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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  August 22, 2016 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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>> power out. trees knocked down and roads blocked. we have team 7 coverage after storm bat yerd partings of state while you were sleeping. >> police want to know what anned in win chester after a women's body was found inside of a home. speaking out after an international incident. what ryan lochte has to say after telling a false robbery tale. >> good morning. i'm ryan schulteis in for krista. we are tracking the damage after severe storms passed through overnight. we have team 7 coverage as cleanup gets under way. let's begin with chris lambert with the latest on the tornado warning we had this morning. the worst of the weather came at 3:00 this morning through 3:15 and 3:30 for that cell producing
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sudbury and concorde. the green indicates rotation. it's strong enough it can independent potential of tornado. we that in marlboro and concorde. rotation stronger in concorde track into marl borough. this storm came through 3:00 or 3:15 in morning. national weather service will investigate later determine and determine whether it was straight line winds or was a brief touchdown. in the wake a beautiful and refreshing change to the air mass. had a ton of humidity in place this morning. not the case now. we're lowering the humidity. we keep the breeze throughout the day. more sunshine than cloud cover and cool overnight tonight. pleasant day on tuesday. more on that 7-day forecast ahead. the wild weather causing quite the mess overnight.
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where trees were troop led toppled. the trees hit power lines on their way down. >> that knocked out power to many overnight. team 7 coverage starts in concorde. one of the hardest hit areas. jen? >> ryan, good morning. we're on hawthorne lane. this street was the hardest hit. there's a tree down in this person's front yard. and a bit further down the street here the cleanup the getting under way. there is quite a lot town. >> reporter: crews in concorde freeing up power lines brought down by an intense overnight tomorrow. i don't think my heart has beat that fast ever. it was absolutely insane. >> jenna woke up around 3:00 and saw this large tree uprouted in the front yard of her home along hawthorne lane. >> i woke up in three minute later i ran to each side of the house. i could go outside after 30 minutes.
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through. >> we have some structural damage nothing major. there's no reports of injuries from the storm. the damage seen from sky 7 concentrated on a few streetings around lexington road. this warning as the cleanup begins. >> if you go outside. be aware that some of these trees have wires within them. and they are charged. this whole section of town will out for sometime. we've got polls to set. we have a poles down and just a lot of damage. >> this is just one example. you can see this tree here resting on the power line. the flagsnal weather service will be out here later in the day in concorde taking a look tt damage that's one way they will try to determine whether or not this was a tornado that came through this morning. live in concorde this morning.
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new england." also hit hard the town of marlboro where powers knocked out when the winds passed through taking trees with it. our team coverage continues with kris anderson in marlboro. what is it like where you are? >> sarah, crews really have made a lot of progress this morning. we're on walker street. one of the areas that was hard it hit. take a look over here. you can see crew wrapping things up. getting rid of tree that fell with a big crash that definitely got the neighborhood's attention. >> reporter: cleanup is under way in marlboro after severe storms caused some damage and left thousands of people without power early this morning. >> it got kind windy and rained hard. not for very long. its very, very quick. the storm rolled through around 3:00 a.m. monday bringing with them heavy rain and powerful wind. wind strong enough to knock down
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>> the dog went out of her mind. just heard a noise. a loud bang. the house shook. and then the power blew. someone must have hit a pole or sing. it was 20 section foot of pine tree knocking down power lines but fortunately missing nearby home. that tree could have hit that house. i think the wires held it up. i do. i didn't know the tree went down. i heard a cr i didn't know. >> the national weather service will be in moral borrow to take a look at the damage and figure out if it was indeed a tornado that tore through the area. >> if that's all the damage it did i guess we're lucky. >> and again chris lambert mentioning that rotation the curves on the radar there that could indicate a possible tornado. national weather service will make that decision.
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finished their repairs at least on walker street so they expect power to back on for everyone in this area now or within the next few minutes that's the latest live in marl baro. 7news "today in new england." those storms made a mess of the roads this morning. let's send it over to danielle to see how they are looking now. >> good morning. it's still quite messy out there. it's been a terrible morning on the roads. expressway stop and go traffic northbound. braintree to boston that drive going to take you over half an hour. let's go to the we're watching a new accident in stoton at exit 20 slowing down into town. we're still keeping an eye on hopkinton. we had a crash from 495 to pike and it's still causing delays. the pike traffic still backed up for # mile. 495 northbound task backed up to route 10 #. still some stop and go traffic heading into the pike after you pass over 128. 128 northbound heading up to the pike is stop and go back to
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this is andover. 93 northbound at route 495 and stop and go on 93 into boston. route one not too bad. let's check the drive times if you get ready to head tout door. 26 minutes to half an hour. brain to boston on the expressway 14 minute 128 to the pike. back to you guys. breaking overnight. police rush to scene of serious crash on medfield. it happened before 2:00 this damage. there's no word on the cause of crash and whether anyones hurt. a man will face a judge after arrested in connection with stabbing at religious restaurant. woburn. the police stabbed the man in the neck in the parking lot and jakes a joe's restaurant. the victim suffered life threatening injury. police are investigating what led up to that stabbing also happening today a man will be appearing in court after a serious crash in lynn. police say the suspect was drunk friday night when he slammed his
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they chased the man down after he tried to run off. the man has been charged with drunk driving. >> and right now police in winchester searching for answer after a women was found dead in a home there. officials are heading back there today looking for concludes into how this women died. john cocoa with more on investigation. it's quiet p in this neighborhood now. but police were on scene at this house until late last night. neighbors are puzzled and >> investigators inside a home on edgewater place. the middlesex district attorney said elder i will women found unresponsive 2:00 p.m. sunday. d.a.'s office said the women was taken into leahy clinic where she was pronounced dead. the two people are married couple both in their 70s. they were just lovely lovely.
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couple that were great neighbors over the years. >> state and local police spent hours at the house. searching for any and all evidence focusing on the area around the front window. d.a.'s office calling this an open investigation. >> they are very close and nice family and the whole thing. right now we wait on some more information from the d.a.'s office a as to what may have anned here. live in winches in new england." there's privacy concerns. police will be alerted when vehicles with specific license plates are transponders pass underneath the tolls on the mass pike. transportation officials say the technology will only be used in emergency situations such as when police issue amber alert. the aclu and others are concerned that this could lead to privacy issues for driver.
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>> 32-year-old said he exaggerated what happened during a run-in with brazilian police. he said he and his teammate were robbed alternate gun point. they vandalized a bathroom. >> that's why i take full responsibility for it. i overexaggerated the that story. if i had never done that. we wouldn't be in i'm embarrassed for myself and myself and the whole olympic games everyone watching. the ioc and usa swimming will determine whether they will face fines or suspension. city officials in the boston's teacher union will continue contract talks. the two will discuss lengthening school days changing the teaching evaluation system and
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for the public schools to compete with charter schools. the teachers current contract expired next week. >> still ahead on "today in new england." e-mail controversy still in the spotlight. what is set to be discussed at the hearing later today. that's a wrap in rio. a look at the spectacular closing ceremony as the olympic game came to close. couple of severe storm producing damage as we look forward to the next several day. nothing but sunshine. beautiful air tonight. we'll take a look at how
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scade platinum... so let your dishwasher be the d 9:13. you're looking at aerial picture tofgs damage left behind by severe storms overnight. you can see trees done. warrenchs sklterred all around. really just a mess that crews will be cleaning up throughout
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weather service to figure out if it was a tornado. as you look at pictures what are initial impressions of what anned. they will look to see if the trees are pushed in the same direction. in you start to see the twisting and turning and sometimes when you get the tree not necessarily uprooted but sheer and stripped of leave that can indication there's a weak tornado. we'll await the official word from the national weather service. the storm had rotation on it as it went through concorde. more so in concorde and a little bi marlboro as well. recent tornado. we get them in new england. a lot of time on the weaker side like the one last year in westminster as well as over in wrenthem. ef-2 in 2014. that was the memorable one that we have close to the city of boston. just up the north shore there. what happened this morning on the backside of the this tropical air mass in the front going on through, is that you had tremendous amount of
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tremendous amount of what we call wind shear. the change in direction of the wind. that helps turn the cells. there's enough of that turn down near moral borrow over to concorde on the backside of this line we had that one cell producing. the tornadoing signature. look at the rainfall total. the other story. you don't want the severe weather. you also want to see plenty of water when you are in a drought. too fast, too quick. some of it. you know we had a lot of run off with the downpours. many town coming os through worcester. both picking up near an inch. norwood half an inch of rain. stow, 1.24. danvers an ininch of rain. that bums up just shy of four inch of water for the summer. we're still if we don't get more rain we still come in as the driest summer on record. but any more in the rainfall department edges off that top spot on the list.
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even friday shower or thunderstorm will tend to be isolated. mainly clear skies extending back into much of new york. 73 in boston. 67 worcester. the other thing to note if you are out and about humidity sky high. we're lowering that humidity big time as dewpoints fall into the 40s this afternoon. and that will set the stage for fall-like feel to the atmosphere later this evening overnight tonight and early tomorrow. great looking day on tuesday. a lot of sun on wednesday after cool start in the morning we're right back there into the lower 80s. is the front off to the west of us. it will cry up as it approaches friday. just enough to trigger off an isolated shower or thunderstorm. the bottom line we're lowering the humid yooilt humidity throughout the day. low-to-mid 80s across the south shore. cool overnight tonight.
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upper 40s and lower 50s. all the sunshine will be nice bounce back temperature wise. light northwester i will breeze tonight. diminishing and then tomorrow that breeze at time as well. starts to turn a little bit light especially by the afternoon. taking a look at the 7 on 7 forecast going through much of the week. rain chances really low. otherwise if this is your vacation week you picks a good one. >> time now for fast track traffic. let's s gersh. good morning. everyone. it's still a bit of mess on the roads. half an hour still from braintree into boston. northbound on the expressway. we're still watching a couple of accidents this one here on route 24 northbound in stoton. causing stop and go traffic. we been keeping anine on hopkinton all morning long. there was a crash. and traffic on the pike is still backed up for about 6 miles and on 495 backed up there as well.
9:18 am
128 northbound up to pike also really slow. we were watching an accident in andover. that around 495 and 39 heading into town stop and go all the way in. back to you guys. turning to race for the white house. hearing held today regarding hillary clinton e-mail controversy. it will address a lawsuit the use of private server. the judge ordered her to answer questions about the group seeking all of e-mails from 2009 through 2013. president obama is back in washington, d.c. after spending another summer vacation on martha's vineyard in they returned to the white house sunday night. officials say president obama will travel to louisiana to survey the devastated flood damage in that state. >> taking home gold at the very end. the u.s. adding to their medal count in some of the last competitions of the rio games >>. itses a party in braze ale.
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narrator: let's put this political promise to the test. ayotte: i've been an independent, strong voice for new hampshire. narrator: then why does kelly ayotte still support donald trump for president? independent minded republicans across america put principle ahead of party and said no to trump. but not kelly ayotte. she says she still supports trump. ayotte: an independent, strong voice... narrator: if she's so independent, why is she still
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abs with jimmy dean, mornin delicifromseconds. makes bread come on... dogs just won't quit. neither does new frontline gold. its triple action formula is relentless at killing r a full 30 days. good boy! go for the gold. >> we're heading into the olympic zone for the closing celebration. a big party as the rio olympic games come to colorful end. drama and atmosphere to dazzling display of sound andrit after weeks of fierce competition a chance to wind down. join together and finally
9:22 am
performers from tokyo took the stage offering glimpse of the 2020 summer games. >> ali raisman having fun at closing ceremony. seating some popcorn with some teammates and posting this photo with some of her fellow silver medal recipient. and local judo fighter who wongold in rio posting this photo on instagram calling her final closing ceremony s bitter sweet. the u.s. men basketball team grabbing if gold in dominate fashion taking home final medal. in the end dominant performance by team u.s.a. taking home more medals than any other country. the medals were still piling up into the last minute of action. nancy chin has a recap from rio. before the closing ceremony there was a few more medals to hand out on the final day of competition. >> team u.s.a. claiming their
9:23 am
glory. the american had total control. serb a didn't stand a chance. >> eye seen the wovt and i've seen the best. i stuck with it. we stuck with it. at the end of the day three gold medals later. call it a come back. the u.s. men's volleyball team rushing against russia. they send to fifth set with one final fike by matt anderson. they secured their spot on the podium with the first u.s. boxer to win back-to-back olympic gold medal. once over the defending olympic champion celebrating with a cartwheel. i'm not just a great female boxer. i'm one of the greatest boxers that ever lived. the first time american to be
9:24 am
>> on the mat 20-year-old american wrestler kyle snyder took gold in the men's freestyle tournament to become the youngest wrestling champion in u.s. history. the bronze medal wrestling match must with unique protest. after it was ruled that the mongolian wrestler lost two coaches took off their clothing. throwing them to the mat in discuss. as for the united states we finished first in the medal count with 46 gold medal and overall. in rio nancy chin. 7 news. team u.s.a. dominating the world with 121 total medal in the most ever for u.s. team in nonboycotted game. china second and great britain third. team u.s.a. shining big. look how far her jump white house. still ahead 9:30 telling disney how he really feels after they change part of
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people who visit disney world or disneyland in future could enjoy the real "star wars" experience. they try to give people for real light saber battle. they would be used at "star wars" theme park the light saber infrared light giving realist statistic look and feel. no word when it will be ready to go. our weather department will like. jeremy reiner will be ready to do it. i specifically think of him. his daughter a few fan. i made sure she was a huge "star wars" fan. much more ahead in the next half
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the miss labeled pills found in his home. severe storm in the wake. return to sunshine. we have a lot of it on the summer day forecast. >> also ahead deadly drive in east boston when someone hit by a party bus.
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so it's easy to give, easy to take. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. why mess around? for powerful flea and tick protection, ask your vet about nexgard. the #1 choice of vets for their dogs and yours. tree torn apart when severe weather hits a part of the tornado warning overnight. bus company speaking out what they say after the party bus hit and killed someone. tips continue to pore in. how many police are now sorting through. >> welcome back. i'm ryan schulteis. i'm sarah french. crazy morning with a tornado warning. the national weather service will be trying to figure out what anned.
9:31 am
this was just before 3:00 in the morning. when this cell decided to show some rotation here. with that we began to see damage. you can see lighter red and green on top of each other. that was the rotation. the wind speeds at different direction giving you different color here. as you work in ten to 15 minutes later throughout 3:09. there's a notch hook there. that storm continued into concorde and here that we did see some we had the damage come out of there. those are the storm that the national weather service warned on. if you woke up to phone bussing and alerting you. that's the reason why. that produced a tornado. certainly produced damage out there. a lot of tree damage getting report out of concorde into moral borrow off to the east of
9:32 am
62 in boston. 46 burlington. this really low humidity air mass is setting on in for the afternoon. temperature topping off in the upper 70s and lower 80s but a nice dry feel to the day. a little bit of a breeze kicking up. clear skies overnight tonight. cool overnight taste of fall that forecast ahead. that wild weather causing major problems overnight. take a look at the dangerous damage here in concorde where trees came down on power lines. those live wires scattered and crews work right now to shut off the power so they can get things clean up. jennifer eagan has the latest from concorde. >> crews in concorde freeing up power line brought down by an intense overnight storm. i don't think my heart beat that fast ever. it was absolutely insane. jenna woke up around 3:00 this morning and stay a large tree uprooted in her yard. >> i woke up and three minute
9:33 am
three minute. it felt like something washed through. we have symptom structural damage to houses however noting major. concorde fire chief said there's no record of any injuries from the storm the damage scene from sky 7 conen administrated on just a few streets around lexington road. the chief has this warning for people who wlif here as the cleanup begins >> if you go outside. you want to really be aware that some of these trees have wires within them. and they are charged. this whole section of town is going -- is going to lose their power and it will be out for sometime. we've got poles to set. we have a lot of poles down. and just a lot of damage. this is just one example. you can see the tree resting on the power line. national weather service will be concorde. they will be looking at the damage one way they try to determine whether or not this was a tornado.
9:34 am
in concorde. en fer eagan. 7news "today in new england." concorde wasn't alone. the storms passed through multiple town where much of the same damage was scene. that's where kris anderson is this morning. what's it looking like there? >> what a difference a few hours make. walker street back open. you don't see debris mind me. earlier this morning. totally different scene when those storm rolled through overnight. this road was covered by part a huge tree. cleanup is under way in marlboro after severe storm caused some damage and left thousands of people without power early this morning. >> its quite windy and rained hard. not for very long. it was very, very quick. the storm roll through around 3:00 a.m. monday.
9:35 am
just heard a noise and loud bang and like the house shook. and then the power blew and i said, oh, well someone must have hit a pole or something. that was 120-foot section of pine tree that came crashing down on walker street. >> that tree could have hit the house. i think the wires headlined it up. i really co. i heard a crash. but i didn't know. the national weather service will be in a look at the damage and figure out if it was indeed a tornado that tore through the area. >> if that all the damage it did we're really lucky. >> really very fortunate. no reports of the good news of any damage to any structures homes or cars and no injury being reported. now i did speak with people from national grid they say the repairs are finish they wait to get lek tricks back into
9:36 am
borrow kris anderson, 7news "today in new england." let's get a check of the roads now with danielle gersh. good morning, everyone. it's been a messy morning on the roads. here's the expressway. notice still stop and go traffic northbound there. braintree to boston half an hour. let's go to map. we're watching a few accidents out there as well. this one in stoton. and then the pike kind of a mess all morning we keep an eye on this in hop morning the truck jackknifed on the ramp from 495 northbound. that's major delay on the pike into town there are backed up for six miles and then on 495 crawling up there as well. this the newerer crash westbound. causing delay out with 3 and 3 not until you get closer to boston area and now issue on route one. let's check the drive times.
9:37 am
128 and then 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge 16 minutes this morning. back to you guy. police are piecing together the final point of dead l drive in east boston. one person killed after hit by a party bus. this morning we hear from a bus company. >> a party bus and a person somehow collide. boston police say got 911 call around 2:00 a.m. with reports of highway. by the time police arrive one was dead. the other hurt and rushed to hospital. investigator closed down the road for hour trying to figure out how this tragedy happen. you can see officer walking up and down the road coming for clues. their investigation is ongoing. entourage incorporated said we extend condolences the family of victims. we're cooperating with police and will provide officials with
9:38 am
investigate this tragic accident. our driver was questioned briefly as per proceedocal before released and send home. so far nor charges have been files there's no word on the injured person condition. police search for suspect after three people are shot in dorchester. the victims were taken to the hospital. anyone with information is asked to contact police. >> happening today a dorchester man will be himself in, in women's bathroom at the mbta station. investigator say they entered the restaurant and exposed himself friday. transit officers later arrest him. he's charged with open and gross lewdness. this man will be back in court today. 35-year-old and on the yoen damon h face a judge. damon committed several violent
9:39 am
there's new detail on the investigation into young women killed in princeton. the tip keep pouring in as police continue to search for her killer. state police have received 900 tips into have a necessariaire marcot's death. 27-year-old was out for run two weeks ago when she was killed and dumb dumped in the woods. two young children are expected to survive after nearly drowning in a pool in lowell over the weekend. a boy and girl were party on greeta lane on saturday night. when they were found unresponsive in the water. two nurses pulled them out. this morning both kids are in critical condition. aerosmith doesn't like its decision to change the hand gas cher. he responded by post thing photo on twitter the video that the played at attraction for 17
9:40 am
gesture which has a sexual connotatin. disney altered that video. now shows him holding up four fingers >> new this morning a report said the pill found in prince's mansion after his death had been miss labeled. that's according to the minnesota star tribune which citing source with knowledge of the investigation. according to that source the pills marked contained another opioid. prince had so much of that drug in his system he had no chance of passed away in april at the age of 57 he died of accident overdose. they don't say how the singer obtained the painkiller. vestor lean toward they'rety print didn't know it contained phetnyl. the preparation for 2018 already under way. how things are looking in south korea. ahead of the next winter game.
9:41 am
where this booeeast was lurkingf showers. >> take a look at the forecast ahead of us. all but sunshine back in the
9:42 am
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9:44 am
increase of short sighting in the area forced the beach to be closed last thursday. we had a lot of storms overnight. our live shot show sunny now. a week off. this could be a good time to go to beach? >> they on land; right, kris? >> you don't want to see shark push offshore a couple of miles. let me enjoy the nice beach weather. we have a lot of nice weather ahead of us. we had this one severe thunderstorm and tropical downpours that produced the wind marlboro all the way into concorde. you notice that hook on that, that ts system that exhibited protation and perhaps even tornado. national weather service will survey that. and for the day today they will determine if the path of some of the damage all pushes in one direction or if there's twisting and turning too it. if it's all in one direction it's micro burst. if you get twisting and turning to the damage that's indication there was a brief tornado. rainfall totals half an inch to
9:45 am
rain including the city of boston picking up almost an inch of rain just shy of it at.91 with this storm. now this brings the summer rainfall total up just shy of 4 inch. if we don't see any more rain for the month of august, which is possible, in boston there's a few isolated storm friday. but if it misses boston then we may indeed end this month on the drier side here in terms of not getting more rain. that would put us in the dry summer on breaking the record from 1957. we don't have any rainfall today. that's off to the east of us. we have tons of sunshine sarah and we're mentioning what a few hours make. the clear skies back into the midwest. temperature right now at 73. in boston, 67 worcester. low 70s very calm and also common lowering of humidity. there's a soupy tropical air mass in place for several hours overnight in early this morning.
9:46 am
through. behind the front these dewpoint falling into the 40s and 50s refreshing air mass sliding into new england. when you get the wind speed to lighten up the temperature fall i expect widespread overnight. a lot of us back into the 50. maybe a few suburbs into the 40s. if you leave the windows open overnight tonight you feel chilly inside the house. quiet weather, tuesday, wednesday and thursday. we will tc friday. there's not a lot of moisture with it. tonight into wednesday. tomorrow morning wednesday morning two of the coolest morning we've seen in sometime. and then the warm tom comes back thursday and friday where temperature back into the mid-to-upper 80s. tropics active. couple of waves to watch here out in the atlantic. tropical depression as well. this is far off. no immediate threat to the united states. but just an indication that atlantic starting to get more
9:47 am
track. bit of a breeze as well. overnight tonight. upper 40s low 50s. 58 to 60 in boston. nothing but sunshine tuesday, wednesday into thursday. again that isolated showers and storm possibility friday. much of the time will be dry and more dry weather over the weekend coolest at the coastline with sea breezes. >> time now for fast "traffic." here's danielle gersh. by this timeni watching an accident route 24 northbound at exit 20 slowing things down. we've been keeping an eye on hopkinton. the backup not as bad. what happened earlier this morning there was a crash on 495 northbound to the pike and that backed up traffic all morning long. it's still backing things up there on 495. we have an earlier accident inside the ted williams tunnel. that's cleared still stop and go on the pike. route 2 and 3 looking pretty good.
9:48 am
green on route one. let's check drive time. 24 on the expressway. braintree to boston 12 minutes into town on the pike. no delays there and no delays on 93 southbound 128 to zakim bridge just 11 minutes. the games wraps up less than 24 hours ago. we don't stop. preparations are in full inting they will be able to put on a show for the entire world. >> reporter: the earth is moving fast in south korea the next olympic venue rising quickly. from the skating rink to the bobsled rain career is on track to deliver first winter games. the first outside japan. >> historic. we are ready.
9:49 am
jump. ice rinks are new. test events coming soon. >> this venue will be completed novemb november 8th this year. are you nervous. still a little bit excited. there's one problem. snow they don't get much of it. >> even when we coget snow from the sky we will make snow. artificial snow. no snow but that's not a problem. got a problem. but not all about snow. >> it's olympic performances i have ever seen. >> a former south korean olympic champion now retired. i'm too old skate at the olympics. is promising a games to remember. >> we will make the pyongyang the best winter olympic games. >> officials have praised at skiing preparation. it's prmsing to crackdown on
9:50 am
all of this it says on time and on budget. olympic games don't come cheap. these will cost $13 billion. but that's a bargain compared the last winter games when russia spent four times more on sochi the most expensive in history. korea historic temples they are praying for success. >> we pray to it's not too long before the olympic games begin 78 weeks from now. >> construction on six new arenas is # 0% complete. new high-speed rail line expected to be finished by 2018. hard to believe that they are already preparing for this. they have to. they have to. i wonder if we should send nancy right over to there. >> she needs a vacation.
9:51 am
him sidelined for a while,
9:52 am
9:53 am
>> good morning. tom brady enjoying an extend the move apparently not related to his thumb injury. which is good news for the patriot's. there's also bad news. deon lewis running back will have a second surgery after tearing his acl back on noer 8th. lewis has been on the physically unable to perform list to start training camp. csn new england tom curl curl iran reporting it doesn't 8 to 10 weeks area.
9:54 am
line not encouraging either with right tackle sebastion heading to injured reserve. he's been on the list with undisclosed injury. he had shoulder surgery during the off-season. multiple report indicate that it is an issue with his hip that could lead him to being placed on the lead. rodriquez a late crash dealing with a hamstring injury. henry owens called up for pawtucket greeted rudely. he three run home run. five spot in third inning. the red sox only offensive bright spot on the day came courtesy of andrew lasting first career home run. two-run shot but not enough the tiger win it 10 of the 5 earning a permit in the four-game series. red sox open up another four-game series in tampa tonight. with david price on the mound. that's sports. i'm joe amorosino, have a great day. coming up next as the
9:55 am
again? again? >> who popped the i'm hillary clinton, and i approve this message. michael hayden: if he governs consistent with some of the things he said as a candidate, i would be very frightened. gillian turner: he's been talking about the option of using a nuclear weapon against our western european allies. max boot: this is not somebody who should be handed the nuclear codes. charles krauthammer: you have to ask yourself, do i want a person of that temperament controlling the nuclear codes? and as of now, i'd have to say no.
9:56 am
9:57 am
>> in the buzz miranda lambert showing a special most with young fan. she accepted a sweet proposal from the little boy. lambert said 6-year-old sebastion recurrently proposed to her. hen got down on one knee and gave her a ring. lambert said yes. but only on the condition that he wait 25 anderson east. you have to be patient with low. that's adorable. love that picture. >> check of weather. a lot of thing going on. what's the look at the forecast now? right now feature a lot of sunshine. those storm over and done with off the east coast. we are not see rain for a while. breezy and dry this afternoon. couple of degrees shy of 80. tonight taste of fall. some upper 40s and lower 50s in many sebeshs.
9:58 am
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this morning on "today's take," ryan lochte speaks out and puppy love. meet the newest member of the "today" show family and i have one word for you. bacon. a new twist all of that and more coming up w. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, tamron hall, and billy bush live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on this monday morning. august 22nd, 2016. i'm billy bush along with al and tamron. i'm the newest member of the "today" show. we have a newer member.


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