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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  February 23, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> christa: a storm moving through the northeast this evening. and it could leave behind a midweek mess. good afternoon. parts of the area are bracing for a little bit of freezing rain and some snow. >> sarah: let's get right over the chris lambert now for the very latest on this. >> chris: good afternoon, everyone. yes, indeed. we have a winter weather advisory in effect. out into worcester county, 495. afternoon. i don't expect much snow until 6:00 or 7:00 this evening.
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31 in worcester. yes, it is above freezing. that helps us out. temperatures near 40 degrees this afternoon. initially, the first flakes aren't going to stick. they are going to melt on contact with the road. and this plume of moisture you see south of us, very slow to lift northbound. i do expect some patchy light snow or flurries, perhaps as early as 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. the bulk of the snow holding off until after 7:00. this will work through. we will have a period of snow 7:00 through 11:00 tonight. you will watch this rain-snow line inch farther off to the north and west through the overnight hours. in fact, after midnight tonight, the only location snowing, northern worcester county, northwest middlesex county. up into southern new hampshire. there may, indeed, be a period of sleet or freezing rain in the colder valley locations out there near pepperell and and up into southwestern new hampshire. until early tomorrow morning. but for the most part, along 495 east of the coastline, by tomorrow morning, showery, drizzle. a cool and dreary day with temperatures tomorrow only in
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to near 40 degrees. don't expect a lot of snow out of this. generally, a coating to an inch. mainly, east of 495. you get near 495, an inch, inch and a half. maybe two. the best chance for twos and threes showing up in the high elevations of worcester county. not enough freezing rain to cause power outages. you only need a little bit to cause some slick spots on the roads. the secondary roads will have some slippery spots. you take a look at the temperatures this afternoon again. we are rising up near 40 degrees. you fall back a little bit tonight. we are close to freezing for a while through midnight. up through worcester county and north and west of 495. by the morning commute, we are close to 40 degrees. and wet roads in the city of boston. same case for the north shore, the south shore, cape and the islands. heavy rain arriving late tomorrow. thunderstorms, certainly, a possibility tomorrow night into early thursday. mild air and a gusty wind. more on the forecast ahead.
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president obama pushing forward with the plan today to shut down the detention facility at guantanamo bay. >> christa: he outlined his case. he said it is against our values as a nation. for more details, we go to andy hiller. >> reporter: christa, president obama says guantanamo bay needs to close its doors. his plan includes transferring remaining prisoners to one of 13 sites in the united states. terrorist groups have icied the prison as propaganda to recruit new members, the president says. making it harmful to our national security. he also says federal courts are doing a fine job of convicting even the most hardened terrorists. >>er the ris like richard reed, the shoe bomber, or those who tried to blow up an airplane in detroit, and those who bombed the boston marathon. they are all convicted in our
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behind bars here in the united states. >> reporter: the president is asking congress to give his plan a fair hearing because he doesn't want to pass the issue on to his successor after he leaves office. i'm andy hiller, 7 news. >> christa: popular hoverboards have been known to go up in flames before. >> sarah: now a chelmsford family experiencing that firsthand. victoria warren joins us live with the closer look at what police are saying about this dangerous device. vicky? >> reporter: yes. this was a really scary situation, sarah. i spoke with this boy's parents. they say the hoverboard was a christmas gift. and yesterday, their son, his teenage sister, the sister's friend, they were all playing around on it. all of a sudden, the hoverboard caught fire. hoverboard danger: this is all that's left of an 11-year-old's hoverboard. he was on it when his dad says there was a boom. then waist-high flames.
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the child jumped off. >> reporter: they grabbed the family dog and ran out, calling 911. the fire spread to the rug. >> the house was full of smoke when we showed up. >> reporter: luckily, the fire was small enough that extinguisher. others have not been as fortunate. a tennessee family says a hoverboard is to blame for january. two teenagers forced to jump in new jersey, half a home destroyed. investigators say this fire started when a hoverboard was charging. and shoppers got scared in a houston mall. also reporting a boom followed by a flaming hoverboard. in chelmsford, the 11-year-old boy's father came home to see how bad the smoke and water damage is. thankful his kids are okay. >> it was minor damage. it was basically, confined to the rug in the living room and the wall behind it. they are working on doing some clean-up inside this home today. the consumer product safety
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hoverboards out there. none currently meet safety expectations. you just shouldn't use them. in chelmsford, victoria warren, 7 news. >> sarah: boston police dive teams and boats are in the water again today searching for a missing man from harvard. they are searching the water off nashua street behind station. boston's police commissioner says chef surveillance video of zachary mar walking toward north station. the 22-year-old was celebrating his birthday in boston before he walked out and disappeared on february 13. he was last seen around haymarket. >> christa: more news today. a movie studio wants to essentially recreate the shoot-out with the boston marathon bombers. and now they are asking a neighborhood in watertown to relive that night. let's go to jonathan hall. he is in watertown with more on what people are saying about this. jon? >> reporter: christa, who can forget that night? now it is coming back again. crews have been in this
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they are sort of looking around to stage things. getting ready for the movie shoot. and for what we can determine so far, looks like there is widespread support for this project. it's been just about three years since the marathon attack, and the frightening manhunt in watertown for two terrorist brothers here on laurel street and in the surrounding neighborhoods. now comes word hollywood wants to put it all on film, including a reenactment of the laurel street shoot-out. during five days in early may. one resident says she is all for it. >> everyone in the neighborhood is o'... has okayed it. >> reporter: everybody seems >> right. right. >> reporter: christine got a flyer from cbs films which invites residents to fill out a survey and offers comp saltion to people whose property is impacted. overnight. it will require simulated gunshots, noise until
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night." people? >> yes, we have. they were very nice about acome daying us. we were all asked, if we wanted to, we could go stay in a hotel. >> reporter: looks like the movie shoot will be the first week in may. actually, a few days earlier in late april, they will begin work by fixing up the houses and the yards to look just like they want them to look for the movie. i'm jonathan hall, 7 news. >> christa: a young boy reunited with his mother after he was found wandering alone in dorchester earlier this morning. the boy, about four years old, was just walking along blue hill avenue. this was around 3:00.
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to be checked out. police say he left his home because he wanted to go to the store to buy chocolate. no charges have been filed at this point. bill cosby's wife set to answer more tough questions in her husband's defamation case. camille cosby's deposition is set to continue again in march. now, she started that deposition yesterday at a hotel in springfield. she should be protected by she worked as her husband's manager. 7 women are suing bill cosby for defamation. >> sarah: police in boston safer. they have started city's 6,000 cab drivers. and the city's police commissioner wants ride-sharing drivers like uber and lift to do the very same thing. jennifer eag a n joins us live with more on this. >> reporter: well, uber says that asking their drivers to be fingerprinted could result in discrimination. boston's police commissioner,
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couplele of minutes. he believes that uber is focused on making a profit boston's 6,000 taxi drivers now will be fingerprinted. police say it is another way to ensure the security of passengers. cab drivers already face background checks when they renew their licenses each year. ride-sharing companies like uber are not under the regulatory thumb of boston police. david plouffe, now an advisor for uber says their drivers won't be fingerprinted. >> our problem with fingerprinting is we think it is discriminatory. a lot of people might have been arrested who weren't convicted. they will be denied this opportunity. >> i don't see a reason why they would be opposed. you know, public safety is the
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that. >> this driver had past criminal background checks. it is hard to predict future behavior. that is deranged person who committed horrific crimes. we think the background checks that are conducted by a third party provider on our behalf, they are going to keep the people out of the cars that should be out of the cars. >> reporter: cab drivers undergo a four-week course on regulations before they hit the road, boston police say. uber says a driver can become a driver in a week or less. we are live from boston, 7 news. >> christa: new details now about the deadly shooting spree out in michigan. uber says the driver charged with killing six people did pass a background check, and had been driving for uber for less than a month. the shooter also admitting to these attacks.
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fighting for her life. >> reporter: tears and hope from the parents of abigail, the youngest victim in the kalamazoo shooting spree. >> abigail is strong, and she was a vibrant beautiful young lady and did not deserve this. >> reporter: the 14-year-old was shot in a parking lot, along with four women, who were all killed. abigail was pronounced dead at the hospital. while doctors prepared for organ donation, she squeezed her mother's hand. >> breath-taking. it was a miracle on its own. >> reporter: doctors say another survivor has a bullet lodged in her kidney but is expected to recover. the shooting by hiding under a car. her boyfriend and his father were both killed outside of a car dealership. prosecutors say the suspect, uber driver jason dalton has admitted he was involved in the random rampage that killed a total of six people. >> he made a statement acknowledging his involvement in this incident. >> from his responses, there
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a motive. authorities allege dalton was picking up uber passengers in between shootings. >> we did not have any red flags. prior to that day, his record looked good. >> reporter: uber says dalton had been on the job for a month. had undergone a background a high rating before his arrest. and hundreds came together at night to pray for the survivors and to remember the victims. the 45-year-old suspect is now due back in court coming up march 10. >> christa: coming up at noon, a showdown at apple stores. why supporters of the tech giant are protesting across the country today. a cambridge cop in hot water.
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we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
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>> sarah: welcome back. 12:15. a live look in boston. now. we know some cold weather, some snow is headed our way. now looks pretty good. chris, later on tonight, maybe tomorrow morning, may be tricky, huh? >> chris: yeah. tonight. it is slickest spots there. the city of boston right now, 38 degrees. the evening commute okay here. especially the first half of the evening commute. initially, once the snow starts to fly, those first flakes are going to melt on contact. because of those temperatures close to 40 right now. plenty of moisture now beginning to close in on new york city down into long island. a slow journey northbound here. so we are not expecting this afternoon. although between about 4:00 and 7:00 p.m., some patchy light snow or flurries. wouldn't be surprised to see that breaking out. the steadier burst heading off
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the best chance, from 7:00 to 11:00 or midnight for some steady snow. we go over to mixed precipitation and rain overnight tonight. i don't expect a whole lot of problems for the morning commute tomorrow. inside 495. because i think a lot of us above the freezing mark, it will be wet roads and not white roads out there. now, tonight, we will get a little bit of snow close to boston area, eastern massachusetts, a coating to an inch. your best chance of two's and three's showing up here across worcester county. up into southwestern new hampshire. between 128 and 495, maybe an area. not a big storm for us. once we transition from snow to freezing rain, there may be a glaze giving you more slick spots on the untreated roads and the secondary roads here. out across the 495 belt through midnight, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. into the city of worcester, up into fitchburg and leominster. travel conditions on the roads,
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p.m. then this evening, for several hours, we go downhill. thanks to some wet snow working in. especially inland where temperatures close to 495 out through worcester county, are back near the freezing mark. this is only part one of the unsettled weather that is working in. the second storm system right now carving its path out near dallas, texas. this is going to move off to the north and to the east. now, if you wanted snow in new england, you need to take this area of low pressure and put it south of nantucket to lock in the cold air. that is not going to happen. so this is going to be a rain event for us. the drizzle and scattered showers tomorrow eventually picked back up into a soaking rain. near day's end, tomorrowing and overnight. that is going to be the best chance of downpours and even some rumbles of thunder as the temperatures jump up well into the 50's. you go through here early on thursday morning. you saw some of the reds working on in. that is indicative of the rumbles of thunder and bursts of heavy rain. an inch to two inches of rain most of that falling later
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thursday morning. thursday morning, gusty winds, too. gusting near 50 miles an hour. close to the coastline. we will contend with that. doing and the temperatures on thursday, over to danielle. >> danielle: thanks, chris. you mentioned that second storm system right now out towards texas. actually, moving into louisiana. and they have some tornado warnings already in effect. and this storm is going to continue to bring severe weather to much of the gulf coast as we head into tonight. now, here is where the greatest threat for severe south. and by thursday morning, temperatures in the mid to
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it is a very mild storm. we are not talking about any snow with the second storm moving our way, and the cold air will make a return, though, as we head into the weekend. i should say the average temperatures. >> chris: yeah, not brutally cold. we will enjoy temperatures close to seasonal levels. you want to look at the 7-day forecast. danielle was showing you the mild air. that will continue through thursday. but the bulk of the rain and the strongest winds are done by midmorning. we quiet down to end the week. >> christa: all right. still ail head, a massive crane suddenly comes crashing down after a fire breaks out. we will have more on this scary scen approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's
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>> christa: we are back with chuck e. cheese's. police in connecticut are looking for a dozen people. >> sarah: they were involved in a birthday brawl. the incident started when two at the restaurant in manchester on sunday. witnesses say this fight quickly escalated. one child was even knocked to the ground and another suffered minor injuries. >> i just think it is a crying shame that the children have to be subjected to that type of conduct. by adults. >> you just don't know where you can go and feel safe and have a good family atmosphere. you know, it is getting harder and harder to find those kinds of places to go. >> sarah: no arrests have been made so far. fight left before officers arrived. they are reviewing video of
12:24 pm
identify people involved. chuck e. cheese released a statement that reads "the safety of our guests and cast members is our number one we are sorry this happened. we are usually a place for food and fun and family. we work hard to provide a positive wholesome atmosphere for guests." >> christa: a crane collapse putting australian crews in danger as they fight a massive fire at a construction site. the cameras were rolling as firefighters battled flames ten stories off the ground. as this fire spread, the giant arm of the crane you just saw comes crashing down. officials believe in... an electrical fire started in the crane's motor. no one was hurt. they brought the flames under control. >> sarah: coming up next on 7 news, frightening moments inside chipotle. police trying to track down
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>> christa: a teen with down syndrome perfecting her basketball game. she has played in about twenty games. the crowds are cheering for her. >> sarah: her team learning the importance of sportsmanship as well. >> the girls want her to have the ball. >> reporter: number 5 on the court ashley is ready for the ball any time. her teammates see her open. may make sure she has a clear shot. she shoots and scores. cheers ringing throughout the gym. >> this is ashley's last game as an abraham lincoln high school links. as a mother of a teen with down syndrome, heidi was surprised ashley asked to play basketball at her school.
12:28 pm
had a reservation. >> we live in a society where not everybody is accepted at all times. so your biggest fear is... i was going to have problems with her at school. >> reporter: ashley's mom called the coach anyway. >> just to have her be part of the team. >> when she started the program, you know, our plan was to get her in one game. i think the last two seasons, she got if over twenty games. our girls obviously,, you know, get ash tlooe ball. it is neat to see these other communities step up. report t girls setting an example of what sportsmanship truly is. >> she does all the chants for them. she breaks all the huddles. >> the team from seniors all the way down to freshmen, accepting ashley as a teammate, cheer-leader and friend. >> one, two, three. lynn,>> reporter: ashley got into basketball when she took part in the special olympics before joining the team. sufficient an incredible story. i love it. >> very inspiring.
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much more to come in the next half hour of 7 news. a hoverboard catching fire. this time inside a home in
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light & fit, 15 delicious flavors, each 80 calories.
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on-shore wind, we keep in enough drizzle and some scattered showers. it is hard to separate the two. you will know the second one coming through when we get the downpours and gusty winds late tomorrow. one to three inches of snow in the shading of blue. best chance of two's and threes up into southern new hampshire, worcester county. a coating to an inch toward the coastline. could get an icy glaze tonight for a couple of hours. not enough to glaze the power lines and bring them down and worry about power outages. secondary roads may have slippery spots out there tonight. there is going to be a period later on this evening and overnight that there may be some slick spots traveling. 495. more ahead. >> sarah: boston police dive
12:34 pm
again today searching for a missing man from harvard. they are searching the water off nashua street behind station. boston police commissioner says they have surveillance video of zachary mar walking toward north station. the 22-year-old was celebrating his birthday at the bellingham bar in boston before he walked out and disappeared on february 13. he was last seen around haymarket. >> christa: a hoverboard proving to be extremely dangerous for a family in chelmsford. >> sarah: that is because it caught on fire inside their home. victoria warren has a closer look. >> reporter: hoverboard danger: this is all that's left of an 11-year-old's hoverboard. he was on it when his dad says there was a boom. then waist-high flames. >> it threw out some sparks. the child jumped off. >> reporter: they grabbed the family dog and ran out, calling 911. the fire spread to the rug. >> the house was full of smoke when we showed up.
12:35 pm
extinguish. others, though very, not been as fortunate. a tennessee family says a hoverboard is to blame for their mansion burning down in january. two teenagers forced to jump out a second-floor window. in new jersey, half a home destroyed. investigators say this fire started when a hoverboard was charging. and shoppers got scared in a houston mall, also reporting a boom followed by a flaming hoverboard. in chelmsford, the 11-year-old boy's father came home to see how bad the smoke and water damage is. thankful his kids are okay. >> it was minor damage. basically confined to the rug and the living room and the wall behind it. >> reporter: the family is working on that extensive clean-up today. the consumer product safety commission says there are no hoverboards out there that meet safety expectations. they say you just shouldn't use them. in chelmsford, victoria warren, 7 news. >> reporter: right now a cambridge police officer is under investigation. he is accused of hitting a
12:36 pm
taking off. brandon gunnoe has details now from cambridge. >> broadway and portland. pedestrian struck. >> reporter: you are listening to traffic on a police scanner after cambridge police say an off-duty officer hit a young woman on a bicycle and never stopped. before 8:00. she was riding her bike near broadway and portland street in cambridge when she was hit by a pick-up truck. >> a pick-up truck with the extended cab on the back. >> reporter: the woman was hurt and was rushed to the hospital. her injuries are not life-threatening. cambridge police confirm the off-duty officer was involved in a hit-and-run accident. >> we have two calls from... one has pictures of the motor vehicle at broadway and portland. >> i try to be careful and always, you know, you don't take anything for granted. of course.
12:37 pm
>> reporter: she was shocked to hear an off-duty police officer would hit someone and keep going. >> if anybody would do that, it is a bad thing, right? anybody. a police officer, a firefighter, you know, whoever. >> reporter: brandon gunnoe, 7 news. >> sarah: police searching for two robbers on the run who stormed into a chipotle in dartmouth. surveillance video shows the armed men forced three employees into a walk-in cooler sunday night just after the restaurant closed. police say the robbers got in when an emproinye was taking out the trash. they stole about $300 from the office. police searching for a man on the run who they believe was involved in two police chases that ended in crashes. police tried to stop a stolen car on route one in saugus monday morning. the driver took off, then crashed into another car. witnesses say they saw a man run away from the scene. police say the driver was michael gouthro, last seen in saugus monday afternoon. they found jacqueline murphy inside the car and arrested
12:38 pm
she was held of night and is due in court later today. police believe gouthro is the man who assaulted a revere police officer with a hypodermic needle and led police on a chase last thursday that resulted in an officer crashing into a pole in chelsea. that officer was seriously injured but is expected to make a full recovery. >> christa: more news now: fast dra matic rescue in california. a series of crashes sending a moving truck over a guardrail. the truck then caught fire and the driver was trapped inside. it was a complicated rescue with no time to wanes. over the span of six minutes, what started as a minor collision led to four vehicles crashing. one of them, a moving truck. flying over the edge of the overpass and landing 5 feet below and catching fire. >> the first engine company got a hose line from up here. kept the fire in check. we could see the driver was still alive. then we had to do the rescue
12:39 pm
there. >> reporter: that took rescue crews close to an hour. trapped in the cab. access. >> you can't get there by the roads or the fire engine. we had to do our operations from up here on top of the roadway. it was a big challenge. we had to do some things real quickly. >> reporter: including getting that injured driver back up to were waiting. crashes on this strep of roadway are notoriously bad. >> there is not much in the median. go if there happens to be a crash. it is very difficult if people aren't aware of what's going on around them. >> reporter: in this case, the initial crash involved two >> it happened just before dawn. oncoming drivers likely couldn't see the vehicles involved. as for the cause? >> there doesn't appear to be any alcohol or drugs involved. a matter of speed and in attention. >> christa: the 58-year-old driver of the moving truck suffered a broken leg and burns.
12:40 pm
will be gathering at apple stores across the country to hold protests against the f.b.i. the protests are set to begin at 5:00 p.m. local time. demonstrators are supporting apple's decision to not hack into the phone of one of the san bernardino's shooters. the tech giant says it could endanger the privacy of millions of users. a democrat made his way to the bay state. and the republicans are in nevada. >> kris: we start with donald trump who is expecting a big win in the next battle for the g.o.p. nomination. meantime, two of his top rivals squared off on the eve of the nevada republican caucuses, leading to one big change for one campaign. >> you have to vote! >> kris: donald trump rallying voters in nevada. hoping for a third straight win today when the voters caucus there. as the race goes on, the campaign is getting uglier. ted cruz firing a high-level campaign staffer for tweeting a video wrongly accusing marco
12:41 pm
negative about the bible. >> we are not a campaign that is going to question the faith of another candidate. >> kris: rubio says this is a campaign. comes out of the cruz campaign that is untrue. night. >> i'll tell you, the i van jell calls didn't vote for him. you know why? they don't like liars! trump is skipping a forum with his republican rivals wednesday night in houston, citing a scheduling conflict. the forum is hosted by fox news anchor megyn kelly who trump has accused of mistreating him in the past. bernie sanders turned his attention to massachusetts, rallying thousands at you has-amherst and taking a shot at hillary clinton's campaign. >> secretary clinton, month after month after month, seems to be adopting more and more of the positions that we have advocated.
12:42 pm
i thought it was me. but it turned out it was secretary clinton's picture in the ad. >> reporter: hillary clinton is expected to cruise to victory in south carolina and many other southern states. bernie sanders says he is in this race until the end. kris anderson, 7 news today in new england. >> christa: all right, kris. thank you. still ahead, snow on our minds here. in hawaii, a much different story. mass i waves crashing on to roads there. people haven't seen waves like this in years. >> chris: tracking snow and ice tonight.
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>> christa: talk about some big waves. >> sarah: oh, my goodness. >> christa: right where they are not supposed to be, right? they are causing some trouble right there in oahu. you can see the waves going right over the wall. and on to some of the cars. a few brave surfers hit the waves. look at that. locals say they haven't seen waves like this in years. i asked our audio guy if he would play hawaii 50 for me. he just laughed at me. >> sarah:, you know, i would take the waves, chris. >> chris: a lot of us would say that right about now. we have had some big wave action off the new england coastline. it doesn't come with 75-degree and sunny weather, though. we have had it in some of the bigger storms that we have had. 38 degrees in boston right now. 31 in worcester. hasn't been too bad this winter.
12:46 pm
50 and above. certainly, a far cry from last winter. we do have some winter weather on the way. we have some precipitation already moving in through long island. a little bit of light snow approaching fairfield, connecticut. you look back down to the south. you see a trail of moisture. this is not a big storm. it is enough to produce a bit of a mess across parts of southern new england overnight tonight. in fact, a few flakes starting to fly. some patches of light snow and flurries around 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. temperatures above freezing this afternoon. initially, melting on contact. you get a steadier burst this evening. especially inland near 495 out through worcester county. and off good opportunity of picking up some accumulating snow. you get closer to 495, toward 128, closer to an inch and a in the city of boston. this is mainly off the roads.
12:47 pm
5 degrees in boston, it is not going to be heavy enough to stick to the roads there. you get deeper inland. an icy glaze, too. because we are going transition from snow over to some sleet and freezing rain. for several hours. and then by tomorrow morning, the only lingering cold i can see here is northern worcester county, perhaps up into middlesex county, places like pepperell and southern new hampshire where temperatures near freezing. by the morning commute, along 495 east toward the coastline, many communities above the freezing mark. and closer to 40 in the city of boston. the city of boston during tomorrow morning's commute. the afternoon, we are not improving weather-wise here. this is going to be a drory day, for sure. on-shore winds, a lot of low-level moisture. scattered showers. you name it. we will throw it at you here in terms of the weather. the temperatures start to warm across the cape. down through southeastern massachusetts. afternoon. that is the leading indication that the warm air is going to surge in here for when this storm works into southern new
12:48 pm
this storm, the core of it, the area of low pressure itself is drifting off to the north and to the east here over the next couple of days. eventually, carving its path west of us. and because it tracks west of us, we get into the southerly wind which will crank in here wednesday night into thursday. that and some downpours, one to two inches of rain likely with the heaviest rain falling late tomorrow, tomorrow night into early thursday before tapering offer by about midmorning on thursday. an early thursday morning, between 3:00 and 9:00 p.m., winds could exceed gusting to 50 miles an hour. with some of the downpours that roll through. and perhaps some rumbles of thunder. that storm does mean business through the deep south. it is providing severe weather there. for more on that, over to danielle. >> danielle: thanks, chris. here is the storm right now moving through texas up to oklahoma. it is moving into louisiana right now. and actually, they had a tornado warning in effect that expired. tornado watches are still in effect for parts of louisiana and throughout the day today,
12:49 pm
bring the threat for severe weather to much of the deep south. and areas in red here, thiss where they have the greatest significant risk, actually, for tornadoes. from louisiana into alabama, mississippi, even into the florida panhandle. as we head into this afternoon and into tonight. this storm will work up, head northeast. head our way into wednesday and thursday. look at the mild air it brings in as we head into the overnight hours. on thursday, we are starting to see those mid-50's work in by thursday morning. heading into lunchtime, mid to upper 50's. we will be dealing with the rain. it won't really be pleasant mid-50's. nonetheless, these temperatures well above average. the cooler air returns as we head into the weekend. for more on that, chris, back to you. >> chris: you won't have to shovel on thursday morning. in the afternoon, these temperatures will stay in the 50's. but we lose the rain. most of the rain over and done with by 9:00 on thursday morning. quiet weather and cool wealth over the weekend. >> christa: coming up on 7:
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how the breed is beating out other families' friendly dogs
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>> sarah: a royal ruckus across the pond. some of the staff at kensington palace say they are facing pay cuts. >> christa: it could cost them about $5,000 a year. now they are threatening a strike. kris anderson has more. >> kris: staff at kensington palace, home of prince william and his wife kate are threatening to walk off the job. they have rejected plans that would force them to accept a hefty annual pay cut. at the royal palaces, they are worried about money. not the income the royals receive, but a proposed pay cut for some staff. some are complaining that prince william isn't earning his keep, putting in few shifts as a helicopter pilot and taking a month off at christmas. princess kate was working hard just last week. editing an on-line newspaper for charity.
12:53 pm
william and kate's home in kensington palace are threatening a strike. they believe their salaries will be cut by $5,000 a year. the former staff say when you work with the royals, you don't do it for the money. why does someone work for the royals? >> well, the reason is there is this privilege. the idea that i'm working next to a royal. >> kris: kensington just got a $23 million upgrade. in case you were wondering, the strike would be the first ever to target u. kment's royal household. kris anderson, 7 news. >> sarah: up next on 7 news, coffee-lovers. starbucks makes a major announcement that could impact
12:54 pm
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>> christa: more on a big change brewing at starbucks. >> sarah: it could save you some time waiting in line there. the company is whoever hauling its rewards program. would get a star for each transaction. so then they would tell the be reese that to ring up all orders separately. now customers get rewarded for how much they actually spend. which is good. >> christa: there is some mixed reviews over this. if you get a regular coffee, they are not happy about. this right? because they don't spend as much as you would for a latte. i digress. let's talk about the labrador we are seeing there. the top dog breed in the country. according to the american kennel club, it is the 25th year the popular pup has been
12:57 pm
rounding out the top five, golden retrievers, bulldoggings, beagles, and german shepherds. americans prefer easy to care for, family, fun dogs. yes, lower maintenance and fun. that is what we like for pets. >> sarah: i love all dogs in general, chris. yes. i mean, come on. they are sweet. >> >> chris: it was funny watching them run around in the snow. cute puppies going around in circumstancelings. forecast hey, he could do that on an evening like tonight. with a little snow working. in increasing clouds. scattered flurries and light snow showers working in late this afternoon. better chance of some steadier snow this evening. one to three inches of snow. highest totals in worcester lower totals near the coastline. big old rainstorm working in. the heavy downpours will be in here tomorrow night into early thursday. >> sarah: thank you for joining us, everybody.
12:58 pm
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>> rafe: hernandez. right. ye--well, just keep the site secure. i'll have someone there in five minutes. >> shawn: what have you got? >> rafe: well, they found a body, just like andre said they would. in the foundation of that building off route 47. i need you to go down there and run the forensics team. >> shawn: you really think it's stefano's? >> rafe: well, that's what i need confirmed so i can finally put this case to bed... for good. >> hope: hey, hey, honey. are you okay? >> ciara: yeah, i'm fine. >> hope: baby, you look pale. >> ciara: were you up there talking to chase?


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