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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  February 23, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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would be something like we saw years ago where we're all locked down for six hours? no, that's not the case. if you have business travel freers hartford, they are going to be running a little bit later. you notice metro boston nothing happening right now, and this snow is crawling to the north. that combined with the fact that temps right now around the metro are running in the 30s, chew away at some of the snow flakes and not aloud snow flakes to not accumulate on the roadways. i think it will be wet roadways as we start the event. later this evening, 8:00, 9:00 10:00, tonight, there might be slick travel away from the coastline. worcester 34, bedford 37. the snow once it begins to fall out of the sky will drag colder air down from the cloud. that's why we do anticipate road conditions deteriorating farther inland later this evening and overnight tonight but it's going to be short-lived.
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because here is that rain-snow line at midnight and that works north. that finds its way all the way up through the merrimac valley. through the morning commute it's a slow-go. rain even in july can slow things down. here's the amount of snow on the way before the change over. one to two inches of snow worcester hills, the 495 corridor. city of boston there will be some snow in the air but this time i don't think it accumulates on the north shore and even downtown boston. we're following several breaking stories right now and kim is over at our breaking news desk for us. >> good evening, adam. we'll start in weymouth where police are investigating a serious car crash. sky 7 is over the scene. two cars collided and one of them hit a pedestrian. that person had to be rushed to the hospital with life-threatening. the two drivers also had to go to the hospital. police closed route 53
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again. also in for foxboro and over a tractor trailer that rolled over 95 north. this is over 6 b, and offramp. crews there. we don't have any word on injuries in this situation. that breaking news in wayland where a police officer was hit while directing traffic on detail this afternoon, in fact, she was dragged several feet before the car that hit her eventually was stopped officer. the officer hurt went to the hospital. we're toll just minor injuries and there's a 20-year-old driver in charge. we're following all of these stories. we'll bring you the latest on 7 news at 5:00. from now at the breaking news desk, i'm kim khazei, 7 news. more than 6,000 of the city's cab drivers are being fingerprinted. now the city's police commissioner says he wants ride sharing drivers like uber and fingerprinted.
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boston with more on these initiatives. >>reporter: uber insists the basketball they do for their drivers is just fine. they say it's very deep and very extensive. the boston police say their peaks -- background checks are better and they would like uber and lyft to take a ride with them. as police commissioner williams evans calls on private raid share companies like lyft and uber to have their drivers do the same. >> it's all about making sure when our daughters and sons and loved ones go into a vehicle that we know who that stranger is, whose going to pick them up. >>reporter: the fight over fingerprinting drivers getting new urgency after an uber driver in michigan is accused of shooting and killing six people while taking fares in between. ride share customers say they welcome to at this pointing people private companies put behind the wheel. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with being fingerprinted if
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and forth. >> you should take every precaution to make sure it's safe. >>reporter: uber says it's discriminatory. they say it would discourage minorities. >>reporter: uber also points out reports so far the michigan suspect had no criminal history that would have been flagged by fingerprinting. >> they decided to crack up one day or something happened, it's not going to stop the crime. that's my argument. >>reporter: it was a long time since beacon hill approved the at this pointing for cab drivers and they actually started doing them. so this will likely take a long time before anything is put into place. dan hausle, 7 news. auditors finding
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among mbta employees. approving his own overtime hours. the review shows the man earned more than 2600 overtime hours lifetime year and earned nearly $330,000. despite the maintenance form and approving his own ot, there was no sign of misconduct. the auditors say the "t" lacks formal overtime policies. the tsays overtime spending has been cut by about 30% this year. police are looking for a masked robber who jumped over a tele counter in malden. the suspect didn't speak to anyone or use a note to demand cash. brazen, we use that word a lot, but this really is. the robber took the
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teller drawer right over the counter there. bottoms up. suspect didn't show a weapon and ran away on foot. we're following more news today, shocking charges in pennsylvania. police say 50-year-old parker foster sexually assaulted a mentally challenged woman last month. investigators say he allegedly lured the woman into his ambulance by offering to buy her ice cream and then raped her. he was upset when he learned about what happened. >> this man's supposed to be a professional saving lives, this, that and not taking advantage of people that's got some issues. >> foster has been charged with rape. he is due in court next week. a minnesota police officer is off the job today after being accused of making racially offensive facebook posts. a group that monitors on-line racism says someone sent them screen shots of troubling posts allegedly made by a local police officer. they say the posts are hateful toward african-americans and
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it is an issue that must be addressed. >> what we hope is this is the start of a robust and sincere and transparent investigation and there are clear and concrete outcomes from it. >> so the chief of that police department says they are working to verify who wrote the post, why they did it. until then the officer is on paid leave. >> a chicago music teacher is in trouble after making a series of offensive youtube videos. in that video that teacher ranted about jews, and muslims. >> that's not cool. >> it makes the school look bad. >>reporter: high school seniors outside a school in chicago have already seen the videos posted by music teacher daniel barry that were offensive to jews, muslims and those who are transgender. >> instead of going with
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with the orthodox rabbis. >> in another video uses language derogatory to transgender individuals. >> youngest heathens are dressed up in prom dresses. >>reporter: barry is suspended pending the outcome of a pending investigation. school officials said in a statement cps is committed to making sure all employees meet the high standards for personal and professional conduct. >> shouldn't be saying stuff like this if you're a teacher. >>reporter: but this former defends barry. >> he was a very nice teacher. i looked up to him. >>reporter: and says he shouldn't be suspended. caught on camera two boys in tennessee smashing windows, bashing cars at a car lot causing $250,000 worth of damage.
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hour and 15 minutes to do all that damage. some of the cars were classic was original touch that's cannot be replaced. >> what a rebound -- we're going to rebound from it, there's no doubt about it. god will continue blessing us and we'll be fine six months from now, six years from now, but i don't know so much about them. >> he's got a good attitude. surprised after what happened there, 250 grand. the vandals have been arrested but their motive remain unclear. also caught on camera a small plane crash news a car in california. you can see it slam head-on into the car in the middle of the road. witnesses say that he caught a lucky break. >> we figured there was definitely going to be a fire, something like that. >> exactly. >> and we all just ran out there with extinguishers and everything but luckily everything was fine, you know. >> obviously an
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able to land it there in the first place and walk away uninjured. police say no one was hurt. breaking news to get to right now. state senator brian joyce says he will in fact not run for reelections. joyce's offices were raided by the fbi and irs last week. they reportedly investigating his relationship with people in his district and again he says he will not run for reelections. still to come here on the news at 4:30, a group of police officers going above the call of duty. >> how the officers helped a single father after a pair of burglaries. plus the cdc announcing some cancer concerns in connection with lumber liquidators flooring. ahead at 5:00 a birthday brawl at chuck e. cheese leaving several people hurt. an officer in
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helping hands to help a family in need. the man's home had been twice. >> so officers in the community stepped in to make his family a little more comfortable. >>reporter: multiple cop cars pulling into a street usually isn't a good sign. but this time the scene is a party one. >> around 20 to 25 years each of us. >>reporter: police sergeant and his fellow officers have seep a lot on the job. >> you never forget it and you're always wondering what could i have done better or is there anything more i could have done? >> they can't help everyone. >> very talented. >>reporter: but they did a lot for enrique ramirez. >> nice, happy for everything we got. >>reporter: the single dad has four young children and his six-year-old has a type of
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taking her to a doctor's appointment, his home was robbed. it happened again soon after. the thieves took a tv and some other small belongings. >> all the kids worked over the weekend to collect cans to earn money so they could buy toys for themselves and this jar they kept money in was also taken. >>reporter: the truth is there wasn't much to take. that's why the officers spent months stocking up on donations, replacing the wooden bunk bed the father made with his own hands. >> this is the human side of police work. this is all what we get into this job for. >>reporter: a home filled with love and warmth made just a bit more comfortable. >> the contact with your fellow human being and just wanting to help is the basis and bottom line for what we do. >> we should tell you police are still investigating both burglaries. and coming up cancer concerns in connection with lumber liquidators flooring. the flooring the cdc
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and workers at risk. tracking light snow for tonight and rain and wind for tomorrow night. ahead at 5:00 a hover board goes up in flames inside a home in chelmsford. what police are saying about the dangerous device, that's what they are calling it. a wayland police officer gets hit by a car, dragged down the road. the driver refuses to stop. the s i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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cloudy skies city of boston, temp right now at 37. snow lovers at the coastline, this rite here at the snowflake kryptonite. water temp near 40 degrees. i think it will snow for
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steadier snow now slowly coming out of connecticut. cloudy skies webster, so again it will focus the activity more west than east in term of massachusetts. connecticut river valley, worcester hills and then i think lastly in the city of boston. we don't want grid lock, i don't think that happens. but if you have travelers coming up from connecticut, it will be a slower go coming up from the folks down there. temps down in these locations in connecticut are in the 30s so that white. here's your storm time line. again, it will be a slow boston. we'll get some snow for a few hours. remember that southeast wind. that wind will easily shove that rain, snow emergency mark valley and eventually southern by tomorrow morning there will be colder pockets of air route 2 corridor with freezing rain. certainly just plain old
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boston. it will be steady rain too so that might all by itself, you might want to allow for a little extra time because of that. so before the changeover to rain, again wet snow with some rain in the city of boston, north shore, cape ann, south shore, perhaps the western suburbs, a coating to an inch. the shading and blue indicating the best chance of seeing one, maybe two inches of snow. that's from part one of the storm. here is part two. this is the main event in the center of the storm well to the south with severe weather likely late this afternoon and evening across the gulf coast states. this works up into new england tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night, not with severe weather but milder air and holding on to the chance of rain so that tomorrow afternoon the numbers are in the upper 40s and 50 south of town. still holding on to the chilly air tomorrow afternoon. worcester hills low to middle 30s. worcester 37. out on the cape and the islands tomorrow periods of rain, low 50s.
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morning but then we quickly get rid of that precipitation thursday. some sun on the way and it is mild on thursday, especially in the morning hours. near 60 degrees thursday morning. cooler, seasonal for friday and the weekend. then on sunday, it will be warming back up, low 50s. see you in a bit. >> thanks, jeremy. let's get a check on the roads as we approach the 5:00 hour. >>reporter: a tough afternoon rush right now, adam. coming up on route 55 and 95 where they join together in mansfield. the truck is back up on its wheels, hopefully be off the highway here just a few minutes from now. 95 north to route 495 north in mansfield. it's going to be that way for a short time. most of the traffic is long route 95 southbound for this corridor. heading for route 93 northbound we have some company here though up towards the schraffts center. we've been averaging close to about a 289
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route 128 making your way towards route 128 and the mass pike, pike west-bound's heavy by exit 17. down by route 9 or through the newton area. joe stapleton, 7 news. turning to the health cast, ovarian cancer, one of the deadliest forms of cancer. >> that's because it's tough to diagnosis in earliest stages. so doctors say regular screening is really critical. researchers have found a formula combining a blood test with ultrasound scones that could reduce ovarian cancer deaths. researchers say the biggest risk factors of ovarian cancer would be age and family history. cdc announcing cancer concerns for flooring.
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getting cancer, three times the cdc ruthly thought. lumber liquidators stopped selling lamb laminate flooring made in china. one person facing life-threatening injuries after getting
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a pair of utah sisters who used union vietnam row treatment to get pregnant hit, quit literally the mother lode. make them pretty one big happy and crowded family. do you want to take a peak? >> yeah. >>reporter: mom holes up her daughter hey will he and her daughter cole to blow kiss to see their twin baby brothers at the hospital. you can find it twin mania. identical twin moms say it's divine intervention. >> we just feel like these are a gift from god. >> initially both of them were not supposed to be able to get pregnant. >> we pushed infertility treatments. >> so they both did and they both lucked out. you can even call it twin-tuition. >> i had a boy-girl first. she had the two girls and then we flip flopped and she did the boy-girl
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so we have our bases covered. >>reporter: bases covered? more like a grand slam. kelly was first with her twin five-year-old girls. then kerri announced she was pregnant. finally to top it all off she announced twin boys. >> safe to say my twin sister and i have completed our families and we're not trying to have anymore. >> believe it or not the twipsz don't even stop there. cell -- their brother also has twin boys and twin nephews on her husband's side of the family. >> you think you're intoxicated around that family, double, quadruple. >> i'm sure they have a lot of fun though. they can play a lot of practical jokes on people. i'm sure you'd like that, adam. much more to come in the next half hour. >> 7 news at 5:00 starts
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tracking snow and rain during the evening commute and we're following three big breaking stories. a pedestrian hit by a car outside a business in waim edge. at least three people taken to the hospital. >> a tractor trailer in foxboro on its side, causing problems for the evening commute. >> also breaking a police officer dragged by a driver in wayland. tonight a suspect is facing serious charges. plus a hover board goes up in flames in chelmsford. >> it started smoking so i obviously got off and then maybe a couple seconds later it burst >> tonight we're hearing from the 11-year-old boy call. plan. president obama fighting to close guantanamo bay using the boston marathon bombings as an example. and a birthday brawl caught on camera. what happened that caused this chaos at a chuck e. cheese in connecticut. first at 5:00, within weather bearing
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a messy mix hitting new gland. we're watching snow, sleet and freezing rain and it could cause many of you travel trouble over the next couple of days. >> so for the latest on the storm's track, what we can expect and when, let's get over to our meteorologist jeremy reiner. yes, a bit of a mess. we start with the winter portion of the storm, winter weather advisory in effect, worcester hills, merrimac valley, not including downtown boston or the north shore. dominantly a rain event for the city of boston. snowing for the last few hours in connecticut. i think that will help us out once the snow works up into massachusetts over the next one to three hours. again, this is only a narrow window of opportunity for this storm to be a winter storm because eventually the warm air does win out. right now boston at 37. plymouth at 36. worcester at 33.


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