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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  February 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> sarah: breaking news at noon. a wild police chase in saugus ends in an arrest. police going after a stolen car. inside, a woman accused of assaulting a revere police officer last night. right now a second man who was in that stolen car is still on the run. >> kris: steve cooper is live from saugus with the latest. >> reporter: some tense moments out here this morning. vehicles involved has been towed away. place. you can see what's left behind here. this afternoon in saugus.
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and local police are busy trying to track down the second bloody suspect who got away. >> it's crazy. yeah. absolutely crazy. >> reporter: a two-car crash just after 8:30 this morning here at the intersection of lynn fells parkway. police began pursuing the stolen car before calling off the chase. >> i heard a huge crash. i looked out my front window. i saw the two vehicles with smoke coming out of them. >> reporter: 32-year-old jacqueline murphy was taken into custody while her accomplice, 44-year-old michael good row took off on foot. crime scene investigators dusted the vehicle for fingerprints. >> the state police gentleman said come over a little while ago and said i should stay in the house because there is someone, you know, on the loose. a dangerous person on the loose. >> reporter: the duo are
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week's cruiser crash in police officers injured. police say good row tried to stab the office we are a hyperdetermine irk... hypodermic needle before the pair took off in a stolen honda. the search has been on ever since. a state police helicopter and tracking dogs have been neighborhood for hours, trying to locate the suspect who got away. >> we are concerned, you know, when you see the helicopters and everything like that. i checked the perimeter of the house. >> reporter: now, police will only say the search for the second suspect is ongoing this afternoon. creating some anxious moments for people who live around here in these homes. around here. but again, police are still roads. at the same time, it is will be arraigned. she was taken to the hospital. that is where she is under arrest right now. we are live from saugus this afternoon, steve cooper, 7
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>> kris: in roslindale, a car crashes into a home. kelli o'hara is live on the scene there. kellie, what's happening? >> reporter: you can see how intense this car crash was. take a look. this is what's left of the front of a couple's home. you can see where this man jumped the curb here on washington street in roslindale. he somehow lost control of his front porch. you could see boards and nails and just lumber absolute little everywhere. this porch is in pieces. now the couple tells me this accident happened little over an hour ago. a middle-aged man was driving here on washington street and somehow jumped the curb and went into the porch. no one inside the home was hurt. of course, they said they were in the kitchen. they heard a loud boom. when they went running out, the man says he was in pain and his back was hurting. but this couple, obviously, saying they are very glad that no one inside was hurt this afternoon. and no one in that car as well. back out here live from roslindale. wow. some of this porch just fell
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you. this is what's left of a couple's home after a man went careening into this porch. no one inside the home was hurt. >> sarah: bill cosby's wife talking to lawyers right now in springfield, massachusetts, answering questions about the sexual assault allegations against her husband. this comes after her lawyers tried to delay the deposition. >> kris: dan hausle live at the hotel in springfield where this is happening. dan? >> reporter: well, despite that last-minute attempt, the deposition now taking place in a six-floor conference room here at the springfield marriott. camille cosby and her husband have a home 35 miles from here. she has tried to stay out of the spotlight all the years of his very famous life. but now because of the hot chase against cosby, she is being dragged in. lawyers for camille cosby left the federal courthouse in
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>> no comment. >> reporter: without talking. their last chance to delay the deposition of their client. camille cosby married to bill cosby for 52 years, will answer questions under oath by lawyers for 7 women bringing a husband. they claim bill cosby defamed them by denying their allegations of sexual assault. >> she is someone that's close to mr. cosby for 50 years. has been his wife. >> reporter: conversations between married couples are protected. camille cosby served as bill cosby's business manager. >> we are hoping to learn about issues important to the case, involving his relationship with her and her relationship with other women and his relationship in business and matters of that sort. >> reporter: cosby's lawyers raised questions about security at the springfield hotel where the 71-year-old is being deposed, saying reporters have been on the floor where the meeting would take place. camille cosby's lawyers say the media could intim date her
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that could prevent her from testifying effectively. >> do i think security is an issue in absolutely not. >> reporter: 50 women have come forward with allegations against bill cosby. lawyers today hope to get answers. >> she doesn't want to be here. she doesn't want me to ask her name. but i intend to do what i need to do for my clients. and i intend to be very respectful. >> reporter: it could be a long day for camille cosby. because this deposition is happening in a hotel conference room and not in open court. that lawyer said he expects he could question her for 7 hours or more. but he did say he hopes to get this all wrapped up here today. we are live in springfield, dan hausle, 7 news. >> sarah: tragedy in domp. a 16-year-old stabbed to death in broad daylight. now police have finally made an arrest. victoria warren live in dorchester with the latest
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sarah, they had a mistake on the age of the victim. he wasn't 16. he was only 15 years old. they say he was one month shy of his 16th birthday. boston police have arrested another 16-year-old fbs, and he is here at court today before a judge. all of this starting yesterday right in the middle of the afternoon around 4:30 in the afternoon. it was at devin street and columbia road. the victim, police say, that they had originally thought he was shot. later said the teenager was stabbed. he was rushed to boston medical center. he was pronounced dead. devin street, a troubling area for boston police. earlier this month, boston police shot and killed an armed man in an unrelated incident there. so the teenage suspect, we are going to learn more about him when he appears before a judge here at dorchester district court later today. he is going to be in adult court due to the nature of the crime. and his arraignment is scheduled to happen this afternoon. victoria warren, 7 news.
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clearing out an attleboro home. residents forced to evacuate the area after a disturbing discovery. of the house. they showed up after word of an overdose. we are learning. a dangerous situation here, brandon. >> reporter: very dangerous, kris. we are still waiting on his arraignment here at attleboro district court. police brought him here early this morning a few minutes before 9:00. but it started on sunday when police in attleboro were called to the home just before 1:00 for a possible drug overdose. now, as the man was being taken to the hospital, police discovered a meth lab inside his home. one wrong move and those chemicals used to cook meth can cause an explosion. so hazmat crews were called in, as you saw. neighbors were evacuated on both sides of the home. 52-year-old robert achesen was arrested after he was treated and released at the hospital. we are still awaiting his arraignment here in district court.
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>> >> sarah: the u.s. and russia agreeing on a plan for a cease-fire in syria. the cease-fire will start on saturday. it will exclude attacks on isis and local al qaeda groups. >> kris: 7 news now turning our attention to norwood. a car slams into a starbucks, taking o'out a brick wall. morning. officers say the 22-year-old driver turned herself in several hours after the crash. she was not injured. and will be summoned to court at a later date. traffic mess on 128 southbound in randolph. take a look at. this a truck overturns, spilling a load of scrap metal across the roadways there. the accident blocking two lanes of traffic for hours during the morning commute. nobody was hurt in that crash. >> sarah: coming up next at noon, new details about a random shooting in michigan. what police are saying about the man accused of opening fire. >> kris: residents in fiji picking up the pieces after a cyclone tears through the island.
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this week. forecast still to come. >> sarah: dancing for joy: a 106-year-old woman finally gets the chance to meet the
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>> sarah: she said she waited all her life to see an african-american in the white house. and when 106-year-old virginia finally did, she could not contain her excitement. the south carolina woman did a little dance in the beginning. you saw it. when she first met the president. the white house posted this video on sunday in celebration of black history month. can you imagine what all she has seen in her lifetime,
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>> kris: funny watching president obama tryg to calm her down. he was like slow down. she was moving at 106. >> sarah: a lot of energy, right, bri? >> bri: slow down, she is like nope, i have to do another dance. fantastic story there. all right. how about this roller-coaster ride we have been on throughout the month of february. it started out warm. we all remember last weekend. this past weekend, we were warm again. the warmest temperature this month, 65 degrees. coldest, nine below zero. now, we are all balancing out here. about average. it is because we are had both ends of the spectrum. current temperatures, much closer to normal. back to reality today. 40 degrees right now in boston. 37 in worcester. 46 in norwood. we are getting some cold air that is coming from the north and northwest. averaging ten degrees cooler than where we were sitting 24 hours ago. so yes, kids back to school today. back to grind. back to a new workweek. we are back to normal with those highs to start off the
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look at this brief boost in temperatures that we get as we move into thursday. nearing 60 degrees. it won't be an enjoyable 60 like we had on saturday. it comes with a wind-driven rain. lots of sunshine for us today. i did mention the cold air coming in from the north and a light breeze from time to time. but topping out in the low to mid-40's for most spots. we are really close to those highs right now at this point. might make it up into the low 40's for the city of boston. nevertheless, we are very... back to normal, at least with more typical temperatures for this time of year. messy week. it starts out with the first system that moves through wednesday. that could bring some snow, rain-snow mix. even some freezing rain and ice problems. then we see this turn into very mild air. rain. a whole lot of both of those things, as we move into the thursday timeline. so looking ahead, at least with the immediate future, overnight tuesday into wednesday, we start to see
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as we get into the overnight hours. then it quickly disappears as the mild air surges in. but where the areas hold on to the cold the longest, we could see some sleet and freezing rain. into the early hours of wednesday morning. there is a potential there. we will be tracking that very closely. just breaking it down for you. we are in for the snow and ice overnight tuesday into early wednesday. but then changing over to rain wednesday. and one to two inches of rain expected with very gusty winds. and for more on that wind timeline, danielle gersh. >> danielle: thanks, bri. on top of the rain, we will deal with those strong winds. this is for the storm wednesday night into thursday. you can see those winds overnight. they start to pick up. heading into the early morning hours. thursday at 4:00 a.m. they are starting to pick up out of the south. they are gusting around 50 miles per hour for some of you. then into the morning commute, heading into about 9:00 a.m., they are picking up. we could see gusts on the islands, on the vineyard getting close to 60 miles per hour. we will have strong winds on thursday morning. going to stay quite breezy
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look what happens with the temperatures, though. notice, tuesday into wednesday, they are cold enough to into wednesday night, and into thursday, that southerly wind is going to bring in that warm air with it. you can see those 50's starting to work. in and then by thursday, by 10:00 a.m., all of us dealing with 50's. so thursday will be a mild day as far as temperatures go. the record for this day, actually, 65 degrees. we will only be in the 50's. nonetheless, this is above average. bri, back to you. >> bri: up and down and up and down with temperatures this month. it looks like we get that cold back into play as we get into next weekend. i mentioned a whole lot of rain again. one to two inches not out of the question with this. by the time we make it into late thursday evening. overnight tonight, mainly clear. and it is a full snow moon today. you might notice bright skies out tonight. nature's flashlight. 17-25 for lows tomorrow morning.
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for the kiddoes. then tomorrow, clouds increasing. i have a head of that overnight snow to rain-snow mix. here is a look at the 7 on 7 forecast. again, near 60 for thursday with wind-driven rain. as i mentioned, cold settling back in for next weekend. but we also get the sunshine around as well. >> kris: we have some breaking news from boston now. let's go to sky 7 hd above b.c. high school right now. here is all the information we have at this point. boston police are telling us that they are responding to a report of a bomb threat there. you see the police cars and law enforcement officials there on the scene at the school. b.c. school. and again, reports of a bomb threat. we don't have any other information at this point. these are the shots we are getting in from sky 7 hd. obviously, this is a story we will continue to follow and bring you any updates as they become available. >> sarah: 12:17 right now. still ail head, a wild party in bridgewater. dozens now arrested after things just got out of
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>> kris: wedding in the skies: this is couple says their i
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>> sarah: an uber driver accused of a shooting rampage in michigan set to face a judge today. six people are dead following that random shooting. >> kris: the can ma zoo community, as you can imagine, is dealing with this tragedy.
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the suspect in the can ma zoo shooting jason dalton will make his first court appearance. the prosecutor believes they have the right man. he is ready to file charges. this person is accused of going on a shooting rampage across the city saturday night. three separate shootings. apparently, choosing victims at random. killing six of them and injuring two others. police say those two remain in the hospital with very serious injuries. sunday night, there was a vigil for the victims in kalamazoo. people are hoping that those to pull through. >> you see this suffer the on the news all the time. it. it doesn't affect you. then, you know, this hits. >> kris: police don't have a motive at this point. that has been puzzling. police are hoping to learn appearance. by all accounts, this was a normal guy. neighbors say he never showed signs of being erratic before.
12:22 pm
two, and an uber driver. according to police, dalton was even reported to be giving rides between the first shooting and when he was arrested six hours later. there are still so many unanswered questions at this point. >> sarah: turning to the race for the white house. a new poll shows half of republican voters here in massachusetts supporting donald trump. marco rubio trailed in second with 16%. 1%. ted cruz and ben carson round out the top five. on the democratic side, it is bernie sanders and hillary clinton are tied with 46%. and tonight, sanders will hold a campaign rally at umass-amherst. the event comes a week ahead of the state primary. >> kris: up next here on 7 news at noon, cutting down how the m.b.t.a. is scaling back
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they're one of that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> kris: love is in the air for this washington couple. 30,000 feet up in the air, to be exact. the couple saying i do's during an airline flight of all places. sparks were flying during that very special ceremony. >> sarah: it was all to grant the wishes of the bride's mother. christie and jim larson are still on cloud nine after saying i do on friday. >> it is wonderful. you know, we have been together for the better part of five years now. >> reporter: how they said i do is making sparks fly on social media. >> tagging you on facebook, strangers. the you tube videos. before we landed. all the videos were up. >> sarah: the two lovebirds were wed on an alaska airlines flight. christie is sa flight attendant for the airline. she and her hubby planned the
12:26 pm
wishes to her mom billy joe who is fighting stage four cancer. >> my mother is the world to me. anything to make my mom happy. >> sarah: billy joe has always wanted to see where christie works. christie lives. she has always hoped to see loves. >> i was happy up here in chef wanted to come see seattle. and see our house here. and have a visual of what our life was like up here. that really touched me. passengers looked on as christie made her way down a very different aisle. a flight of fancy not to be forgotten any time soon. overweaponing. but really exciting. i'm glad we were able to share lover and joy with people. made their flight a fun experience. >> sarah: their fellow passengers helped pull off that magical moment.
12:27 pm
passenger on that flight? >> kris: surprise. noon. stolen car and a wanted woman. we are following a police chase over in saugus. >> bri: a little bit of forecast in week. a little bit of snow, freezing wind-driven rain. we will get to all of it
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>> kris: breaking news from east boston. reports of a bomb threat at east boston high school. these are live pictures now
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police are responding to east boston high school for reports of a bomb threat. and in fact, a few minutes ago, sky 7 hd was high above b.c. high where boston police tell us they are responding to a report of a bomb threat there. two stories, obviously. we will continue to fall this in east boston, again. live images there where police are responding to east boston high school. >> sarah: more breaking news all morning long. a wild police chase in saugus ends in an arrest. inside, a woman accused of assaulting a revere police officer just last week. right now, a second man who was in the stolen car is still on the run. >> kris: steve cooper is live from saagies with the very latest on this story. >> reporter: quite a crash here in saugus. these are pieces, some debris scattered all over this intersection. now, the cars involved in the crash have been towed away here. but this afternoon, you can hear the hum of helicopters. a state police helicopter still in the air. trying to locate the suspect
12:31 pm
yeah. absolutely crazy. >> reporter: this two-car crash just after 8:30 this intersection of lynn fells parkway and mclane road in saugus. state police began pursuing the stolen car along route one before calling off the chase. >> i heard a huge crash, and i looked out my front window. i saw the two vehicles with smoke coming out of them. >> reporter: 32-year-old jacqueline murphy of revere was taken into custody while her acome plus, 44-year-old michael good roe took offer on foot but not before trying to car-jack this woman's car. crime scene investigators dusted the vehicle for fingerprints. >> state police gentleman came over a little while ago and said i should stay in the house. because there is someone, you know, on the loose. a dangerous person on the loose. >> reporter: the dual woe are wanted in connection with last week's cruiser crash in
12:32 pm
police say the man tried to stab an officer with a hypodermic needle before the pair took off in a stolen honda. the search has been on ever since. a state police helicopter and tracking dogs have been scouring this saugus neighborhood for hours. trying to locate the suspect who got away. >> we are concerned. you know, when you see the helicopters and everything like that. i checked the perimeter of the house and so forth. >> reporter: back live again. the investigation is ongoing this afternoon. as police try to locate this second suspect who got away from the scene here. as for jacqueline murphy, she was taken to the hospital. it is unclear whether or not she will be arraigned from her hospital bed as early as this afternoon. we are live from saugus, steve cooper, 7 news. >> kris: another breaking story. a car crashes into a home in roslindale. kelli o'hara live on the scene. we saw that video earlier, kelli. a lot of damage. >> reporter: a lot of damage. pretty remarkable that no one was seriously hurt.
12:33 pm
into the front of this home. this porch now in pieces. you can see in the sidewalk where this man driving that car jumped the sidewalk. you can see the skid marks. he went sailing into this porch. timber everywhere. nails. this thing a complete mess. now, sky 7 hd over the scene earlier. this happened around 11:00 this morning. we are told that a woman and her husband were inside. they were in the kitchen. they heard a loud boom like an explosion. they ran outside and found a man behind the wheel of the car. he was in severe back pain. complaining of his back hurting. she says it is a miracle they weren't out here because the mailman comes around this time of day. now that, driver of the car rushed to the hospital. no word if he is facing any charges or his condition at this point in time. again, back out here live from roslindale. you see this porch in pieces after a man went sailing into this porch. he is sent to the hospital. the people imside, luckily,
12:34 pm
kelli o'hara, 7 news. >> sarah: tragedy in dorchester: a 15-year-old stabbed to death in broad daylight. boston police have arrested a 16-year-old in court today facing a judge. this all happened late yesterday afternoon on devin street and columbia road. police originally thought he was shot but then realized the teen was stabbed. he was rushed to boston medical center where he was pronounced dead. the suspect's arraignment is this afternoon in adult court because of the nature of the crime. devin street is sa troubling area for boston police. earlier this month, police shot and kill an armed man in an unrelated incident there as well. >> kris: two university of new hampshire students called to court accused of stabbing a classmate. matthew gibbons and eric denning were arrested in durham on saturday. officers say the 20-year-old victim was treated for a pair of stab wounds but is expected to be okay. police have not commented yet on any motive for this attack. dozens of people who were arrested at a wild party right
12:35 pm
will ail peer in court this week. officers arrested 41 people in all after investigators say this party on maple avenue got out of control. early sunday morning. the fire department was called in to inspect the home for safety hazards. you see this sticker on the front door saying it is unsafe. it is now there. >> i have never seen the cops over there before. i know the kids have parties. i mean, i figure they are college kids and they get together. whatever. you never know. the kids and alcohol... you know, you never know what might happen. >> kris: many of the people arrested were under 21. >> sarah: over the weekend, it was beautiful. the weather definitely taking us on a roller-coaster ride. bri eggers has more. >> bri: throughout the month of february, we have had record cold. we have had record highs. it is just incredible. current temperatures, though, right where they should be this time of year. 40 degrees in boston.
12:36 pm
46 in norwood. i think we are really close to our highs for this afternoon. it doesn't get a lot warmer than this. but it's about ten degrees cooler than where we were sitting just 24 hours ago. it was a mild weekend. we stay close to normal to start off the workweek. look what happens as we get into thursday. nearing 60 degrees. very mild air that is working in. but it won't be an enjoyable 60 like saturday was. we are expecting wind-driven rain by the time we make it into midweek. lots of sunshine for us today. that helps us to feel about 5-10 degrees warmer. as we reached those highs in the low 40's. then tomorrow, a touch cooler. also expecting a nighttime wintry mix changing to rain. we will run through that timeline and talk about that messy forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> sarah: new details about kennedy cousin michael skakel. prosecutors in connecticut are set to ask the state supreme court to reinstate skakel's conviction in the murder of martha moxley. a jury convicted skakel in 2002. he was sentenced to 20 years
12:37 pm
but a judge granted skakel a new trial saying that the defense attorney failed to properly represent him. skakel was released from prison in 2013. prosecutors say skakel killed moxley in 1975. the two had been neighbors in greenwich, connecticut. will hear arguments on wednesday. a judge is set to decide today whether a lawsuit brought by sandy hook elementary school massacre can go forward. gunman adam lanza shot and killed 20 children and six adults in 2012. nine families and a school teacher who was shot and survived are suing companies that make the ar-15 rifle used in the attack. >> kris: the m.b.t.a. says it efforts to try and cut the amount of overtime pay given to employees. a report set to be released later today, in fact, shows that so this year, the agency has cut overtime spending by $40,000 a day.
12:38 pm
continues, the "t" could save $15 million in overtime costs this year. >> sarah: the local n.a.a.c.p. is calling for change at boston latin school after alleged incidents of racism. the n.a.a.c.p. wants the headmaster of the school to step down after a meeting discussing a lack of action by the administration regarding racism at the school. they say there were more incidents than originally thought at the school that weren't properly handled. two students presented the headmaster with a binder of incidents involving racism. they also started a social media campaign to raise awareness to what they to address the incidents. an internal review said there was only one incident that the school did not properly respond to. a racial slur from one student to another. >> kris: happening today: governor charlie baker will speak at the white house. it is part of the national governor's association meetings there. president obama, in fact, was there to welcome the governors to the winter meeting
12:39 pm
focused now on bridging that partisan divide in washington. >> the people we serve don't typically think in terms of red and blue, left or right. ahead. they want to make sure they have a good job, that their kids can succeed. >> kris: the meetings wrap up the supreme court will hear cases for the first time since the death of justice antonin scalia. with scalia's passing now, the court is evenly split ideologically among its eight members. president obama plans to nominate a replacement. however, some republicans object to that, saying the job should fall to his successor. >> sarah: a bus full of passengers up in flames. a fire broke out aboard a minneapolis mega-bus. it happened when the bus was in illinois. one passenger says there was a boom. then black smoke everywhere. riders are crediting the driver with getting all 40 passengers off the bus without any injuries. a former miss new jersey has died.
12:40 pm
the 2014 miss america pageant was critically injured last week when her convertible spun off a highway and hit a tree. her family says she died from injuries suffered in the car crash. the 24-year-old was alone in her car. and she was not wear her seat belt. >> kris: 18 people were killed and hundreds of homes destroyed and now fiji is cleaning up after a cyclone. it is called the strongest storm recorded in the southern hemisphere. authorities say all schools will be closed for a week to allow time for the clean-up. >> we have some very poor students who come from a very torn-down family. it will be very sad for them to see that their schools have been damaged and such. i don't know if they will find other schools available. >> kris: a nationwide curfew in fiji was lifted earlier today.
12:41 pm
taking home a lucky lotto jackpot. why they have their mom to thank. >> kris: check out this architectural feat. fast three-story house completely built up side-down. >> bri: impressive. temperatures back to normal today. another brief boost in temps late they are week. it also comes along with
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>> kris: stand on your head when you are watching this. it will make more sense. this is absolutely wild. people in taiwan literally flipping out over this up side-down house. a three-story home has attracted hundreds in downtown taipei. it has american-style furnishings. complete with life-sized chairs, tables, and even an upside-down car. talk about dancing on the ceiling. right? you actually get to do it. how do the stairs work? >> sarah: this is the coolest thing. i don't know. >> kris: down the stairs to go up. up the stairs to go down. >> bri: alice in wonderland. it all has to do with the rabbit hole, you guys. how about gaining daylight? by the time we get to march 20, which is close to kicking off spring, we will have been past daylight savings time. we are gaining an hour and 16 minutes in the next four weeks. not only that, but wait. there is more.
12:45 pm
it is easier to feel the heat from the sun. you step out in direct sunlight. it can easily feel five to ten degrees warmer than the air temperature reads. we are back to normal today, though. 40 degrees is where we should be this time of year. 37 in worcester. 46 in norwood. we won't get warmer than that today. maybe by a degree or. two i think we have hit our highs in most spots. again, very close to where we should be for this time of year. another brief boost in temperatures as we get into thursday. the roller-coaster ride of february continues. but that also is the day we see wind-driven rain. not for today, though. bright sunshine for us. with the exception of a few clouds in the coastal areas. cape cod and the islands. tas mostly sunny. topping out in those low to mid-40's for most. and well, it is seasonably cool today. we do have that light mix on the way. doesn't look like winter is done with us just yet. then it turns to rain and mild temperatures wednesday and thursday. so looking at that timeline, the first bit of our unsettled
12:46 pm
overnight tuesday into early wednesday morning. and there is enough cold air snow at the on-set. some freezing rain a possibility. before the mild temperatures work in from the south and we see this turn to an all-rain event. rain here. and also a lot of wind as well. so a closer look at that timeline. at least for tomorrow night through early wednesday. in place. a coating to two inches is possible. mainly north and west of 495. and then that rain-snow line pushes farther and farther to the northwest. as we get closer to daybreak wednesday morning. hopefully, by the morning commute on wednesday, we won't have to be concerned with ice. but we will be watching out for that as we get closer to the date. precip chance for the next few days, dry today. thursday looking wet and again, windy. for more on that, danielle gersh. >> danielle: thanks, bri. especially wednesday might
12:47 pm
we are heading into the evening hours wednesday. then early thursday, here we go at 4:00 a.m. you see those southerly winds gust, getting up to 50 miles per hour. getting close to 60 miles per hour on the vineyard. this is going to continue through the morning commute on thursday. and it is going to stay very windy throughout much of the day. now, as far as temperatures, this is interesting. we are in the 30's. these numbers, you know, support the rain and snow until wednesday, heading into thursday. that is when those winds are also going to bring in the more mild air. you can see that here. heading into 5:00 a.m., those 50's starting to work in. the southerly wind dragging in that mild air from the south. and then by thursday afternoon, thursday into lunchtime, we are already seefering those 50's set in for pretty much everyone. our record for thursday is 65 degrees. we are not going to quite get there. but these 50's still well above average for this time of year. bri, back to you. >> bri: more like a springtime rainstorm for us, dan yes, ma'am. it is a lot of rain we are talking about.
12:48 pm
this a good slug of moisture heading in our direction. overnight tonight, mainly clear. and bright. because it is a full moon today. 17-25 for those lows. tomorrow morning, the bus stop will definitely be chilly. make sure you keep that in mind. here sa look at the forecast. with those temperatures very close to average the next few days. a boost on thursday. and then the cold makes a comeback. as we get into next week and to kick off the month of march. >> kris: all right, thank you so much. forecast the daytona 500 wrapping up here. 500 miles of racing comes down to just a matter of inches, literally. denny hamlin, look at this finish. manages to take the lead on the final lap. beats out martin trooux, jr.. took that photo finish to see who really won. the closest margin of victory ever for the dale toe that 500. >> sarah: coming up, twins beating the lotto odds. the first thing they bought after becoming instant
12:49 pm
>> kris: it has been 30 years since ferris bueller made skipping school look cool. how chicago paying tribute to
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
>> kris: lucky twins learning that patience definitely pays off. years without success, they finally have found some lotto luck. the duo striking gold on a scratchoff ticket of all things. >> sarah: now the twins are claiming a $6 million jackpot. nick emmons has more on this story. >> it is a once in three million chance. you never know it's going to be you. like, especially something that, like, big. >> reporter: something big that started with something little earlier this month. >> i looked up at my
12:52 pm
i saw a yellow lady bug. >> reporter: it was a sign. she made a pit stop to pick up some lottery tickets. including these two set for life scratchers for her and her twin laura. the twins had been buying tickets together since they were 18. carefully, following their motherer's advice. >> find a place... >> i'm, like, oh, my god. i was like, kim kardashian ugly-crying. i was on a video call at work. she kept calling and calling and calling. >> reporter: laurie didn't pick up. lisa had to deliver the news via text-message. >> come home now. scratcher jackpot. i said "$6 million. i'm shaking. >> reporter: this is lisa and laura claiming their prize at the california lottery district office. >> i don't even know if it has
12:53 pm
it is ridiculous. >> reporter: don't think their newfound millionaire status will change the. two. >> you think angels are going to be singing. all this cool suffer the... suffer the is going to happen. we went to the store and bought socks. that is our splurge so far. >> sarah: socks. right? okay. the sisters will split the money 60-40. laura will get the bigger share because she is the one who actually bought the ticket. >> kris: why 50 cent will have to explain questionable
12:54 pm
the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
>> kris: the big question: is 50 cent really bankrupt? this is stirring up drama. >> sarah: the rapper posted pictures on instagram of himself with piles of cash. take a look. he said... right. year. a judge told his attorneys me must come to court and explain these photos. 50 cent's legal team said he would show up but exactly when is unclear. well, shake it up baby, now >> kris: preparations under ferris-fest. bueller's day off took place. the film came out 0 years ago... 30 years ago.
12:57 pm
may. there will be a re-creation of the famous parade. >> sarah: were you even alive? >> i plead the fifth. >> kris: i was, like, ten. >> bri: 41 in boston right now. we are about at our highs for the day. overnight tonight, we are in the clear. a chilly one for us. a look at the messy forecast, if we can get there. we are in for an icy mix wednesday early. then all rain thursday. >> sarah: finally, breaking news from east boston. there are reports of a bomb threat at east boston high school. police are responding there. and just a few minutes before that, sky 7 hd was high above b.c. high. boston police telling us they are responding to a report of a bomb threat there as well. of course, we will update you
12:58 pm
>> k i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options.
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
i said we need to talk this out. >> kayla: i would rather talk to my brother, the police commissioner. >> ava: mm-kay, but before you call him, i want you to know everything that happened, and why it happened... the night your husband and i made love. >> steve: vodka rocks. keep 'em coming.


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