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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  February 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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naked in her room. we're counting down to super tuesday as candidates from both parties vow to take down donald trump. we have night team coverage. record warmth today. but much cooler for tomorrow. >> a wild shoot out with boston police is caught on camera. >> we've got a suspect down. and local police department forced to pay up after a hack attack. >> seven news at 11 starts now. >> tonight, on 7, candidates for president hoping to have mass appeal. i will take on which ever republican they dom its easy to talk about the making america great again. we will continue to >> donald trump is not a tough guy. the guys joke. the final push as we count down to super tuesday. voters in 12 states including here in massachusetts could alter the course of presidential campaign tomorrow. donald trump is leading everywhere except texas. and now candidates in both parties are going after.
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candidates make their final push before tomorrow big vote. let's start in the newsroom with brandon gunnoe. he has more more on gop candidates. republicans especially rubio are going after trump saying really just about anything with trump expected to steam roll super tuesday, time for his competitors his running out. take look at the bottom of your screen a secret service agent body slamming a reporter in trump rally in virginia a protester were being escorted words were exchanged. and a member of trump's security grabbed reporter by throat and through him to the ground. and, this after trump, blamed his refusal to condemn the kkk and david duke in cnn interview over the weekend on a bad ear piece. i'm sitting in a house over florida with a very bad ear piece that they gave me. you could hardly hear what he was saying. he never mentioned any problem during the actual interview. i don't know anything about david duke.
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you're talking about with white supremacy. i don't know. back in 2000 trump remember one time kkk grandma'ser very well. david duke just joined a bigot a racist a problem. this is no exactly people you want in your party. rubio started to play trump game with personal insults. how can a person with a worst spray tan in america, you know what they say about people with them. with super tuesday hours away, trump's competitors are giving everything they have. i will go to all 50 states and every territory. i will continue to speak out until i literally have no voice left. i will go anywhere to speak to anyone before i let a conartist get a hold of the republican party. donald trump represents everything you're mad about washington. the deal making that doesn't stand with the working men and women. dell grates from 12 states are up for grabs tomorrow including right here in massachusetts. in the newsroom brandon gunnoe,
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robert kraft talking about donald trump hours before super tuesday. in statement kraft said he's not comfortable talking about politics publicly but he is comfortable talking about his long time friendship with trump, kraft said he went to trump's wedding and trump supported him after kraft's wife passed away in 2011. in statement dodge hasz very close friend of mine for over two decades. i will always be grateful to him for is thoughtfulness and continued friendship. on democratic side former president bill clinton is in worcester tonight he held a rally for his wife democratic front runner hillary clinton. clinton i is hanging on to lead over senator bernie sanders here in massachusetts. kimberly bookman is in milton where she sat down with bernie sanders earlier tonight. kimberly. sanders says he believes he's up against the establishment but that's been the case since day one. he says he had gained ground and confident going into tomorrow. >> your state led the american
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>> now it is time for massachusetts to the lead the political revolution. [ cheering ] in a packed gym milton high school haver montana senator bernie sanders says he thinks he good shod shot of winning neighboring massachusetts on super tuesday even even though all state's democratic taeb establishment supports his rival secretary hillary clinton. she las governors and mayors and congressman and senators that's support. we've taken on all of that ain't easy. thoos what we're doing. interesting one delegate who not come forward senator warren. elizabeth and i are good friends. we worked together on a number of issues. and you're correct in saying that our views on wall street and many other issues are very, very close. you know, everybody who is in the senate every elected official has to do their own political calculus. and senator warren is doing hers. >> clinton also making a last appeal to baystaters. let's have a great victory in massachusetts. filling old south meeting house and talking with overflow crowd outside.
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my opponent voted against braid beall 5 times. voted for this really unfortunate legislation like giving immunity to the gun maker and sellers. she spent most of her time taking aim at the republicans. we reject the kind of mean spiritedness the demagoguery the bigotry that is being peddled by the republican candidates. of course we all know that sanders is from neighboring vermont. he says he loves boston and massachusetts. so we asked when you're in town where do you you like to hang out where do you like to eat is chowder. reporting live in milton, kimberly bookman, 7 news night team. we'll have all your super tuesday coverage for you right here on 7 nbcnbc nightly news is expanding to an hour of coverage. nbc will also have a 10:00 p.m. election special and full recap of super tuesday right here on 7 news at 11.
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naked body was on front page of the new york post. sportscaster private moments posted online. i felt so ashamed. i'm so embarrassed. tonight erin andrews' tearful testimony erin andrews introek down as she talked about a spain after stalker videotaped her naked in her room. today she took the stand in $75 million a civil trial against marriott hotel saying they could have done more to protect her elizabeth noriega with more for us andrews says her life hasn't be same since this video was released. she says she's embarrassed and this could have been prevented. >> i feel so ashamed. i am so embarrassed. vulnerable and visibly shaken on the stand sportscaster erin andrews tearfully testifies about discreet nude video taken of her and's positived on the internet. i was so angry this could have been stopped.
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just called me and said, we're putting this man that requested to be next to you, is this okay. i would have called the cops and we would have gotten him we could have stopped this andrews suing owner and manager of national marriott and man who took that video for $75 million. the jury saw that man's deposition today. >> plan was to video tape her without her knowledge, correct? >> that's correct. andrews testified she found out about video after being inundated with calls from friends and coworkers as soon as she watched it she called her parents 4i ster call. i was just screaming i was naked all over internet i didn't know what it was. my dad thought i had been in car accident he was like why are you screaming. i was just like dad i'm naked all over internet. and i don't know what it is. andrews says she suffers from depression, panic attacks and anxiety on daily basis because of the incident. now she's just wants to move forward and get her life back.
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all i wanted to dos was be girl next door that loved sports now i'm girl with hotel scandal. it's embarrassing. >> the hotel says barrett is solely to blame andrews said from beginning this was in no way a publicity stunt. in newsroom elizabeth noriega. new at 11 first responders on scene of spill in boston children's hospital lab building tonight. fire officials say a plastic container left on a hot plate melted dripping on to the floor and creating haze. no one was in room at the time and there are no patients in that building. firefighters evacuated worker the building and luckily no one was hurt. 7 news now turning to deadly police chuting in doer chest district attorney releez video audio recording from that dangerous encounter. >> drop the gun. gunfired a suspect down. officer involved. drop the gun.
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bravo unit. >> the video shows officers responding to shooting on february 12th. they say they found 1 suspect dragging along a woman actually a man with he was actually limping police say suspect had gun when he wouldn't listen there there do drop it district attorney is investigating. also from the night team. town merrimac new hampshire honoring hero killed in line of duty. ashley guindon was shot and killed. her first day as police officer in virginia. she went to high school in merrimac tonight that school held a moment of silence. tim caputo in merrimac with more for us tonight. tim. jadiann you can see behind me they put bunting out outside police station here in merrimac. new hampshire a small close knit town especially for these police officers this death that happened outside washington d.c. hits awfully close to home. >> a police procession lights up the night sky in virginia as hundreds of officers escort the
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guindon's body to a funeral home. >> officers including a police chief for merrimac new hampshire left for prince william counter today to pay their respects to a fallen officer and home town girl. it is such a tragedy. not only because she was a law enforcement close connection here in town. you know, when they feel it down in virginia we feel up here officer guindon was shot and killed in virginia on saturday while responding to domestic violence call. two other officers were also shot but are expected to survive. the 28-year-old had just been sworn in hours earlier and was working her first shift. really doesn't matter if it's police officer here, locally, regionally or across the country a little piece of us dies with every police officer. thu-year-old ronald hamilton is being held without bail charged with killing his wife firing an assault rifle with if front doer army staff sergeant face capital
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this story is intensely local. and far more personal. this morning students and teacher paused for moment of silence merrimac high school where guindon graduated in 2005 before she dedicated her life to serving the public. to be taken down on her her very first day simply beyond imaginable. tomorrow funeral scheduled to begin a noon. live tonight tim caputo. newly released documents giving details about boston marathon bomber files show tamerlan tsarnaev denied terrorism link just three months before the attacks. documents also reveal that after his arrest dzhokhar tsarnaev told federal agents that he and his brother acted alone because they couldn't trust anyone. the information is included in more than 650 previously confidential files. more ahead here at 11 o'clock. up next a hack attack. local police departments forced
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the bigger the burrito, the bigger the fun. dunkin's new grandde burrito -- a breakfast burrito packed with big southwest flavor. go grande with veggie or sausage today. america runs on dunkin'. a local police department is paying price after a hack attack. melrose police in fact say their entire system was taken off-line for days. really important files were gone and hackers were holding them for ransom. kelli o'hara is in melrose with all the details. >> yeah good evening that police department had to pay around 500 bucks to get those files back. we learned tonight not only police department this is happened to. >> the police department was attacked by a virus. it happened in many cities and towns. someone clicked on something. that click of mouse shut down computers here a headquarters for a few days. forcing melrose police
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the city says 911 wasn't affected and officers were just fine. but they couldn't access some some of their files so they had to pay to get them back. what ends up happening your files are encrepted and you can't access them in order to decrypt them you need to buy decryption key. you do that using bit coin. which is an untraceable currency. how much do you end up having to pay? about fourth 80 dollars. 7 news learned this isn't first time this happened in our area either. last spring tungs bury police were hit and had to pay too, 500 bucks to go back online. town of swampscott several years ago, but town administrator says they had to pay an outside firm to take care of problem back in melrose mayor said he heard of this happening more and more to other teams nearby. throughout country. and unfortunately it's a new form of i guess domestic terrorism in the sense of attacking municipalities attacking public safety and attacking hospitals. this new world we live in
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small victims out there. >> and that it guy says if you have an email you think maybe questionable send it to your it guy and let them take care of the problem in mel roads kelli o'hara federal judge makes milestone ruling in new york in support of apple. routine brooklyn drug case judge ruled justice department cannot force the tech company to provide the f.b.i. with access to data from locked iphone. decision supports tech giants refusal to help hack into an iphone. apple opposition has spark ad national debate over digital privacy rights. >> and we're following more news tonight. tracking changes on the t. as officials unanimously voted today to end late night service. the service started about two years ago. but mbta says it's not cost effect pif. also today the t says fare hikes are still on how are rye sony they will vote on increases much as 10 percent come monday. we ended february on a very nice
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>> but will it last? yeah i would think so. but still february. we've got a little extra day for nice weather. why not? yes more sunshine on way for tomorrow. seasonable tomorrow, temperatures tomorrow lower 40s. next storm will be a rain storm wednesday morning. nothing overwhelming or significant. behind that storm it is looking to turn colder by the end of the week. and into upcoming weekend. but it's march. so sooner or later warmth will come back this afternoon, whoa look at they away we tied a record in boston 64. you set a record at 57. and this will go into the books as the second warmest meet a logical winter. again when meteorologists try to figure out the statistics we usually the three coldest months for three warmthest months of year for summer. in between those of course fall and spring. so for yes, boston second warmest on record for worcester. it will be third warmest snowfall really not that far behind. a couple of years ago 2000
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and 2012 we had to the second least amount of snow in that winter for 2011-2012 for city of boston. this year only running about eight and a half nine inches below normal boston 46. bedford at 39. norwood a 42. we had a couple of clouds this afternoon with a weak cool front. here comes a second cool front out of canada. this one has a little more oomph. not going to tap into an arctic air slightly coder air monday rielle buffalo lower 20s. so that by tomorrow morning overnight tonight mostly clear. temperatures tomorrow morning into lower 30s. through the day tomorrow, a much cooler day tomorrow. but again, seasonable. with mostly sunny skies. temperatures tomorrow between 40 and 45. tomorrow election day. no issues. roads will be dry all day long through tomorrow evening. clouds will begin to show up late tomorrow afternoon. and especially tomorrow evening. that in advance of wednesday storm that storm bringing warm
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about rain wednesday morning. temperatures wednesday morning in the 50s with this weather system. and then here comes yet another cold front wednesday afternoon. backside of the storm. and temperatures will drop significantly down into the 30s by wednesday afternoon. and cold air will lock in for several days beginning wednesday afternoon and more likely through thursday, friday and into the upcoming weekend. so cold stretch of weather thursday through saturday. and in terms of snow, there is going to be a storm passing well south of new england on friday. right now i think it is just that. south of new england. and there may be athe round of some snow showers or snow flurries on sunday. but next week, looking quite spring-like. have a good night. all right thank you jr navy seal receiving a high honor at the white house today president obama presented senior chief ed byers with the medal of honor today. byers was part of a team that less ask youed an american hostage from taliban in 2012. senior chief killed a taliban shooter before jumping on top of
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byers explained he was accepting medal for the entire navy seal community. >> for brotherhood, it's for everything that sacrificed since 9/11. he special ops force that previously took down osama bin laden. big night for celtics joe's in with sports. waiting for an 11th straight win at the garden tonight. this team just keeps on doing it. we'll show you how they did it
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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and now, time for seven sports with joe amorosino. only four players in nfl hit hit rea 20 or morrissey son with same team tom brady has chance to become fifth brady and patriots reportedly agreeing with two year contract extension that would keep him here in new england through 2019. brady would be 42 years old if he competes or completes that contract. he is showing no signs of slowing down really. 36 touchdowns compared to just 7 interceptions in 2015. brady's extension should help patriots manage their salary structure he's got a team high $15 million salary cap scheduled for next season pats could use any extra space to work out extensions with a jamie collins taunt high tower. among others. bruins fans fit to be tied angry about team failure to move free agent loui eriksson.
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today acquiring veteran forward lee stempniak. and this is why sweeny did not tray eriksson. the deal has to be right has to be right for organization for me to do that. and that's what i've been entrusted to do sxim agoing to continue to do that. for me loui eriksson is an important part of what we're doing now. my preference was to try and explore continue to explore signing loui eriksson. indicating to him he's an important part of our team as we are right now and hope fortunately going toward celtics band bag wagon growing by weak picking fans with hustle grit and wins. now 11 straight in garden i say thomas with another jaw dropping moment tonight against the jasz. taking that feed from marcus smart hanging and hit athletic alley oop and the foul. the he most scombrif of his 18 points tonight. dealing jordan become a fan favorite quickly providing a spark off bench. jake crowder hustle for loose ball.
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half time. it was tight game celtics down two with 30 seconds to go. crowder continues to hit big shots. he drills the three here. celtics taking 96-95 leave a team high 22 tonight. they seal it with defense. avery bradley getting up to a block gordon despite giving up nearly six inches 13 blocks on the night as a team for celtics. and they win it 100-95 the final. big story red sox in spring training opener against bv hanley ramirez get first game action first base. took until third inning to get a ball sent his way hanley makes short of that slow roller red sox beat bc 6-0 and northeastern 8-3 in game 2. sox adding outfield depth bring david murphy on. sox drafted murphy in first that's sports. thanks so much. here's jimmy with what's coming
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well here's a newborn getting a jump start on life. a leap baby born on national hospital on leap day li little david florez one three leap day
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baby david beat one and 11461 odds. he will celebrate his first birthday in 2020. maybe he can celebrate on day before or day after or between inn between this enwe're out time tonight everyone. tonight show is star jimmy fallon. thank you for joining us. 7 news continues at 5 am with today new england. have a great night everybody. "realtime closed captioning
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gaen vegable on a caprese salad. pineapple on a waffle. or cucumber and dill as a dip. with 8 delicious flavors of hood cottage cheese, the possibilities are endless. always good. always hood. test. test. test. [ cheers and applause ] >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his


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