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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  February 29, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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an accused shooter headed to court after officer and new england native shot and killed on her first day on the. super tuesday on tap. candidates make a last push to pick up supporter including several stops in massachusetts. all eyes on the oscar stage as the golden trophies handed out last night. the moments everyone is talking about. good monday morning everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm sarah french. i'm christa delcamp. if you are thoroughly confused by the weather you are not alone. the spring has sprung.
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i hope it sticks around. beautiful sight to see. flowers popping up. this is 35th day this winter eclipsing the 50-degree mark. 51 at 9:00 this morning in boston. 53 in norwood. this go around a little water on the lawn couple of spot showers roll through beginning at noontime through 4:00 in the afternoon. you know what nature of the game. this wall of water. four or five hours in duration in period that we will have couple of spot showers out there from about noon to 5:00. then we clear out thissening and overnight tonight. couple of spotty showers early to midafternoon. temperature close to 60. falling back to near 50 by this evening. cooler day tomorrow. but it's bright with sunshine. temps in the 40s, 7-day forecast coming up. time for fast track traffic. >> good morning, everybody. here's a look at the pike slow drive into boston. all the way back to 128 this is
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let's go to maps now you can see that red from 128 into bft on the pike eastbound. on the pike westbound in boston we do have the right lane closeded. and this between copley square and mass avenue causing back up as well. heading into town on 93 southbound. from woburn to boston that's a slow drive. you can see the red there. route one not looking bad into summerville then slow into town. expressway into boston nearly half an hour. we had an early accident on route 3. that's not causing major back up. route 24 and 95 looking good so far this morning. let's look at drive time as you head tout door about half an hour on the expressway from braintree into boston. over half an hour from 128, 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge half an hour as well. no delays on the t this morning. we have couple of delays on the commuter rail. back to you guys. >> happening today the man accused of shooting and killing
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go before a judge. that officer was born right here in the baystate. but she grew up just over the border in merrimack, new hampshire which is where we find victoria warren. this is her first day on the job, we understand. just hours after being sworn in that is when this happened. she graduated from merrimack high school here in n 1/2 and today the principal started the day with moment of silence. she was in the class of 2005 a class whose motto was forever young. >> for us the story intensely local. and far more personal >> principal ken johnson starting the more merrimack high school remembering 2005 graduate ashley gwindin. to be taken down on first day is beyond imaginable. just hours in her first day as police officer in virginia
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of duty shot to death during a domestic disturbance call. >> at this time i ask you please join me in a moment of silence. >> merrimack police officers given the sad job of notifying her mother and aunt escorted them to airport to fly to virginia. little piece of us dies in every law enforcement officer. to know it's an individual of larger merrimack community family too makes it more difficult to try to reconcile here locally. neighbors left flowers. principal johnson reflects on high school yearbook picture that saysly for something. rather than die for nothing. he said ashley in her commitment to service did just that. >> she would have made a great police officer here in merrimack. >> here talent hospital they say they will also honor her at the high schools graduation. the police department has lowered their flags.
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judge later today. live this morning in merrimack new hampshire. 7news "today in new england." right now police are still looking for the person who struck two people in worcester then left the scene. nicole oliverio is live in worcester this morning. and nicole, it sounds like there's concludes that could help police out. >> witnesses were able to get responding officer a partial license plate they say that driver backed up over couple of man and women then drove over them before taking off apparently without coming back. this all happening yesterday worcester. there was a flee market going on at the time. it's unclear if any of the people were there at the time. again witnesses say they saw couple. 58-year-old women had to be taken to hospital. 60-year-old man was treated and released. but we're told they had leg, chest and abdominal injuries.
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to give police some description of the driver that they are looking for. but at this hour there's been no arrest. live in worcester. nicole oliverio. 7news "today in new england." police say they were forced to fire on man who ran at them with a knife. happened sunday after officers try to make an arrest in connection to domestic violence incident. the suspect was taken to hospital and is expected to survive. let's go to race for the white house in new poll shows hillary clinton is holding a single digit lead here in tuesday. a poll gives her a 50-42% lead over bernie sanders. so really, today it's a last-ditch effort to pick up support. for the latest on here's byron barnett in springfield where hillary clinton will make her first top of the day we understand. >> massachusetts taking center
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hillary clinton and bernie sanders locked in a tight race here each rallying voter at events today. on sunday clinton turned her focus to donald trump. >> i believe america is great right now what we need is to be hole. >> meanwhile sanders who finds himself trailing in several super tuesday states kept hitting clinton on her ties to wall street. if you will get paid 200,000 for a speech must be a pretty damn weekend ended high for donald trump. i am pleased to endorse donald trump for the president of the united states. >> he picked up endorsement of alabama senator jeff sessions a republican known for his opposition to illegal immigration. john kasich said trump will most likely be the big winner tomorrow he holds out for another hope in new england.
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give me a boost it will make a significant difference. i'm hoping that massachusetts will be positive for us. after her event in springfield this morning hillary clinton will hold another event in boston around noontime her husband bill clinton will be campaigning in worcester today, bernie sanders holds a big rally in milton tonight. and the only republican campaigning in the state today will be john kasich, he will be campaigning in plymouth. in springfield, byron barnett, 7news "today in new england." also this morning donald trump is clearing the air a bit after he distanced himself from david duke. trump said he thought he was being asked about other groups as well not just the kkk. >> i'm sitting in a house in florida with a very bad earpiece they gave me. and you can hardly hear what he was saying. what i heard was various groups
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i dis-i -- know who he is. i never met david duke. >> he denounced duke as well. just remember 7 news the your home for super tuesday. we want to remind you of that. we'll have live coverage on air and online with a team of reporters. you can get updates to go on our web site. >> new this morning we're learning that tsarnaev passed u.s. citizenship test three months before the marathon bombing. federal documents obtained by the "boston globe" show the older tsarnaev brother also denied any links to terrorism united states. the information is included in more than 650 previously confidential files. tsarnaev was killed during the manhunt in watertown. >> the paperwork also mentioned tsarnaev's friend abraham. according to the record todashev said he left massachusetts in september of 2013.
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killed three men in waltham during thatten mother. he was killed by the fbi curing an interrogation one months after the bombing >> also on 7 it's good news for the mvpa they are getting back on track. they are sad to announce in deficit. krisz anderson joining us from the control room with more on how the savings will help the t. hopefully it will help a lot. mbta officials are expected to announce they cut the projected deficit by more than 40%. it's pretty significant. and it will also allow them to spend about 100 million making infrastructure improvements. some of those improvements 26 and a half million will go toward winter work along the tracks including a new third rail for the red line and heaters for the orange line rails and switches. keep them from freezing up. 70 million toward major signal
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and orange lines. mbta set to vote on fair increases by the way next week. and officials say despite the deficit saving a hike is still needed to reduce billions of dollars in maintenance backlog. mbta considering two different plans which could raise fares by as much as 10%. that's the latest on the mbta. kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." controversial issue of whether campus police at northeastern university needs semiautomatic rifles take front and center at city hall. the plan announced last year. city council say it's not necessary. the school said they only be used in emergency situations. tonight meeting starts at 5:00. still ahead on "today in new england." some actor wake up big winner. we'll take a look at all oscar action. >> crazy scene caught on camera when a dump truck goes barrelling through the intersection right there.
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>> in a above we've had a nice break from the bitter cold and all of the snow we had last year. we've had some spurts of winter butover all not overwhelming. we're not that far off. record high by lunch time shooting for 60 in boston about
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just shy of couple of those records. we're already up to 51 degrees. it's not like you have much further to go to hit 60 especially from norwood to plymouth. 45 in worcester. bit of breeze still had that wind yesterday. wind this afternoon. right now it's steady at about 20 miles per hour in the city of boston. occasionally 25 to 30. we have a lot of sunshine this morning. however, that will fade out midday through the afternoon as cloud and some showers start to work in from the west. that could be all afternoon rain. but we'll get scattered showers in from noontime to 5:00 p.m. it will dampen the road enough to give us a drearier day of afternoon at times. not picture pell like yesterday afternoon. the trade off we're still in the 50s to near 60 degrees.
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but will back into the 40s overall. 56 to 62 this afternoon. about noon to 5:00 p.m. that's a timing of passing showers out here. partly cloudy skies. cooler overall. bit on the breezy side as well. temperature falling back around the 20s in the colder suburbs. 30 in boston. 34 down through cape and island. super tuesday looking pretty super weatherwise. mostly sunny skies. yes it's cooler day. winds lighter, though we're not dealing with powerful winds and temperatures above seasonal level low-to-mid 40s there. bit of cooler day. not a bad forecast for us. as we get into tomorrow. cloud thickening up. we will have a warm front trying to work on through some spotty mixed precipitation north and west of 4 # 5 slipping over to rain. i expect downpour and gusty wind overnight tuesday into wednesday morning. but by wednesday afternoon we start to dry things out. the evening commute should be
9:17 am
not a tremendous amount of rain. but a few downpours out there dropping half an inch to inch of water. not only the rain but gusty winds on wednesday as well. more on that over to danielle. danielle? >> thanks, kris. similar set up to last week. this week they will not be as bad. >> here's the wind gust wednesday morning. could get up to 40 to 45 miles per hour. staying breezy throughout the day. look what happened by thursday the winds are shifting. now they are out of the northwest. this is what is going to help bring in the cooler air the second part of the work week. cool air something we didn't see much of this february. this february is going down as second warmest on record with our average temperature just above 37 degrees. a big difference from last february. in fact we had 35 days of 50s or above and that's also the record. the most we've ever seen and march will get off to cooler start as well. for more on that back to you.
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like a lamb. temperature in the 40s back into the cool weather again. thursday, friday and saturday. there's plenty cold air to snow. the question is do we get enough moisture the storm work up the coastline. right now to answer to that no. the best shot of snow would be down through mid atlantic. you will keep an eye in case the track does jog further to the north. as it appears now we'll have high pressure and dry air to suppress that storm south of us. we take a look at the 7-day forecast. that the storm stay to south. it will be cold air. thursday, friday into sat day. overnight lows into the teens. and highs only running into the low-to-mid 30s? sleep day which means some businesses are giving out deals. if you were born on february 29th. a party bag. you only get that chance every four years. pizza hut. the hard rock cafe. krispy kreme all running promotion for those who only celebrate their actual birthday
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if you wonder they are only about 200,000 leap day babies here in the u.s. you can go from hard rock cafe to krispy kreme, then back to pizza hut and just get it all. boston based spotlight had a big night at academy award. >> hundreds of people hitting the ice in main. the honor to the crew of the
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hollywood's biggest night bringing a few surprise. the 88 academy award took center stage. first-time winters to host chris rock taking on the diversity controversy. i'm trying to figure out how they sold 65,000 worth of girl scout cookies. hollywood biggest night with enough drama the win its own award. starting from controversy over all-white abilitying nomination to upset in the night's biggest category. >> spotlight. the title described the moment. the newspaper drama spotlight based on the "boston globe" investigation into the catholic church sex abuse taking home best picture. this film gave a voice to survivors.
9:23 am
before the show demonstrators blocks away show the lack of diversity. otherwise known as the white people's choice award. >> while he made plenty of jokes. chris, you should boycott. you should quit. how come only unemployed people tell you to quit something. >> he also made sure to send a serious message. it's not about -- we want opportunity. >> there wasn't many surprises in the big award of the night. decap decap -- dicaprio accepted his first award tonight. best actor to bri larson completing tomnation of award season. thank you to fans. thank you to movie goer. thank you for going to theater and seeing film.
9:24 am
prize but director won for the second year in a row. lady gaga delivering a powerful performance of her song "still -- until it happens to you." a group of sexual assault survives joined her on stage. here's an interesting note despite being the highest grossing film of all time. "star wars" the force awakens didn't win in any of the five nominated call gory. live in the newsroom. kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." they had to bring out the kleenex for you. >> it was amazing. lady gaga. this is lady gaga performance you love. >> the trade deadline quickly approaching. we're waiting to see if the
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>> nhl trade deadline is today. ericsson and teammate losing last night at home. boston scoring first bud lighting in scored four straight to win the game 4-1. the bees host the flame coming up tomorrow night. the red sox begin spring training with the annual college double header against boston college. hanely ramirez set to make debut. we won't be seeing rodriquez. he was shut down for three day after injury right knee cap. john farrell said the cartilage
9:28 am
there's some swelling in rodriquez knee. there's no official word on whether quarterback payton manning will retire. h denver post reported he decided to retire in broncos refuted that claim. accounts fox sport the team ready to move onnen if manning want to play one more year. manning turned 40 next month. >> we have much more ahead in the next half hour including a u.s. student held overseas. what he is accused of doing in one country and why is pleading for help from the government. once again temperature charges into the 50s close to 60 although today we have a couple of scattered showers to deal with. that and the 7-day forecast, ahead. more on this tragic story out of virginia where a police officer
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>> community in mourning after police officer from new england is shot and killed in virginia over the weekend. >> new detail on deadly car crash in norton who is now facing charges after two vehicles collided. >> an intersection torn apart when dump truck go barrelling through. police want to know what went wrong. >> this only comes around once forecast. year. years. 51 degrees. i know you know we've had burst of winter weather. weather. 53 in norwood.
9:32 am
spectacular finish to weekend. hour. continue to see gust by wind through the day. also increase the cloud begin noontime track couple of scattered showers that have to work on in. not at all afternoon soaking rain. a few showers out there this afternoon. we're starting off mild. we'll finish the day on the mild side. take a look at temperature trend all over the place here. we'll go back into the 40s tomorrow. back into 50s wednesday. down into the 30s on thursday. we'll talk about the 7-day forecast ahead happening today a man accuse of opening fire is headed to court. that officer was ashley gwendin. was her first shift as an officer when this tragedy happened. here's victoria warren with more on how her high school the
9:33 am
principal ken johnson starting the mourn remembering 2005 graduate ashley gwendin. to be taken down on her first day is simply beyond imaginable. just hours into her first day as a police officer police officer in virginia the 28-year-old was killed in the line of duty shot to death during a domestic disturbance call. >> at this time i ask you lease join me in a moment of silence. merrimack police officer given the sad job of notifying her mother and aunt escorting them to airport to fly to virginia. a little piece of us dies in every law enforcement officer to know they are part of the community family too makings it more difficult to try to reconcile here locally. neighbors left flower, principal johnson reflects on her high school yearbook picture and quote that says live for
9:34 am
rather than die for nothing. ashley and her xhiltment to service did just that. she would have made a great police officer. ashley in class of 2005. their mottos forever young. the principal said they will also honor her at graduation. the police department lowered flags around town. in merrimack, new hampshire. 7news "today in new england." new details a man is charged motor vehicle homicide. according to police the 41-year-old was driving north on 495 when his pickup truck crossed the median hitting another vehicle head on. the driver of that car was killed instantly. one passenger in the cars taken to the hospital. hundreds of people hitting the ice to honor al faro crewmember from maine over the weekend. michael holland was among those killed. people in livermore came together for a day of ice fishing the raise money for a
9:35 am
his family was touched by how many people came out to support them. it's hard. i know he want us to go on. he was 25 years. i didn't realize the lives he had touched. raise more than 4,000 for scholarship fund. happening today the boston city council will hold public hearing on banning puppy mills in the city. last week o'malley filed a bill that would ban pet shops from selling dogs, cats and rabbits that come from commercial breeders. u.s. senator taking a stance in the battle against opioids.
9:36 am
with proposal to expand treatment and recovery services. >> we need someone in the presidency who understands the health of our nation, understands that this is now the epidemic in our society. so hillary clinton has made this a high priority. >> in 2014 more than 1300 people in massachusetts died afterover dosing on opioids. steven lynch planning to hold to talk about way to enhance the regional rail system. charlie baker and marty walsh are both expected to attend this. lynch on the national security. >> breaking overnight in american college student for the first time since being detained
9:37 am
he's pleading for forgiveness. please. he confessed to hostile act. the university of virginia student is accused of trying to steal a political sign from the walls of hotel last month. north korea believes he's working for the cia. it's not clear if he was coerced by the korean government to confess. >> following more news today. a pastor in ohio shot dead at church and this morning his brother is charged with murder. 68-year-old daniel will face a judge today. police say he shot and killed older brother inside the office of the church sunday morning while services were still going on. they say the 70-year-old was the target and that no one else was hurt. new this morning five ku klux klan members arrested after
9:38 am
have been released because it appears they acted in self-defense. clan protestor showed up at kkk rally saturday. 7 people who are still in custody were seen attacking the kkk members with wooden posts. three anti clan demonstrators rather were stabbed but they are expected to recover. >> now to crash that was caught on camera down south. happened when a dump truck go speeding through an intersection. dash cam video was rolling on that moment of impact. now police look into what happened moments before. >> this driver dash cam video show everybody waving at red light. as the driver of silver honda is getting ready to go out of nowhere comes a red dump truck. pushes the honda through the intersection crashes into another car and plows through concrete barrier. moments later people run out to help.
9:39 am
the truck driver and four other people were taken to hospital. not an hour later officers responded to another crash along the same road. >> they were wing through vehicles until he came upon a vehicle that was either stopped or travelling at a real slow speed. police say motorcycle rider sped past an officer and going so fast the officer couldn't keep up. officials say the rider turned crash and died at the scene. >> police say everybody involved in that dump truck crash the people who were injured at least are expected to be okay. police are investigating the death of actress dog. the german shepherds found dead on her ranch in washington state. and social media post hyde said mozart shot in the chest with a pellet gun. she apparently bled to death. if you are taking friday off. court back in session for the
9:40 am
they could hear from andrew's mother or possibly andrews herself. accused stouker expected to testify today via video conferencing. she's suing marriot hotels saying the company allowed the stalker to book rooms right next to her then he went on to take nude videos of her and posted them online. >> more trouble on the water. royal caribbean said the ship was left will return two days later because of bad weather. the same ship was battered by a storm couple of weeks ago. if the weather wasn't bad enough there's also a case of noro virus spreading onboard. >> a navy seal set to receive highest military honor. president obama will present the congressional medal of honor to edward buyers junior. back in 2012 buyer shielded a u.s. hostage from gunfire while also engaging a taliban guard in hand to hand combat.
9:41 am
him. i got to low my mom. her first question out of her mouth, do you think i will be able to come to it. i was like of course, mm. >> buyer will be the sixth navy seal to be presented with medal of honor and the firstlying one since the investigate naum conflict. still ahead on "today in new england." we're headed live to los angeles for more on the oscars. a look at some of the night's biggest moments including the massive girl scout cookie sale. take a look at the forecast surging temperatures into the early afternoon.
9:42 am
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>> welcome back. 9:45 this morning. and we just had an amazing weekend. i think in light of amazing weather we should have three-day weekend. >> i'm in. we can do friday and monday off too. we should have every friday and monday. we look forward to that. march 1st stormont average low 27. we've been well bo those 40s for quite sometime. by the end of month we average 50 degrees for low and sun doesn't set until quarter past 7:00.
9:45 am
statistic you know march can be all over the place weatherwise. the coldest we've seen in 1871 warmest 1998 we hit 89 almost 90 at the end of march. that's 31st. and if you remember from the year before that. the year before that we had april fools blizzard starting on the 31st into april 1st. what a difference a year can make from ability 30 inch of snow to 90-degree weather. 51 in the city of boston. 53 in plymouth. 52 norwood. 45 worcester. no where close to 80. we're mild with wind gusting to 30 miles per hour. wind dragging in mild air. to get you cool air we have to go through cool front. this will increase the cloud cover and bring scattered showers in here this afternoon. as early as lunch time out through worcester. maybe 1 or 2:00 in the afternoon in boston. we will not deal with four to
9:46 am
there's a window of opportunity for passing shower or two from noontime right through 4:00 or 5:00. behind that front cooler air 32 in buffalo. 30 in toronto. that will be the air mass for tomorrow. as we start off the morning near 30 degrees. then rise into the mid 40s for the afternoon. back to 30. partly cloudy expected to be dry tonight. cooler weather overall bit of breeze conditioning this evening. mostly sunny skies. less wind tomorrow. cooler day back into the 40s but mid 40s still a couple of degrees above the average for this time of year. in terms of soaking rain. i expect that late overnight tomorrow into wednesday morning. and initially the warm front has to swing back through and this will create a little bit of patchy sleet and freezing rain. across northern worcester county. in the soaking rain at that.
9:47 am
quick half an intomorrow inch of rain. dries out for wednesday afternoon. out of the two commutes i think we're more hammered by the rain no. for more on the wind it will create over to danielle. >> this storm coming with wind. these winds won't be as bad as the ones we saw last week. heading into wednesday you can see the wind gust up to 40 to 45. we will be strong. notice wind shifted to northwest. this is what will help bring the cooler air into the second part of week. speaking of cooler air that's something we haven't seen much of so far this winter. we're on track for this to second warmest with average temperature just above 37 degrees. and in february alone we've seen 35 days with temperatures of 50 or above. that's going down as number one record there. as we head into the second part of week.
9:48 am
more on that, back to you. cool air. how close will the storm get up the east coast to bring us snow here in southern new england. keeping high pressure strong enough that the area of low pressure a little bit too far south to bring us some snow. that's the track as of now. we will see if there's adjustment to north you could bring snow into new england. better chance in the mid atlantic. as of this monday morning. take a look at # on 7 forecast. overall we'll call it increasing cloud at time. temperature in teen and morning in the 30s for the afternoon. right into the beginning of the weekend. big winter at last night oscar spotlight. movie based on the churches sex abuse scandal scored upselt by winning best picture. that's one of the big moments from last night. >> what a great surprise that was.
9:49 am
dicaprio wins. let's head to diane gallagher for all the action. i think we all kind of wanted and expected leo to win here. a lot of people expected him to win. he was favorite. favorite many times. we all were crossing our finger. hoping leo would finally get it. he got that award. and you know what was really cool about it was the fact that all of us remember "titanic" and the love story of jack and rose. it was kate winslet. it was really a nice moment to see two people who are such hollywood stars and starlets
9:50 am
she had legitimate reaction. i loff it. and i love him. diane, one shock of the night was in the best supporting actor category. a lot of people thought sylvester stallone would win. but he didn't. >> he's been sweeping all of the other award shows. and he didn't win. everybody thought may be something like lifetime achievement award or something. because he didn't win before when in rocky. all the awards shows leading up to it he had been getting it. they showed his face. feel sorry for sylvester stallone here. when it comes oscar. wonder if they nominated for something like this again. he has a lot of statutes on his mantle though already. with mad max winning too
9:51 am
i want to one of talker of night. chris rock with rave reviews. there's a moment of girl scout cookies. calling people out. asking them to buy them. it was kind of those moment that remind you pizza situation wellen a couple of years ago. this one directly impacted girl scout of greater los angeles. so they raised around 65,000 for the organization. he was calling people out by fame. he tweeted a little video showing vice president joe biden who introduced lady gaga song. he put 20 in front tuxedo pocket. kind of cool thing to see the celebrities. they talk about how hungry they are. they were clawing for girl could cookie. who would get the thin minutes and waffling them do what we would do. i don't know if you stars are like us. they create girl scout cookie.
9:52 am
a box at the oscars. thin minutes all the way. thank you so much. we appreciate your time. have a good morning. >> they have to starve dresses. i can see why they are hungry. be back after this break. it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders.
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switch to fios. >> hoping hand to women behind the scene. dispatcher she the first call o diagnosed with cancer. trooper wife holding fund-raiser to help with her medical bills.
9:55 am
that she dispatches. i have all my troopers that feel like i can't let them down. i have to be there for them. every day. families. bash's benefit will be on saturday. there's a spaghetti dinner. deejays dancing and raffles. >> very nice.
9:56 am
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welcome back. we definitely got spoiled this weekend. we're hoping that it sticks around. >> we're hoping to be spoiled again. you are now responsible for this. noodge time to 5:00 p.m. passing shower or two. but we can spoil you with mild weather again. temperature mid 50s to lower 60s this afternoon. it does turn cooler tomorrow. still a nice day. not too many complaints like
9:58 am
mostly sunny skies and yes, we do turn colder by the end of the week. we have rain to go through. soaking rain early wednesday. temperature wednesday going from 50s in the morning to 30s in the afternoon. thanks for watching. i'm christa delcamp. i'm sarah do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman... in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i do everything on the internet. but it's kind of slow.
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this morning on "today's take," an oscar night roundup. the big winners, the big shockers and, of course, all the fashions. plus, we take you inside the after parties where the stars let loose. and three words. caramel apple pie. next. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is today "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today". it's monday morning, leap day, february 29th, 2016. boy, we're excited about leap day here in new york city.


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