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tv   Today  NBC  February 22, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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this morning o n this morning on today's take, anthony mackie is back. then the tale of the tape. a john cena smackdown unlike any other. plus, donald and keefer sutherland, together on the big screen for the first time. all that and more coming up next. it's monday morning, february 22nd, 2016.
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inside studio 1a, i'm willie along with al. >> dylan was going to be here. she went down sick. >> does everyone have to be on their death bed before i get to come. >> matt went down to the last moment. >> what does matt have. >> i don't know what he had. >> our producer is sick, too. they're all dropping like flies. >> do you like my song? >> cake by the ocean. >> you love this song. >> what does it mean? >> i know what it means. you don't know what it means? it's your favorite song. >> i don't like that. i don't like to know. oh, no. >> guess. yes. >> nobody told me. >> is this the hour where you have to read the newspaper? >> no, no. that's decorative, really. >> it's trump by the ocean. >> trump by the ocean, away from the ocean, trump everywhere. unbelievable busy weekend in politics. wins for donald trump in south carolina and hillary clinton and nevada, secretary clinton
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new hampshire. to beat bernie sanders in nevada. she had to have this one and she got it. she's 53% to 47% over sanders. on the other side with the republican, donald trump getting following new hampshire. now with a win again by double saturday. he finished with 33% of the vote marco rubio and ted cruz very close with rubio edging cruz out. so trump is looking ahead as he inches closer to that republican nomination. >> it's mean, vicious, beautiful. when you win it's beautiful. we're going to start winning for our country. >> that was trump's victory speech on saturday night in south carolina.
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that was amazing, the numbers. ivanka liked like she was going to have the baby on stage. it kind of looked like that. >> he said ivanka, come talk. his wife, come talk. >> just wanted to say an amazing state, south carolina. congratulations to my husband. he was working very hard and he loves you. we love you. now we head to nevada and we'll see what happens. [ applause ] >> the momentum since the beginning of this campaign has been unbelievable. that's because my father's message resonates so deeply with so many people. [ cheers and applause ]. >> we're grateful to each of you. thank you for being here to support us. >> ivanka gets up and speaks a good bit at his events because she's well-spoken and impressive.
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you think he'll get the nomination? what does it mean? me that he's not going to win the nomination. hard to see the way it doesn't happen. a lot of people have argued, republicans say we have to get him one on one. once cruz or rubio gets out, but why would either of them get out? other. >> i watched "meet the press," and chuck had him on yesterday. if you look at his face, it looked like he lost. he's got that kind of look. the trump. then he gets a little more animated. but i don't think there is any stopping him. >> he had a riff yesterday up on stage in georgia. he talked about how much we're going to win when he's he said, you people are going to say, president trump, please we're winning too much. >> oh, my gosh. >> feel bad for jeb bush. >> jeb bush, remember a year ago hillary. that was before we knew about race. jeb bush in south carolina getting 8% of the vote. suspending his campaign.
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he got understandably emotional. >> the people of iowa, new hampshire and south carolina have spoken, and i respect their decision. so tonight, i am suspending my campaign. >> no. >> yeah, yeah. >> no, no. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> these guys put so much into these campaigns. they put their families t there, work 24 hours a day, so invested. to see it end is obviously a difficult moment. for him, it's the end of his political career. he was governor of florida. those days are behind him. he's stepping off the stage. >> never say never. you never know. >> you think he'll come back and run again? >> you never know. >> republican caucus is in nevada tomorrow. >> why do they do caucuses? it's one of those things that i can't imagine being in a room and having to say out loud who i'm going to vote for, and have to convince other people. it seems like the better way to
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>> like a primary. >> yes. >> you can watch them, it is amazing. we watched them in iowa, and it's groups of people. you support hillary. you stand over there. there. undecided, stand over there. hillary and bernie people, make your case to those people. group. it's amazing. >> democratic primary is in south carolina on saturday. they're flipping where they are this week. >> that's right. we're talking apple, you guys. there's been a lot of pressure on apple to release -- to try to get the code to get that code out. for the first time, fbi director james comey is personally weighing in on his agency's fight with apple unlocking the phone used by the san bernardino shooter. comey says the investigation of what happened in san bernardino cannot be complete without getting a look at the phone. saying, and this is in part his statement, we simply want the chance with a search warrant to try to guess the terrorist's passcode without the phone essentially self-destructing. and without it taking a decade
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that's it. we don't want to break anyone's encryption. we don't want a master key loose on the land. we can't look at the survivors in the eye or ourselves in the mirror if we don't follow the lead. earlier this morning, apple's chief executive tim cook said, basically, the case was about more than a single phone or investigation. he says what's at stake is the data security of millions of people. they're also saying -- i mean, there are all kinds of questions. i was reading the "new york times." don't think i just drink wine and do nothing. >> look at you. >> it did say in here that there have been lots of requests over the years from the government to apple. something like, where is it, i can't read without my glasses. >> 11,000. >> 11,000. they said that they gave out it's not the first time they've requested it. >> is it technically possible for them to do what the government is asking them to do? >> that's the question. they're saying they'd have to make a -- they'd have to write a new program to get the info out. the government is saying they need it.
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question people are asking is, can't you just take this one phone, open it up and tell us what's in there without compromising the other phones? >> exactly. why wouldn't you be able to -- so the chain of evidence remains unbroken. couple fbi guys, walk it over, stand outside a room, wait for apple to do it, give them the information, and then walk away. >> done. >> done. >> i agree. daytona 500 yesterday. >> unbelievable finish. >> that was so close. >> that finish, what was it, like a tenth of a second. >> 0.01 second. >> danny hamlin earning his photo finish. closest finish in history. watch this. boom! look at that. >> oh! >> wow. >> that's incredible. there was another incredible moment. around our good buddy john cena. >> what happened? >> the fox sports reporter jamie the honorary pace car driver.
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>> they're all going to be at the booth. >> wow. >> smashed him in the face with her ponytail. >> he doesn't move. >> john doesn't move. >> whack. then the look he gives. one more time. one more time. >> come on. >> bam. she later tweets how could i miss john cena? we talked, planned it and i turned at the wrong time. never saw him. apologies. #you can't see me. run that one more time. >> cena is like, i'm not moving. you do what you want to do. i'm staying here. >> i'm in my lane. >> we love that. >> here it is. one more time. >> i like it in slo-mo. >> a little pony whip. now watch me whip now watch me nae nae
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a meteorologist liberty chan at ktla at los angeles had a dress that doesn't work well. >> it has green in it. the key is green, so anything that has green is electronically removed by the camera. >> is she maked? >> not quite. >> take a look. >> in the '30s in the high desert. i'm going to have to change. look at this. >> the thing is, when you do weather, you know there's a koroma key and certain clothing doesn't work with it. i think she had a brain freeze. >> is that a blue dress? >> that's a chroma key. they can pick almost any color to key out. >> they just keyed out your head. >> your jacket. >> there he is. >> look at that low pressure system. >> take off your shirt. >> i look like al. that's crazy. >> that ever happen to you,
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>> i've done it on purpose like on halloween kind of thing. no. >> did you get a million followers yet? >> we're not quite there yet. >> how close are you? >> knocking on the door. >> how close? >> well, the door is a little ways away. >> it is. >> i wouldn't say we're knocking on the door. however, it's day 19 of our 25 days of giveaways. today's prize, a kenmore elite crossover ultra vacuum. what? >> you're giving presents away? >> we're giving presents away. you bet. let's go to's take. let's see what we're starting with today. boom, 285,000. it would be so fantastic if we could get to 300,000 today."today's take." that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening -- oh, billboard. >> announcer: today's weather is brought to you by angie's list.
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see more at angie's i got so excited by that kenmore upright ultra vacuum, i got confused. anyway, we have a storm system. this is the one you saw through my shirt. tomorrow, it'll be pushing through texas. severe weather ahead of it. behind it, we're looking at snow. by wednesday, it tracks to the midwest. severe weather making its way to the mid-atlantic states, snow to the west. rain for the east. for tomorrow, enhanced risk, 16 million people at risk for tornadoes from lake charles to the panhandle of florida. wind gusts and then wednesday, slight risk from orlando to norfolk. 21 million people. where's hoda going? 21 million people at risk. look at this, over the next five days, wide swath of rain, could be 3 to 5 inches down to the south. snowfall, look at this, lansing to flint, you could see upwards of a foot of snow. hoda, hit the button. one more time. >> 285,118. watch this. go.
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that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your >> good morning, everybody, a very active week of weather ahead of us, but for today, bright sunshine, cooler temperatures, closer to normal for this time of year. you can see the cooler air streaming in from the north and the west and light winds today, a windchill. and we to out into the low to mid 40s with sunshine and making it immediately even warmer. looking at the 7-on-7 forecast, showing mild temperatures for thursday, and also a day of wind-driven rain. d to come back? >> she's going to hit the button again with a special guest. >> hit it, anthony mackie. >> boom! >> i knew it. >> come on. >> guess who is coming up?
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10:17 am
where'd you come from again? >> territory. >> is that even a police? him? maybe he get you to come to work on time. >> you serious? >> remember, you can get the day off. it's all i got. >> can we talk about this? >> he will, ll no. >> remember, if you get on the smoothie. i'll punch it for you. >> you're on 18. >> there it is, my man. i'm winning. these two guys are difficult. anthony. >> it's a good bust. >> come on. was. commercial? he pulled his wedding ring out of his pocket. >> i was lotioning my hands. look at that. when you push lotion on, you
10:18 am
get goopy. >> we don't play like that. man solidarity. >> leave her over there. >> take off your rings together. >> no. >> when i read about the movie, it says action, but there is a heck of a cast, unusually star-studded cast for an action movie. >> you have really cool characters that come together and make this world grow, thrive and explode. you work with kate winslet, it's like you have a bunch of great actors and great nsemble. we had fun making it. >> how do you describe your character, little corrupt? >> one man's salt is another man's sugar. i wouldn't say he's corrupt. he's a guy looking for an opportunity outside of the everyday 9:00 to 5:00. you know what i mean? >> it's how you look at it. >> yeah. >> how do you choose your roles, anthony? i'm sure you get a lot of
10:19 am
>> i don't. take what you give me. no, it's all about the director and the script. i love when i can read a script from beginning to end without falling asleep, i know it's a good movie. my thing is, literally, if i read read, by the time i get to y, i'm asleep. never fails. >> you're prepping for your role as falcon in "captain america:civil war." this has been a heck of a character for you. >> it has been. the second coolest thing i've ever done in my life, behind being king in new orleans. give me some of that, all day. >> that was a big deal. that's a big deal. first time, right? >> i'm wearing tights. yeah, the sad thing is you can't do it again. i'm gonna do it again. >> whether they ask or not. >> i'll show up in my king outfit and be like, let's go.
10:20 am
>> great, man. there's nothing better. it's everything i thought it would be. i think being a parent is perfect when you choose the right partner. >> yeah. >> i've been very fortunate to have a great partner. >> see? see? >> i was just giving him -- i love anthony and love anthony's wife. >> anthony is sticking around to answer your questions. we're going to play celebrity fishbowl coming up next. >> come on, anthony. why am i a fan of applebee's fan favorites bourbon st. chicken and shrimp? it's so smokey and mysterious...
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10:24 am
>> let's try another one. >> go with another question. >> all right. >> peyton from wisconsin. do you sleep with a stuffed animal? >> oh. >> is this for me? >> yeah. >> no. of course i do, yeah. i mean, no. >> who doesn't? >> my son has a stuffed animal, a little dragon that he insists stays in my room. i usually wake up with a stuffed animal in my face. >> one more. >> here we go. >> anthony is loving this so much. >> this is going to be fantastic. >> sandy from richmond, va. what's up, sandy? which annual sale do you look forward to most? >> did anyone look at these questions? >> we'll find a good one. >> great question.
10:25 am
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taking a look at the headlines. the supreme court hears cases today for the first time since the death of justice antonin scalia. the court is evenly split idealogically among the eight members. president obama plans to nominate a replacement over the objection of republicans who say that job should fall to his successor. new numbers offer dramatic proof that the vaccine for a virus is down for hpv. it's down since the vaccine was remmed in 2006. down for 34% for women in their early 20s. transmitted infection in the
10:31 am
some types lead to cervical and other cancers. fewer than half of teenage girls and 1/4 of boys have had all the doses needed for full protection. the consumer product safety commission is warning no hoverboard currently sold in the united states is certified as safe. they can pose an unreasonable risk of fire that can result in injury or death. hoverboard batteries have been blamed for dozens of fires. the commission is threatening recalls if safety standards are not met. toys "r" us said it stopped selling the popular hovertrack shooter by razor on its website while it reviews the safety issues. "deadpool" is alive and well at the top of the box office. it brought in another $55 million this weekend. "kung fu panda 3" was second. a story with a happy ending. a bald eagle nursed back to health after being caught in a net last week is back in the
10:32 am
spectators gathered to give the eagle a proper sendoff. the eagle first landed on top of a hotel nearby. then eventually flew off and disappeared. al, isn't that beautiful? >> i can say that without reservation, it is. >> awe. anyway, the week ahead, the wet weather in the southeast. plenty of sunshine in the northeast. rockies. midweek period, a mess in the eastern third of the country with severe weather along the oes coast. things quiet down without a lot going on. much above normal out west and throughout much of the country. midweek period, we see chillier air move into the midsection. warm along the coast. by the latter part of the week, we are below to much below normal in the eastern third. western two-thirds looking
10:33 am
>> good morning, everybody, a very active week of weather ahead of us, but for today, bright sunshine, cooler temperatures, closer to normal for this time of year. you can see the cooler air streaming in from the north and the northwest and light winds today, a windchill. and we top out into the low to mid 40s with sunshine and making it immediately even warmer. looking at the 7-on-7 forecast, showing mild temperatures for
10:34 am
wind-driven rain. >> is it true you didn't realize your dad was an actor until you were 18? >> i always knew he was an actor. i didn't know -- >> you thought i told jokes. >> i didn't know the scope of what he had done. >> "mash," "klute," "ordinary people," the list is endless. >> what advice, you being who you are, and now your son is getting in the business, what advice do you offer, or did you step back and let him do his thing? >> i didn't give you any advice.
10:35 am
>> be truthful. and the way i took that was, don't get caught forcing a moment, even if it means -- even if in the script it says, the man works himself to tears. if the script or you're not getting to the tears, figure out another way to portray it. like any other son, i didn't listen that well. >> reporter: kiefer listened well enough to forge his own successful career, which includes highlights like fox's "24." when the series ended, kiefer grabbed the chance to hop back into a genre he loved, the westerns. also starring ing ring kiefer's old friend demi moore, it features the complicated relationship between fathers and sons. >> the experience that i had in this film was quite extraordinary for me. in many ways, i felt like i was cheating. because whether it was dynamic aggression toward each other or
10:36 am
>> it was all of that. >> -- i was looking into my father's eyes in any one of those given moments. >> behind the actor were the eyes of my son. it informs the situation. it was supposed to. it was what we wanted. it was our hope. >> one interest note, donald sutherland said he wanted to act in a film that kiefer directs. we're going to look forward to that. in the meantime, "forsaken" is in theaters now. >> i didn't know they never >> it's cool. he's not a doctor but plays a convincing one on tv. we'll talk to "chicago med" star
10:37 am
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are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana . ask your doctor about it by name. you know nick gehlfuss from "shameless." now, he's saving lives and racing pulses in "chicago med." >> it includes "chicago med" and "chicago pd."
10:41 am
>> i instructed you not to go anywhere near jennifer baker. >> but i heard good news. jennifer hasn't had any of the usual side effects. she's doing great in her treatment. >> that's beside the point. you blatantly disregard the one thing i ask you not to do. >> she could be on the road to remission. i'm sure they'll drop the lawsuit. >> you don't know that. i had tried to be supportive of you, but one more misstep, and i will suspend you. >> boy. >> yikes. >> you're in the doghouse. >> she's so good. >> amazing. >> i was watching it and you were sucked in by her performance, watching that. >> every time. >> your mom is a nurse, sister is a nurse, you grew up around medicine. >> i did. >> did that help for the role? >> oh, yeah. also, puts me under the biggest microscope ever created. let's put it this way, if my mother or my sister were unable to breathe and i was the only doctor around, i think they'd be the first to perform cpr on themselves.
10:42 am
>> does your mom think you're a convincing doctor when she watches the show? >> yes, actually, she does. it's the best compliment you can receive, from people who know the world. >> "chicago med" is the latest in the world that dick wolf created in chicago. fire and pd. what's interesting, you have this spread across three different shows, with these three different casts interacting now. >> it's synergy at its finest with television. what he's done is imagine all your favorite characters from your favorite shows mingling. you have jerry seinfeld and the gang went over and had a drink at "cheers." the guys from "friends" had a cocktail, as well. it's brilliant. these worlds collide nam ral turally in real life, so it's practical. that's the brilliance of dick wolf. >> we were talking that dick wolf can't lose. he comes out with something and you know it's going to be good. what is the magic of dick wolf?
10:43 am
>> it's not luck, i don't think. >> yeah. >> he's loyal to his fans. we knows what works. he's loyal. he puts it out there. he doesn't want to make flashy shows. he just wants to make shows that work and have longevity. and they do a great job honoring the noble professions. >> when i was out there, i said, he needs lawyers now. then he's got it all. >> now he'll have to pay you because you called it. >> i haven't gotten the check yet but, dick, i'm happy to be there. >> i lost a lot of money. i thought it was going to be "chicago post," the post office. >> not quite as exciting. >> just gave him another idea, my friend. >> what happened to the envelope? >> paper cut. >> we've got a little quiz. >> oh, boy. >> medical lingo game. >> you said you're a convincing doctor. >> word or term, tell us if it's medical or made up. >> okay.
10:44 am
ribenorigamititus. >> made up. >> i didn't sell that well. >> okay. made up. >> real. lines the inner airways of the lungs. >> i had that last summer. forget forgot about that. >> spongiform. >> spongiform. >> use that in a sentence. >> can iphone a i i phone a friend? >> it's real. >> something that resembles a sponge, like something with a lot of cavities. >> there we go. >> interesting. sexy. >> we exposed you, nick gehlfuss. >> congratulations on the success of the show. catch "chicago med" tomorrow at 9:00 on nbc.
10:45 am
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this morning on today food, five ingredient meals you can whip up in minutes. >> we have the executive chef of ocean oceana restaurant here in new york city. he has a shrimp risotto. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> let's talk ingredients. >> butternut squash, fresh shrimp, rice, sage and chicken stock. >> and your oils and your condiments are already in the pantry. they don't count. >> we like free. how do we get started, ben? >> we take a butternut squash and cut it in half. we peel the top. then we're going to dice the top into slices and then into sticks and into cubes that we're going to saute in a moment. >> all right. >> then the bottom, we're going to leave with the peel. we're just simply going to take
10:50 am
going to drizzle it with a little bit of canola oil. we're going to season it with salt and pepper. >> nice and easy. >> we're going to roast it at 375 degrees. until tender. it'll take about 15 minutes. >> okay. >> you're going to poke it with a knife. when it's tender, it'll go right through. when it's tender, we're going to scoop out the puree. >> let it cool off first. >> yes. right into the food processor. we're going to pulse it until it's smooth. just going to take a couple of seconds. >> you have a couple squash we're putting in? >> this is one squash. the bottom of the one squash. >> okay. >> then we've got our finished puree. we've taken the butternut squash top that we've diced and sauteed. it's ready to go. this is a great example, where
10:51 am
>> sure. now, this is, in a sense, the time consuming part? >> yes. this takes about 15 to 18 minutes. what we're going to do here is we're going to actually saute the rice in the olive oil for two minutes. >> you want to brown it, get it nutty? >> little bit. it helps it absorb the stock a little faster. so you add the stock in a couple additions. that's a difference between a risotto and regular, let's say, rice dish. you add it in additions. when you can pull the spatula back and the rice doesn't go back too fast, that's when you know you can add the next addition of the liquid. >> good trick. i was going to ask how you know. >> that's it. after about 15 to 18 minutes, we're going to add our shrimp. >> raw shrimp? >> looks like raw shrimp. >> this is fresh shrimp.
10:52 am
we're going to finish cooking that right in the rice. >> in with the squash. >> that we've already diced. now, if you can hand me the puree? normally, a risotto, you would finish it with some butter and some cheese. you could do that here, if you'd like. the puree, besides having another way to use the same ingredient twice, this is going to give the rice a creamy consistency without adding extra fat. >> beautiful. >> that's great. >> keeps it a little healthier. >> may any. >> you may. >> al? >> finishing it with fresh sage. >> the sage on top. too. >> that is fantastic. it. >> fantastic. >> thank you very much. perfect and easy to make. head to back in a moment with "today" on nbc.
10:53 am
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10:55 am"today's take." ". ." we're up to 290,000. >> shamelessly begging every day. >> you bet that. >> what are you doing today? >> the lean and the dab. >> and your training is here. >> my trainer is here. >> a hunk. >> i haven't met him yet. looking forward to it. >> i bet you are. >> and restaurant etiquette. >> should be fun. >> we have -- what else do we need? it's margarita day. >> with your trainer. >> after a margarita. >> thanks for hanging out with >> absolutely.
10:56 am
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