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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  February 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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reiner. >> anchor: this is where we have that winter weather advisory outside 495 basically for worcester county west of there does not include the city of boston because i think it's going to be primarily rain in downtown boston but there could be a few hours of some light snow in the worcester hills that mainly lead to slick travel for a time tomorrow evening overnight tomorrow night and very early on wednesday morning. here is the storm system. it will actually come at news two pieces. part one will try to make the there will be in new england tomorrow. again, it's going to be brief but your storm time line we have light snow arriving around 5:00 p.m. tomorrow and then that will be patchy, light snow through the even hours tomorrow night and then you notice here green on the map as well. that's that sign of the warmer air with the storm system. the storm center like all of the other winter storms this year have been passing to the west of new england. and when that happens, sooner or later mild air winds out and that will be the case i think as we work through the day on wednesday.
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some light snow and then some light freezing drizzle in the worcester hill very late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night and early on when morning. coating to an inch likely out toward 495. more so west of 495 and then on top of that a light glaze of ice on top of that coating of snow. so plan on some slow travel late tomorrow evening, tomorrow knit and early on the day on wednesday for city of boston just wet roads. quit a bit of rain heading our way for wednesday night and thursday morning. minutes . >> anchor: sounds good. remember you can track the latest winter storm. just head to our web site or you can follow us on twitter, face book and get the latest on our 7 applications. of course that's 24/7 any time you need to get that information is the great place and best place to get started there. >> anchor: following breaking news right now, republican presidential candidate ted cruz asking his national spokesman to resign. comes after the spokesman tweet tweeted a story that falsely
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rubio dismissing the bible. senator rubio campaigning blasting cruz for that tweet and when asked whether he would fire anyone involved, rubio told reporters in las vegas senator cruz needs to hold staffers accountable for their tactics. g.o.p. front runner donald trump also commenting on the turn of events tweeting out this. wow, ted cruz falsely suggested marco rubio mock the bible and was just forced to fire his communications director. more dirty tricks said trump. rubio and ben carson have all attacked ted cruz since he won the iowa caucuses. in fact it was ump trump who called out the cruz campaign for spreading false information that carson was dropping out of the race. on the democratic side hillary clinton receiving a big boost to her campaign. she won the nevada caucuses over the weekend backed by a union workers and african-americans who turned out in force. her victory has senator bernie sanders coming to boston to highlight the differences in their campaigns. kimberly bookman joins us live
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yeah, kim, you know, bernie sanders is saying he admits he is behind in the polls among black voters but he believes that can change as season as they understand his campaign and what he stands for and that's what he was trying to explain here at the iron workers local 7 hall in south boston today. he picked up an endorsement here from people's politics. it's a national grass roots organization that fights for racial and economic equality. he says he shares their beliefs and was honored to get their bagging. now it comes after losing the nevada caucuses to hillary clinton still he says he is very much in this race. please do not come to me state by state and say, is this the end of the world? we are in this campaign to the end. we have gone much faster, much further than any many people would have believed possible and with organizations like the ones
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in this campaign. >> anchor: sanders also used the half hour here to talk about the differences between him and hillary clinton. but he continues to really tell people about his campaign and how it's fund by individual donors while clinton took contributions from wall street and has a super pack. he also says that they view trade differently saying that he was trying to appeal directly to union workers about keeping jobs here in the united states. and then later this evening, sanders is staying here in massachusetts. he is heading to umass amherst trying to appeal to young voters and students there. reporting live from south boston kimberly bookman, 7 news. >> anchor: also today, bill does be's wife camille answering tough questions while talking to lawyers out in springfield. those questions had to do with the sexual assaultal gays against her husband. her lawyers tried to delay the deposition but a judge denied that request so. let's go out to dan hausle live in springfield with the latest on the case against cosby. dan?
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be's wife was able to slip into the springfield hotel without being seen. but the lawyer who is questioning her has at thed me to say the deposition is going on. he indicated questioning will continue well past 5:00. and this is a day that camille cosby hoped to answer no questions at all. lawyers for camille cosby not in a talking mood after leaving springfield's federal court this morning. bill does bow's wife lost a last minute bid to avoid answering questions in the civil suit 7 women filed against her husband. the lawyer for the 7 women ex exstatistic being at the pros . game on. we can move forward, we can attempt to vindicate our clients clients's interests and that's what it is all about . >> reporter: the depend sick thatting place in the springfield marriott part of a suit 7 women filed against bill cosby accusing him of defamation
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50 women have come forward with claims of sexual misconduct by cosby. one case has resulted in criminal charges against him. we're hoping to learn about issues that are important to the case and involving his relation relationship with her and her relationship with other women . >> anchor: while conversations between married couples are protected camille cosby alsoer is as bill does bow's business manager. lawyers for camille argued reporters stationing out this downtown springfield hotel could intimidate mrs. does bow or cause emotional distress that oh would keep her from testifying effectively. the judge disagreed and found for the women's lawyer who says camille cosby may not be willing but she is able . she doesn't want me to even ask her her name. but i intend to do what i need to do for my clients. >> reporter: the plaintiff's lawyer indicated by statute he can question camille cosby for 7 hours or more.
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includes stops and starts or how long the questioning has been going on but as i said the lawyer sawed he expected to go well past 5:00. he has said that he will likely talk to us after the deposition ends. he did say he wanted to try to get it finished up today. live in field, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: also on 7. tragedy in dorchester. a 15-year-old is dead and race say he was stabbed to death in the middle of the street and tonight a 16-year-old is under arrest accused of taking a life. nick emons live in dorchester to explain the details of this case case. nick? >> anchor: kim, charge were brought down against that 16 16-year-old suspect earlier today here at dorchester doubt. the teen-ager did not show his face in the courtroom but a not guilty plea was entered on his behalf. police say what happens on sunday happened around 4:30 in the afternoon. the victim got into some kind of an argument with a teen-age girl
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police say the suspect was present for that verbal altercation and at some point left to go home and grab a kitchen knife and returned an stabbed the victim in the chest. the victim was rushed to the hospital but died of his injuries. the suspect in this case allege letold the family member later on that evening that he had done something stupid. the district attorney says the evidence gathered since sunday afternoon suggests this was a verbal altercation that didn't have to escalate to violence. it's made all the more tragic by the fact that the victim was just five weeks shy of his 16th birthday. family members of the victim were outside the courtroom today today. his kids are kids. you don't have too much to say about that, do you know what i'm saying in it's a tragedy, man . so these 16-year-old victims will be charged as an adult. the district attorney's office saying that is standard in a murder case. he will be did you back in court at the end of march.
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dorchester, nick emons, 7 news. >> anchor: new at 5:00 a teen-ager is called to court accused of causing a lock down at umass amherst. 19 yearly william mccowan pleaded not guilty to several charges including armed robbery. officials say he and another man went into a dorm with a gun last thursday for a drug deal. they say he hit a umass student in the head with a gun and stole $120 before running off. this propertied school officials to tell students to shelter place for two hours while police there investigated. no shots were fired, no one else injured. police are still looking for the second suspect. a man arrest and charged with making meth appearing in court today. police say they found tons of meth making materials in his attleboro home this weekend which are incredibly dangerous hence the outfits they were wearing there. people who live nearby had to leave their homes as authorities cleaned things up there. >> anchor: we're following more news today. the man who police say killed six people in michigan over the
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he is an uber driver and police say he was picking up riders during his killing spree. that man facing a judge today as investigators ito figure out what could have motivated this man. jadiann thompson joins us live in our control room with the latest. >> reporter: james dalton like you said admitted he did this. prosecutors say they know what happened but they are still try trying to figure out why. 45-year-old jason dalton a husband and father of two and an uber driver now charged with six counts of murder plus two counts of assault with intent to murder along with weapons charges . if the defendant did murder marilu nye . >> anchor: prosecutors say dalton conducted that killing spree over about six hours saturday night all while continuing to give rights to un unsuspecting passengers. but as of now they still don't know why it happened and what if anything ties the victims together . this was not a momentary lapse. this was not just a crime.
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this. there is videotapes of these incidents. he walked up on these people and he shot them. >> anchor: in all, 8 people were shot and three separate locations. a woman at an apartment complex. a father and son at a car dealer dealership and five people in a restaurant parking lot. among the dead there bart nye's mother and aunt, best friends killed after going to a play . i don't know how i will slain it to my son. doesn't get to see his grandmother ever again. again.. >> reporter: people in the community stunned after random killings have come together to pray for victims . six people, people of all age, all walks of life, innocent minding their own business taken from us . >> anchor: superer says dalton . >> reporter: ed a background check. police say he has no prior criminal record. two people remain hospitalized now. the first woman shot who is a mother of three and a 14 14-year-old girl. in the control room, jadiann
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crash in roslindale. you can see that car smashed right into the front of a house there. this happened around 10:00 this morning. two people were home at the time but they did not get hurt there. the crew worked to pull the car out of the front porch then it just destroyed there. the woman who lives there says that she could obviously hear the crash happen and then her son couldn't believe when she called him. i got the phone call that the car hit her house i'm on the phone saying mom, really? she is like just get down here as quickly as you can. i couldn't believe it . i don't know what happened. i just heard the bang and i said to my husband, something happened. i went back out and i don't see it. i saw the give on the floor. >> anchor: that driver was taken to the hospital. >> anchor: a traffic mess on 1 128 southbound in randolph this morning. a truck overturns "sports illustrated" spreading a load of
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the good thing is nobody was hurt. and here you can see some of that metal just spread out across the road, huge mess that rollover blocking two lanes of traffic so you can imagine how much time it took to get around that and clean up the mess . >> anchor: on to spring training right now in the red sox whack in business heavy hitters arriving in florida. david ortiz, dustin pedestrian joy areport reporting to training camp in ft. myers. the full squad expected to begin practicing together later this week. our sports director joe amorsino is here with more for us. the most anticipated victory lap around major league baseball parks for the 2016 season getting under way down in ft. myers, florida. david ortiz taking the first steps of his fay farewell tour at fenway south for the time spring training of his illustrious career. he arrived on the skin at ft. myers as only he camp the sox slugger who says he is retiring at the end of the season. will have plenty of love for staff members around the complex and even more in store for a
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inside the clubhouse. ortiz hugging it out with david price aply no bad blood there. two guys with the utmost respect for each other who want to end this season with a world series win. papi set to hold court watt media tomorrow in ft. myers and considering that he always has something entertaining to share as he arrives for spring training this last one should be no different. reporting live in the newsroom, joe amorsino, 7 news . >> anchor: looking forward, joe joe. thanks. coming up hot wheels on the highway . >> anchor: a bus goes up in flames and passengers are forced to watch that as their belongings are destroyed . >> anchor: ahead at 5:30 a dramatic rescue in sacramento. a series of crashes sent a moving truck over a guardrail . >> anchor: and some lucky ladies whipping the lot o.twins taking home a boat load of cash.
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their mom to thank . >> anchor: then in just one hour, one woman now in custody accuse of taking a revere officer on one wild ride . >> anchor: on alert, police in dartmouth searching for the men who locked some chipolte workers in a freezer at gun point during a robbery. more of this video coming up on
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>> anchor: a bus going up in smoke after catching fire on a highway in illinois and the passengers were looking on helpless as the bus virtually explodes . >> anchor: it was it late for fire fighters, kris anderson shows us when crews got to the scene, the bus was already pretty much gone. >> reporter: a gusted shell is all that's left of a passenger bus after it caught fire with dozens of people on board . when i her the first boom i was in the bathroom. i came out it a lot of smoke and could hardly get off the bus because it was full of black smoke . >> anchor: all passengers and the diver manage to get off safely before that mega bus burst into flames . i walked dunn the highway, the bus blew up again and fire came from everywhere . >> reporter: fire fighters say the fire was fully involved when they arrived on the scene near lake forest, illinois just north of chicago. this cell phone video capturing the plume of smoke shooting about 30 feet into the air and these photographs showing just how intense the fire was. the flames destroying everything
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i lost everything. my social security card, all my clothes . >> reporter: the bus was traveling from chicago to minneapolis. investigators are still working to figure out what caused the fire. kris anderson, 7 news . >> anchor: next on 7 news, happy feet at the white house. a woman very excited to meet the president and we'll show you her priceless reaction. wait until you hear how old she is too . >> anchor: looking forward to that and not the midweek forecast though. that's a messy storm aheading this way . >> anchor: at 5:30 a crash course in sacramento as a moving truck is forced to go over the guardrail and we'll show you the
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>> anchor: only thing about these nice weeds where you have temperatures 50's and 60's and you get lulled into a sense of security spring, here it is. just hold on we have a bit of a wintery storm headed our way middle part of the week, not overwhelming. we're not going to shatter any snowfall records but i think tomorrow afternoon and overnight tomorrow night and flew wednesday morning there will be a bit of light snow going around the metro that changes to rain in boston but holds on in the form of a little bit of freezing drizzle wednesday morning so tomorrow morning you are fine. i think tomorrow evening you ar okay as well just because the ground is still relatively warm from the weekend so it will be snowing lightly tomorrow evening but main roads should be okay. and then they may slick end up a
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midnight through very early wednesday morning. and then it's a rain event for wednesday through wednesday fight and thursday morning. thursday morning's commute i think is probably the most problematic for all of us not because of snow or ice but rain and wind. winds may gust near 50 miles per hour thursday morning with brief heavy rain but temperatures on thursday morning in the upper 50's. another one of those storms where again there is just barely any cold air at the start of the storm system. right now 30's to around 40. the air is dry, mostly clear. we have a nice, quiet evening with mainly clear skies. chilly with lows overnight tonight 21 to 27. here is that next storm system in the gulf coast states loading up on moisture but the storm is not heading for the eastern seaboard. it will head almost due north, northeast off through the great lakes states and when that happens, that puts new england on the warm side of the storm so sooner or later warm air does win the battle. tomorrow again we start with early sun otherwise becoming cloudy with flurries around four four:00 or 5:00 then light snow after 5:00 p.m. tomorrow evening
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of snow that comes at you in gridlock or anything like that. but there will be a couple of snow flakes in the air tomorrow evening. temperatures tomorrow near 40. then as we advance our storm time line you notice by 11:00 tomorrow night the snow is patchy and lit and intermitant so not over questioning and at the same time here come the milder air from the south coast. light rain which does find its way up into boston by wednesday morning. in fact it finds its way up into most of southern new england by wednesday morning. still some lingering cold air though means patchy, freezing drizzle, worcester hills, southern new hampshire but even in those locations during the day on wednesday the warm air just warm enough does work into southern new england. but there will be a winter weather advisory in effect tomorrow evening, tomorrow night through the worcester hill because of this i think a coating to an inch for many locations around 495 more so west of there and again there might be more snow tomorrow evening in the city of boston but i think main roads are essentially going to be wet tomorrow evening.
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temperatures in the upper 30's. here come the rain into new england part two of the storm wednesday night and thursday morning. there is your heavy rain. for a few hours but as we work through the morning hours on thursday it tapers off. wind will shut down as well but for a time thursday morning that wind may gust to around 45 to 50 miles per hour. temperatures on thursday spring like. middle and upper 50's. see you at 5:30 . >> anchor: see you then, jeremy jeremy. dance party at the white house this weekend. this 106-year-old woman got to meet the president and the first lady. look how she moves 106. i wish. she is a blessed woman in so many ways. she was so, so excited to see the president and police departmenty she just had to start breaking it down . and she did. she was celebrating black history month and said meeting the president was well worth the wait. a trip to the white house turns into something even more
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woman. said she way all her life to see an african-american president an when see finally got to meet president obama on sunday, she couldn't contain her excitement. what's the secret to daing at 106? >> reporter: just after shak shaking hands with mrs. obama she breaks out some dance moves an gets everyone moving with her her. she began a sorely media campaign in 2014 to meet the family posting videos slipping how happy she was to see an african-american in the in addition's top job and the president did not disappoint. mcloren told him over and over again just how happy she was to meet him. she made my day too. wow, that energy is incredible and mcloren is somewhat of a celebrity herself because it shows her meeting with the president has been viewed thousands of times .
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still ahead here at 5:30 you can stillaround a flight to remember the vows up in the air as one couple says i do. on board a commercial flight . >> anchor: all new at 6:00 a wild party in bridgewater dozens arrested. we'll have the latest ahead at
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>> anchor: glad you are with us as a lot of you are probably winding down your monday. another hour of 7 news is still ahead. i am adam williams . >> anchor: i'm kim khazei. 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: a mother's panic and her baby's cries heard in court after a gunman steals an crashes her car . >> anchor: sandy hook parents take on the company that made the gun used in the school massacre . >> anchor: strangers rush toward flames to rescue a driver trapped in a burning car . >> anchor: and love is in the


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