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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 22, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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it no doubt. winter set for come back are parts of the state are expected to deal with some mix at least. some time tomorrow afternoon so meteorologist jeremy reiner here with the forecast. jeremy? >> reporter: right now 30's and 40's, a sea breeze in boston boston. 37, bedford and for wood in the middle 40's with mostly clear skies. we'll have dry conditions morning. here is our next storm system taking shape across the southeast but like all of the other storms this winter, this one is going to go to the west of new england and when that happens, very little wintery precipitation can be expected. there will be some snow tomorrow evening. i don't think it's over withing but you notice here as we advance our storm time line as we work through tomorrow night and into wednesday morning, this becomes predominantly another rainstorm here. now for a few hours tomorrow evening up until very early wednesday morning there is likely to be some slick travel on untreated surfaces in worcester hills an does not include anyone inside of 495.
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in effect so again if you are out and about after about 9:00 tomorrow night up until 6:00 a.m. on wednesday morning prepare for a few hours of slick roads across the worcester hills but even on these locations during the day on wednesday temperatures climb into the 40's with drizzle of we'll talk more about the storm, the second part the storm in a few minutes. >> anchor: 7 news now turning to a hot pursuit. a suspect on the run after police chase comes crashing to an end in saugus. police arresting a second suspect, a woman, accused of assaulting a revere police officer last week . >> anchor: right now police are took off. steve cooper live for us in saugus with the very latest this afternoon. steve? still an awful lot of debris skill scattered off of the road at this hour. the wreckage has been towed away but this has been an anxious afternoon for people who live around here as state and local police scramble to locate the suspect who got away. >> anchor: crazy, crazy. >> anchor: in the air and on the ground state and local
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44-year-old pickal guthrow after his accomplice is injured and then taken into custody following this crash on the lynn fellows parkway in saugus just before 9:00 a.m. i'm looking in my rearview mirror at him going by me and he just slammed another car head on on. >> anchor: the pair wanted in connection with last web's cruiser crash in chelsea that left a revere officer injured. police say guthrow tried to stab the officer with a hype determin determinic needle and the search has been on since then . we're concerned when you see helicopters and everything like that. i check the perimeter of the house . >> reporter: crime scene investigators dusted this woman woman's car for fingerprints after guthrow tried to carjack her vehicle before running from the saugus crash scene. when the police got here one of the detectives came over and showed me a picture and i said that's probably the guy . >> reporter: hours later with guns drawn police converge on homeland circle here in saugus after angel red sox out a window only to seat suspect running
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i saw a guy run up the field across the emmy lot into the back of that big house and i grab my bat and called the police. >> reporter: state police have been focusing on the area just beyond the tree line. there that's right on the saugus wakefield line as they continue to except for the suspect even at this hour. as for murphy she was treated at the hospital. she is in police custody and will be arraigned on multiple charges tomorrow morning. live in saugus, steve cooper, 7 news. >> anchor: sky 7 hd in newton a afternoon. state police say the truck was carrying a load of gravel when it overturned. rollover closing two lanes north and southbound. those lane closures will now move into the rush hour tonight. >> anchor: a man called to court after allegedly leading police on a wild ride in brockton last week. that man is accused of car jag a woman's car while her baby was inside. jonathan hall live at the scene of this crime in brockton. jon?
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with the baby in the car, lucky the man allowed the woman to take bobby out of the car before he take off so it didn't turn into a kid in aing it. happened last tuesday right here at the macy's in brockton. the defendant claimed he had gotten into the wrong car initially and this woman from dedham was strapping her baby into a car seat in the back seat but then the tone changed. the man showed a gun in his waistband and took off again once the baby was safely out of the car. the suspect turned 33 in jail and wassing held pend a dangerous necessary hearing today this. mom says the man actually apologized. a baby girl's wail heard during her mom's 911 call during a frightening crime in brockton. a man stayed hid friend view hearing. police say he carjacked a family family. three generations a baby girl, her mom and grandmom as they
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west gate mall in broad daylight last week. state police chased the 2007 toyota camry. it ended with anessy crash in stoughton and an alleged admission from robles . it was me, i did it. i asked did what? he replied i took that white lady's car and showed her the gun . the defendant's attorney notes he made an apology during the crime. crime and carried a bb gun, not . >> reporter: prosecutors pointed out robles has a long rap sheet including arrests for similar violent crimes. object 13, 2 09 he was sentenced to six years to six years and one day for an armed carjacking. this is clearly dangerous individual. agreed with the district attorney's office in this case. he ordered robles held up to 120 days without bail as a danger to the community. his in the hearing comes in
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live this brockton, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: we're following breaking news right now. republican presidential candidate ted cruz is asking his national spokesman to resign. the decision comes after rick tyler tweeted a story that false falsely claimed marco rubio insulted the bible. so rubio has blasted cruz for the incident and asked whether c cru $would firer vo. on the democratic side bernie sanders taking his campaign to boston with a message for hilary clinton and the g.o.p. kimberly bookman is at that rally for us live in boston right now. kimberly, what do you know? well, it just wrapped up in fact and i can tell you this much. with just about a week until super tuesday when the massachusetts voters will head to the polls, bernie sanders came here to south boston to the iron workers hall. and he received an endorsement that he considers very important important. it was have people's politics, a national grass roots organization that fights for racial and economic justice. it comes after he lost the
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clinton but he says he is still very much in the race and the investigate senator thinks he has a good chance of winning in neighboring massachusetts. we are behind 30 points in new hampshire. we're behind 25 points a month ago in nevereda. question, we ended up doing a lot better than people thought we could do and we will continue to do a lot better than people think we will do. now sanders used his time here to share differences between him and hillary clinton specifically how they funded their campaigns and their stance stances on trade. now he is off to umass amherst where he will is a rally this evening and that will be really talking to his face base of young people. recording live, kimberly bookman 7 news. >> anchor: former president bill clinton campaigning for his wife hillary in oklahoma yesterday after her big win in nevada this weekend. hillary clinton won the state by
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senator barack obama in 2008. herman gin over bernie sanders is shrinking . you have a chance to elect a president who has spent a lifetime tearing down barriers and build up ladders. help hillary do that thank you. >> reporter: both clinton and sanders are looking ahead to super tuesday. clinton still holds a strong lead in the next primary in south carolina. >> anchor: donald trump winning his second straight primary saturday in south carolina. fresh off his win he mid a campaign stop in georgia yesterday afternoon to gather support across that state. thousands gathered at the republican front-runner's rally. turn off the lights, turn off the lights! such a beautiful victory, such a conclusive victory. >> anchor: just 8 days from super tuesday primaries that happens march 1 trump is looking for another first place finish tomorrow in nevada. he and his rivals will then face
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samoa marco rubio edged out ted carolina . judging by debates, the poise he has shown, the character he has shown, every single thing about him says that he is more prepared than anyone else in the field by a mile. >> anchor: dorchester native danny wahlberg throwing his support behind rubio saying this voting republican. the race heats up in the next couple of weeks here is how it all times out. republicans, the caucus in nevada tomorrow then on saturday the democrats hold their primary in south carolina and then the massachusetts primary for both parties, well that happens super tuesday again which is on march 1. >> anchor: there is more news today, an off-campus house water getting out of control in bridgewater. police arrested 41 people at that party near bridgewater state campus. they will appear in court this week. now police say party goers took the celebration too far. the fire department was called in to inspect the home for safety hazards.
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be unsafe ask now on the front door. i have never seen the cops over there before, but mean i know the kids are partying. i figured they are college kids and they get to the, whatever. you never know. these kids, kids and alcohol, you know, you never know what might happen. >> anchor: officers say main people who were arrested are under the age of 21 . >> anchor: new at 4:00 an uber driver facing a judge in michigan after that deadly shooting rampage over the weekend. police called the attack random. the trail of terror leaving six people dead across three different scenes. now detectives are trying to pinpoint a motive to murder. we have more. 45-year-old jason dahl to, a husband and father of two and an uber driver now charged with six counts of murder plus two counts of assault with intent to charges. if the defendant did murder .
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you judge arraigned him over closed circuit video prosecutors in michigan say dalton conducted that killing spree over about six hours saturday night all while continuing to give rides to unsuspecting passengers. but as of now, they still don't know why it happened and what if anything ties the victims together. this was not a just a momentary lapse. this was not just a crime [ there was nothing that provoked this. there is videotapes of these incidents. he walked up on these people and he shot them . in all, 8 people were were shot in three separate locations locations. a woman had an apartment collection, a father and son at a car dealership and five people in a restaurant parking lot. among the dead there, bart nye's mother and aunt best friends killed after going to a play . ron how i will explain it to my son. it doesn't get to see his grandmother ever again. people in the community still funned over the seemingly random killings have come together to pray for the victims victims.
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ages, all walks of life, innocent minding their own business were taken from us. superer said dalton passed a background check police say he has no prior criminal record. chris pallone, nbc news, new york . >> anchor: straight ahead taking flight and tying the knot a couple coming together in a midair marriage. why the special ceremony could not have come at a better time . >> anchor: trouble inside a local chipolte is caught on camera. an armed suspect pull a gun on employees . >> anchor: on 7 news at 5:00, highway horror. a mega bus packed with people ignites. passengers on board sharing their stories today. all that and much more coming up next on 7 news. >> reporter: it's almost march and that means if you haven't done them yet it's time to get moving on your taxes . there are important deductions you should be looking for that add up quickly . >> anchor: we have dea toll morning on 7 news today in new
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>> anchor: love is in the air for this washington couple. 35,000 feet in the air to be exact. the couple saying their i do's during a flight from seattle. sparks were flying. any more little things you can think what happened here? not that way hopefully do you remember thank special ceremony . >> anchor: this mid flight matrimony a dream come true for
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this is interesting. sara french explains. kristi and gym are still on cloud nine after saying "i do" on friday . it's wonderful. we have been together for the better part of five years now. >> reporter: but how they said i do is making sparks fly on social media . tagging me on phrase book ers and you tube videos were up . >> reporter: the two love birds were wed 35,000 feet in the air on an alaska airlines flight coming from la to seattle friday night . love is in the air . >> reporter: kristi is a airline. she and her hubby planned the big event to grant three wishes to her mom, bully joe, who is fighting stage four cancer . my mother is the world to me. . >> reporter: she all wanted to see her kristi works. she is always watched to see where kristi lives and she always hoped to see kristi marry . she wanted to come up to see where we were at because i was happy here in seattle and
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and see our house here and just have a visual of what our life was like up here and it really touched me. >> reporter: a plane full of passengers looked on as kristi made her way down a very different aisle. wear access stories she designed herself. it's a flight of fancy not to be forgotten any time soon. it's just been really over womening but exciting and a glad we were able to share love and joy with people and really touch people and make their flight a really fun experience. the couple says their fellow passengers helped pull off the magical moment. in the newsroom, sara french, 7 news. >> reporter: sunshine right now. nice winter day, middle of the week not so much. the forecast is up next. coming up at 4:30, a fiery rescue. a car goes up in flames, fellow drivers pulling a man from that inferno . >> anchor: sox getting back into the swing of things and big papi back in the house. our sports team has the basis covered just ahead.
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a 106-year-old woman meeting the president and the first lady.
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>> anchor: well, a giant panda takes a tumble in the snow. the toronto zoo posted this video saying the panda woke up, saw that snow and then got a little too excited but he liked rolling down the hill a little too much. he just see sided to walk back up and do it all again. at fir it, looks like he departmently rolls down the hill and realized it's just a panda having fun in the snow . >> anchor: well, can't blame him. good style there . >> anchor: you can roll around in the snow like that? >> anchor: not so gracefully though. talking about snow. there is a winter advisory of some sort so jeremy, let's talk about that. the timing of it and what it means . >> anchor: it's another two part storm where the first part
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precipitation, worcester hills even in the city of boston perhaps a couple of snowflakes. then there is a break and the second part of the storm wednesday night, thursday morning that's rain and there will be rain and wind early thursday so that's probably the commute that israeli affects all of us with the storm will be the thursday morning commute. tomorrow evening there might be a little bit of snow that gets in toward the tail end of the commute but i think most of that is light and holds off until after about 6:00 or 7:00 tomorrow night. right now 30's and for ease. were a great winter day. fantastic winter weekend. sunshine over the weekend, 60's and 50's and right now again the cooling trend continues. we're 30's and 40's actually sea breeze in boston right now. mostly clear. and for overnight tonight mainly clear and chilly. temperatures tonight between 21 and 27 with that light and variable wind setting up shop through the day tomorrow. out ahead of this storm system right here, it's an area of low pressure that's loading up on moisture so moisture is not the concern and really cold air is not the concern either.
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once again for the storm system. it will turn marginally cold during the day tomorrow but even for a few hours it's only going to be just that because the storm center will pass up near buffalo, new york and when storms do that, it doesn't give the cold air any chance to really lock down in new england and stay put. so it's brief mix of some winter precipitation tomorrow evening and tomorrow night but otherwise it's a rain event coming at us. your morning commute is fine. i think even evening commute tomorrow is fine a few late day full flurries. six, 6:00 with temperatures tomorrow 37 to 41 an again everything falling during the evening tomorrow i think road temperatures will chew that stuff up so i'm not worried about acumlying snow on the roadways tomorrow. and this you notice by 11:00 tomorrow night the snow becomes fractured so you have a little bit of snow up through the route 2 core door and you also notice green on the weather map tomorrow night so there is that warm air already revealing itself during the storm. so that by wednesday morning there is a little bit of
4:24 pm
up across southern new hampshire but for about the red of us everyone inside 495 it will be in the form of raindrops on wednesday morning. so that's why we don't have anything in effect for metro boston and even you have to go beyond 495 before you find anything that poses a threat. winter weather voice are we in effect for tomorrow night and early wednesday with a possibility of a little bit of slick travel for a coating to an inch possible tomorrow night but a little bit of light icing on top of that but in any event temperatures will warm during the day on wednesday even in the worcester hills. upper 30's. then part two of the storm comes at us wednesday night and during the early thursday morning. that will be rain and wind. i think most towns about an inch of rain on the way and winds a little bit feisty for a time thursday morning. governmenting 40 to 45 miles per hour. that's thursday morning. but it's a warm day. look at that on thursday. temperatures thursday morning in the upper 50's to around 60. amazing. see you at 4:30 . >> anchor: let's get a check of the roads now with joe tape elton and see how things are
4:25 pm
>> anchor: thanks very much. a route 128 southbound it's improving a great deal. we started off with a big problem earlier in the afternoon afternoon. overturned dump truck on route 1 128 out by route 16 in newton. out of the way now but this slow moving traffic you can see coming down toward the camera here is the after marit bjoergen of that crash. we take a look at the map and see more red lights through the waltham area en route 2. what you don't see is what's here on mass pike eastbound or westbound. that's plying right along now making your way through weston annual not move took badly southbound on the expressway a much better picture too of the traffic leaving the camera an earlier crash down by neponset circle that's been cleared so traffic is rolling out pretty nicely and then route 93 northbound rolling along slowly unfortunately up through somerville and medford still looking at a 48 minute ride from downtown out to 128. joe stapleton, 7 news. >> anchor: next at 4:30 a violent encounter to share with you. an around suspect barges into a local restaurant. up in dartmouth the intense
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>> anchor: twinning it big. a set of twins scratching their way to a huge jon. how patience paid off for these two sisters . >> anchor: ahead at 5:00 going off course a car slams into a home in roslindale. the front porch collapsing on impact. >> anchor: a deadly stabbing in dorchester. a teen-age suspect facing a judge this boston. all of that and you more coming
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>> anchor: we start this monday at 430 with a weather alet. serious change on the way . >> anchor: that's right. believe it or not winter is set for a comeback of the parts the state are getting ready to experience some winter weather there. meteorologist jeremy reiner here with a closer look on what to expect . >> reporter: right now 30's and 40's. nice winter day in new england. mostly clear, the storm we're watch something well to the south. the gulf of mexico. but the storm track is going to pass to the west of new england and when the storms do that, it offers very little in the way of wintery precipitation.
4:30 pm
copping at us but it's going to be more about rain and wind than snow or ice. i do think there will be a little burst of light snow tomorrow evening around 7:00 or 8:00 for a few hours. the best chance of accumulating any of that snow would be back into the worcester hills. i think metro boston even tomorrow evening, the ground is coming off some warm days, so that ground is still going to be relatively warm and with the storm out near buffalo it's a southerly wind that takes over. so as we work toward tomorrow night and wednesday morning it's raindrops. not snowflakes of here you go. we have winter weather advisory in effect. more so to our west than anyone around the metro, fitchburg, worcester, watch out for some slick travel into early when morning but we're talking inside 495 certainly nothing inside 128 just wet roadways with this weather system. back to you. >> anchor: jeremy, we'll talk to you in a about. employees thrown into a freezer. scary stuff here during an armed robbery in a local chipolte restaurant. right now there is an all out


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