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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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richard family is angry about the sentence. sunshine for the weekend. one day is cold, the other day warm, we'll sort it out. sparks fly in the race for the white house. donald trump calls in back up as marco rubio trys to fight fire with fire after a heated debate. why mark wallburg and his crew are backing out of a plan to recreate the watertown shootout for a movie. a local school's mean a local school's meaningful mission to help this beautiful girl battle with cancer "7 news"at 11:00 starts >> he killed his teacher and is locked up for life. >> impose the mandatory life
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enough. >> today's sentence is unacceptable and hrauls must be changed. >> tonight, why a life sentence might not be a life sentence in the teacher murder trial. >> powerful words in court followed by an emotional call for change from the family of richards. the teacher's killer headed to prison. why the family believes that justice was not served, kimberly. reporter: well, at the time of the crime, phillip kreufpl/ has 14 years old. that age played a very big part in the sentence. >> he is evil, pure evil and must be punished. >> colleen's family and friends very clear, they wanted her killer locked up for life. >> put this animal behind bars
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sentence and do not give this coward another chance to shatter another family's life. reporter: the teacher was raped and murdered by her 14 -year-old student in the bathroom of danvers school. this video shows him rolling her body inside of this drum and dumping it in the woods. >> they lost their parents, the person that i was. the person that i will never be again. >>reporter: the lives they knew, ruined. >> without colleen, we weren't the trio. >>reporter: the dreams they had, dashed. >> i will never get to walk colleen down the aisle, i'll never give her away at the al tar. reporter: despite all of their gut-wrenching accounts, under age offenders cannoten
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her family looked on wearing her favorite color and kreufpl/'s mother teared up. the judge sentenced him to 40-years and become eligible for parole. >> we are devastated and feel betrayed. >> the family called the sentence unacceptable and demanded change. >> due to the actions of this individual, colleen cannot be provided a second chance. reporter: what the sentence means is that phillip kheufpl/ could be up for parole by the time he is 54 years old. currently, he is 17. the night team turning to our chilly weather with some of us going into the teens ton, we'll soon find some relief with an end of weekend warm up. let's check in with jeremy, a check of the current conditions check of the current conditions. >> boston at 27, wooster 27,
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afternoon, not quite as gusty, 5-15 miles per hour, sending wind chills into the teens. here in the city, it feels like 16. the wind will fade away, temperatures continue to drop into the teens by 20 tomorrow morning. a cold start to your weekend, even through the day, it will be a cool day with temperatures in the upper 30s to around 40. earlier, kansas city and little rock made it into the 50s. i point it out because the air is in new england on sunday, sunday, more k-rb/, but much warmer, temperatures on sunday, mid-50s temperatures on sunday, mid-50s. candidates trade intense insults in the race for the
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>> donald trump getting the support of a rubio rival, new jersey governor joining the team after charlie baker threw his support behind kristi. live at the statehouse with what baker now thinks of christie's choice, tim? . reporter: it wasn't long ago that governor baker was backing the governor of new jersey. swa/ surprising endorsement by kristi, governor baker wants to make it clear that he is not saying he too is supporting trump. >>reporter: a major boost in new jersey governor. >> the republican party need as leader that will make sure that hilary clinton never gets within 10 miles of the white house and donald trump is that man. >> he hit the campaign trail with him. embracing his new
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>> one more message from someone that has had a pretty big mouth. marco rubio, your campaign is almost over. reporter: rubio went after trump at last night's debate. >> he is a conman. i think it's time to unmask him. reporter: he and senator cruz down played the endorsement some are calling pivotal. >> i like chris. i don't think the endorsement was a big surprise to many observers. massachusetts governor said kristi endorsing trump does not mean he will, too. >> i don't anticipate voting for done trump. >> cruz and rubio are at risk of lose of losing primary of losing primaries in their own states and trump is hope own states and trump is hoping the surprise endorsement is enough to get him a clean sweep on super tuesday how do you beat a sitting senator in florida and texas?
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time. tuesday, we have to get out there. >> tuesday will be a big one. don't expect governor baker will be throwing his support behind any of the remaining candidates any time soon. he said at this point, he hasn't decided who he will vote for this coming november. on the democratic side, hilary clinton making her final push before the primary tomorrow. she spoke at a rally where her husband bill was. >>. >> also from the night team, an s.u.v. on a crash course in west bridgewater. police say a 25 -year-old driver lost control, hit a tree and slammed into a house. emergency crews found him with his arms pinned under the same vehicle. they worked for about 20 minutes to free him. an elderly woman was sleeping inside of the home at the time. she was not hurt, but her family was pretty
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>> she was in bed and scared to death. a car that fly death. a car that flies 30 feet in the air and smash smashes into your house, i imagine it makes quite a noise. >> the driver is being treateded at a boston hospital. he is expected to face charges he is expected to face charges. a medical helicopter had to land on the highway after a car going south ended up slamming into a guard rail head on. no word on what caused the vehicle to crash. a lot of back up. a cruel crime after a fire rips through a house. thieves targeted the house after the fire leaving one family frustrated. liz with more from the family. reporter: adam, such a heartbreaking story. now only was the family displaced, but
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home and looted it and stole the car from the drive way, now the car from the drive way, now, the frustrated family is hoping for a break. >> we are not having a good time of it. reporter: for nearly a month, warren kelley and his wife are living in this hotel. forced out after their home after a fire on the second floor killed their good friend and damaged their unit. >> josephine is 88, i'm 85, we are over the hill. we shouldn't be going through this shouldn't be going through this. >> the couple said the burned-out car was looted and their car stolen from the drive way. >> i was upset, who would steal a car from someone who is house just burned. >> warren and his son just brought josephine back from the nursing home with the fire happened. >> she didn't want to be in the nursing home. she wants to pass away in the home. we are doing what we can to have that
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reporter: warren said did limited fire insurance and even if the home is fixable, he doesn't have the money to fix it up. >> at this point, i don't know what i'm going to do. i really don't know what i'm going to do don't know what i'm going to do. >> no doubt a rough time for this family. but some good news in all of this, police say they did find that car. it was they did find that car. it was. but no arrests have been made. we are live in north andover "7 news"night team. following more news tonight, a change of plans for mark wallberg and the crew behind a marathon bombing movie. creators canceling
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where it happened. reporter: neighbors along laurel remember all too well the gunfire explosions and after math. >> a lot of trauma that happened in watertown. it's hard to judge someone else's trauma. >> most say let watertown play watertown in mark wallberg's upcoming movie "patriots day. upcoming movie "patriots day. ". >> >>. reporter: 80% were for the film being on location. >> i wanted to make sure i was removed from the neighborhood, most importantly, my kids were
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allowances for that. reporter: the small handful not wanting it to go on said it felt insensitive and in poor taste. for many who were preparing for hollywood to move in, they say it's another rollercoaster they were not expecking to ride. >> even though we had a say, it didn't matter in the end, that's unfortunate. >> to see it through someone that experienced it, it makes a difference. reporter: the original plan was to film at other locations, but because there was such high interest to have it filmed here, -- -- >>. >> up next, sparking trouble. >> days after we showed you this video of an e cigarette bursting into flames inside of a man's pocket. it happened again right here in new england again right here in new england. sunshine for the weekend and a warming trend, forecast is up next.
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fire in new port that destroyed a historic mansion. a local community coming together to help a little girl who is battling cancer they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million
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out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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he was luck in, it's all operator error. they are warning people if you have these e cigarettes, you need to be careful. >> a rochester man's efrpblts/ cigarette goes up in flames,
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exploded. exploded. >> a man rushed to the hospital and expected to be okay. firefighters here in new hampshire say most of the time, it's operator error. in this case, this man was simply using the wrong charger. >> 80% of electronic cigarette fires occurred because of operator error. >> the bottom line firefighters say if you have an e cigarette device like so many people do, make sure you use the charger given to you by the manufacturer, don't use your i-phone one or anything else and make sure the batteries are changed. officials say it's still too early to tell what causeed
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destroying this historic building. it was undergoing renovations at the time. all things being considered all things being considered. i think the weekend forecast looks pretty decent. temperatures tomorrow near 40 degrees. temperatures for the month of february, -- -- the winter overall, and then, meteorologists, we are kind of weird to begin with, but when we look at the winter, the 3
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december, january and february, right now, this winter slides in as number 2 and we still have a couple of warm days to go. perhaps we can creep up to number one. right now, the city 27, wooster, 27 degrees. there is some wind out there, wind chills are in the teens, boston, it feels like 16. the wind will fade away, but the temperatures will continue to drop into the teens by early tomorrow morning. the weekend gets off to a cold start gets off to a cold start high pressure will grab milder air. the mild bubble of air, that is into new england on sunday with a mix of clouds and sunshine. as the front is passing through tomorrow night and sunday
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otherwise, sunday, mix of clouds and sun. monday, it's still mild. high temperatures on monday, heading into the 50s on monday, heading into the 50s. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. a few clouds late in the day, chilly, seasonable. numbers upper 30s to around 40. lakeville at 40. back into waot/ wooster hills, skwras/ per 34, cape and islands, chat per 34, cape and islands, chatham, 38. warm on sunday, the temperatures tomorrow, again, pretty close to normal and then on sunday like has been the case much of the winter, numbers way above normal. boston, 66, 7 on 7 forecast early next week. temperatures, mid-to upper 50s. next chance of rain, a few rainshowers, wednesday, warm near 60. have a good weekend. a westboro family looking for the perfect match for this perfect little girl. she is just 2 years old and but she is
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>> local students are making it their mission to find her a bone marrow match. >>reporter: tethered to a tangle of lines, dripping into there little 2 and a half -year-old's body, toxic chemotherapy drugs and still my ra/ manages to be a pretty typical toddler. it seems cruel stkwruft/ as her beautiful thick hair came back, so did her leukemia. >> don't treat her, the disease will kill her in 2 weeks. it's that strong, it progresses . reporter: now her family needs to rely on the kindness of strangers to save her life. >> she does not deserve this. she deserves to live a child
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childhood without this childhood without this. >> my ra/'s family indian heritage makes finding a donor harder. >> it's kind of like a miracle drug that only one person can save another person's life. reporter: until she find as donor, she is tied to these lines, fighting her cancer with only chemo. >> she wants to go home every day. >> fortunately for dad and daughter, this time, they don't have to fight this battle alone have to fight this battle alone, an entire army is out there, ready to wage the war with them. blah choosing between the deep sea and the devil. what do you choose? the road aled is hard, but there is still a road. >> if you want to help, doctors say bone marrow donation has advanced so much, it's basically like donating blood. if you would like more information about a drive or geting a kit sent to you, go to
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information at time to talk sports, an exciting time to be a boston sports fan. >> busy time, boston sports team, red sox, weekend of spring training, bruinss gear spring training, bruinss gearing up for the playoffs. b gearing up for the playoffs. b's on the ice. a bunch of guys in ra/ guys in rally we have details,
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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bruins getting a chance to make the pops proud. annual father's trip. tonight, the b's turned in a performance sure to make them proud. dads in the house. opening frame, bergeron playing his 800th career nhl game. he managed to make an impact. one-0 bruins on top. 2 minutes later, matt picking up his game in a big way. boston out to 2-0 lead.
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5 goals in his last 4. that's the best stretch of his year by far and more old guys acting excited. pwhrad/ marshon, 17th goal in 18 games. bruins 2-0 for father's weekend with a 4 for father's weekend with a 4-one win in carolina. shawn mcguire!ml1cl0guire and b u visiting notre dame, both teams fighting -- -- check out the pass from danny -- -- ripping the one-timer top shelf for the power play goal. b u wins it 3-2. the final. >> thomas with the dribble inside. bruins have yet to figure
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to have things on lock. 9 straight games. saturday afternoon, they will look to push it to 10 straight against miami heat. >> it's a big game. they are right behind us and we want to get some separation in the standings and it starts with tomorrow. it's awe big game and we have to take care of home court. >> we'll have to play well. it's not only a team you are playing against, but they have a good culture, a good way they go tpw+/ things. they are a hard playing group raptors hosting the cav's. this game tied. the game winner going down as our play of the day. boston college a winner on the ice against u mass lowell, eagles basketball team, boston
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. we are out of time for this friday night. the tonight show starring jimmy fallon is next. >> wishing you a safe and
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[ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his


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