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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:25pm EST

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now from night team, tlea `three officers ambushed on the job in virginia. a rookie officer with ties to new england, killed tonight, a small community in mourning. and and a suspect is in custody as police search for a et motive. and people in chelsea shaken up after an alarming attack. and all eyes on super tuesday. tonight we go one on one with ohio governor, john kasich. >> mild temperatures continue for the next few days but it theirs comes along with a chance of rain. and the ots oscar goes to to --
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and losers from the academy awards. that's right now from the night team. first at 11:00, tragedy in virginia. a rookie police officer originally interest from new hampshire shot and killed her first day on the job. tonight that virginia community came together, they candles and hosted a moment of silence. officer ashley guindon was ambushed while responding to a deek domestic shooting incident the. >> police have a suspect in custody. as they try to figure out what went wrong. we're live with more. >> reporter: we're told there will be a moment of silence here remembering officer guindon and made. heartbreak in merrimack, new hampshire on sunday after the tragic death of officer ashley guindon. >> very saddened, you know, to see somebody smoe young and
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>> reporter: officer guindon a former marine graduated from merrimack high school in 2005. >> a little piece of us dies in every law enforcement officer. >> reporter: saturday evening she and two other officers were responding to a domestic disturbance in woodbridge, virginia, about 30 miles outside of d.c. when shots were fireded at around 5:30. all three officers were hit and guindon died from her injuries. a call. >> i just want to be clear do we have officers involved in a shooting? >> we have three officers that have been shot. >> our condolences go out to ashley's mother and her extended family as well pass all of her loved ones throughout this department and beyond. >> reporter: when more officers arrived on scene saturday, ronald hamilton, allegedly surrendered to police. >> as i understand, he's stationed at the pentagon. >> reporter: authorities also
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crystal hamilton dead from gunshot wounds. >> ham hamilton has been charged at this point with capital murder of a police officer, first-degree murder involving his wife and wounding two officers, two counts of those involving the other two officers who were wounded as a result of this investigation. >> reporter: the other two officers are being treated at the hospital. doctors expect a full recovery. meanwhile, a memorial is growing merrimack. neighbors paying their respect loss. >> i can't imagine being in her position at all. >> reporter: merrimack police officers helped sharon with her luggage and took her and ashley's aunt to the airport for their fright to virginia. >> we made sure they understand we're here to support her and whatever it is she's going through. >> reporter: and hamilton is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow morning. we're live in merrimack, back to
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>> thank you, john. a suspect shot in the street by police down in dartmouth. it all happened when police tried to arrest the man in connection with a domestic street. police say an officer fired at that suspect after he ran at him with a knife allegedly. gunfire. >> some loud noises, some like fire crackers. i'm not used to gunshots. so -- stable condition and right now investigation. two people hit in the street in worcester. it happened at south bridge this afternoon. police say a van hit two people walking in the street and then trove off. no word on their conditions right now. the ins tent is still under investigation. a man is being charged with motor vehicle homicide after a deadly crash in norton late last night. according to police, the 41-year-old at the wheel was heading northbound on 495 when his pickup suddenly crossed the median and struck a toyota head-on.
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killed instantly. one passenger in the car had to be rushed to the hospital by emts. no word on that passenger's injuries, though. also from the night team, police make a deadly discovery in chelsea. a man found lying on the sidewalk outside of a home there. tonight, neighbors are on high alert. investigators are searching for answers. kelli o'hara is live in chelsea with this investigation. >> reporter: good evening, liz. detectives are trying to figure out exactly what happened mere on the street corner. all they will say is that a man died after he was found lying here by people . people in the neighborhood are telling us a different story. they say he was beaten and left for. >> now i'm scared. dent know what's going on. >> it's unnerving. >> reporter: when officers found him, people around here tell us it was by accident.
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when they got here, they found a body on the corner. >> the guy was beaten up. found him on the street. >> chelsea a always scare, everywhere. now everywhere is scared. >> reporter: the man was found out side this woman's home. she's not sure what happened. >> i was sleeping. i don't see nothing. i don't hear nothing. >> reporter: all investigators will say is when the 34-year-old was discovered in the sidewalk, the victim was rushed to the hospital where he later died. detectives are looking into this man's death and it is suspicious. >> i live here for 15 years in this building, but it's scary. >> i want to know if i'm safe. >> reporter: that's the big question, are people here okay? they want to know more answers anyone who has answers to exactly what went down on the street corner is asked to call police asap. back to you. and the night team turning to your weather if you enjoyed the warm temperatures out there today to end the weekend, we've got great news.
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little bit. when will winter come back? here's bri with the get. >> that's always the question. will we see more snow? i think if we do it will happen in the next seven, ten days. the cold is not done with us yet. it is for now. temperatures in the low to moid 40s for most after 50s. bedford hitting a high of 60. the winds still coming out of the southwest and the south and that is pumping in that milder air and it's goes to keep our temperatures from free going falling. despite the clear skies, the breeds keeps things mixing at the surface as we head into the overnight hours. a mild morning ahead of us us and a mild afternoon tomorrow. but then we turn our attention to this system that you see out near the great lakes. that's gonna bring this cold front through our area as we head through the day tomorrow bringing us some shower. we'll run through the time line on that and talk about more wet weather on the way for the
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a few minutes. all eyes turned to super tuesday. hillary clinton riding a wave of momentum after a blowout win in south carolina, while donald trump appears to be the front-runner. the candidates are not giving up. today's firestorm was not over. >> just so you understand, i don't know anything about david duke. >> reporter: failing to disavow former you can claks cun leader david duke. >> would you just say -- you can ku klux klan leader, david luke. >> you may have groups in there that are totally fine. >> reporter: duke has not endorsed the front-runner but has told his radio audience that voting against donald trump at this point is really treason to your heritage. after the interview, trump tweeted he did disavow duke but less than two days before super tuesday marco rubio pouncing.
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conservative movement for david duke, the ku klux klan. >> reporter: the candidates call on trump despite hillary clinton's landslide win in south carolina. clinton re-tweeting sanders who condemned trump for the kkk controversy. trump still looking dominant in nearly all 11 super tuesday states. hillary clinton polling well on the democratic. sanders taking about a nearly 50-point defeat. a big loss leading up to the next primaries. >> well, we got decimated. that's what happened among older african-americans t was . it was pathetic. >> reporter: he vowed to fight on. >> we're look to the future. >> reporter: there are almost 600 delegates at stake. he may be down but far from out. john kasich is not would bowing out. he promised to fight on at least
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tonight, i got a chance to sit down and talk with him one on one and kay safe and he admit esprobably won't win massachusetts. >> i think trump is gonna win virtually all of the states. maybe not texas. he will accumulate demly gets but for me i have to keep accumulating delegates,pick them off where i can. >> how important is super tuesday and massachusetts? >> massachusetts is important to me. we hope to do well. the people in massachusetts are like the people i grew up with. >> when i'm in worcester, massachusetts, lits like i'm back home -- it's like i'm back home in mckeesport, pennsylvania. >> it will be vital for me to win hoey hoey and i will win ohio. but if the people of this state, massachusetts, give me a boost, it's gonna make a significant difference and we love coming here. >> i'm happy to be here and announce that i endorse donald trump for president of the united states. chrs
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>> how surprised were you that governor christie came out for donald trump? >> well, i was hoping he would be for me. we've been friended. i friends. i think chris expected to do well in new hampshire and i did. and i think it was hard for him. >> you were a little bit shocked? >> i wouldn't say shocked but surprised. i was surprised but i wouldn't say shocked. i mean, what is there to be shocked about in this case? every day there's another crazy thing happening. >> i don't know anything. >> you know why -- >> when you see rubio and trump going at each other like a couple of kids in a school yard, what couples to mind about the tenor of this debate? >> well, i shake my head because we're picking not a class president but the president of the united states, the head of the free world, and what disturbs me is that the process is being lowered by all of the insults and the screaming and the fighting. >> how do you think you will do here? >> i think we'll be, you know,
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i don't want to predict. i left all of the predicting to mohammed ali. i didn't think i would win the nomination. i might sit here tonight if i was headed to the north end. >> the governor wasn't kidding. with that he packed up the wife and two kids, left channel 7 and went straight to the north end for a fine italian dinner. >> web in up next, a red carpet affair in hollywood. the ceremony receiving attention for more than just the awards. sports extra erickson? did he just last play his last game in a bruins uniform? the trade deadline is at 10:00 tomorrow we have. we have kevin from the boston globe in studio tonight to break
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and the oscar goes to -- "spotlight." >> good for the boston movie. "spotlight" taking home the oscar for best original screenplay. it's been a night for surprises and upsets. >> this year's best in film are honored in a ceremony drawing attention for more than just the awards. near blocks from the red carpet, demonstrators protested the lack of diversity. and the issue was also on the minds of many as they walked the red carpet. >> it's about time we talked about it. i like that we're pushing the agenda. >> we'll see what happens tomorrow. i want to see if we have the debate and conversation like next thursday. >> but red carpet chatter was also about excitement. this boy pulling for his mother for best actress. >> i'm so proud.
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>> once the shoate got underway, best picture nominee mad max fur fury road won six oscars. best makeup and hairstyling, costume design, sound mixing and sound editing. >> there's a story here. >> two others scored spotlight that won best original screenplay. and a first time nominee became a winner. alicia vicks ander for the danish girl. host chris rock in his opening monologue labeled the evening the white people's choice awards. in the wake of the controversy, the academy's president has pushed ahead reforms intended to diversity the overwhelming white and male membership. and an oscar gown probably won't cut it because we're expecting showers. we'll run through the time line
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hopefully you had a chance to get outside and enjoy this gorgeous weather. >> low 50s i'm thinking? it was incredible. normal high for this time of year for boston, 41. we were well above that. flirting with 60 degrees. bedford made it there. 55 for worcester. cooler for the cape and islands at near 50 for most spots. 34 times. for 34 days we've had highs 50 or above this month considering january, february and that puts us at number one for those day. pretty incredible. we keep tacking them on. we'll get another one tomorrow. current temperatures very mild. 43 in boston, 47 form 47 for bedford.
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mark despite the clear skies because we have a bit of a breeze with us. it's coming out of the southwest and that's continuing to pump in that mild air for tomorrow. then we turn our attention to this system here. we don't get any of this snowfall, you see. the storm heads well to the north of us but it does drag through this cold front. so we'll run through the time line here kicking off some showers right around midday, i would say from 11:00 a.m. until about 1:00 or 2:00 in the afternoon. and then it doesn't look like any of us miss out on this completely but it's not a complete washout by any means. enough to maybe make the roadways damp or the sidewalks driveways as we head into around midday and it's out of here by the afternoon and we still see mild temperatures. overnight tonight, keep a bit of a breeze around 37 or 42. tomorrow, 54 to 60. very similar to the numbers that we saw today for is what we're in stor sore for tomorrow afternoon.
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wet and windy wednesdayed on tap wednesday on tap for us, but not like last week, at least with the intensity of the storms last week. .5 to 1 inch. gusty wind, could get up to 40, 50-mile-an-hour gusts and a possible changeover to a wintry mix. maybe on the front end of this yoit tuesday that wednesday. on the back side of it as well. if that cold air rushes in at the same time as the precip is still around. so we're still tracking down the time line on this. however, what we do know at this point, it is mostly rain, shouldn't cause any travel problems for the morning commutes. and we're also looking for the gusty winds the. but look at how these temperatures drop off as we head into the end of the week. it doesn't look like winter is done with us just yet. those temperatures back into the 30s for friday and saturday and also tracking a storm system on those days. for now it looks to say to the south. but we'll continue to keep an eye on it.
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have a great night. coming up next on sports extra, bruins have three options leading up to the deadline for the trades and the red sox with three of the worst contracts in all of baseball. we'll reveal that third contract and tell you what the red sox do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male...
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they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman... in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i
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and that's 7 news at 11:00. thanks for spending your evening with us.


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