniting students inside the classroom and outside of school. >> i just really lover it when i see people including everyone. >> every single one of you... >> we make sure that every kid can participate in some way, shape, or form. >> christa: their advisor couldn't be happier. >> they are exceptional. are naturals. they come in and instinctively and intuitively know what to it is not just when they are in the classroom. it is throughout the school day. it is going to the bus. it's sitting down at lunch. they just have a natural flow in the day to work with the other students. and to make everyone feel included. >> christa: the two say the group has given them a career
12:27 pm
>> have sa classroom that is mine with students. every day. >> i love being in the program. it makes me happy. best part of my day. >> christa: christa delcamp, 7 news. >> nancy: the program gave them a new perspective on working with people, making sure everyone is comfortable in group activities. no matter what. great story, definitely. if you know a student doing something outstanding in school, sports or their community, please nominate them on-line at >> nancy: much more to come on 7 news. problem solved: the commuter rail up and running after thursday's meltdown. what's being blamed for the big mess. >> chris: cold start this morning. but we do warm it up. especially as we go into the weekend. close to 50 degrees. that doesn't mean we don't have any snow in the forecast. details ahead. >> nancy: a crash rips a car in half. what the driver did next that surprised police.
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>> nancy: breaking news. police issuing a warrant for a suspect in an attack that triggered fast campus lockdown at umass-amherst yesterday. one student was hurt in the attack. cheryl fiandaca joins us live from the breaking news desk with more. cheryl? >> reporter: last night students at umass-amherst were told to shelter in place after two men with a gun assaulted a student on campus. police say the two men attacked a male student at pierpont hall and then took off. video shows the suspects were escorted into the locked residence hall by a student.
12:31 pm
today a warrant was issued. that suspect is now facing charges of armed robbery and assault and battery. >> we have issued a warrant for our main suspect. he has been identified. he is not a umass student. not from the amherst area. we are actively seeking him. we have alerted authorities in his community as to our warrant, and we are hoping to have him in custody as soon as possible. so we do have a warrant issued for his arrest. second suspect that is involved in the case, that investigation still ongoing. no warrant for that person >> reporter: well, the victim in this case suffered a head injury and was released from the hospital last night. you mass-amherst has added additional police staff today. i'm cheryl fiandaca, 7 news. >> nancy: right now the commuter trail back on track. amtrak fixing a signal problem that jammed up service all day on thursday. officials are blaining a
12:32 pm
it took experts from out of town to get things fixed. victoria warren has more. >> reporter: smiles at south station. >> happy, very happy. very happy. >> i was very excited. got out of the house. got on the train. >> reporter: after a day of drastic delays, passengers forced to get creative. >> i took a cab. from where i work to the sheraton hotel. a friend of mine rented a car. and we went home. >> reporter: an amtrak signal problem shut down almost all commuter rail seice at south station. >> all of a sudden, went dark. >> reporter: amtrak called in staffer from philadelphia, connecticut, and rhode island. they say a system failure suddenly knocked out the computer that ran the switches. >> there was actually some components that actually, had to be replaced. once all the trouble-shooting was done. but it appears at this time, that the... that there was a system failure in the programming. it is one of the most complex
12:33 pm
corridor that amtrak has. >> reporter: passengers originally plan egg to alter their morning commute, thrilled the fix came in just under the wire. but they admit there is still... they are still a little skeptical. >> we were chat tagt train station. talking about how we got home. thank god it is working. we are glad it is friday. we will be watching the internet all day today. to make sure that the afternoon trains are running correctly and on their way home. report t big question remains what caused the system failure in the first place? amtrak says that is something they continue to investigate. they say at this point, nothing about it appears malicious. in south station, victoria warren, 7 news. >> sarah: now your weekend forecast. it is, indeed, the weekend. a warm-up is actually, on the way. chris lambert has details. it looks sunny out there right now, chris. >> chris: it is. that sunshine beginning to get filtered out just a little bit
12:34 pm
the sunshine doing its job. warm us up this morning. now into the 30's. 32 in boston. 33 in worcester. 34 in marshfield. where is that warm air for the weekend? right now it is resighing across the midwest. this is going to work on in. to get to that warm air, we have to go through this warm front that will be working on in. that will actually create some more clouds later on today. and even some scattered snow showers overnight tonight. so a bit of a breeze at times. overall, winds fairly light throughout the day. i do expect temperatures overall running in the mid to upper 30's this afternoon. here we go tonight. what are we expecting? some scattered snow showers. generally, a coating from boston out through worcester. maybe an inch in the northern worcester hills. up into southwestern new hampshire. i don't expect any slippery spots tomorrow morning. the reason for that: temperatures overnight tonight rising up. we are close to 40 by 7:00 on saturday morning. close to 50 in the afternoon. more on the forecast ahead. >> sarah: thanks, chris.
12:35 pm
the son of a man who formally... formerly owned a dry-cleaner talking about his father's relationship with state senator brian joyce. the interview happened hours after federal agents raided joyce's office. the man says what started as a small favor turned into more than a decade of free dry-cleaning. the lawmaker claims it was all in exchange for his legal help. system. he did perform a couple of legal services for my father. he was paid for those. there was big and he was paid for those. i think he definitely took advantage of a guy who was trusting. >> nancy: the f.b.i. and i.r.s. raided sensor joyce's reportedly involving his relationships with people in his district. the driver involved in a crash in leominster now facing several charges, including driving to endanger. a state trooper says he saw the car go past a stop sign and speed off yesterday. the trooper followed and soon found that wrecked vehicle.
12:36 pm
car had been split into two. police eventually wrestled the driver who had run into a nearby store. a water rescue in fairhaven. crews rushing into that icy water afters a driver lost control and landed his truck upside-down in a causeway. first responders found the man trapped inside. crews cut his seat belt and >> i would do it again today if i had to. i would hope, you know, if it was a family member of mine, somebody would do it for them. >> it just happens. it really does. it is part of the job. >> nancy: the 61-year-old driver was rushed to the hospital, in critical condition. hiss fam limb says he is expected to survive. >> sarah: affluenza teen ethan couch appearing in court today. the teen could face 120 days in jail after a video showed him at a party where alcohol was served. they say drinking alcohol
12:37 pm
probation for killing four people in a 2013 drunken driving crash. >> nancy: the trials for five baltimore police officers accused in the death of freddie gray have been put on hold. next month's court of appeals will decide whether a sixth officer charged in the case can be forced to testify against other five. william porter went to trial last year. his case ended in a mistrial. porter is expected to be retried. freddie gray died last april, days after suffering a spinal injury during his ride inside a police van. his death led to riots in baltimore and protests nationwide over police brutality. >> sarah: pope francis suggesting that contraception is okay to use in countries affected with the zika virus. more now from vat condition city. >> reporter: in latin america,
12:38 pm
mosquitoes is wreaking havoc. linked to babies born with abnormally small heads. public health officials have urged women to avoid getting pregnant in a region of the world that is overwhelmingly catholic. at his in-flight press conference, the poem said contraception to prevent zika is the lesser of two evils compared to abortion. abortion, he said, is a crime. an absolute evil. and likened it to what the manufacture yeah does. while surprising, this is not a first in church history. francis is hailed as a modern pope, who finds solutions. experts insist this is not a change in church doctrine. >> this is not a blanket statement to aplay to all forms of contraception at any moment. this is dealing with a disease
12:39 pm
lives. >> reporter: the latest vatican gossip concerns a close friendship between st. john paul ii and an american female philosopher. was it a sin in pope francis said a friendship with a woman is not a sin. that popes can have healthy, wholly relationships with women and need their input. without it, he said, men are missing something. now back to you. >> sarah: still ahead, you see the damage left behind by these fire-nados. it is never too cold to think about grilling. we will take you to waltham to make a tasty dish in today's what's cooking. >> chris: fire up the grill for the weekend. temperatures close to 50 both saturday and sunday afternoon.
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>> sarah: a fire tornado caught on camera in missouri. fire crews are battling a grass fire in the northern part of the state. nobody was hurt. and officials don't know what caused the fire yet. scary to look at. that >> nancy: yeah. i didn't know a fire-nado existed. is that right? >> chris: you get some of these bigger fires out there. they create so much heat. you get that hot air to lift up. the wind has to come in and replace it from all different directions. yeah.
12:43 pm
those fire-nados. they create their own environment in that situation. can be scary stuff. 36 degrees in boston. temperatures right now running to mid to up 0er's. from reading to tyngsborough. out through worcester county. much of the area running about 5-36 degrees. and even close to 40 down across southeastern massachusetts. at least away from the immediate coastline. foxboro, checking in at 41 degrees. 340id's across the cape. we have clouds and even some snow showers to the west. this will advance in in the afternoon. eventually, these scattered snow showers work in this evening. i don't expect a lot of snow. any time after 8:00 or 9:00, some snow shower activity will break out across the eastern part of the state true central massachusetts and back out into the berkshires. they will be in and out, meaning we are not consistently snowing all night long. in fact, as temperatures warm up, overnight tonight, the snow showers that we have this
12:44 pm
rain showers as we get into early tomorrow morning. and you may have some lingering rain showers 7:00, 8:00 in the morning. then late morning, through the afternoon, we return to sunshine. and temperatures close to 50. although i can't rule out another passing shower. maybe sometime around 7:00 or 8:00 tomorrow evening. you kind of book-end the day tomorrow with a little bit of precipitation. first thing in the morning. then close to dinnertime, the rest of the day. if you have outdoor activities planned, good for you. go ahead. enjoy the day. temperatures close to 50 degrees. tonight, there may be some slick spots, you know, late this evening, close to midnight tonight. with a coating to an inch of snow. especially from boston to worcester north. up into the merrimack valley and southern new hampshire. other than that, temperatures will start to warm on up. as we work into daybreak tomorrow. that means even at 7:00 tomorrow morning, temperatures above freezing. we should haven't many issues on the roadways. 36-42 this afternoon. increasing clouds. seasonable day overall. the average high this time of year, 40 degrees. a coating to an inch of snow
12:45 pm
most of that north of mass. pike. south of the pike, some spotty coatings. 27 to start off this evening. then warming up to about 35 or 36 by daybreak tomorrow. then warming up close to 50 tomorrow afternoon. and for the winds picking up a little bit, more on that. over to danielle. >> >> danielle: thanks, chris. so for a th february, the temperatures are close to average. we have had a little bit of everything. we got up to 65 degrees. then we got down to nine below last weekend. we are where we should be for this month now. this weekend going to be very mild. really nice. 50 tomorrow. 52 on sunday. but tomorrow we will deal with a little bit of wind. this wind will help bring in the mild air. out of the south, around 11:30 a.m., heading into lunchtime, those winds gust anywhere from 30-35 miles an hour. a little breezy for the day tomorrow. if you are heading up north, maybe doing some skiing, 30 today. and then we are warming up to
12:46 pm
40 by sunday. maybe some snow showers tomorrow. and speaking of snow showers, we do have a chance to see some more of them as we head into next week. for more on that, back to you. >> chris: a couple of chances, danielle. one will roll in here sunday night into early monday. this is mainly overnight sunday. probably over and done with by 7:00, 8:00 monday morning. could have some wet snow. if that storm tracks far enough to the north, to the south, not going to get much of anything. the beinger storm of the two would be midweek. tuesday night into wednesday. this will have plenty of precipitation. the track determines how much snow, mixed precipitation, and/or rain that we will get across southern new england. and wind. something to keep an eye on. forecast models all over the place this far out. hard to hone in on an exact precip timeline. and how much snow and rain we are going to get at this point. something we will keep an eye on. until then, hey, at least enjoy the weather over the weekend. >> sarah: all right. more news today. the fight between apple and the federal government really
12:47 pm
federal agents wanted to break into the iphone of san bernardino shooter syed farook. a judge ordered apple to create software that would allow federal agents to hack into the phone to get encrypted data. apple refused and the company is not backing down. >> deny government access under court order, you know, that just creates safe havens for all different kinds of bad guys. >> sarah: more tech giants have also weighed in. they say they are backing apple. a high school student in indiana recovering after a man attacked her on the street. police say the 59-year-old man hit the foreign exchange student on the back, using a hatchet. emergency responders rushed the student to a hospital where she was later released. the man is now facing several charges. and also has a preliminary hearing scheduled today. and the woman known as a serial stow-away is facing charges again. police arrested the
12:48 pm
chicago's o'hare airport on wednesday. they say she violated her probation. she has been in trouble many times before for attempting to board airplanes without tickets. from everywhere from san francisco to florida to arizona and more. now, because of that, she is not allowed to be on airport property. >> nancy: coming up on 7 news, the classic movie mary poppins getting a reboot. the actress who may star as the magical nanny. >> sarah: plus sugar and spice makes everything nice. see how we are using them to jazz up a chicken dish in today's what's cooking. i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth,
12:49 pm
about senior care options.
12:50 pm
9 >> sarah: it may be february, but we are firing up the grill with a winter twist. >> nancy: let's head to waltham for this afternoon's
12:51 pm
grilling may seem like a thing of the past in february, at not your average joe's in waltham, the executive chef is turning up the heat with his cider-glazed chicken kabobs. >> with a healthier chicken dish that has really full flavor. very seasonal flavor. >> to start, cut the chigen breasts into cubes. >> keep the ones on the skewer equal size. to one another. that way they cook as evenly as you can. >> then make your glaze. which will also act as a marinade for the chicken. >> i have some apple cider. i went ahead and reduced on the stove. reducing helps to concentrate the flavor and thicken it a little bit. i reduce it by about half. and then to that, i'm going to add some whole grain mustard. >> also add dijon mustard, salt, and maple syrup. >> the sugar that comes from the maple syrup really helps to carm elize on the outside of the chicken when it is grilled. . >> spoon it over the kabobs.
12:52 pm
jeff adds spice rub to the chicken. >> coriander and cumin. a little brown sugar. some salt and pepper. we want to generously sprinkle this on top of the chicken. . >> then it is time to grill. >> we start with a nice, clean, hot grill. that way whatever you are cooking isn't going to stick to your grill. >> after flipping the kabobs over, jeff adds more of the sider marinade to the chicken. >> really cooks nicely into that outside as it is grilling. >> to finish it off, remove the chicken from the skewer. >> make sure the chicken gets cooked all the way through. >> at not your average joe's, they serve the chicken on a bed of roasted spaghetti squash and salad. >> we use this glaze across the top. . >> garnish with chopped scallions and pumpkin seeds. >> nancy: that looks so good. disney's plans to add a modern twist to mary poppins. >> chris: chickn't on the
12:53 pm
we can do that this weekend. temperatures near 50 degrees.
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
>> sarah: emily blount may be taking on a new role. >> nancy: that would be the role of mary poppins in the disney sequel. the pregnant star is in talks to play the legendary childhood icon. the casting would reteam
12:56 pm
they last worked together on disney's most recent live action musical. "into the woods." interesting to see. >> sarah: nick jonas is thrilled to be part of the hard-hitting movie "goat." the 23-year-old hopes to keep acting and continue his music career at the same time. goat is currently screening at the berlin film festival. the jonas brothers split up three years ago. he said he wouldn't rule out the possibility of them getting back together again. five of the six members of "friends" will join others to honor the director james burrows. he directed episodes for cheers, will & grace, and friends. matthew perry was not there. he was still part of a pre-taped segment. i have to say, how you doin'? >> sarah: nancy has been
12:57 pm
>> chris: now we are on to joey here. one of my favorite characters. joey. can't beat it. always made you laugh, right? when you saw him. sunshine to inkreeing clouds this afternoon. we will get a few snow showers overnight tonight. coating to perhaps an inch. across northern massachusetts up into southern new hampshire. and then tomorrow, we are close to 50 degrees. with an early shower. other than that, we will have a nice weekend ahead of us. by sunday night, could have some wet snow back into the forecast. that will end early on monday. i know nancy will probably go home and watch reruns of friends now. >> yeah. at least i'm not singing smelly cat, though. we are going to save everyone from that. >> leave that to me. >> nancy: thank you for joining us, everybody. 7 news continues at 4:00.
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>> brady: i know it's--i kno it's crazy--it's crazy, but here's the crazier part, i almost feel like daniel is telling me to go there to answer some question. >> nicole: uh, yes to the airport. my flight to l.a. leaves in


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