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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  February 26, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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t why stop there? you can save up for a new car, a wedding, or a down payment on the home of your dreams. we got windchimes! what? you should tell them about the windchimes! find out how much you can save by refinancing your student loans. we call it utopia out here. it' s so peaceful! so peaceful! have a question about how much you can save? ask a citizen at 1-866-999-0218 or visit >> this is 7 news at noon. >> christa: we begin at noon with breaking news. >> when i tried to remember the last day i was truly happy from morning to night, one day in particular came to mind. october 19, 201. that was the last day i would have the chance to see my best friend. >> christa: an emotional day in court. friends and family remembering colleen ritzer who you see here. the 24-year-old massachusetts teacher murdered by her
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student phillip chism is facing sentencing for the murder. >> sarah: prosecutors say he should spend life in prison. the defense argues he should be eligible to get out in 15 years. vicker to kra warren is live outside salem superior court now with the latest. >> reporter: yeah. and it is up to the judge to decide all of that. very difficult morning listening to these impact statements. though no visible emotion from phillip chism. there were nine victim impact statements. the last four coming from colleen ritzer's sister, brother, father, and mo her who all said their world ended the day colleen died. >> i wish i could have helped colleen. no one could have helped her that day. no one knew what evil sat in her classroom that day. >> reporter: raw emotion and anger from the family of colleen ritzer. a i hate colleen's killer and will never forgive him. he is pure evil and must be punished. >> put this animal behind bars
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i beg of you, your honor, do not give coward the opportunity to shatter another family. >> reporter: wearing pink, colleen's mom, dad, brother, and sister sat together on the stand, giving their victim impact statements as the judge decides what sentence he should give to 17-year-old phillip chism. chism was convicted of raping and murdering his danvers high school math teacher when he was 14 years old. >> colleen was irreplaceable. i mismy best friend every day. the world is a much darker place without colleen in it. >> reporter: her best friend took the stand as well as her preschool teacher who first held colleen when she was 15 months old. >> i can still hear her hopeful little voice saying "mislawyer remarks i want to be a teacher just like you." >> reporter: peggy ritzer brought colleen's memory jar to court. . >> october 21. her last memory. chocolate cream pie. >> reporter: when is she told
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just take colleen away from the world. but took away a profound piece of everyone who knew her. >> today the good must prevail over the evil. you need to remember that colleen matters. >> reporter: phillip chism's mother also in court listening to these impact statements. she issued a written statement before things got started today, saying she understands nobody has suffered more than colleen ritzer's family and her prayers are with them. the decision before the judge now. the state wants the judge to issue two back-to-back life sentences with parole, meaning chism wouldn't be eligible for parole for about 50 years. the defense, though, wants those sentences served at the same time. meaning chism could be eligible for parole in about 26 years. the judge will issue his decision later this afternoon. live in salem, 7 news. >> sarah: sky 7 over breaking news. state police are investigating a fatal crash on 195 west. it happened between exits 4-b and 4-a around 10:00 this
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thrown from the car and died. and you are taking a live look at sky 7 in easton. a truck crashes into a gas station there. it happened on foundry street. quite a scene. police and emergency crews are to follow this breaking news throughout the afternoon. >> christa: also on 7 today: a driver trapped under an s.u.v. in west bridgewater after this car slams into a home. and right now, we are learning injuries. so let's head to that scene. here is jonathan hall. jon? >> reporter: hey, christa. very scary crash this morning. as a woman slept in this home. take a look. her house has been laid bare. construction crews trying to button things up. police here say speed and other factors like driver distraction led to this crash and a serious injury to the driver's arm. it was a shocking wake-up for an elderly woman sleeping in this house. a chevy s.u.v. slammed into
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>> she was in bed and she was scared to death. you know, got a car that place to 30 feet into the air and smashes into the front of your house. i imagine it makes quite a noise. >> reporter: a 25-year-old man was at the wheel. judging by the skid marks, it looks like he failed to negotiate a curve in the road, hit a curb, then overcorrected and skidded across the street, striking a tree and then hitting the house. >> when we got here, the driver was pinned under the vehicle. west bridgewater's fire and e.m.s. did a great job getting him out of here. from what i understand, they med-flighted him out. report tt driver was ejected from the vehicle and his arm became pinned beneath the left front wheel. he was conscious and alert as the firefighters rescued him. a med-flight took him to brigham & women's hospital in boston. police say the man was driving too fast and will face criminal charges. as crews work to close up the house, the home owner's son is relieved nobody was injured. including kids in this neighborhood.
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and we are all just grateful it wasn't a half an hour from now when all the kids are out here for the school bus. >> reporter: that is for sure. police are really shaking their heads. they say yesterday another car slammed into another house in this community. on west center street. as we were doing our live shot out here, a lady slowed down and took a picture of us as she drove by. police say people have to pay more attention when they are driving. >> sarah: we have lucked out with a few spring-like days. definitely windy out there right now. feels like winter. >> chris: another 24 hours of some cold weather. then we are warping back up through the weekend. at least second half of it. 1 in boston right now. winds gusty. winds gusting over 30 miles per hour from plymouth to boston to bedford. even gusting to 37 in bedford right now. that wind will continue this afternoon.
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wind diminishes by daybreak tomorrow. the breeze only back to 5-10 miles an hour. a ton of sunshine. we have that going for us. that is helping push the temperatures close to 40 degrees this afternoon. which is average for this time of year. so yes, it feels colder outside. but it is a typical late february day. by new england standards. we will continue with the wind throughout the day. temperatures hovering middle to upper 30's. a few 40-degree readings down through the cape and the islands, close to the city of boston. over the weekend, big turnaround. we go from a cold start on saturday morning back into the 50's on sunday afternoon. more on that 7-day ahead. >> sarah: boston police searching for this man who they say is wanted for two armed robberies. police say he used a 12-inch kitchen knife during the robberies. he was last seen around the area of washington and boylston streets downtown. police are asking anyone who has information about him to contact them right away. >> christa: now a tragedy in
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an attacker killed three people and injured more than a dozen others. some of them critically. >> sarah: now investigators are trying to figure out a motive. >> reporter: investigators are trying to determine a motive. it appears the gunman shot at random. we are learning more about what happened to the alleged suspect in the hours before the shootings. police say 38-year-old sedrick ford was served with a protection from abuse order filed by his girlfriend just hours before allegedly opening fire on his co-workers. . >> 3:30 he gets served. 5:00, we have the first shooting. police say the suspect drove through the town of newton, firing on two cars and injuring one person. from there, police say the suspect drove eight miles where he stole a car and injured another person. the factory, a lawn care company called excel industries. >> everybody was running. people were screaming. people were crying. we just didn't know what to
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>> reporter: three people were killed. 14 shot. before the first officer arrived on scene. >> there was a lot of people in here. 200 to 300 other people. in my mind, that officer saved a lot of lives. because this shooter wasn't done. >> reporter: investigators spent the night at sedrick ford's mobile home as people at the plant struggled to understand why. >> we just want everybody to be okay. but seeing this whole impact and the whole community, everybody is here. >> reporter: we are waiting to learn more about the victims of the shooting. meanwhile, court records show ford had a criminal record in florida which included a burglary conviction. jennifer eagan, 7 news today in new england. >> sarah: a maynard in court today. 59-year-old is accused of raping a child back in 1991. yesterday. he has been on administrative leave since detectives started investigating the allegations last month. a termination hearing will be held in march. >> christa: firefighters working through the morning to
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rhode island mansion. this one hundred-year-old home was on newport's famous bellview avenue. called the stoner lodge. it was under renovation. a family had just sold it. the home caught fire so quickly yesterday afternoon that by the time fire crews got there, it was just too late. >> this was like, over the top. the whole place was engulfed. it is just, like, it went like that. and the thing started collapsing. i heard a couple of pops. like, small explosions from inside the house. and you could hear the things crack. >> christa: no one was home at the time. >> sarah: authorities are still searching for a driver involved in a car chase with police yesterday afternoon. that driver crashed into a parked van and got away. police had originally tried to pull over the driver for a violation, but the driver would not stop. the battle in the race for the white house last night. donald trump taking the brunt in last night's g.o.p. debate. we are just days away now from
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and the candidates are all fired up and they are taking some swings. here is brandon gunnoe with a closer look. >> reporter: g.o.p. front-runner donald trump center stage and the main target. senator marco rubio was first to attack. >> here is the guy that inherited $200 million. if he hadn't inherited $200 million, you know where he would be right now? selling watches in manhattan. >> that is so wrong! >> reporter: senator ted cruz and senator rubio hit trump from both sides, literally. taking shots at how trump said he is the one to start the immigration conversation. >> in 2013, when i was leading the fight against the gang of eight amnesty bill, where was donald? he was firing dennis rodman on celebrity apprentice. >> if he build it is wall the way he built trump towers, he will be using illegal immigrant labor to do it. >> first of all, this guy is a choke-artist.
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>> reporter: rubio tried to tear down trump's past. >> you have been fined for hiring people to work on your projects illegally. >> reporter: cruz questioned the idea of a trump in the white house. >> if we got to win this election and we can't do it with a candidate who agrees with hillary clinton and can't take it to her. . >> talking about the polls. i'm beating him badly in the polls. >> you are not beating hillary. >> i don't know. well, then if i can't, hey, if i can't beat her, you are really going to get killed. >> reporter: trump has long said he is going to build a wall and mexico is going to pay for it. here is what the former mexican president had to say >> i'm not going to pay for that (bleep) wall. he should pay for it. >> and the wall just got ten feet taller. believe me. >> sarah: coming up at noon, a driver trapped in a burning car. the daring rescue all caught on camera. >> christa: a salem police officer facing drug charges. what he is accused of buying from a dealer.
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the sky overseas. what caused this dazzling flash of light >> christa: wow. some lucky passengers getting their dream vacation for free. there is a bit of a catch. we will have the details
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do you think when you are much as if it were a man- male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman...
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same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. >> sarah: a fireball lights up the spanish sky. a fragment from a comet injuring the earth's atmosphere caused the flash of light. this is the third fireball that has recently appeared over spain. pretty incredible. huh? >> christa: that remind me of a couple years back. the one in russia as well. >> sarah: i don't remember it. saying. it was there. it looked pretty cool. remember that one? >> chris: that was a big one. that blew out some windows with the sound waves that came on through. unbelievable video. i'm sure it stayed there in you tube history if you want to google that one. 39 degrees in boston right now. that wind out of the west, hour. we have a windchill factor
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of boston right now. 31 in worcester. 6 in fitchburg. so it's a cooler day. no question about that. versus what we had yesterday. a windier day as well. sunshine around. that sunshine helps warm us up this time of year. despite the cold air mass that's been working on. in these are consistent winds. 20-25 miles an hour. occasionally gusting to 30-35. a windy day. it will continue... we will continue to see that wind through the evening hours. look at the numbers. a good 15-25 degrees colder than this time yesterday. here is all the sunshine. clear skies moving in tonight as well. from the north and the west. we will continue to see. that this will counter the sunshine through the day. temperatures pretty much what you see is what you get. the sun angle highle in sky, makes a big difference this time of year. you can feel even getting inside the car, much warmer in thanks to all of the energy from the sun. that is able to warm up the car for you on an afternoon like. this 20 degrees tonight in the
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teens in a lot of the suburbs. so it will be a cold night tonight. but that cold air doesn't last all that long. we are going to bounce back up to near 50-plus by the second half of the weekend. tomorrow, not too bad either. by the afternoon, we we are close to 40 degrees. for more on the wind and the windchill factors tonight, danielle >> danielle: thanks, chris. we have the cool air and the wind. we are dealing with windchills. 7:00 p.m. tonight, feeling like the teens. you will need the heavy coat if you have plans for this evening. you will need to keep it until tomorrow morning. these are the temperatures that it will feel like outside at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. 13 in boston. this cold air is really of this winter. in fact, right now, 2015 to 2016, this winter is tied as the second warmest on record. 37 degrees. and we have had 33 days of 50 or higher temperatures. so far this winter. and that is the record for that. very different from last winter.
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inches of snow so far by this time in boston. this year, we only have about 25.4 inches. much different. and this cold air that we are dealing with right now, it is not going to stay for much longer, huh, chris? >> chris: you know, it's been fleeting. every time we have had it, it lasts for a day or two. a lot of ski resorts today, snow guns blasting away. it is cold across northern new england. stays cold overnight. stays cold during the day tomorrow. mild on sunday. even across northern new england. mild air coming in from the southwest. you can see that all through the center part of the country. 40's, 50's, and 6's there. we will break that off and move that into new england once we can kick the winds out of the southwest. that is not going to happen tomorrow. but it will happen as we get into sunday. and not only on sunday having the southwest wind, also on monday. however, monday, cold front comes through. perhaps a shower or two. this isn't a big storm. a better chance for widespread showers and some downpours coming in here on wednesday. that storm track once again, dragging in the mild air.
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yeah. a little bit cooler to start the weekend. overall, no brutal cold on the 7-day forecast. >> sarah: a fiery rescue following a car crash, all caught on camera. this texas police officer car after it crashed into a guardrail. the officer used his baton to break through the passenger side window to pull the driver safely out of the car. >> christa: an incredible landing you have to see in guam. a cargo plane forced to make an emergency landing without the nose-gear. the front landing gear wouldn't deploy. the pilot had to only use the rear wheels to touch down. you get to see the front of the plane hitting the ground as it lands right there. no one was hurt. international student with an inspiring story to tell. we will introduce you to the medford teen who is helping out his classmates in a big way. recipe.
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>> sarah: a standout student from medford who is a world away from home is showing real determination. he traveled to boston all the way from china. he had to learn a brand new language and adjust to a whole new culture. >> christa: now he is helping other students really do the same thing which is amazing.
12:23 pm
>> wow. it's quiet in here. you guys must be hard at work. we do a segment called class act every week where west we award amazing achievements. ken wu. come on up. ken wu isn't your average high school senior. he is an international exchange student who will graduate this year from st. clements high school in med. >> i was surprised. you know, i didn't know that this should be me. i mean, why me? >> he is a really good kid. he works really hard. >> four years ago, ken entered as a freshman straight from china. he hardly knew english and was far from family and friends. >> it must have been a scary experience for him. language was an issue. culture was an issue. but i could see him every day struggling and working really hard to gain his language skills. >> but through hard work, curiosity, and determination, he not only succeeded. he is helping others to
12:24 pm
>> he has come a long, long way. literally and figuratively. you know, moving all the way from china, half a world away, to boston is something that takes a lot of courage. >> christa: each sunday, he comes here to the youth council in boston. he helps students who emigrated from china adjust to american life. >> the responsibility is very important. >> ken didn't just come here to learn and take things with him. he has also given a lot. >> christa: so i guess the big question is, what's he going to do next year? unclear at this point. you know, the sky is the limit for him. if he is in the boston area, he says he will be helping out still at the asian-american council. >> sarah: what a great kid. if you know a student between 6-12 grade doing something outstanding in school, sports, and their community, nominate them on-line at >> christa: next, hoverboards
12:25 pm
the bay state. some key places, too, where the toy will not be allowed. >> sarah: it is being called the holy grail of beatles records. an extremely rare find heading to the auction block. we're living in a very competitive global economy, and if we are going to succeed, we need the best-educated workforce in the world. we should be making public colleges and universities tuition-free. we're going to pay for it with a tax on wall street speculation. the taxpayers of this country bailed out wall street. it is time for them to start helping the middle class i'm bernie sanders
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i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but
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if you or a loved one has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options. aging happens. we make it easier. >> sarah: passengers on a jet blue flight out of boston faced with a very important question: where should they go on vacation? >> christa: the airline offered everybody onboard free tickets. what a deal. but only if they could unanimously agree on a destination. so eventually, these passengers narrowed it down to a couple of places. costa rica. turks and caicos. good options there. right? some people got on the loudspeaker and had to make their case for each place. >> raise your hands if you have chosen turks and caicos. no hands in the air. (cheers and applause)
12:28 pm
chosen unanimously to go to costa rica! >> sarah: they are so excited. jet blue handed out the tickets to everybody onboard. wow. that is amazing. i guess they had no idea. huh? before they boarded the flight. the record that helped launch the beatles into the spotlight will be auctioned off next month. experts say the 1962 record helped the beatles secure their recording contract that started their successful career. the record could sell for more than $14,000 during the upcoming auction. >> christa: is rest is history, as they say. much more in the next half hour. including a teen calling out boston children's hospital. how she says the hospital misdiagnosed her. >> chris: plenty of sunshine. plenty of wind this afternoon. we will warm it up second half of the weekend. the numbers ahead. >> sarah: tom brady's suspension back in a courtroom. three federal judges now set
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>> christa: we are still tracking breaking news today. >> when i tried to remember the last day i was truly happy from morning to night, one day in particular came to mind. october 19, 2013. that was the last day i would have the chance to see my best friend. >> christa: an emotional day in court today as friends and family remember colleen ritzer, the 24-year-old massachusetts teacher who was raped and murdered by her student back in 2013. today that student philip chism is facing sentencing for the attack. >> sarah: the defense argues he should be eligible to get out in 15 years.
12:32 pm
spend life in prison. >> i wish i could have helped colleen. no one could have helped her that day. because no one knew what evil sat in her classroom that day. >> reporter: raw emotion and anger from the family of colleen ritzer. >> i hate colleen's killer and will never forgive him. he is evil. pure evil and must be punished. >> put this animal behind bars for the maximum possible sentence. i beg of you, your honor, do not give coward the opportunity to shatter another family's life. >> reporter: colleen ritzer's mom, dad, brother and sister sat together on the stand giving impact victim statements as the judge decides what sentence he should give to 17-year-old philip chism. chism was convicted of raping and murdering his danvers high school math teacher when he was 14 years old. >> colleen was irreplaceable. i miss my best friend every day. the world is a much darker place without colleen in it. >> reporter: her best friend took stand as well as her preschool teacher who first
12:33 pm
months old. >> i can still hear her hopeful little voice saying "miss laura, i want to be a teacher just like you." >> reporter: peggy ritzer brought colleen's memory jar to court, reading the last happy memory her daughter jotted down. her last memory. chocolate cream pie. >> reporter: then she told the judge philip chism didn't just take colleen away from the world but took away a profound her. >> today the good must prevail over the evil. you need to remember that colleen matters. >> reporter: philip chism's mother was at court. she did issue a statement saying that she knows nobody has suffered more than colleen ritzer's family and her prayers are with them. the judge will issue sentence later this afternoon. the state is asking for two 25-year sentences. one served right after the other. the defense would like those sentences served at the same time. meaning philip chism could be eligible for parole in 26
12:34 pm
in salem, victoria warren, 7 news. >> christa: sky 7 over some breaking news. state police are investigating a fatal crash that happened on 195 west between exits 4-b and 4. this was earlier today. state police say the preliminary investigation shows the driver swerved to try to avoid debris in the road. that is when they rolled over. the 55-year-old man from fall river sadly died. right there at the scene. >> sarah: sky 7 in easton. a truck crashes into the front of a gas station. this happened on foundry street. police and emergency crews are on hand right now. of course, we will continue to follow this breaking news throughout the afternoon. >> christa: investigators looking at distracted driving as a possible cause as an s.u.v. crashes into a home in west bridgewater. this was around 6:30 this morning. an elderly woman was inside the house when the vehicle crashed. she wasn't injured. police say a 25-year-old man was at the wheel. authorities believe the man
12:35 pm
approached a curve. >> sarah: definitely chillier out there today. the winds, a change from the warm weather we have lucked out with. what is it looking like for the weekend? >> chris: looks like a 50-50 split in terms of the mild air returning. we will see it again on sunday. until then, a little cold outside the next 24 hours. seasonably cold at that. 31 in worcester. the winds gusting over 0 miles an hour. we are contending with the strong wind. the difference today, it is out of the west. yesterday it was out of the south. that makes all the difference temperature-wise as well. windchill factor in boston, 28. 18, it feels like that in worcester right now. we will keep the clear skies throughout much of the day and overnight tonight. you take a look at the temperature trend over the next few days. again, the next two today and tomorrow. sort of stuck in the upper 0's to near 40. the average high is 41. this is typically what late february feels like. then we are back to 50-degree weather on sunday and monday for the 4th and 35th time this winter being 50 degrees or
12:36 pm
it's been unreal. some mild weather at times through the winter. looks like we will enjoy a couple of nice days again coming up. >> sarah: a teenager speaking out against boston children's hospital, saying the hospital violated her civil rights by holding her against her parents' wishes. 17-year-old justina pelletier was diagnosed with a mitochondrial disorder, a disease that attacks the cells. but when her parents brought her to children's in 201, they said it was all psychological. hospital accused her parents of medical child abuse and dcf gave the hospital custody of justina for almost a year. >> it was awful. and just imagine being in a psych ward without needing to be in a psych ward. i'm very angry. and i just don't understand how this happened. i just really don't want this
12:37 pm
other family. >> sarah: justina says she has a long road to recovery but right now, she is doing pretty well. a florida-based circus operator is fighting more than $33,000 in fines for a deadly tent collapse that happened in new hampshire. officials say the company did not put up the tent properly and ignored severe weather warnings last august. a vermont man and his six-year-old daughter were killed when storm winds blew down that tent at the lancaster fairground. >> sarah: police in portsmouth say adam carlin and michael
12:38 pm
and may have stolen another. these men are facing several charges. officials are investigating a deadly accident in plymouth. you can see the car smashed into the woods there on route 3 northbound. the 21-year-old passenger is in the car. he has died. the driver was rushed to the hospital. >> christa: governor charlie baker plans to invest $200 million per year over the next five years. it will all goes toward upgrading the infrastructure, including the tracks and signals. meantime, the state's transportation secretary tells the "globe" that she is in favor of "regular, modest fare increases as a way to improve service." in fact, a vote next month could raise fares coming up later this year. and "t" officials confirming hoverboards will now be banned from trains, buses, and in stations as well. they say it is an issue of safety. several of the popular devices have caught fire across the country. one case here locally as well.
12:39 pm
also banned hoverboards. >> sarah: harvard university is changing up its job titles, removing the word master from an important job. the change comes after students protested the title of their house master, saying the term has racist connotations and links to slavery. house masters are the heads of the school's residence halls. administrators will meet to come up with a new title for the staff. the headmaster of boston latin dodging questions in her first interview following allegations of racism among students. she told the "herald" she is determined to review poll sis and protocols at the school. but she wouldn't comment on tougher subjects. she also refused to say if she offered to resign or if the mayor's office told her to keep quiet. when asked if she had any regrets, she said in part, "we addressed individuals but what i regret is not having addressed it as a school. if i could turn back time, that is what we would have done."
12:40 pm
deflate-gate scandal. three federal judges plan to hear the n.f.l.'s appeal to last year's decision. thursday. brady appears to have an advantage, though, according to experts. the judges were mostly appointed by democratic presidents. and they tend to favor individuals over businesss. arguments are set to be made coming up thursday. >> sarah: still ahead on 7 news, a surfer taking on wild waves in what why. who takes the top prize in a world surfing competition? >> christa: sarah is koobing
12:41 pm
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>> christa: oh, my goodness. check out these huge waves that surfer took on during a surf league event in hawaii on thursday. some waves measured up to 60 feet tall. can you imagine? a 23-year-old man from hawaii won, beening the youngest person to take first place in the competition. he earned $75,000. well, he is from hawaii. he grew up there. he is used to it. right? >> christa: you know, so many many of us poked fun at the whole surfer thing. >> chris: adrenaline rush. oh, my gosh. if you hit it the wrong way and you get pulled underneath.
12:44 pm
more gentle. across new england. killington, vermont. 7 inches of fresh snow overnight last night. yes, it was dry through much of southern new england. a lot of the mountains and the ski resorts picked up some fresh snow overnight. the ski conditions are pretty good up in killington. even up in new hampshire and vermont. picking up on the snowfall last night. it is getting to the time of year where that sun is high enough in the sky. off totally sunny day like today, you can get some sunburn there on the slopes. we take a look at the sunset for us. it is 5:30. later on today. by march 23, 7:00 p.m., we are only about four weeks away from getting these sunsets close to 7:00 p.m. of course, it is helped out by the spring forward and pushing
12:45 pm
right now. 38 in bedford. 31 in worcester. the wind is active out of the northwest. at times gusting over 0 miles an hour sustained. 20-25. driving the windchill factors
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>> sarah: these cook super fast. right? >> two to three minutes. make sure they are scattered all around. slowly, like gently, stir them and make sure that it's totally immersed. in the water. >> sarah: now add olive oil, onions and carrots. >> mixing them well together. >> sarah: when the had noles are floating, you know they are ready. back in the wok, add some
12:56 pm
and a little bit of tempe. >> it is like foe due, kind of. right? >> you are right. kind of tofu. if you like spicy food... >> sarah: am i going regret this later? >> no, you won't. >> sarah: add the spiced jalapeno and mushrooms. >> this is the soy sauce. >> sarah: place your noodles back in the wok. finish with chopped scallions and cilantro. >> mix them together. >> sarah: plate and garnish with bean sprouts, scallions and cilantro. a drizzle of sesame oil. it is ready to eat. >> that is so good. noodles are cooked perfectly. al dente. so good. >> christa: thanks for doing that, sarah. you are so mean to us, showing us these great dishes.
12:57 pm
>> chris: you could use that on a cool day like today. it is cold tonight. temperatures back in the teens in the suburbs. close to 20 in the city of boston. we take you through 7-day forecast. and we will get back into the's after being one of the warmest winters on record. that will continue sunday into monday. >> sarah: all right. we are following breaking news right now. chris christie has just endorsed donald trump. >> christa: this is really interesting. christie himself dropped out of the race a couple of weeks ago after a poor showing in new hampshire. now it is official. an announcement going on right now. we will be following that. the latest high-profile endorsement here after a few weeks ago, it was sarah palin who was on stage along with trump. and once again, we are hearing chris christie is throwing his support behind the billionaire real estate guy. >> sarah: much more on that on 7 news at i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow. my friends said i should get fios because it's the fastest... but i thought it would be too expensive...
12:58 pm
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1:00 pm
>> victor: oh, there you are. >> maggie: oh, i thought you'd gone to bed. >> victor: oh, i couldn't sleep. listen, i was passing by caroline's room. the door was open, but nobody was there. have you seen her? >> maggie: uh, actually she left just a little while ago. >> victor: at this hour? where'd she go? >> maggie: home. >> victor: what the hell are you talking about? >> maggie: she moved back home, >> vtor: what? why would she do that? and why would she leave without >> maggie: well, she didn't say good-bye because she thought you'd try to stop her, like you did the last time. >> victor: oh, for god's sakes, well, why didn't you? >> maggie: victor, it's her life. >> victor: well, it's a damn poor one. i told you, she has to stay here in this house


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