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tv   7 News Today in New England  WHDH  February 26, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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teenager who killed his math faith. how long will philip chism spend behind bars >> a dangerous series of boston robbery with a dangerous weapon. police are on the search for that suspect. a new england mansion burning to the ground. flames just swallowing up this mansion in newport. good friday morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. it's a blustery friday to start out there. it doesn't look like temperatures are budging one bit out there. let's send it over to chris
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>> almost flat lining temperature wise as we gone from 36 to 33 now back up to 35. not much moving in the temperature department. mid 30s from boston through many of the suburbs. we have a lot of movement windwise that wind out of the west gusting over 30 miles an hour at time gusting to 32 in worcester. close to it in boston at 28 miles per hour. that's adding to windchill factor windchill factor feels like 24 degrees in boston. feeling like 12 in worcester. this what you dress for. it's a colder winter day. near seasonal levels. a couple of degrees shy of it. we'll have that wind with us throughout the day. even early this evening a cold breeze as temperature fall off and we'll watch the temperature fall back not obviously through that's in store over next 36 hours. once we get beyond tomorrow afternoon the second half of the
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low-to-mid 50s on sunday. the cold weather not lasting that long. more on that 7-day forecast, ahead. all right. let's sent it over to danielle gersh with traffic. >> happy friday to you. here's a look at expressway still a driveway. let's go to maps from braintree to boston that drive about 25 minutes you're starting to really slowdown around granite avenue. route 324, 95, no major issues to tell you about. south of town. the pike from framingham, eastbound into boston. you're starting to slowdown from 128 into town. you can see your slow and go. this exclamation mark that's an earlier accident. we don't have to worry about that. 93 south bound from 495 to 128. then you start to slow down through summerville. let's look at the drive times. the expressway again about 25 minutes. 20 minutes on the pike from 128 and 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge about 16 minutes. if you take the t this morning
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>> we start with breaking news west bridgewater. sufficient slams into a home. some serious damage. and we have one person injured as well. john cocoa on the scene for us right now. john? >> we're told an suv came up over the lawn here flew through the air and hit this home and you can see where it is caved in. >> an suv slamming into this home on matt street in west bridgewater before 7:00 friday morning. at first the street name came up and it was a little bit unsure of the exact number. i'm like okay that's close to the house. then they came up with the correction the actual house number. i knew its her home. john's mother lives in the home. and was sleeping in the back of the house when the suv collided. he heard about the crash as he got to work. my mother was in bed at time. she's very shaken up. obviously. she wasn't injured. >> the driver was somehow pinned under the vehicle ands med
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he said his mother is expected to be fine. >> she just obviously she was in wed and she was scared to death. got a car that flied 30 feet through the air and smashes into the front of your house i imagine it makes quite a noise. >> right now we still don't know what caused that driver to smash into the house here. live in west bridgewater. john cocoa, 7news "today in new england." happening today the danvers teen convicted of raping and killing his math teacher set to be sentenced today. today's decision could potentially be historic one. let's head out to victoria warren with more on what we can vicki? >> well, we will start the statements. and because of some recent supreme court ruling regarding juveniles convicted of first-degree murder the sentencing today will have an impact on more than just philip chism and colleen ritzer's
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>> philip chism guilty. today he learns his faith as ritzer get their chance to tell the judge all about colleen the hole left in their lives >> in this case it's not automatic anything. the impact statements make a difference. legalable list said sentencing in this case is historic. the first juvenile first-degree murder conviction since the higher courts set life without parole the not an option for teenager killer. last ten year the supreme court has said juveniles are not adult. their brain not the stage of adult. you can't just throw away the key when they are juveniles? the states wants him sentenced to 25 years with parole for murder and then another 25 for far role with the rape. chism defense asked for him to serve sentences for the rape and murder at the same time. making him parole eligible after 26 years. legal experts say because of the
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role. thursday the judge denied a defense motion to limit how many family members can speak and for how long. statements? >> it's the law. >> sometimes we limiting our concept of who is family member and who is survivor of someone is pretty dangerous territory. so the plan right now is for the impact statements to start around 9:30 this morning. there are nine scheduled impact statements and then the judge is expected to issue the sentencing around 2:30 this afternoon. live in salem. victoria warren 7news "today in new england." happening now police in boston are looking for the man scene in the surveillance photos he's wanted for questioning in connection with several armed robberies in the area.
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armed with a 12-inch kitchen knife. today 59-year-old james andrew is accused of raping a child back in 1991. and he was arrested yesterday at his home. he's been on administrative leaf since detective began investigating the allegation last month. and termination hearing will be heard in march as well. right now investigators in kansas are trying to figure out why a man there went on a deadly shooting spree killing 3 people and injurying dozens of others. jennifer eagan joining with us the control room for the late. . we're just learning that the suspect had been served with a protection from abuse order shortly before the attack. now the circumstances of that order are still underclear. and investigators are still trying to determine a motive but the sheriff said it appears the gunmen shot at random. >> we kept hearing, pop, pop. i ran over. there was the gentleman. i guess his name was adam. the workplace shooting happened at excel industries around 5:00
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getting calls of people being shot in various places. one man shot in his truck. another person shot in the street. there was a scene in the parking lot of excel and then in the plant itself. this is just a horrible incident. i see people running. i'm assuming fire. i take a few steps and i hear pop, pop, i think paint cans are going. pop, pop, pop, pop. coworker say the shooter was this man sedrick ford. this video posted on facebook page the rampage started ten miles away from the plant. police say the gunmen drove through the town of newton firing on two cars and injuries one person. from there police say the suspect drove 8 miles away where he stole a car and injured another person. after that he made his way to factory. this sheriff praising the first officer on scene who shot and killed the suspect. >> even though he took fire he went inside the place and saved multiple, multiple lives.
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as far as i'm concerned. for hours the area around excel in the surrounding scene were flooded with local and state police and the fbi. as loved ones were reunited grateful to be alive after seeing what they describe as a terrifying scene of confusion and fear. >> i have no idea what to do. we were hopping fences. people were running and screaming and crying. we didn't know what to do. police searched the suspect's home last night. investigator say he was carrying a rifle and a pistol at the time of the attack. eagan. 7news "today in new england." a rhode island mansion going up in flame. investigator make their way back to scene of massive fire as they try to figure out what sparked the flames. witnesses say that 100-year-old mansion on newport bellview avenue went up so quickly by the time firefighter got there they couldn't save it. the mansion had recently been sold and under construction.
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the whole place was ungulfed. it's like -- it went like that. i heard a couple of pops that were like small explosions from inside the house. you could hear the things crack. >> no one was at home at the time. an investigation into what caused fire will begin this morning. and a deadly accident in plymouth. you can see this car damaged and often into the woods. this off root 3 northbound last night. there were people in that car. two people. the passenger a 21-year-old man from providence has died and the driver was taken to the hospital. all bets were off in the race for the white house last night. candidate throwing shots at one another. front-runner donald trump in this final debate before super tuesday. here's brandon gunnoe with more on the action tonight. a minute and 15 seconds to answer. donald trump center stage and
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>> here's a guy that inherited 200 million. if he hadn't you know where donald trump would be. >> that's so wrong. >> in cruise z home state cruz and rubio hit trump from both side taking shot how he said he's the one to start the immigration conversation. >> in 2013 when i was leading the fight against the gang of 8 amnesty bill. where was donald he was firing apprentice. >> trump never went to back down fired back. first of all this guy a joke artist. >> rubio tried to tear down trump's past. you're the only person that's ever been fined for hiring people to work on your project >> cruz questioned the idea of a drum temperature fall the white house. >> if we have to win this election and we can't do it with a candidate who agrees with hillary clinton and can't take it to her.
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polls. i'm beating him awfully badly in the polls. you are not beating hillary. >> president vicente fox had to say about that. i will not pay for that [beep]. he should pay for it. the wall just gotten feet taller. >> believe me. >> brandon gunnoe. 7news "today in new england." still ahead on "today in new england" new details on that deadly circus tent collapse in new hampshire. why a company told to pay up is fighting that order. and a texas car crash leading to a fire. that's when a police officer jumped into action to rescue someone who is inside. >> plenty of sunshine. plenty of wind and colder air as well. take a look at the weekend forecast, ahead. we'll introduce you to today class act.
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>> welcome back. 9:15. today is better than yesterday. but the end of yesterday was beautiful. it it was calm after the storm in that respect. we should walk in your shoes for a day or two prediblthing this madness. >> sometimes get dizzy looking at the pattern here in new england. you take a look at the forecast daylight hours here. and this is something to smile about. sunsetting today at 5:30 and then of course once you get a couple of weeks from now that sunday march 13th we spring forward talking about sun set close to 7:00 and about four weeks away from the 7:00 sunset here in new england. the light at the end of the tunnel although this winter not too tough to take as we've been
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lot of 50-degree days which danielle will talk more about in a minute. 35 in boston. 33 in bedford. we're not going to hit 50 today. far cry from that. earlier we had a nice day yesterday. once the storms parted ways with us. from about midmorning through midafternoon the weather turned out just fine. we're running about 20 to 30 degrees colder than those numbers yesterday afternoon. and yesterday morning. winds out of the west 20 miles per hour. wester i will wind dragging in the cold air. we'll continue with that wind as we go throughout the day and that wind still gusting to 30 miles per hour this afternoon. slowly subsiding this evening. then dieing down overnight. saturday 6:0010 saturday saturday late. look at the sunshine across southern new england. we have a lot of sunshine. this time of year the sun hang l higher the sky. helps us out a little bit trying to fight the cold air that's pressing in from this north and west.
9:17 am
17 in burlington. 7 in ottawa. a quick shot of cold air. we contend with the next 36 hours or so. we call it mostly sunny cool and windy. 3434 to 40 degrees. 40 through southeastern mass. 38 in the city of boston. 34 through the worcester hills. nice rebound in temperature close to 40 in the afternoon. and normally do we contend with the cold we have wind. for more on the windchill factor over to danielle. with the cold air and wind the windchills heading into tonight if you have plans this what you need to dress for in boston. feels like 15. feels like the teens to night. have you coats ready. feeling like the teens again tomorrow morning then by sunday that's when things are starting to warm up. obviously this winter very
9:18 am
we have no shortage of warm air. in fact, this winter is going down as having the most 50-degree or higher days on record. so this has been a very warm winter. and right now it's on track tied for number 2 as one of the warmest records -- warmest winters on record with our average temperature just above 37 degrees. very different from last winter by this time last winter we had over 100 inch of o snow. this winter 25.4 inch of snow in boston. big difference. the good news we have this cold air in place. at least they can make some snow for the ski resorts today and into tomorrow. >> just before the weekend they will take any cleaning up they can do across northern new england. if you head up that way tomorrow the cooler of the two weekend day. 30 degrees a lot of sunshine. so some snowmaking going on last night. today and they will make some snow over the weekend as well. a little bit milder sunday. and for all of us here in southern new england, we'll get back into the mild air as we
9:19 am
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what's in your wallet? >> new detail about deadly tent collapse in new hampshire. florida based circus operator the fighting more than 33,000 in fines proposed by federal safety officials. they said the company failed to put up the tent properly. vermont money and 6-year-old daughter were killed when stormwater police say adam carland and michael york set five cars on fire. they may have stolen another. both of the men face several charges. new this morning vermont is a step closer to legalizing recreational marijuana. the senate passed a bill to
9:23 am
up to half an ounce of marijuana which would be the new legal limit. state would start issuing growing license beginning next year. bill now heads to house and governor would have to sign it into law. coming up at 9:30 we're taking a closer look at last night's g.o.p. debate. we'll find out what 7's political editor handy hiller thought of the big night in his hiller instinct. >> first we honor today's class act. a student new to this country. he's helping others feel comfortable in their new homes as well. see that? jill's gobbling up our bird's eye teriyaki broccoli. (mind-blowing sound) and look ben is going for more buffalo cauliflower. (mind-blowing sound) everybody's a veggie lover now. what do you think? (mind-blowing sound) mind blown. bird's eye flavor full.
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it's time for class act. this week we're introducing you to a stand out student from medford. he's thousands of milings away
9:26 am
and really getting used to a new country a new language and he's also helping others do the same thing. and he's this week's class act. >> wow. it's quiet in here. you must be hard at work. >> we do a segment called class act every week where we award amazing achievements. ken wu. >> ken isn't your average high school senior. he's an international exchange student who will graduate this year from saint clements high school. i didn't know this should be me. why me and what is this about? >> he's a really good kid. he works really hard. four years ago ken entered as a freshman straight from china. he hardly new english and hard from family and friends >> it must have been a scary experience for him. because language was an issue.
9:27 am
but i could see him every day struggling and working with really hard hard to gain his language skills. >> but through hard work curiosity and determination he not only succeeded he helps other succeed as well. >> he's come a long, long way. literally and figuratively. moving all the way from china half a world away to boston is something that take a lot of courage. >> each sunday he comes here to the youth counsel of the asian american civic association in boston. and he helps student who immigrated from china adjust to american life. >> the responsibility is very important. >> if he's still in boston area he will keep out asian american council. i love the story.
9:28 am
between 6th and 12th grade doing something outstanding in schools sports or their community. nominate them online at >> just ahead in the next half hour. governor baker planning to pour money into the team. >> plenty of sunshine and wind and cold weather. at least over the next 24 hours. we'll warm it up, second half of the weekend looking good. details, ahead. >> we continue to follow breaking news out of west bridgewater where suv went crashing into a home.
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so peaceful! have a question about how much you can save? ask a citizen at 1-866-999-0218 or visit breaking news in west bridge water. suv go crashing right into a house. we're live on the scene. >> and boston police on the search for suspect after a car crashes into a parked van and
9:31 am
>> hover board danger now extending to the t. why the popular gadgets are now a no go. >> welcome back on this friday morning. it's 9:30. thanks for staying us with. i'm sarah french. i have avoided going outside because of the windy walk into work. it's pretty traumatizing. i don't know if things are getting better. wasn't as bad as yesterday morning. how will the weekend look. >> the weekend looks absolutely find. temperature in the 50s. we will have to wait until sunday. it's dry from this point out. it doesn't feel any different than it did about 4:00 this morning. the only difference we have sunshine and sun up. 35 in boston. wind from the west at 20 miles per hour. 26 in worcester. 34 in plymouth. 33 bedford. it's a colder day close to seasonal levels. the wind adding a little insult to injury. right now steady at 20 miles per hour across the board. temperatures this afternoon only
9:32 am
average. more on that weekend forecast ahead. suv goes crashing into a home. it's pretty incredible. one person was injured as well. here's 7 john cocoa and john we can see that huge hole there behind you. >> you can see it behind me. we're told an suv came up over the lawn. flew through the air and hit the home. you can see where it's caved in. >> an suv slamming into this home on matt fields street before 7:00 friday morning. >> at first the street name came up and it was a little bit unsure by the exact number. i'm like okay that's close to house.
9:33 am
i knew it was her home. john's mother >> she wasn't injured. the driver was somehow pinned under the vehicle. ands med flighted from the scene. he said his mother is expected to be fine. >> she just obviously she was in bed and she was scared to death. got a car that flied 30 feet through the air and smashes into the front of your house i imagine it makes quite a noise. >> right now we don't know what caused driver to smash into the house here. live in west bridgewater. 7news "today in new england." it will be historic sentencing today for the danvers teenager who raped and killed his high school math teacher. philip chism faces up to life in prison. time. recent supreme court ruling say the judge cannot give him life without the chance of parole. now the prosecution wants him to spend at least 50 years in prison. the defense wants h time be eligible for parole coming up in 15 to 25. we're following more news today. police are searching for a
9:34 am
parked van in boston and then left the scene. they say they tried to pull over the 2009 toyota camry for driving violation. the driver wouldn't stop. a few minutes later the trooper found the car here smashed into a van with a driver nowhere to be found. this headmaster ducking tough questions following allegation of racism at the school. lyn moony told the herald she's determined to reveal review policies and protocals at the school. she refused to say if she offered to resign or if mayors office told her to keep quiet when asked if she had any regrets about how cases were handled she said in part, quote, we addressed individuals but what i regret is not having addressed it as a school. if i could turn back time that's what we would have done. >> new this morning governor charlie baker is promising to invest a billion dollars over the next five years toward upgrading the infrastructure on
9:35 am
that's an increase over 1 # 0 million a year on what the t was spending. meanwhile the state transportation secretary told the globe that she's in favor of regular modest fair increases as a way to improve services. >> also this morning hover boards are ban on the t including trains, buses and in stations. the new rule comes after several cases of the popular devices catching fire and exploding. transit systems in chicago have similar bands. >> also on 7 teenager whose family is suing boston children's hospital said her civil rights were violated. she is 17 years old. you remember the case likely. she was diagnosed with a mydo con dreeial disorder. doctors say it was psychological and they gave custody to hospital for about a year. >>
9:36 am
just imagine being psych ward without needing to be in psych ward. i'm angry. and i just don't understand how this happened. and i just really don't want this to happen to any other family. >> in a statement boston children's defending its action. she said she's doing better but still has a long road to recovery. >> alarming allegation against a salem police officer. matthew shadano pleaded not guilty on thursday to drug possession charges. police say the three-year police veteran off duty when they saw him buy oxycontin from a drug dealer. the officer headed to treatment after his hearing. the issue of tom brady's overturned suspension set to head back to court and three federal judges are set to hear the nfl's appeal in the deflated football scandal. and the third by president obama.
9:37 am
brady appears to have an advantage here since judged appointed by democrats tend to favor individuals over business in labor cases. argument in mean time set to be made on thursday >> actor jk simon signing on to cast of the upcoming film pay el treeiot's day. the movie based on the boston marathon bombing. simons will play sergeant jeffrey paglisy of the watertown police department. the sergeant played the key role during the fire fight with the tsarnaev brothers in watertown. the film will also star dorchester native mark wahlberg who will play a boston police officer filming a set to begin next month. >> in the race for the white house now we're taking a closer look this morning at the most recent republican debate candidates ganging up on donald trump but who really came out on top? here's 7 political editor andy hiller with his instinct. this was because it had to be the jump on and dump on
9:38 am
with trump threatening to run away with the republican race his opponents had to can curb him. >> how effective was he in the question mark for it depends on what the meaning of effective is. because he's a special case he's tough to judge. based on past debate i think he will big winner in this one too. the best of the rest and the biggest losers. marco rubio was also a winner. he attacked trump again and again andrew some blood over trump's plan for healthcare and the middle east. best of all for rubio, he never repeated himself and didn't appear robotic. which made ted cruz the biggest loser. cruz is death match with rubio to become the alternative to trump.
9:39 am
weaker than rubio. this was the last debate before super tuesday next week. and polls predict it will be another trump thumping. if that's right then republicans get ready because donald trump is about to take you where no man has gone before. i'm andy hiller and that's my instinct. >> filling the empty supreme court seat he plans to meet with senate leadersed that white house. president obama will sit down with senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. harry reid judiciary committee chairman chuck grassley and patrick leahy the committee's top democrat. that left vacant following the death of justice skalia. >> sandoval is not interested in filling that seat. he made that statement one day after news broke he was being considered for the job. >> caught on camera a police officer in texas pulls a driver from a burning suv.
9:40 am
into a guardrail when the suv caught fire. the officer uses his baton to break open the passenger side window and with some help pulls the man out. the driver suffered minor injuries. >> and checking new across the country now. sea world employees helping a baby sea lion that was stranded in san diego. the animal got stuck when the high waves rolled in. a man also needed rescuing that day when he jumped into the water even though officials shut the pier down. a rescue body set out to save him. 9:30. head into the kitchen. today i guess you are making this exotic dish. it's like indonesian stir-fry. >> tom brady channelling his inner lion king. how he introduced the newest
9:41 am
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$69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. 9:43. good morning, everyone. 35 in boston. 26 in worcester. the numbers not moving much throughout the day. we're 20 to 25 degrees colder than this time yesterday morning. of course yesterday felt like spring and if not summer time with thunderstorms very early in the morning. winds gusting 28 to 32 miles per hour. the winds will continue to gust
9:44 am
this evening slowly subsiding. 7:00, 8:00, 9:00 you want to dress warm. it's a breeze with dropping temperatures and then late overnight tonight the winds become lighter. a 5 to 10 miles per hour. cold start to weekend. but overall an enjoyable weekend. feels like winter tomorrow. feels more like spring once again sunday afternoon. clear skies through much of new england once in a while we had scattered clouds out there. the temperature not moving a lot into the afternoon. we'll go from 35 in boston to about 39 or so later on this afternoon. best chance of 40 through southeastern mass. merrimack valley up into southern new hampshire a low-to-mid 30s holding there through higher terrain of southwestern new hampshire through the city of worcester 34 degrees this afternoon. close to 40 if not just above 40 degrees this afternoon down through the cape and islands. we have that colder air that's going to be press from the northwest.
9:45 am
17 burlington, vermont. this cold air will allow for cold night tonight in fact below seasonal levels. 20 degrees. 18 to 20 the general range in the city of boston. with a bit of breeze this evening in lower-to-middle teens common across many of the suburbs. from lawrence to billerica to framingham. 14 degrees. attleboro, brockton. 16 or 17 and will hold in lower-to-middle 20s down through the cape and islands. we have the cold air in place. we also have the wind. and that means we talk about the windchill factor not only through today but into tomorrow as well. danielle. >> if you head tonight if you ha dinner plans around 7:00 p.m. it will feel like 15 in boston it will feel like the teens for most of you. keep this in mind. and you will need to hold on to coats until tomorrow morning too. look what we wake up to. 7:00 a.m. still in those low teens. because we have cold air and wind it will feel cooler out there. this cold is not something we've
9:46 am
in fact. we've had 33 days this winter of 50 degrees or above. that's a record holding the number one spot there. this winter unseasonably warm. it's so far going down tied as the second warmest winter on record with our average temperature just above 37 degrees. a big difference from last winter. last season this time we had over 100 inch of snow in boston and worcester this this season 25.4 inch of snow. 31.7 in worcester. a big difference, huh, kris. a lot of the ski resorts want more snow. at least they can make snow. temps close to 30 on saturday lower 40s sunday. more clouds around on sunday as well. we have this one cold shot for 24-36 hours that cold will ease through the weekend. and by sunday back to the southwester i will wind that means mild temperature into the 50s.
9:47 am
front on monday. still mild on monday. really mild into next week as well. so 50-degree weather. 33 days so far this meteorological winter which runs december through february. we will end the month. 34 and 35. sunday into monday with temps in the 50s. >> if you are vegetarian or vegan you may like this. what you are making. it's kind of exotic. time to hit the kitchen. we're making this indonesian sir it's in this morning "what's cooking." if you vegetarian or havingan, we have found the perfect restaurant for you. wild rice cafe will cater to your every need. what inspired you to open vegan restaurant? >> coming from india we grew up with fresh produce like fresh vegetables, rice, and lentils.
9:48 am
stir-fry. before you put the noodles the more water should be boiling. these cook super fast. >> 2-3 minutes. while you drop the noodles on the water make sure they are scattered all around then you slowly like gently stir them and make sure that it's totally immersed in the water. >> now in your wok add olive oil, onion and carrots. >> mixing them well together. protein substitute. it's like tofu. it's a substitute right. it's kind of like tofu. since you like spicy food. >> will i regret this later?
9:49 am
>> add the sliced jalapenos and mushrooms. this is soy sauce. place your noodles back in the wok. finish with chopped scallions and cilantra. that's so good. the soba noodles are cooked perfectly. >> this was awesome. one of my favorite. looks like something you could actually attempt to make at home. >> yes, but i still couldn't get the wok down. i was impressed with his -- you know. >> we're not the showman he is. but we could get it done. it wouldn't look as pretty. >> up next in 7 sports one of the celtics star had a really big night. but was it enough to keep the bucks at bay. we have highlights, coming up. some moves could be brewing in the nhl.
9:50 am
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good morning. celtics were still feeling the sting of one-point loss in milwaukee. they had a chance to get even last night. the bucks are tough match up for them. the celtics were the tougher opponent last night winning ninth straight game at the garden. isiah thomas led all scorer with 27 but the celtics clinging to that four-point lead. it's the ridiculous behind the back dish to set up back breaking three from jay that was the play of the night. celtics keep it interesting but beat the bucks 112-107. >> trying to be unpredictable out there. i'm just trying give them
9:53 am
my teammates do a hell of job of separating. i'm just trying to make plays to get them going and then once they get-going it opens for me later in the game. bruin upping the number of year they are offering impending free-agent. but the return the jets just got for andrew lad may make them think long and hard. they sent captain and two minor leaguers to blackhawks for marco 2016 first-round pick and conditional 2018 pick win pec eating 36% of lad's salary. 38-year-old shawn thorton is not. >> tom brady channelling the
9:54 am
newest pet. video on face book page shows him holding up fluffy future the song circle of life from the lion king. the family's other dog also appear. it's really fun. >> coming up next we'll tell you about an hour's long chase. this was in california. but it wasn't a car. >> it was a unicorn. it was cold and windy. much nicer weather by sunday afternoon. temps run back up.
9:55 am
9:56 am
>> police in california have highway chase with uncorn. juliet the pony escaped from party where she was posing for pictures as a uncorn. she led officers on chase for several hours.
9:57 am
before they finally caught up with her. the call came out that the uncorn was in custody. and i think as tense as the situation was that was the relief needed at the time. i laughed and i cried. and i thanked god. >> he got a time out because he was being a bad pony. pony back with family. and everybody is doing okay. >> just imagine the kids in back seat. look mom, unicorns are wheel. you think of the term lipstick on a pig. the horn on the horse is a horse. he was really cute; right? >> could you imagine taking. there's a unicorn on the loose. i will believe it when pigs fly. mostly sunny sky. mid-to-upper 30s this afternoon. cold tonight typical february weather. we're back into the teens and suburbs near 20 in the city of boston.
9:58 am
back in the 50s >> more of today show straight ahead. and thank you for spending time here today. i'm christa delcamp. i'm sarah french. have a great morning. hopefully we will see you back here for 7news at noon. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple veggie dish ever? heart healthy california walnuts. the best simple dinner ever? heart healthy california walnuts.
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this morning on "today's take," ed harris, one of hollywood's biggest stars, with a new role that is a true family affair. then we're headed to south beach, where al is cooking with gee yan giada. we'll get you ready for the academy awards with an oscars showdown. all that and more coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." friday morning, february 26th, 2016. feeling a little more like


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