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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EST

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for the red wing the red wings are going to skate out of here with two points. >> mike: primary assist is that guy. nice pass ahead. and the rest became history. deficit two. quarter of a minute left. played back in. he has gotten an outdoor victory, his first. he was the backup to jimmy howard at michigan stadium. the red wings pick up points 72 and number 73, one behind idle tampa bay and boston for the tie of second place in the atlantic division. 50,095 were here to watch it. thanks for watching the 2016 coors light nhl stadium series.
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again the detroit red wings 5, the colorado avalanche 3. coming up next on nbc except on the west coast it is your local news and later tonight it is saturday night live with host ronda rousey and musical guest selena gomez. i should hurry up and say for the entire crew here at coors
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first at 11:00, we're following three big breaks stories for you. is it an end of an era in the national football league? conflicting reports about peyton tonight. investigating a deadly crash in norton when a pick-up truck crashed head on i-95. breaking news out of south carolina, hillary clinton with a dominant win over sanders. sanders promising to fight on as 13 states vote next week. >> clinton came out with a big boost heading into super tuesday. >> reporter: thanks an good evening. the momentum is the precious
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clinton got a big dose tonight. >> we are going to compete for every vote in every state. we are not taking anything and we're not taking anyone for granted. >> i believe that not only can we win this democratic nominated process but we can defeat trump. >> we got to win arkansas. >> the men and women of georgia because big business. >> pick a side. i will tell you this, when it comes to picking a side, i picked a side and i stand against washington and with the
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understands the challenges. >> a con artist will never get control of this party. >> i actually thought ted cruz was a liar but rubio is worse. >> despite what you hear, we don't need to make america great, america has never stopped being great. >> reporter: but winning delegates, none of them can win enough on super tuesday to clinch the nomination. steve handleson reporting now back to you. following breaking news out of norton. state police responding to a deadly crash on i-95. a pickup truck and a car collided on exit 10. a driver of the car were killed in the crash. police investigating the cause.
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sky, from pilots when his plane comes crashing down at plymouth airport. crews spent the evening picking up the pieces as they try to figure out what went wrong. john is live with the story. john? >> reporter: it is quiet here tonight. that plane has been moved and we're learning more about the pilot involved. the heavily damaged plane being lifted off of the runway at the three mouth airport saturday night. the federal aviation administration believes it crashed while taking off and landing early in the afternoon. >> he touched down and he was 5 feet off of the ground and he gunned it and it got really loud. he started to go up and he was at a 90-degree angle straight up and down. >> reporter: mckayla says she saw the crash happened seconds after she landed in a plane nearby.
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ground and he cartwheeled an landed on his back. >> reporter: that is how you police found the plane when they arrived, resting on its roof. the pilot was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. >> his head was covered in blood and so was the rest of him. >> reporter: f.a.a. says the pilot was the only one in the plane when it flipped over. he is a prominent dentist. they are investigating how the crash happened. >> it was really scary. >> reporter: his injuries are serious, we are told that the pilot is expected to survive. tonight, police are investigating a deadly drive in lynn. two people killed when their car went off of the road and into the side of a dunkin' donuts. police are trying to piece together what happened here.
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state police aren't saying what caused this deadly wreck. you can see the aftermath and there is where the car went into the building. >> it was just unfathomable. >> it was gruesome. it was a pretty serious accident. >> reporter: this is all that is left of an s.u.v. early saturday morning. the s.u.v.'s roof crashed and caved in, parts of the car scattered all over 1a. the two people inside, a young man and woman didn't survive. >> it was an extremely loud bang. pretty surprising. very surprising to see it was that bad of an accident. >> reporter: eye witnesses say the pair was killed instantly when they lost control of the car and crashed into the dunkin' donuts just after 2:00 p.m. >> people were in the dunk kin
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and they missed them by a foot. >> reporter: whatever caused the crash was so powerful nearly killed the people inside as well. he says the road here is dangerous. speed is a factor in too many wrecks like these. >> there has been at least five fatalities on this stretch of the lynn way. late at night, very, like a speedway here. to it is tragic. it would be nice if there were speed bumps. >> reporter: friends and family have been coming out here all night long laying candles to pay their respects saying prayers as well. we tried to speak to them but understandably they are very emotional. anyone with information about this crash is asked to call the state police. kelly o'hara, 7 news 19. new concerns about the town of maynard's water supply. officials say the water is safe
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threat but according to town leaders, there is an elevated level of a chemical found in the town's drinking water. they say it may pose a risk to infants, pregnant women, and women who may become pregnant. the town working to find a solution to the problem. >> what we have been told is longterm exposure is the issue. we've been given 90 days to mitigate the issue and we're confident we will. >> more test willing be done on monday to check the levels. the town the meeting with the department of environmental protection to fix the issue. turning to your forecast. don't get too used to the cold weather, who wants to it? as quick as it came in, it is on its way out. spring temperatures picking back up to end the weekend but are they going to last? here is a check of your forecast. >> reporter: that is true. we have to keep the winter coat
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average high for this time of year for boston should be 41. we hit 39 in many spots today. you can see the clouds coming in from the northwest. you can think the cold could come in with the snow showers but fortunately for us, the high pressure wins out for us and will start to move in the air from the southwest, which gives us a boost in the temperatures. current temperatures not far off from the highs today. mid 30's. 35 in boston right now. 32 in worcester. however, there's is a bit of a breeze. sustained winds 10 to 25 miles an hour at this point out of the west, southwest and that is take down. if you have to head out tonight, 19 in worcester is what it feels like. it feels like 25 in boston. overnight tonight, the breeze and the cloud cover helps to keep the temperatures from free falling.
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we keep a breeze around. we keep the 50's with us but throughout the next week, we have a couple of shots of seeing rain. we'll get to more details on that and the timeline in a few minutes. the country legend made football star here in massachusetts all for a good cause. will he or won't he? peyton manning's future in the
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sometimes it is good to have friends in high places. >> the duo giving kids a day to remember for a good cause. the thunder rolls into worcester. defensive tackle teamed up with
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pigskin with local kids. 100 boys and girls from all over the state came to the event in worcester. he is on a world tour and hosting an event at each stop. >> it is all about love and teaching them skills. >> reporter: it is a dpream come true for the kids and rewarding experience for soldier. >> loving on these kids. it has been fun and they have been responding to it and having fun. what else can you ask for? >> today's event was free for all of the kids who came out. a group of super heros running through the city for a especially cause. runners dressing up as super heros in preparation for the
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team r8 was there honoring martin richard. they say it is a great way to honor the 8-year-old. captain underpants and my roommate said he would give me $100 and i did it so easy money for the charity. >> organizers hope the costumes help the runners focus on something other than the long distance. >> we have mild temperatures to do the boston marathon.
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quickly approaching. customer seem to be eating it all up. check out the lines. >> you still need to bundle up a little bit. make you feel like it is not so much spring yet. >> reporter: you need the hot mys address on the hot dogs. we will see the warmer weather, right? >> reporter: meteorological winter does wrap up as we hit monday, the last day of february, also the last day of winter, according to meteorologist. the first official day of spring, 43 days until the red sox home opener. today felt less like spring. we had the bright sunshine around and i mentioned the angle getting higher so you can feel the power and the warmth of the sun more than we did in december and january. 34 for worcester.
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right now, we have cloud cover that the helping us out and a bit of a breeze that is going to keep the temperatures fairly steady overnight. plus, our flow is coming out of the southwest so that will boost in with warmer air as we head into the next few days. current temperatures, mid 30's for boston, bedford. 32 in worcester and i did mention the breeze and that is taking the real feel of the temperatures back. it feels like 19 in worcester. wind chill is all about exposed skin. if you have the gloves and earmuffs on you should be ok if you take the dog for a walk. milder temperatures than last night. tomorrow, we keep the breeze with us as well. 51-57 so that is the start of milder temperatures coming in. normal high for boston this time of year is 41.
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as we get into tomorrow. also, comes along for a chance for rain on monday and again, more likely for us as we get into wednesday. looking at the bigger picture, hih pressure slides to the east. we get this system, the bulk stays to the north but it brings through this cold front. as it does so, it could bring light showers as we get into mid-morning and midday monday. then the significant system arrives. again, that track bringing rain on wednesday, wind-driven rain but not as powerful as what we saw last week. it will be a wet, windy wednesday for us. mid-morning into midday, isolated showers, not a washout. we get to keep the 50's around as well. here is a look at my seven on seven forecast. once we think spring has arrived, it disappears again. we get the colder temperatures back as they are here again by
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have a great night. coming up next, bad year to be a boston college sports fan when it comes to be a basketball and football but not so much on the ice. foreshadowing and highlights are next. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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that brad stevens was getting in over his head. college coaches don't have the best track records when they transition to the nba. 100 wince later, i think it is fair to say that stevens proved the doubters wrong. miami led it as many as 11 in the first quarter but here comes the celtics in the second. mounting a charge by pushing the tempo. marcus smart with the bounce pass and better finish. weather another look -- worth another look here. later in the second, turner thrown off the game here dishing it off with the alley oop. crowder putting up 14 on the afternoon. getting to the break with a three-point lead. the big man doing work in the paint helping out with the big block. 13 points, 15 board, eight
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the celtics showing more effort the celtics move the other way. tyler zoeller throwing doubt on the finish. a little style there. later, the closer. thomas scoring it over on the whiteside. boston at 108-89 building a three game cushion. >> hard game to win, hard team to play against, especially when you start out shooting the ball the way we did. but we were pretty locked in sensibly most of the night. >> we didn't come to play the first quarter like we should have. our bench got us back in the game and we tried to figure out a way to win it. we knew it was going to bugly -- be ugly. >> reporter: college eagles looking for the first a.c.c. win. eli carter doing his part pulling up from nba range.
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eagles are four but georgia tech responds cranking up the defense. marcus george-hunt, then with two games left, maryland is the last team to go winceless in the conference putting a 0-14 mark in the books since 1987. >> waits for the puck to catch up and passes it and he scores. what a marvelous individual effort. he kept coming and he scores. >> reporter: a little slow to the party since arriving in boston. posting 13 goals on the year but coming in bunches as of late. he lit up for five goals in four games to inch them one step closer to a career milestone. julian is up 385 wins with
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in team history. he owns the top spot for team wince and could get win 386 tomorrow against tampa at the garden. we'll break down the bruins as the trade deadline draws near. craig is joining us in studio. that is coming up tomorrow night at 11:25 on 7 nbc. hockey east schedule, a pair of top matchups with a first-run bye. eagles will be regular season champs for the 17th time. eagles visiting u mass. 20 seconds in the period. game-winning goal. river hawks going to take it 3-1. handing boston college their first loss since september 29.
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south bend, notre dame hosted b.u. no score into the second period. going to change that putting the irish up 1-0. b.u. gets a flourish to the net but they cannot get one to go. notre dame wins it, 1-0. fighting irish with a three seed and a bye. not the best news coming out of fort myers for the red socks. rodriguez tweaking a knee and had to be helped to the clubhouse. the young lefty appears to be fine. super bowl xlix rivals turning buddies. they are teaming up for a commercial shoot.


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