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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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that storm system is hded to new england. a driver busted for oui. see the video from the moments right after a chain reaction crash that sent one man to the hospital and another on his way to jail. >> then, local mom missing. tonight we talked to her family as they make a plea for help. >> also tonight, rattled by potential new neighbors. why the state wants to fill an island of venenous snakes tight end a party animal night team hops aboard the gronk cruise. 7 news at 11 starts now. first at 11, part 1 of this week of storms already bringing us some snow tonight. this is just the start part 2 lurking to south bringing wild weather right now to southern states before it heads our way. so tonight's snow will change to rain while you sleep. that means when you get up you should have all the things you need. boots and umbrella, so.
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meteorologist jeremy reiner for us i think we can get through this winter weather advisory in effect for worcester hills since 6 o'clock newscast the weather service has pushed back the advisory farther west meaning they think inside 495 you're just going to have wet roads for morning commute. we have aseen that snow begin to change over to rain especially south of town. there are couple left off pockets of snow flurries around metro north side of metro outer here through rhode island connecticut and southeast mass. that's the milder air. and that will work north. so if you haven't seen snow flip over to rain it happens tonight and it will be patch light rain rain. morning commute features rain drops in worcester hills and southern new hampsire there may air. slow to move out. and so in those locations you may have some patchy freezing drizzle. but even up in southern new hampshire, the freezing rain rain. this is part 2 of the storm. this is the main event. this leading to severe
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this sweeps up into new england tomorrow night. now with severe thunderstorms, but with brief heavy rain strong gusty winds we will talk more about that in few minutes. you can track the storm as mo moves through new england with live interactive radar head to we weather sex of and 7 news mobile and tablet apps. breaking at 11, that second storm system turning deadly in the south tonight at least 7 tornadoes killing three people. joud jadiann thompson is at our breaking news desk. fear tonight at communities claun. up from round of deadly storms it may not even be over yet. and in night fall it will be even marreder to see anything coming. >> severe storms and a several tornadoes tearing across at south tonight. louisiana the hardest hit. i can see the top of the tornado coming down going across the like crossing the road there. and, the door started sucking in where we were at back there. st. james pa are rish about an hour west of new orleans a storm
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several ambulances on scene. one of them flipped behind other one man took a video three water spouts on laj pontchartrain north of new orleans. violent thunderstorms rolled through the southern part of the state. it thinks stripped trees and left debris on major highways. it southeast baton rouge scattered twisted metal left behind as residents try to clean up downed power lines people who live there barely knew it was coming. >> all we heard was loud noise. woo. and the wind looked like just come down and went up. tonight the there is also reports of damage in pensacola, in florida a number of buildings damaged cars tossed and several people hurt there. live in newsroom tonight jadiann thompson 7 news night team. also from night time a danger drive leads to chain reaction crash send a car flying into a man. witnesses capture police giving a driver a so before i tee test after the crash. and it does does not go well tonight police tell us the
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john could cows live in weymouth what we learned about that driver. john. >> police say that driver was a drunk, and on drugs. he had to do sobriety test right here in this parking lot. and one witness got the whole thing right on his cell phone. the man was obviously intoxicated. police say this is a 51-year-old thomas mahon. falling face first into a concrete during a sobriety test. a witness caught it all on camera. weymouth officers say mahon was behind wheel drunk and on drugs when he caused a chain reaction crash. it looked like a war shown. collision happened in happened monahan's marine peter monahan says one of his employees was pulling out of the parking lot and saw a van barrelling down the breakdown lane. and so we actually tried to put it in reverse but he got hit the crash sent one of the vehicles into a 39-year-old weymouth man who was walking by. >> through him up on the van's
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ground. he had, severe facial as lacerations he was in pain. both shoes were knocked off both drivers taken to hospital along with a person hit who has life threatening injuries. mahon is under arrest at the charges. >> police say all of this is still under investigation. we're told the employee from monahan's marine here is expected to be okay. live in weymouth john cuoco, 7 news night team. >> and we're following a developing story. boaters in nebraska are republican caulks right now. and their time is running out. there's been a big turn out tonight in fact it's reported reportedly causing a problems cnn is report sources are telling them ballot shortage and marco rubio staffer says volunteers at his site were checking in voters without checking ids many candidates include donald trump and ted cruz have been out shaking hands tonight. trump has been ahead in the polls and is expect to take the win.
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that's when counting begins. >> the night team now turning to holbrook family holding out hope they will see this missing mother again she never showed up to pick up her son a day care yesterday. the night team kimberly bookman is live with her family's pleaing for are help tonight. yeah adam that missing mom was last heard from around 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon as hours continue to tick by, her family in this white house behind me is searching for answers. >> through the door of holbrook home clifford sales says he last talked to his wife judy monday, then she disappeared. >> sou you were the one who initially went to the police department reporting her missing? what happened that made you think something was strange? >> it's complicated. at this point, all police know is that judy sales left her job in taunton and was supposed to pick up their son at day care but never showed up. detectives spent hours at the family's home tuesday after they say her phone's last location was pinged in connecticut.
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connecticut? >> couldn't tell you. >> and missing mom was last seen driving a white toyota camry. police are asking anyone with information to call 911. reporting live from holbrook kimberly bookman. tonight we're hearing from at rider of that hover board in to handle. this 11-year-old was riding his favorite christmas present inside the home and that's when he says the dangerous toy began smoking and burst into flames. >> it just started smoking. it just like, i don't know how to explain it, just started smoking. so i obviously got off and then, maybe a couple seconds later it burst into flames. >> thankfully nobody was hurt. and boy says he will not be get ever. >> tonight on 7, a shoot out in the streets now headed to the big screen?
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watertown or a marathon movie. >> guess who? boston native mark wahlberg and crew asking families in watertown to relive the horror of the shoot out with at tsarnaev brothers. nick emmons how families are feeling about a possible filming there. nick. >> yeah that's right adam the movie is caused patriot's day if all goes according to plan for the studio filming would begin in early spring. and ones again, this street behind me laurel street here in watertown would echoing with gunfire three years after the marathon um bahhing light night shoot out left lasting mark along laurel street. flags proudly wavg homes still scarred from at gunfire. a constant reminder of that terrible night. >> get kind of choked up about it now when i think about it. bullet holes in metal. loretta and her husband watched it all unfold feet from this door step now they could
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screen boston own mark wahlberg and peter berg want to bring their lights, camera and action where it all played out. i'm in favor of letting people know actually what happened here. cbs films passed out fliers gunshots may ring out until midnight during filming. and people living nearby would be able to stay at hotels paid for by the producers. >> she cespedes she's confident wahlberg will do it right. i don't think he'll let anybody down. you know i've known something like this in movie he will play police sergeant at the marathon finish line actual police commissioner william evans has not heard any backlash so far. there really hasn't be because i think they've real sensitive. not everyone is on board. the homeowner where this scene played out in boat declined to be involved in the movie. for leery at that who saw so much, this film won't open up any old wounds. i don't think it's going to do any more damage that it already donewill be with us the rest of ours live. some town officials say this
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it is likely. that's latest live in watertown nick emmons, 7 news. weaver following more news tonight. people in boston and are the country now showing support for apple in its battle with f.b.i. but f.b.i. has strong support of its own microsoft found are bill gates. tim caputo is in boston where protesters gathered tonight. >> not just about our civil liberties show of support outside apple street more people take sides? the stand off between the tech company and the f.b.i. the rally only drew about a dozen people but across the u.s., groups also gathered outside other apple stores supporting the company as it refuses to help the government unlock encrepted 82 phone. people are extremely concerned about what the f.b.i. is asking apple to do in this case. this goes so far beyond one single phone. belong to syed farook killed 14 people in terrorist attack in san bernardino, california. last week federal judge ordered
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software to access the pass code locked iphone but company refused saying that technology would put every iphone at risk. most of the tech world is backed apple include facebook mark zuckerberg. i don't think requiring back doors encryption is either going to be an effective way to increase security or is really the right thing to do. microsoft founder bill gates believes it's not an unreasonable request. i do think people want the government hacked on their behalf that they feel like the safeguards are there. here boston police commissioner bill evans side with f.b.i. saying they too could benefit and potentially salve more cases. we have crimes all time where data from cell phone is very helpful for us. i have one particular homicide right now that we can't get access to phone. director of f.b.i. said this litigation is about the victims and justice not about trying to set a precedent for though at the rally don't believe it. it may only be used on this particular device it will be used on everybody's device in no time. >> and this legal battle is far
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apple plans on filing a formal appeal later this week. >> live tonight in boston tim caputo, 7 news night team up next what could possibly go wrong? we've got details on plan to transplant a bunch of endangered rattle snakes to an island in the middle of a massachusetts body of water. no thanks i'll pass. we're talking about light snow overnight tonight and then wind in new england tomorrow night. forecast up next. you won't want to pass on this. carrie underwood rocking the garden tonight. what she did d. before the show that made some very special fans very happy. take rob grown could you ski put him on cruise ship we've got inside look at gronk cruise we're living in a very
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some massachusetts families rattled tonight a state propose snakes. so the goal here to move dozens
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this isolated island in the quabbin reservoir. which i believe is the largest body of water in the state. but not everyone is on board with welcoming some of these new neighbors. susan tran live in orange with the plan. and where how it was laid out. susan. >> adam the plan is to to breed about 100 timber rattle snakes over ten years slowly release them on to island about 20 miles from here. not everybody is thrilled. plenty of people would much prefer to have snakes on pamphlet as potentially in their backyard. >> they slither and his and idea of creating island of rattle snakes for some is a nightmare. >> the top french mass wildlife trying to educations a roomful skeptic in orange native timber rattlesnake endangered and must be saved. we need place we can protect snakes from the people not other way around. the plan bring new rattle snakes with help roger williams zoo in providence.
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quabbin reservoir after ten years a hopefully snakes will be able to sustain themselves the projects has rattled some nerves. why spend money on poisonous snakes. there concern about cost and snakes which are good skwim skwim swimmer kass find their way to main land i'm thot scared of snakes it's like it doesn't bother me at all. i just think it's a waste of money. dr. french says first decade snakes will have radio transmitters. most grants will play for programs. laws don't say popular wildlife or favorite wildlife our bio diversity. for some that live along quabbin much rather remote island timber rattle snakes than none at all i'm basically all for them bringing snakes in. i think this is a wonderful idea. >> and program already rolling along with a two-year-old snakes that are set to be released on island next winter. we're live in orange tonight. susan tran, 7 news night team you can see behind there flakes
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for more of region as we go through the night. nothing like what we're seeing down south it is same storm jr. it is drawn out storm system. part of the storm right now only part of storm that features winter precipitation. even that is kind of splintered and broken up into jigsaw puzzle pieces here. one on one the route two corridor some patchy light snow up near quabbin as well. then you find another patch out near the north shore cape anne. city of boston couple burst lighter snow earlier this evening now shut down. then second wave of presip working up through the south coast. heading for city boston. as that second wave comes into metro boston stone in form of rain drops there left over cold air this will be concern overnight tonight is instead of rain it will be in the form of some freezing rain. that's case even a 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. might be a little bit left over cold air for patchy freezing drizzle for most of morning commute will just feature wet
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extra time rain can slow morning commute down. we'll have rain on and off through the day tomorrow. cool and raw day. but no threat of wintery precipitation tomorrow. temperatures tomorrow morning in the upper 30s. tomorrow afternoon the numbers jump into the upper 40s. as the warm front gets closer to us warm front kind of excuse the pun snakes down to main event down here. south. this is where they have seen evening. numerous reports of tornadoes. perhaps as many as 19 tornadoes across the gulf coast states. one right here earlier this complex of thunderstorms producing a tornado along i 10. now just a line of severe thunderstorm activity. so that storm system, that moves up into new england overnight tomorrow night. now it's not going to produce tornadoes. because the storm system itself weakens. but i think there's going to be some left over wind energy with this weather system. very late tomorrow night and early thursday morning. the thursday morning commute might be a little bit dicey because we will brief heavy rain.
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morning. gusts between 40 and 50 miles per hour. then just like that, it's gone by 10 o'clock thursday morning. sun comes out. it's still mild with temperatures on thursday starting near 60 and will hang out 50s for much of the day. then much cooler air seasonal weather arrives as we work toward friday and the end of the week. so, a bit unsettled for few days we're talking periods of rain through the day tomorrow. a brief shot of heavy rain late tomorrow night and thursday morning most folks pick up an inch, inch and a half of rain. then we get into the sunshine by warm. look at that, temperatures on thursday in upper 50s. warm again this weekend. 40s on saturday. 50s on sunday. >> all right jeremy. so, he might be i don't know you can call him a party animal in his own habitat. close. and passengers arrive home early today. tonight we're getting a fist hand account of what it's like to party with gronk. there's plenty of video to prove
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three-day party tour started in miami on friday and ended monday. it was definitely worth every single pen. i would do it again in a heartbeat. >> ashe says there was plenty of gronk unmy boyfriend i got our picture with gronk i of course asked him are we going to be twerking later. he said oh, of course. she wasn't disappointed. in fact there was lot of gronk on stage. including with flow radio today. we were dancing with gronk in the crowd during flo radio today. it was a family affair. his family was so involved it was incredible. we took shots with his brothers i mean the whole experience was surreal. >> the party's lasted well into morning and everyone kept saying how much fun they had. we thought it was going to be gimmick i thought you could say we weren't sure what we were going to get. but its was the furthest fromming that. of course we had with to ask
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again next yearhis response was, we're not sure if they are going to let us back. if they do it again really let you know. but party cruise is over and gronk tweeted that he's going to be hitting the weight room soon. >> yeah. looks like he needs to, right? yeah right. carrie underwood rocky out sold out crowd at the garden before her show underwood giving special surprise for military family. they got a chance to meet with the country star before the concert tonight. and then they were given a trip to new york for a private concert. it's about giving back. so i was excited to be able to get involved and i mean such an easy thing for me to do to get to meet really incredible people and have them the at our show and put on an extra show. i mean just action i true to do things wherever i can to say thank you. there are so many emotions going on. my biggest emotion is that my family gets to enjoy this.
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it's like, this is a memory that will be able to share. >> the family was chosen through group that raises money to support military families all across this country. >> very nice. >> all right. i thought we might have lost joe amorosino to a gronk cruise. joe, are you there to do sports? i'm here. i mean don't say anything negative about gronk everyone wants to take shot a gronk. he's just he's being gronk doing what he does. coming up next in 7 sports david ortiz doing what he does. showing offspring training he's reflective he's thankful he's not putting on any nonsense or drama this year. you're going to like what he
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end now and now time for seven sports with joe amorosino. david ortiz red sox spring training speaking publicly for first time is since annoying this will be his final season and not leaving the door open for another season after this one. ortiz saying he's ready to pass the torch. age 40 ortiz says he looked around and seemed like the rest of the players were all 20 that's why he's ready to retire. big papi enters his 14th and final season with the red sox with 503 career homeruns. 27 of all time. and 18 just 18 behind ted williams who tied for 19th all time.
11:26 pm
he was reflective. >> even when i got to the big league, you never expecting it guys. all of sudden you know, toward end of your career, your name start, you know people start putting your name and numbers with those legendary. and from the outside you look at yourself you look at whole picture you are like wow, you know. it's been an unbelievable journey. ortiz one the most beloved players in baseball david price learned why yesterday. prior to this welcoming embrace, price only knew ortiz the baseball player. guy he had long standing feud with. and you get price was nervous about meeting ortiz. >> something i thought about, you know being here the last two weeks waking up ask driving on the field. is he going to be in club house when i walk in when ever i walk in food room will he be in there i get done work thing out what do i do?
11:27 pm
so for it to go the way it went, and him reaching out to me, that was, that was, that felt good. >> so the empty netter rick son scores. erickson with a smart shot. beautiful shot. with another two goals last night in 7 in the bruins last 7 games. erickson's trade value increasing by the day bruins have to make a decision before monday's trade deadline with erickson in the final year of his deal. and yes he's hearing the trade rumors. a little bit challenging. like i said, i'm just trying to play my game and not worry that much about what's going on around there. so all i can do just play. yeah. i mean, bee like it here in boston, my family and everything. like i said, that's, that's we will see what happens here in
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>> claude julien give brew apes a day off and rest up after another loss on their home ice last night. they will try again tomorrow night hosting city crosby and penguins. that's sports. all right joe. thank you. here's jimmy with what's coming up next on the tonight show. hey guys kevin spacey my guest tonight plus bill melinda gates. great show. do none the change the channel. it's good. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers.
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who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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that is our time on this tuesday night. as always we thank you for sharing some of your valuable time with us and jimmy fallon is next. i'm adam williams i'm kim khazei. so a little dicey tomorrow. we'll here in morning 7 news continues at 5:00 a.m. for that so it's all up hill after that.
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