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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 19, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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>> anchor: breaking news out of framingham, police making an arrest in an attack that trick are the a campus lock down at one student was her in the attack . >> anchor: the suspect turned himself into police. dan hausle joins us now live with the breaking detail for us. dan, what you can tell us? >> reporter: william waived his appears, he was arraign on a warrant in connection with the armed assault inside the umass campus in a lock down yes. now he will be taken to new hampshire shire county to face and robbery. police is a he turn himself in after fray framingham police fun a car connected to kay of umass amherst students were told to shelter place after university officials say two men attacked a student in a doral. one of the attackers showed a gun. the student suffered a small cut to his head and after about two
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building as they investigated. >> anchor: they just cleared the scene moments ago. let's get out to john cuoco live on the scene he has been there for some time to tell us where we all stand right now. jon? emory street just opened up here but earlier this whole area was closed off because of that gas leak. a neighbor that lives around here told me that a hem here on the street was being renovated and a crew here hit a gas line and that's what started all of this here earlier today. now people that live on the
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say it was extremely nerve rag ragging but again this street has opened up. people were just allowed back into their homes here in jamaica plain. john cuoco, 7 news . >> anchor: we're following more breaking news, this one out of roxbury where we have just learned the baby who was hit by a car late last night has died. the mother and the baby rushed to the hospital after they were hit . >> anchor: the driver of the car did stop and is cooperating with police. kimberly bookman is live now with these sad breaking details. kimberly? the crash happened here last my. you can see the skid marks right here in the street at this hour. now, people in this area all came out and the driver stopped all rushing to a mother and child in desperate need of help. again, we're here on humboldt avenue between humboldt court, go ahead and tick a look at the video . we ride to do what we could
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these twin cis first say they heard a screeching sound outside their home and went out to see what happened . it was just and momentium. people were out there and the yelling . they fund a mother carrying her bib egirl on her chest hit by a car. both badly hurt . you can't get lost in it. you have to figure out how you can help . i took this off. i laid it down. la tisha shows us how she put the baby down on her winter jacket. she then pr . i unzipped her fleece a little bit and began compression compressions on her and then at that point she took three gasps of a breath and, you know, you kind of step back for two seconds because you are like okay. >> reporter: the sisters say some 40 people rushed to the scene including the driver involved in the crash. a mother herself, says she responded how she would want somebody to respond if her son . even if things don't turn
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did what you should do. >> reporter: while these women pray for the victims they say anyone who witnessed this could never be the same. worse case scenarios people start to take things more serious lie and start to value the way they move, they drive, they pay attention. they help. they care. they learn. they make an impact. >> reporter: again, sad lethat baby has died. the mother is expected to survive. at this point no charges have been file. reporting live from roxbury, . boston. the mba telling us a person walked into the side of a bus. it happened at the bus i iintersection of mass avenue and albany street around 2:15 today. sky 7 hd was over that scene where you can see emergency crew crews treating that person and then ended up taking that person to the hospital. >> anchor: 7 news turning to the forecast. today was another day out there to bundle up clear and cold weather sticking around but not for much longer.
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bri eggers is here with more on the forecast and more news on that warmup . yeah, ryan, we kind of had this roller coast erwiner it where temperatures go up and then they go down. well, last weekend boy were they down. this week we get quit a temperature boost. current temperatures 34 in boston right now, 39 bedford, down to norwood and 35 in worcester. but how about this? 61 in detroit. 65 cincinnati, let's break off a piece of that and move it on in here just in time for saturday and sunday. so we do make it into the 50's or right around the 50 degree mark for most of us. bit of a breeze with us tomorrow but before that can happen, this warm front will actually bring some snow showers in our direction and you can see that line moving through just to the west of albany, new york right now. that's what we're in store for as we head into the overnight hours. although it's not a whole lot of snow, we could see those flakes fly as early as 10:00 p.m. tonight. quickly working through the time line here you can see that 10:00 p.m. we already see flakes flying but they are fast moving and the warm air is already try trying to work in from the south
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rain for most by early tomorrow really get much out of this band of snow. coating to an inch best case scenario in the worcester hills for the city of boston it may not even stick around. more details on this and when we can see more snow coming up in >> anchor: we are following more news today. police in revere still serving for two people who they say are connected to a crash, a car crash that injured a police officer. now revere police want to find michael guthrow and jacqueline investigators believe they were involved in a chase that caused yesterday. officials say that cruiser that officer there crashed his cruiser into two telephone poles while chasing the suspects in chelsea. witnesses nearby pulled him out of that car, police say one of the suspects tried to stab the officer with a syringe at a traffic stop. a texas judge making a decision to move the case of the so-called after a teen to assault court today. ethan couch must appear in adult court once he turns 19 in april. couch fled to mexico back in december after authorities
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for a drunk driving crash. now the case has been moved to adult court. couch could face 120 days in for violating his probation. >> anchor: the f.b.i. searching a home connected to a relative of the san bernadino shooters of investigators carried out a computer and box of items after going through the home yesterday yesterday. they also searched two cars parked out front. the home tied to the brother of syed syed farook had been searched before in december. he and his wife opened fire on co-workers during a holiday party in san bernadino. 14 people were killed and nearly a dozen more injured. the federal government is also trying to get information from syed farook's iphone of the right now they can't get in but this week a judge ordered apple to create new software to unlock the phone. the tech giant is refusing over privacy and security issues but has a week to respond to that court order. harper lee author of the pulitzer prize winning novel to kill a mockingbird has killed.
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the novel which defined the racial troubles the deep south was published in july of 1960. it became an enduring best-seller and classic film. service is for lee have not been announced . >> anchor: the nation remember remembering justin antonin scalia. his casket carried inside the court's great hall by supreme court police officers. scalia was the longest serving supreme court justice. the body of justice scalia lies in repose. the hall is now open to the public until 8:30 tonight. funeral services will be held tomorrow at the national shrine in washington, d.c. scalia was 79. now the fierce election year battle begins to fill his vacant seat. the white house says president obama spent the past day reaching out to fat leaders from both parties. breaking in cambridge today, police investigating a shooting. we can tell you this happened in actually we'll go to isis right now. back to the breaking news in cambridge. police are vetting a shooting on putnam avenue. officials say two people got in a fight, one of them was shot in the leg.
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are not in any danger. >> anchor: next on 7, a close call in texas i'm bus driver out of a job after a train nearly misses a school bus full of students. >> anchor: okay, we're also following several breaking news stories for you. several different ones. this one including where a gas leak happened in jamaica plain where people had to be evacuated from their homes. just getting word not long ago that boston fire did loaf that area but we're waiting to see if people are allowed to get back inside. that that is all of the break news stories we're following for you. we'll have more on the other
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>> anchor: a close call all caught on camera. a train nearly slamming into the back of a bus in houston while it was full of high school students. that bus driver is now out of a job . >> anchor: now students are happened. 7's nancy chen has more on this close call all captured on cell phone camera. terrifying moments for students the a high school in houston, texas. this is cell phone video taken after an oncoming train nearly slammed into the back of tear school bus. . week.
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when they witnessed the close call . that was close as least like a couple of feet away so just coming that close would be like life changing for me just to have that experience . after the incident, the driver brought the bus back to school, saying the students were so loud the bus couldn't be driven safely. but the distribute said she didn't follow standard protocol. drivers have to stop at least 15 feet from the track, open the door and look and listen. the distribute said the driver didn't look around enough . we were all screaming and telling her to move forward and everyone was just really freak freaking out. and really terrified at the moment. >> anchor: the school district said the bus driver was fired for driving too close to the train but the driver's daughter responded to the incident on facebook saying her mother resigned. she also said her mother was a dedicated driver for 20 years who faced bullying from students students. innocence ichen, 7 news . >> anchor: coming up, we'll
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students making sure every kid at that their high school was a conditions to peel per. this they are this week's class act. we are in for that weekend warmup. first a chance of snow and a couple of shots of snow as we get into next week. i will slain ahead in the forecast . >> anchor: the accept for a suspect continues after a marine was assaulted at a dc area restaurant. police hoping surveillance video can lead to an arrest in that case . >> anchor: ahead on 7 news at 5:00, a terrifying helicopter crash all caught on camera. what happened seconds late their may have saved a lot of people's lives.
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>> anchor: a fire tornado is caught on camera. fire crews are battling a 50 acre grass fire in the northern part of the state. nobody was hurt and officials don't know yet what caused that fire but quite some dramatic pictures. i did for those fires to happen.
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chilly conditions today but it won't last too long . >> anchor: that's right. a hoping we have good news coming into the weekend, bree . we need a little bit a warm warmup, especially coming out of the last weekend some time to thaw out. right now seasonable temperatures as we headed into this afternoon. we did top out at 40 degrees in bedford, norwood as well, 35 for boston, we're sitting just a degree below most of those marks marks. now that's very typical for february standards but how about we get a preview of spring push pushing in some of this milder air here you can see 61 in detroit. 65 in cincinnati, now not that mild but we'll still make it to around 50 degrees for both of the weekend days. little bit breezy for us tomorrow. but then a really nice day for us to enjoy on sunday as that breeze dies down. before we get there though, we do have a few flakes heading into our area and that's actually due to a warm front. that warm front is giving us enough lift and moisture to pop those snow flicks out of the sky as we head into the overnight hours but it's not a lot of moisture so it won't be a lot of snow.
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this one sliding through southern quebec and it won't even bother us aside from that warm front that's moving through overnight tonight in through early tomorrow morning. so running through the time line you can see by about 10:00 p.m. and two hours either side of midnight we could see those snow showers but then the milder air starts to work in from the south you see these temperatures popping up to the mid to upper 30's by 3:00 a.m. and we're chewing away at that snow line possibly some sleet pellets as you get into worcester currently overnight tonight by early tomorrow morning by daybreak i think six, 6:00 in the morning we're sufficient looking at rain showers drying up by midday but can't rule out a pop sprinkle as we get into the afternoon and evening hours. so how much snow is on the way? not much and really nothing if you are south of the city. southeastern mass and south shore, cape cod an islands but a coating to an inch is a possibility. the more northwest you get, north of the mass pike, whatever tomorrow.
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precipitation very early in the mo about, a 30% shot then again a pop sprinkle not out of the question as we get into evening hours. overnight tonight temperatures not dropping like they did overnight last night, 27 to 35 for us and then tomorrow 46 to 5 55 feeling more like april than like february. luck at these highs. even making it into the mid 50's some spots. waltham 55, framingham at 55 as well and down in southeastern mass 50 for plymouth and a little cooler for cape cod. we're talking mid to upper 40's for highs tomorrow. but this does not mean stay off the slopes because really it's a fantastic ski weekend as well. those temperatures a touch cooler even though snow showers getting the slopes tomorrow. now watching out for a couple of shots at snow as we get into next week. first chance will be overnight sunday into monday. this looks to be a system that just grazes us, but it could actually bring us some snow and rain snow mix for that morning commute monday morning. we are waving that one as well
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making these head loins for wednesday. snow, mix, rain, how much, where the timing, all still to be determined so.stay tuned on that one. so as you can see temperatures either at normal or just bit above for the next week . >> anchor: thank you so much. let's go out to joe stapleton with fast track traffic and see how the roads are doing on this pretty friday afternoon . >> reporter: taking aing a look at the ride right here com coming to a grinding halt unfortunately. this is 93 southbound on the zakim bridge right downtown that's a two car crash there right by that cement barrier so watch out for a delay on route 93 just leaving office right now is already back to route 28 and perhaps it may get worse before it gets any better in that section of roadway heading up now to the helicopter along route 128. this the is northbound traffic coming toward us, trying to get off at route 24 randolph. that's rolling on to the bottom part of the expressway and the expressway is now close it a 48 minute ride here from boston right down to the braintree split.
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center of the screen we had an earlier crash on route 9 westbound. that is now cleared but still lights remain on that section of roadway head ago you to route 1 in saugus company by the lynn fellows parkway not moving too badly after that spot. joe a stapleton, 7 news . >> anchor: today we are excited to introduce you to some stand out students at auburn high school . they make sure all students feel included in activities inside an outside of school. here is crust quay 28 camp with this ex's class act. we do an awesome segment call class at. speaking of awesome, there is a lot of awesomeness in this room right here . rocket to rockets is a group that plans events. i just want to pay special attention and give a special round of applause to kennedy and brianna.
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the program into a success unit uniting students inside the class rome and outside of school. i just really love it when i see people including everyone. we make sure that every kid no matter what ability can participate in some way, shape or form. form.. >> reporter: their advisor couldn't be happier . they are exceptional and they are naturals. they just come in and instinct instinctively and intuitively know what to do and it's not just when they are in the classroom. it's throughout the school day, it's going to the bus. it's sitting dunn at lunch. they just have a natural flow in the day to work with the other students and to make everyone feel included. >> anchor: the two say the group has given them a career path . i want to be a special ed teacher . to have a classroom that's mine with students and see them just succeed every day. i just love being in the program program. it makes me happy. it's the best part of my day . >> anchor: christa delcamp, 7 news .
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to rockets program gave them a new perspective of others and making sure everyone is comfortable in group activities no matter what . >> anchor: good lesson for all of us too. if you know a student between 6 and 12th grade doing something outstanding in sports, school or the community you can nominate them on-line at >> anchor: next on 7 news, school officials stumped a teen poes i a state lawmakers and gets an all access pass to an ohio high school p a case of road rage. a college student in court after threatening another driver with a gun . >> anchor: we are following breaking news out of jamaica plain where crews are on the scene of a gas leak and triple-decker. we it an to follow this story and bring you the latest as we
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>> anchor: we are following several breaking stories at 4:30. >> anchor: let's get over to a aam williams with more details this afternoon . >> reporter: first, two umass amherst where police have made an arrest in connection to that incident that caused a lock down at the school last night. that story we were all over. the man turned himself in today. yesterday umass amherst students had to stay in their dorms for about two hours after reports of a man with a gun. he is expected to be arraigned monday on several charges. and just some heart breaking news out of roxbury to report here at 4:30. a baby who was hit by a car late last night on hum bolt avenue has passed away. the mother and baby were hit, rushed to the hospital. the five-month-old baby died today.
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survive. the driver we're told is cooperating with police at this point no charges have been filed filed. and now to jamaica plain where people on emory street are just able to get back into their homes after a gas leak caused an evacuation of the entire street there. fire crews were on the scene. neighbors tell us a hole on the street was having some work done on it when crews struck a gas line. all ople who lived on that street and surrounding areas had to be evacuated but the scene is now clear and they allowed to go back into their homes. degrees outside. our breaking news desk, adam . >> anchor: thanks, adand. also today a college student appearing in court accused of pointing a gun at a driver in wellesley and police say it was . >> anchor: the suspect is a student at mass bay community jonathan hall live it dedham with more on what happened here. this is a student but he says he is also an army veteran who was in afghanistan and suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder.
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that rd yesterday. 25-year-old ianbegan involving his loaded 40 milli millimeter glock . he did admit that there was an accident on route 9 . a driver pulled over and told police about the incident thursday morning. he said he was shaken up when mother motorist in a toyota camry later identified as began became enraged near a construction detail the driver told police he gave him the finger, leaned on his horn then pulled a gun. he is a student at mass bay community college and that's where police arrested him after he arichard a short distance from the spot where he waived the gun. in a police report an officer writes began admitted he blanked up because someone was crowding him on the roadway . he acknowledged this is a problem that he really needs help this dealing with . began claimed he waved in the gun in the air but not


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