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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  September 22, 2016 12:38am-1:38am EDT

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oh, that's got to sting for trump. [ laughter ] an obama wants to vote for him but it's the one with the kenyan birth certificate. [ laughter ] also that's definitely how president obama looks every time you bring up his brother. [ laughter ] "yep. yeah, no i know who you're talking about." [ laughter ] "yeah." donald trump said at a campaign rally yesterday that he would put syrian refugees in safe zones, and make middle-eastern countries pay for them add there's nothing like doing things with other people's money. you said it baby, said melania. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] donald trump said at a rally last night, that african american communities are quote, "absolutely in the worst shape that they've ever been in before ever, ever, ever." [ light laughter ]
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[ laughter ] wow, when it comes to historical knowledge trump really is 12 years a moron. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] tomorrow is the first day of fall. i am so excited to watch donald trump change colors. [ laughter ] a group of scientists published a study this week that claimed pigeons are able to recognize words. well, all right pigeons, it's called trump tower. that's what we're aiming for. [ lighla facing criticism after putting up a sign with the words "muslims get out" said today that he feels critics are taking it the wrong way. you see he meant it as a racist insult to muslims. oh, oh that's you thought? okay, yeah then you got it. [ laughter ] then you guys definitely got it the first time. i'm sorry there's no way that you could get that any other way. [ light laughter ] a new study shows that the so-called love hormone, oxytocin, that is released during sex may boost spirituality.
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over. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] she's feeling a little spiritual. [ applause ] a boston man is recovering after losing his testicle after he attempted to fill a scuba tank with marijuana smoke causing the container to explode. then again if anyone shouldn't be having children, it's that guy. [ laughter and applause ] a company has come out with a new smartphone connected candle that can light or extinguish itself on command. of course samsung already has a phone that can light without a command. [ laughter and applause ] they're a little ahead -- they're ahead of the curve. and finally a canadian mint worker reportedly smuggled $135,000 worth of gold out of the building in his rectum. bail has been set as cash only. [ laughter ]
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[ cheers and applause ] he's one of the hosts of "the global citizen festival" and friend of the show, neil patrick harris is back with us on "late night." [ cheers and applause ] he is one of the stars of "power" on the starz network, omari hardwick joins us. [ cheers and applause ] we'll have music from acclaimed singer-song writer james blake. it's gonna be a great night. [ cheers and applause ] but before we get to that "the washin p spent more than a quarter of a million dollars from his charitable foundations to settle lawsuits involving his for-profit businesses, which may have been against the law. for more on this, it's time for a closer look. ? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: now here's a very important thing to note about the trump foundation. donald trump hasn't contributed his own money to it since 2008. it's almost entirely money donated to him by other people.
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trump used that money to help settle his legal problems. like, for example, $120,000 in unpaid fines from the town of palm beach resulting from a dispute over the height of a flag poll at trump's mar-a-lago club. the club put up a giant american flag on an 80 foot poll. town rules said flag polls should be 42 feet high at most. he put up a flag pole twice the legal height and refused to take it down. sounds like he's compensating for something. [ laughter ] to rollover in his grave, but he couldn't because he had a boner. [ laughter ] in the end the town let trump avoid those fines by giving $100,000 to charity which he did out of the trump foundation. something similar happened in 2010 when trump was sued over a hole in one contest at one of his golf courses. a man named martin greenberg hit a hole in one on the 13th hole while playing at a charity golf tournament at trump's course in west chester county. greenberg won a $1 million
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won nothing. the prizes rules required that the shot had to go 150 yards but trump's course had allegedly made the hole too short. he rigged the contest so it couldn't be won. he's like a carney working the ring toss at a state fair. [ laughter and applause ] there's a reason donald trump foundation is abbreviated dtf because it is down to f you over. [ laughter ] so those are the lawsuits, but people's money for was paintings of himself. in 2007 donald trump spent $20,000 that belonged to his charity to buy a six foot tall portrait of himself. it was at an auction and melania trump was actually the only one who bid on it. and apparently -- because apparently she didn't have much competition. the auctioneer even told her quote, "i don't think anyone is going to bid against you." oh really? there wasn't a biding war for a six foot version of that face on canvas?
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again this was done with money from trump's charitable foundation. now of course trump and his campaign insist that separate from the foundation, trump himself has given tens of millions of dollars of his own personal money to charity but without his tax returns we don't have any proof of that. and i personally don't buy that a guy that talks like this. >> i have had tremendous success. >> i'm really rich. >> i have the best words. >> i have a very good brain. >> everybody loves me. >> seth: that a guy that brags about hif [ laughter ] i'd like to send a christmas goose to the orphanage. what would you like the note to say mr. trump? from a friend. [ laughter ] so trump used charity money to settle lawsuits and buy things for himself. this should be one of the bigger scandals of the campaign but the reason it probably won't stick is the same reason none of trump's scandals ever seem to stick. he has no shame. in fact when he's confronted he just doubles down. he's like a dog who pees in the house and when you rub his nose
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answering machine: hi, leave a message after the beep. (beep) hey mom, this is larry. i just want to let you know that uh, i fulfilled the promise that you held me to. love you. (beep) ?
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please give it up for the 8g band right over there. [ cheers and applause ] also, she's been on drums all week with us from neon trees, elaine bradley everybody. [ cheers and applause ] check out elaine's other band, kissed out, their debut single "minus yours" is out now. so head over to for more details. thank you for being here elaine. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: such a pleasure. you know, here at late night every night i deliver a monologue comprised of jokes written by a diverse team of writers. across my desk that due to my being a straight white male would be difficult for me to deliver but we don't think that should stop you from enjoying them so we'd like to share them with you now in a segment we call "jokes seth can't tell." ? [ applause ] >> seth: so these are two of our writers, amber and jenny. >> i'm black >> and i'm gay >> and we're both women. >> seth: and i'm not. [ light laughter ]
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jokes and then amber and jenny will tell the punch line. so here we go. uc berkeley announced recently that they will be building a new african american center. >> and white girls are already trying to sleep with it. [ laughter ] >> seth: an usher at a seattle mariners game recently ordered a lesbian couple to stop being affectionate. >> the couple was caught sliding into third base. >> seth: oh i'm glad i didn't tell it. according to a recent study by the university of memphis 70% of african americans don't know how to swim. >> the other 30% survived the study. [ laughter ] >> seth: radio host rush limbaugh warned listeners recently that the federal government is trying to recruit
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armpit hair they're great at growing stuff. [ light laughter ] >> seth: donald trump visited a predominately black church recently, on a saturday morning. >> instead of how he usually visits black churches, on horseback in the middle of the night. [ audience ohs ] >> seth: a rumor circulated online recently that emma watson and margot robbie will be starring in a lesbian remake of "brokeback mountain." >> it will be called "hatchback mountain." >> seth: okay, so question for you jenny, why do lesbians drive hatchbacks? >> so they have a place to put all of their khakis. >> seth: yeah but, i like hatchbacks, does that make me a lesbian? >> no, your hair cut makes you a lesbian. [ light laughter ] >> it's true. >> seth: is it? >> yeah, well, ellen called and she wants her hair cut back. >> seth: all right. [ laughter ] >> hey seth, why don't you tell one? >> seth: no, i don't think i should. >> come on. >> seth: i don't think it will sound right coming from me.
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>> seth: yellow stone national park has announced they're making some changes in order to boost attendance from african americans. for example, from now on the geyser, old faithful will shoot grape soda. >> how dare you! >> seth: you told me to! >> you should be ashamed of yourself. >> seth: you said it would be okay. and you all cheered for me. >> no. >> don't pin this on them. >> seth: black women and lesbians are liars! ? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: we'll be right back with neil patrick harris. ? ds virgin racing entered formula e because we thought it was the best way to accelerate the development
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? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. ? [ applause ] >> seth: our first guest tonight is an emmy and tony award winning performer who will be co-hosting this years global citizen festival on saturday, september 24th. you can watch it live from 3-10pm on msnbc, please welcome back to the show our friend
12:57 am
? [ cheers and applause ] >> what's happening? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: great having you. [ cheers and applause ] >> wonderful to see you. >> seth: and they're alway always happy -- you always look so well-dressed. >> well thank you. i wanted to match your suitiness. >> seth: well, i'm suitiness and i feel like you topped me a little bit. because there's something charming about the way you're not wearing a tie. you look like you're at casino royale. >> i was panicked about whether i was going to keep this button like this -- [ cheers ] or, like this and i was going for this one. >> seth: yeah. >> but then as i keep talking this one keeps -- >> seth: oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
12:58 am
it up. >> keep it one button -- it's a little british. >> seth: i would go a little british. >> it's a little posh. >> seth: that's really good. so this is very exciting, this global citizen stuff. >> yeah. >> seth: this is a huge 120,000, 150,000 -- how big is the crowd? >> it's a giant concert in central park that they're doing with major people involved. rihanna and metallica. >> seth: demi lovato. >> demi lovato >> seth: kendrick lamar. >> kendrick lamar. you should host the co-host thing. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i will say i'm amazed i came up with other names, because i kind of always stop listening wheo want to hear. >> are you excited? have you ever seen her live? >> seth: i saw rihanna live in vancouver and she is fantastic. >> she gives a great show. she sings and she dances and she does like, she like dances like from her downstairs parts, you know? [ laughter ] she's got the long legs and it's just all kind of from -- >> seth: yeah. >> she like dances. she's got that face. >> seth: oh yeah. >> what is that?
12:59 am
i was watching she's just, um, somethings like her stank face. [ light laughter ] she's got that, um i love it. i was so into watching her face when she's dancing. >> seth: i love her so much i'm into watching you do it. [ laughter ] [ cheers ] >> how do you do that? >> seth: also, you saying she dances from the downstairs makes me realize i dance attic up. [ laughter ] that's about all. >> me too. i'm up here. >> seth: yeah. i'm just like -- because my bottom never moves. you're not losing anything. >> pelvis forward. >> seth: and now you've obviously performed in front of large audience before. >> obviously nothing like this. i mean, 150,000 people in central park and what i think is exciting about it is, the only way that you can go is not by buying a ticket but by doing public service. so if you go into their website and check it out and you have to do something, you have to be positive and make a change of
1:00 am
to this thing so not only is it going to be an amazing concert with amazing people performing, but i think that the vibe there will be one of positivity and inclusiveness and a good thing especially for new york right now and in this election cycle with so much negativity being slandered back and forth. >> seth: that will be a great afternoon. >> i feel like it will be a great afternoon, evening of amazing performances and if you go then everyone there will have done something, accomplished something good. >> seth: that's great. [ cheers and applause ] >> so i do think it's a good thing to be -- >> seth: well i'm very much looking forward to that. now in your family life, some pretty exciting stuff. you have 5-year-old twins. >> indeed. they will be 6 in a couple of weeks. >> seth: 6 in a couple weeks, they're going to school. >> they started kindergarten last week. >> seth: they started kindergarten. >> yeah dude, >> seth: and how is that for you? >> it was -- it's cool. it's fun. the end of a long process. because in new york city you have to apply for all of these schools. >> seth: sure. it's very hard to get into schools. >> and it's shockingly difficult. there's thousands and thousands
1:01 am
you're writing essays. for kindergarten. >> seth: for kindergarten. but you said it was cool but can't be as cool as your physical children are. because is this their first day of school? >> their kindergarten pic. >> seth: oh my goodness, come on! >> those are stoop pics. >> seth: come on! >> yeah, man. [ cheers and applause ] that's harper and gideon. >> seth: harper and gideon. they are pretty cool cats. that is fantastic. >> kindergarteners represent. >> seth: and they go to school together. >> they do but they're in different classes. >> seth: okay, that's nice. >> different houses they're called. one is in hogwarts -- [ laughter ] neither is in slitheren. >> seth: congratulations. that's every parents fear. [ laughter ] another thing i know from sort of following you on social media and knowing you and david and the kind of parents you are it seems to me that you take halloween very seriously. >> you don't?
1:02 am
no. but we just had a kid. so i feel like i am entering a chapter where i will take it very seriously. i'm like very excited about it now. >> your child's what? five months? >> seth: six months now, yeah. >> six months old so that's the cute baby costume. >> seth: yeah, absolutely. where he doesn't get to make a choice. we choose. >> just fat baby in a pumpkin. >> seth: there you go. >> little ol' pumpkin hat. >> seth: that's pretty much what we're aiming for. >> or a bat. >> seth: a bat's good. though now are they, at 5, 6, almost 6, are they making the choices? >> they're starting to have more of an opinion. beginning you kinda just talk them into it. >> it's a little bit annoying >> seth: yeah. >> because we come up with the good exciting plans and we'll do the wizard of oz. it will be fun and you'll be dorothy and you'll be the lion and i'll be the tin man. and it's perfect. >> seth: let's just show one that you did. >> this is last year. >> seth: this is last year. so where they a star wars fan? >> super duper star wars fans. >> seth: okay, so you didn't have to convince them too hard. >> no, this is an easy one. >> seth: come on, look at this family.
1:03 am
>> harper, she saw the picture of carrie fisher doing that exact same kind of pouty face and i don't know how. >> seth: and you just have like a little yoda puppet? you threw that down there. >>oh yeah. where's waldo? yoda puppet in the corner. so yeah, this year they're going to do two. we'll do a family costume and we're trying to slow play the family costume idea. >> seth: what do you want? can you even say? >> i don't want to say but i don't want them to change their minds. >> seth: got it. >> so i'm trying to do jedi tricks on them, and not saying here's our costume this year. i'm saying hey look at that. that's a cool idea. we should dress up as that sometime and do that every week. >> seth: got you. because obviously they go to school halloween parties and so that's an individual choice they make. >> she is into "monster high." >> seth: i don't know what that is. >> it's a cartoon. >> seth: it would be creepy if i did, right? >> it'd be creepy if you did. i love "monster high"! "monster high" is toys and dolls
1:04 am
>> so it's these girls with these long legs and short shorts and vampire teeth and boobs. >> seth: oh no. >> that's what harper wants to be for halloween. >> seth: how do you disabuse her of "monster high"? >> i don't want her to be some whore. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> in kindergarten. >> seth: it's too early. you worked so hard to get her into the school. >> and i don't think anyone will get it, it's monster high. they'll just think she is a goth prostitute. it's so fake. [ light laughter ] so i don't know. gideon wants to be r2d2. textbook at how girls mature faster than boys. [ laughter ] i want to be a goth prostitute. i want to be r2. [ laughter ] >> both equally not good. >> seth: is r2 bad? >> bad, bad, dude. >> seth: why? >> you can't walk. you can't sit in the car. >> seth: oh yeah. >> you can't go through doors. how do you pee? it's going to be a really difficult. >> seth: even if star wars r2 had his head out of the spaceship. he's just so poorly made he can't even sit down there. >> lock him into this little can
1:05 am
>> seth: now obviously you are a man of great stage craft. you have hosted the tonys a bunch of times. >> i have, yes. >> seth: but you just took the kids to "hamilton" first time. >> yeah. >> seth: okay, now here's my question because i know people who have kids who introduced them to "hamilton." have you played them the sound track a bunch first? >> yeah. i'm just a huge "hamilton" fan just on every level. >> seth: got it. so it's just playing in the house? >> lin-manuel miranda as a person i'm a fan of the original cast. i'm a fan of the cur i'm a fan of the fact that he can take musical theater and hip hop and combine it in a way that not only is exciting but historical. >> seth: that part is the best. >> so you have people -- they're going to tour and this show will be in high schools and kids are going to learn all kinds of history through theater and i think that's great. so our kids are on the very young side to appreciate a lot of this but they're learning already. >> seth: sure. >> because i listen to it all the time. >> seth: yeah. >> they're learning all kinds of internal rhythms and syncopations and they can lip
1:06 am
they have no idea what the declaration of independence is, or constitution. >> seth: right, right. >> that's kind of very little of them. >> seth: right, they're like i feel like this show is hard on jefferson, dad. [ laughter ] it's very one sided based on my other reading. >> yeah he likes hercules mulligan right now. >> seth: hercules mulligan, your son likes hercules mulligan. he is very unique style of rap in the play. >> ? i am hurcules mulligan lovin' it, coming it yes i heard your mother say "come again? ? [ cheers ] >> seth: so does he know what "i heard your mother say come again," does he know what that means? >> he doesn't yet. >> seth: he doesn't. well, he'll ask his sister. >> how dare you. >> seth: i saw what she dresses like, neil. i've seen her outfits. [ laughter ] were they excited though? >> they were very excited. a broadway show is so amazing. it's so impressive. just to do it.
1:07 am
it was a buyout for one night for the robin hood foundation. >> seth: oh great. >> which is a philanthropic organization. philanthropic organization. and so i thought it was appropriate for them to go then. in case they were uncomfortable or bored it was better then than surrounded by people that paid $50,000 for scalped seats for the show. >> seth: and it's not a short show. were they into it the whole time? >> harper left at intermission because she fell asleep. >> seth: okay. >> and she felt so bad, i had to talk to her because she was standing there half asleep. i want to stay. i want to stay. i said honey it's okay. we can go back and see it another time. >> seth: i want to see what happens to america. >> yeah. [ laughter ] gideon stayed through the whole thing. he was great, and the guy that plays hercules mulligan, oh, gideon wore a cool suit and he wore the cap. >> seth: sure, like the hercules cap. >> the hercules cap on backwards and so saw him a little tongue wag -- >> seth: during the show? >> during the show, which is super cool. >> seth: wow, that's so great that there's a point of
1:08 am
audience a little bit. >> well they sing out to people. >> seth: sure. >> you know what i mean? so it wasn't really breaking the wall but yeah, it's great. it's one of my favorite things about new york is the theater here is really strong and i think that leave a delliable mark in their minds as to what theater can be. >> seth: you mentioned this is a show, and i think you're right, that will be in high schools soon. there will be productions of it. but do you think there will have to be songs in the show that high schoolers will not be able to sing? that requires skill level beyond? are they going to cut it down? >> that's true, maybe, yeah. because they'll probably [ inaudible ] >> seth: can any d high schooler do that, like the super fast rap? >> i hope so. i think that's what's so exciting >> seth: i guess that's true. >> it's almost like tongue twister stuff. >> seth: yeah, that's true. >> but yeah, normal high school -- the high school quarterback will be chosen to be in the musical this year. >> seth: exactly. >> and that'll be a little tricky. >> seth: that's fantastic though. i want to talk another friend of yours. this is another great broadway performer. alan cumming. he's a friend of yours. >> he is. >> seth: and i hear you have a
1:09 am
>> yeah, we do. alan's a photographer. he actually has a book that's out right now that he's going around talking about of pictures that he takes. and he's taken them forever so i went to a photo exhibit of his that he did in new york a few years back and there's all of these cool pictures, and we liked one. it was fish net stocking kind of look, webbing, that was kind of it. seemed kind of cool and odd and he walks up and we say what is this one, alan? and he says oh, that's my willie. [ light laughter ] >> seth: oh wow. >> that he had taken of his member in fish nets. >> seth: but it was so close you couldn't tell. >> but it's so close up you didn't know what it was. so you're looking at it and you have no idea what it is and as soon as you do know what it is, that's all you can see. [ laughter ] you're just, oh that's -- so it's cool and i like that and i like that there's a little story behind it so it's on the wall in the hallway and architectural digest came and filmed our house and there's a big picture they took because
1:10 am
and i standing in front of the hallway with these pictures. [ cheers and applause ] it's a good shot, you know. >> seth: that's fantastic. >> i like it. >> seth: classy architecture, classy art. >> it's well hung. [ laughter ] there it is, right there. >> seth: there it is. i'm not going to try to follow that. have a great time. >> thank you. >> seth: at global citizen. give it up for neil patrick harris. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: world citizens festival airs live on saturday from 3 to 10pm on msnbc. we'll be right back with omari hardwick. ?
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take a break from the election with red or blue tea. make time for snapple. pam griffin: our daughter courtney got caught in a web of opiate and heroin addiction.
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? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to late night everybody. our next guest is a talented actor who stars on the hit series "power." the season finale airs this sunday on starz. let's take a look. >> i ain't talkin' much these days. but i did see tommy. he killed ruiz for being a traitor to milan. >> did tommy say how he figured that out? >> no, he said ruiz told him right before he killed him. he knew that was my only way out, and he shut it down. >> tommy doesn't want you to get out. >> trust me i know it, but i thought it was basic level we were back on point. i mean after i helped him with holly, you know, i mean after everything we have been through. tommy is changing and i don't think it's for the better. >> seth: please welcome to the show, omari hardwick. ?
1:16 am
>> seth: i'm so happy to have you here. >> i'm happy to be here. >> seth: i want to talk about your show. i wanna talk about what a terrific actor you are, but you were a football player in college. >> i was. >> seth: university of georgia. >> university of georgia. >> seth: and you went to -- you played with hines ward. one of my all time favorite players. >> he's incredible, isn't he? >> seth: he's incredible. and you came close to having a pro career. you went to camp, yeah? i didn't quite do the 40 yard dash the way that i should have done it. >> seth: okay. >> i didn't do the jumps the way i should have done them. i didn't do the 225 pound reps the way i should have done it. but, i got injured and so ironically of course now i can, you know, laugh at the guys that are not walking the way i'm walking. [ light laughter ] >> seth: there you go. 'cause you walked out great. i gotta be honest. that was one of the better walks i've seen. >> should i go back there and do it again? >> seth: i mean, it was real good. >> it was cool?
1:17 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: and was it hard -- looking back, so were you also doing theater at gerogia? >> yeah, i was a weird artsy fartsy dude, man. i was like bipolar. i minored in theater. i went home and told my mom. i said, you know, i was taking 20 hours and playing football and pledging a fraternity, which was really kind of stupid. and she said, what are you trying to do? and i said mom if i can get through this, and all of this crazy stuff, then i feel like i can do anything. so i ended up minored in theater and majored in broadcast jour cut from my attempt in the nfl i found my way to new york and theater, and hole in the wall stages and it landed me dreaming and washing my behind in ymca's in la and broke and the whole nine and now i'm talking to a one seth meyers. >> seth: there you go. [ cheers and applause ] did having a passion outside of football but knowing you also loved acting did that make it easier to walk away from the game the way you did? >> i think so.
1:18 am
the football money? >> yeah, man. and i thought about, you know, there were great friends, robert edwards, travis stroud, hines ward, you know, mike bobo ended up, he was our quarterback, he ended up actually being the coordinator for the university of georgia so, his nfl career didn't pan out as well. but for me it was more of a -- i knew i was passionate. i knew that i was going to go for something that 2% of the world made it in. if it wasn't football i felt like, well, at least it's gonna be be something equally as crazy. >> seth: yeah. screen actor guild, acting -- a working actor i should say. acting on, you know, on shows, on theater, and on film. and so it worked out for me. it took a minute but it worked out. i plugged away at it and now i'm watching nfl the same. probably not like quarterbacks, i don't watch it as much. >> seth: that's good. >> you know how you are. you know how you are, seth. >> seth: i know how i am, yeah. [ light laughter ] and i just think if people would listen to me, it would go a little bit better! [ laughter ] so i want to talk about -- >> pittsburgh's doing well.
1:19 am
well. we're 2-0. >> i got a great -- >> seth: they say if you win the first two you win the rest. that's what -- >> that's what they say? >> seth: historically, yeah. >> so then -- >> seth: 16-0 and then the playoffs and then 19-0 and superbowl. >> so, giants and pittsburgh. that's what you're predicting. >> seth: giants and pittsburgh. >> oh, that'd be awesome. >> seth: they can't both be undefeated, 'cause they're playing this year. >> this is true. >> seth: this is true. >> look at the stuff that seth knows. >> seth: yeah. [ light laughter ] >> you never did that on "saturday night live," man. you didn't talk football on "saturday night live." >> seth: i wasn't allowed to. now i have my own show and everybody is saying, oh, he was better before. >> oh, you think -- [ laughter ] >> seth: i think people preferred it more before. >> before, yeah. but you're a capricorn like me. >> seth: you are? when were you born >> i think a week after you. january 9th. >> seth: oh, that's close to my brother, yeah. >> when are you? >> seth: i'm december 28th. >> look at you i think you and denzel, lebron james -- >> seth: definitely denzel, not lebron. >> well -- >> seth: maybe it is lebron. >> well, you look like -- you look like denzel a little bit. >> seth: i think so. [ laughter ] a lot of people call me white denzel. >> white denzel. >> seth: wait! i wanna talk about this. is this true that you coached denzel washington's son? >> i did. well i don't know about coached, i was his mentor and trained him
1:20 am
into, you know, college. i trained him, really worked him out every saturday. and super close to him. now he's on "ballers" on hbo. he's doing his thing as an actor. so he kind of followed my same path, but ironically he's a huge james blake fan, and i'm a huge james blake fan so i might switch places and when james comes out i might go in the audience. >> seth: oh, that's fantastic. >> and kind of watch james walk out. >> seth: you know what? do you want to introduce james blake with me. >> don't play with me like that, seth. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay. >> seth, don't do that. >> seth: you can if you want. >> can i do that? >> seth: yeah, you can do it. >> am i doing it from your seat? >> seth: you can do it from where ever you want. these cameras move. [ laughter ] so i want to talk about you play a very -- >> technology is something else. >> seth: you play a very cool character on the show. >> yeah, he's cool. >> seth: you play an adulterous drug dealer. >> yes. >> seth: i think that would be a fair way to describe him. you do it with a great amount of charm. >> thank you. >> seth: you do. i say to my wife, see guys like this aren't that bad. [ laughter ] so, is it true when you got this part that you read "moby dick" to prepare? >> i did. >> seth: and what was your thinking there?
1:21 am
a man can charm a whale the way that "moby dick" charmed a whale, his desperation was so at a level of like anything's possible and i want to conquer the same way that he wanted to conquer a whale and actually acquire this whole jacques cousteau of sorts effort that he had. i thought the same thing could go true for a guy that's trying to sell illegal narcotics to the greater parts of new york, but he's also trying to not do that. he's a dreamer of all sorts. found that when i was in school it to be most interesting because not only was it really about a man's quest for this whale and the acquisition of it, but more so about the desperation and hearing nobody else but your own focus and your own ideals, and so ghost is similar to that. he's narcissistic, he's arrogant, he's passionate beyond repair and whatever he wants when he wants it, and how he wants it, he ends up trying to get it. and it doesn't matter who he hurts in doing it. so, it's been a difficult character to play.
1:22 am
because nobody really knows when you're coming or going. >> seth: sure. >> but when i'm in the streets everybody when i'm coming and going and so i've been less omari lately and more ghost when i'm walking on the streets. >> seth: a lot of people recognize you from the show these days? >> they are, man. >> seth: and now i wanna ask this, because you obviously play a guy -- you've killed people, you deal drugs, you cheat on your wife. >> yeah, he kills people. >> seth: but you're likable, and you mention charm and so when people see you on the street, do you get the sense that they're rooting for you and rooting for that character? >> i think -- you know what i think? i think courtney kemp, the show's creator, and curtis "50 cent jackson," we have to give it up to them, and also starz, they have allowed this guy to be larger than life but also to be extremely bright. and so when you get a guy that's that bright but equally doting as a father, then i think you sort of forgive -- there's an innate forgiveness because his intentions are never necessarily that bad. the problem is, joseph sikora, tommy, naturi naughton, tasha, and lela loren, angela, he says he's loyal to all three and there might be a problem there. you told your wife that this guy's not so bad, the problem, seth, is he's married like you are in real life.
1:23 am
[ laughter ] and so he's married and that mathematic -- that mathematical equation doesn't work out. and your wife is correct to say it doesn't work out. so that's been the hardest thing but i think he's really, really bright. his intentions are good and he's trying to break good from bad versus, you know, walter white doing the opposite in breaking bad. >> seth: well, there you go. >> he's an interesting guy. >> seth: well i gotta -- i want to give you credit, because you can tell from the performance you put a lot of thought into it. and it's fantastic having you out here. >> thank you, man. >> seth: and again you can sti i'll stick around. >> seth: omari hardwick, everyone. the season finale of "power" airs this sunday on starz. we'll be right back with music from james blake. [ cheers and applause ] ? [ "on the road again," by willie nelson ] ? on the road again ? [ rear alert sounds ] [ music stops ] ? just can't wait to get on the road again ? [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ]
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? [ cheers and applause ]
1:29 am
shared with seth, and he is a grammy award nominated musician who will kick off a north american headlining tour this friday in dallas, folks. here to perform my "willing heart," please welcome to the show, the very talented james blake. >> seth: nailed it. [ cheers and applause ] ? ? the first time your name was used it was beauty and i knew sat in a violet room ? ? with some people i saw through gathered 'round the television's fire ? ? watching for the people i admired outside my world we're frozen in the mouth ?
1:30 am
when i see my willing heart how will i know? how will i walk slow? ? ? how will i know? how will i walk slow? it's a strange spell that we lust for ? ? every now and then every now and then every now and then every now and then ? ? when i see
1:31 am
how will i know? how will i walk slow? ? ? it's a strange spell that we watch for and one i swear i never saw ? ? every now and then every now and then every now and then you're still on my screen ? ? every now and then you're still on my screen every now and then there's a glare from ? ? the sun looking
1:32 am
how will i know? how will i walk slow? how will i know? ? ? how will i walk slow? it's a strange spell that we watch for every now and then ? ? you're still on my screen every now and then they must have heard my scream ? ? every now and then there's a glare from the sun every now and then ? ? when i see
1:33 am
how will i know? how will i walk slow? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: james blake. "the colour in anything" is out now. for tour dates go to we'll be right back.
1:35 am
1:36 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: my thanks to neil patrick harris, omari hardwick, james blake and company. and of course the 8-g band. stay tuned for carson daly. we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ]
1:37 am
? >> carson: good evening. welcome to "last call" from the top of new york city. i'm carson daly. we are stationed at 230 fifth for tonight's show.
1:38 am
jessica rothe's new show "mary and jane." we're at the fyf fest for the music of peter bjorn and john. but first we welcome the very funny trio of mamrie hart, hannah hart, and grace helbig back to our show, this time to talk about their very funny new film called "dirty 30." let's take you over to west hollywood for more. ? >> "dirty 30." what is the urban dictionary definition of this thing? [ talking at once inspiration comes from. >> but we did do, like a fresh google search to make sure there was no porn sites that were related to dirty thirty because we didn't want anyone, you know, looking it up on their own and getting, you know, rerouted. >> oh, is that a porn term? [ laughter ] >> someone's getting rerouted. ? >> i'm grace helbig. >> i'm mamrie hart. >> and i'm hannah hart. >> we are the stars of the upcoming movie "dirty 30."


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