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tv   7 News at 430 PM  NBC  February 29, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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off and a chase ensued with a revere officer crashing his suv in a utility pole in chelsea. workers nearby ran to help. right when we got close enough the cop old opened the door, fell out and said someone . >> reporter: a week ago today his alleged partner in crime jacqueline murphy was injured and arrest. this dooring a second police . i'ming thering in my rearview mirror at him going by me and he just slammed another car head on. list say though murphy was hurt and unable to get away from a stolen 1989 buickly saber. he ran off and managed to escape despite a massive police response which included search dogs and the state police air wing. now that he has given himself, he faces a lot of charges but does have an excuse . he is not a bad person but does a lot of stupid things.
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has been this new york the past week or so on the run trying to clean up and get off of drugs. he says his mom urged him to turn himself in and that's when he did last night. live in chelsea, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: also on 7, a murder suspect facing a judge today. he plead guilty for the beating death of an ipswich man. tennessee wu was killed in his ipswich restaurant in september of 2011. wu was 62 years old. lynn and two co-debts are being sentenced for the murder. the life sentence without parole is a maximum penalty this state can hand down. unfortunately, it doesn't feel adequate and it will never be closure, especially for the pain these perpetrators have caused by the gruesome necessary of their actions. >> anchor: the commonwealth and defense joint rerecommended a 25 year state prison sentence followed by five years of probation.
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dartmouth after they say he lunged at them with a knife. it all started sunday afternoon when officers tried to arrest the man in connection with a domestic violence incident on dartmouth street. they tried tazing the man but couldn't disable him. that's when one officer fired his gun at the suspect and that person is in serious but stable condition. >> anchor: police continue searching for clues today after a deadly fire in a groton home last month. investigators saw a hole went up in flames in january after it started on the couch in thelying room. two people inside that home were killed. fire officials say there were no working smoke detectors in the home right now police do the to suspect foul play. there is still no word on the cause of that fire. lowell today. you can see they seized more than 150 grams of heroin and almost $5,000 in cash from a man man's home. police say it happened after they were witnessing a drug deal in a parking lot there. two men are now in custody charg charged with drug possession and drug trafficking . >> anchor: more news today, a
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california takes a dangerous turn when protestors storm in police say at least three people were stabbed. i violent encounter escalating in a matter of minutes. racism ideals and opposition came to a head in anaheim, california saturday afternoon. a klu klux klan rally erupted in violence. a group of kkk members announced they would be holding a rally at anaheim's pearson park. a larger group of anti-clan first. when the kkk arrived, tempers . after a little time, angry words shouted between the hate group and its protestors weren't enough. a bloody fight broke out . members arrived in a vehicle, maybe five of them in one vehicle then a group of protestors attacked them as they exited the vehicle that.
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to the left here by the fire hydrant . >> anchor: the stabbing victim was stuck by the pointed end of the flag pole of either a confederate or american flag. you can see here a kkk member trying to defend himself with the american flag while confederate one lays on the ground below. it's not clear who attacked who first but several videos showed protestors punching and rushing the kkk. that ultimately led to a melee in the street that stretched almost a whole city black down the street where a out. we came here for peaceful protest, white lives matter and we get jumped . i think you had to expect something . it's crazy for them to come here where there is a majority of minorities here. it's important to remember the klan's message reprehensible as many of us feel it is is protected by the first amendment and we can't be getting in the middle of stopping them from
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to me it's just old. just like at a different time in the world. we have to be moving forward and this is not helping. >> reporter: elizabeth noreika 7 news . >> anchor: a hateful message spray paintedp a sidewalk near an ement reschool in never ada. whiting only was written on a curb in a hispanic neighbor. two young sibling spot message on the way to school this. essay at the don't know why someone would do this . i thought it would be a gate day then i look across the street and see the whites only sign. aalsoa was like hey that's like starting segregation all over again. why would they put something up like that? you know, that you are in a mexican neighborhood. >> reporter: not known who wrote that message. some believe was written after a parking dispute. >> anchor: an alarming a rest caught on camera now sparking controversy. some peel are questioning whether an officer went too far. take a look at the video. this woman was stopped outside a store for allegedly shop hitting but when she resists arrest the
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and she hits her head in the process. police are standing by the officer saying this is not the suspect's first run in with the law. this is not somebody whose law enforcement. she has been to our jail, it was trafficking of drugs, shop living before and domestic battery. suspect only hit her head because she tried to resist the officer. their momentum brought her down. >> anchor: a group of students in florida in some hot water after allegedly targeting a teacher. police say they spiked her soda with hot pepper. the dangerous drink sending that teacher to the hospital. now she says she is going to work is never going to be the same again. three florida middle schoolers accused of spiking their teacher teacher's soda. the girl all age 12 remain locked up in juvenile detention. investigators say two of the girls poured crushed red pepper flakes into the drink while another distracted her of the teacher suffered a sore throat,
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investigators say with a all done in retaliation after morgan sent one of the girl to the principal's office for toughing glue into another student's backpack and suspicion of stealing a laptop . it's a terrible thing. i don't understand why kids have lost all respect. >> reporter: morgan's neighbor said the girls should be held accountable . they have to be held responsible for their actions or they never going to stop . >> reporter: one of the girls told investigators the original plan was to vandalize her car with a paper. the three kids were arrested accused with poisoning and tampering. she said i want them to have a consequence that teaching them a lesson. i did not want they to be arrest arrested. teeners are doing the best we can for state of the union of i love my students. they broke my heart. my career won't be the same. >> anchor: school officials say they will continue to vet the incident . >> anchor: an elephant in india going rogue.
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el fan broke loose and started ing rick shaws and look at that. a whole vehicle. officials say it took hours to get that animal back under control and no unwas hurt . >> anchor: a change of space for a u.s. astronaut scott kelly getting read ecome home after nearly a year in space of kelly and a russian could mo naut served as test subjects on the international space station so scientists could study effects of space travel on the human body all part of nasa's goal to make sure astronauts can handle a trip to mars. kelly will return to texas on wednesday of he is spent the most cumulative time this space of any american in history. amazing by thursday when he goes over every pat of the earth . >> anchor: he said the other day the first thing he wanted to do was to jump in his pool. interesting. coming up, standing together a police force stepping up to help a dedicate dispatcher. how they are sending support for her fight against cancer . >> anchor: blind spot is back.
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member to find out the buzz on tonight's big premiere . >> anchor: the race for white house heating up. candidates pulling out all of the stops. our team 7 coverage gets you prime for the polls. >> anchor: a dump truck goes on a collision course? the wild wreck all caught on camera. stay with us. 7 news will be right back. your daughter wants to stay organic.
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's riggedt by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders,
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>> anchor: a group of state troopers stepping up oh pro individual a big boost to a dispatcher of the dedicated dispatcher diagnosed with cancer cancer. they are raising money and stag to the the it's all to help loan a helping hand sara french has more on their mission. each basket packed with care. donations that will be prizes at an you coming wren fit for a woman who may work behind the scenes but it often a first call at the first sign of danger .
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people to work for. my troopers mean the world to me. barb's troopers cherish her so when she found out she has cancer, help wasn't far behind. she is the calm on the other side of the phone . she has been there before i became a trooper. and she has always been there . barb said her cancer spread spread. it's treatable, but curable is still a question. but she says she will fight . i have all my troors. i feel luke i can't let them down. i have to be there for them every day to make sure they go home at night to their families . >> anchor: families like bria nelson of her husband is a state trooper she will call me and said she will be late but he is okay . >> reporter: nelson is also a to time cancer survivor so she rallied troops to help with hospital bills so brb's focus is getting better. she has done so much to keep everybody not only troopers but
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>> anchor: barb said see is not done serving, not done trying and seeing this support encourages her to keep ongoing. it's amazing. it's amazing and i can't say thank you enough. sara french, 7 news. >> anchor: following breaking newserser inandrews is on the stand testifying in her civil trial against the man in the corporation she is accusing of leading to the spying that she says ruined her career and really affected her life. if you want to listen to this full testimony go to the we'll have much more on this coming up on 7 news at 5:00. 5:00.. >> reporter: for the afternoon a mix of includes and sunshine. cooler tomorrow. the forecast is up next. ahead at give:00 a dump truck barrels through an intersection pushing a car into on coming danger . >> anchor: a ricky police officer shot and killed in virginia. her hometown in new hampshire now mourning her loss . >> anchor: we are staying on
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police on the scene of a school shooting in ohio the latest de dedays are coming up. >> anchor: if you can't seem to catch a second wind you want to hear this . >> anchor: it turns out there are reasons why you feel tired all the time could tonight we'll tell you how they are and how to get back on track . >> anchor: join us on do you think when you are president you'll be paid as... much as if it were a man- male...
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heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. more likely you are...v (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. >> reporter: mild out there and a bit breezy right now winds anywhere between 15 and 20 miles per hour. but again it's not a cold wind. the city at 55. plymouth at 56. worcester 47. boston we tied a record high earlier today, 64 was the record back this 1880. again leap year and for worcester your record was 56. you got there and one more.
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the winter of 2015 and 2016 going into the books is a warm winter. the number of days where we reach 60's nine days. we talked about this the last half hour the number of times we hit the 50's. 26 days and the 40's 27 days and days where we didn't have a temperature warmer than 32 degrees only 11 days. few and far between. there is arctic air lurking across southern canada and as we roll through spring that becomes a different issue with what we call back door fronts where most of the country is 70 and we have these fronts that sneak down from canada and then end our warm parade so that might be something that plays a role later on. as we leave winter and have early spring you still have cold colder shots of air that can come into the northeast. for tonight mostly clear. it cools off but again that arctic air that was pointing out that's not making a beeline into boston. so tomorrow it's cooler than today. no records tomorrow. but seasonable. decent winter day tomorrow with mostly sunny skies. 40 to 45 of course it's election tuesday.
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you know, lots of sunshine, a tomorrow evening. no weather issues at if i time during the day tomorrow with temperatures tomorrow in the lower 40's so it's seasonable. here come another storm system but like all of the other storms wearing out a path in the carpet this one will go west so we are on the warm side of that storm system late tomorrow night and wednesday morning. wednesday morning we'll have rain shores up until noon. temperatures on wednesday will reach the 50's. first part of the day and then here comes a cold front that will blast into new england wednesday night and it is much colder wednesday night and certainly on thursday. thursday will be one of those days where it's a struggle to reach 32 degrees. again, at this point it will be meteorological spring and with our average high 41. so tomorrow close, wednesday above normal and then the end of the week thursday and friday couple of cold days and even into saturday. temperatures near 40. we watch a storm on friday. i think right now it's to our south and there may be another weak weather system in new england on sunday with flurries or patchy, light snow but at this time only wednesday is our storm.
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see you at 5:00 . >> anchor: thanks so much. we'll see you then of let's check the ride home now of here is it joe stapleton with an update . >> anchor: another ride picked up another problem unfortunately unfortunately. this is route 3 southbound just after the expressway in braintree. a couple of cars involved in a crash there hope willy no one hurt and out of the way here soon it is pushing traffic back heading for route 3 in braintree on to route 128 abback into the randolph area for this backup as it starts to grow as you head southbound down toward braintree braintree. a tough ride as well on the pike westbound a lot of red there though but good news earlier crash we had westbound on the pike out by route 128 has been clear but a lot of brake lights remain heading over to route 93 northbound right now plenty of company here, stays heavy up up into medford but eases up nicely through 128. joe tape elton, 7 news . >> anchor: well, a heart to heart in today's "healthcast". a family hearing their son's heartbeat again that teen was killed in a crash two years ago. his heart was donated to someone
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>> anchor: now it's giving the gift of life. christa delcamp has more. two families separated by nearly 400 miles are connected by one heart. when bobby and vicki tragically lost their son sean in a car crash in january of 2014, little did they know he was about to save a life. mike was in dire need of a heart transplant. january 26, 2014. i didn't know something like that was possible then of i feel this good . >> anchor: on what would have been their son's 20th birthday the blair's me the man whose life was saved by sean. it's real now. you know, you know that this man has my son's heart and he lived because of it. we are so blessed that he got it
4:53 pm
i know my son would honor you . i am honoring him. i woke up and prayed to him and said happy birthday. we're doing good . >> anchor: for the first time since the incident the blairs got to hear sean's heart. it's been a little over two years since we lost him. but it's also been two years since we gained a lot of family. yeah. knowing that, it kind of fills my heart up in a place that sean left . >> reporter: christa delcamp, 7 news . >> anchor: coming up back in action nbc's hit show blind spot
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we have a sneak peek next. someone's hacked all our technology. technology... say, have you seen all the amazing technology
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>> anchor: spot back in prime time for a second season on 7 nb >> anchor: it all gets started tonight. buzz. sara french caught up with one of the show's actors for a special sneak peek. it will be very satisfying season with lots of answers and a lot of things that you would not expect, which is always fun >> anchor: jimmy alexander is back as jane doe in the hit nbc drama blind spot . where we left off in the
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tortured then gets shown a video of herself telling her present day self-that she did this to herself. all the tattoos sending herself to kurt and the f.b.i. was all her plan so it's a pretty heavy cliffhanger . >> anchor: now that she knows she was the master mind, jane must come up with a plan . where we pick up it her fin fining out more information about herself and interacting more with this character that shows up at the end of the mid season. and then just the roller coaster thaten sues from there . >> anchor: jimmy said for those who vice president watched this show has a little bit of something for everyone . i think what we've managed to do really well is we took an extraordinary concept and made it really relatable. there are things that heartache, love, despair, devastation, friendship, human connection those are all things that we can relate to . >> anchor: for loyal viewers you can expect a change of pace . >> anchor: the great thing is we have a lot more action coming coming. we aed more humor to the show
4:58 pm
show it's a bit of a roller coaster now which is always a good thing. it will throw everybody for a loop and give everybody a little bit of breathing room in these intense scenes that we have. >> anchor: jimmy alexander has gone through exens tensive train training for this gig even work working a long side navy seals to help prepare. she joked that none of that came in hani during a trip to boston last winter when she was trying to get back to new york and all of those snow storms. in the newsroom, sara french, 7 news. >> anchor: we have a jam packed lineup tonight on 7 nbc it all gets started at 8:00 with a brand new season of the voice followed by the season two premiere of blind spot at 10:00 and get get caught up with all of the news on the day. we hope to see you there and we have much more to come right now now. everyone, thank you for joining us. >> anchor: 7 news at 5:00 starts now. a day of remembrance for a police officer gunned dunn on duty. today the special tributes talking place across her new hampshire community . >> anchor: super tuesday could
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for president. the republicans trying to take down trump who is leading in almost every state. democrats are zeroing in on massachusetts voters . >> reporter: seasonable temperatures for tomorrow an right back into the 50's by wednesday . >> reporter: tom brady staying put. the qb signing a contract extension of how long will it keep him playing? >> anchor: a sportscaster's accused stalker taking the stand stand. what he claims motivated him to post nude videos of her inandrew inandrews. >> anchor: a new hampshire native makes the ultimate sacrifice during her first day on duties a police officer. she was shot and killed respond responding to a call in virginia virginia. the suspected gunman as in court today . >> anchor: this as member of the community pause to remember the fallen officer. steve cooper live for news merrimack, new hampshire with more on those who few her. >> reporter: the shock and sadness is everywhere in town today including here at the police department where late
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also, the solemn scene, the scene over at merrimack high earlier today. what was a national news story yesterday remains one today. >> anchor: a moment of silence this morning as students an staff stopped to remember one of their own. 2005 grad ashley gwynden. the police officer was shot and kill in the line of duty over the weekend responding to a domestic disturbance call. she just had been sworn in and was working her first shift. i feel for her mother obviously and her extended family for they have experienced more tragedy than any family should . >> anchor: ronald hamilton is being held without bail now on charges that include capitol murder and the mud of his wife. two other officers were shot but are expected to recover. according to court records, the army staff sergeant has admitted


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