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tv   7 News at Noon  NBC  February 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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countrcan't reach it potential... unless we all do. together. a stronger country. >> this is 7 news at noon. >> christa: a new hampshire community mourning the loss of a young police officer, 28-year-old ashley guindon killed in virginia on her first day on the job. and today the accused shooter is headed to court. victoria warren spoke with ashley's high school principal and she has more on what people there in that town are saying about her today. vicky? >> reporter: yeah. it is a very sad day for this
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he was principal back in 2005 when ashley graduated here at merrimack high school. and he says that the graduating class of 2005 had a motto of "forever young." >> for us, the story is intensely local. and more personal. >> reporter: principal ken johnson start the morning at merrimack high school remembering 2005 graduate ashley guindon. >> to be taken down on her very first day is simply beyond imaginable. >> reporter: just hours into her first day as a police officer in virginia, the 28-year-old was killed in the line of duty, shot to death during a domestic disturbance call. >> so at this time, i ask you to please join me in a moment of silence. >> reporter: merrimack police officers given the sad job of netfying her mother and aunt, escorting them to the airport to fly to virginia. >> a little piece of us dies
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know that this is an individual who sa member of the larger community family, too, makes it more difficult to try to reconcile here locally. >> reporter: neighbors left flowers. principal johnson reflects on her high school yearbook picture. it says "live for something rather than die for nothing." he says ashley in her commitment to service did just that. >> she would have made a great police officer here in merrimack. >> reporter: he hopes current students follow her example. >> that you lay full life. that you do live a full life. >> reporter: ashley herself had tragedy within her own life, losing her father while she was in high school. he says that he admires the to have and the things she was able to achieve. he does hope students follow in her foot-steps. this has also been a tough tragedy because they have lost six members of the class of 2005 since that year's graduation. live in merrimack, new
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news. >> christa: the race for the white house this afternoon: this is a crucial day on the campaign trail. candidates making one final push ahead of tomorrow's packed primary schedule. and front-runner hillary clinton making a stop right here in massachusetts today. let's head out live to springfield right now with byron barnett on the campaign trail for us. byron? >> reporter: well, hillary clinton was trying really hard today to keep her supporters fired up on the day before super tuesday. when all of the voters here in massachusetts go to the polls tomorrow. and she took swipes today at the republicans and at bernie sanders who she faces tomorrow here in massachusetts. >> i am so happy to be in springfield. >> reporter: hillary clinton making one last swing through the bay state before super tuesday. clinton has strong leads in southern states voting tomorrow. but she faces a tougher challenge from bernie sanders here in massachusetts. in springfield, clinton said she has stronger plans than sanders for dealing with
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gun control. >> my opponent voted five times against brady bill, and he voted for this loop hole which set a deadline. it didn't matter how hard it was to collect the information, to find out if they had a criminal record. at the end of three days, you got your gun. >> reporter: sanders is trailing clinton in massachusetts but not by much. her ties to wall street. >> this is what i think. if you are going to get paid $200,000 for a speech, it must be a pretty damn good speech. >> reporter: clinton saved most of her firepower for the republican candidates, denouncing their mean spiritedness and hateful rhetoric. >> i will turn my attention to whomever the republicans decide to nominate. i can tell you this. one advantage i have is they have been after me for 25 years, and i'm still standing. (cheers and applause) >> reporter: now, privately, top clinton staffers
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a very tight race here in massachusetts. they are not making any predictions. hillary clinton, after she finished up here, headed off to boston. she is going to be holding a rally in boston. in a few minutes from now. her husband president bill clinton will be campaigning in worcester today. and tonight, bernie sanders will hold a big rally in milton. live from springfield, i'm byron barnett, 7 news. >> christa: okay, byron. we will talk about the republicans now. the drama just continues to build between candidates. donald trump facing some new criticism about his response to a kkk member's support. here is kris anderson with a closer look at that. >> reporter: with super tuesday now just hours away, marco rubio and ted cruz continue to focus their attention on trying to derail front-runner donald trump. he had an up-and-down weekend, a key endorsement and another controversy. >> i am pleased to endorse
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of the united states! >> reporter: trump picked up the endorsement of prominent alabama senator jeff sessions. it is what he said or didn't say during this interview that has him facing tough criticism. failing to disavow former ku klux klan leader david duke. >> would you just say, unequivocally, you condemn them and don't want their support? >> well, i have to look at the group. i mean, i don't know what group you are talking about. >> the ku klux klan? >> you may have groups that are totally fine and it would be very unfair. >> reporter: trump tweeted that he did disavow duke. then this morning on the today show, he blamed an earpiece in the interview, saying he couldn't clearly hear the question. >> donald trump rep fused, refused to criticize the ku klux klan. >> we should all be united in saying that the klan is
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>> reporter: meantime, john kasich sat down with 7 news for a one on one interview. and says most likely, trump will be the big winner tomorrow. he is holding out hope for another good showing in new england. >> if the people of this state, massachusetts, give me a boost, it is going to make a significant difference. so i'm open that massachusetts is going to be positive for us. >> reporter: now, the numbers clearly point to another big day for donald trump tomorrow. the latest cnn-ors nationwide poll gives trump the support of nearly half of republican voters with 49%, leading his closest competitor marco rubio by more than 30 points. kris anderson, 7 news. >> christa: coming up tomorrow, we will have live coverage on the air and of course, on-line with a team of reporters. get updates on the go with our mobile app as well. breaking news. espn says tom brady and the pats have agreed to a two-year contract extension through the 2019 season.
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a team-high $15 million. with this extension, that number will likely decrease. august. and the new deal gives him a chance to play into his 40's. we will keep tabs on. that so all is well in pats nation with that news. and of course, your forecast. a beautiful weekend it was. a beautiful day out there. temperatures, definitely, on the rise on this leap day. chris, you are ruining all of think. >> it is completely my fault. i ordered the rain up. it is moving through just in county right now. good afternoon, everyone. we do enjoy temperatures into the 60's here. in the city of boston. 6 degrees. 64 in norwood. 53 in worcester right now. gusty wind, too. guing over 0 miles an hour. 39 in worcester. by the way, that 63 in boston, one degree shy of the record high for the time of year. and here is that band of some rain. it's been steady. you saw that out in springfield.
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out there. that band continues to the north and east here. over to fitchburg. this is sliding toward worcester here. boston. i do expect for an hour or two to get into some shower activity this afternoon. probably, the city of boston, frame. this fizzles out late this afternoon into this evening. we are not talking about a lot of rain. most towns, generally, a tenth of an inch or less. enough to coat the ground and keep it damp. now, we look forward into the forecast. we track widespread rain in here tuesday night into wednesday morning. then it does turn colder by the end of the week. more on that ahead. >> christa: two people rushed to the hospital after a scary hit-and-run that happened in worcester. and right now police are still trying to track down the driver. let's go to nicole oliverio in worcester with the latest on
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nicole? >> reporter: within the past hour, we know that police did find that suspect's car. it is now at police headquarters. but they are still searching for the driver. now, this accident happened sunday just after noon, during the worcester flea market hours. now, according to witnesses, they told the worcester telegram and gazette that a female driver backed out of a parking spot, and then hit those two people. police respond to the worcester flea market on sunday where a driver allegedly took off after hitting a couple. the hit and run happened just after noon on quinsigamond avenue. witnesses told the telegram and gazette, the female driver backed over the couple, then pulled forward, running over the man and woman again before leaving the scene. people who saw the accident also managed to give officers the description of the car and part of the license plate.
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hospital. the 58-year-old woman was admitted. the 60-year-old man was treated and released. both had chest, abdominal, and leg injuries. now at police headquarters fbs. it had damage to the back of the car. police still looking for the driver at this hour. anyone with information is asked to give them a call. we are live in worcester, 7 news. >> christa: new documents showing tamerlan tsarnaev passed the u.s. citizenship test. three months before the marathon bombing. federal documents showing the older tsarnaev brother also denied any links to terrorism and swore his allegiance to the united states. this information is included many in more than 650 previously confidential files. tsarnaev was killed during the manhunt that later happened in watertown. by the way, that paperwork mentioned zahn's friend who was denied a green card back
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february of 2013. he allegedly helped tsarnaev kill three men in waltham in 2011. he was later killed by the f.b.i. during an interrogation in oral orlando one month after the marathon bombings. police shoot a man in dartmouth afl they say that he lunged at them with a knife. this all started when officers tried to arrest the man in connection with a domestic violence case on dartmouth street. they tried todaying... tasing the man. that wouldn't disable him. that is when one officers fired his gun and hit him. the suspect is in serious but stable can be. the m.b.t.a. says it is now getting back on track, so to speak. they are set to now announce they have cut their projected deficit by more than 40%. now, this drop will allow them to spend about $100 million to make infrastructure improvements. that includes the new third rail for the red line. and heaters for the orange line rails and switches. track upgrades along the worcester-framingham commuter line and signal improvements
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line. m.b.t.a. officials say they are still considering two plans which would raise fares by 120%. ... 10%. coming up at noon, cursed cruise ship? maybe. stormy weather forcing the anthem of the seas to turn around yet again. also, two more people are dead after a massive home explosion. what triggered the blast coming up. >> chris: close to record highs. yeah. we have that right now. we also have a few rain showers working. in take a look at the forecast ahead. >> christa: a night of glitz
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>> christa: a momma bear and her cub are seen playing together for the first time in
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this polar bear... she delighted crowds as she played with her newborn cub named shyla. her cub is only strong enough to go on public view now. wish we could see more. i guess we can't be picky with some of these new... >> chris: you don't want to get too close to momma there with her little pup there. all right. we haven't had a lot of snow that stuck around: look at we have had 27 days in the 40's. 26 of them have been 50's. now today the ninth day in meteorological winter that we have hit 60 degrees or above in the city of boston. that's the second most that we have had on record. ten is the record and you know what?
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winter. the window for warping is up closing. we certainly had a gusty wind. at times, close to 40 miles an hour down to new bedford. near 30 in boston. gusting near 40 in worcester. those gusts ahead of this line of showers working. in in fact, a steadier period of some light rain. maybe at times, some moderate rain, bigger rain-drops in there. not overwhelming. a tenth of an inch of rain certainly, enough to create some puddles. you see that in fitchburg. back into orange and springfield and chicopee right now. that is sliding off to the east. eventually, getting into the city. probably within the next half hour. and eventually, into the city of boston by 1:30 or so if that band sticks together. again, not a lot of water with this. a few showers rolling on through here this afternoon. temperatures right now running mid-50's through worcester
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these numbers likely fading back to the low to mid-50's late afternoon. nice-looking tuesday. march 1 coming in like a lamb. temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. then we track soaking rain in here tuesday night into wednesday morning. by wednesday afternoon, we should be able to start drying it out before it is all said and done. half an inch to an inch of rain across the area. this will create some gusty winds as well. for more on that wind, over to danielle. >> danielle: thanks, >> much like last week. this is what you can expect as we head into wednesday morning. those wind gusts could get up to 40 miles an hour. they will pick up overnight. by thursday, notice the wind direction. it shifts. out of the northwest. this is what's going to help bring in some cool air for the second part of your week. speaking of cool air, that's something we haven't seen much of. this meteorological winter topping out as the second warmest on record. speaking of very warm temperatures, we have seen 35
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change that after today. with 50's or above so far this winter. that is the number one record there. we will see some cool air move in for the second part of the week. chris, back to you. >> chris: it does get cold enough to support some snow as we get into thursday and friday. the question is, does the storm track track far enough to give us snow? there will be a storm off the carolina coastline. whether it gets close enough to us to give us some snow or does it stay far enough out to sea to basically, avoid our area, yet to be seen here. this is what we are going to watch. right now hingeing the forecast... it is a little too far south. going to keep it dry for now. the time frame would be friday, especially friday afternoon into friday night. temperatures only in the 30's for highs. as we head into the start of the weekend. >> christa: still ahead, a state trooper battling cancers says she will not give up without a fight. her how community is jumping
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>> christa: the biggest night in holly woody definitely did not disappoint. "spotlight" taking home the big prize. jokes and music, surprise wins. we head out live to los angeles. we have a full wral-up of the events last night. >> reporter: yeah. you know, there were parties that lasted well after the sun came up. some of them ending an hour
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celebrating the biggest night here in hollywood. come without controversy. controversy that was addressed throughout the ceremony which also had those overreaching hollywood themes of heartbreak and that cinderella happy ending. big nominations... six nominations over 22 years. leonardo dicaprio is finally an oscar womener. in accepting the best actor ward for the revenant, he discussion into focus. >> let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. thank you so very much. >> reporter: political themes didn't end there. host chris rock hit head-on the oscar's so white controversy. >> hollywood is sorority-racist. it is like, we like you, rhonda, but you are not a kappa. >> reporter: the best director for the revenant.
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forever, that the color of the skin becomes as irrelevant as the length of our hair. >> reporter: one producer spoke directly to the pope, calling for an end to sexual abuse within the church. >> pope francis, it is time to protect the children and restore the faith. >> reporter: brie larson won bestk a tross for "room." a huge upset, mark rylance beat out sylvester stallone to take home best supporting actor award. finally, mad max: furry rude picked up six oscars. the most of any film nominated this year. though she didn't win an oscar, lady gaga stole the show with her impassioned rendition of "until it happens to you." that wasn't just a powerful performance, it was a political one as well. vice president joe biden
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you know, leonardo dicaprio may have had to wait up to two decades to get his oscar. but the other winners in the major acting categories, christa, they were all first-time nominees. >> christa: wow. all right. everybody was happy to see leo get it. sixth time is the charm for him. thank you so much. up next, senator ed markey speaking out against drugs. what he is doing to combat addiction coming up. and a remarkable story. one heart joining two families. hue tragedy helped to save a life comin and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks
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a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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>> christa: the community has come together for this day of ice-fishing to raise money for
12:28 pm
holland's honor. his family was so touched by how many people came out to support them. >> it's hard. but i know that he would want us to go on. i know he would want us to enjoy this day. he lived 25 years. had touched. to see the support and people coming out today, you realize how loved he was. a big success there. we have much more to come in the next half hour on 7 news today at noon. including a suspicious death in chelsea. and the chance trip that led to that discovery. also, this is man facing murder charges in connection with a church shooting. how he knew the victim coming up. and we have seen these stories before. how a little boy gets his arm stuck inside a vending machine. how long it takes him to get free. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same.
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where that doesnt happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman... in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton and i
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i feel too young to be this old. i just want to be her mom, not her full-time job. i'm the boss of me, but sometimes i need a little help. has masshealth, call commonwealth care alliance to find out about senior care options. aging happens.
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>> christa: breaking news at 12:30 on your monday. a man wanted by police in revere for allegedly lunging at a police officer with a syringe nearly two weeks ago turned himself in, we are told, to police in revere today. it was last week that michael gooutro took off running. he is expected to be arraigned today at chelsea district court. we will be following that story. also on 7:s a new hampshire community mourning the loss of a police officer. just 28 years old. ashley guindon. she was killed in virginia on her first day. on the job. today the accused shooter is also headed to court. victoria warren spoke with
12:32 pm
up in new hampshire. >> for us, the story is intensely local. and far more personal. johnson starting the morning at merrimack high school remembering 2005 graduate ashley guindon. >> to be taken down on her very first day, is simply beyond imaginebling. >> reporter: just hours into her first day as a police officer in virginia, the 28-year-old was killed in the line of duty. shot to death during a domestic disturbance call. >> so at this time, i ask you to please join me in a moment of silence. >> reporter: merrimack police officers given the sad job of notifying her mother and aunt, escorting them to the airport to fly to virginia. >> a little piece of us dies in every law enforcement officer, to know that this is an individual who is a member of our larger merrimack community family, too. that makes it more difficult to reconcile here locally. >> reporter: neighbors left flowers.
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her high school yearbook picture that says "live for something rather than die for nothing." he says ashley, in her commitment to service did just that. >> she would have made a great police officer here in merrimack. >> he hopes current students follow her example. >> that she will live a full life. that you live a full life. report t principal says ashley was able to achieve her dream of law enforcement despite some sadness in her own life. she lost her father in high school. it's been really tough this community because they have lost six members of the class of 2005. since graduation. in merrimack, new hampshire, victoria warren, 7 news. being charged with motor vehicle homicide after a deadly drive in norton that happened late last night. according to police, the on 495. his pick-up truck crossed the median and then hit a toyota head-on. police say the driver of the
12:34 pm
one passenger was taken to the hospital as well. police in chelsea investigating what they are calling a suspicious death. after officers found a 34-year-old man badly beaten on the sidewalk over the weekend. that man taken to the hospital where he later died. but police say they found this man by accident when they were actually responding to a different call. in that neighborhood. two lowell men are facing drug and other charges after an investigation led to a drug bust on sunday. police say they saw what they thought was a drug sale in a parking lot when they approached the car. one of the men they say was found with a small amount of heroin on hill. investigators searched his home. they found more than 150 grams of heroin. nearly 5,000 of cash and other drug paraphernalia as wez. u.s. senator ed markey taking a stance in the battle against opioids. and is now joining forces with presidential candidate hillary clinton. markey endorsed the democratic candidate on sunday.
12:35 pm
candidate to release a plan to address the drug crisis, including a proposal to spend $10 billion to expand treatment and recovery services. >> we need someone in the presidency who understands the health of our nation. understands that this is now the epidemic in our society. so hillary clinton has made this a high priority. >> reporter: in 2014, more unanimous 1,300 people here in massachusetts died after overdosing on opioids. 7 news now turning to your weather. on this monday morning. and temperatures, are you kidding me? 63 degrees in boston. it is leap day. chris, kind of crazy weather lately. >> chris: looking in the record books. we go back 136 years to find a warmer day in the city of boston. it was 64 degrees back in 1880. there you go on that end. we have some showers working in. our time frame for warming here is very limited in the
12:36 pm
we may sneak up to 64, 65 within the next half hour, an hour. as the rain moves on in, temperatures go back into the 50's. 53 right now in worcester. active breeze. no question about. that strong wind gusts out of the southwest. these are sustained winds out of the southwest at 20 miles an hour. a few showers rolling on through. not only through the next couple of hours. even through 4:00 or 5:00. a passing shower out there. most towns, a tenth of an inch or less. we are not talking a lot of water. just enough to dampen the ground. temperatures slowly slide back as we go through the overnight hours tonight. tomorrow is a cooler day. you bounce back up wednesday morning temp hur-wise with the rain. right back down. cold on thursday. more on the 7-day forecast ahead. >> christa: also on 7: we are hearing from the university of virginia student detained in north korea. and he is pleading for help from the u.s. government. >> i have made the worst
12:37 pm
but please, save me. please. think of my family. >> christa: he confessed to a so-called hostile act. he is accused of trying to steal a sign with a political slogan on it from the walls of his hotel last month. the north korean government claims the 21-year-old was encouraged to do so by a secret university society and the c.i.a. it is unclear if that confession was coerced at this point. also, a pastor in ohio is shot dead at church. and his brother is charged with the murder. the 68-year-old daniel schooler is facing a judge today. police say he shot and killed his older brother pastor william schooler inside the office of the church on sunday morning while services were going on. they say the 70-year-old was the target. and nast no one else was hurt in that. five ku klux klan members
12:38 pm
released now. evidence shows they acted in self-defense. this was on saturday. 7 people still in custody were seen attacking the kkk members with wooden posts. kkk members stabbed three anti-klan demonstrators. police say they are expected to be okay. more trouble on the water for the anthem of the seas this afternoon: royal caribbean says the ship which left port in new jersey a week ago will return two days early now because of bad weather. this was the same ship that was battered by a storm a couple of weeks ago. if the weather wasn't bad enough, there is also a case now of noro-virus spreading onboard as well. caught on camera: fast couple in north carolina has died after a car crashes into their home and strikes a propane tank causing an explosion. you can see the blast has destroyed a house and a fire there. firefighters battled the flames after another propane tank exploded.
12:39 pm
the driver was taken to the hospital also as well. texas, a dump truck goes flying. look at. that through a busy intersection. oncoming cars immediately pushed into danger as well. now police are trying to figure out how this all happened. this driver's dash cam video shows everybody waiting at a red light in texas. but as the driver of this silver honda is getting ready to go, out of nowhere comes a red dump truck. it pushes the honda through the intersection, crashes crashes into another car and plows through a concrete barrier. moments later, people run out to help. >> the dump truck actually went over the edge edge and down the road. the motorcycle was weaving through vehicles until he came up on a vehicle that was either stopped or traveling at a real slow speed. >> christa: a motorcycle rider was going so fast the officer
12:40 pm
officials say the riledder turned, crashed, and died at the scene. and police say everybody involved in the truck crash is expected to be okay. the cause of the crash is still under vaetion. more news today: a four-year-old boy in australia caught in a vend mag sheen. it takes crews more than six hours to free him on sunday there. he is. emergency responders say his arm was so far up into the machine, it got caught in the anti-theft mechanism. the boy's father says he thinks his son got overexcited when he saw the machine. looked scared there. he was taken to the hospital for an evaluation after the rescue. poor thing. all right. still ail head, the happiest place on earth got a little pricier. how much it will cost you to take that next trip to disney. >> chris: all right. temperatures right now in the 60's.
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>> christa: a devastating car crash killing a teen back in 2014. but this is a tragedy. it helped to save another life. and now for the first time in two years, a family can listen to their son's heart once again. two families separated by nearly 400 miles are connected by one heart. when bobby and vicky blare tragically lost their son sean
12:44 pm
2014, little did they know he was about to save a life. mike went was in dire need of a heart transplant. >> january 6, 2014. i didn't know something like that was possible. you know, i feel this good. >> reporter: the blares met the man whose life was saved by sean. >> it is real now. you know, you know that a good man got my son's heart. and he is living because of it. you know. we are so blessed that he got it. i know my son would honor you. i'm honoring him. >> reporter: for the first time since the accident, the
12:45 pm
heart. >> it's been a little over two years that we lost him. but it's also been two years since we gained a lot of family. >> yes. and knowing that it kind of filled my heart up in a place that sean left. >> mom says that he was actually able to save a total of 7 lives. she also added that a 7-year-old in dallas can now see because he was an organ donor for him as well. >> chris: in the low 60's this afternoon. 6 in melrose. 62 in downtown boston. 63 at logan airport. 63 in waltham right now. upper 50's and lower 60's merrimack valley to reading. back into worcester county, it is a little cooler. royalston, a rain-cooled 43 degrees.
12:46 pm
on your door-step. sturbridge at 50. take a look down through southeastern massachusetts. a little cooler the farther south you go because of the south wind coming off the cool ocean waters. up 40er's, to near 50 this afternoon. across the cape, you will hold on to the sunshine the longest. already losing it through metro-west. we have had that rain work in across worcester county as we speak. i think ever so closer to the merrimack valley. here you go with the rain. if it is not raining in the city, it is going to be raining shortly here as this batch has to work on through. the bark is a little worse than the bite here. the radar hitting perhaps some melted wet snowflakes trying to fall through the clouds before turning over to those rain-drops as they reach the ground. so i think the intensity on the radar, the dark greens and yellows really only indicating some light rain at this hour. that band isn't all that wide, you know. you get back into western massachusetts and upstate new york. even a few breaks in the
12:47 pm
later on this afternoon, by 4:00, 5:00 p.m., most of the showers done from the city of boston west. a couple of showers still lingering down through southeast massachusetts. the temperatures do dip a little bit. into the low to mid-50's this afternoon. and then fall back tonight into tomorrow. tonight, back into the up 20er's and lower 30's. tomorrow, not a bad day at all by march 1 standards. in the mid-40's with a lot of sunshine in place. and light breezes. colder than what we have seen. then we track another storm in here for tuesday night into wednesday. initially, close to freezing. worcester, north up into southern new hampshire. a brief period of mixed precipitation before switching over to a rain. that rain adding up to about half an inch to an inch of rain. most of us done by wednesday afternoon. the bulk of it falling late overnight tuesday into wednesday morning. for more on the wind, over to danielle. >> danielle: thanks, chris. like last week, that rain
12:48 pm
these winds won't be as strong as the ones we had last week. gusts 40-45 miles per hour. thursday morning, still a bit breezy. the direction of the winds will shift. now they are out of the northwest. this will help bring in the cool air as we head into the second part of the workweek. cool air is not something we have seen much of this meteorological winter. again, this is the last day of it. officially, the second warmest on record this season. our average temperature just above 37 degrees. we have had 35 days of temperatures 50 or above. but as we were talking about, some cool air will start to move in for the second part of this week. for more on that, back to you, chris. >> chris: we haven't had a lot of winter, danielle. in madge, we tend to average about eight inches of snow. we can get snowstorms in march. we will have to watch this of the week. if it comes up the coastline far enough, we will be dealing with more snow by friday afternoon into friday night.
12:49 pm
right now my forecast is that it's just staying south. i will say i'm not writing this off. any movement to the north would bring some snow up into northern new england. there is the cold air in place, though. temperatures back in the teens overnight. in the 30's by day. thursday, friday, into saturday. right now, sunday looking mainly dry. >> christa: all right. coming up, donations pour in for a woman fighting cancer. how one trooper's battle is inspiring others right now. disney fans, you probably don't want to hear. this we need to tell you anyway. ticket prices going up. a look at the numbers when we come right back. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of
12:50 pm
country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
12:51 pm
>> christa: a woman dedicated to helping so many others now in need of help herself. a group of state troopers is copping to her aid. they are lending a helping
12:52 pm
who was recently diagnosed with cancer. sarah french has a closer look at how they are pitching in. packed with care. donation that is will be for a woman who may work behind the scenes but is often a first call at the first sign of danger. >> i couldn't ask for better people to work for. my troopers mean the world to me. >> reporter: barb found out she has cancer. help wasn't far behind. >> she is the calm on the other side of the phone. >> she has been there before i became a trooper. and she has always been there. >> reporter: her cancer spread. it is treatable. but curable is still a question. but she says she will fight. >> you know, i have all my troopers... i feel like i can't let them down. i have to be there for them every day. to make sure they go home at night to. their families. >> reporter: families like bria nelson's.
12:53 pm
>> there are times she will call me and say he is going to be late but he is okay. >> reporter: nelson is also a two-time cancer survivor. she rallied the troops to help with hospital bills so barb's focus is questioning better. ... getting better. this encourages her to keep on going. >> it is amazing. it is amazing. i can't say thank you enough. >> reporter: sarah french, 7 news. >> christa: up next, starbucks eyeing a place famous for their coffee. where they plan to now set up shop. >> chris: temperatures on the mild side, though. in the low 60's in boston. we will look at the 7-day
12:54 pm
12:55 pm
12:56 pm
>> christa: starbucks will open up stores in milan, italy this will be the first store in italy. you know, it was back in the c.e.o. howard shultz went to italy, wanted to bring back espresso drinks here to the u.s. that decision helped the company grow into the coffee giant that it is today. goes full circle, i guess. all right. disney fans paying the price theme parks. it looks like. the price for a ticket at disney world and disney landd on weekend days will go up to $105 per ticket.
12:57 pm
$110 a ticket on certain peak days. by the way, this is part of disney's new plan to charge separate rates based on the time of year. that is just the ticket price. you got your airfare and hotel and all of. that chris, we don't have to go to florida today. we are breaking records here. >> chris: no. standing in line for an hour, hour and a half on those rides with the kids. pancake breakfast with goofy. no, almost a florida-like feel outside. maybe a little bit of a stretch. 64 in boston. that was good enough to tie record set back in 1880. partly cloudy tonight. a few showers rolling through this afternoon. we dry out tonight. tomorrow is a dry day. 42-47 degrees. you look at the forecast. we will deal with some rain and wind wednesday morning. looks dry right now. and colder by thursday. >> christa: all right, chris. thank you. thank you for spending some
12:58 pm
12:59 pm
it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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>> brady: hold on. hold on. [knocking continues] [sighs] hold on. [clears throat] summer, you alright? >> summer: i went back to my place and there was no way i could sleep, so i thought i'd go for a walk and i ended up here. you threw a hell of a lot at me today. >> brady: i kno--i know. >> summer: like you recognized me from in dreams? do you know how weird that is? >> brady: yeah, i-- it's weird. >> summer: and then i asked you about daniel-- and i know there's no real great way to tell me that he's dead, and that you have his heart, and that if it turns out that he is my brother, that you know the woman that might be my mom! >> brady: summer. could--could you slow down just a little bit?


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