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tv   7 News at 530 PM  WHDH  February 23, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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plus a little girl in over her head on a snow shoeing trip and gets trapped under several feet of snow. a group of officers steps up after a home is burglarized twice. another round of winter weather moving in and it could mean some double trouble during the next few days. we're tracking a two-part storm here. a winter weather advisory in effect. tonight's storm bringing snow and ice with it. all right. could get messy for the commute in the morning. perhaps even if you're going to be driving later tonight. let's get to meteorologist jeremy reiner tracking the storm. >>reporter: we've got snow right now starting to move up into massachusetts, steadier snow for a few hours in connecticut. temperatures down there have been in the middle 30s. accumulation of snow on the main roads has been snow. and i think that happens with us for an hour or so once the snow arrives. but there will be a a few hours mid to late
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tonight where we see poor travel, especially the farther inland you do travel. city of boston you'll see some snow this evening but with temperatures in the upper 30s in boston and not going down, i don't anticipate any accumulating snow. perhaps on the grassy surface oars elevated surfaces where the cold air can get under but roadways should be wet in downtown boston. even back into metrowest. then as we advance our storm time line, there will be a little thump of steadier snow here. even in those locations the warm air eventually wins out by the morning commute tomorrow. we'll feature rain. plan on a slow commute tomorrow morning because of rain, not snow. this becomes more of a rainstorm than anything else. now before the change over to rain just after midnight. a coating to an inch, metrowest, western suburbs and back to the 25 corridor, worcester
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hampshire, one to two inches of snow. part two of the storm is down here. that's on the way for tomorrow night and thursday morning, not with show but rain, wind and warm testimony ms. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. we're following breaking news from beacon hill. state senator brian joyce says he will not be running for reelections. when i offices in canton were raided by the fbi and irs just last week. let's go over to kim khazei with a look at the announcement. >> the announcement came via twitter late this afternoon. senator brian joyce tweeting out this statement reading in part i have worked hard for milton and achieved results while always trying to abide by the rules. i will continue to work hard for milton and all of the district but will not seek reelections. the feds say it's part of an ongoing investigation, why not said anything more. in the past we know joyce has been penalized
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specifically for using campaign funds for his son's graduation party. police are at an accident involving a pedestrian in weymouth. we know three people have been taken to the hospital. we're learning to hear about their injuries. one person does have life-threatening injuries. that's a pedestrian. we have crews working both of these stories. we'll bring you updates when we get them. i'm kim khazei, 7 news. boston police try to make sure you are safe the next time you catch a cab here in the city. here's the deal. they've started fingerprinting thousands of cab drivers. >> that's right, 7's dan hausle shows us the city's commissioner wants to expand that program. >>reporter: boston cabbies getting fingerprinted for the first time as part of city-mandateed background checks private ride share companies like lyft and uber to do the same. >> it's all about making sure when our daughters and sons and loved ones go into a vehicle that
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stranger is hose going to pick them up. >>reporter: the fight over fingerprinting drivers getting new urgency after an uber driver in michigan is accused of shooting and killing six people while taking fares in between. ride share customers say they welcome fingerprinting people private companies put behind the wheel. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with being fingerprinted if you're going to be transporting people back and forth. >> you should take every precaution to make sure it's safe. >>reporter: uber calls the fingerprinting idea discriminatory. they say it would discriminate against minority drivers. >> how to make it easier for people to get behind the heel and make money than make it harder. >>reporter: uber driver. >> i'm sure if they
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day, that's not going to stop them. >>reporter: boston police say their security checks are better. we're in boston, dan hausle, 7 news. right now cambridge police officer is under investigation. he's accused of hitting a woman on her bike and then taking off and leaving her there. brandon gunnoe has the details on the case from cambridge. respond to an area on broadway and portland. >>reporter: you're listening to traffic on a police scanner after cambridge police say an offduty officer hit a young woman on a bicycle and never stopped. >> really? >>reporter: it happened sunday night just before 8:00. she was riding her bike near broadway and portland street in cambridge when she was hit by a pick-up truck. the woman was hurt and was rushed to the hospital but her injuries are not life-threatening. cambridge police confirm
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quote was involved in a hit and run accident. >> we have two calls -- >>reporter: i trade to be careful and always you don't take anything for granted. of course you have to be careful. >>reporter: she ride her bike here every day and was shocked to hear an offduty police officer would hit someone and keep on going. >>reporter: if anybody would do that, it's a bad thing, right? independent if it's a police officer, a firefighter, you know, whoever. >>reporter: brandon gunnoe, 7 news. bill cosby's wife set to answer nor questions tied to her husband' defamation case. bill cosby's wife's deposition will continue in march. her lawyers say that she is protected by a marital privilege even though she has worked as her husband' manager. seven women are suing bill cosby for defamation.
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sexual assault. friends coming together to say good-bye to a 15-year-old stabbed in dorchester. police say another teenager attacked dione hopkins sunday afternoon. he later died at a hospital. his friends gathered around the spot where he was attacked. his friends said he left behind a positive impact. >> he was a good kid. he will make you laugh in a second. >> nobody should lose their life, it doesn't beater it's over. >>reporter: amarie pope is facing a murder charge. prosecutors say he attacked hopkins during a fight. he is now being held without bail. a man is arrested following a rollover crash on route 9 in newton. just after 5:00 police responded to the scene where an s.u.v. slammed into a telephone pole knocking down wires with it. he's facing several charges.
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looking for for a masked robber who jumped over a counter to steal money from a malden bank. police say the robber took the money from the teller drawer and ran away. the suspect did not show a weapon. we're following more news today, some tense moments for a california family. they were out snow shoeing of a little girl fell into some deep snow. rescuers happened to be at the right place at the right time and it's chris anderson shows us, they were able to save the girl from the deep trouble. >>reporter: you can barely see her little arms struggling to hold on. that's samantha white stuck in a hole while snow shoeing at castle peak. >> when my dad tried to save me, i fell more. >>reporter: she stopped and jumped in to help once she realized samantha was sinking deeper and deeper. >> i don't know how deep the whole was or what she was going to fall
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i had no idea. >>reporter: her dad william is a retired firefighter whose seen this narratives time and time before, never thinking one day it would be his own child. >> agonizing, screaming don't let me go, daddy. the choice was to let her go and live with that, if something bad happened or hold on and more than likely all three of us end up in the hole. >>reporter: samantha fell ten water. he called 911 and thought by the time they arrived she would be in grave condition. >> 12 to 15 snow shoers came down the hill. i was a little preoccupied talking on the phone to the dispatcher and one of them said do you need some help, i said, yeah,
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about 12 to 15 deep down, who are you? they said we're marin county search and rescue. i was like thank goodness. >>reporter: the rescuers used rope to pull her out within a matter of minutes. >> they asked a lot of questions like did you hurt yourself and i said no. and are you warm enough one through ten and i mostly said stuff above six. >> they thanked the rescuers and took a photo with them. now she's ready to get back to the snow. i still want to go to the snow but just not off the trail. a minivan crash caught on camera in connecticut. that van did hit another car and slammed right into a house. flash right under the porch and it collapses down right on to the roof of the van. it was right behind that minivan there. a man who saw the accident ran over to see if the driver was okay.
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knows is she was coming from this light. she doesn't remember anything else ronchts nobody inside the house was injured, the driver was taken to the hospital. >> pretty terrifying if i were in that house though. >> just to see it, to hear it. >> so unexpected. up next on 7 news at 5:30, a family targeted by burglars not once but twice. a group of officers went above and beyond the call of duty to give them a reason to smile. how a hover board toy almost cost a family their home. and a patriots star rocking the boat. the gronk party cruise is back in port after a
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police officers in st. paul, minnesota taking time out of their busy schedules to lend a helping hand to a single father in need. the home was target bid burglars two separate times. >> officers stepped in to make that house a bill more comfortable. >>reporter: multiple cop cars
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isn't a good sign, but this time the scene is a happy one. >> around 20 to 25 years each of us. >>reporter: police sergeant brian and his fellow officers have seen a lot on the job. >> you never forget it and you're always wondering what could i have done better or is there anything more i could have done. >>reporter: they can't help everyone but they did a lot for enrique gonzalez ramirez. the single dad has four young children and his six-year-old has a type of cerebral palsy. when he was taking her to a doctor's appointment, his home was robbed. the thieves took a tv and some other mall belongings. >> all the kids worked over the weekend to collect cans to earn money so they could buy toys for themselves and that jar they kept this money in was also taken. >>reporter: the truth is there
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the officers spent thousands stocking up on donations replacing bunk beds the proud father made with his own hands. >> this is what we all get into this job for. >>reporter: a home already filled with love and warmth made just a bit more comfortable. >> the contact with your fellow human being and just wanting to help is the basis and bottom line for what we do. >> police are still investigating the burglaries. tracking light snow heading this way for this evening and then rain for tomorrow. forecasts up next. and then at 6:00 watertown neighbors opening up at the possibility of recreating a night of terror for a movie the night the boston marathon shoot-out happened. and apple standing its ground against the fbi but the tech company is getting a mixed response now from the
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monitoring snow, slowly working up into massachusetts. reports of light snow out through hopkinton and worcester. patchy light snow an flurries. the steadier snow continues to be down through connecticut as well as rhode island. you notice the deeper shades of blue in those locations. i've been on twitter monitoring the traffic cameras trying to see if this steadier snow is the case. i think for a time, at least early this evening, once these steadier bands find their way up into massachusetts, it will have the same results. eventually the area does cool it off so we will see an accumulation of the snow even on the main roads and that would happen after 9:00 tomorrow night up until early tomorrow morning after midnight. so here you go. this is our storm time line. there is the rain-snow
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not much, if any, in the way of snow for the city of boston or the south shore. this is a relatively mild storm. even as we work up in the worcester hills and the emergency make valley tomorrow morning thinking more rain than anything else. i think there will be stubborn pockets of cold air tomorrow night. route three out in new hampshire, 93 as well. where there's likely to be a little bit of leftover freezing rain tomorrow morning. for the rest of us just wet roads into town tomorrow but again there will be some steadier rainfall happening tomorrow morning. so how much snow is on the way before the change over? a coating to an inch. close to the city itself, western suburbs. i think right at the water's edge it's more about wet snow and rain than anything else. you head even farther west in the colder air or the snow changes over last to rain and freezing rain, probably one to two inches of snow in that locations. traveling over the next
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as the snow begins to show up an the rare gets a little bit colder so the snow has an easier time accumulating on the roadways, likely to be fair to some locations poor travel inland, not to say you shouldn't do it. if you have to travel later on tonight, keep the travel plans just add more time. tomorrow just rain but rain can sometimes be a headache for you. this is part two of the storm down here and this will be nothing but rain for all of southern new england. steady rainfall tomorrow nights and very early thursday morning. tomorrow's a raw day. it takes all day to move out of the 30s. i don't think we reach the 40s until foam evening. then the warm front comes threw tomorrow night. there will be a burst of steadier rainfall tomorrow night through thursday's commute. that can be a problem because of rain and wind. the amount of rainfall on the way with this
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includes tomorrow night and thursday morning. here is the wind potential, anywhere between 35 to in some locations down along the south coast and the cape. that might lead to some minor power disruption but it's a warm wind. there's no arctic air just again. friday and saturday seasonal, mix of clouds and sunshine, low to mid all right. coming up next a special needs teen going full court. high school basketball career into a real slam dunk. good evening, everybody. i'm kim khazei with a look at what's ahead. a very busy evening of breaking news. a situation in weymouth where a car crash sent a person to the hospital, that person was walking across the hill. one week after the fbi and irs raids his law offices. and this story is a big one. we've heard a lot about the dangers of hover
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this is the burnt-out shell of a hover board that exploded in a local riding on it. about what happened. join us for those
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since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform eye exams that can help
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and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. an iowa mother's daughter lives with down syndrome and she got a shot right there on the court.
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went out of their way to make sure she was equally part of the team. 7's kim khazei has the story. the girls will get really aggressive when she's in the came because she want her to have the ball. >>reporter: the teammates see her open, pass her the ball, defend her making sure she has a clear shot so she shoots and scores. >> cheers ringing throughout the gym. you're watching ashley's last game as a lynx at this iowa high school. as a mother of a teen with down syndrome, she was surprised she asked to play. >> we live in a society where not everybody is accepted tawments. so your biggest fear is i was going to have problems with her at school. >>reporter: ashley's mom called the coach anyway. >> to see if she could be part of the team and not expecting her to play.
5:58 pm
her in one game. i think in the last season she got in over 20 game. our girls give ashley the ball but it's so neat to see these other communities step up. >>reporter: kim khazei, 7 news. all right. love it. there's another 30 minutes of 7 news straight ahead. 7 news at 6:00 begins right now. here comes another winter storm at us, the storm time line and how much snow is on the way tonight. breaking news in weymouth, two cars collide, sending one of them flying into a pedestrian feeling the heat. whether it started smoking, i just backed off to it. >> a chelmsford boy describes the moment his hover board burst into flames. party like a rock star. 7 news at 6:00 starts now.
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of things and we'll be feeling the effects of this storm for a little bit of time here beginning with tonight. it's going to start with some snow. >> all right. so it will eventually change to rain and high winds. in other words, it's going to get messy out there. let's check the time line with meteorologist jeremy reiner. it's with us until thursday morning but only very little of it is winter precipitation. for the likelihood of slick roads developing mid to late evening. here is the snow. it's just now getting into massachusetts. it's been falling for several hours across connecticut and rhode island and just patches of wet snow reaching the mass pike. it's been relatively mild. temps this afternoon running in the upper 30s. even town through portions of rhode island and connect in the
6:00 pm
we can get through the ening commu without any major issues. the steadier snow does overspread the area. temperature right now in the middle 30s. the city at 36. worcester at 32. but on the heels of the snow's arrival is warm air, so just like that the snow is going it give way to rain and freezing rain farther inland. just after midnight tonight there is your rain-snow line marching through metrowest. very late tonight and tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning's commute features rain so that's going to slow you down. on and off light rain through the day tomorrow. before the change over to rain and freezing rain after midnight. most towns away from the ocean, a coating to two inches of snow. new hampshire sea coast, cape ann, south shore, north shore, we're talk wet roads with little to no accumulation in downtown boston. and you can track the storm as it moves


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