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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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don't get too used to this. winter is not done with us just yet. an inferno breaks out at a mill building in fall river. investigators are trying to figure out what intarkd the intense flames. >> a former star high school player facing serious charges. how his mom helped him try to cover up a hit-and-run in fairhaven. we begin with breaking news first at 11:00. donald trump, the winner of the south carolina primary, it was a tight race right up until the polls closed. >> and in the nevada caucuses, hillary clinton declaring victory tonight. voters in both states turning out in record numbers. >> and for a while, the results too close to call. for the democrats, clinton edging out bernie sanders 5% to 47%. >> it was also neck and neck in the g.o.p. race. trailing trump by double digits.
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carson rounding out the bottom three. >> the big story from tonight's results, jeb bush calling it quits. the g.o.p. field now down to five candidates. >> reporter: thanks. good evening from columbia. here in south carolina, apart from the continuing cruz-rubio drama, they remain virtually tied at this hour for second place here with 99% of the vote recorded, aside from that, there is affirmation that donald trump, among all the republicans remains at the top. >> unfortunately, we had a technical difficulty there with steve's package. we might be able to get to that later in the evening. we will move on to other news we are following today. a fierce fire under investigation in fall river tonight. an inferno erupting inside an abandoned mill overnight.
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trying to figure out how this all started. >> we are live from fall river with what we are learning tonight. >> we are told this mill was the size of a city block and four stories tall. >> you take a look behind me, you see that is not the case anymore. this building is still smoking. and it will be for days. >> the flames are huge. like, they were up higher than the stacks. >> an old mill in fall river torched overnight in a massive fire. >> fire coming from four windows on the second floor. in a matter of moments, those windows blew out. the whole second floor became fully involved. >> the enormous orange flames that lit up the early morning sky giving off intense heat. >> because obviously, the heat that is coming off here not as hot on the building. but also hot on the men trying to apply the water.
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>> it is pretty crazy to see. i mean, people think about it. that they could go up so easily. they are such old mills. you never see it happen really. >> crews on scene worked to stop the fire from spreading to other buildings in the area. it took firefighters about three and a half hours to contain the flames. >> within half an hour, we had every apparatus in the city here. and the mill that started to collapse was fully involved. from there we just drowned it with water until we could get it to this point. >> over the summer, the same mill caught fire when it was hit by lightning. right now firefighters say it is too early to know how the latest fire started. it could be another couple of days for investigators to get in here and figure out what happened. live in fall river, 7 news night team. >> another intense fire-fight takes a tragic turn. a 73-year-old woman dies after being pulled from the flames. and tonight investigators are trying to figure out what went wrong. kelli o'hara live now with more.
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>> yeah. good evening. that fire still a mystery right now. we are told that an off-duty firefighter on his way to work this morning saw the smoke and flames and called 911. by then, it was too late. >> i found one victim in a second-floor bedroom. that victim was extricated over a ladder from the second floor. was transported in critical condition. it was a tragic event. >> firefighters rushing that woman from her burning home to the hospital early saturday morning. the smoke and flames proved to be too much. it claimed her life. >> it is horrible. an off-duty firefighter on his way to work saturday morning around 7:30, spotted the smoke and flames at this home and dialed 911. >> it was a lot of smock. we didn't see flames. there was a lot of smoke. >> firefighters won't say what sparked the deadly blaze. there were no working fire detectors. people living nearby mourning the loss of their neighbor. >> whether it is elderly, young, somebody's relative,
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somebody's mom, sister, aunt, daughter. you know what i mean? it is horrible. >> neighbors and family have asked for prooif think is evening. understandably. now, the the state fire marshal's office tells news there have been 12 deaths due to smoke detectors that were the cause of this fire under investigation tonight. in natick, kelli o'hara, 7 news night taement. >> new tonight: heavy police presence on the mass. eave bridge in boston. police received a call that someone was going to jump off the bridge. when crews arrived and searched the area, they learned it was a hoax. an alarming attack at the university of new hampshire. police in durham arresting two students accused of stabbing a classmate. matthew gibbons and eric denning were arrested this morning and are being held on bail. the victim was treated for his wounds and is in stable condition.
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to your forecast. a spring tease across massachusetts today. temperatures rising into the upper 50's. but will it stick around? we will check the forecast. >> even 60 degrees, liz. it was incredible. we did make it there. in boston, bedford as well. 61 in norwood. about 20 degrees above our normal high for this time of year. you remember this day last year. it was just 20 degrees as a high. quite a difference. even from last weekend. current temperatures, right around 50 for most spots. we are 49 in the city. 41 in bedford. 49 in worcester as well. we stay really mild overnight. we have had this weak cool front trying to push through some showers. but really just bringing us cloud cover at this point. haven't seen any reports of any of these rain-drops reaching the ground. we have some dry air in place. but here you go. this is the same system that brought us that warm front yesterday. for that mild air today. we are still sandwiched in between here. again, this cool front really a weak one. not dropping those temperatures by much overnight
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and even tomorrow. we stay in the upper 30's overnight. partly cloudy skies tomorrow. topping out right around 50 for most. it doesn't stay with us into next week. plus, we have to get the details on the midweek storm still to come in a few minutes. >> all right, bri.
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>> a former football star in hot water, accused of leaving the scene of an accident that seriously injured two people. police say he tried to cover up a dangerous drive with the help of his mother. this was william pyers in 2012. a star football player for
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today pyers on a much different playing field. new bedford district court. accused of a hit-and-run that seriously injured a man and left a woman in critical . >> she was dragged for 25 feet. she's got brain injuries. her head was split open. >> it happened two weeks ago at around 2:00 in the morning fairhaven. walking home from a bar with a friend. 40-year-old christine machado. when police say they were struck by a car and the driver never stopped. >> why wouldn't you stop if what would you be hiding? >> the car eventually ended up at glassman auto in new bedford. prosecutors claim the defendant's mother christine began a cover-up. claiming the car was damaged by a tree. the owner didn't buy it and contacted police. >> was looking at the car. like i said, i just knew this wasn't a tree branch. there was no doubt in my mind. >> authorities obtained text messages from the woman's phone, revealing a mother worried about much more than car damage.
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her phone googled the term "fair maven, massachusetts, hit and run." revealing the story posted on a local web site. >> what kind of parent raises their child to believe the... to leave two bodies on the side of the road? >> the d.a.'s office says charges against the mother are a possibility. as for christine machado, a mother of three, she remains in a coma. police still asking anyone with information to come forward. >> spring-like again for us tomorrow to wrap up the weekend. what's up with this midweek storm? we have a look at the timeline
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>> bri: a little taste of spring for us today. even crocuses trying to make their way up in the greenway. 60 degrees in boston. 61 in norwood. we were eight degrees shy of the record for this day. and if you remember february is the high. look at the difference in seasonal snowfall. we are about a quarter of where we were at this time last year. incredible. here is a look at those current temperatures. right around 50 for most. it stays mild overnight tonight. really partly cloudy skies. that helps to keep that warmth in near the surface overnight. you can see those showers scattered all around us. we have some dry air in place that should keep the rain-drops from actually reaching the surface overnight tonight. can't rule out a pop sprinkle completely. it doesn't look likely. you can still see us wedged in between. mild air right here. the warm front made its way through last night. boosted those temperatures up quite a bit. this is a really weak cool through.
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tomorrow. just partly cloudy skies through tomorrow. and you can see that precipitation that's trying to skirt by late tomorrow to our south. we will get to that in a second. overnight tonight, upper 0's for most. close to 40 for the city of boston. and tomorrow, topping out around 50 degrees. once again, still about ten degrees above normal this time of year. not out of the question to make it into the 3450id's in some spots. not quite as warm as today. still a nice day to get outside and enjoy. soak it up while we. can slight chance of seeing some showers skirt the southeastern part of massachusetts. really the south coast. as we get into the overnight hours of sunday into monday. you see that energy that is passing offer well to the south. but recent forecast models still pushing it even farther south. the big headlines would be that midweek storm. so what's in store for this? well, forecast model is trending... most models are trending this more to the west. which would mean a lot more wet than white. doesn't look like a
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if any snow really. mild temperatures on thursday. with just wind-driven rain. have a good night. >> all right. as promised, we are going back to breaking news. donald trump, the winner of the south carolina primary. >> and in the nevada caucuses, hillary clinton declaring victory tonight. lots of reaction pouring in. >> yeah. the night team's steve handelsman has the latest from columbia, south carolina. >> it's the second victory in a row for the national republican front-runner donald trump's first in the south. >> when you win, it's beautiful. and we are going to start, we are going to start winning for our country. let's go, let's have a big win in nevada. let's have a big win at the s.e.c. let's put this thing away. >> as they cast their ballots, mainstream republicans flocked to marco rubio. powering the 44-year-old's comeback from fifth in new hampshire. >> tonight here in south carolina, the message is pretty clear. this country is now ready for a new generation of
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the 21st century. >> ted cruz kept his spot in the top tier of three. >> we are the only campaign that has beaten and can beat donald trump. >> jeb bush finished far down in fourth and quit the race with a parting shot. >> we put forward detailed innovative conservative plans to address the mounting challenges that we face. because despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters. (cheers and applause) >> in nevada, hillary clinton lost her once big lead in the polls but still won. >> i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubted us. we never doubted each other. >> union leaders had pushed a big democratic caucus turnout. which helped nullify bernie sanders' late surge.
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speeds. plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. >> well texas bruins struggle to find the net in the last two games. the flood gates opening for the bs in dallas tonight. putting a bow on the lengthy road trip.
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check out how they tie it. brad marchand hustling to the front of the net. knocks in his 29th goal of the season. a new career high. we are tied up at one. the stars, they answer back in a big way. two goals in less than a minute. it is questionable. after a review, it is a goal. that makes it-1, dallas. in the second, huge answer back by the b's. marchand with the stick-wrister on the power play. that is his 30th. it is 3-2. 5 seconds later, miller breaks his 17-game goal drought with the bouncing score. we are tied up at three. the b's, hey, they are not done. under a minute left in the second. the former star ericson scores the go-ahead goal. the review confirms.
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continues. pablo sandoval was expected to show up today but didn't make it to fort myers. technically, he doesn't have to arrive until tuesday when the rest of the position players are due to open camp. it is day two for pitchers and catchers. the $217 left arm of david price has been the early story of spring training. but the left arm of eduardo rodriguez might be just as important. the second-year starter is looking to provide depth in the starting rotation. you the tell e-rod is a smart kid. he is seeking advice from price whenever he gets the chance. >> he is one of the best pitchers in baseball. for me, he is one of the best. that is all for me. we have been talking a lot all these days about the situation. he is a lefty. >> we talk about everything. not just baseball.
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i'm there for him. i'm 30 years old now. i have seen a lot throughout banal. and i have seen a lot throughout life. i have a lot of insight to give out. the b.c. women taking a another step towards perfection. beating providence today. wrapping up the regular season with a 34-0 record. the eagles joined minnesota as the second team in ncaa history to enter the pro season undefeated. next up, maine in the hockey east quarter finals. the n.f.l. combine is this week. and 335 players are invited to participate. among them, two players from harvard university who are getting ready for the biggest job interview of their lives. >> by the time they hit 30, they should be done. >> training for the next step
11:24 pm
>> turn and go. turn and go. >> preparing for a chance of a lifetime. the n.f.l. combine. >> i have prepared as hard as i could. i have done all the drills. i prepared hard for it. i should be ready. >> standout players at harvard, these two are ready for the opportunity to introduce themselves to the n.f.l. >> it is always important as a player to demonstrate your strength. the bench-press is really important for me. on the field drills as well. dry-blocking and all that stuff. i'm working really hard on that. >> they will show-case their skills this week at lucas oil stadium in the home state of indiana. the two first became friends playing in their high school senior all-star game. >> who would have thought we would have success here at harvard? then n.f.l. hopefuls? that is crazy. >> you can say that again.
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they put in over the last four years which will be on display for gm's, coaches, and scouts as they fight for their futures. >> i realized this could be an opportunity for me. now it's here. advantage of it. coming from ferdinand, indiana, 2,500 people, in the town, we have never had a professional school. >> this is our one shot. we have to be completely phone cussed on what we are trying to do. you won't get another one. >> play of the day brought to you by capital one. >> unc hosting miami. hey, it is still impressive. johnson letting it fly. and switching from 100 feet away. man, well, that is earning our play of the day. and the celtics are back in action tomorrow night in denver. tip time set for 5:00. i'm alex corddry. that is 7 sports. >> all right, alex. thank you.
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clear. >> well, that's going to do it for us on 7 news at 11:00. hopefully, off chance to get gorgeous weather. looks like more on the way for tomorrow. >> definitely is. we will enjoy it while we. can stay tuned for saturday night live coming up next. have a good night. republican debate. [ cheers and applause ] >> hello, and welcome back. i'm fox business rock star neil cavuto. >> and i'm maria bartiromo.


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