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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:33pm EST

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a weekendm-up is in store, but it doesn't stick around. >> ryan: and we go for a ride with undercover officers. as they fight the opioid epidemic in massachusetts. >> kim: it's all now from the night team. >> 7news at 11:00 starts now. >> kim: breaking news first at 11:00, firefighters rush to this home in brighton as those flames tear it apart. the house is destroyed and in the fight one of boston's behavest -- bravest became trapped. >> ryan: details on what caused that fire. tim caputo is in bright whereon with the latest. >> tim: we can tell you boston fire just said a short time ago that four firefighters were injured, taken to the hospital, but their injuries are not serious. you see the house behind me. most of the damage on the upper levels of this home. for a while there was serious concern a firefighter was missing. >> may day, may day, may day! >> tim: a scare at a house fire in brighton as crews feared at least one firefighter was
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>> there is a member in the attic with a device going off. high heat. we're having trouble getting in there. >> we heard a couple alarms going off. he did as he was trained, because time is of the essence. he called a mayday, not for himself, but for what he assumed at that time would be two other firefighters or one other firefighter. >> tim: boston fire explained each firefighter wears a device that starts the beep when you aren't moving. it can mean someone is trapped or even unconscious. when a firefighter heard that noise inside this three-story house, he alerted everyone. >> it can be the worst day of your life. >> tim: they brought in extra ladders but didn't find any trapped firefighters. moments later they checked and everyone is accounted for. >> everybody is breathing a major sigh of relief. >> tim: the people living in the home got out unscathed. a few neighbors were evacuated as the fire grew to three alarms. >> i was getting ready to go down to the basement the get the carrier because the houses are
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so i was heading down and they knocked on the door to ask us to evacuate. >> tim: the damage appears extensive in the upper floors of this two-family house, but everyone here knows it could have been much worse. >> unbelievable. pretty scary when you think of it. >> tim: seven people have been displaced by this fire. tonight boston fire already releasing what they believe to be the origin and cause of this fire. they say it was an improperly discarded what they're calling smoking material on the second floor balcony out back. live tonight in brighton, tim caputo, 7news night team. >> kim: 7news now turning to the weather. and some areas seeing snow tonight. this is roxbury. you can see some light flakes falling there. we just saw those big flakes in brighton. but it's not sticking around for long. >> ryan: we're expecting temperatures to warm up this weekend. here's meteorologist bri eggers. >> bri: ryan and kim, we are seeing a quick coating in some of those areas that have seen steadier snowfall far little while, but these bands don't stick around for very long. take it inside of 128. that's where we're seeing darker
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there you saw in brighton some of those bigger flakes there. along the north shore, cape ann, as well, but these are moving very, very quickly. through the next few hours, we continue to see those scattered snow showers in response to a warm front that is moving through. so eventually ushering in some warmer air and turning this into rain showers by daybreak. you can see that warmer air as we work through the time line, the pink line, which actually indicates some sleet, rain/snow mix, making it further and further to the northwest because of that warmer air that's creeping in from the south and the southwest. and it will make for a mild weekend. but first, how much snow do we pick up? a coating. we've already seen that in some locations to possibly up to an inch. but i think that's most likely as you get to route 2 and north from there into southern new hampshire and maybe a couple of inches for the ski resorts, good place to be this weekend, as well. more in the extended forecast to come in a few minutes. >> kim: now to an interview you'll see on just one station.
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terrifying moments when the swat team burst down her door. the mother says she got a phone call, someone was holding her four daughters hostage and she needed to pay. they later learned it was a hoax, but not before they parted with some money. night team's jadiann thompson in boston. jawad rabi well, this --. >> jadiann: well, this is a case of extortion, one in which police say they are getting more and more calls just like. they believe criminals are phishing for information off of social media, making these threats seem even more believable. were you guys scared? >> yep. >> jadiann: these little girls were at home in roslindale with their 18-year-old sister when the phone rang. >> they contacted her and made her feel like her father was in danger and she had to follow their instructions or they would bring harm or kill their father. >> jadiann: the crooks threatening to hurt the father if they didn't help them get money. the mom got a call from the same number on her way home from work. the people on the other side
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daughters if she didn't get money. they kinged this mom they were in the house with the children. >> they called me and said, i'm in the house. they named all my daughters. so i knew they were familiar and i really felt they were people in my house. >> jadiann: simone cromwell believes the crooked may have phished all the information off of social media. they told her and her daughter not to call police. she went to wire money. >> long and short, we wired what we could get our hands on, which was $600. >> jadiann: along the way someone did call 911. police got to her home before she did, the swat team busting down the door. >> turned out no one was here. just my daughters. they were locked in the close et for a couple hours. >> jadiann: she couldn't care less about the cash. but she wants to warn others about the danger. >> if you see a number calling you repeatedly you don't recognize, don't answer it. >> the family tells us all those calls came from the same new jersey phone number, a number they did not recognize. police are investigating who is
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live in boston, jadiann thompson, 7news night team. >> now from the night team... >> what i think you ought to do is boycott apple. >> a candidate for president says they're a bad apple. the government pushing for help to unlock a mystery. but apple says i can't do that. >> ryan: donald trump taking a strong stance against apple. he's upset about the company's reluctance hack into the iphone of the san bernardino shooters. susan tran is outside the apple store in boston with more. >> susan: apple is saying the mistake is on the government's part, that they are in a bind because when they had possession of the phone someone changed the apple i.d. pass coad making it impossible to get the data off of it. g.o.p. front-runner donald trump who usually tweets from his iphone demanding americans boycott apple until the company agrees to help the f.b.i. unlock an iphone used by one of the
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>> what i think you ought to do is boycott apple until such time as they give that security number. how do you like that? i just thought of that. boy colt apple. >> susan: federal prosecutors filed a motion to force the company to unlock the phone. but apple says it could have recovered information from the phone had the pass code not been changed. apple c.e.o. tim cook said in an open letter, "the u.s. government has asked us for something we simply do not have and something we consider too dangerous to create. they have asked us to build a back door to the iphone." other tech experts agree. >> i think the government's interest in surveilling people, while it's an important interest, shouldn't trump all of our interests in being secure. >> susan: the government contends it's just for this one phone one time and now has the white house back-up. >> we don't want to allow terrorists to establish a safe
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>> susan: this fight could go to washington as the house commerce committee has invited apple c.e.o. and the f.b.i. director to testify. we're live in boston tonight, susan tran, 7news night team. >> kim: also from the night team, tragedy in roxbury. a five-month-old hit by a car as her mother carried her across the street last night has died. the baby girl's mother is still in the hospital now. the night team's brandon gunnoe is in roxbury with neighbors' efforts to save that child. >> brandon: police are also factor. it's hard to tell because the snow has put water down on the street, buto uh see the tire marks are at least a block long, all the way there to the end of many this block here. they're also investigating if the mother was in the crosswalk. but we can tell you the driver and a lot of other people rushed to the scene to help. police say a five-month-old baby has died after she and her mother were hit by a car. >> i waved my hand above her airway to see if i could feel
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i couldn't. >> brandon: lanaii tolentino and her sister heard tires screeching and ran to help. >> i laid her down. >> brandon: they laid the girl on her jacket and began performing c.p.r. >> i undisipped her fleece and began come depressions on -- compressions on her. she took three gasps of breath at that point. >> brandon: it happened thursday night on humboldt avenue in roxbury. police say a mother was holding her daughter in a carrier on her chest when she was crossing the street and was hit by the car. tonight the sisters are devastated to learn the five-month-old baby didn't make it. >> for moments i knew her life was in my hands. but the prayers going through my mind, god in my hands, i just did what i was supposed to do. people start the take things more seriously and start to value the way they move, they drive, they pay attention, they help, they care, they learn,
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those things. >> brandon: we're told the mother is in the hospital. she is expected to survive. in charges have been filed at this time. live in roxbury, bran down gunnoe, 7 news night team. >> ryan: chaos on umass-amherst. william mckeown and another manned attacked a man in a freshman door. students were told to shelter in place until police got the situation under control. the victim suffered a small cut on his head. investigators say the teen facing charges turned himself in after a car connected to the case was found in framingham. >> kim: new at 11:00, a state trooper racing to the rescue of a teenager who fell into an icy canal in fall river. the night team's john cuoco joins us live with the story of this save. >> john: that trooper says some boys were playing soccer over here when their ball went up and over this fence and into
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one of the boys went for the ball in the canal and that's where he fell through the ice. a fall river teenager lucky to be alive after falling through the ice at this canal on 4:00 friday afternoon. -from what i understand, he went into the canal to retrieve his soccer ball. >> john: but the ice was too thin. >> the thought he could walk on the ice and retrieve the balance and hop become over the wall. >> john: that wasn't the case. luckily a state trooper was sent to the scene and got right the work running over to the boy's friends who had the 15-year-old's life in their hands. >> they were holding on to his arms. the water was up to his neck. and they were holding them. they were keeping them afloat so he wouldn't sink to the bottom. >> john: the trooper then pulled the boy up out of the water. >> we picked him up, took his clothes off, wrapped him in blank et. >> i came over the see if they wanted me to call 911.
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in my car. >> john: the boy was then take on the st. anne's hospital. >> scared for the boy and hoping he's okay. >> he's definitely very lucky his friends were there on scene, keeping him afloat. because if they weren't, who knows what would have happened. >> john: we're told that boy is expected to be okay. live in fall river, john cuoco, 7 news night team. >> ryan: red sox spring training under way. the team is focusing on getting some players settled in their new role. >> kim: that includes new closer craig kimbrel. trey daerr is in fort myers to show us and tell us what's happening down south. >> trey: kim, ryan, still not a full account of players here just yet at spring training with some veteran position players expected to be here early next week closer to the actual report date, giving pitchers, catchers and a base of the red sox core roster extra time to get acquainted with one another and
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mind. >> when our guys come in to work every day, they recognize that they're working through something individually, but what we need to expect from all is to buy into our team concept. >> trey: the team john farrell is managing in 2016 will be a lot different. beginning on opening day with a true number-one starter in david price and possibly ending the day with newly acquired closer craig kimbrel. >> the mentality i have coming in every time and every day i have an opportunity to pitch is to try to be perfect. i want that ball at the end of the game. i want to wrap it up and let everybody go home happy. >> trey: another key element in the red sox taking a step forward this year is the transition for hanley ramirez. with the shortstop-turned left fielder now moving to first base. >> the only thing i see right now is a guy who is eager to move to first base, to get back to the infield. last year was a challenge for him in left field. he admits it. we saw it. >> just get back used to the ground balls. we've been playing the infield my whole career. so we just got to get on the same page. >> trey: the more hanley is a
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boston is likely to win. >> if we this that, everything's going to be fine. you know, that's what we're here for. that's what we get paid for. that's why we prepare ourselves in spring training to win and lift that trophy at the end of the year. >> trey: and hanley certainly putting a lot of effort into his new craft. obviously getting here early and even today taking ground balls for about 15 minutes on an auxiliary field in spring training, hopefully a much better approach than the one he tok last year when things clearly did not work out for him in left field. reporting live at spring training in fort myers, trey daerr, 7news night team. up the streets. >> kim: local police on the front lines of the fight against heroin. we go on a ride-along as they get drugs off the streets. >> ryan: the new rules that put almost every hover board sold in the u.s. on a dangerous list. >> bri: we get a preview of spring-like weather this weekend, but as we head into next week, it looks like winter
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>> ryan: tonight we're riding along with undercover officers as they fight to get drugs off the street. we were there as they made some big busts. >> kim: it's all part of massive battle in what many call an opioid epidemic. the night team's kelli o'hara has the story. >> kelli: it's a tuesday morning. this is no ordinary work day. police are gearing up for heroin raid. we're behind the wheel with this undercover detective. he's heading up a region-wide task force with undercover officers from eight other cities and towns. >> we're targeting an individual who has been selling heroin up and down route 16 from everett to lynn. >> kelli: we can't show his face or use his name. how bad is the heroin problem? >> it's very bad. >> kelli: he should know. he's been an officer with everett p.d. for more than two decades. today they're trying to take down a well-established heroin decade. >> this is going on as we speak. here in chelsea, one in beverly, one in lynn.
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search warrant related to this case. >> kelli: police are targeting what they call a stash house in chelsea rub by to men. one has just pulled in. >> we've been watching him for about a month and a half now. >> shut the car off. >> all right. we're good to go. >> kelli: things happen quickly. we pull up just as the cops have their man on the ground in handcuffs. >> there's one party in custody. >> kelli: another team heading upstairs to his apartment. investigators say the deals are done here. >> police search warrant. police search warrant! >> kelli: detectives burst true the apartment door. >> police, police! >> kelli: what they they find inside makes it all worthwhile. >> no one is here. at in. >> heroin and cocaine in individually wrapped bags. >> kelli: 40 grams of heroin uncovered here. that's enough to get more than 100 people high. there is also more than $23,000 in cash, guns and a $15,000 rolex. arrested, juan cruise baez,
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i'm kelli from channel 7. can you talk to us at all? >> no. >> kelli: at first he's camera shy. but later while waiting for a squad car, the 25-year-old starts talking. can i ask why you would be doing something like this? >> the cards i was dealt. >> kelli: you think so? >> yes. >> kelli: do you make money to support your family? >> that's how i support my family. >> kelli: over in east boston, another raid where police find more cash, guns and nearly three pounds of pot along with 23 grams of cocaine plus 40 more grams of heroin. >> there's people out there that are profiting off of other people's misery or off of selling poison. >> kelli: why are you doing this job if this problem keeps on perpetuating? >> it's the right thing to do. we're trying to save lives out here. >> kim: that was the night team's kelli o'hara reporting. police tell kelli the opioid crisis has become so serious, there are raids nearly every day to get drugs off the streets in massachusetts.
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news. federal investigators sending out a warning to hover board owners saying none of them are safe. this in the wake of dozens of fires across the country and reports of users falling and breaking bones. the consumer product safety commission is now threatening to confiscate or recall any hover boards that don't comply with new safety standards. >> now 7weather with meteorologist bri eggers. >> bri: snow showers before we see temperatures into the low 50s tomorrow. but those flakes are falling as we speak. a few areas have actually picked up a quick coating with this first round of snow that's made its way through. seeing some steadier bands up through the merrimack valley. route 1 down through boston, as well, and down through the canals. that is round one. we're still in for more scattered snow showers as we head through the nighttime hours, but this is coming in with milder air some as that milder air works in, it will start to melt those snowflakes, turn them to sleet and possibly even turn them to rain, especially as we get toward day break.
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we can really expect out of this. maybe a coating to an inch as you get up through route 2 and north of there into southern new hampshire, possibility. but again, these are just really light, intermittent snow showers we're in for through the tomorrow morning. but look at how these temperaturings rise. this is 3:00 a.m. this first model has us into the mid and upper 30s. by the time we hit 5:00 a.m., you can see that pink line indicating a rain/snow mix moving further northwest as that milder air works in. 8:00 a.m., mid-40s. for tomorrow afternoon, we're talking low to even some mid-50s. very mild temperatures, very spring-like through the weekend. so a spot shower, can't rule that out for tomorrow afternoon and evening, but it comes in the form of rain rather than snow. we'll be done with the flakes and into the 50s by tomorrow. break us off a piece of this milder air. a lot of people to our southwest seeing very mild temperatures today. 58 still in cincinnati. 64 in nashville. we do get a piece of that. again, i mentioned those
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through the overnight hours, sitting at 34 in boston now. 29 in worcester and 32 in fitchburg. even though our temperatures will be warming, we do still have that potential for some icy spots north and west of 495 right around midnight tonight. so if you're out late for your friday night plan, keep that in mind for those back roads especially. then tomorrow, whatever snow we do get, it will be melting off very quickly. low to mid-50s. so is this spring arriving early? no. it doesn't look like it. we're heading into a very active pattern next week. and the first shot at some rain/snow mix will be early sunday... excuse me, monday morning, overnight sunday. there is a possibility of some energy just grazing us to the south. that could make far quick coating but hopefully melting off by the morning commute on monday. however, we do look for a more significant flow as we head into tuesday, wednesday, thursday. it looks like a long-range event still has to nail down the track of that.
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have a great friday night. >> ryan: thanks so much. you too, bri. >> kim: the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a
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>> and now time for 7sports with trey daerr. >> trey: 7sports coming to you live tonight from fort myers on site for red sox spring training where the 2016 team going to look a whole lot different than they have in years past. certainly that's the case whenever you have a
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trying the transition into an everyday first baseman, a pitcher among the best in baseball, will make about $1 million per start, and a closer with a delivery that looks like it's right out of "the karate kid." of all the guys taking the mound in the bullpen today, none of them can bring it quite like craig kimbrel. he touches the upper 90s on the radar gun. combine that with nasty curveball, and that alone should get sox fans on their feet in the ninth inning. but then there i his delivery, which, to put it mildly, is unlike anything else in baseball. >> i knew this question was coming. well, i mean, i've always kind of leaned over. i guess in 2010 i got a little shoulder soreness, so i started to hang in front of me, still leaned over. it evolved into what it is. i didn't know i was a bad or a sheep smuggler or what everybody says i am before i pitch. i'm not really worried about that. if they're focusing more about
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throwing, that works for me. >> trey: after nine days off, the celtics getting back after it after the all-star break, tipping off tonight in salt lake against the utah jazz. the trade deadline coming and going. danny ainge failing the make a move, but it certainly wasn't for lack of effort on his part. >> we were very close. i can't tell you the team or the name, but it was very close. it was... it's something that we had been deliberating on for two days. we were wrapping ourselves around a big package to do a deal, and at the very last minute, you know, they just said they did not want to do it. a lot of discussions that we had can set the pat for something later on down the road. >> trey: the rumored name in that deal, by the way, the philadelphia 76ers jahlil okafor. the celtics opening up the
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without david lee. the 32-year-old vet waived this afternoon after just 30 games in a celtics' uniform. lee's departure no big surprise. he appeared in only three games since christmas and did not see a minute of action in each of the past 18 games. >> play of the day brought to you by capital one. >> grizzlies hosting the timberwolves. linsanity. vince carter drilling the buzzer beater from 73 feet away. carter earning our play of the day from way downtown. and the celtics and jazz again just getting after it. celtics trail 38-35. they're in the second quarter. and the bruins back on the ice wrapping up an 11-day road trip tomorrow night in dallas. that's it from sports. live in fort myers, the night
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we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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>> ryan: we're out of time. "the tonight show" starring jimmy fallon is next. i'm ryan schulteis in for adam williams. >> kim: and i'm kim khazei. thanks so much for joining us tonight.
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