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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  February 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> nancy: a connecticut family suing boston children's hospital. this comes after the family's child was placed in state care over a medical dispute. justina pelletier was reunited with her family about 18 months later. >> anchor: relatives say the hospital violated the family's civil rights. byron barnett joins us live from the statehouse. byron? >> reporter: yeah. well, it was a real emotional news conference here just a
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17-year-old justina pelletier and her family attorneys announced they were filing a lawsuit against children's hospital and four doctors there. justina appeared in a wheelchair on the statehouse steps here. and justina and her attorneys and her parents say that she was wrongly held by children's hospital for 18 months. over the objections of her parents. the parents disagreed with the treatment she was getting. she was getting conflicting treatments. tufting hospital said she had a physical illness. and children's said it was a mental disorder. and the children's hospital accused the parents of medical child abuse. the judge's order was the only way christina was finally released back to her parents some 18 months later. now, a few minutes ago, they all spoke... christina talked about how she felt she was treated by children's hospital. >> yeah.
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badly. they didn't really care. and it was awful. and just imagine being in a psych ward without needing to be in a psych ward. and not being treated like everyone else was. i'm very angry. and i just don't understand how this happens. i just really don't want this to happen ever again to any other family. >> reporter: now, a statement from boston children's hospital goes like. this boston children's hospital welcome it is opportunity to vigorously defend the medical care of justina pelletier. we are committed to our patients' health and well-being according to the high standards we follow for every patient placed in our care." now, justina's parents said
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hospital for justina being in a wheelchair. they say she was ice-skating just before she went to children's hospital. they feel that she didn't get the proper treatment there, and that's why she is in a wheelchair and cannot walk today. so the family is suing for monetary damages. named. but they filed the lawsuit in suffolk superior court. and justina's father says he continues to hear from other parents around the country who say they are going through the same thing. that is the latest live from the statehouse, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: all right, byron. thank you. after a cold and messy start, some mild temperatures warping us up. are we done with the rain this week? let's head over to meteorologist chris lambert for more on the forecast. chris? >> chris: jen, not a lot more rain to go through. we will have scattered showers this afternoon and a gusty wind across southeastern massachusetts. at times, gusting 40-50 miles an hour. a far cry from those powerful storms that we had last night. current wind gus, 25-35 miles
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to bedford. that wind direction, more out and because of that southerly wind, dragging it... in all that mild air, we continue to see a mild afternoon ahead of us. developing. this batch will continue to work eastbound throughout the afternoon. so once we get into the midafternoon into the early evening hours, there will be some showers out there. especially west of the city of boston. and these temperatures that fade. it is not going to be a crash temperature-wise. but by this evening, we will be back into the 40's. overnight tonight, into the 30's. nice-looking weekend ahead. a cold start, too. more on the forecast coming up. >> nancy: strong storms knobbing out power to thousands of people in massachusetts. in dorchester, a family dealing with quite the mess after a tree smashed into their home.
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on the damage. >> reporter: so loud, ronald henry says it scared him right out of his skin. the air. now it is a mess of branches and debris, damaging the dorchester home and cars. it came down during the intense storm. >> there was wind and rain. >> reporter: damage not in dorchester... not just in dorchester. in natick, downed power lines shut down part of route nine. and in marshfield, a tree blocked the road. at one point, nearly the entire town was without power. back in dorchester, they are thankful clean-up is the only thing they are dealing with. >> we were lucky. yeah. very, very lucky. >> reporter: saying the tree fell in a way to make the damage minimal. >> nobody got hurt? >> nobody got hurt.
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get clean-up crews out. they removed the tree. now that the tree has been removed, they will have to have somebody to come out to assess the damage to the home. in dorchester, victoria warren, 7 news. >> anchor: wild weather also a kautz for concern across the eastern part of the country. a dramatic rescue off the coast of new york. a coast guard vessel capsized while trying to help a fishing boat that ran aground. five coast guard members had to be pulled from the water. >> nancy: powerful winds overnight are being blamed for this track or the-trailer flipping on its side. it happened on the george washington bridge in new york. >> anchor: the storm system left a deadly path. crews searched all night for people trapped in the rubble in pennsylvania. winds brought down this home. as severe. a powerful storm system brought more devastation as it moved up the east coast wednesday. heavy rains caused problems in washington, d.c.. a parking garage flooded wednesday with water reaching the curbs. the storm also brought hail
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out power to thousands of people. the clean-up process is just beginning in north carolina. at least four tornadoes tore through that state, roofs were ripped off of homes and trees were knocked down. no serious injuries were reported there. it was a different story in virginia. tornadoes cut a six-mile-wide path of destruction in the eastern part of that state. officials are calling it a mass casualty event as more than 20 people suffered critical injuries. witnesses say they saw at least three twisters. >> we were sitting in the middlele of house when it came through. it just demolished everything through there. a couple of houses are gone completely. the church is gone. a lot of people are hurt down there. >> reporter: 90 miles away, several people died when a tornado hit waverly, virginia. one of the victims was was a small child. >> you know, all you can do is kind of look away. >> reporter: the victims in waverly included a
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yards from his family's mobile home. >> jadiann: police say a 17-year-old was driving to school when she lost control of her car on an icy road. >> reporter: well that, crash happened right here along route 62. if you take a look behind me, you can see a small memorial has been set up. now, police say there was black ice and slush all over the roads yesterday, causing a number of crashes, including this one. friends say brittany murch was outgoing and popular. she was a senior and an honor roll student at quabbin regional high school where she was also a cross-country runner. >> she was, like, very smart. and nice. she had a lot of friends. >> whenever i saw brittany, she was always smiling. and she always looked pretty happy. she was a really good student. >> reporter: on her way to
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a two-hour delay due to icy roads, she lost control of her car on route 62 and crashed into a tree. police say she was killed. her younger brother, a freshman at the high school, was seriously hurt. >> there was a two-hour delay due to weather conditions. and we believe that the road waive was... roadway, in some spots, was covered with black ice and some slush. >> no one really knew at school in the beginning. towards the end of the day, people started to find out. and people were just crying and they didn't know what to say. >> reporter: family and friends say they are all trying to support each other and the murch family. as they mourn this tragic loss. >> wicked nice. >> yeah. i think everyone just needs to come together. regardless if you knew her or not. you show your friends and other people that you are
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and that you never take anything for granted. >> reporter: we are told the family has been with their son at the hospital. live in barrer, 7 news. >> jadiann: the mother of bella bond in court today for a pretrial hearing. she was indicted in the death of her daughter. prosecutors say bond's boyfriend killed bella and she helped hide the body. the two-year-old remains... the two-year-old's remains were found on deer island last summer. for months. as investigators searched for her identity. >> anchor: the race for the republican presidential candidates will face off in texas tonight for the tenth time. donald trump, the front-runner, coming off of his win in nevada's caucus. but now trump is fielding some criticism from former romney. romney questioned why trump is not releaving his tax returns. >> the reason that i think
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is because every time he is asked about his taxes, he dodges and delays... >> anchor: well, last night, trump said he will decide in the next few months whether or not to release his tax returns. >> jadiann: the patriots serving a special breakfast at boston children's hospital. players flipped some pancakes for some very special patients there. brandon gunnoe was there for all the excitement. he joins us now with the story. sounds like such a fun assignment, brandon. >> reporter: it was fun, sarah. i'm not sure if the kids were more excited about seeing the pancakes. great time. he showed off his pancake-flipping skills for kids that are staying at boston children's hospital. he wasn't the only one, though. defensive lineman trey flowers, di lewis and pat patriot, of course, were all there. they signed footballs. they were talking to the kid. we talked to edelman about seeing the kids so excited,
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>> i'm fortunate enough to come here and do this event, a few years back. it is good to come back and do it again. and then try to put a smile on some of these kids' faces. >> i'm more of a crepe guy. i'm that guy. >> reporter: day. so there you have it. julian edelman prefers crepes to pancakes. he is tough. but his palate is sweet. >> anchor: very important information there. i like it. a dog finds a new life in america. >> sarah: will it be the year for leonardo dicaprio? we have an oscar night preview still ahead. >> chris: temperatures close to 60 degrees this afternoon. a cupping more passing showers. otherwise, the next several days looking dry.
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i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options. aging happens.
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>> anchor: well, a golden retrieve, mix is getting a second chance after being the two-year-old dog was left in a trash bag in south korea after being badly abuse. a vet had to amputate all of her legs. but soon she was fitted with new prosthetics and now she is learning to walk again. she also is set to go to a new loving home in arizona. glad she is doing okay and getting around. walking around. i love those dog videos. i could watch them all day. when they rescue the dogs and they get a home. a sad story. yeah. the dog looked happy. that is all that counts. right? 63 degrees in the city of boston this morning. just two degrees shy of the record high for the day. same case in worcester.
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morning. still in the mid-50's. the city of boston. out through worcester as well. 63, nashua, new hampshire. very mild air still in place. temperature-wise through the rest of the day. gusty wind. we still have that. it is gusty. at times, 25-35 miles an hour from the city of boston out through bedford and across much of the area. we have some stronger wind gusts to contend with at times throughout the afternoon. nothing severe. but there are some showers across western massachusetts. the showers will continue to advance eastbound. i can't completely rule out some more rain-drops as we work throughout the day. it is nice outside right now. boston out to worcester. some of these scattered west. as we work mid to late afternoon. even continuing into early this evening. there may be some wet roads commute. for some towns.
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by tomorrow morning, all is quiet. nice and sunny for the morning commute on friday. into the friday afternoon commute as well. we are 55 degrees in boston. not too far west of us, though, the cold air. 33 in buffalo. that cold air will press in and even late this afternoon, temperatures slowly sliding back toward that 50-degree mark. you get more clouds and a couple of showers in here. any showers going to be this evening tonight. when temperatures go back to near freezing, this is after the precipitation is done. i'm not concerned with any that. tomorrow is cool. windy day overall. 40 degrees. warmest towns across far southeastern massachusetts. i think we will hold notice of boston. for more on the wind and what to expect temperature-wise, over to danielle. yeah. we are not totally done with the wind today. until 7:00 p.m., we have the wind advisory in effect. later on this afternoon, we could see wind gusts getting up to 50 miles per hour.
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the south. even out of the southwest for some of you. per hour. the good news, into tomorrow calm down. notice there is changing direction. they are soon going to be out we head into friday. and into saturday. they will stay breezy throughout the day tomorrow. what that westerly wind is going to do is going to help bring in the cool air. so by tomorrow morning, these are the temperatures that you will see when you walk out the door. near freezing. this is going to feel cool in comparison to today. then by saturday morning, things cool down even more. we will wake up to teens on saturday morning. the good news: this cool average weather is short-lived. back to you. >> chris: winter season has been short-lived this year. we start cold on saturday saturday afternoon, back into the upper 30's. 50's. as the southwest wind kicks. in you can kind of copy and
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the forecast monday, too. on monday. better chance for those showers coming in on wednesday. overall, though, no brutally cold air. a little bit of a chilly start out on saturday morning. >> anchor: chris, thank you. fast life-saver for a person who overdosed. first responders aren't the only ones using it to bring addicts back to life. 7 news investigates. >> sarah: a kentucky man lucky to be alive after the pocket of his pants explodeses if into flames. this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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>> anchor: first responders call it a life-saver. as the heroin epidemic continues to grow, you have probably heard about narcan. >> sarah: yeah. the drug that can bring people back to life really. now. cheryl fiandaca has the story. >> he has been down ten minutes. >> you administered narcan? >> yeah. >> reporter: narcan meant the difference between life and death for this man last june. the officers who administered narcan on this day call it a life-saver. >> he appears to be breathing. barely. >> reporter: 7 news has learned first responders aren't the only ones using the powerful drug. to bring addicts back to life. >> when we give out kits, our kits have two doses in them. >> reporter: this is what's called a bystander class. it is open to anyone who wants
12:23 pm
narcan. >> you are going to put on the nasal atomizer. report tt class is taught by learn to cope. an organization helping family dealing with drug addiction. kathy day is not just an instructor. she has used narcan to save someone she loves. >> i have had to use it quakes, shaking, crying. even though i use this all the time. >> reporter: 40,000 people who are not first responders are taking the class. the program is getting results. according to the massachusetts department of health, these trained bystanders have saved 6,000 people. >> you have a loved one who has overdosed. it is awful. of course, it is hard. yeah. so this is something you have to do. >> reporter: frank gould knows what he is talking about. the firefighter considers himself a bystander at home. his son is a recovering heroin addict. >> he is my son. i love him.
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because god forbid, if i need to use it, i have it. >> reporter: narcan reversing the potentially deadly effects of overdose. the bystanders get some practice putting the narcan spray together. >> it takes approximately three to five minutes to work. if you are not getting any response from that person in three to five minutes, you can give another dose. you are not going to hurt them. >> reporter: nar skan relatively easy to administer. it is also easy to get, we found. >> here is your receipt. >> reporter: the pharmacist at walgreen's gave us narcan no questions asked. he showed us how to use it. >> you want to screw this in. ready to go. people are starting to not be or feel ashamed. it is saving lives. in the last two years, nearly 1,500 addicts in massachusetts died of an opiate overdose. doctors who treat substance abuse say some of those deaths could have been avoided if
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use narcan. i'm cheryl fiandaca in the newsroom. >> anchor: the red carpet is ready for the academy awards. the oscar buzz coming up next. >> sarah: an italian dinner turns into a traerb sure chest. see what a woman finds in her
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>> sarah: preparations under way for hollywood's biggest night. the academy awards will take place in hollywood on sunday. the red carpet has already been rolled out for the star-studded event. a new poll finds movie-goers predict the revenant will win best picture at the oscars. >> anchor: 1,000 people said pictures. the revenant ranked number one with 33% of the votes. matt damon's box office hit the martian was second and the road rounded out the top
12:28 pm
i have some catching up to do. >> i saw spotlight. i'm scared to see revenant. i hear it is gory. maybe i will toughen up and watch it. much more coming up on 7 news. strong storms overnight causes problems for thousands of people. >> anchor: a connecticut family suing boston children's hospital over the care of their daughter. details ahead in a live report. >> sarah: plus, a decision made on whether to release video of a strange incident
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a connecticut family suing boston children's hospital. they say the hospital took away custody of their daughter. justina pelletier was reunited with her family about 18 months later. >> anchor: relatives say the hospital violated the family's civil rights. more on the custody controversy. byron? >> reporter: yeah. it was an emotional news conference here at the statehouse a short time ago. 17-year-old justina pelletier, her parents, and her attorneys announced that they are filing a civil rights lawsuit against boston children's hospital and four doctors there. now, justina's attorneys say she was wrongfully held by children's hospital for 18 months over the objections of her parents who disagreed with the treatment she was getting. according to the attorneys, another hospital said justina's problem was physical and may the say children's disorder. treatment at boston children's
12:32 pm
they were really treating me badly. they didn't really care. and it was awful. just imagine being in a psych a psych ward. and just not being treated like everyone else was. i'm very angry, and i just don't understand how this happened. and i just really don't want this to happen ever again to any other family. >> reporter: now, boston statement saying "boston children's hospital welcomes the opportunity to vigorously defend the medical care it provided to justina pelletier. we are committed to the best interests of our patients' health and well-being according to the high standards we follow for every patient placed in our care." now, justina's parents say
12:33 pm
hospital for justina being in a wheelchair, saying that she did not get the proper treatment. they are suing for an damages in suffolk superior court. that is the latest live from the statehouse, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> anchor: byron, thank you. thunderstorms rolled through overnight. than february. forecast let's head over to meteorologist chris lambert for more on the forecast. warm out there, chris. >> chris: it is mild. very mild, jen. in fact, a couple degrees shy of record highs. feeling like a june night last night. where the thunderstorms rolling in. with damaging wind gusts. exceeding 60 miles an hour in several places. including the city of boston. the winds still active right now. just not as powerful. still gusting to 31 in boston. 35 in bedford. do expect a few gusts. 40-50 down through southeastern massachusetts. in terms of the mild air, look at this. 63 degrees in nashua, new hampshire.
12:34 pm
55 in worcester. we were in the low 60's earlier this morning. temperatures have slid back a couple of degrees. overall, temperatures fairly steady here over the next few hours. clouds increasing again from west to east. some of the scattered showers you see across western massachusetts will arrive in central and eastern massachusetts this afternoon. any time after 3:00 or 4:00, fair game for scattered showers. temperature. wise, slowly fading back by 7:00 p.m. we will be back into the low to middle 40's. not brutally cold air. but seasonably cold air arriving for friday into saturday morning. half of the weekend. more on the forecast ahead. >> anchor: all right, chris. thank you. wild weather takes a toll in canton. trees and telephone poles came crashing down. some streets there are still a mess. dan hausle joins us on the phone now with more on the damage. dan? >> >> reporter: well, the cleanup turned out to be a close call for two officers on detail looking over the
12:35 pm
down power lines. some tree limbs came down overnight. this brought down two power poles. after one of the wires was eased up, another power pole right next to the officers started coming down. they heard the crack and they ran. just reaching out of range of the falling pole. the officer has been with the department for 21 years. this was their lucky day. they got out of the way of the falling power pole. another thing working in their favor. the clean-up continues as it does in so many areas. hopefully, without further incident. dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: dan, thank you. we are hearing now from two women who helped track down a missing mother from holbrook. judy sales was found alive and well at a mall in connecticut on wednesday: one of her high
12:36 pm
was last tracked to connecticut. she shared the post. keep an eye out. one of the friends did more than that. >> i'm going to drive and and car or see her. the mall. and i was driving around. and at macy's, there was her car. >> i look at it as this divine intervention. coupled with powerful social media and friendship. >> anchor: she was taken to the hospital to be checked out. police have not said why she was in connecticut. >> sarah: a cambridge police officer cited for a dangerous drive. investigators say he hit a bicyclist and drove off. brandon gunnoe has reaction from cambridge. >> reporter: cambridge police officer has been cited for a hit-and-run that sent a woman to the hospital. >> it is devastating. ryan is, by all accounts, a
12:37 pm
the short time that he has been with us. >> reporter: ron has been with the force since 2011. sunday night while off-duty, he hit a woman riding a bicycle near broadway and portland and didn't stop. investigators say the 32-year-old didn't do anything wrong. >> as far as we know from witnesses and from the victim's statement, she was doing absolutely everything she was supposed to do. she had lighting on the back of her bike. she had reflective clothing on. she hald her arm out indicating a left-hand turn. >> reporter: witnesses took investigation. >> this is a straight hit-and-run for us. even if this wasn't ryan, we would follow the same course. >> reporter: that officers is on paid administrative leave until an investigation is complete. the victim has since been released from the hospital.
12:38 pm
7 news. >> anchor: new details on chandler jones. video of jones' incident outside of the foxboro police station will not be released to the public. the secretary of state rejected the request for the surveillance footage to be released, citing jones' privacy. jones was in need of medical attention last month when he showed up to the station. jones was suffering a reaction to synthetic marijuana according to the report. federal investigators are reportedly looking into state senator brian joyce's role in a big solar power project at stone hill college in easton. according to the "globe," joyce's law office represented stone hill at the time while he was also pushing legislation on beacon hill to make it easier for solar companies to connect to power lines. the f.b.i. and i.r.s. raided joyce's office in canton last week. >> sarah: officials are stopping construction on the now.
12:39 pm
somerville forced the decision. somerville's mayor is appealing an environmental permit for the new $1.7 billion casino. he says traffic and pollution issues are his major concern. but the deal has already been signed. >> there is massive development going on right across the river, and why is it okay on that side of the river when it is not okay on this side of the river? (cheers and applause) >> sarah: somerville's mayor is not going to back down, he says. because this is a public health issue. >> no amount of political theater and public harassment from wynn will keep me, as the mayor of somerville from doing my job and volking for the health and well-being of the residents of our community. >> sarah: this could stall the
12:40 pm
months. >> anchor: the white house is considering a tropp fill the supreme court. this comes after the death of justice antonin scalia. senate minority leader harry reed, a democrat, met with the nevada governor to discuss the position on monday. brian sandoval is a former judge and state attorney general. reid says that experience makes him a great candidate for the bench. >> i know if he were picked, i would support the man. he is a good person. he has a great record. and he has been a tremendously good governor. in spite of having to deal with some very big problems there. >> anchor: well, this move could be seen as an attempt by the president to appease republicans who have said they want to wait until after the election to fill the empty seat.
12:41 pm
pants were really on fire. what caused flames to shoot from a man's jeans? >> anchor: a delicious dinner turns into a wind-fall for one woman when she bites into a rare pearl. >> chris: slowly cooling down overnight tonight. the weekend forecast the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. ...securing a massive reduction in nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for 8 million children... the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
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>> sarah: pretty nice in boston. very different from this
12:44 pm
>> anchor: overnight, we were woken up by the thunderstorms. saw them on the way to work. chris, i just popped out for a couple of minutes. it is warm out there. >> chris: very nice. the city in the mid-50's right now. low 6's north and west of town. once again, 50-plus in the city of boston. for the 3rd time this winter. talking december. january and february. we have had 33 days above 50 degrees last went. ... this winter. last winter, nine. last winter at this point, we had a hundred inches of snow. so this winter, 25 inches. a quarter of the snowfall in the city of boston. 57 right now in downtown boston. 61 in waltham. 59 in reading. merrimack valley, lower 60's. 55 in fitchburg. 57 in auburn. 56 in shrewsbury. enjoying the mild weather. a slight trend down cooler weather-wise here down toward wareham and the cape and the islands. the wind out of the south is coming off the cool ocean waters. running into the 40's at this
12:45 pm
we take a look west of us. steady rain back across western massachusetts into upstate new york. some shower activity will slide eastbound throughout the afternoon. i do expect the chance for some scattered showers. initially through worcester county, 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. then after 3:00, fair game in the city of boston to catch another passing shower or two. not the torrential rains. not the downpours and the severe weather we had overnight. still some scattered showers and gusty winds this evening. then it dries out completely overnight tonight. and for tomorrow morning. we start the day off with sunshine. and we can hold that sunshine throughout the day. we will also hold on to colder air. you look to the west of us. it is a big difference. 5 in boston. 2 in buffalo, new york. it is that cold air that will be working in here overnight tonight. and hold during the day tomorrow. temperatures slowly sliding from near 60 this afternoon back to near 50 by late-day. eventually, sliding downhill overnight tonight. in fact, by daybreak tomorrow, a couple of locations in the upper 20's north and west of
12:46 pm
again, cool weather. we go sub-freezing after the moisture is over and done with. we are not talking about freezing rain or changing over to snow. although there may may be a couple of wet snowflakes and some of the lingering snow showers back through the hills and the berkshires. this breeze is busy out of the northwest at 15-25 miles an hour. for moren to wind and temperatures, and what to expect by saturday morning, danielle? >> danielle: thanks, chris. we are not quite done with this wind yet. because of that, we still have this wind advisory in effect until 7:00. this afternoon, we could still see gusts getting up to 50 miles per hour. especially as we are heading into 5:00, 6:00 tonight. when we have the chance to see that shower move through. again, we can see those winds gusting 40-50 miles per hour again tonight good news, as we head into tomorrow morning, the winds are dying down. they are turning more westerly. so this is the way they will stay throughout the day. tomorrow.
12:47 pm
do to temperatures. as we head into tomorrow, tomorrow morning, chris mentioned the temperatures much cooler. this is what you can expect tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. those winds will bring in the cool air. temperatures near freezing tomorrow morning. and then as we head into saturday morning, that is when things will be even in the teens. so if you have plans saturday morning, this is what you will need to dress for. if you want to go on a walk maybe, 19 in boston. but this cold is short-lived. the warm temperatures will return. for more on that, chris, back to you. >> chris: danielle, how many days have been above 50 in the city of boston? we can add to that list by sunday afternoon. the cold air retreats beginning late on saturday. and then on sunday, the mild air returning. the wind out of the southwest, we will likely hit 50 again on monday. before we can completely close out the books in the month of february and the meteorological winter which runs december through february. it was an easy one this year so far. yes, you can get snowstorms in march. i know. that overall, quiet weather going into the weekend.
12:48 pm
washington state makes a rare find while eating dinner at a restaurant. she bit into something hard in a clam that looked like a pearl. she took it to a local gemologist who was skeptical at first. he eventually came to the conclusion it was a rare purple pearl. worth about $600. >> he thought i was joking. he thought it looked so round and perfect that someone was playing a joke on me. >> sarah: she plans on keeping the pearl and maybe making it into a necklace. >> anchor: that is a great deal on dinner. >> sarah: i know. right? as long as you don't break a tooth. >> anchor: coming up, a man's pocket burst into flames. coming up, we will tell you why. >> sarah: astronaut scott kelly talks about his time on the international space station before his happy homecoming. we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free.
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on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class of this country. i'm bernie sanders
12:50 pm
>> sarah: caught on camera: fast man's pants catching on fire as an e-cigarette battery explodes inside his pocket.
12:51 pm
station in kentucky. >> anchor: the man who was standing in line gets the surprise of his life. kim khazei has the story. >> reporter: it is a constant flow. customers come and go at this kentucky gas station. the stream of traffic never brings anything out of the ordinary until saturday morning. surveillance video shows josh hamilton making a quick stop to buy snacks. as hamilton walks up to the counter to pay, he says an e-cigarette battery in his pocket exploded. >> he was giving the money. he put it in his pocket. suddenly, there was a fire. he was burning. >> i was like, is bomb in your
12:52 pm
kim khazei, 7 news. >> sarah: up next on 7 news, an astronaut spends almost a year in space. see what he is looking forward to most when he is back on solid ground. >> chris: a couple more scattered showers this afternoon. quiet weekend ahead.
12:53 pm
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12:55 pm
>> anchor: astronaut scott kelly spent the last day thousands of miles away from his family. he has never lost sight of home. and now he has less than a week until he does head home. >> sarah: now he is opening up about his time in space before the big homecoming. >> reporter: scott kelly is in the home stretch. >> i started counting down when we got to ten days left. which was a few days ago. >> reporter: the first american to spend a year in orbit. as of today, kelly has orbited the earth 5,344 times. >> you know, you definitely have a different perspective on the earth and things that happen down there. i'm actually looking at it right now. the windows open. i follow the news. very closely. have it on during the work day and in the evening. so i keep probably more in
12:56 pm
earth when time in space than when i'm actually on earth. >> reporter: kelly has been esposting photos on social media throughout his mission. his awe-inspiring pictures have become a huge hit. >> the ability to press our limits with regards to exploration and discoverry, i think it's been a privilege of being a part of. that it's something that i'm going to miss. i have been up here for a long time. i look forward to going home. >> reporter: he is expected to make his homecoming this sunday. when kelly wraps up his mission, he will have traveled more than 143 million miles in space. the one thing he is looking back home? >> human contact. the people you love on earth. your family, your friends. people you miss. >> sarah: like, incredible pictures. >> anchor: i know. the northern lights. i have always wanted to see seeing them from space. that is crazy. >> sarah: i couldn't imagine, though, not having human contact for that long. >> chris: although.
12:57 pm
connected now with all the social media access. it is awesome to see those pictures of the hurricanes and tropical storms as the international space station goes over them. 60 degrees right now. sliding back to 50 this afternoon. slow temp slide later on a couple scattered showers around. nothing like earlier this morning. with the severe weather. isolated evening shower. tonight. cool weather prevails tonight. then 36-42 by the time we get into tomorrow. i think temperatures holding for the upper 30's for the most part. it will feel more like the upper 2's thanks to the constant wind out there. you take a look at the forecast. yes, we start the weekend off on the cold side. seasonably cold saturday afternoon. and then we are right back into the 50's by sunday. >> anchor: all right, chris.
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
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>> ava: get her away from me. get her--get her away from me! she's trying to kill me again! >> kayla: oh, come on. >> roman: easy, meryl, easy. >> ava: you are her brother. you are her brother. you don't want to think of sweetness as anything but, but she stuck a needle full of morphine right here in my arm. >> steve: as much as you deserve it, kayla would never do a thing like that. >> ava: you saw her try to attack me in horton square earlier. i want to press charges. i want to press charges, and i want her thrown in jail! >> kayla: you are a lying psychopath! i'm gonna destroy you! >> steve: kayla! >> kayla: let go of me >> roman: kayla, calm down! kayla! [intense music] [relaxed club music] >> victor: tell me the truth, belle. why do you really want to buy this place? >> belle: it's a business transaction.


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