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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  February 19, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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that rd yesterday. 25-year-old ianbegan involving his loaded 40 milli millimeter glock . he did admit that there was an accident on route 9 . a driver pulled over and told police about the incident thursday morning. he said he was shaken up when mother motorist in a toyota camry later identified as began became enraged near a construction detail the driver told police he gave him the finger, leaned on his horn then pulled a gun. he is a student at mass bay community college and that's where police arrested him after he arichard a short distance from the spot where he waived the gun. in a police report an officer writes began admitted he blanked up because someone was crowding him on the roadway . he acknowledged this is a problem that he really needs help this dealing with . began claimed he waved in the gun in the air but not
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his lawyer says began is an army vet who served as a medic in afghanistan five years back and saw two fellow soldiers die in an explosion. it was his responsibility and his mind to care for those guys and when they die that frustration of not being able to help doesn't go away. i think that bothers him now. >> reporter: been's lawyer said he stride from his treatment plan and has agreed to go it a va hospital today to get checked out. hall, 7 news. >> anchor: also on 7 the headmaster of boston latin will keep her job after students say the school did not properly handlal cases of racive. the internal review said there was one instance where the school did not properly respond to a racial slur. the review came after two students started a social media campaign to raise awareness to what they believe was the school school's failure to address racism. the students met with the school board last month. since then, the school has said it will implement its own six step program to handle future
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>> anchor: new at 4:30 two men were september to the hospital after their car crashed into a parked car in winthrop. it happened between revere and shirley streets this morning. the car was ed between a stone wall and a fire hydrant and emergency responders had to use a special machine to cut through the vehicle to rescue two passengers inside . >> anchor: police in easton searching for a robber on the run. this man robbed a dunkin' donuts there last wednesday. police say the suspect assaulted two clerks while attempting to rob the store with a gun. the man now appears on mass most wanted. police in tewksbury make several arrests on drug charges. police arrested a three men on wednesday for trafficking more than 18 gram of heroin and district be both heroin and cocaine. the investigation began after a recent overdose death. undercover police detectives reached out to the suspects and arranged an exchange. all three were arrested after the sale. police seized close to $900 would the of heroin and cocaine. >> anchor: we have more news today, a high school student in
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attacked her on the street. police say the 59 yearly hit the foreign exchange student on the back using a hatchet. emergency responders rushed to the student to the hospital where she was later released. the man now facing several charges and has a preliminary hearing scheduled on friday . >> anchor: school officials in ohio are stumped after a teen poseds a state lawmakers and toured a local high school. in late december the 18-year-old said the state senator had asked him to visit the school. instead he met and spoke with students. the teen reportedly looked the part, well-dressed and well-spoken and even had a percent that driver . this person showed up in advance, early, days early and said the senator had fallen ill and that he was there to take his place and speak . >> anchor: officials discovered the fraud weeks later when the real senator showed up for his scheduled engagement. school officials say they will be doing more diligent work about investigating guests and speakers in the future. >> anchor: a passenger train back on track in the state of
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hurricane caterina i'm crowd cheered for the train after it went by for a test resuming service through the gulf coast. the train left from jacksonville florida carrying passengers to new orleans making 14 stops along the way. it's been more than ten years since the hurricane left so much damage behind. trains could no longer use those tracks. amtrak has not officially announced plans to reestablish regular service in the area but locals celebrated any way. >> anchor: caught on calm are a emergency crews in virginia say the dog that had fallen through thin ice on a frozen lake. the tag was clinging to the lake with her paws when fire fighters found her they cavy made their way to her. the rescuers managed to free the dog who was then reunited with her owner. also caught on camera c police trying identify the suspects of a violent attack. a marine was robbed and beaten. now investigators say the victim hopes the surveillance video will help identify men who attacked him. he survived iraq and afghanistan
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violent young people in dc. the blows so severe they left chris marquez with a serious head injury . it's hard to sleep. i get a sharp pain goes down my head and it just hurts to move my head around . >> reporter: this is the video of the assault that spawned out rage of you see the suspects who marquez said taunted him and yelled black lives matter. he exits in an effort to get away but one suspects follow him and strike him so hard marquez falls to the ground. while unconscious the blows keep coming of a third suspect robs marquez of his money, credit card and identification. marquez is just receiving more thorough tests at the hospital. this since the thief took his id id. he spent the week leading with police to release the surveillance video he hopes it leads to arrest of the suspects before they strike again. one bit of disappointment from marquez, the suspects are wanted in connection with an assault and robbery not a hate crime. he is convinced that they taunted an targeted him because of his race. police are still searching for those suspects.
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surprise found in a can of beans beans. this may make you think twice. a utah woman said she was getting ready for dinner when see found this snake head in the can of beans. the woman has reported her finding to the manufacturer. now she is wondering where the is the rest of the snake? when i went to dish them out i thought it was a burned bean and low and behold it was a snake head. that was my biggest concern was that somebody else would get the body or something of the snake and not the snake head. >> anchor: the manufacturer has halted further production of the canned beans while officials investigate. >> anchor: some of james bond's most prized would eggs session have been sold. a charity auction included oo 7 sports car sold for half a million dollars but you can't really drive it. cars were created without safety features or certification to be street legal. a rare spiderman comic book is auctioned off for more than $454
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the sale price hid hit a record. it's the first comic book the superhero appeared in. the man who sold it said he purchased it in new york back in 1980 for just $1,200 . >> anchor: wow, still a lot back then. ahead on 7 news a seattle area man doing his part. what this self-proclaimed super hero is doing to help clean the streets in his neighborhood . >> anchor: and a reunion worth the wait. the cast of some of your favorite tv shows getting to the for an epic reunion . >> anchor: ahead on 7 news at 5:00, a case of extortion in roslindale. police called it a home after getting calls that someone was being held hostage. we'll be right back. >> anchor: clipping coupons is the tried and true way of saving monty grocery store. there are several new apps and web sites that can make saving easier. we'll show you what to download
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likely left behind by drug users. >> anchor: it's a problem that has started to worry people who live in that area so one man took it upon himself to help clean up the streets. we can go along an take a look . >> anchor: it's not every day you see a super hero garbage picker . watch your step . >> anchor: but this man who call himself the white baron is tacking on the title . we can do what we can, take action and make a difference or we can just go home and stick our heads in the sand and pretend there is no problem . >> anchor: he is part of a grass roots effort to try and clean up the problem. a small group of seattle residents that once a month pick up dirty needles in various areas in the city, a city which they say it is on the edge of an epidemic . in a way i shouldn't have to come out here and do this, but nobody else is doing it either . windy gonzalez started cleaning up needle five years ago . a lot of people come up here and do drugs and we're just trying to take away any kind of digger to them or actually the
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they do it on their own, their time, no budget, simply because they care. somebody should and anybody who can should . >> reporter: as a city stairs down a growing drug problem and resident say it's time to pick up the pieces. i would like for the city to be known as a beautiful place and this is definitely not beautiful. it's real ugly. >> anchor: well, the city of jacket sell currently battling a heroin epidemic and has growing homeless population . >> anchor: coming up on 7 news, one dog's long journey to get back hoe of how she was reunited with her owners . after snow flakes tonight we kick winter weather to the curb for a while. the weekend into the 50's forecast coming up next . >> anchor: ahead at 5:00, police issuing a warrant for a suspect in an armed attack that trick are the a campus lock down down. >> anchor: paying their respects. hundreds come to the supreme court to honor a supreme court judge and his years of service to our country. we'll be right back.
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>> anchor: well, luck at this. a brighten your friday afternoon zoo officials in miami finally releasing some photographs of a tiger cub there. he was able to prove he could
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was thrown into the pool so zoo officials will reunite him with his mother since he passed all of his important swimming tests. if he is like any other household cat he will do everything he can to get out of that water . >> reporter: avoid it at all costs . >> anchor: so cool to see those animal. they are beautiful. beautiful.. a cat fan. i know you are a cat fan as well well. >> anchor: absolutely. he is not an actual lion cub. he is just a dammestic house cat so no concern there. snow showers on the way for us tonight but then 50's for the weekend. are you ready to feel like spring. then we do enter too sort of an active pattern with a few shots at rain, snow and rain snow mix as we head into next week. current temperatures very typical for this time of year but we're going to kick these february temperatures to the curb as we get into the weekend and warm it up with these numbers you see here. 65 in cincinnati, 71 in nashville right now we're going to break off a piece that milder air and is moves in for us not just for tomorrow but also for
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before that can happen though, a warm front has to usher in, that warmer air and ahead of it it's giving us enough moisture and enough lift to give us some snow showers. now it's light snow showers overnight tonight, but here is the system that's bringing in that warm front. this one heads mostly to the north of us and we just get that warm air coming in from the south and southwest. now taking a look at the temperature profile and time line with the snow showers overnight tonight, it takes until maybe 10:00 or 11:00 we start to pop snowflakes across the area but these bands of snow should be very quick movers. not expecting a whole lot of out of this and you will notice all of the time being we have milder air that is coming in from the south chewing away at snow flakes and really pushing them back farther to the northwest, rain for most of us by day break tomorrow. then we dry up for most of the day making it into around 50 degrees for our highs before possible low a spot shower later on tomorrow evening. so really the big headline for the weekend is the milder temperatures, less so the snow
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snow is on the way possibly a coating to an inch but that's worse case scenario northwest of 495 your best chance to see that cold air stay there the longest and also that snow to keep following along there but again by 7:00 a.m., it is rain showers for most of us before we dry up. here is that weekend forecast, bit of a breeze with us tomorrow and we'll keep clouds around as well so does this mean we're in for an early spring in not necessarily, we still have a ways to go almost 30 days until the first official day of spring and we set those clocks forward an hour in just 22 days. i mention that active pattern. we get some colder air in here next week as well and there could be a messy mix for the monday morning commute. you can see that forecast time line that's working that system in. it sort of passes by us with most forecast models and just gifts us a glancing shot at some rain snow mix and also some snowfall but we're going to continue to watch that for monday morning. the bigger hid line will be by
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suggest this splits into two systems which means wednesday and thursday we could be tracking some potential winter weather. here is a look at my 7 on 7 forecast. those temperatures though at least for now looks like they stay right around the 40 degree mark for highs all week-long. >> anchor: thanks so much. let's get a check of the roads now. here is joe stapleton. we start with a serious crash in saugus p that's right. on route 107 northbound just about a mile or so after route 6 0 on the saugus in revere line and a four car crash we're wav waving this clear as we speak. traffic has been jammed up very heavily in the area and reports of some injuries here too unfortunately. again that's 107 northbound just after route 6 0 in the saugus area. traffic here on soldier's field road you can see on the bottom of the screen there is a right travel lane break down on soldier's field road westbound by river street causing a delay. heading not not of town a bit slow going out to the somerville area and up into medford but as you can tell 93 moving pretty well here at 128 and route 3 in
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ton area heading for the expressway we do have some company northbound and southbound. northbound about a 28 minute ride in the o'neill tunnel. southbound a 44 minute ride into braintree. joe stapleton, 7 news . >> anchor: a texas dog is heading home after quite the journey. snow white disappeared leaving a big hole in her family back in texas . >> anchor: that family's prayers were answered hen they got a call from someone in tennessee. we have the story. snow white is a smart dog. he is something else . >> anchor: it turns out she ran into just the right person . there was a car right in front of me and i see this little while dog just shoot across and i was like oh my good necessary. >> anchor: page rogers said she is used to stopping for stray dogs. i opened the door and said get in or you will say. she popped right in . >> anchor: roger took her in to see if she had a microchip and the scan revealed something rogers did not expect. the dog's address was definitely
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it was in texas. if only she could talk i'm like how did she get up here? rodgers found out her owner lives 1,000 mills away in texas. bourne said she has been in contact with roger 24/7 since getting the news . it's a lot more comforting knowing he is in good hands right now . she said snow white got loose from their home this late december . she has been our world. my kids were devastated to find out that she had come up missing. they started looking for her immediately . we posted fliers, we went out actually searching for her ourselves. we contacted all of the animal shelters within like 15 miles . after going weeks without a response, bourne said they start started to lose hope. so when see got the e-mail from rogers, she was shock "all three of us were sitting home crying because she had been found. making for a happily ever after for this snow white . little dog, big journey that's for sure.
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williams, 7 news . >> anchor: the dog's owner said she has family in tennessee that will come pick up the dog and bring her back to texas . >> anchor: that's sweet. ahead on 7 news, it's a reunion years in the making as the cast of some of tv's favorite sitcoms gather for an epic tribute. i'm here to get the lady ofe back on her feet. and give her the strength energy to stay healthy. s with me?! yay! mplete balanced nutrition reat tasting ensure. 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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>> anchor: all right, it's a big reunion weekend for fans of some of the longest run being tv shows. cast members from shows like "friends," "cheers" and "frasier "frasier" are gathering for a special tribute to james bureaus. >> anchor: the special airs this sunday night here on 7 nbc. we have a preview. at the bar where everybody knows your name he was simply jimmy . when jimmy left during rehearsal you knew it was funny.
4:57 pm
at cheers for 237 episodes. his hand signal you knew what he was talking about. wasn't a guy to waste words . or anything for that matter. the cast of "frasier" learned that from bureaus quick quickly . >> reporter: jane and you were work on a bet and from across the soundstage he said, what are you doing? he said, stop it! when the big bank theory launch launched bureaus lit the fuse . it's like working with a scientist comedian. the very first episode of as well. he really was key, essential for helping uses a cast find our relationships with each other and our characters . we we do anything for jim bureaus because he really gave us the opportunity of a lifetime lifetime. >> reporter: his impact was even bigger on will and grace. he connected all 188 episodes . toward the beginning of the
4:58 pm
head stand on the chair when my character said i'm bored. and i just did a head stand r i'm like how would you even think of that? >> reporter: not only that he police a mean piano to boot. mark barger, nbc news . >> anchor: we couldn't help but to reminisce about all of those shows while we were watching that. you can catch that tribute to james burrows here that starts at 9:00 p.m. then you can catch the 7 news night team . >> anchor: one man behind so many laughs and so many fun times . >> anchor: makes everyone in the family laugh, right? >> anchor: much more to come in the next 90 minutes, everyone. 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> anchor: a framingham tiger turning himself into police in connection with an assault at umass amherst that prompted a campus wide lock down. also breaking an accident in roxbury turning tragic. an infant hit by a car has died.
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what forced people in one neighborhood from their homes . >> anchor: for the weekend it's into the 50's, but before that can happen, warm front brings some snowflakes. >> anchor: also tonight, a supreme farewell. thousands coming out to pay their respects to one of the court's longest serving justices justices. and just one day away from the next republican primary, what is at stake in south carolina? >> anchor: we begin at 5:00 with breaking news of the framingham teen-ager who triggered a shelter place order at umass amherst last night is now in police custody. that's the mugshot he was wanted in connection with an alleged attack of a student . >> anchor: 19 years old, he turned himself into police today today. down hausle joins us live now in framingham with more on this teen-ager. >> reporter: this teen-ager from framingham was just arraigned her on a warrant in connection with that alleged armed assault that set the umass amherst campus into lock down
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19-year-old william mccain taken t of the back of the courthouse here he waived his appearance and luck taken to hampshire county to face charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and robbery. police say he turned himself in today after framingham police found a car connected to the umass case. umass amherst students were told to shelter in place yesterday after university officials say two men attacked a student in the dorm. one of the attacker showed a gun gun. the student suffered a small cut to his head and after about two hours the lock down was lifted. late today university officials say lax dorm security played a part here. these people clearly were escorted into the residence hall by a pier pine hall resident and as i mentioned yesterday that building as well as all of our umass buildings are 24 hours a day locked and require an escort and that indeed was confirmed through video and witness states states.


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