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tv   7 News at 5 PM  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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also, the solemn scene, the scene over at merrimack high earlier today. what was a national news story yesterday remains one today. >> anchor: a moment of silence this morning as students an staff stopped to remember one of their own. 2005 grad ashley gwynden. the police officer was shot and kill in the line of duty over the weekend responding to a domestic disturbance call. she just had been sworn in and was working her first shift. i feel for her mother obviously and her extended family for they have experienced more tragedy than any family should . >> anchor: ronald hamilton is being held without bail now on charges that include capitol murder and the mud of his wife. two other officers were shot but are expected to recover. according to court records, the army staff sergeant has admitted
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at the inner macpolice station they are packing up and heading you o.officer in a cruiser on route to virginia to take part in the wake and funeral . it's really something we never want to have to do. it's such a tragedy. not only because she was a law enforcement officer but because the close connection here in town. >> anchor: a tight knit brotherhood brought even closer in tragedy. it doesn't matter if it's a police officer here, locally, regiony or across the down a little piece of us dyes with every police officer that's struck down and kill in the line of duty. >> anchor: she told me just a few minutes ago his men are at logan airport right now making that trip to virginia. merrimack police officers will be 8 in all will be in virginia tomorrow morning for officer gwy gwyndon's wake and funeral standing shoulder to shoulder showing support for a fallen comrade. live in merrimack, new hampshire hampshire. steve cooper, 7 news . >> anchor: we're following breaking news of a 14-year-old is in custody filling a school
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officials say the teen opened fire in the cafeteria hitting two students. the other two students were also hit during the incident as they tried to get away. they are all expected to be okay okay. police say at the do have a motive for the shooting but are not releasing any more details at this time. and breaking in north carolina, a police involved shooting in the state capital of raleigh. the police chief there said an officer shot and killed a drug suspect who tried to get away during an arrest. the chief also says a gun was found in close approximatementy to that dead man. now there is a large crowd gathering around that crime scene. we'll continue to follow this and provide with you updates as we get them . >> anchor: following more break breaking news. this from the mbta where the board has voted to end late night services on the weekend. the time bus and train will now leave 90 minutes earlier on fridays and saturdays. there is to word on when the service will officially end but we will keep following this story. p candidates making a time push to sway voters .
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i am to be in boston. >> reporter: many going on the attack . we will defeat mr. trump. it's easy to talk about making america great again . we are not going to allow a conartist to take control of the party . this guy is a joke . >> reporter: high stakes ahead of super tuesday . >> anchor: voters if 12 states could alter the course of the presidential campaign come tomorrow . >> anchor: with trump leading every super tuesday state except texas his opponents are hitting heart, even democrats are going after him. 7 news covering both parties and we begin with the democrats who are both focusing on massachusetts today. dan hausle live in about boston with much more on that . >> reporter: massachusetts isn't one of the biggest prizes but big enough for both democrat democratic canned its to come here to the bay state with just hours to go before the polls open. senator bernie sanders warming up for his massachusetts minnesota. sanders may need to catch hillary clinton in states like massachusetts but he is talking
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we will defeat mr. trump because the american people understand and always have that love trumps hatred . >> anchor: hilary clinton also focused on the republicans as she campaigned from springfield to the old south meeting house in boston. you listen to republicans vying for the nomination, every single one of them want to send us backwards, rip away the progress we've made. are we going to let them do that that? no! >> reporter: when she move from the overflow crowd outside to supporters inside she did take a few shots at sanders, her primary opponent tomorrow . one of my big differences with my opponent he voted against brady bill five times, voted for some really unfortunate legislation like giving immuny to the gun makers and sellers . >> anchor: sanders hopes to beat clinton in part by selling himself as the democrat best positioned to beat trump . polls go up and polls go down. i am not a great believer in polls but if you look at some of
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look at a variety of state wood polls we are already ahead of trump and in some cases pretty him.. >> reporter: sanders will speak in milton in a few hours. by clinton speaking in worcester at 11:00 tonight. live in boston, dan hausle, 7 news. >> anchor: there is a bull's eye on donald trump. his republican opponents are try trying to knock him down and today the taunting and criticism was taken up a notch. brandon gunnoe here with more on republican race. brandon? especially with rubio making insults that are every bit as nasty as the ones trump has been throwing anment it's been taken to a whole new level but is it too little too late? in virginia protestors repeated repeatedly interrupted truffle's rally but that didn't stop donald who continued to throw insults at rubio often calling him little . then i have to listen to a little guy like rubio say he is a conman.
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it's so insulting and he had no choice. i guess he had to come up with something because he is getting creamed in the polls. he is like 20 points down in florida. you know, in florida where he comes from this guy couldn't be elected dog catcher right now if he ran . >> reporter: not to be out don rubio said trump is unelectable because he didn't condemn the kk kkk during an interview over the and called trump a conman with the spray tan and small hands . unlike donald trump who won't tell you where he stands on these issues because he couldn't care where he stands on these issues. to him it's we'll figure it out when we get here. we cannot elect the dog that caught the car. get it? think about it. the dog is always bashing at the car. what are you going to do when you catch that car? >> reporter: senator ted cruz campaigning across texas hoping to win its huge number of delegates.
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and that will make it a two man race. i am confident we will have a very good day in texas tomorrow. we have tremendous support here. we have seen texans come together. >> anchor: all of those playground insults though between rubio and trump may be all for nothing. a new poll shows trump with 49% among republicans. no one else is even close. in the newsroom, brandon gun oh, 7 news . >> anchor: we'll have a lot of coverage for you here on 7 nbc tomorrow night. "nightly news" is expanding to an hour to cover super tuesday. nbc will also have a 10:00 p.m. election special and we'll have a full recap of super tuesday right here at 11:00 as voters voice their choice. stay with 7 news on air and on-line and get the latest results by logging on to their web site or by ewing our 7 news . together forecast. temperatures taking a help on this leap day. they climbed up into the 60's tying records in the city. what a beautiful shot there of city hall right now.
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and talk about how much more we can expect here . >> reporter: look at this afternoon. boston tied a record of 64. worcester you set the record. the old record is 56 of you made it to 57 even right now behind clouds and a couple of sprinkle. temperatures still way above normal in the 50's, the city at 54. norwood at 53 on this last day of meteorological winter so we'll close the becomes on a very warm winter. that was the weather system that came through mid afternoon a few showers in worcester hills. by the time they reach the coastline they fizzled out. one more weather system we track for you. it's a cold front and out there it is generating some snow showers. the snow showers won't bother us but the cold air will. i think as woe work toward later tonight and through the day tomorrow. but what i mean cold it's just returning us back to where we should be for this time of year. normally we should have temperatures in the lower 40's and that's where we'll be tomorrow with mostly sunny skies and then on wednesday morning clouds and rain our next weather system looks like a warm weather system. temperatures wednesday morning in the 50's.
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the week. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. more news today. the vehicle involved in a hit and run in worcester yesterday has been tracked down. two people were hit by that car. one woman who still is in the hospital and a man who is released last night. police today found the car that hit those two people but they are still looking for the driver driver. the investigation is ongoing . >> anchor: new documents show tamerlan tsarnaev passed the u.s. citizenship test just three months before the marathon bombing. federal document showed the old older tsarnaev brother also denied any links to terrorism and swore his allegiance to tha. the information is included on more than 650 previously confidential files. tsarnaev was killed during the manhunt in watertown. the paperwork also mentioned tsarnaev's friend. he was defied a green card in 20 2011 but received one in february of 2013. he allegedly helped tsarnaev kill three men in waltham in 201 2011 but was killed by the
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in orlando one month after the boston marathon bombings . >> anchor: stop & shop workers in massachusetts authorizing a strike if an agreement can't be made on their new contract. the workers union voted yesterday on that issue just a day after their old contract expired. the spokesman said the company wants to cut pensions, raise health care costs and give new employees fewer benefits. union members will continue working while negotiations are ongoing . >> anchor: tom brady leaving an agreement with the patriots according to multiple reports td 12 will be extending his stay in new england. joe amorsino here now with the detail of the reported deal. joe? tom brady said he plans on playing into his 40's and now he has the dole allowing him to make that possible. brady and the patriots reportedly agreeing to a two year contract extension keeping the quarterback in foxboro through the 2019 season. brady would be 42 years old if he headaches it all the way to the end that deal. the extension first reported by espn's adam schefter.
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million against the 2016 salary cap and the pats need all of the space they can carve out to lock up guys like jimmy collins, dante hightower and malcom butler on defense. if you were expecting pike from the bruins at the trade deadline today you can't get them. b's hanging on while bringing in john michael from carolina and . >> anchor: following breaking news now. er inandrews taking the stand in her $75 million case against a marriott hotel. a live look where she is talking about her earl career career as a sideline reporter andrews convict stalker took the stand earlier saying he only tampered with peep holes h that nashville hotel so she could make money. i thought about it over and over in my mind, the financial bind i was in, a huge, huge mistake in judgment.
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stalker, a marriott and their management company claiming negligence, emotional distress and invasion of privacy. >> anchor: and this just in, boston police releasing video of an officer involved shootingier this month that happened in dorchester. officers were called to stan wood and loreto streets for report of a person shot. a confrontation ensued. peter "star wars: episode one phantom menace" was killed in that confrontation. police are continuing to look at the just released video there . >> anchor: intersecting with danger am truck plows into intersection. . >> anchor: at 5:30 a man wanted by revere list for lunging at an officer with a syringe turning himself into police . >> anchor: just as thomas finally has been heard on the in addition's high court his first question in dearly nearly a decade . >> anchor: in just one hour, expanding andens chancing
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concerns of a summit held in has mass today . >> anchor: the spotlight the big win for a movie based on an investigation by "boston globe" reporters . >> anchor: those stories and more coming up in just a second. >> reporter: if you are looking for a way to lose weight and keep it off there are plenty of places you can turn. maybe were you count on a major campus lab looking into the science of staying slim. we'll have details tomorrow morning on 7 news today in new england.
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>> anchor: we have breaking news for you right now coming out of webster. sky 17 over the scene. is a tractor trailer crash on 3 395 north. state police say drivers can expect delays right now. you can see one lane of traffic or you can kind of make it out there getting by trailer of look at it. it is in the woods off the road, a lot of damage, especially to the cab of the trailer a little bit separated even. the no word on when 3 [#] 5 north will be open but we'll follow that for you . >> anchor: a wild wreck called on camera. a dump truck goes flying right through a busy intersection and crashes into several cars and plowed through a concrete barrier . >> anchor: police are trying to figure out what went wrong. a delcamp has more. >> reporter: this driver's dash cam video shows everybody waiting a red light h texas but as the driver of the silver
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out of nowhere comes a red dump truck that pushes the honda through the intersection, crashes into another car and yes. moments later people run out to . the dump truck went over >> reporter: police say the truck diver and four or people were taken to the hospital. not even an hour later officers responded to another crash along the same road. the motorcycle was weaving through vehicles until he came up on a vehicle that was either stopped or traveling at a real slow speed . >> reporter: police saw a motorcycle rider sped past an officer and was going so fast the officer couldn't keep up. officials say the rider turned, crashed and died at the scene. police say everybody involved at least in the truck crash is expected to be okay and there they are still investigating the cause. in the newsroom, christa delcamp 7 news. >> reporter: for tomorrow not as warm as today but the 50's are heading back for the middle
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up next at 5:30, a u.s. navy seal presented with the highest military honor. we'll have mo on his incredible act of bravery during a hostage
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>> anchor: oscar gold set a twitter record.
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than 440 to you tweets her minute it made it the most tweet tweeted minute of oscar's telecast ever. ellen degeneres held the previous record you might remember when she took this star-studded selfie during the 2014 oscars and this year the second most buzzed about moment was when spotlight scored the win for best movie. >> reporter: more sunshine tomorrow, not quite as warp as today and then by the middle of the week our next storm is going to me turn rain of the it's warm on wednesday morning and then turning colder wednesday evening and the especially of the week is quite cold. temperatures thursday and friday may not make it out of the upper 20's and low third ease for high temperatures. here we are in the last day of meteorological winter and again when we crunch our numbers meet longs we like to find the three coldest months of the year. that's meteorological winter then we say the three warm every months of the year is meteorological summer then between spring and fall. tomorrow is the first day of meteorological spring.
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35 gays feature temperatures 50 or warmer. it is the second warmest winter on record. raps we can close in on that one although we're running out of time. temperatures this afternoon did reach lower 60's. worcester you set a record high of 57. boston you tied your record at 6 64. and the only thing that would prevent it from being a ten other than the fact it's monday is that we had mid afternoon clouds and a few sprinkles and showers and then they have now since moved out back into the sunshine so a beautiful sunset but even behind that little weather system 50's at this time time. it's breezy. it's a mild breeze. winds between 10 and 20 miles per hour. there is cold air lurking up across southern canada. it won't be this cold this week. i'm not advertising the polar vortex making a return but you know even though we roll into spring over the next few weeks there is still some left over winter cold. he sear cold front that will come through new england late tonight and sending temperatures by tomorrow morning down into the 30's with clear skies tonight and then through the day tomorrow it's a much cooler day but again not usinged word
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cold blast of hair air. seasonable with temperatures tomorrow between 40 and what 45. election tuesday go rock that vote lots of sunshine. no issues getting to the polls with cloudy skies tomorrow evening in advance of the wednesday storm but again that storm will pass to our west like many others have done this winter and when the red l goes over here near the banner you can plan us new england being on the warm side of the storm that's what happens on wednesday morning temperatures in the 50's with on and off showers and then wednesday afternoon here comes another cold front now that second cold front that comes through wednesday afternoon means business because that will take those temperatures and send them down through the 30's by wednesday evening and i think for thursday and friday we probably don't make it out of the 30's. certainly on thursday with temperatures on thursday afternoon only around 32. that will be below normal by about ten degrees. your 7 on 7 forecast we're going to watch the storm threat on friday. right now i think it is too far south. it's not completely out of the realm of possibility but at this time i'm thinking just clouds and there may be a couple of
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this time also nothing more than just a few flurries. see you at 5:30 . >> anchor: the voice is back. the hit show returns with the blind auditions tonight . >> anchor: along with an old coach back in that spinning chair. the blind auditions almost always brings surprises. jordan smith may have been the voice's biggest surprise ever . you do not look liar your voice fyi. his fall set oh earned him nickname the unicorn . the unicorn is only a uni unicorn if you don't come across one very often. >> reporter: adam levine's singer broke the show's record for song down loads, more than 1 1.2 million to date. ton the coaches hear a new batch of a i dids . people that i turn around for are people who i feel like have something different . >> reporter: put being a fink
5:25 pm
. something happens and you don't know why. that's why it's impossible to say why . >> reporter: somebody that's not as good just as a thing. i need to turn around and see . >> reporter: when more than . right when i think, okay, i have this person on my team, i have no competition, i'm good i'm all good. boom. >> reporter: christina's more tan ready to take on the boys . we developed a new level of rivalry this year like it's, i don't know why. but she copied me . >> reporter: she will try to copy shelton's success on the new season of the voice. >> reporter: that new season begins tonight at 8:00 followed by the mid season premiere of the blind spot at 10:00 and then get caught up on all the day's top stories from the night team . >> anchor: ahead on 7 no pants,
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why he left them on the green. >> anchor: trade deadlines for the b's of the team making some -- but not involving an im impending free eight. we'll explain when we have sports coming up. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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>> anchor: thank you so much for spending pat your monday with us. 7 news at 5:30 starts right now. >> anchor: faying a . a man in court accused of going on a dangerous drive that injured a local officer. >> anchor: stepping up security security. the controversial steps some say a local university is that you youing to keep students safe . >> anchor: few else this afternoon, skies clear out tonight.
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>> anchor: first here at 5:30 a man accused of leadpolice on a wild chase was cuffed and in court today. investigators say that chase caused a crash that injured a revere police officer . >> anchor: the suspect turned himself in last night. 7's jonathan hall live for us in chelsea with the very latest. >> anchor: jadiann, this man admits it a serious drug problem and a very long rap sheet but he denied trying to attack anyone with a needle. prosecutors say 44-year-old michael guthrow tried to attack a police officer with a needle. he was being investigated for drug activity and allegedly shifted his hopa into reverse as an officer reached in to stop him . the driver then removed his hand from the gear, grabbed the syringe and made an attempt to stab the officer's hand that was inside of the vehicle hoping his shoulder. >> anchor: the state says that revere officer was hurt in then suing chase which stretched from revere into chelsea february 18 .


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