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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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sights set on the midatlaic. then a community in morning after teen tragedy. tonight what investigators believe led to the deadly crash. plus, learning to save lives. you have a loved one who is overdosed. but this something you have to deal with. training that turning ordinary people into rescuers. also holbrook mom found safe and sound hear from friends that helped track her down you know c 3 po have you met atlas? glimpse of the future right here in boston. all now from the night team. 7 news at 11 starts now. let's go first at 11. new england drenched by wet weather and there still more to come tonight. what's the rain finally clears we'll have new concern tomorrow. one thing strong winds moving in potentially could do some damage. let's get right to jeremy ryan were look exactly what headed our way when you go go to 30s and 60s in just short distance volatile weather to be had. here across eastern new york state warm front moving through
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this warmer air is generating sours and thunderstorms through the hudson river valley and new york and now western new england. you notice here, numerous thunderstorms back through western new england. and these are heading northeast. the concern with these thunderstorms is that they can reach up into the sky as they are growing. and grab stronger winds. and then yank those winds down to the surface. so there's going to be about a three or four hour window overnight tonight around metro boston from 2:00 a.m. until 6:00 a.m. we may have strong winds. perhaps leading to some minor wind damage winds gusts between 40 as high 50 miles per hour. here winds already new bedford gust to 40 miles per hour plymouth a gust 26 miles per hour. so wind advisory in effect overnight tonight. rain is with us overnight tonight but gone in time for the morning commute. we get rain out of here tomorrow morning you don't need rain gear for morning commute but a windy day tomorrow. a warm temperatures tomorrow morning during commute near 60. breaking 92 acton a car crashed
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officials say the car blew a stop sign before slamming into the truck. you can see some of the damage there. it happened intersection hyatt and parker streets in acton leaving car side and windshield smashed in the driver one firefighter rushed to the hospital. no word yet on their injuries. >> now to wild weather. creating a chaos in the south. tornadoes touching down from mississippi up to virginia. night team jadiann on joins with us latest on this wild weather. people have lost their lives. >> several cities up east coast are under threat of tornadoes tonight. those storms have left six people dead and they are on the move tonight. >> a possible tornado hitting virginia, caught in this photo. in waverly virginia, about 40 miles from richmond wednesday afternoon, damage is all around. one home completely levelled. a tree uprooted. and nothing but driers left standing here. all you can do is kind of look away, and keep the list. all that fire in it. a witness catches what looks like a tornado on camera in
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and pensacola, florida a storm smashed an apartment complex. tuesday people inside this louisiana gym watched a storms peeled off the roof. when the weather gets so bad the roof of your gym and the wall just blows off. that same storm system hit alabama, mississippi, and louisiana, convent louisiana was in the bulls eye. we friend from the floor to the ceiling to wall to floor. this family's daughter was being pulled out of a window of family's mobile home. she was like flying out window literally. i had her her by her ankles. >> right now at least ten states are at risk from the severe weather. of course we'll keep you updated as storm moves north. jadiann thompson 7 news night team. >> and for weather updates any time you know you can download 7 news phone and tablet apps. you can also check out our interactive radar there when we're not on air. that is also from the night team, a teen tragedy in berry. community in mourning tonight as the 17-year-old girl loses
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the night team susan tran is live in berry with why investigators think the weather could have played a role in this susan. dangerous. so much so that school was delayed here at the high school for two hours. and once kids started making their way to the high school there were two accidents in the same area around the same time and one of them killed the 17-year-old. >> britney was out going and popular. regional high school where friends say she was also on cross country team. very smart and nice. when ever i saw britney she was always smiling and she always looked pretty happy. she was a really good student. it was on her way to school wednesday morning a two-hour delay due to icy roads that police say she lost control of her car on route 62 ask crashed into this tree. police say she was killed her younger brother a freshman at the high school was seriously hurt. there was a two dash hour delay
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and we believe that the roadway was in some spots dovered with a black ice or some slush. britney was senior hey tile where family friends described her as super kid would was very loved. they say they are all trying to support each other and the family as they mourn this tragic loss. people are just praying for her family. and for her brother to be okay. >> now we did contact the. they were not able to provide an update ton that younger brother's condition we do know the family has been with him. meanwhile police are continuing to investigate this crash. we're live in berry tonight opinion susan tran, 7 news night team. 15-year-old hit by a car in ra randolph passed away laura viera was from east boston. this accident happened around 8 o'clock last nightbusy intersex. crews rushed her to hospital where she was later pronounced dead. police say she was in the crosswalk at the time but the driver did have a green light. they say 21-year-old driver from randolph stayed at the scene and
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a holbrook family breathing a sigh of relief as this missing search. she never showed up to pick up her son a day care on monday. and family is said at that was way out of character kimberly bookman spoke to two women kimberly is in holbrook now. yeah kim you know this really an incredible story it shows the power of social media a woman in worcestering with woman by facebook helped find a missing holbrook mother. >> after getting word his wife judy sales was found alive and well in water fort, connecticut clifford sales drove right to her he can thank one judy high school friends to helping track her down. i look at it divine intervention coupled with a power of social media and friendship. tina saw the facebook post that her friend was last heard from monday afternoon. when she was supposed to pick up her son at this holbrook day care but never showed pick up rumored to have a cell phone ping in connecticut i reshareded
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to pay attention. one friend kelly donovan did more than that. i'm going to drive around and look and see if i can spot her car or see her you know why not try. and that's when kelly cracked the case. last place i went to was the mall. and i was driving around, and in fronts of macy's and there was her car. she called holbrook police and they contacted authorities in that area. was on the phone with the state police when she walked over to her car and got into her car. taken to a hospital, judy sales is expected to be okay. it was amazing feeling. i was just grateful to see she was alive. >> and around 9:30 this evening clifford sales came back here to holbrook home his wife was not with him. he said everything fine went into home got some bags and then took off again. reporting live from holbrook kimberly bookman now in cambridge where a police officer there is in trouble for dangerous drive. investigators say he hit a
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let's get to night team tim tim. adam cambridge police say they take any accusation of misconduct by one of their officers very seriously. they say in this particular instance they are disappointed that actions of that officer. >> 28-year-old cambridge officer now on the other side of the law after being cited for his alleged involvement in a hit and run that sent a woman to the hospital. it's devastating. ryan is by all accounts a decorated police officer for the time he's welcome back us ryan an air force veteran has been with cambridge police since 2011 sunday night he was off duty with allegedly struck a woman riding a bicycle near broadway and portland street. cambridge police say it didn't appear the 32-year-old woman did anything wrong. as far as we know from witnesses, and from the victim's statement she was doing absolutely everything she was supposed to do. she had lighting on the back of bike she had reflective clothing on and her arm out indicating a left-hand turn.
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callahan didn't stop but witnesses took down the license plate. pick up truck with extended cab and officers showed up at hits home cambridge police say an officer only briefly spoke callahan since investigators have only talked to his attorney today he was cited with leaving a scene of personal injury accident and operating to endanger. there's no mitigating circumstances as we know it right now that would elevate it to a felony charge. >> police here quick to say the investigation into one of their own will be fair and balanced. this is a straight hit and run accident for us. even if this wasn't ryan, we would follow the same course. so cambridge police is no the investigating along d an a office are insist officer will remain on paid administrative leave pending outcome. victim has since been released from the hospital live tonight in cambridge, tim caputo, 7 news night team key conviction question bringing case of a
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michael skakel was with a found guilty killing a 15-year-old neighbor in 1975. but a connecticut court order ad new trial saying skakels attorney failed to argue that his brother could have been responsible for the murder of ma that moxley. now connecticut supreme court is hearing this case the victim's mother says she is convinced skakel is guilty. michael skakel got a fair trial. i really believe it. and i think that this is, this is really very unusual. you cut through all of what happened here, and there are a lot of specifics. this defendant did not get a fair shake. >> and it could several months before that supreme court makes its final decision. >> turning now to race for white house former massachusetts governor mitt romney criticizing republican front runner donald trump for not releasing his tax returns. the reason that i think the there's a bombshell in there is because every time he's asked by about his taxes he dodges and
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and tonight trump said he will decide whether or not to release the returns in next few months. he also fired back at the 2012 presidential candidate romney tweeting this, when mitt romney asked for are my endorsement last time around he was so awkward and goofy that we all should have known he could not win. up next tonight saving lives. how a tool to save people from an overdose is now becoming more and more accessible. what wild sight caught on camera man's pants burst into flames. so what was in his pocket? i don't think i want to know we are tracking showers and thunderstorms overnight tonight. forecast up next. plus, a look at the future from a local company making real life robots. >> and stay there to make newest tonight.
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tonight a close look at lifesaving training available to
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the opoid crisis. so we've shown you how firefighters have used the drug narcan to actually reverse overdoses. but you don't have to be a firefighter to save a life. cheryl fiandaca shows us how neighbors are saving thousands of people. dmren ster narcan? this man last june narcan meant difference between life and death. >> the officers who administered narcan on this day call it a life saver. >> he appears to be breathing now 7 news learned first responders aren't the only ones using the powerful drug to bring addicts back to life. when we give out kits our kits have two doses on them this what is called bystander class. it's open to anyone who wants to learn how to administer narcan. you're going to put on the nasal atomizer. class is taught by learn to cope an organization dedicated to helping families dealing with drug addiction.
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kathy day is not just an instructor, she's used narcan to save someone she loves. i've had to use it in quaking shaking crying he did though i do this all time so far massachusetts nearly 40,000 people not first responder have taken the class. and the program is getting results. according to a massachusetts department of health, these trained bystanders have saved six,000 people. you have have loved one who is overdosed as it's awful. of course it's hard. yeah, so you just, but this something you have to do. frank gould know what is he's talking about. the stoneham firefighter considers himself a bystander at home. his son is recovering heroin addict. >> he's my son. i love him. i will, i have this in my house. because, god forbid if i need to use it i have it. instructors in the class explain the signs of overdose and how narcan reverses the potentially deadly effects.
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putting narcan spray together. >> it takes approximately 3 to 5 minutes to work. if you're not getting any response from that person in 3 to 5 minutes you can go ahead and give another dose you're not going to hurt them. narcan relatively easy to administer and we found its also easy to get. >> here's your receipt the pharmacist a walgreen's in malden gave us narcan no questions asked even showed us how to use it. ready to go. people are stunned to not be afraid to ask for it or feel ashamed. it is saving lives. and last two years nearly 1500 addicts in massachusetts died of say some of those deaths could have been an avoid if more people were trained to use narcan. and we're following more news tonight. a man's pants bursting into
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he says an e-cigarette exploded in his pocket shows him running outside before an employee sprays him with fire extinguisher another customer rushed him to the hospital. according to that employee the man suffered second degree burns on his leg. >> my goodness some people have seen that video and think that, you know, it's intrg to look a but really good thing he didn't have it closer to his face. totally people have skin grafts and gosh. pretty nice. again. lithium batteries. all right so is tomorrow a bad day or just rainy windy i mean can you help me out here i wanted with to kip over. but maybe not. i'm here to help you out. it's raining early in day up until seven or 8 o'clock. after that i think we're done with the rain. the challenge about tomorrow and salvaging is its still fairly windy day tomorrow. but going to be a warm morning commute. look at the temperatures right now, 50s and 60s. the city 55 norwood 62.
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warmer air over way next couple of hours. also dew point temperatures in the upper 50s to around 60 degrees. thought about doing a frizz factor for morning commute we've got serious weather to talk about. so i'll opt out of that. but here wind gusts right now 25 it 35, 45 mile per hour wind gusts. as air warms up new hampshire and merrimac valley your winds will start to ramp up. that's concern overnight tonight. we have wind sad advise other in effect monitoring showers and thunderstorms. a line of strong thunderstorms now marching through the hudson river valley even some thunderstorms out ahead of that main line. so as the thunderstorms march across new england overnight tonight. what they will be able to do is grab some stronger wind from the clouds and yank that down to the ground. so that's why we do think there will be winds gusting 40 perhaps as high 50 miles per hour overnight tonight not to say everyone will have that concern is there. i think the timing that would be some time between 2:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. and it will be quite rainy for a
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through. most about half an inch to inch of rain short amount of time traveling overnight tonight a tough go for few hours. you notice here by 5 o'clock tomorrow morning start commute rain winding down. last place on south shore. but even there it moves off shore by 8 o'clock tomorrow morning then we will see some sunshine. such a massive storm, analogy that would work here if you take your hand on bicycle you're spinning that wheel then you remove bike wheel still spins. still left over wind energy here that will during day tomorrow. so's that why we have a windy day tomorrow. even though rain long gone are before morning xhoo out winds will gust tomorrow afternoon between 40 and occasionally near 50 miles per hour. but it is warm day. temperatures tomorrow morning close to 60 degrees. and then for the afternoon hours, lower 50s. and then your evening commute will be cooler than tomorrow morning. temperatures tomorrow evening in the upper 40s. 7 on 7 forecast friday and saturday.
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seasonal. upper 30s to around 40. and sunday there you go. going to warm it back up temperatures on sunday. mid 50s. now, from the night team. it's alive. the night team doing the robot as local company introduces us to atlas. >> this company is using intelligence to a create life like artificial intelligence. wait until you see it robot nicknamed atlas as you'll see can't keep this droid down. >> he's 5 foot 9, 180 pounds. and a rock hard abs laser focus and a sensitive touch and walks in woods. atlas boston dynamic newest robot and giving a glimpse. and a robot company released this new youtube video of atlas where he's no push over. well actually he is. when physically shoved to the ground you almost imagine he's going to bounce back and
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but instead he just rights himself up. video show humanoid robot coordination and mobility. he doesn't let snow drift or the uneven surface get him down. quickly ajusting his footing. he could stock shelves with ease brushes of oh annoyance quickly readjusting looks of hunk of mental we might be seeing him opening the a door near us soon. >> some sperths are predicting robots like atlas could be the beginning of the end for manual labor. i find that hard to believe. but, definitely could do some things. atlas has some pretty sculpted legs. can he play for bruins? she. he or she. it's definitely a he. joe actually it was pretty good night. i didn't need he or she tonight. over at the garden tonight brew vince young star and he was on display and did a number on the penguins. we'll show that to you next in 7
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meaningful game against pittsburgh penguins. team they are jockeying with for position in play-offs this was an impressive win tonight. bruins go to the air for their first score tonight david hacked by derek there on that david krejci alley oop feed. awarded penalty shot he just abuse mark andre flurry going 5 and pen's goalie bruins take 1-0 lead. second period more magic from 19-year-old he takes advantage of that give away behind net. burrs his second goal of the game. was two-0. ens go the one later in second. but in the third ryan spooner adds to it with speed. getting zone putting right on tape for at that tap in. that made it 3-one landon about put a cherry on top of this one with beauty of break away. tuukka rask made season high 41 saves. and bruins roll 5-1 the final. >> as long as we get two points, it doesn't really matter because you know standing is tight
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we played really well getting better. and that's what we have to learn how to do here at home. and definitely a big win for us. >> thought you was in danger zone there running out of my air and my man got me some water. isaiah thomas sitting out today celtics practice resting his sore wrist he says he good to go tomorrow night celtics open up a 5 game home stand. celtics do with the bucs and theyer looking tmake hey on the parquet floor where they will play 14 of their final 24 games this season. very excited. i'm trying to take advantage of this home stand. get back to our winning ways and get a little confidence and going into this home stretch. feels good to be able to you know play in front of a home crowd. it feels good i feel like that's something we need to get back on track. >> red sox holding first full squad work out down in fort
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pablo sandoval checked in at 17 percent body fat. that's down from 23 percent last year. if you can believe it. henry also saying the sox will rely lesson analytics going forward. >> play of the day, brought to you by capital one. bulls aaron brooks channelling inner quarterback. check out ton touch on this pass. easy lay-in. brooks's dish gets play off day boston herald report patriots and blount have shown mutual interest in getting a deal done to keep free agent running back here in new england. that's sports. all right nice job there, joe. thank you. all right let's meet the newest addition to tom brady family fluffy. tom brady wife gisele post picture on instagram today they got cute puppy from rescue shelter it and los angeles and fluff is their 3rd dog. just a beautiful as the rest of the family. that's right.
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you know what i mean. good looking dog. here's jimmy with what's coming
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon."


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