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tv   7 News First at 4 PM  NBC  February 29, 2016 4:00pm-4:30pm EST

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hurt and i'm not sure why a young man would feel compelled to do something like this, but when they do, it affects everybody. >> anchor: police say the injured students suffered non- non-life-threatening injuries and are expected to make a full recovery again the suspected shooter is now police custody and is being questioned. and breaking news in north carolina now, a police involved shooting in the state capital of raleigh, our nbc station reports a 24-year-old man was shot and killed all police will confirm is that a police officer was involved in the shooting, there is a large crowd gathering around the crime scene right now so of course we'll continue to follow this as it unfolds throughout the newscast. also on 7, all eyes on super supertuesday. the republicans hitting the road in a mad-to gain support. donald trump the top target as heavy hitters like mash oh rubio and ted cruz scramble for big boosts . >> anchor: democrats taking their message to the bay state.
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sanders making big stops in boston, massachusetts servings a question stop for both democratic candidates spot stakes are high and within the next 48 hours are going to get even higher. an it's going to get very interesting. we have 7 team coverage of both parties getting you ready for supertuesday of we begin with dan hausle of he is live for us in boston. dan? >> reporter: well, massachusetts has some importance on the democratic side. most polls have hillary clinton ahead but if bernie sanders can close the gap or even win that would be big. sanders coming to massachusetts. hillary clinton campaigning from springfield to boston. let's have a great victory in massachusetts and then if i'm so forth natural enough to be your nominee, i will take on whichever republican they nominate! >> reporter: hilary clinton in boston this afternoon whipping up the overflow crowd outside the old south meeting house and inside as well. clinton spending most of her time taking aim at republicans .
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mean-spirited necessary the demagoguery, the bigotry, that republican candidates . >> reporter: hillary did take a couple shots at her primary opponent, bernie sanders . i do have a difference with my esteemed opponent who wants free college for everybody. first of all, that makes it really hard to control the costs costs. you have to have some cost control in there because it's going up way too much. but i also will tell you, i am not going to ask you to pay taxes to send donald trump's youngest kid free to college. we're not going to do that . >> reporter: sanders is on his way to massachusetts after a campaign rally in minnesota this afternoon. . like clinton, sanders focused on republicans and in particular the front-runner . we will defeat mr. trump because the american people understand and always have that love trumps hatred. >> reporter: sanners will be
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right into the night, an 11:00 appearance in worcester on behalf of his wife. live in boston, dan hausle, 7 news . >> anchor: the race for the white house a five way battle for the republicans major states are up for grabs and the candidates are making moves. donald trump is the front-runner but the super show down could be his biggest test so far. brandon gunnoe live with more on republican push for supportment brandon? >> reporter: the republicans are coming down to the wire ahead of tomorrow's vote and the insults are flying, especially between donald trump and senator marco rubio in virginia this afternoon protestors repeatedly interrupted trump truffle's rally but it didn't stop donald who continued us war of words . out! then i have to listen to a little guy like rubio say he is a conman. it's so unsilting and he had to choice i guess he had to come up with something because he is getting creamed in the polls. he is 20 points down in florida.
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comes from this guy couldn't be he ran. >> reporter: campaigning in tennessee senator rubio fought back telling a group of support supporters truffle is unelect unelectable now because he didn't immediately condemn the klu klux klan when the group came up during an interview over the weekend. the senator also called trump a conartist whose hijacking the republican party. unlike donald trump who won't tell you where he stands on these issues because he doesn't care where he stands on these issues. to him it's we'll figure it out when we get there. we cannot elect the dog that caught the car. get it? think about it. the dog is always barking at the car, what are you going to do when you catch that car? >> reporter: the final push for votes isn't over. trump is heading to georgia for another rally while rubio has three more states on his schedule today. in the newsroom, brandon gunnoe, 7 news .
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political headquarters for super supertuesday. we have live coverage on-line and on tv . >> anchor: also on 7, new hampshire community you moring the loss of a ricky police officer. 28-year-old ashley gwenlin killed in have on her first day in the job. the town of merrimack holding a day of remembrance including a moment of silence at the high school. steve cooper live with the very latest. >> reporter: no surprise a really deep sense of sadness all over town today including here at police headquarters and you can see why. black bunting now in place put up a short time ago as officers honor a hometown hero. in recognition and in honor of the memory of ashley gwindyn . >> reporter: a contingent of police officers including the chief heading to virginia now for the funeral of a fallen comrade. a 2005 graduate of per plaque high school was shut and killed
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the weekend responding to a domestic disturbance call with two other officers who were also shot but are expected to survive survive. the 28-year-old had just been sworn in hours earlier and was working her first shift. when you see a situation like this where within hours of her being sworn in as a police officer she is struck down at the onset of her law enforcement career. >> reporter: after court appearance earlier today, ronald hamilton is now being held without bail charged with capitol murder and the mud of his wife. court records show the army scratch sergeant has admit mit mitted to the deadly rampage . this time, i ask for to you please join me in a moment of silence . at merrimack high students and staff pause for a mole of silence at the start of school remembering a young woman who loved life and was dedicated to serving the public. to see a young person go off and commit a life to public
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very first day is simply beyond imaginable. >> reporter: solemn day here, police headquarters where 8 members of the department will be headed to virginia over the next several hours. they want to be there tomorrow for officer gwendyn's wake and funeral. they say all of this is in a granite state show of support in connection with this tragic loss loss. live in merrimack, new hampshire hampshire. steve cooper, 7 news . >> anchor: 7 news new turn turn turning to the forecast. a live look in saugus but you can see the sun starting to come through a little bit and things warring up outside today. temperatures leaping into a spring like feel but we did have showers move through and there are some more changes on way. we're here with the forecast . ryan, very changeable day of we had a lot of sun then a lot of clouds for a while then a couple of showers and sprinkles. now the sun coming back through and that will be the case for remainder of the day so we're done with the rainfall front for the afternoon but it was warm out ahead of those showers and even now temperatures are running in the 50's way above normal. boston right now at 55.
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worcester at 47. we do have a cold front on the map. it's way over here with another band of clouds and snow showers. i don't think the snow showers pester us but the cold front will eventually swing through southern new england and the temperatures will head back closer to normal for this time of year. so from is no arctic airheaded this way but we'll take a little break of a short break from the 50's tomorrow. so tomorrow does feature a mix of clouds and sunshine. cooler, seasonable, with temperatures tomorrow lower 40's and then wednesday clouds and rain in the morning with sun in the afternoon and when that rain is whatting wednesday morning, it's a warm rain. temperatures on wednesday in the mid 50's. we'll talk more about the remainder of the week in a few minutes. . >> anchor: congressman stephen lynch held a rail security summit in boston today raising concerns about the decline in federal funding for the regional rail system. governor charlie governor baker and mayor marty walsh joined lynch at the sum which focused on ways to enhance and expand transit security in massachusetts.
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every danger but we can do much better than we're doing right now. lynch said they are looking for the best security practices for the entire rail system. meanwhile, mbta officials say despite the drop in their projected deficit they are still considering two plans which could raise fares by as much as 10% i'm hike they say is needed to reduce billions in maintenance backlogs . >> anchor: a big bus in chelsea lands a man in our. wayne clark is facing several drug charges. officers arrested him saturday afternoon following a month long long. they say he had packages of narcotics including crack cocaine and heroin ready for sale when they found him. detectives say he has been arrested five times for selling drugs since back in 2013. >> anchor: a navy seal received the highest military honor today today. president obama presenting the congressional medal of honor to edward buyers junior at the white house. buyers helped rescue a u.s. hostage in afghanistan back in 2012.
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risking his life to save the hostage. our seal rush to the doorway which was covered by a layer of blankets. ed exposed himself to enemy fire in just minutes by going after those to save the lives of several teammates and that hostage . >> anchor: buyers is the sixth medal of honor. a great moment for him. his mom was there, it was an emotional ceremony for sure . >> anchor: coming up, hot on the trail a beloved blood hound proving her nose knows best. how this k-9 tracked down a missing boy . >> anchor: a trip to the happiest place on earth could be more expensive. why your summer vacation to disney may take a bite out of your pocketbook . >> anchor: then at 4:30 a kkk clash a rallitics a vie help turn when protestors storm in. chaos all caught on camera . >> anchor: we're staying on top of breaking news. this is coming to us out of ohio. this is where police say a 14
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inside a school cafeteria. two students were hit, two more injured as they ran from the violence. the suspect is in custody. those victims are expected to be okay. we'll continue to follow this story for you. if you are looking for a way to lose weight and keep it off there are plenty of places to turn . maybe you weren't counting on a major college campus on looking into the science of
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it's called a rigged economy, and this is how it works. most new wealth flows to the top 1%. it's a system held in place by corrupt politics where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is powered by over a million small contributions, people like you who want to fight back. the truth is you can't change a corrupt system by taking its money. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message.
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>> anchor: a blood hound credit credited with saving the life of a little boy in louisiana. the three-year-old disappeared and that's when the dog's nose went to work. this hero hound pulling off a remarkable rescue in the woods . >> anchor: family says their dog picked up the scent and was hot on the trail in a matter of minutes. you can't miss three three-year-old eli even a crowd his little voice sticks out. it's a sound his mother lenny thought she would never hear again after he went missing tuesday night . imagine never seeing him again, never hearing him again, just the reality of what was happening . >> anchor: drowning in fear and desperate for help she returned to the community . that's when we kind of started freaking out and called the sheriff's department and got on facebook and asked people to come help and look . >> anchor: doug said he wasn't
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call asking him to step in and asked me if honey, she has been tracking deer with her for three . >> anchor: with her keen sense of smell this hunting dog has quite the reputation although down admits the idea was a long shot. he dropped everything. he and honey jeff dederian to the pressure was on because you are asked to come and perform something that you have never done before . >> anchor: after hours of searching, finally call the moment the mother and the community had been praying for. little eli found safe in the woods. of course i was ecstatic thanking god, everybody, it was amazing. it was so amazing. everybody was hugging . >> anchor: down is a local pastor believes it was more than luck on their side . good lord was watching over us that night. he showed up and he showed out and he showed up through a four legged dog and she shows us his power that night and that's where all of the credit is due.
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bark. eli's mother say the toddler doesn't remember much about what happened that night, but when he gets older she does plan to tell him how honey save his life. >> anchor: mix of clouds and sunshine still mild right now. slightly cooler for tomorrow. the forecast for the week is up next . >> anchor: at 4:30 an el goes on a destructive rampage when a religious festival takes a wild turn. >> anchor: ahead at 5:00 tear tearful testimony. er inandrews and her alleged stalker come face to face in court. . >> anchor: new documents showing tamerlan tsarnaev passed the u.s. citizenship test just three months before the marathon bombing. the alarming report ahead at 5:00.
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her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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>> anchor: a beautiful day. look at this cool view we have . >> anchor: downtown crossing the old south meeting house a
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at the sun popping in there. it's gorgeous . >> anchor: and you know a lot of people don't have to wear those big, heavy coats today and it is a fun day because it's our leap day so sort of like our bonus day i guess you could look at it like that . >> anchor: a great day to have good weather . >> anchor: exactly. once every four years, here did you making up for that 365 and a quarter day it takes to go around the sun so that's why we have the leap year. we have more sunshine tomorrow on the first of march, notice noticeably cooler tomorrow. today the 60's, now the 50's. tomorrow lower 40's. our next storm is wednesday morning but that's rain. temperatures on wednesday morning in the 50's and then i think for the end of the week about four, perhaps five days where it's actually going to be cold and then there are signs as we work into next week it will warm up something fierce across much of the united states. so one more shot of some cold winter air then i think we're done with winter after this end of this week coming up. right now boston at 5055.
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although did we ever really start winter? unreal. so here you go. meteorological winter. the first of december through february 29 today the three coldest months of the year. the city had 35 days including today where the temperature was at least 50 degrees. that was a record. last winter only nine days and most of those happened in the month of december of 2014. right now it is the second warm warmest meteorological winter on record for the city of boston. had a could you couple of clouds an isolated shore march through throughier this afternoon. by the time they got to the coastline they just fizzled out to some sprinkles. now the sun is coming back out and we'll finish the day on a dry note. there is no more rain to be had. on the cape a couple of sprinkles toward brewster but they are moving away. this is a cold front that has clouds and snow showers and some cold air behind. look at the big trout lake. nine below, sudbury ten not going to turn this cold but you notice buffalo 36. montreal 30 so the air will begin to cool off overnight
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late tonight between 30 and 34 although if you are out and about this evening still relatively mild this evening in the middle and upper for 40's and then through the day a much cooler day but seasonable with mostly sunny skies, temperatures tomorrow between 40 and 45. boston tomorrow afternoon at 42. scituate 40 degrees. merrimac valley, dracut around 4 44 as we work into worcester hills upper 30's to around 40 and on to the cape and islands nantucket at 42. there you go tomorrow lower 40's and then wednesday here come the next storm system. but like all of the other winter storms this one goes to the west meaning we warm up so we'll have rain on wednesday morning with temperatures wednesday morning running in the 50's. and the numbers will actually slide downhill all day wednesday because the second cold front that comes into new england wednesday afternoon, that day means business. it will be quite cold here for thursday and friday with temperatures struggling to make it into the 30's. friday a lot of clouds. we're going to watch a storm to the south as of right now i
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until i see something else, there will be no snowflakes on that friday forecast. sunday there might be a couple of snow flurries then next week that's the begin of a nice warm warmup. monday of next week upper 40's. >> anchor: thank you, jr. this happens from time to time, look at this. a box truck that can't get through under a bridge on storrow drive. what's going on? >> anchor: right now we're on soldier's field road westbound right by bu. we have a truck here thankfully didn't hit anything. it will back this thing up a little bit and get it out of the way for you. on soldier's field road westbound right around the bu bridge so we have that back up there trying to get by almost back door the leverett circle just behind this building is where the truck is being backed up then making your way over to the pike westbound we are dealing with a ton of traffic unfortunately. had a crash a little while back out by route 128. this is turning into about a 45 minute ride now from downtown boston out to the tolls at route 95 in weston so very slow go there. you can see that red line too on the pike westbound out through
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128 not moving all that badly out by route 2, route 3 you are passing by route 93 then making your way southbound on the expressway, president-elect eye of company but it's only about a 25 minute ride down to braintree braintree. joe stay elton, 7 news . >> anchor: disney fans paying the price to go to their favorite disney theme park . >> anchor: disney land and disney world aring abouting a little more eggs penive to visit visit. the price for a ticket at the theme parks on weekend days will go up to $105 a ticket. it go up to more than $110 on certain peak days. it's all pat of a disney plan there. new plan to charge separate rates based on trial of the year year. >> anchor: well, we talked about this a minute ago. it's leap day which means some businesses are giving out deals if you were born on february 29. pizza hut, hard rock cava and krispy kreme running promotions that only get to celebrate their birthday once every four years say very special happy birthday to all of you out there. if you want to get away there are hotel and travel companies
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>> anchor: happen . >> anchor: happy birthday to them. four times extra than before. >> anchor: revere suspect accused in a cruiser crash gets called to court. why prosecutors say this suspect is no stranger to police . >> anchor: a shoplifting bus goes bad. why a police officer is under investigation for his approach. >> anchor: ahead at 5:00 and on the hunt police searching for a driver after two people are struck in the street in worcester. l, unless you have allergies. may see it differently. is approved toprelieve both itchy, watery eyes d congestion. ther nasal allergy spray can say that. e breathe in allergens our bodies react by ducing six key inflammatory substances that use our symptoms. stllergy pills only control one substance.
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d six is greater than one. te allergy relief or incomplete. t your eyes decide. ase.
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>> anchor: called to court of a man facing a judge after dangerous drives in revere and several other towns. one crash totaling a police
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the driver turning himself in late last night . >> anchor: police say the suspect was wanted by several different law enforcement agencies in three states. jonathan hall live for us outside court there in chelsea with more . >> reporter: jadiann thompson, you need a scorecard to keep up with it all. the court says this guy is wash washed for parole and probation violations in new hampshire and florida and there are arrest warn out for him in five massachusetts courts. they say the guy is a drug addict would tried to stab a revere police officer with a needle. police say they found michael gu guthroe pass out in a car passed out in a car with a hypodermic needles and a friend inside. they say he woke up when an officer approached and put his put it in reverse . the driver removed his hand from the gear, grabbed the syringe and made an attempt to stab the officer's hand that was inside of the vehicle holding his shoulder.
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off and a chase ensued with a revere officer crashing his suv in a utility pole in chelsea. workers nearby ran to help. right when we got close enough the cop old opened the door, fell out and said someone . >> reporter: a week ago today his alleged partner in crime jacqueline murphy was injured and arrest. this dooring a second police . i'ming thering in my rearview mirror at him going by me and he just slammed another car head on. list say though murphy was hurt and unable to get away from a stolen 1989 buickly saber. he ran off and managed to escape despite a massive police response which included search dogs and the state police air wing. now that he has given himself, he faces a lot of charges but does have an excuse . he is not a bad person but does a lot of stupid things.


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