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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 23, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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we are tracking some wintereather for you here first at 4:00. a winter storm getting its sights set on new england. snow, sleet, freezing rain is all over connecticut. >> but could we see it toward the end of the evening commute? i guess that's the big question here. let's check in with meteorologist jeremy reiner. >> we do have that winter weather advisory in effect tonight for much of the city of new england. it does not include the city of boston and north shore and south shore. snowing right through through portions of connecticut as well as rhode island, even a few patches of light snow in the connecticut river valley. i think most of the snow should hold off until the backside of our evening commute for the next hour, hour and a half. , i think we should be okay. around 6:00 that's when we start to see the steadier snow as well as rain begin to move up across southern new england. it's part one of the storm system that will feature some wintery weather.
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going to essentially be a rainstorm. even when the snow flakes arrive, because i think that will chew away at some of those snow flakes and not allow on immediate accumulation on the roadways. norwood at 38, worcester at 34. then our storm time line, you do notice as we work through the evening hours, we see snow spread through southern new england. overnight is when the warm air works in from the south coast and that will easily flip the snow over to rain over the coastline. it's a slower process back over the route 2 corridor, the emergency mark valley. in those locations poor travel a good bet later on this evening and later on tonight. wet snow and rain in the city of boston, just west of there, that's where you see a coating to an inch and upwards to one and perhaps two inches of snow which includes much of
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belt and interior merrimac valley. part two of the storm to mean afternoon, tomorrow night is more about the rain and the wind. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. we're following breaking news right now. sky 7 over the scene of a serious crash in weymouth. investigators say two cars collided and then one of them hit a pedestrian. that person was rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the two drivers were also taken to the hospital. route 53 just reopened. the accident is still under investigation. now to some breaking news out of foxboro where a tractor trailer has rolled over on 95 north. sky 7 over the scene at exit 6 b where police have shut down the offramp. emergency crews are on the scene there. you can see the cab of the truck is seriously damaged. no word on any injuries right now. so how are these accidents impacting the afternoon commute. let's check in with joe stapleton and fast track traffic.
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reopened after that very serious crash. what we're dealing with right now is that 95 northbound ramp to route 495 in mansfield. the ram season shut down due that the overturned tractor trailer. luckily most of the traffic is coming along route 95 southbound during this time of the day. keep in mind ramp shut down, going to stay that way for a while in mansfield. joe stapleton, 7 news. and we're following breaking news out of wayland. police shutting down part of a road near a construction zone after an officer-involved accident this afternoon. police say the officer was directing traffic when she was hit by a car and dragged several feet. the car eventually stopped and the officer was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> she attempted to stop a vehicle. the vehicle didn't stop. she leaned in to try and get the person to stop the car, continued to move forward. it dragged her for five to 15 feet before the
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second detail officer. >> the 20-year-old suspect is facing multiple charges. also on 7 a movie studio is hoping to bring the shoot-out with the boston marathon bombers to the big screen. and right now they are asking a watertown neighborhood to consider reliving that night. 7's jonathan hall live in watertown with reaction from the community and i'm guessing a lot of people are probably thinking, jonathan, too soon. >>reporter: adam, you'd be surprised because most people here say bring it on. unbelievable, but that seems to be the reaction we're getting. this town has asked the movie producers to do a complete survey of residents in the area to gauge their support for this project. adam, you weren't too far away with the shots rang out and this is the property where tamerlan's body ended up from what we determined, support remains strong. >>reporter: in watertown there
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signs of support for the police. memories too of the late night shoot-out still fresh. >> i was walking across my kitchen floor and one of my bombs went off. >>reporter: now three years later hollywood is coming knocking. don wahlberg and their crew wants to bring lights, cameras and action. >> i really don't care about the actors. i want it to be portrayed the right way. the owner of the boat where dzhokar tsarnaev was found hiding has told them no. one town official met with peter burg. >> they reached out to the direct people on street. they said you need to go beyond that and reach neighborhood. >>reporter: cbs films has willed homeowners and renters the chance to fill out this survey
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yes or no. it warrants we are filming overnight. >> you think you might get to meet mark wahlberg. >> if he wakes him up, he's going to have to rock him back to street. >>reporter: the producers want to start filming the first week of may. nobody here said they did not want the shoovment wall -- shoot. >> i guess surprising to some, john. but an interesting story. we appreciate that. boston police dive team's boats are searching for a missing man from harvard. boston police commissioner says they have surveillance video of zachary marr walking into the area. he was celebrating his
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bellingham bar and hasn't been seen since then. boston ems says the boy about four years old was walking along blue hill avenue around 3:00. as part of protocol he was taken to boston medical center to get checked out. no charges have been filed. friends coming together to say good-bye to a 15-year-old murdered in dorchester. he died in a hospital. late last night his friends held a candlelight vigil at the crime scene. they say hopkins left a positive impact on everyone he met. >> he did not deserve this at all. he was a good kid. he will make you laugh in a second. >> doesn't matter what it's over, nobody deserves to lose their life. >> he did hide his face
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prosecutors say he attacked the victim after a fight broke out. he's being held without bail. new detail about the deadly shooting spree that happened in michigan. uber said the driver charged with killing six people had passed a background check but had only been driving for the ride-sharing service for only one month. right now the motive is a mystery. 7's christa delcamp has the story. she is alive and she is fighting for her hope. >>reporter: tears and hope for the youngest victim in the kalamazoo shooting spree. >> abigail is strong and is a beautiful, vibrant young lady who didn't deserve this. >> abigail was pronounced dead at the hospital but while doctors prepared for organ donation, she squeezed her mother's happened. >> breath taking.
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>>reporter: doctors say another survivor has a bullet lodged in her kidney but is expected to recover. one woman says she survived the shooting by hiding under a blanket in the back seat of the car. her boyfriend and father were both killed. the suspect, uber driver, jason dalton, has admitted he was involved in a random rampage that killed a total of six people. >> from his responses, there's very little response. >>reporter: and now the question, a motive. authorities alleged dalton was picking up uber passengers in between shootings. >> we did not have any red flags. prior to that day his record looked good. >>reporter: uber says dalton had been on the job for a month, had undergone a background check by the company and had a high rating before his arrest. and hundreds came together at a candlelight vigil monday night to pray for the survivors and to
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christa delcamp, 7 news. president barack obama has a new prison plan for guantanamo bay. his plan includes transferring remaining prisoners to one of 13 sites in the united states. the president says terrorist groups have used the propaganda to recruit new members to make it harmful to our national security. president obama says federal courts are doing a fine job of convicting even the most hardened terrorists. >> terrorists like richard reid, the shoe bomber, shazad who put a car bomb in times square and dzhokar tsarnaev who bombed the boston marathon. they were all convicted in our article three courts and are now behind bars here in the united states. >> the president is asking lawmakers to give his plan a fair hearing because he doesn't want to pass the issue on to
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leaves office. turning now, speaking of, to the race for the white house. voters headed to the polls in nevada for the republican caucuses. the candidates are all making a final push for support. front runner donald trump walked out to a cheering crowd in sparks, nevada this afternoon. he says that he's hoping for an absolutely perfect vote tonight just like he saw in new hampshire and south carolina. senator ted cruz held a riley in fernley, nevada and senator marco rubio spoke to a large crowd of supporters in vegas. he turned out and urgeed them all to get out and vote. despite the vote in nevada today, ohio governor john kasich is campaigning in georgia. >> he explained his team is putting their efforts in places like massachusetts, vermont and virginia looking ahead to super tuesday.
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sanders is in virginia today. he told a crowd in norfolk that although he and hillary clinton have their differences, he does respect her. hillary clinton started the week off campaigning in texas. and we're following more news today, facebook ceo mark zuckerberg weighing in on the safety spat with the fbi. he agrees with apple to not create a way to get into the encryption of the phones. >> i don't believe it's the right thing to do for just the direction the world is going in. yeah, we're pretty sympathetic with tim and apple on this one. >> while many tech leaders agree with zuckerberg, bill gates is siding with the fbi. >> apple has access to the information. they are just refusing provide the access and
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them whether to provide the access or not. you shouldn't call the access some special thing. it's no different should -- have anybody ever been able to tell the phone company to get information, banks to get bank information. the government's come asking for a specific set of information. >> a court will now decide whether the government can order apple to create the back door into the phone. still ahead here on 7 news at four, dangerous drive takes a frightening turn. the porch of a two story house comes crashing down of a house slams right into it. the city steps up security but one city official is calling for change on those ride sharing services as well. a birthday brawl at chuck e. cheese living children injured. police are searching for
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that's ahead on 7 news. the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i
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caught on camera scary moments for a west hartford neighborhood
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curb and crashes into a home. it's caught on camera there. porch comes down right on top of that van. there it is again. good thing it wasn't that garbage truck in front of them. fire officials say the driver of the car is okay. >> unbelievable. >> neighbors say they've never seen anything like this. >> all of a sudden i heard a big crash. i looked over this way at the house. both porches all of a sudden came down. >> surveillance cameras chaptered this minivan as it slams into the front of this home it. happened in west hartford just before 7:00 in the morning. the force of the crash causing porches to collapse leaving a pile of rubble. >> she said she just blacked out. she was coming home from a workout and the last thing she knows, she was coming from the light. >>reporter: he says the woman was able to get out of the car and appears to be okay. neighbors were shocked by the damage.
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it's the second building that had a serious problem. there was a fire in one and that caused it to close for repair. >> the fire chief says no one inside the home was injured. coming up still a close call in middleboro. crews racing to the rescue after a teen falls through some ice. tracking light snow heading up into new england over the next few hours. storm time line and how much is on the way next. ahead more controversy surrounding mbta salaries. why auditors are questioning overtime policies. an officer is under investigation after allegedly hitting a woman on her bike and then taking off. tom brady a topic of
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to fios. a middleboro man is being called a hero today after he said the
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through the ice, you see it there, that's where it happened anyway, the man lives next door it wood's pond and heard cries for help. that's when he grab a close by aluminum boat, slid basic in the water. firefighters are warning people right now to stay off of the thin ice. there. you know what, i think here on the back end of winter we're pretty much done with the hopes of pond skating so stay off the ponds. for a few hours this evening we'll have the air just cold enough for snow. essentially this becomes another rainstorm for boston, rainy, raw tomorrow. we'll see the rain and wind show up tomorrow night and thursday evening. that's a warm wind. temps for thursday heading to the 50s. here's where we have the snow down through connecticut. i'm looking for any of the official reporting stations in massachusetts.
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of snow thus far, but if you just got off the phone with your aunt or uncle, say, it's snowing over here, pass it along, i'd love to hear it. this will work northeast up through new england over the next several hours. you notice on the doppler radar rain so already there's mild air startng to chew away at the southern end of this so the potential is there to pick up some accumulating snow, but that window of opportunity, if you will, especially if you're a plow operator, is not that big, about four or five hours. i think up until about midnight tonight. then at that time, then we'll see the snow flakes change over to sleet pellets, rain drops and back farther inland it will be rain drops that encounter cold surfaces so you'd be talking about freezing rain. as we get through the evening hours, i think we can get through just about the entire commute without any risk of accumulating snow on the rain roads. as we work towards
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the warm air working up into metro boston. eventually it works itself all the way up to southern new hampshire. tomorrow's commute it will be a slow go. it will be steady rain for a time tomorrow morning and then shut down to periods of lighter rain during the day tomorrow. so how much snow is on the way? you'll have some snow falling out of the sky in downtown boston. the western suburbs, yes, coating to an inch, 128. then you head west of there, framingham, natick. bolton, stowe up towards methuen, one to two inches of snow emergency mark valley. as we work towards tomorrow the snow gets washed away slowly but with the rain taking over from there. 6:00 no issues. leave it at fair for much of the region overnight tonight. farther inland poor photograph conditions expected. part one of the storm is here. that sweeps up into new
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and thursday north with rain and wind and warm air. temps on thursday morning upper 50s. see you in a few minutes. >> thanks, jr. let's head out to joe stapleton and get a check of the roads. good afternoon to you, joe. >>reporter: thanks very much. along the northbound and southbound side of the expressway, that bus and traffic coming towards us is on the southbound ride typically tied up in braintree but the northbound ride is heavy in this spot as well. have a problem right now in the mansfield area. it's an overturned tractor trailer blocking the ramp from 95 northbound to route 495 north in mansfield. thankfully most of the traffic is heading southbound in that area this time of day. more good news here is 93, north and southbound cruising along nicely on the zakim bridge. no major hangups there. and quiet on the turnpike west-bound. joe stapleton, 7 news. and next we're following breaking news, a police officer gets
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down a road in wayland when a driver refuses to stop. that suspect is now in custody. and ahead at 5:00 a hover board goes up in flames inside a house in chelmsford. now we're hearing from the 11 year old boy who was riding that toy at the time. l, unless you have allergies. may see it differently. is approved toprelieve both itchy, watery eyes d congestion. ther nasal allergy spray can say that. e breathe in allergens our bodies react by ducing six key inflammatory substances that use our symptoms.
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all right. we are tracking some winter weather here first at 4:30. cloudy skies out there as the winter storm is making its way toward new england. right now that mix of some snow, some sleet, some freezing rain is about over connecticut. >> but drivers could see it here toward the end of the evening commute. so let's check in with meteorologist jeremy reiner. more on the forecast. i'm not trying to put you on the spot here, but do you think people can leave a little earlier. not that spot. >> that one. >> on your spot, jr. >> i think this is the normandy part you're time, getting out of the city, your normal
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would be something like we saw years ago where we're all locked down for six hours? no, that's not the case. if you have business travel freers hartford, they are going to be running a little bit later. you notice metro boston nothing happening right now, and this snow is crawling to the north. that combined with the fact that temps right now around the metro are running in the 30s, chew away at some of the snow flakes and not aloud snow flakes to not accumulate on the roadways. i think it will be wet roadways as we start the event. later this evening, 8:00, 9:00 10:00, tonight, there might be slick travel away from the coastline. worcester 34, bedford 37. the snow once it begins to fall out of the sky will drag colder air down from the cloud. that's why we do anticipate road conditions deteriorating farther inland later this evening and overnight tonight but it's going to be short-lived.


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