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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  February 24, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options. aging happens. we make it easier. >> this is 7 news at noon. >> christa: breaking news at noon today. a 15-year-old girl has now died after being hit by a car in randolph. this happened last night when the teen was crossing a busy intersection. crews did rush her to a local hospital where sadly, she was later pronounced dead. >> sarah: right now no charges have been filed. an investigation is under way. 7's byron barnett live from randolph with more on this breaking story.
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this girl and her family. she was crossing this busy street in randolph last night when she was hit by a car and killed. now, laura viera of east boston, a few days shy of her 16th birthday was pronounced dead after being transported to milton hospital last night. her family members were at the hospital and are now mourning her death. police say laura was on foot crossing north main at oak street in randolph around 8:00 last night when she was hit by a 2000 chrysler lhs sedan. police say she was in the crosswalk at the time but that the driver did have the green light. police say the driver, a 21-year-old randolph man stayed at the scene and was cooperative. investigators say there is no evidence of alcohol or drugs. >> what we believe so far is that the driver of the vehicle did stop and make himself known to police and he gave statement. we believe that the young girl was in the crosswalk at the time.
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green light. and it was snowing very heavily at the time of the accident last night. >> reporter: now, no charges filed at this time. no word on whether the victim was looking at her cell phone or had headphones on. the accident is still under investigation. police say right now their main concern is the snowy weather conditions at the time. now, laura's mother and sister were reached at their house in east boston this morning. but they were too distraught to say anything. we received late word that confirmation... that laura viera was a student in the boston public schools. we are expecting a statement from the schools any moment now. that is the latest live here in randolph. i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> sarah: a dreary day. it appears we could have this wet weather going into tomorrow. meteorologist chris lambert for more on the forecast.
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in terms of the rain, still some patches of freezing rain. northern worcester county up into northwestern middlesex county and southern new hampshire. west of nashua. freezing rain, a little bit of an issue there until 4:00 p.m. that is when the winter weather advisory does expire. all right. winds gusting 40-60 miles an hour late tonight into tomorrow morning. we will likely see this most prone here in this area down massachusetts. high wind watch there. 41 in boston. 44 in plymouth. 49 in bedford. still close to freezing west and north of 495 at this point. we have had some areas of drizzle. haven't had a whole lot of rain yet. more showers down through new york city and long island. this will work in through the evening commute here. then we will watch the severe weather break out through the carolinas with the warmth that breaks out. this air is moving northbound. that means the potential here for some downpours, strong wind gusts and even thunder overnight tonight as the temperatures surge. looking for the highest winds and the strongest downpours, past midnight tonight through
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more on the forecast ahead. >> christa: people in at least four states are trying to recover after deadly tornadoes there. the damage, all the way from pensacola, florida to louisiana is quite extensive. take a look at these trucks. therm tossed around by the winds. flash flood warnings have been issued also in georgia. and in alabama. and some areas, as you can see, are devastated by this system. here is kris anderson with a closer look. >> kris: strong storms leaving thousands in the dark. 7 tornadoes hit louisiana and southeast mississippi including one that leveled an r.v. park in louisiana killing two people. but it could have been much worse. >> i will be honest with you. it is a minor miracle that we are talking about two fatalities. >> kris: at least 0 more people were sent to the hospital. swefl critical injuries. there were nearly 170 trailers in the park. most of them had people inside. those trailers along with trucks, picked up ands toed
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just southeast of baton rouge, part of a gym torn apart while people worked out inside. people there say they didn't see the twisters coming until the last second. >> i could see the top of the tornado coming down. going across... looked like across the road there. the doors started sucking in where we were at back there. >> kris: one man took video of three water spouts on lake pontchartrain north of new orleans. in pensacola, florida, the national weather service confirmed it was a tornado that slammed into an apartment complex afterdark. severely damaging three buildings and leaving thousands without power in the area. kris anderson, 7 news. >> sarah: also on 7: a high-profile murder trial with ties to the kennedy family returning to court today. supreme court is hearing arguments on whether or not to reinstate michael skakel's murder conviction. let's head live to hartford right now. there you see steve cooper. he has a close look at some of the arguments. steve? right.
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highest court here in hartford, connecticut. continuing. morning. they are ongoing right now. the kennedy cousins, well, his fate is hanging in the balance prosecutors arguing before the connecticut supreme court right now that michael skakel's murder conviction should be reinstated. skakel is the nephew of robert kennedy's widow ethel kennedy. now, skakel was convicted and sentenced to 20 years to life behind bars for bludgeoning then 15-year-old martha moxley to death in her connecticut home back in 1975. the two were neighbors at the time. in 2013, skakel was granted a new trial and released on a million dollars bail. judge bishop at the time, ruled that skakel's lawyer michael sherman failed to argue that skakel's brother could have been responsible for the murder. michael skakel admitted to two women at one point that he was aware his brother had sexual contact with moxley the night of the murder. and that's what triggered it. prosecutors want justices to
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>> from 1998 until 2002, at the time of sentencinging, mr. sherman represented mr. skakel. and during that time, he assembled a team of lawyers and other professionals to assist in the defense of mr. skakel. >> you cut through all of what happened here. and there are a lot of specifics. this defendant did not get fast fair shake. i don't think the court has to go any further than the issue involving the alibi. and it doesn't have to decide all these other issues that you have before you. in order to sustain judge bishop's opinion. >> reporter: so the hearing before the connecticut supreme court continues at this hour. it is unclear when the justices will issue their ruling. we are live in hartford, connecticut, steve cooper, 7 news. >> christa: more news for you now. police in weymouth say this
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actually fell face-first during his field sobriety test. they believe the he is also responsible for a chain-reaction crash that seriously jarred man who was just walking by at the time. let's go to weymouth right now. victoria warren has the latest. vicky? >> reporter: we are actually at quincy district court. that is where this suspect was supposed to come to appear before a judge. we are told that the suspect remains in the hospital, and he is going to have a judge visit him there for the arraignment. he has a broken nose. he may have pneumonia. witnesses couldn't believe the crash. they couldn't believe what they saw during the field sobriety test. cell phone video shows a drunk driving suspect falling flat on his face during a field sobriety test. this video taken moments after a serious accident that left someone walking on the street with life-threatening injuries. >> it looked like a war zone. it looked pretty bad. >> reporter: police say this man was behind the wheel.
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say. the weymouth accident happened right in front of monahan marine. a van was barreling down the breakdown lane. >> we tried to put it in reverse. he got hit. >> reporter: the suspect out... the suspect's out of control car crashed into him. >> knocked him over. over to here. he landed on the ground. he had severe facial lacerations. and he was in pain. both his shoes were knocked off. >> reporter: the man driving the second car, he is expected to be okay. the suspect remains in the hospital. he will have a hospital arraignment later this
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victoria warren, 7 news. >> reporter: two detectives returned to the holbrook home of a mother who hasn't been heard from since monday afternoon. police say judy sales left her job in taunton and was supposed to pick up her son at day care but never showed up. detectives spent hours at the family's home yesterday, meeting with sales' husband. he tells 7 news he reported her missing. >> what has happened that made you think something was strange? >> it is complicated. >> reporter: police say sales was last seen driving a white camry with the license plate 19-tn 38. detectives tracked sales' cell phone to connecticut but say it has since been turned off. >> they are still working on it. >> reporter: nobody has heard from sales since monday afternoon. local and state police are working on this case. they say they don't suspect
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in holbrooke,, 7 news. >> we love nevada! we love nevada! thank you. >> christa: it is now three wins in a row for donald trump who garnered nearly half the caucus votes out in nevada with all the precincts now reporting. donald trump had 46%. marco rubio edging out ted cruz for second place with 24%. cruz coming in third with 21%. very close there. and ben carson and john kasich rounding out the top five. and in typical fashion, trump did not hold back one bit in his victory speech. here is brandon gunnoe with more on what he had to say. >> we love nevada! we love nevada! thank you. north vegas, donald trump hit another jackpot. cashing in his third straight win. >> if you listen to the pundits, we weren't expected to win too much. now we are win, winning, winning. the country. >> reporter: trump won several dem graphics. >> we won with young. we won with old.
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we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> reporter: ted cruz came in third behind rubio in this latest contest but spoke like he is the alternative to trump. >> the only campaign that has beaten donald ump and the only campaign that can beat donald trump is this campaign. >> reporter: 12 states will hold their contests on super tuesday next week. including cruz's home state of texas. on the today show, marco rubio said take every political campaign from the past and throne it out the window. >> this is a very unusual year and an a very unusual process. the nevada caucuses are atypical. i respect nevada very much. that process was different than the rest of the country. here is the fact. the vast and overweaponing majority of republicans do not want donald trump to be our nominee. >> reporter: donald trump was live on the phone on today immediately after rubio and was asked why he thinks rubio isn't attacking him. >> maybe because 14 people went afterme and 14 people are officially gone.
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i mean, i seem to have a good track record when they go after me. >> reporter: rubio wasn't even in nevada last night. his campaign says they are moving forward and focusing on super tuesday. brandon gunnoe, 7 news. >> christa: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are up next on saturday. they hold a primary down in south carolina. and it is on on to super tuesday coming up in less than a week which includes massachusetts. >> sarah: coming up at noon, we have details on the plan to transplant endangered rattle snakes to an island in the middle of a massachusetts >> christa: look at. this a boston robot that is wowing the web with some of its abilities. >> chris: pretty good balance there in the snow, of all things. no snow for us this afternoon. plenty of rain and a gusty wind will follow tonight. the forecast coming up. >> sarah: carrie underwood rocking the garden. what she did before the show made some special fans very
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> greg: good afternoon, everyone. 41 in boston. 41 in winthrop. 42 in hull. no freezing issues across eastern massachusetts. temperatures much too warm to support the ice. upper 30's, low 40's across cape ann. back into worcester county, west of 495, different story. still close to the freezing mark. sterling at 32. 3 in fitchburg. in auburn. there may be some patches of freezing rain and freezing drizzle here the next couple of hours. west of 495. eventually, that cold air will lose out overnight tonight. even deep inland. already losing the cold air down through southeastern massachusetts. west bridgewater at 45. west wareham coming in at 48. 48 in bourne as well. we will be in the 50's later on this afternoon down through southeastern massachusetts. a few slick spots, though, north and west of 495. the rest of afternoon. before we can scour out that
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and the mild air does surge on in. now, we haven't seen a tremendous amount of downpours rolling through so far this morning. into the early afternoon. but steadier showers now beginning to be seen here on the radar. down through rhode island. especially back through connecticut. into long island. a couple of embedded downpours with this. this is going to work in before the evening commute. s so around 2:00, 3:00, a lot of us seeing some steadier showers starting to roll on in. then you catch a little lull here. what we are expecting to happen later on this afternoon is for a tremendous amount of thunderstorm activity to break out down through the mid-atlantic, down into the carolinas. some of which will become severe. the tornado risk is pretty high for the mid-atlantic down not that we are expected to see a lot of thunderstorms here in new england. a lot of moisture energy does work in, providing us with downpours, gusty winds, and tonight. you can see that showing up here on the forecast model. massachusetts. then this will slowly edge its way eastbound during the
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>> you are going to get woken up by thunder and gusty winds, it would probably happen 2:00, 3:00, 4:00 in the morning. then much of the activity shoves itself off to the east. once that occurs, we will taper off the rain. likely or just before the morning commute. i do expect the downpours to be gone for thursday morning's commute. the rest of the days, mainly dry. still a breeze out there. gusty at times. 40-50 miles an hour across southeastern massachusetts. certainly, a possibility on thursday. watch the temperature pattern here as we go through the next 24 hours. finally, by late tonight, we are all in the 50's. we will scour out that cold air. generally speaking, an inch to an inch and a half of rain. closer to an inch with a lot of downpours copping on through. wide range in temperatures this afternoon. 35, northwest of 495. 50 down through southeastern massachusetts. temperatures warming up overnight tonight. thunder and the wind. gusty winds still tomorrow. for more on the storm, turn it over to danielle. >> danielle: thanks, chris. that system is right now bringing severe weather from florida all the way up into
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and keep in mind, yesterday the system did bring deadly tornadoes to the gulf states. and for today, this is where you have the moderate risk for those tornadoes to occur. the areas in red. from north carolina into virginia, this is where the highest tornado risk for possibly damaging and isolated tornadoes is today. as we head into the overnight hours and into tomorrow, we are dealing with the high winds also. in addition to the rain. because of that, we have a high wind watch that goes into effect for much of southeastern massachusetts, the cape and the islands. at midnight tonight, that lasts until 8:00 tomorrow. that is because of these winds. you can see at midnight, those gusty winds getting close to 50 miles per hour. then we could see wind gusts anywhere from 50-60 miles per hour. these are early tomorrow morning. but it will stay breezy throughout the day tomorrow. chris, back to you. >> chris: a warm wind direction for us tomorrow. we will turn it back out of the west late in the day an on friday. that will dry us out. providing some cool weather
12:20 pm
also some quiet weather friday, saturday, and into sunday. really after we get beyond the early morning downpours tomorrow, i don't see a whole lot of precipitation over the next several days. we will start the weekend off cold saturday morning. but near 50 by sunday. >> sarah: a new home for poisonous snakes. details on the state's plan to put them on a local island. hoping they breed and multiply. >> christa: a special sold-out show at the garden.
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>> christa: a proposal by massachusetts wildlife officials leaving some people feeling rattled. the state is trying to relocate rattle snakes to an isolated island in the cab quinn reservoir. >> sarah: some people say they aren't sold on the idea. susan tran has more. hiss. and the idea of creating an island of rattle snakes for some, is sa nightmare. tom french from massachusetts wildlife trying to educate a room full of skeptics in orange. that the native timber must be saved. can protect the snakes from the people. not the other way around. >> reporter: the plan? breed new rattle snakes with the help of roger williams zoo in providence. then put them on this island in the quabbin reservoir. after ten years, hopefully, the snakes will sustain themselves. the project has rattled some nerves.
12:24 pm
poisonous snakes? >> there is a concern about cost. and that the snakes which are good swimmers can find their way to the main land. >> i'm not scared of snakes. i have caught them. all my life. it doesn't bother me at all. i think it is a waste of money. >> reporter: for the first decade, the snakes will have radio transmitters. mostly grants will pay for the programs. >> the laws don't say our popular wildlife or our favorite wildlife. it is biodiversity. >> extinct is forever. >> i'm basically all for them bringing the snakes in. this is a wonderful idea. >> reporter: susan tran, 7 news. >> christa: up next, a special surprise for a military family. they get the opportunity of a lifetime at the garden last
12:25 pm
the world a president has to grapple with. imagine. that's the job. she can get it done. in nuclear weapons... of women... ...protecting social security... national guard... million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world real difference for you.
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>> sarah: carrie underwood
12:27 pm
one family. >> christa: a busy lady. after that, she rocked out at the td garden. performing in front of a sold-out show last night. she is performing her hit "last name." >> you guys are reddy for the show. >> christa: she surprise as local military family. coast guard officer and his family had the chance to meet with her in person. as you see here. they were given a trip to new york for a special private concert, too. >> it is about giving back. so i was excited to be able to get involved and i mean, it is such an easy thing for me to do, to meet some incredible people. and have them on our shows: and put on an extra show. i mean, it is just... i try to do things wherever i can to say thank you. >> there are so many emotions going on. my biggest emotion is that my family gets to enjoy. this we get to enjoy it together. you know, this is, like, a memory we will be able to
12:28 pm
>> christa: the family was chosen through a group that military families across the country. >> sarah: that is great. i would have loved to seen her show. >> christa: those two little girls look thrilled there. >> chris: a little bit of snow and ice overnight. thunderstorms and gusty winds tonight. the forecast ahead. >> christa: a teenager struck and killed crossing a busy intersection. details your daughter wants your husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. from artificial preservatives. and your debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with
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stop & shop's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 items. eat well for less.
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>> christa: a 15-year-old girl
12:31 pm
in randolph. this happened last night as she was crossing a busy intersection. crews rushed her to a local hospital where she was later pronounced dead. >> sarah: no charges have been filed. an investigation is under way. byron barnett live from randolph with more on this breaking story. byron? >> reporter: yeah. that is terrible tragedy for this girl and her family. she was crossing the street here. this busy street in randolph last night. when she was hit by a car and killed. laura viera of east boston, also a boston school student, just a few days shy of her 16th birthday was pronounced dead after being transported to milton hospital last night. her family members were at the hospital and are now mourning her death. police say laura was on foot crossing north main street at oak street in randolph around 8:00 last night. when she was hit by a 2000 chrysler sedan. police say she was in the crosswalk at the time. but that the driver did have
12:32 pm
police say the driver, a 21-year-old randolph man stayed at the scene and was cooperative. investigators say there was no evidence of alcohol or drugs. >> what we believe so far far is that the driver of the vehicle did stop and make himself known to police. he gave a statement. we believe the young girl was in the crosswalk at the time. and also the driver had a green light. he was going forward. it was snowing very heavily at the time of the accident last night. >> reporter: no charges filed at this time. no word on whether the victim was looking at her cell phone or had her headphones on. police say that the matter is still under investigation. right now, they say the main thing they are concerned about is the snowy weather conditions at the time. now, laura's mother and sister were reached at their home in east boston this morning. but they were too distraught to say anything. as we said, she was a student at the boston public schools. and it's believed that she was
12:33 pm
visiting friends. live near randolph, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> sarah: a dreary day: the showers keep on coming. it appears we could have this wet weather going into tomorrow. let's send it over the chris lambert with more. >> chris: not only. that the mild air will be surging. in insteld of showers and drizzle, we will deal with downpours and thunder. tonight, there is a winter weather advisory for the northern half of worcester county. northwestern middlesex county until 4:00 p.m. for freezing drizzle that's been ongoing. gusts up to 60 miles per hour with the with upcoming storm. it is 32 in worcester. right on the edge of the 495 freezing rain. we haven't had particularly heavy rain so far today. dreary day. some heavier showers working into connecticut down into long island. afternoon. for the downpours and the
12:34 pm
for this part of the storm system to work in across new england. that will occur overnight tonight. the mild air surges in. yeah, some rumbles of thunder out there. that is when the winds gust 40-60 miles an hour. we will have to keep an eye on this overnight tonight. more on the forecast coming up. >> christa: police in weymouth say this driver you are about to see was so drunk, so intoxicated, he fell face-first during a field sobriety test. and they believe he is the person responsible for a seriously injured a man who was walking by. victoria warren has more on what we are learning about the driver. >> reporter: cell phone video shows a drunk driving suspect falling flat on his face during a field sobriety test. this video taken moments after a serious accident that left someone walking on the street with life-threatening injuries. >> it looked like a war zone. it looked pretty bad.
12:35 pm
this man, a 51-year-old, was behind the wheel. he was drunk and high. the weymouth accident happened right in front of monahan marine. the owner says as one of his employees was pulling out, a van was barreling down the breakdown lane. >> we actually tried to put it in reverse. but he got hit. >> reporter: the two cars collided. a 39-year-old man was walking by, they say the suspect out of control car then crashed into him. >> threw him up on the window and knocked him over. over to here where he landed on the ground. he had severe facial lacerations. and he was in pain. both his shoes were knocked off. >> reporter: the victim remains in the hospital. the suspect was supposed to appear before a judge here at quincy district court, but now we are told that he will have a hospital arraignment because he suffered a broken nose and may also have pneumonia. victoria warren, 7 news. >> sarah: new clues as the search continues for a missing
12:36 pm
boston police dive teams and boats were out on the water tuesday. police say they have surveillance video that shows the 22-year-old walking in that area the night he disappeared. zachary marr was celebrating his birthday in boston. he went outside to smoke a cigarette and hasn't been seen since. that was more than a week ago. >> christa: the n.a.a.c.p. and justice department to investigate allegations of racism at boston latin school. also, the boston branch of the n.a.a.c.p. will announce it will launch its own investigation after the boston school department closed its case. an internal review found a case involving a student threatened with a reference to lynching was mishandled. but that all others were dealt with appropriately. the civil rights group wants the school's headmaster to step down. and in a letter to the school community last night, the headmaster lynn mooney apologized writing in part,
12:37 pm
dialogue has begun, i deeply regret that we did not begin such conversations earlier." >> sarah: we are following more news today. the phone fight between apple and the f.b.i. is at a standstill. apple won't cave to demands from the bureau. some people are now showing support for the tech company. thanking apple for putting them first. tim caputo has a look at the protest. >> it is not just about civil liberties listens >> reporter: a show of support on boilen to street. more people take sides in the standoff between the tech company and the f.b.i. dozen people. across the u.s., groups also gathered outside other apple stores supporting the company as it refuses to help the government unlock an encrypted iphone. >> people are extremely concerned about what the f.b.i. is asking apple to do in this case. >> reporter: syed farook with his wife killed 14 people in san bernardino, california in a terrorist attack. last week, a federal judge ordered apple to create and
12:38 pm
pass code-locked iphone. the company refused, saying that technology would put every phone at risk. most of the tech world has backed apple. including facebook's mark zuckerberg. >> i don't think it is going to be an effective way to increase security or is really the right thing to do. report t police commissioner bill evans sides with the f.b.i., saying they could benefit and solve more cases. >> we have crimes all the time where the data from the cell i have one particular homicide right now that we can't get access to a phone. >> reporter: this litigation is about the victims and justice, the f.b.i. says. precedent. those at the rally just don't . >> it will be used on everybody's device in no time. >> christa: the growing concern over the spread of the zika virus taking center stage on capitol hill today. medical experts are testifying during a senate committee hearing. and this comes as health
12:39 pm
transmission of the virus appears to be more common than first thought. the cdc says it is believed to be the cause of 14 new cases it is now investigating here in the u.s. the organization is now advising pregnant women to use condoms or abstain from sex if their partners have traveled to areas where the virus is spreading. >> sarah: we are getting another look at the michigan uber driver hours before saturday's deadly shooting spree. surveillance images captured jason dalton at a gun store where they say he bought a black tactical jacket. police haven't said where or when dalton got the nine-mill meeter handgun recovered in his vehicle. dalton is charged with killing six people and injuring two others, including a fighting for her life. investigators say the 45-year-old father of two confessed to the murders, but the motive remains a mystery. he had no history of mental illness. >> christa: a plane touching down on a road in california. and running into several cars in the process.
12:40 pm
hurt. and now witnesses are describing these moments as that plane came crashing down. here is adam williams. report@plane crash caught on camera. >> it shook the ground. it shook the ground. pretty intense. pretty loud. >> reporter: with a busted wing, watch as the small plane slams into a car and skids to a stop. >> first time i heard. that it was terrifying. there was a moment where, what do we do? you know, we don't know what to do. >> reporter: the pilot wultz alone in the four-seater and wasn't injured when it crashed into the intersection monday afternoon. . >> i mean, he did a great job. i give him a lot of credit for what he did here. reporth a news helicopter of the plane's engine sputtering. and watched it at a low altitude with gear down before the pilot dodged homes, train tracks, and crashed. >> he picked the most... the best spot he could possibly pick. >> reporter: police say there were no other injuries. five cars were damaged in the crash. the plane is registered to an
12:41 pm
recognized. we figured, like, there was definitely going to be a fire that you know? and we all just ran out there with extinguishers and everything. luckily, everything was fine. you know? >> sarah: still ail head, a boston robot wowing the web. a look at its life-like ability. >> chris: later on tonight, downpours, thunder, gusty
12:42 pm
12:43 pm
12:44 pm
>> sarah: boston dynamics showing off its new robot atlas. in this video, the robot loses its balance while walking in the snow. keeps on going. right? atlas can pick up boxes, even when they get moved around. and finally, if this robot gets knocked down, don't worry. he is going to get right back up. poor guy. that is just mean. right? that is an improvement, though, from the first model. atlas is about 5'9" and weighs 180 pounds. he's got it, though. he had it under control. >> christa: am i a bad person for laughing at the robot getting picked on? i think it is funny. >> sarah: everybody else was laughing, too. >> chris: he gets right back up.
12:45 pm
good balance in the snow. yeah. looks like a lot of reporters last winter were dredging through all the snow and the deep snow piles. we had about three feet of it on the ground. 42 degrees in boston right now. 42 in waltham. we are not talking about snow out there today. in fact, temperatures too warm for. that plenty of drizzle, though, and some areas of showers. >> you get far enough west into central massachusetts, sterling to fitchburg, royalston, close to freezing. still some pockets of freezing drizzle and freezing rain out through worcester county. not the case through southeastern massachusetts. that trek down route 24, the low 40's in randolph to mid-50's... mid-40's in bridgewater. we are getting close to 50 from bourne to the vineyard. right now, 48 degrees. we will have plenty of's strolling in here tonight. all right. some steadier showers to the south of rhode island and connecticut. shortly. the weather going downhill as we increase the coverage of hours. so this is rain. a few downpours with it. the bulk of the downpours and
12:46 pm
in tonight as this sector that is down through the mid-atlantic begins to work closer in toward new england. now, this sector down through the mid-atlantic and the carolinas, very susceptible to severe weather. later on this afternoon. and into this evening. for us, i don't expect severe weather. in terms of the threat of tornadoes like they are going to have down through the mid-atlantic. bull when that line comes in, certainly, some gusty winds as well as downpours. you look at the forecast model here. this is 4:00 in the morning. mid to upper 50's. the mild air surges in overnight. however, the rain is not going to last all day tomorrow. by the morning commute, by 7:00, 8:00 in the morning, many of us seeing the worst of the rain tapering off. a couple of leftover showers. temperatures starting off tomorrow mid to upper 50's. then falling back to mid to
12:47 pm
you will get a lot of dry hours in there on thursday. icy spots north and west of the early afternoon. otherwise, showers and drizzle and fog for the rest of the day. with temperatures near 50 across southeast massachusetts. mid-40's in boston. should be about 5 north and west of 495. those scattered downpours with the thunder and the wind tonight. temperatures rising into the 50's. and the 50's tomorrow with early rain tapering off. for more on what that storm is doing in termsle of wind speeds, over to danielle. >> danielle: thanks, chris. yeah. the storm will bring another day of severe weather to our south. stretching from florida all the way up into the carolinas into the mid-atlantic. now, in red here, this is where the greatest risk for severe weather is today. that means severe storms, damaging winds, hail, and possible tornadoes. from the carolinas up into virginia today. this is where the highest risk for damaging tornadoes, isolated tornadoes is for today.
12:48 pm
chris mentioned those winds. and because of that, we have a high wind watch that goes into effect. for southeast massachusetts, the cape and the islands. and these numbers are why. heading into midnight, we could see wind gurss from 40-50 miles per hour. for southeast massachusetts, the cape and the islands. then as we head into the early morning hours, look what happens. those winds climbing, gusting to 50. we could see some isolated wind gusts. close to 60 miles per hour. for the commute tomorrow, throughout the day, it is staying quite windy. not looking quite as bad. chris, back to you. >> chris: dan yes, ma'am that, wind is out of the south. the wind turning direction out of the west. as we get into friday, eventually, into the northwest. that will dry us out and cool us down friday and saturday. overall, the weekend looks quiet. no major storms rolling in over the next several days. yes, a cold start on saturday morning. temperatures in the teens. in many suburbs saturday morning. by sunday afternoon, we are closing back in on 50 degrees. any cold weather this year does not last long.
12:49 pm
that >> sarah: coming up, rob gronkowski rocking a cruise ship. a look at his wild party that is getting a lot of buzz. >> christa: a high school back team going out with a bang.
12:50 pm
12:51 pm
>> christa: a high school point guard hitting a shot that is tough to top. a half-court shot to win a play-off game on monday night. check it out. with her team trailing by two with six seconds remaining, junior karima john kins managed to steal the ball and hit that desperation shot. winning the game 46-45. she and her teammates will play in the game coming up next saturday. try that again.
12:52 pm
>> sarah: that was awesome. a young and gifted new jersey girl proving to be a heavyweight in the ring. nine-year-old jeslin silva is training for the golden gloves boxing competition next month. the 74-pound phenom works out for two hours four times a week. she usually competes against older boys. there are so few female fighters her age. she says she is proud to become a role model for other girls. >> it makes me feel, like, happy. i'm not just doing this for nothing. i'm doing this for everybody. and for myself, too. so i could become something big when i get older. >> sarah: she won her only sanctioned fight. she has been boxing since she was 7 when her dad took up the sport to try to lose some weight. >> christa: wow. up next, rob gronkowski taking his party on the high seas. one of the party-goers talking to 7 news about it all. >> chris: no lack of energy from gronk. no lack of energy from the storm system moving in tonight. downpours, gusty winds, and
12:53 pm
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
>> christa: passengers onboard the gronk party cruise coming back from a wild weekend here. rob gronkowski, he is always the life of the party. he was this time around. getting up on stage. as you see, twerking for the crowd. >> sarah: kim khazei takes a look at what it is like to party with gronk. >> reporter: there is plenty of video to prove that was fun on the high seas. the three-day party tour
12:56 pm
>> it was definitely worth every single penny. i would do it again in a heartbeat. >> reporter: alexa cordero was on the cruise. there was plenty of gronk. >> once we got our picture with gronk. i, of course, asked him, are we going to be twerking later? he said "of course." and she wasn't disappointed. in fact, there was a lot of gronk on stage, including with slow rider. it was a family affair. >> his family was so involved. it was incredible. we met his dad. he took shots with his brothers. the whole experience was surreal. >> reporter: the party lasted well into the morning. everybody kept saying how much fun it was. >> we weren't sure what we were going to get. we thought it would be gimmicky. it was the furthest thing from. that we asked gronk, are we going to do this again next year? his response was "we are not
12:57 pm
us back." >> reporter: kim khazei, 7 news. >> christa: sarah thinks gronkowski is the new channing tatum. >> sarah: no. in his mind he dreams that he is. he has a good body, chris. those dance moves, they are something else. >> chris: magic mike iii. if they came out with a sequel to the sequel there. starring rob gronkowski. 50-58 tonight. warming up. scattered downpours. thunder and wind moving in. gusty winds a concern overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. across southeastern massachusetts, perhaps gusting 40-60 miles an hour. heavy rain tapers off before the morning commute. even some breaks of sun tomorrow. temperatures from the upper 50's in the morning to upper 40's. >> christa: that's going to do it for us.
12:58 pm
>> sarah: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency.
12:59 pm
who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
1:00 pm
>> nicole: damn it, theresa. don't blame me. i couldn't stop him, okay? i did try to help him, because when we got back here, i called that heart doctor, and he didn't seem to think there was anything to worry about. >> theresa: nothing to worry about? he just had a heart transplant. he just decided that over the phone? god, i mean, i know la's supposed to be laid-back, but do you really want a heart surgeon to be that nonchalant? >> nicole: i know you're worried about brady. >> theresa: yeah, well, that's an understatement. i mean, he just ran after some woman who-- who's been in a mental institution and sounds like she should still be there. >> nicole: brady thinks he needs to do it for daniel. >> theresa: well, you know what? he needs to stop thinking about daniel and start thinking about his son. he belongs in salem, and i'm going to make sure that that happens. >> nicole: theresa, theresa,


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