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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  February 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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a horse out of control and the rider tumbling to the ground, look at this video, the trail ride that took a dangerous turn. these burn marks result of an e cigarette explosion. the man sentenced to life in prison. why the victim says that this case proves that the system is broken. the democrat preparing for a primary in south carolina after a wild day for the republicans. 6:00 this saturday morning, thanks for making us a part of your day, i'm kris anderson. we are going to have those stories and so much more ahead on today on new england.
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meteorologist for a check on the forecast. if you like the cooler weather, today is your day. if you are ready for spring, tomorrow is your day. today is definitely the cooler of the the two days. a light braze that breeze that makes it feel more like 11. it's a lot cooler than it was on thursday morning. today the cooler day. satellite and radar not showing anything, so we expect the weather to be fairly quiet. we expect a breeze as we roll into the evening hours. a front will move through here, in fact, we're going to be on the warm side of the front as we head toward the weekend. upper 30s this afternoon with a little bit of ibreeze, these numbers below normal for the end of february, but the good news is temperatures don't cool off as you head into the evening hours. you kind of hold steady in the 30s and tomorrow really start to get warm. mild night tonight, very mild for tomorrow. the rest of the 7 forecast coming up in a few minutes. we have breaking news for
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two people are dead following a one car crash at lynn. the car left the roadway, and crashed into a building stopping in the middle northbound. both passengers died at the scene. police closed down a part of that roadway, and the crash is being investigated. top story this morning, a family is outraged after a teen killer is sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole. 17-year-old philip chis chis imkilled his teacher. and they show his age factored into his punishment. give him. he is pure evil. >> koleen's richard are calling the killer philip chism locked up for life. >> i beg of your honor do not
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>> reporter: the math teacher was raped and murdered by her then 14-year-old student at dan verse high school in 2014. this video shows him rolling a recycling bin with her body inside and dumping her in the woods. >> her family is broken. >> we not only lost a sister they loved, they lost their parent, especially the mother that i was, the person i was and the person i will never be again. >> reporter: the lives they knew ruined. >> without koleen we are not a trio. >> the dreams they had dashed. >> i will never get to walk koleen down the aisle, i will never give her away at the altar or have that father-daughter dance at her wedding. >> reporter: despite all of under underage offenders cannot
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the judge sentenced to 40 years and then become eligible for parole. >> we are devastated and feel betrayed. >> reporter: the family called the sentence unacceptable and demanded change. >> the notion of second chance should not be applicable in this case. through the intentional and thoroughly planned actions of this individual, koleen cannot be provided a second comans. >> reporter: kimberly bookman, 7 news today in new england. a north hanover family is being provided with a crime, after flames ripped through their home. the family lived in that home for more than 50 years, with the mother battling dementia this crime hit especially hard. >> reporter: for nearly a month, warren kelly and his wife have been living in this hotel room, forced out of their and
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their good friend, and severely damaged their usnit unit. >> she is 88 and i'm 85. >> reporter: now another tough blow. their burned out home was looted and their car stolen from the driveway. >> who would want to steal a car from someone who just had their car burned. >> reporter: josephine has dementia and having a tough time with everything. he and his son had brought her back from the nursing home. >> that is the reason she didn't want to be in the nursing home. she wanted to pass away at home. >> reporter: he had limited fire insurance and even if the home is salvageable, he doesn't have the money to fix it up. he will soon be moving into an elderly living facility, still holding on to home that they can return home to live out the time they have. >> at this point i don't know
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>> reporter: elizabeth noreika today on new england. a 25-year-old driver lost control, hit a tree and slammed into a house, you can see the damage there. emergency crews found this man with his arm pinned under the car. they worked for about 20 minutes to get him free. an elderly woman was sleeping inside the home at the time. she was not injured but her family is sake shaken up by this crash. >> she is in bed, and got a cot flight 30 feet through the air and smashed through the front of the house. i imagine it makes quite a noise. the driver was treated in boston hospital but he is expected to face charges. you can see the car there into the guardrail. medical helicopter landed right on the highway to rush a victim to the hospital after the car that was going southbound slammed into the quader rail head gar guardrail.
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to crash. bernie sanders, and hillary clinton on facing off on south carolina primary after today. this after a wild day for the republicans. >> reporter: thanks and good morning from columbia, here in south carolina african-americans are expected to make up the majority of voters in the democratic primary. and that seemed to power hillary clinton to an easy win, her second in a row after nevada. then comes super tuesday, where in ten states, only in vermont, bernie sanders home state does polling indicate that he can win. likewise on the republican side and one super tuesday state, is donald trump trailing, ted cruz's home state of texas. despite a shaky performance by trump and a storming by michael rubio. trump got a boost by the
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so on tuesday, only at texas can ted cruz lose, and hillary clinton both on the same day lock up their parties nomination. i'm steve handledman. nbc news. they responded to the chris christie's recent endorsement, baker supported the new jersey bid are to governor. now baker says that christie's support for trump doesn't mean he will as well. >> i don't anticipate voting for donald trump. >>meanwhile donald trump is hoping the surprising endorsement gives him an edge as the gop presidential candidate prepare for super tuesday. the irs says that the cyber attacks on the agency may be 7 times more, they accessed more than 700,000 taxpayer accounts beginning last february. the irs first reported attacks in may saying that only about 100,000 accounts had been
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the agency says that the hackers may have stolen social security numbers, and birth dates, and will send malings to a affects on monday. taking a dangerous turn, had video is pretty wild. watch how the horse is out of control, and the rider tumbles to the ground. what may have caused a chaotic scene. i will show you the april-like temperatures as we head into march. plus, take a look, you see the burn marks, they're a reminder of a big problem. the stake that caused the explosion inside of this new
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next. live look outside, he with got the sun starting to rise over the city of boston, though it's a chilly start. instead of a warmer, roller coaster, first warm temperatures and then they're back to the chilly temperatures. >> we are hitting the bottom part of the roller coaster and then we are heading up the hill. 41 is average for the end of february. we will be a little bit below that today, but not a sign of things to come. mid-50s tomorrow, mid-50s into monday. really kind of april-like temperatures for first couple of days in march. in fact, most of the seven-day forecast, temperatures will be above-normal, the exception will be taken to next weekend another
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right now 21 in boston, 24 in tea town. 18 in beverly. generally upper teens and low 20s out there, and normal temperature will be upper 20s, cooler than normal chilly compared to the last couple of mornings, and there's a little bit of a breeze out there, not everyone has the winds, but winds at 5-10 miles per hour in some spots. that is enough to make it feel cooler. 18 feels like 11 in beverly. 21 feels like 11 in boston, and you will notice a little bit of a breeze, especially this afternoon, and even more so tomorrow afternoon, but other than light wind, and certainly not a whole lot to talk about weather wise, satellite, radar is not showing much of anything across new england, hardly a cloud in the skies, i'm coming up 10 minutes from now, and you will notice the sun, and sort of a lake-effect snow on the other side of new york, and the weather maker way down here in the southeastern united states, and the winds spin clockwise around these areas of high pressure, so as that starts to
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shift the winds to the southwest, and that southwesterly wind will pump in mild air beginning this evening and overnight tonight. so temperature wise this afternoon upper 30s but really we don't cool off much at all as we head into the afternoon and evening and overnight hours, temperatures kind of hold steady in the 30s making tomorrow morning fairly mild, and as that southwesterly wind start to pick up even more so tomorrow. high temperatures tomorrow get into the mid-50s. heading into monday, here comes a weak, weak cold front and this front doesn't have a whole lot of moisture with it. maybe a few sprinkles, a few showers, primarily for the western mass paster white mountains or green mines and that would be about it. the rest of us a brinkle brinkle -- sprinkle at best and cloudy start to the monday. and behind that front it gets to ever so slightly cooler for tuesday, by that, i mean it drops to if i. that is it. look at the numbers from the seven-day forecast. 5 tomorrow. 56 on monday, 50 on tuesday and
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on wednesday, it doesn't look as significant as the last wednesday night, and thursday storm, it does look like we have a shot of rain and gusty winds for wednesday, all of that gets more february like to finish out the seven-day forecast. >> all right, rob, thanks so much. an explosive moment in new hampshire leaving quite a mark. take a look a new hampshire man e-cigarette burst into flames. firefighters calling the victim lucky because there wasn't more damage. e-cigarette explosions are more common and dangerous than you might think. >> reporter: a rochester man's e-cigarette depose up in flames. firefighters says, his device exploded. >> woke up to the alarm sounding and a small fire next to his bed. lucky that it just burned the area around his bed. >> reporter: this man's e-cigarette catching fire in his pocket. you can see his jeans catching on fire as he runs out the
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>> you have burning in your pocket. >> reporter: the man rushed to the hospital and is expected to be okay. firefighters here in new hampshire say most of the time, it's operator error. in this case, the man was simply using the wrong charger. >> over the past four-five 80s percent of electronic cigarettes occurring during the charging phase, it was definitely operator error. officials say it's too early to tell what caused this massive fire. the home was under going renovations at the time, the construction company owner says he was told gas heaters may be to blame for igniting those flames. coming up, a high school student suspended for catching a fight on camera. we tell it you why his mother says the wrong person is being punished. also ahead a trail ride, rather, takes a terrifying turn. what caused things to spinout of control.
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ies. then your eyes may see it differently. s approved to eve both your itchy,z watery eyes and congestion. er nasal allergy spray can say complete allergy relief or incomplete. your eyes decide. onase changes everything. scary moments caught on camera, dangerous horse ride and a horse was spooked as they make their way. you see what happened here. it started a chain reaction, the wagon running and hitting over a rider. the horse injured its leg but was able to get back up, the rider not so lucky. it's first time the lady ever ridden and she got tripped
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i mean, i don't know. it's a real tragedy. that ride certify now in the hospital with -- that rider is now in the hospital with least one broken bone. caught on camera, a high school brawl. students throwing punches in the hallway of a north carolina school. this morning, it's the student that roared the recorded the fight that is in trouble, but his mother says that it's the school administrator who should be facing punishment. >> it was a fist for all, and cell phone video capturing the brawl. this is footage from freshman's cell phone. >> it was like a brawl at the school and a fist fight, it was just crazy. >> reporter: you can he see taylor making his way through the crowd. he started taking video of a the coordinator, that is him pinning a student to the ground. and brian ordering him to stop recording.
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hear what he said. he came up and grabbed my phone. >> reporter: this video shows him more than grabbing the phone, and taylor is grabbed by the jacket, the student managed to slither away, but he jumps on o'brien, and grabs him by his ground. >> his mother is outraged and wants action taken against owe bryan, but his son was suspended for video taping incidents like these on campus. >> i never had a phone call. i was at work at the time that my son had gotten hurt or was involved with anything. >> reporter: taylor suffered some scratches on his chest, and injured his wrist. easy the school principal says the video is just a snapshot of a much larger incident. >> that is why we wanted to do a thorough investigation, and contact and turn it over to police to let them investigate the incident forward. >> reporter: i'm adam
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still ahead at 6:30 on today in new england. pumping the brakes, why mike wahlberg and his movie crews will not be filming in watertown as once planned. we will have the 7 sports. first, solve it 7 lending a helping hand. how we were able to assist a local woman over a dispute
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flower frustrations for a family facing a tragedy to carefully planned funeral to honor their mother. they carefully picked the flowers that were in her style, but then something went wrong. they turned to solve it 7 for help. when mandy malloy's mother passed away unexpected this past fall, her world was turned upside down. >> i was just going through the motion. mandy had to plan her mother's funeral and wanted to make sure it was done right. we were worried about the flowers, because, i mean part of a proper burial. >> mandy and her fiance e decided to order the flowers. >> two arrangement and a wreath, we wanted two full, orchids and purple and white. purple was her favorite color and we told them the time and
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when she arrived at the funeral on the day of the service there was a problem. >> there was no flowers. >> the funeral director said he would handle it, and he did, but the flowers arrived with only a few minutes left for the service. they weren't what he asked for, and they looked like they were thrown together. >> in the days after the funeral, they called and asked about a refund. she was eventually offered for store credit but one of the wasn't enough. my mom didn't get the proper burial because they weren't there. i thought i deserved an apology, back. she contacted solve it 7. we called the nursery, and talked about mandy's problem and he wanted to help. happy. possibility.
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half of the money she paid for the flowers. >> thank you so much, because i wouldn't have been able to do it until you, very grateful and i'm actually come to closure with the whole situation. now as always if you have a problem, we'd love to hear about it. maybe we can help. give us a call (#61)763-7777 or send us an e-mail. solve it at 7, at it's the wrong graphic there. still solve it 7 at a rescue a home up in flames with people trapped inside. how a neighbor helped save their lives. chilly up the north this morning. don't be fooled, a nice warm as you head through the weekend. a forecast coming up. we will tell you why movie makers are backing off their plans to shoot for a new
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ies. then your eyes may see it differently. s approved to eve both your itchy,z watery eyes and congestion. er nasal allergy spray can say complete allergy relief or incomplete. onase changes
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tragedy in washington state, police are investigating a shooting that left five people dead. a risky rescue in minnesota. look at the flames, a neighbor rushes in to save people trapped in this burning home. a change of plans, we will tell you why mark wahlberg and his crew won't be filming the shootout scenes at watertown after all. good morning, it's saturday,
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making us a part of your day. i'm kris anderson. february is winding down. still chilly out there, butlet get to rob with a look at the forecast. today will feel more like february, and tomorrow will feel more like march, and even april. light breeze making it feel more like 11. quite a bit chillier than this time yesterday morning and chillier than it was on thursday morning. satellite and radar not showing anything. the sun is up, and we should see plenty of it, and at least if you are standing in the sun, we will feel okay this afternoon. it's actually even a degree or two cooler than normal for this time of year. we will notice a bit of a breeze particularly in the afternoon and evening hours. notice how the temperatures don't cool off a whole lot, after sunset, we will be in the upper 30s this afternoon, and mid-to upper 30s at dinner time. the temperatures hold, and a result is a fairly mild night tonight. thinking about pinning up into sea country. the cooler day, tomorrow mild, low 40s, that is for sea
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boston area, more like mid 50s tomorrow afternoon. that is the rest of the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. we have breaking news for you this morning. two people are dead following a single car crash on the lynn way route one near blossom street in lynn. state police say the car left the roadway, crashed into a building and finally came to a stop in the middle of the northbound lane. you can see the extent of the lane there. both passengers died at the scene. police closed down the roadway, and the crash is being investigated. here is some of the morning's top stories. phillip chism sentenced to life in prison, even though he does have the possibility of parole in 40 years. the teen showing no emotion as the judge handed his ruling. the family saying that chism should be locked up for life. by law, underage offenders like chism cannot be sentenced to
6:33 am
of parole. democratic primary in south carolina is later today. former secretary of state hillary clinton expected to win that primary over vermont senator bernie sanders. meantime gop candidate are soaking in chris christie's endorsement for donald trump. the new jersey governor announced his support for trump's bid for presidency yesterday. this morning, change of plans for mark wahlberg, and the marathon bombing, they canceled the plans to recreate the watertown shootout in watertown right where it happened. we explain the reason for this decision. >> reporter: the neighbors along laurel and quinn boo in watertown remember all too well. the gunfire explosions and aftermath. >> there's a lot of trauma that happened in watertown. i think it's hard to judge someone else's trauma. >> reporter: most say let watertown play watertown in wahlberg's upcoming movie patriot's day.
6:34 am
eyes and what i remember seeing there, when i saw the police officers, the news reporters. >> reporter: but the town late friday issued a statement, and said upon further reflection, filming the shootout at watertown is not in the best interest of watertown. they say 80% of were for the movie scene filmed on location and even the skeptical ones, said that the movie makers were ready to make accommodations. >> i wanted to be removed from the neighborhood and my children were removed. >> reporter: they didn't want the filming it go it felt insensitive and poor taste. for many who were starting to prepare for hollywood to move in. this is just another roller coaster they were not asked to ride. >> even though we had say a it didn't matter in the end.
6:35 am
who experienced, it makes a difference. there. now a story you saw first on 7. state police search for a driver chased after a crash. investigators found a car crashed into a parked van in boss not to, the driver wasn't there, he had taken off. at first they tried to pull him over for a violation, but the man wouldn't stop inside that is where a huge tractor trailer slammed into a gas station here. you see the crews there around the truck that crashed right into a sign. the damage caused by the crash and the pictures we're showing you right here. crews worked for quite some time to get that mess all cleaned up. 7 news, now turning our attention to a tragedy in washington state. the s.w.a.t. team making a gruesome discovery inside of a home after a man called to say that he had shot four people. kevin mccarthy has details. investigators tried talking with the man for several hours. he holdup inside of a home
6:36 am
investigators say shortly afternoon the gunman walked outside and killed himself. >> he apparently came outside of the home and started shooting. >> yeah. >> the standoff sparked a response by a s.w.a.t. team and heavily armed deputies. investigators say it was around 9:00 this morning, when the man called the deputy had previously had contact with from the mason county sheriff's office claiming he killed family members including two children was and inside of his house preparing to commit suicide, this individual said had shot four people. we confirmed that he had a gun. we set up containment. >> reporter: after the gunman killed himself, deputies found four bodies inside of a building on the property. >> that is terrible. yeah, that is right around the corner from my house, so that is very scary. >> reporter: dawn erickson, lives around from the home where
6:37 am
>> she and her family heard gunfire outside of the home last night. >> we were stand being outside and heard like a random shooting, it sounded like they were target shootings. >> reporter: that kevin mccarthy reporting. officials have not released the names of the four people who were killed. a candace woman is happy to be alive after coming face to face with a shooter. she says that he tried to carjack her. she shot into her car, she ducked out of the way. she is still shaken up but feeling very lucky after this close encounter. >> shaky, hoping i don't have nightmares. i'm just so thankful to god. i owe my life to god. police say the shooting started on the road but ended at excel industry where he cedric worked. more than four co-workers were
6:38 am
result of their injuries. risky rescue comes as a home goes up in flames with a people trapped inside, and they're intense flames. the home completely destroyed by that fire. now at 7 adam williams shows us the neighbor actually jumped into action and is now being called a hero. the lives of two minnesota neighbors were changed forever in the face of tragedy over the weekend. >> there was no doubt, it was a big fire that needed attention right away. >> reporter: that is when this homey erupted into flames, destroying the house, a boat and a car. shortly before the home fire, the owner was preparing a boat for a fishing trip, and left the home. >> it happened so fast. >> reporter: within 15 minutes the fire started and swept through the family's garage. tom owens was driving home from work when he saw the smoke coming out of the garage and he knew he had to do something to help. >> it was just instinct, i knew the fire was back. i could see the flames in the garage and knew it was going to
6:39 am
>> reporter: after calling 911, owens went spot house and searched around for anyone inside. he found a homeowner's father and the family pet and was able to escort them to safety. no one was hurt, which is all that matters for the two neighbors. >> thank you for saving my dad, and people like that. >> i'm glad it turned out as it did. i don't think i would call myself a hero, though. >> reporter: i'm adam william, 7 news today in new end gland. a lot of people would disagree and call that man a hero. that fire caused $700,000 in damage. we will tell how a community is going above and beyond to help this 2-year-old girl who is battling cancer. we have a couple opportunity for rain in the seven-day forecast but just rain as temperature will be unseasonably warm. 7 on 7 forecast coming up. the bruins putting on quite a show against the hurricane, highlight straight ahead in 7's sport.
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and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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a police deputy this canine gaining popularity on the better and net. it shows the dog named mason giving his partner in crime a big hug. >> we went in the car where i didn't know who he was, and he didn't know who i was really. he didn't listen, and now he is a great dog. he is a great partner. >> the photo absolutely
6:43 am
the dynamic duo has been working together for three years as part of the a narcotic investigation team. there. rob, it's not a nice day to get out and play with the dog, but tomorrow might be better. >> tomorrow will be better to walk the dog, not that today cooler. tomorrow. we have set the roord record the number of 50-degree days, that is meteorology winter which is what your different than what your calendar says. we get one extra day in february, this will bring us the 35 35 easily, beating the record. 17 in bedford, and definitely chilly if you are taking the dog out for a walk and a little bit of a wind making it feel a couple of degrees cooler. across the board, temperatures 10-15 degrees cooler than this morning, than its exact same time yesterday morning, and almost 30 degrees cooler than
6:44 am
so today, definitely the cool morning, but in the extended forecast, we got a lot more of those 50-plus degree days. satellite-radar all qie ate cross all of new england. hardly a cloud in the sky. you will notice plenty of sunshine throughout the day. the weather maker is this guy down here. big area of high pressure. wind will flow clockwise around the high pressure, that means a southwesterly wind will start to kick in later today and kick in for tomorrow. a little bit of a breeze out there for tomorrow. that southwesterly wind will pump in that very, very mild weather. mid-50s tomorrow afternoon. weak cold front rolls through here early on monday with that front maybe a few sprinkles of rain, best chance of rain will be in western mass, and southern vermont, eastern mass a sprinkle or two at best. that would be about it. all quiet for tuesday, much more significant storm system, though will pass just off to the northwest as we head into wednesday. that brings us our best chance of rain in the seven-day forecast. once again it looks like we could get gusty wind with the storm system, not expecting the wind gusts that we had wednesday
6:45 am
don't think it will be quite that strong, but wednesday the more interesting day in that seven-day forecast, and then behind that rain and gusty winds, it does get cooler, back in the 30s for friday, so don't get too used to the 50-plus degree weather just quite yet, kris. rob, sounds good. we will enjoy it while we can. westborough is in a meaningful mission to help this little girl battling cancer. 2-year-old mira is suffering from relapse of leukemia. she is now in need of a marrow bone transplant. >> reporter: transplant. >> what a silly. >> reporter: dripping into this little 2 1/2-year-old's body. toxic chemotherapy drugs. >> you want to show how big you are now. >> reporter: and still mira manages to remain a pretty typical toddler. it seems cool, just as her beautiful thick hair came back,
6:46 am
>> if they don't treat her, the disease will kill her in two weeks. it's that strong. it just procongresses rapidly. >> reporter: now they family needs to rely on the kindness of strangers to save her life. >> she does not deserve this. she deserves to live a childhood without of -- >> roll around for ten seconds. >> reporter: e bridge montessori, organized a drive, the indian heritage makes it harder to find a match more difficult. >> it's kind of like a miracle drug that only one person can save another person's life. >> reporter: until mira finds a donor, she is tiled to these chemo. >> she want to home. >> reporter: fortunately for dad and daughter, this time they
6:47 am
an entire army is out there ready to wage the war between them. >> it's choosing between the deep-sea and the devil. what do you choose? even though the road ahead is hard, but there's still a vood. >> reporter: susan tran, 7 news today in new england. still ahead, what is cooking? we will show you how to make stir fry delicious, and it's healthy. also, ahead, see how you bruins used their last game to
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father's day is still four months away, but the bra ins, giving a chance to make the pops proud last night. they are welcoming for the trip. they it's sure to make them proud. the bruins in the house, and they did not wait long to give something to cheer for. playing the 800 career nfl game and much like the other, bernie had an impact. the fans are loving it.
6:51 am
up his game, and playing the puck off the board. boston off to a 2-0 lead. and plenty, and blaskey slamming home, the one timer. five goals in last four, that is the best stretch and more old guys giving high-fives, no one hotter in the team. 2-0 for the father's weekend with a 4-1 win in carolina. and the celtics look for the 10th straight win later today. that's it for sports, have a great day. next up on today news in new england. we are headed to watertown for the what is cooking segment. we will show you ho how to make a tasty and yet healthy meal.
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cold. you can't breathe through suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreathe n anyone sleep like that? put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your re than cold medicine alone. you can breathe and sleep.
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eathe right of. this morning we're kicking it up a notch in the kitchen learning how to make a stir fry that is full of flavor and vegan friendly, so it's healthy are to you as well. sarah french and watertown are breaking down the steps for this delicious healthy meal. it's what is cooking. >> if you are a vegetarian or a vegan, we have found the perfect restaurant for you. wild rice cafe in watertown will cater to your every needs. >> what inspired you to open a vegan restaurant.
6:55 am
grew up with fresh produce, like fresh vegetables, less than tales lentils rice. >> we are making a recipe, first up in the recipe, soba noodles. >> before you put the soba noodles, the water should be boiling. >> these cook supervisor super fast. >> two or three minutes. >> make sure they are scattered all around and you gently stir them and make thur sure they are immersed in the water. >> then add a little olive oil, onion and carrots. >> you mix them together. >> when the noodles are boiling, you know they are ready. dump them in an ice bath to stop them from cooking. >> you add more vegetables and a little bit of tempe. >> tempe is the protein.
6:56 am
>> tofu is a substitute, and you're right it's like tofu. >> if you like a little kick. >> do you like spicy food. >> am i going to regret in later? >> no, you won't. >> add the mushrooms. and place your noodles back in your wok, finish with chopped scallions and cilantro, plate and garnish with scallions, and cilantro, a drizzle of ses me oil and it's ready to eat. >> that is so food. and the soba noodles are cooked perfectly. >> aldente. it looks yummy, nice warm and hearty. something good with the chilly weather outside. tomorrow it's going to be great. comfort today, and tomorrow you might want to get out and par bee cue. that might be -- barbecue. temperatures hold steady in the 30s through the evening so by
6:57 am
heading out for dinner not that bad. mid-50s tomorrow, and the best chance of rain will come on wednesday, and they will come with gusty wind. that is going to do it for us for now. today's show will be up next. we will back with more news and weather at 8:00.
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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good morning. joined at the hip. shooting from the lip. >> marco rubio, your campaign is almost over, buddy. >> chris christie turns attack dog for donald trump. rubio firing back. >> donald probably needs a lifeline after last night. he called in chris christie. >> how this tag team could impact trump on super tuesday. while the democratic side, the focus is on south carolina. hillary clinton and bernie sanders taking shots at each other as voters s s go to the polls in the palmetto state. heroic chief. details about the police chief


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