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tv   7 News at 530 PM  WHDH  February 24, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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gusts of wind that will make it a rough and raw night. let's check the conditions right now with meterologists jeremy reiner. >> on the doppler radar last night snow, tonight rain. and some is locally heavy. right now in the city of boston down through metro west, 128, that's a slow go. the yellow pockets indicates the heavier rain moving through natick approaching weymouth and braintree and south of town, move dense, the 95 corridor, this two weeks up through southeast mass and catches up with you on the south shore. on and off rain this evening and we'll have that continuing overnight tonight. there's more rain down the eastern seaboard and this is the same storm that led to severe weather last night through portions of the gulf coast and it's doing it again right now through the middle atlantic states. i'm not concerned about severe weather but there will be leftover wind energy from the storm. at midnight tonight, some scattered showers around metro boston but this yellow and
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the berkshires, that is a line of thunderstorms that's what our computer model is advertising. so it is within the realm of possibility that we could even have a couple rumbles of thunder. with the leftover wind energy i do think winds will gust between 40 and at times near 50 miles per hour very late tonight and through the day tomorrow, even though we'll shut the rain down during the morning commute tomorrow, plan on a windy day. it's a warm wind. temperatures tonight will head through the 50s. so that by tomorrow morning, we start near 60 degrees. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. >> and we're following breaking news this afternoon. first out of everett, where developers have halted construction on the wynn casino. it's in response to a disagreement between the mayor of somerville and the casino developer steve wynn. somerville's mayor announcing today that he is appealing an environmental permit for the casino. this could stall the opening of the $1.7 billion project for at least some six months. a mother missing from
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has found with. judeist sales did show up to pick her son up from daycare monday. her car was recognized in connecticut today and police found the mother inside a mall unharmed. a key conviction question for a kennedy cousin. michael skakel was found guilty of killing 15-year-old martha moxley back in 1975 but a connecticut court ordered a new trial saying skakel's attorney did not do his job. it's up to the state supreme court, 7 steve cooper in hartford with what happened in court today. >> michael ... >> reporter: scrambling to avoid the crush of cameras inside the halls of the connecticut supreme court, michael skakel left the hearing without comment. feet away dorothy moxley, the mother of the teen skakel was convicted of killing, had plenty to say. >> how do you think it went? well ill think maybe i've survived until now. >> reporter: it was a two-hour hearing before the high court here in hartford where prosecutors argued michael
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should be reinstated. >> mr. sherman represented mr. skakel and during that time he assembled a team of lawyers and other professionals to assist in the defense of mr. scaiblg. >> skakel was sentenced from 20 years to life for bludgeoning martha moxley to death back in 1975. the two were neighbors at the time. but in 2013 skakel was granted a new trial. judge bishop riling that skakel's attorney mickey sherman failed to argue that skakel's brother thomas could have been responsible for the murder. skakel's attorney says the only thing his client deserves is a new trial. >> cut through all of what happened here and there are a lot of specifics, this defendant did not get a fair share. >> reporter: for the victim's mother, more than four decades later, her fight for justice continues. trial. i really believe it. >> skakel remains free for now
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court that could land him back behind bars. any decision by the justices here could still be several months away. steve cooper, 7news. >> police are investigating a ton tragedy, a 15-year-old killed after being hit by a car in randolph. laura vieira was from east boston, struck by a car while crossing a busy intersection in randolph around 8:00 last night. crews rushed her to a local hospital where she was later pronounced dead. police say she was in the crosswalk when she was hit but the driver did have a green light, they say that driver, a 21-year-old man from randolph, stayed at the scene and very cooperative and investigators are working now to determine if last night's snowy weather could have played a role in the accident. police believe the victim was in randolph visiting friends, no charges have been filed. dartmouth police investigating a theft and they need your help identifying a certain man. they say this man stole about $400 of merchandise from with a sears in dartmouth. they say he then got in his car and took off, leading police on
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rhode island line. he was driving a blackford taurus with mass plates. if you have any information, police. walpole police looking for these two people accused of placing a skimmer on an atm at a cumberlin farm over the weekend. pictures of the pair. on twitter, they say this case appears related to a similar cumberlin farms were hit. police are asking anyone with information to call them. the turning now to the race for the white house. in nevada trump won more votes than marco rubio and ted cruz combined. so trump has won three consecutive contests now. his winning streak has our political editor andy hiller believing trump can win the biggest political price, the white house. >> sometimes something can be right in front of me and i don't see it.
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so now i'm thinking something i didn't think before, president trump. president donald trump. are. >> and now we're winning, winning, winning the country. >> reporter: that's true. >> we won with young, we won with old, we won with highly educated, we won with poorly educated. i love the poorly educated. >> reporter: and that's true too donald trump is on such a role, he's rolling over marco rubio and ted cruz who sound a little more desperate to top trump every day. >> we can't just elect someone that's angry. we have to elect someone that will make a difference and someone that will win. >> right now republican voters are saying that someone is donald trump. let's look ahead. >> why is there one asked for me and not for everybody else? >> once again hillary clinton looks like the inevitable
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gets indicted over her use of a private computer. right now she has a slight 2 point advantage. does anyone doubt trump might make that up in a general election campaign? for now, with super tuesday less than a week away, all trump is talking about is wrapping up the g.o.p. nomination. >> it's going to be an amazing two months. we might not even need the two months, folks, to be honest, all right. >> more honesty, to anyone who looks at donald and can't imagine him in the oval office, here's reality. he embodies anger, mistrust of government, and disgust with the status quo. so right now, donald trump represents america. i'm andy hiller, and that's my instinct. >> all right, more news today,
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board is actually too hot to handle. the web site has second that it will no longer even sell hover boards. amazon's decision comes days after the consumer product safety commission determined that all hover boards are not safe because they are prone to catching on fire. target, toys 'r us, they've also stopped selling hover boards on their web site. the popular gadget causing problems locally here in massachusetts. a device sparked a fire yesterday. you can see the floor was badly damaged. no one was injured. >> a horrific crime turns into in south carolina. police say this puppy was shot 18 times with a bb gun by a group of teens. but little brody is a fighter, and doctors are stunned by his generating overwhelming support from around the country. >> there's no hiding at the brutal circumstances that
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18 still pellets are still inside him. >> i've never seen someone maliciously and brutally shoot a dog, and not just any dog but a dog that's six weeks old. >> reporter: but the very worst in some people bringing out the very best in others. >> reporter: the phones have not stopped ringing. >> today, 75 to 100 easily. >> phone calls? phone calls. >> reporter: the animal shelter now running double duty as pr agent for the six week-old lab mix. >> yeah, adoption is a big one. how's he doing, and also i want to contribute to his care. >> reporter: they're getting just as many emails as calls, all from people looking to care for a little dog that didn't stand much of a chance. >> he is definitely a lucky dog. >> this is not something that most puppies his age would survive. >> many people signed up for the chance to take brody home, a family with a 10-year-old daughter was lucky enough to adopt him.
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everybody stands with us to wish him well in his recovery. >> two teenagers have been charged for cruelty and allegedly shooting that puppy. >> families rattled by potentially new neighbors. why the state wants to fill an island with venomous states. and casino construction halted in everett. why somerville's mayor says he's putting his foot down and the harsh response from everett's mayor. plus an accused drunk driver faults flat after a dangerous we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world.
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public colleges and universities tuition-free. with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class i'm bernie sanders
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s a massachusetts family rattled today as the state proposes creating an island full of venomous snakes. the goal is to move dozens of endangered rattlesnakes to an island that -- in the quabbin reservoir. >> you got it. but not everyone is on board with welcoming these new slithery neighbors. susan tran has more on the proposal. records the idea of creating an
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is a nightmare. >> reporter: the national wildlife trying to educate skeptics that the rattle snakes are endangered and must be saved. >> we need to protect the snakes from the people, not the other >> reporter: the plan, bring new rattle snakes with the help of the zoo in providence and put them on an island in the quabbin reservoir and then hopefully the snakes will be able to sustain rattled some nerves. there is the concern about cost and that the snakes which are good swimmers can find their way to the mainland. >> i'm not scared of snakes, doesn't bother me at all but i think it's a waste of money. >> reporter: dr. french says for the first decade the state will have mostly transmitters and mostly grants will pay for the programs. >> it doesn't say for our favorite wildlife but it's all about diversity. >> reporter: for some who live along the quabbin they say they'd much rather have a remote island of timber rattle snakes
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>> i'm basically all for them bringing the snakes in. idea. >> the program is already well underway with the snakes already hatched at the zoo said to be released on that eyed when they're 2 next winter. susan tran, 7news. tracking rain and wind overnight tonight, forecast up next. and then at 6:00, the rise of the machine. this life like robot testing its talent in boston. >> imagine that coming at you. all right, the bruins trying to right the ship after struggling
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i
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i think we move the rain out of here around 7:00 tomorrow morning. your morning commute will have a little bit of rain early on and then it does wind down. there will be some puddles out there tomorrow morning with most towns overnight tonight, an additional half inch to an inch of rain on top of what i picked up during the day today which for many folks is about a rain. which unfortunately is continuing to generate severe` thunderstorms, many of the thunderstorms producing tornadoes through virginia as well as eastern north carolina. the storm center will move up through new england tonight. the tornadoes will not.
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with that said, the storm weakening will still have a lot of leftover wind energy that will work into southern new england when the air starts to warm. right now along the pike and north it's kind of cold and raw. the cold air helps us out. when the air is warm like plymouth and new bedford, you can mix up the air and then you grab the stronger winds from the clouds and pull it down. so it will warm up, but as that's happening then we'll start to see the winds intensify late tonight and through the day tomorrow. even though we move the rain out of here tomorrow morning the entire day tomorrow is windy and gusting between 45 and 55 miles per hour. this will not be for several hours tomorrow by i think the strongest gusts, certainly near over 40 miles per hour late tonight and in the cape, the city of boston, gusting 45 close
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that might lead to minor power disruption so through the day tomorrow, it is a windy and warm day. these will be the morning temps, in the upper 50s tomorrow morning. as we work in the afternoon hours and evening hours the numbers will start to pool cool off a little bit. temps close to 50. tomorrow afternoon, the rain is gone, mix of clouds and sunshine but it's windy across southern new england with temps tomorrow afternoon, mid-50s then we get back to normal for a couple of days. saturday morning is cold, teens. and saturday afternoon, near 40 and right back into a warm stretch for a few days, sunday and monday mid-50s. mix of clouds and sun. see you in a few minutes. >> jeremy, thanks so much. and a south end favorite back in business today. >> charlie's sandwich shop celebrating its grand re-opening after closing its doors in 2014. leaders around the city and
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cutting and re-opening of the landmark restaurant. charlie's was open for 87 years before closing a year and a half ago. the former mayor says this is an important piece of the city. >> this is boston right here, charlie's is boston. you can have all of these beautiful luxury towers in downtown boston but this is really the heart and soul of boston right here in historic south end. >> well, the new owner of the restaurant says he is keeping the menu exactly the same. >> all right, next, meet the 9-year-old girl who is knocking out the boxing world. good evening, everybody. coming up at 6:00, we are following two breaking stories. thousands of jobs unfolded as
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scheduled ground breaking in april. the mayor of everett says the city of somerville is to blame, we'll explain. a missing woman from holbrooke is found alive. we'll tell you where police found her nearly 48 hours later. and he broke his nose during a field sobriety test. a driver facing serious charges accused of causing a chain-reaction crash that injured a person walking down the street. we'll have those stories and much more coming up at the top
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she may be tiny but packs a big punch. this little girl is just 9 years old but can take out the best boxers at her age and even ordinarily. >> yeah, and now she's preparing to show off her skills on a big stage. sarah french now with the story. >> she may only be 9 years old but pound for pound jeslin silvia arguably has more heart and ambition than boxers twice and even three times her age. >> i just like the sport. my dad said maybe you want to go to the gym and i always say yes. >> reporter: she's been boxing since 7 years old after her dad took up the sport to lose weight. she begged to put on a pair of gloves and once she did, her gift was undeniable. >> she was picking up things quicker than me. so i was surprised. >> how does that feel when people tell you that you're phenomenal and you're special
5:57 pm
it makes me feel like happy and that i'm not just doing this for nothing. i'm doing this for everybody and for myself, too, so i could become something big when i get older. >> reporter: this 74 pound phenom works out for nearly two hours four days a week. with very few female boxers her age, she usually spars with older boys like the 10-year-old in this video. she's only had one sanctioned fight, her championship belt hangs in the police athletic league boxing gym where she trains. >> it felt so good when they put up my hand. i'm undefeated but it was only one fight. >> reporter: jeslin is now training for the golden gloves in march. her coach, donald somerville with nearly 30 years' experience says he's never seen talent with jeslin's discipline at this age. >> i don't have to do anything twice.
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she has the desire to be different. at 9 years old to want to be different now, she has that work ethic. >> you're a role model. >> yeah, it feels good that i'm inspiring a lot of girls. >> sarah french, 7news. >> she is so grown up. we have another 30 minutes ahead, everyone. >> the news at 6:00 begins right now. >> breaking news, more casino controversy in everett, a ground-breaking set for april comes to a standstill, also breaking, a missing mother from holbrooke now safe. tonight where she was found. >> last night the snow, tonight downpours and strong gusty winds late at night. >> reporter: and banged up in a hospital bed. a weymouth man charged in what
5:59 pm
drive. >> rain is steady and going to be wet through the night and into tomorrow. >> but there is an additional concern for all of us, really, that's the strong be wind, the gusts, you're talking about, jirm me, pretty extreme. pretty substantial. . >> it is going to slow down the evening commute and we will have this rain going back and forth. again, i sound like it's a wall of rain for several hours and overnight tonight. notice there are gaps in the rain but there's another heavier batch of rain blossoming through the mid atlantic states. this works up into new england later this evening and overnight tonight. at the same time, there are powerhouse thunderstorms, many which are spawning tornadoes. i'm not concerned about the tornadoes or even severe thunderstorms in new england. but understand even with a
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gonna have leftover winenergy. and so as we work toward later on tonight, probably around midnight tonight, you notice this orange reddish squiggly line here, that's heavy downpours. winds will be on the order at times between 40 and 55 miles per hour. so because of that have, the national weather service has issued a wind advisory through morning. this is the kind of wind energy that can snap small limits and perhaps lead to minor power disruptions through the day tomorrow as well as overnight tonight. police say the team was driving to school when it wreck happened. >> the wreckage was terrible and we know her younger brother was also in the car. let's get more now.


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