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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  February 24, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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some of these spoabs of rain up into new england late tonight and early tomorrow morning. it has a history of severe weather. thunderstorms. i'm not concerned about the thunderstorms containing with the storm systems, you know, it's like you take a bicycle wheel and wind it up, it just doesn't suddenly shut off pedal. it kind of slowly spins down. the storm system will do that over the next 24 hours, meaning there will be some leftover wind energy with these downpours later on tonight. so we do have a wind advisory in affect later tonight and through the day tomorrow. winds will gust out of the south tonight, after midnight, between 45 and 50 miles per hour, and again during the day tomorrow. even though we get rid of the rain early tomorrow morning. your storm timeline, downpours, perhaps even a few rumbles of thunder not out the question overnight tonight and early
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tomorrow morning moving the rain quickly out of southern new england and then it becomes a windy warm day. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. >> all right, jeremy, we are following several breaking stories here at 4:30. let's get to kim. >> developers have halted construction on the wynn casino in everett as a war of words plays out between the mayor of somerville and the casino develop early steve wynn. mayor of somerville announcing today he is appealing an environmental permit for the casino. it could stall the opening of the $1.7 billion project for at least six months. everett's mayor joining forces with the ceo of wynn casinos and local union leaders who say that 400 jobs are on hold now because of this delay. and there's more breaking news, this out of holbrooke where a mom missing for nearly two days has been found. judith sales did not show up to pick up her son from daycare on monday and the family became alarmed. detectives say she was found in
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afternoon and just fine. its. >> michael skakel's fate now in the hands of connecticut's supreme court. they must decide whether or not to send him back to prison. here's a breakdown of the case. >> a long day here for the high court, and we can tell you that prosecutors, they want michael skakel back behind bars, they want him sent to prison in connection with of the murder of martha moxley. they came to hartford today to court. >> michael, how do you think it went? >> reporter: scrambling to avoid the crush of cameras at the connecticut supreme court, kennedy cousin michael skakel left the hearing without be comment but feet away, dorothy moxley, the mother of the teen skakel was convicted of killing, had plenty to say. >> how do you think it went?
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survived until now. >> reporter: it was a two-hour hearing before the high court here in hartford where prosecutors argued michael skakel's 2002 murder conviction should be reinstated. >> mr. sharman represented mr. skakel, and during that time, he assembled a team of lawyers and other professionals to assist in the defense of mr. skakel. >> reporter: skakel was sentenced to 20 years to life for bludgeoning his 15-year-old neighbor martha moxley to death back in 1975. the two were neighbors at the time. but in 2013 skakel was granted a new trial. judge bishop ruling that skakel's attorney mickey sherman failed to argue that skakel's brother thomas could have been responsible for the murder. skakel's attorney says the only thing his client deserves is a new trial. >> when you cut through all of what happened here and there are a lot of specifics, this defendant did not get a fair share. >> reporter: for the victim's mother, more than four decades later, her fight for justice continues.
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i really believe it. >> so skakel remains free on bail after posting the million overturned. he's now awaiting his fate from the high court here, but that's a decision that we're told could still be up to a year away. we're live in hartford, connecticut, steve cooper, 7news. brookline police investigating a crime spree happening around the city. police say six homes have been robbed in the past week and there has been know attempted burglary. this is brookline we're talking about. robberies have happened in this general area that we have highlighted here. and if you can't understand that map, it's around waiverly street and davis avenue. especially if you live, there you'll know what we're talking about. several of the cases happened while people were away on a february break and police say the burglars have all entered through the back of homes. >> they've cut screens. they've opened windows. it in one case, there was an actually unlocked backdoor.
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point. the naacp and other groups are calling for change at boston latin in response to allegations of racism at the school. the boston branch of the naacp announcing it will launch its own investigation now that the boston school department has closed its examination. an internal review found only one case of racism was mishandled involving a student threatened with a reference to lynching. the civil rights group, though, is demanding the school's headmaster step down. in a letter to the school community last night, headmaster lynn mooney apologized writing, in part, while i am optimistic that the dialogues that has begun over the last two weeks will welcome a respectful racially climate at the school i do regret that we did not begin such conversations earlier. >> we have to make sure that there's proper action taken here and we have to make sure that we move on now in a positive way. my biggest concern is the impact on the students. >> reporter: mayor walsh says his office is launching a review
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he doesn't think federal involvement is necessary but does believe that many outside voices in the conversation are distracting students. we are following more news here today as a man is indicted in the mysterious burning death of a mississippi teen. it's been 14 months since jessica chambers was found covered in gasoline in a flaming car. she later died from her injuries. 98% of her body was burned. this was a case that we had talked about a lot when it happened. her father says he's been waiting for this moment when investigators would find his daughter's killer. >> they always say it would come and, you know, sometimes they might have taken longer than they should i know they're working really hard every day. >> the man indicted in chambers' death is currently being held in louisiana in connection with another homicide. well, this little survivor was shot 18 times with a bb gun. police found the wounded six
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complex. it didn't take long for officers to track down two suspects, 17 and a 14-year-old, both boys, now facing animal cruelty charges as they try to help the little puppy recover. >> reporter: there's no hiding the horrible circumstances that brought brody here, pulling at hundreds of heart strings, 18 pellets are still inside. >> i've never seen somebody maliciously and deliberately shoot at a dog, and not just any dog, but a dog that's only 6 weeks old and about as defenseless as an animal gets. >> reporter: but the worst in some people bringing out the very best in others. the phones have not stopped ringing. >> today, 75 to 100? yeah. >> phone calls? phone calls. >> 100 phone calls? >> yes. >> reporter: the animal shelter now running double duty as pr agent for the six week-old lab mix. >> adoptions are big, how's he doing and also i want to contribute to his care.
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emails as calls all from people looking to care for a little dog that didn't stand much of a chance. >> he is definitely a lucky dog. i mean, this is not something that most puppies his age would survive. >> reporter: many signed up the chance to take brody home. a family with a 10-year-old daughter was lucky enough to adopt him. >> it's great to know that everybody stands with us to wish him well in his recovery. >> cute little puppy squeals. brody will likely stay in the care of vets for a few more days before going home with his forever family. all right, so condom ?roafers california. out to students. but we're talking about middle teachers say that kids are growing up faster because of social media and that the school has to sort of catch up with the issue. but parents are saying not so fast. >> we have to find a consent to go on a field trip but don't
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condom. >> reporter: concerned parents blasting the san francisco school board for its proposal to give middle-schoolers access to condoms. >> we are talking about between 11 and 14 years old, and they are not ready for it. so i don't think is appropriate. >> reporter: parents say condoms at school sends the wrong message to students. >> it's like, you got a free lunch for low income family but if you need, it we get a free condom. >> reporter: the proposal would allow students to get condoms only after a consultation with a school nurse. district officials say recent surveys show 5% of middle-schoolers are sexually active. >> but of that 5%, only about 50% are accessing condoms. so we need to reach those other students, every life is important for us. >> state law would allow students to get a condom confidentially, without their parents' permission. teacher daisy ozen believes many teens are growing up fast, thanks to social media. >> we don't see the kind of
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are exposed to and these kids are starting younger and younger every day so i believe giving them condoms is a preventative measure. >> that school district already makes condoms available, but to its high school students. still ahead on 7news, a teen was hit and dragged by a train. what he did next that left his father stunned. >> police, tom brady's family is growing by one. the new edition they just debuted on cornel media. and ahead at 5:00, a driver accused of not just hitting a pedestrian but being so drunk he fell on his face during a sobriety test. and hot pants, a popular device that set this man's pants on fire at a gas station.
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bruised and badtered but arrive. a teen in virginia gets hit and dragged by a train. amazingly he managed to use his cell phone to call his father for help. >> it's safe to say matthew is lucky to be alive. so. >> its tenth-grader was running late tuesday morning and took a shortcut. police say he was walking near these train tracks with his headphones on when all of a sudden. >> i was underneath it and it was just dragging me. >> reporter: the 17-year-old was hit by a train. he remained conscious and with these scraped hands he says he managed to call for help. >> i got out and called my dad. >> i'm not believe him because i know when train hit people, you're gone. >> reporter: but matthew
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cuts on his hand, here across the face and minor injuries. his mom evelyn was at church when the hospital called. >> my son get hit by a train, and i say what? and i said, jesus. i know, and then the next day, you can talk, thank god. >> reporter: now that's home, safe and doing well, the spiritual family says their son is living proof that miracles do happen. >> keep believing god, god is always in the business making miracle every day. >> i thank god that i made it. >> wow. so authorities say h story is a reminder, don't walk on railroad tracks, especially while wearing headphones. still to come on 7news, tom brady's family gets bigger in the off season. the new addition making a debut today. we'll fill new. rain and be wind overnight tonight as well as through tomorrow morning.
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meet new addition to the brady family. this is fluffy. tom brady's wife gisele posted it on instagram today.
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from a rescue shelter in los angeles. fluffy, by the way is their third dog. >> i love they're supporting adopting from a rescue, too. >> oh, i love that, too. i'm a rescue owner myself. >> yes. good for you. >> and the picture clearly has like over 92,000 likes and plus 1 more because i just liked it. >> so get tom and gisele to pose with fluffy and then it'll just blow up the internet, right? yes.
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now with the weather. >> i don't love myself like fluffy, though. >> right. >> right now we do have a lot of rain out there, temperature at 39. north wind 7 miles per hour and eventually that n becomes an s. what it does is start to warm up into the 30s, become the 40s and 50s. it's cool and raw but it's helping us out because what it's doing is preventing the wind which is up in the clouds from getting down to the surface of the earth. once that warmer air shows up, then the winds will start to pick up, and this will be going through the night and into tomorrow morning. winds will be gusting between 40 and 50 miles per hour. the kind of wind that you may hear the trees rattling later on tonight and through the day tomorrow. we do have a wind advisory in affect. gusting 40 to 50 miles per hour. and i think the strongest wind gust potential will be down on the southshore. certainly the south coast near narragansettes bay and buzzard's bay and out on the cape with occasional gusts.
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mile-per-hour winds but a windy day, 20 to 30 miles per hour, and then you'll get this gust between 40 and 50 miles per hour. that will be the theme late tonight and tomorrow morning and even up into the worcester hills late tonight and through the day tomorrow. in fact, you may have more winds i think tomorrow afternoon in the worcester hills as opposed to be tonight. because up in these locations it'll be the last to warm. but it will warm. rain right now is showing up. new hampshire, massachusetts, again, lighter rain around metro boston. helps us out for the evening commute but eventually this steadier plume of rain works out of the metro west through the city and up into the merrimack valley. we have several mother waves of rain to go through. i think most towns pick up an additional half inch to inch of rain from this storm right here. powerhouse storm passing to the west like so many others this winter.
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about raindrops and not snowflakes. a few showers this evening with downpours returning later tonight and increasing wind. look at the temps. it's not a typo. i think we're going to jump from the 40s into the upper 50s by tomorrow morning. it will feel like spring tomorrow morning. we'll have a couple of showers until 7:00 a.m., and then we're done with partial clearing. it is a windy day the entire day. temps tomorrow morning upper 50s and then they'll settle back into the upper 40s by late tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. your 7 on 7 forecast, after that, things will simmer down with a mix of clouds and sunshine friday and into the weekend. saturday kind of cold. a rarity. starting in the teens, only in the upper 30s, which is close to normal. and sunday and monday, look at, that temps in the mid-50s. see you in a minute. >> all right, it's time now for fast track traffic. >> thanks. we take a look at morrisey boulevard. no big problems here. the ride down into braintree has been uneventful. still averaging close to a 51-minute ride there on the wet road surface. route 1 seeing increasing volume here. a lot of brake lights unfortunately from the saugus area pretty much right up into lynnfield and more red on our map, 128 southbound, tough going in waltham and tight westbound out threw the framingham area. joe stapleton, 7news. >> thank you, joe. still ahead on 7news, a golden girl. meet the 9-year-old girl taking the boxing world by they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions
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for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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this 9-year-old girl packs quite a punch. her dad took up boxing and she joined just for fun but soon her skills surpassed her skills. >> now the golden girl is ready to show her skills at golden gloves. sarah french now with her story. >> she may only be 9 years old but pound for pound jeslin silvia arguably has more heart and ambition than boxers twice and three times her age. >> i just like the sport. when my dad said maybe do you want to go to the gym, i always
4:57 pm
>> reporter: jeslin has been boxing since she was 7 years old. she begged to put on a favor gloves and once she did her gift was undeniable. >> i noticed when she started picking up things quicker than me. so i was like. i was surprised. >> how does that feel when people tell you that you're talented. >> it makes me feel like happy and that i'm not just doing this for myself but for everybody and myself too so i could become something big when i get older. >> reporter: the 74 pound phenom works out for nearly two hours four days a week. very few female boxers her age, she usually spars with older boys like the 10-year-old in this video. her championship belt hangs in the police athletic league box gym where she trains. >> it felt so good when they put up my hand because like it was my first match and i won, and i'm undefeated but it was only one fight. i can't wait for my next fight.
4:58 pm
training for the golden gloves in march. her coach, a former pro boxer with nearly 30 years' experience, says he's never seen a talent at this age. >> hardly to to ask her to do anything twice. she has the desire to be different, and that's the uniqueness. at 9 years old, to want to be different now, she has that work ethic. >> you're a role model to a lot of little girls. >> yeah, i know. i have like a lot of little girls following me on instagram. it feels good that i'm inspiring a lot of girls. >> reporter: sarah french, 7news. >> i love that story. >> you know, women boxers are like -- people are all about it these days. >> yeah. she's going into something that she could grow up and still do, still compete. >> easy. >> yeah. and motivation for such a 9-year-old. much more to come in the next 90 minutes. could i go on and on. >> 7news at 5:00 starts right
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>> showers and downpours and brief gusty winds as well tonight. >> and we're following two breaking stories, a big construction project now on hold. wynn casinos announcing it's no longer breaking ground in april. >> also breaking, a mother from holbrooke missing for two days found safe in connecticut. >> a suspect in a dangerous drive falls on his face. he's now facing serious charges. and who can stop trump. the donald proving once again he's the one to beat. >> what's that? >> reporter: we'll hear from the employees who helped put out the flames. first at 5:00, we're dealing with winter weather but it's more of a winter washout than snowstorm. massive storm system causing a pretty rainy day out there and some wind, too. rain is expected to continue into tonight, and it could be pretty heavy at times.
5:00 pm
warm-up is also in the forecast. so jeremy reineis here to break it all down. i guess we gotta talk about the bad stuff but the good stuff is coming. >> that is correct. we have the rain at this time. the timing stinks because it is during the evening commute. right now in the city of boston, just a couple pockets of drizzle but there is steadier rain metro west, worcester hills, merrimack valley. quickly sweeps northeast, also down south of the pike. this band of steady rainfall works over 95, 24 and then finds a home on the south shore over the next one to you two hours. but again it's rain. we're not concerned about snow or ice overnight tonight. there are some leftover colder pockets of air in the worcester hills with some locations reporting a little bit of freezing rain and freezing drizzle. but even in these locations this warm front will blast through southern new england and then the temps will drop quickly later this evening. into the 50s. the problem with that warmer air that will allow stronger winds, which are up in the clouds right now and not able to come down to the ground, to find their way to the ground.


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