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tv   Today  NBC  February 24, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. welcome to nesday wednesday. we're so happy you're here. it's february 24th. that is bad man by pit bull featuring robin thicke. >> you can't beat that. >> oh, yeah you can. >> wayne brady was singing. >> wayne brady is our triple threat. he's a guy who does everything. >> and is fearless. completely fearless.
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extremely daring for one night only right here in manhattan. >> nothing else to do but kinky boots and all the other shows he's on. >> we're going to get to you. plus, whether you are a fan of -- from the "scream 4" thriller or "younger" there's a good looking and talented guy named nico tortorella. you know how we know he's good looking? we have a calendar. we were just paging through the months. >> because we had time. >> there was just extra time. and this is just an advertisement for his -- which is your favorite? >> uh -- >> well, it is not this one. it's not october. that scares me. >> let's go to our birth month. >> this is august. this is ours. sweet. >> and jill is here to keep you warm with her fun fashion finds. that's going to be a little drinky for all of us. >> you know what that is. >> don't give it away. ready for your words of
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>> close your eyes and zen out. wayne for you, too. i refuse to walk carefully through life only, too rive safely at death. paulo coelho. "i refuse to walk carefully through life only to arrive safely at date death." you know people are so afraid to live. and then it's over. >> you really say, is that all there is? is that all their is >> what did you think, wayne? >> i walk here, and now i feel alive. >> we're going to play our little wine wednesday. we're going to -- we have this thing called a wine bot. one is team klg. one is hoda. you vote with your hashtag on twitter. when you vote, the wine glass fills up. we find out who has more love for the questions.
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>> this is our third time doing it and one of us has won twice so far, but don't vote out of compassion. it's got to really be what you think. okay? >> "the wall street journal" -- i can't win on this wine bot thing. "the wall street journal" had an article. they were trying to figure out what's the right temperature to fall asleep and to stay asleep. "the wall street journal" agrees with kathie lee who says that the right temperature is between 60 and 65. why do you think 60 and 65? >> because that's the most comfortable for me. i like to sleep without anything on and i like to be very cozy and -- >> you see what she just did? she got her wine bot going again. i like to sleep naked. kathie lee, kathie lee, kathie lee. >> no, i don't like to be hot. especially when you've been through menopause. you don't ever want to be hot one or time again in your life.
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>> is the most comfortable. >> i say i like 65 and warmer. >> hoda, you told us 70 to 72 in the -- >> no, what i said -- >> what i said. let me finish my statement. how can you finish anything here with all kinds of people rooting against you. okay. my ideal temp is 70. i'll tell you why. i like to sleep with pajamas on. and i don't like to be freeze, and i don't like to be burning up. 70 is right in the middle. it's a nice temp to sleep fop 70 is comfortable for those -- >> that's wasn't the question. "the wall street journal" said -- >> for you. i said 70 is right for me. >> what was the other temperature they gave us. >> they didn't give us. >> what did hoda say in the dressing room? >> 70 and up.
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>> i didn't say and up. >> what do you like to sleep? do you wear clothes, wayne? >> no. i like to be comfortable, but i'll go with the 60 to 65. >> most men like 60 to 65. >> you know, we're always compromising for our husbands and spouses. they are just like put more sweaters on. it's just more comfortable for me. we always do what they want. i like to do what i want every now and then. please vote for me. don't you do it for your boyfriend or husband? >> so sad. >> for all of you who are upset because -- wait. i'm going to make my case. >> last chance. >> for all of you who are upset because your husband always decides what the temp is and you have to put on a hot and gloves and scarf and mittens and get under the covers so he feels good, tweet at team hoda. >> look.
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now it's working. now it's working. thank you. >> for standing up -- >> it's a mercy bot. >> stand up for yourself. >> it looked a little -- >> that's all i've got, wayne. it's not really working for me. >> it's the naked thing. it's the naked thing. >> there you go, baby. >> all right. nude. here's this new app jimmy kimmel showed on his show. he's obsessed with this app. it's the masquerade app but if you want to find it it's msqrd. there were faces of other people like celebs and whatnot and they match it up with your face. here's kathie lee with leonardo dicaprio. here's me with leo. >> we both look like jesus. >> we do. >> here is kath as a
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here's you riding a bike. here's you scary. okay. how about this one. how about this one? look at this one. oh, i like this one. disco. you can't see it? >> no, it's fine. we see it. >> mildly amuse ing. >> fun. >> you look kind of like me. >> that's just like a person who needs a shave or -- >> do this one. open your mouth. >> okay. >> where was the doggy thing. >> let's do this one. >> the doggy thing is on the other one. >> i'm losing wine bot. >> you are. you are losing. it's so sad. >> oh, wait, no. >> i want you to look at it. wayne, look what's happening. all the women were upset about having to -- thank you. thank you, ladies.
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>> it's neck and neck. >> now it doesn't even matter. >> it's neck and neck because -- >> no, it's neck and neck. >> because you were pathetic, and they love you and people want you to win once in a while. >> naked. >> stop saying naked. >> nude. >> last night celine dion returned to the stage in las vegas and really has -- quite soon, i think, after the death of her husband of 21 years and her brother. rene passed away on january 14th, i believe. and she was greeted with a standing ovation. started with a photo of rene and the quote, i understood that my career was in a way his masterpiece. i realized if he ever left us, i would have to continue without him for him. so she started the concert with singing the song with one more look at you. take a look.
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where does my heart beat now where is the sound that only echoed through the night where does me heart beat now can't live without >> that's not the song we were going to go to. are we going to play the other one? >> we're looking. >> no. okay. >> she spoke after the song, obviously, was all emotional for her. here's what's she said after it. >> and nothing has changed. we will always be one. you know, i do not hear his voice yet, but i talk to him, i think of him all the time. i feel and i know he hears me.
11:10 am
will give me a sign for ha proval or not. and now i can feel that he's telling me to zip it and start singing. >> that's got to be hard. >> everybody is different. everybody has different ways of coping. she's lovely. we wish her all the best. she also said he sat in the audience for every single show she ever did and he would on the way home tell her in a lovely way how she could be better the next time. >> when you think about it -- >> keep it going, eric. >> he was really the only -- >> what just happened? did we have two full ones already? >> oh, and one is still going strong.
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i'm telling you. >> i don't think so. >> we wish her well. hollywood's biggest night is this weekend. where are you going to watch it? >> i don't know. how about you? >> i don't know. >> get ready for the oscars with a game of "who knew." and wayne brady explains after the challenges facing the country never stop. so neither does the u.s. army. we train. adapt. and get smarter. every soldier. every unit. every day. not to keep up with change; but to drive it. nobody knows what problems tomorrow will bring. but we do know who
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her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today. he an act, sing, dance and make you laugh with no script necessary. >> we're talking about emmy winner wayne brady who is everywhere from "whose line is it anyway" to his daily game show "let's make a deal" to "kinky boots" on broadway. >> he's got to make a living. >> i know. >> but wait, there's more. he's joining a long list of celebrities in "white rabbit red rabbit." and what makes this play so
11:15 am
for only one night only without a rehearsal. and with the script they haven't seen until they hit the stage. >> crazy. >> why would one want to do it? most people don't understand what you do for improv which is scary great and, really, you guys on that show are so brilliant. >> we loved having you. that was so much fun. and you are game. >> shall we start with -- >> let's just relive a little so people can see in case they missed kathie. >> folks on twitter were talking about it. kathie you're so fine just like hoda we can drink a little wine just like you and me it's brady and lee like it's supposed to be your bottle of chardonnay i want to make love to you so we'll bring a bottle of zinfandel >> you, oh, you were -- >> what's was going on there? >> nothing.
11:16 am
>> i was a witness. like i was participating but really the show was about you. we were just watching you. you -- >> it was ridiculous. >> loved it. talked about how much fun that is. >> please have hoda on. >> i'd love to have you on the show. >> speaking of mercy, can i say one thing? guess who is winning by 15 tweets in the wine bot. >> it's because of mercy, hoda. i'm sorry. it's not winning. >> people are kind. >> so wayne, you are doing this show where you get the script. is it moments before? is it right before you get on stage? >> i'm told, unless the publicist from the show is here to correct me, i think it's right before you go on. >> they hand you a script -- >> you walk on. it's the ultimate in cold reading. if you are an actor you know what the cold reading is. whatever choices you make there in the moment is what the
11:17 am
it's not that -- because it's not an improvisational piece but the fact that you have to be so in the moment and the choices you make, you just have to go and stick with it right then. >> you have an advantage because you've had to do that for years on "whose line is it anyway." >> each of the people from whoopee to a lot of the folks lined up, martin short, everyone that's doing is, they all have a great tool chest to pull from. so the improv thing helps but it's not thedefining thing. it's more about just being open. >> how long are you due on stage for "kinky boots." >> march 27th is when i finish. you have to come and check me out. between" kinky boots" and doing "white rabbit red rabbit" to something that is so -- i've never done anything like that. >> when are you doing this? >> it's on a monday night. it's after i wrap. i think i'm doing it on --
11:18 am
>> april 4th. >> good things to know. >> are you going to miss "kinky boots" when it's over? >> i'm going to miss the show and every single person in it. but, there we go. i've got everyone there and it's really changed my life. i've got to thank jerry mitchell and daryl. the producer. it's -- what's an amazing family to be a part of. >> you are good in those heels. >> i'm killing it. >> i can't believe it. >> my buddy andy and gina -- >> great cast. >> congratulations on everything. >> we love you. >> we love you. steaming up the small screen as the younger man. >> nico tortorella opens up about meeting older women in real life. >> he likes when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar?
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mmmm mmmm....mmmm mmm mmm mmmm
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ly is the hot hollywood heartthrob starring in one of the most talked about tv series. nico tortorella. artist. "younger." now the character has come clean about her real age, the couple may/december romance. >> they have sham feign champagne here? >> only champagne and beer. >> what's are we celebrating? >> i got this crazy call today. the magazine wants me to be in their young creatives edition. >> that's great. what's the magazine? >> "t" magazine. >> you're going to be in "the new york times"? tell me everything. >> looks like you're getting along just fine. could have had a little conflict there. >> everything is good right now. >> but it's going to hit the fan soon. >> the whole show in general,
11:23 am
>> how did she reveal to you her age? >> we did some ecstasy at a party. >> what? >> it happens, hoda. >> and then -- >> she was just feeling really light and happy and she's like, i'm 40. >> i was like, i'm a fisherman is what i said. and then i like processed the whole thing and dealt with it. >> what's your real take on date dating older women? >> i'm all for it. >> you've done it. >> when i was 19 i dated a woman who was 33. still one of my best friends. >> what do people that are important in your life say about it at the time. were people just cool with it? >> no. >> i honestly never really listen to what people have to say. but, you know, people had opinions about everything. >> we noticed in your calendar which weadmiring. >> did they make you do this? >> no.
11:24 am
wouldn't it be funny if we did a josh calendar. i said it's not that funny. let's just do it. we came up with it. >> what's with all the tats. does each have a sig enough canc? >> this is a mix between my real tattoos and josh's tattoos. so all of the like skulls on my arms are -- >> those are yours? >> no, those are josh tattoos. >> the other ones are yours? >> that skull on the side is mine. my chest tattoos are mine. but not the stars. it's hard to tell. >> does each one mean something, the real ones? >> of course. i wasn't just like, i want a6. >> no? >> yeah, a lot of them are my artwork. >> do your parents like the tattoos? >> my mom took me to get my first tattoo when i was 15. she highly regrets that decision now that i have like 26.
11:25 am
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it's wines day wednesday. ready to play "who knew." the 88th academy awards will be held this sunday night. we want to find out how much you know about oscar-winning movies and actors. hoda is over at 30 rock shop ready to hand out 100 bucks to anyone who answers correctly. for those who don't, it's even better because they get one of her signed brand-new books. here with me to play is fandango managing editor eric davis. welcome. >> thank you for having me. >> let's head to hoda. >> what's your name? where are you from? >> i'm becky from ft. worth, texas. >> you're going to get this one.
11:31 am
identify this 1994 movie that won best picture at the 1967 academy awards. >> yes. >> life is like a box of chocolates. >> run, forest, run. >> six oscars including best actor for tom hanks who had won the previous year for "philadelphia." no other actor or actress has won back-to-back oscars since hank hanks did it. eddie redmayne could do it. >> it's looking like leo's year. >> i'm kim from missouri. >> kim wants my book, so, there. are you ready? we're going to listen to this one. name this oscar-winning film score.
11:32 am
or out of africa? >> b, titanic. >> b, titanic it is. >> you can buy four. >> that was such a haunting score. beautiful, beautiful. >> this movie was the king of the world at the oscars. it won 11 which tied a record. only three films have won 11. >> ben hur and "lord of the rings: return of the king." but its stars did not win anything however both nominated. leo for the revenant and kate. ies. >> all right, hoda. >> from michigan. >> everybody say it. ishpeming. this actor received his first oscar nomination this year. a, mark ruffalo, b, bryan cranston or c, christian bale.
11:33 am
is she right? oh. wait, wait, wait. >> everybody is a winner. christian bale, right, is -- he's so good in this movie. >> bryan cranston. >> we've seen bryan cranston win awards before. >> emmys and tonys? >> exactly. >> he plays a real life screenwriter in "trumble." four out of five of the best actor played real-life individuals. only one not real is matt damon in "the martian." some think that really happened. it did not happen. >> i haven't seen "the martian yet." everybody that has seen it loves it. >> we have to say good-bye? >> just one more. >> one more. what's your name? >> mary from pennsylvania. >> mary from pennsylvania. i feel you'll get this. which of these musicians has not won an academy award. prince?
11:34 am
>> i would say a, prince. >> would she be right? >> yea! >> no, it's the new guy on the team. >> yeah, sam smith. prince won, of course, my jam "purple rain" and john legend won last year for "glory" from selma and sam smith "writing on the wall." won the golden globe for "spectre." jill martin has some fun finds for any fashion emergency
11:35 am
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stopping chantix. some had seizures while taking chantix. if you have any of these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of mental health problems, which could get worse or of seizures. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you have these, stop chantix and call your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have heart or blood vessel problems, or develop new or worse symptoms. get medical help right away if you have symptoms of a heart attack or stroke. decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. life as a non-smoker is a whole lot of fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. if you've ever come home with your feet soaked from the rain. >> or your pant hem has come loose at the office. >> don't fret. jill martin is here with
11:39 am
>> is that why our hands are immersed? >> you know when it rains and you are walking with your umbrella and it flaps up. that happened yesterday to me. and i was so frustrated i was looking for an umbrella that as windy as it could get. highest winds and it won't flap back. >> why? >> it's structured in here where it's webbed so that's it will never flap up so you'll stay dry. >> what about your hair? >> no, my hair is not great. >> it's perfect. >> is it expensive or okay? >> it's expensive. it's $29.95. and it preserves your blow-out which was much more expensive than that. so these will keep your extremities dry. if you'd take off your gloves right now. let's take your gloves off. they'll be totally dry. >> i can feel they are. >> the only way to get water in
11:40 am
of course you can never get them off. >> wear them skiing and things like that? >> skiing or a wet day when if you get to your location and take them off, there's nothing worse. >> my hands are wet now pulling off your glove. >> go on without me. it will take a while to get these off. remember when i was little i loved these freaky freezies. when you put them in ice they turn into something else. you were this? >> yes. >> it's for adults now. we took them out too long. this changes into a unicorn. i love these. $34. this is -- it's winesday wednesday. it's a glove with a built-in flask. >> what's? >> now she's up. wet feet and all. >> that is from rh, restoration hardware. >> $22. >> thank you. >> you're going to like this.
11:41 am
>> thank you. >> one voice it has built-in headphones. >> oh, my god, jill. >> i'm missing everything. >> there's a beautiful song on here that i know you'll love. >> come here, kathie. you'll love this. you're going to be so happy. nighty night. nighty night. >> it's a kathie lee song. >> doesn't it feel so soothing? >> i love that song. >> isn't that soothing? >> there are copies available, about 6 million. >> so we're all walking to work in our uggs or flats and our pants are too long. these are from ricky's nyc. and it wilhelm your pants when
11:42 am
and then boot clips. bed bath & it holds your pants down in the boots so it doesn't scrunch up. >> gives you like a stirrup underneath it? >> i'm modeling this. i have a credit card that fits into my felt so you don't have to -- >> that's so smart. and it stays in. >> almost like a fannie pack. >> they are coming back. >> this is a paper towel holder with usb to organize in your house. all the usb. n it's a wine stopper. and the only muffin tops we want in our fashion emergency is a cupcake. it's a muffin top cupcake holder with pants. >> i love these. i just wanted to make them work into the segment.
11:43 am
>> let's bring those back. coming up, liliana has a closet full of the hottest shoes for spring. you know what they are? love for less. and the man behind some of the
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okay. if you look back to some of your favorite films, chances are the guy sitting with us right now had something to do with it. >> chris columbus. that's his real name. he's directed so many hits from "home alone" to the first two films in the "harry potter" franchise and the golden globe winning movie "mrs. doubtfire" starring the late, great robin williams. >> now he's behind "the young messiah" inspired by scripture. it imagines a year in jesus' boyhood.
11:49 am
the boy was here. >> did you do that? >> yes. >> who are you? >> you saved me once before. >> it was you. >> you were also at bethlehem. >> how could you know that? >> oh. >> it's so good. and another congratulations in order. >> thank you very much. >> beautiful big budget you did. it's all on the screen. it's all there. >> how do you pick these projects. this is different from the other ones. >> especially" mrs. doubtfire." >> the interesting thing, it's all about story for me. it's about telling a great story. and it has to have a lot of emotion. has to really move the audience in a big way. those are the stories i'm attracted to. >> this is the greatest story
11:50 am
we see so many faith-based films about the life of jesus. there's a good one out right now called "risen." this is from an anne rice novel. >> called "christ the lord" which imagines the 7-year-old jesus coming to terms with who he is and who he is about to become. what's interesting about the movie is it base ically instills faith in people and restores people's faith. we're dealing with something that's not part of scripture. how do we do that? and you get a team of theologians over your shoulder mistake. >> they disagree a lot. >> right now they agree on this movie, so that's good. >> a little boy that plays jesus is so good and so great to see shawn beam. >> one of the great actors. >> he was here with us. >> he was. >> he is always the ferocious guy you're terrified of. >> i was terrified of him the
11:51 am
>> as we're sitting here, there's a set of eyes on us, your lovely daughter. you've teamed up to work together. she's an nyu student. >> she hasn't teamed up with me yet. it's my other daughter eleanor who graduated from nyu. violet is the third to graduate. >> they are all in the business? >> it's part of the family business. we'll see. everyone wants to do different things. they are out there trying. >> but are they talented? >> they are so talented. has nothing to do with nepotism. >> we love the movie. find the young messiah. it is in theaters march 11th. it's deeply moving. step out in style. lilliana invites you in her dressing room for the latest styles in shoes.
11:52 am
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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11:55 am
we come. >> everybody's favorite. every lady's love for shoes. >> we've got this. olivia polermo was in rocking her block heel and mary kate olson was seen with a block heel sandal. >> it's not for everyone. >> i love you. >> but you found some. >> people love this shoe because it's more comfortable. so you guys are going to guess shoes. get a good look at them. metallic, silver. what do you think the price on this particular pair of shoes is? you were cheating. you were trying to look at the label. >> all under 50, right? >> it's under 50? >> well, $75. i didn't know it was under 50. >> $48. >> and the reveal is $32. very close. these are adorable and so comfortable. next pair, the lace-up gladiator.
11:56 am
>> gladiator will not die. >> it will not die. you can try to kill it, but it will not die. >> i have it. >> $40. >> $24. >> and the answer is -- >> $35. >> from old navy. they come in other colors as well. >> again, another gladiator. this has buckles on the side. you can wear it with anything. >> that's going to be a little more. >> you're good. >> $48. >> oh, my gosh. >> $38. >> this is for fun. >> the booties. guess on this one? >> $47. >> i'll say $48. >> these are only $25. charlotte russo. >> what's the last one? >> my favorite because they're lilac. >> darling. >> really quick guesses? >> $26. >> $42. >> kathie lee gifford knows her shoes. look at that. >> these are available at >> and i won wine bot. i've had a good day.
11:57 am
>> we'll solve all your pefrky y pesky house problems. plus, joy bauer turns two of our favorite junk foods into healthy joy foods.
11:58 am
>> next on 7 news at noon: >> christa: breaking news out of ran doll. a teenager struck and killed crossing a busy intersection. an investigation under way. and we are on the scene. >> sarah: a dangerous drive in weymouth. the driver now facing serious charges of causing a chain reaction crash. it left a pedestrian hurt. >> christa: police trying ofind a mother who suddenly vanished. >> sarah: several states dealing with deadly tornadoes. >> chris: tornado from the mid-atlantic down through the carolinas. this weather will work in
11:59 am
more on the forecast ahead.
12:00 pm
i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options. aging happens. we make it easier. >> this is 7 news at noon. >> christa: breaking news at noon today. a 15-year-old girl has now died after being hit by a car in randolph. this happened last night when the teen was crossing a busy intersection. crews did rush her to a local hospital where sadly, she was later pronounced dead. >> sarah: right now no charges have been filed. an investigation is under way. 7's byron barnett live from randolph with more on this breaking story.


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