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tv   7 News at 6 PM  NBC  February 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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on first at six, a scare and sky for a pilot along the south shore this afternoon with his plane comes crashing down a plymouth airport. state police say the plane was upside down they got there. >> the pilot was the only one on board, and was rushed to the hospital. john is live in plymouth with the breaking details predrawn? >> right now, the plane is still upside down here the plymouth airport.
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you can see that this investigation is far from over. >> woman: it was just really scary. >> this is how state police said they found a plane saturday afternoon at around 2:30. heavily damaged, resting on this route, and surrounded by debris. the pilot was taken to the hospital, suffering serious injuries after crashing at the plymouth airport. >> woman: definitely head injuries. he was bloody. his head was completely covered in blood, so was arrested him. >> the federal aviation administration said the pilot was practicing taking off and landing, they also said he probably the only person in the plane of flipped over. >> woman: has about five feet off the ground, and he just gunned it. so got really loud, and then, he started to go up, and he was at a 90 degree angle, straight up and down. and right then, you are like, oh crap, it will not indwell. >> michaela ryder said she saw the crash. >> woman: his wings snapped on the ground. his nose hit, he carpooled a
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back. aeronautics service getting have the crash happened. and while the pilot's injuries are serious, we are told they are not life-threatening. -plymouth, john koegel, 7news. >> anchor: a chatham airport closed earlier today to allowed a pilot to land with no land you. the plane did suffer some minor damages, but no one was hurt at the airport. it is now back open. >> right now, these are investigating a deadly drive in lynn. two people were killed when their car slammed into a dunkin' donuts. part of the lynnway were shut down with police on scene early this morning, and now, investigators are trying to figure out how this would so tragically wrong. kelly o'hara is live in lynn with what we're learning tonight. kelly? >> reporter: good morning. state police are still out there investigating the cause of the crash killed a young man and woman at the car slammed
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>> man: an extremely loud bang. it was really loud. it was pretty gruesome, it really was. it is a pretty serious accident. the car was b you cannot even tell what it was. >> more than 12 hours after the horrific accident on the lynnway which left two people that come into the console not believe what he saw. >> man: it was pretty surprising, very surprising, to see. accident. >> police tell 7news just after 2:00, someone called 911 than an suv somehow lost control and slammed int a dunkin' donuts. the man and woman inside the car were killed instantly. troopers are investigating the deadly frack that will not see what caused it. however, the 25-year-old said this speed appeared to be effected. >> man: look like it had lost control. to be going that fast and hitting the side of the building the way it was. >> back here live on the lid way, you can see quick dry all over the roadway here as the cause of the crash is still being investigated tonight.
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asked to call state police. in lynn, kelly o'hara, 7news. >> and turning to the weather, a sunny day in the city and it only gets better from here. temperatures back into the 50s tomorrow, and this time, they may be sticking around. we are looking at a warming trend. meteorologist bri eggers has the first check of your very nice forecast end we are getting used to the ups and downs, are we? a little cooler for us, topping out in the mid to upper 30s. for most, it cannot make it up to the 30 degrees mark which is normal for boston. the one for a high, current temperatures are ready chilly as you head out this weekend. plymouth is sitting at 31, 36 in the city of boston. he will need a heavy coat we had today. and i think the sun has gone evening. now, it looks as though the snow showers and colder air wants to push in from the northwest, but we have high pressure to the south which
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we actually get a boost in temperatures is the mild air source shoestring and from the southwest. that is already happening, and you can see a bit of a breeze in boston. sustained winds attended 20 miles per hour at this point, as well as in bedford. it is a bit easy, but coming out of the southwest. they'll be the case for tomorrow afternoon as well, a bit of a breeze to tackle, but more mild temperatures, a bit of a trade-off. is is fairly mild, not quite as cold as last night. tomorrow, 51 to 57, once again, above average. we stayed that way for the next few days. you can see putting into perspective force, the normal high is 41. however, a couple of these showers. rain showers because of the mild temperatures, and we will get a detailed forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> and more news today, mentored officials address the concerns of chemicals in the town's water supply. town leaders released a statement saying that this is a
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and cleaning process. the water is safe for cooking, cleaning, and baking. >> police are on the cut for a driver after a deadly crash in somerset. investigators say he flipped his car after slamming into a filing cabinet on the middle the road friday morning. the driver was killed, and they believe a blue pickup truck dropped the cabinet and drove off. if you have any information, go ahead and get police call. >> and police are asking for your help to find a man missing for almost 2 weeks now. leonard quirk was seen leaving his home on moody street heading toward the charles river. he is 56-year-old years old and wearing a green jacket with a red sox hat. anyone with information is asked to call the police department. >> last night, police say the recovered over 40 grams of heroin and opioids at this home on davis street. they arrested richard davis and edwin herrero both face drug trafficking charges. >> and a credit card skimmer was founded two gas stations.
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station discover the devices attached to multiple gas pumps. it, and it is unknown how long they had actually been there. >> four people were arrested in connection with a bedford home invasion. all for being charged with breaking and entering. witnesses called police to report the suspicious man, and when they got there, three men were inside. one was waiting in the car out front. also on seven, one of the survivors in the kansas shooting speaks out for the first time. melissa said she was working at the manufacturing plant on thursday when she heard gunshots. tried to run away, but she was shot in the canned, hip, and back. now she is talking about the terrifying experience. >> woman: he looked he was ready to go do damage with no remorse. he had his hands up, just damn, damn. evil. he did not care. he was just trying to kill whoever he could. >> 13 other people were injured in the shooting. >> yoga on oh mains in the hospital tonight.
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denies rumors that the singer suffered a stroke. the 83-year-old reportedly had flulike symptoms and her doctor recommended should make yourself to the hospital late last night. she is expected to be released later tonight. >> of facebook is under fire after some of his of writing on the wall of the office building. officials say someone scratch of a black lives matters message posted on the wall. behavior disrespectful and wishes. employees are reached. >> man: just because you get hired at the company does not out to do. >> facebook said they are looking for the person responsible. might be the last person you thought you'd see at this event, but garth brooks takes the field with a pats star for a good cause. >> it was a super saturday for runners dressing as superheroes with their sights set on the boston marathon in honor of the
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>> they were staying on top of breaking news. a small plane comes crashing
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(781)314-3600 eight and bernie sanders square off on the latest race for the white house. >> we are less than an hour away from the polls closing, and only three days until super tuesday. steve has the latest from columbia, south carolina. >> reporter: confident about south carolina, hillary clinton went to alabama. >> woman: we have a lot of work to do in america. what are we waiting for? >> most of them voted for their longtime favorite. >> woman: she is a very smart and capable woman. >> and celebrities hair salon trust clinton. >> woman: i definitely trust the clintons. >> and bernie sanders is what, unproven? >> woman: he is definitely improving.
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>> man: who is actually outside of the system that can going to make changes? >> man: bernie sanders, i feel like he is honest. >> sanders went to texas, working to win more than just his home state of vermont three days on super tuesday. >> man: we are not going to allow the trumps of the world to divide us up. [cheering] >> with chris christie, donald trump is looking at the biggest super tuesday when. >> man: we have a really good chance of winning texas. >> take chris's home state where he leads in the pool. >> man: pick a side, and i will tell this, when it comes to picking a side, i have picked a side and i stand against washington and with the american people. >> like cruz, marco rubio on paper can still beach trump and the fight is ugly. >> man: a con artist will never get this country. >> a little mouth. >> the worst spray can in the
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cruz with a lower, but marco rubio is worse. >> three days before the big showdown, steve handelsman, 7news, columbia, south carolina. >> the 50s are back in the forecast, but it also comes along with a chance for showers. we get to the extended forecast, coming up next. . >> seven sports, the red sox's over their first injury of spring training. the details on what it means
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a group of superheroes to honor the bombing victim martin richard today. some writers are dressing up as superheroes for a special 70 mile training run. this morning, it looks like a ninja turtle. it is all in preparation for the boston marathon, which they will all run as part of team mr eight. is a great way to honor the eight-year-old. a great day to wear costumes and put on layers because it was a chilly one. >> we will get the some back
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>> that's right. only 50 training days left into the boston marathon. we have brilliant sunshine today, and unfortunately, it could not boost our temperatures. we have cold air in place force, and staying in the 30s as we made it into the afternoon. now, you can see cold air but snow showers that look like they want to push in from the northwest. fortunately though, for us, here. it will block the back door south. we will start to get more mild air pumping and, and that will really b you will see the effective at starting tomorrow. current temperatures in the low to mid 30s, 31 booster, 36 in boston. you can see the wind direction already coming out of the southwest, this is a good enough reason right now that it is taking the real feel of these temperatures back quite a bit. keep in mind if you're heading out tonight. it feels like 19 in worcester, feel like 26 in boston. with a bit of a breeze.
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but it keeps the temperatures from falling back too far. we bottom out, 23 to 28 for overnight lows, and this is much more mild the where we were overnight last night. as we head into tomorrow, here is a temperature boost that comes along with a breeze. 51 to 57 for our highs. 10 to 15 degrees above normal for this time of year. 56 for a high and bedford, and 54 for the city of boston. mouth temperatures also come along with a chance of rain. the first shot will be on monday and more likely as we week. it looks like a wind driven rain, but not as strong as what we had last wednesday. here comes the last system, for the bulk that heading to the north of us. a cold front monday at the day. that is when we can expect a 30 percent chance of scattered showers. not everyone will see, not a lot of water, but it does wednesday, the wet and windy day. we're watching the track of this that could and is what snow for western massachusetts.
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a lot of people see the blooms coming up already. it's spring here? it does not look like it. colder temperatures and store present at the and of next week, and i am also watching for a potential system then as well which could mean more snowfall for us. we will see with an update tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. sometimes, it is good to have friends in high places. garth brooks and a pats player is teaming up to give kids a day to remember for a good cause. >> reporter: the thunder rolls into booster as a football star and country legend make an unlikely duo. but they teamed up to throw around a pigskin with local kids. >> man: three, two, one b [cheering] >> kids from all over came to the event booster. >> man: right elbow up! >> the country singer is currently on a world store it is hosting a camp at each stop will along the way. >> man: it is seriously all about love, ringing everybody together, spending time with the kids and teaching them some skills. >> it is a dream come true for
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experience for solar. >> i'm having a great time loving up on these kids. the kids have been responding to it, taking the coaching, having fun. what else could you ask for? >> today's event was free for all the kids who attended. and now time for seven sports. >> of four years ago, the celtics narrowly missed a chance to bounce the miami heat out of the layoffs and would eventually turn into a defining to your career for lebron james. both teams are now exponentially different. unlike in 2012, it is the celtics who may be better suited for a run at the playoffs. miami led by as many as 11 in the opening quarter. here come the celtics in the second, pushing back and pushing the rock up the floor. a beautiful bounce pass to evan turner who throws down the first jam. two of the 14, game tie for 28, and a nine over in by boston. later in the quarter, here is turner dishing out. and alley-oop to jake crowder. crowder throws it down for 14 in the game, but he had to the top thanks in part two b
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whiteside thanks to a big block on isaiah thompson. it's for a big second half, showing up. missing the dunk on the other hand, tyler will not mess in the fast rate. throwing it down, finishing off the break in style. celtics up by four, and later we will hand it off to the closer. thomas scores inside over the big man whiteside. the celtics when what i want to 89, only a two game cushion for the three seed in the east. >> man: a hard game to win and a hard team to play gets, especially when you start off shooting the ball away we did. but we were pretty locked in defensively most of the night. >> man: we did not come to play in the first quarter of the way we should do. we were just trying to figure out a way to win it. we did that from the start of it, and we were just b when you how much it meant to us and what we needed to do. >> if you find a way into the ncaa tournament, it only takes
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and the culmination of march madness. but it is about to be march sadness for boston college. the turning. they are simple: 15 in conference play. jim christian on the hot seat in just a second year there. they throw the entire game, weight to the second half start, life. eli carter, the backdoor feet to matt millen. they cut the lead to just two, and later, more from carter. point out from nba race, nailing a triple and a team-high 25 off the bench to georgia tech responded with a quick 50 burst. they finished a break, bc falling again, 76 to 71 for the eagles, now over 16 in the atlantic coast. two games left, maryland is the only team b excuse me, the last team. they are zero and 14 in 1987. >> wolinsky waits for a pass to catch up, he goes around the
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what a marvelous individual led by matt wolinsky. wolinsky just kept on coming and he scores! >> matt wolinsky buried a pair of goals, raising it to 13 with five of those coming in the last five games. the bruins won their second straight, and julian is nearing a milestone. julian is up to 385 regular-season wins with boston, just shy of art ross for the most in team history. julian has done it in just nine seasons. and can they get one number 386 against tampa tomorrow night at the garden? speaking of tomorrow night, big sports extra ahead on sunday. we will break down the bruins as the nhl treat as the deadline appears. given joins us in studio, and mark the middleburg joins us as well. tomorrow night at 1125 on seven in bc.
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out, feeling work had to be test but the test on his right knee are clean and the young lefty appears to be fine. tonight right here on nbc, the third and final game of the nhl stadium series of 2016. the avalanche host the red wings inside the field at 7 pm. >> thank you. >> 7news at 6:00 will be right back. >> the latest in news and sports, the 7news app is i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our
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with all the goodness to nourish you and your family. nature's path granola. t
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an office on the go on the red line. mtb a transit police twitting a picture of the guy riding the rails in an office chair. they said the officer equals office, not subway car. you better hope that it does not rollaway.
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yeah, that seems hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,


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