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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  February 29, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> anchor: first here at 5:30 a man accused of leadpolice on a wild chase was cuffed and in court today. investigators say that chase caused a crash that injured a revere police officer . >> anchor: the suspect turned himself in last night. 7's jonathan hall live for us in chelsea with the very latest. >> anchor: jadiann, this man admits it a serious drug problem and a very long rap sheet but he denied trying to attack anyone with a needle. prosecutors say 44-year-old michael guthrow tried to attack a police officer with a needle. he was being investigated for drug activity and allegedly shifted his hopa into reverse as an officer reached in to stop him . the driver then removed his hand from the gear, grabbed the syringe and made an attempt to stab the officer's hand that was inside of the vehicle hoping his shoulder. >> anchor: the state says that revere officer was hurt in then suing chase which stretched from revere into chelsea february 18 .
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resulting in striking two utility poles . >> anchor: guth row got away then was allegedly involved in a second police chase a week ago. this one ended with a crash in saugus. police say his partner this crime was injured and arrested but guth ran off and escaped despite is a state police search search. he was on the run for ten days. court records show there are arrest warrants for him in five other bay state courts and he is wanted in florida and new hampshire for a probably violation . high speed chase, aggravated assault upon a fire . he said he had been passed out when that revere officer approached hill of he claims he woke up in a daze and doesn't remember trying to stab that . as it relates to me he is not a bad person but he disease a lot of stupid things. >> reporter: revere police gut guthrow said he had been in new york on the run for the past week trying to get clean as for
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his mom told him to. in chelsea, jonathan hall, 7 news. >> anchor: also on 7, officials at northeastern university are taking what some are calling a controversial step to make their campus safer. they want to arm officers with a semiautomatic rifles. boston city counselor are holding a hearing about what's going on. we have more for us. >> reporter: there are a could you evansville dozen upstairs in the fifth floor for this hearing but the key player northeastern is a no show. the university made a policy change to have 20 of its officers trained and to be able to use semiautomatic rifles. but boston police and city counselors said the school never discussed this major policy change with its neighbors, boston police or city leaders. city counselors say this hearing was just to give northeastern a chance to share their plans with the city and they say that they are disappointed the school was a no show. under state law they are allowed to do this.
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our permission but we're tagging about being a good neighbor and reef ago tout city government and the boston police department but the residents of these communities and their neighbors. for a patrol force 20 out of 65 to carry tactical patrol rifles should be discussed first and foremost with the boston police department, with the students. >> reporter: northeastern says that this hearing was un unnecessary, that their main concern is crust to keep their campus and students safe. northeastern will now join boston university, m.i.t. and umass boston as police forces on campus that can have access to tactical rifles. live in boston, susan tran, 7 news . >> anchor: we are staying on top of breaking knew. er inandrews on stand testifying in her civil trial. let's listen in. did you have those experiences as a result of this? i have had them every day . since this happened . yes. you still have it now .
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trembling? yes just saying here i feel cold. like it's just like a shaking. i am a very confident person shall you know, get me talking about sports and i'm right back, but, yeah, the second i'm remind reminded of this, the second i know people are talking about it the second it's around me, it is in my space i just lose it. shallow breathing, do you experience that? i don't think i breathe. have you had bouts of sleep sleeplessness over this? oh yes. just, i mean, you start thinking in the middle of the night why, why didn't i just put a bathrobe on. instead i should be thinking why did the march not put him next to me. why did they even call me and
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next to me? head. where is it? will this happen all over again? this is what i lay awake at my thinking. i always start thinking things are going great, a hosting dancing the with the stars. wait a minute. know. something else may happen. that's where the sleeplessness comes from. depression? . >> reporter: is that just once in a while? i know i'm depressed. >> reporter: have you sought counsels ligan treatment for that? yes anxiety? yes . >> reporter: do you have crying spells .
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nightmares? yes. yes. yes. do you feel grief about this? i do. do you feel shame? i do. i feel so ashamed. i am so embarrassed. i come out here and i sit and start talk about my job and how much i love sports and then this happens every day of my life. either i get a tweet or somebody makes a comment in the paper or somebody sends me a still of the video to my twitter or someone screams at me in the stands and i'm right back to this. i feel so embarrassed and i am so ashamed.
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i do. how about anger? i am so angry. this could have been stopped. the nashville march not could have just called me and said we are putting this man that requested to be next to you. is this okay. and i would have called the cops and we have gotten him. they could have stopped this and eso angry. i am so mad. do you have flashbacks? yes. do you have panic attacks . i do. do have you fear? i do. on this subject do you feel hopeless?
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island all by myself. you mentioned something about towels and whatever. i know that some of the things you hear are quite graphic. ladies and gentlemen, you got okay? you all did. without being graphic, would you tell the ladies and gentlemen of the jury some of the things that you hear? >> anchor: you can continue watching this coverage of the >> anchor: in other news, dartmouth police say they were forced to fire after a man
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it all started late sunday afternoon when officers tried to arrest the man in connection with a domestic violence incident earlier that day. they tried tazing the man but he say they couldn't disable him and that's when one officer fired his gun and hit him. that suspect is in serious but stable condition. a big bust in chelsea land a machine court today. wayne clark is facing several drug charges. officers arrested him saturday investigation. they say he had packages of narcotics and including crack cocaine and heroin ready for sale when they found hi. he has been arrested five times for selling drugs since 2013 . >> anchor: the debate over energy drinks is become the spotlight after one new england college is now refusing to sell them anywhere on its campus. middlebury college is citing a link to alcohol and high risk sex. now the decision was approved by a group that includes faculty, staff and students but some are wondering if it's too much of a radical decision here. students nationwide often need a little extra above the to help
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but students at vermont's middlebury college who use energy drinks may need to find an altentative because the cool is putting an end to all campus sales. on a flier in the college cava middlebury's executive director of food service said they are linked to problematic behavior such as alcohol abuse and high risk sexual activity . it's not clear if this is a cause and effect relationship or just an association. is there something about these highly caffeinated drinks that's affecting people's acts to say no to drugs or alcohol or highry being sexual situations? or is there something particular about these caffeinated drinks that are causing people to engage in more risky behavior . >> reporter: not everyone is on board. the student publication said most of the opposition came from students who thought the decision would violate a super's right to choose what beverages they consume. energy drinks are a thriving business. last year the industry brought in over $10 billion in the u.s. alone. in a statement red bull said its
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containing the cemetary after of caffeines a cup of coffee an added for available in more than 165 countries because health authorities concluded it's safe to consume. but according to middlebury, they have done their research and hope that this move will contribute to a healthier campus environment . many of these caffeinated energy drinks have a lot of sugar or they just don't provide any real nutrition. so it makes sense for a college campus to not actually want to serve them in the cafeteria if their goal is to provide nutritious and healthy meals . despite the opposition millbury plans to stop selling
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. her life's work has been about breaking barriers. and so would her presidency. which is why, for every american who's not being paid what they're worth... who's held back by student debt or a system tilted against them- and there are far too many of you- she understands that our country can't reach it's potential... unless we all do. together.
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>> anchor: a navy seal has received the highest military . president obama presenting the congressional medal of honor to ed wars buyers junior at the white house. he helped rescue a u.s. hostage in afghanistan back in 2012. president obama praise hi for risking his life during that mission. he said he did not earn the medal of honor alone. as i turn my attention to my teammates important thing i want to say here is everything we do is as a team. if it wasn't for that team, i
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>> anchor: buyers when on to say the award actually goes out to one of his teammates who was killed during that operation. >> anchor: justice clarence thomas does something he hasn't done in ten years. he he asked a question. today he asked several questions in fact to an attorney who was defending a federal law backing anyone convicted of dollic violence of owning a gun. thomas said he usual does not ask questions because he talks about the cases with his fellow justices and says it's not un uncommon as several previous justices also did not ask questions. >> anchor: more sunshine for tomorrow but much cooler. the forecast for the week up
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>> anchor: a golfer drops his pants during the fine round of the honda classic. gary wood land hit his t short into the water to instead of get
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his sox, shoes and pact pants and hit his next shot in his underwear. he ended up getting a par on that hole no. word if he will do that every time now. >> anchor: come on. couldn't he just roll the pant . >> anchor: am i being crazy here? >> anchor: you have to be . >> reporter: we are serious out there on those golf courses so anyway, hey, the golf courses are they opening up in southern new england because i tell you what, we had an incredibly warm winter. course. i know the superer is like give us some time, slow your roll. let's get the thing fixed then we open it up for you. i noticed tweets from the superintendent saying they are about four to six weeks ahead of schedule from last winter which of course was loaded with cold and snow. this afternoon the city at 64. worcester you set a record at 57 all of the orange squares indicating warm days and for the month of february the temperatures are running about two degrees above normal. the warmest 65. the coldest at 9 below.
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fact only 11 days we have temperatures not make it to 33 degrees either 32 or colder. 26 days at the a record where temperatures reach the 50's and nine including today where afternoon highs were in the 60's 60's. right now at 54. bedford at 52. worcester at 46. there is some wind out there try trying to add chill to the air but it's not having much luck and this wind does continue for a couple more hours. unfortunately the wind is eventually going to start coming from the northwest which will grab some of the colder air. attic air passes to the north of new england. but that wind out there right now will grab some of this air from buffalo and mopial and pull that into new england later on tonight and through the day tomorrow behind this cold front right here which is generating some rain and snow showers. this front that came through didn't really do much it. kind of had a few sprinkle but that was about it. still mild now but the second cold front on the way overnight tonight will send temperature down into the low 30's for your tuesday morning commute. and through the day tomorrow it is a much cooler day than today but still seasonable with
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and 45. boston tomorrow afternoon around 42. mix of clouds and sunshine, plymouth around 41. attleboro at 46. dracut around 44. concord 45. into the worcester hills partly sunny skies, worcester at 41. and on to the cape and islands perhaps some golf yours out there opening. they sometimes go through a whole winter not even close. low 40's tomorrow afternoon. now wednesday that is our next storm system but that like so many others this winter does not have any cold air. so we're talking about rain on wednesday morning and then developing sunshine wednesday afternoon. for the storm itself temperatures are in the 50's but as the air dries out on wednesday afternoon here comes a bonafide cold front and that will send temperatures crashing down into the 30's by wednesday evening and we hold on to that cold air for the end of the week so your 7 on 7 forecast end of the week temperatures for a change below normal and even into the up coming weekend at or below normal. see you in a bit. bit..
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be paying the price to go to their favorite disney theme park. >> anchor: they aring about a little more expensive to vice i. the price for a ticket on weekend days will go up 105 a ticket. it will go up to more than $110 a ticket on certain peak days. it's part of the new disney plan to charge separate rates based on the time of year. >> anchor: well, it is in fact leap day. if you haven't already heard which means some businesses are giving out deals if you were born on february 29. pizza hut, hard rock cafe around kristi cream running promotions for those that get to celebrate their birthday once every four you guys deserve this. if you want to get away there are hotel and travel companies also offering some deals and a four times happy birth i to all of you guys out there . >> anchor: next on 7 news blind spot returns to nbc tonight. 7 news talks to one of the stars about what we can expect this season . >> anchor: then ahead on 7 news
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tuesday. hillary clinton and benny sand sanders making a time push in the bay state ahead of the polls polls. >> anchor: on the republican side donald trump facing public scrutiny over his response to support for the kkk while his g.o.p. opponents are lashing out. >> anchor: and a deadly ambush claim the life of a virginia police officer with ties to new hampshire. mom . those stories and more ahead on
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>> anchor: we've got a blind date tonight. nbc's hit drama blind spot is back for a second season on 7 nb nbc . >> anchor: it all gets started tonight and the cast is creating serious buzz. sara french cow up with one of the show's actors for a special sneak peek. it will be very satisfying season with lots of answers and a lot of things that you would not expect which is always fun . >> anchor: jamie is back as jane doe in the hit nbc drama blind spot . where we left off in the mid season finale jane is being tortured and then gets shown a video of herself telling her present day self-that she did this to herself. all the tattoos sending herself to kurt weller and the f.b.i. all her plan so a pretty heavy cliffhanger . now that she knows she was the mastermind behind her amnesia jane must come up with the plan .
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her finding more information about herself interacting more with this character that shows up at the end of the mid season and then just the roller coaster thaten sues from there . >> anchor: jimmy said for those who vice president watched this show a little bit of something for everyone . i think what we've managed to do really well is we took an extraordinary concept and made it really relatable. there are things that heartache, love, despair, devastation, friendship, human connection, those are all things we can relate to . for the loyal viewers, you can expect a change of pace. the great thing is we have more action and aed more humor to the show because of the intensity of the show it's a bit of a roller coaster now which is always a good thing. it will throw ebb for a loop and give everybody a little bit of breathing room this these intense scenes we have. i remember you. why did we end it? was it because of this? whatever this is? >> anchor: we i have jam packed
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started at 8:00 with a brand new season of the voice followed by the season two premiere of blind spot at 10:00 and then debt caught up on all of the day's news of course with 7 news. there is another 30 minutes of 7 news ahead . >> anchor: he is excited. 7 news at 6:00 starts now. >> anchor: a police officer gunned down in the line of duty. to be taken down on her very first day is simply beyond imaginable . >> anchor: today a to youing tribute to the woman with ties to new hampshire all eyes on super tuesday hilary clinton and bernie sanders make a final push in the bay state and donald trump in the center of controversy as the rest of the republicans look to close the gap. we have team 7 coverage . mild start to the week of much colder by the end of the week. >> anchor: we have breaking news first at 6:00. boston police releasing video of an officer involved shooting that happened earlier this month
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officers were called to report of a person shot . >> anchor: when they arrived on scene they got in a deadly confrontation with a suspect. this happened on stan wood and l laredo streets earlier this month. police say when they arrived they found one man heading another who had been shot in the leg. that's when they confronted the suspects and saw one of them had a gun of the police say the man ignored commands and that's when an officer fired. a radio call captured police telling the suspect to drop his weapon. . drop the gun! drop the gun! >> anchor: police are investigating what happened and the suffolk da is conducting an independent investigation. the family of the man killed has seen that video. >> anchor: we're following this breaking news for you. a tractor trailer crashes on highway in webster. sky 7 hd over the scene on the
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you can see the tracr trailer over there in the median, in the woods. police say they expect heavy traffic delays because of this right now there is no word on the cause of the crash but quite a bit after damage to that vehicle. breaking news from the mbta where the board has voted to end late night service on weekends. the time buses and trains will now leave 90 minutes earlier on fridays and saturdays no. word on when the service will officially end. of course we'll follow that for you. >> anchor: turning now to super tuesday. g.o.p. candidates are making their final push across the country as they face high stakes tomorrow. on democratic side hilary clinton and bernie sanders are pounding the pavement right here in massachusetts. clinton now hoping to build on her momentum from her victory in . >> anchor: meanwhile, bonnie sanders is making a time push to close the gap between him and hillary. dan hausle live with more on the campaign trail. dan? >> reporter: bernie sanders minute. massachusetts not one of the biggest prides on supertuesday


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