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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  October 2, 2016 9:00am-10:31am EDT

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don't worry. it just takes some planning. and i can help. so if you have a question about retirement, ask me. sincerely, bernard tynes fellow vacationer and fellow citizen. a devastateing in your drum's figure past in the spotlight this morning. what a reporter i his past tax record. and the strongest hurricane to hit the atlantic in almost a decade. look at the size of this storm. we are tracking the past of matthew. and big papi finale. david ortiz will play the final regular season game of his storied career at fenway park later today. this is 7 news today in new england. realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning.. good sunday morning, i'm
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we want to head up life to the hatch marketwatch shell for a wonderful event. meteorologist bri eggers is there. >> bri: it is not bad, right, we have memorial catholic high school from west roxbury, you are here, thank you for your support, expecting more 40,000 walkers to come out, still a reallying start. so you can go whenever you juan to, two, five miles, whatever you feel like. and you are not getting soaked, it is in the rain, it is a mix for us. and cool so you will want the pink sweatshirt or jacket. looking at the current conditions with temperatures in the 50s for of us. 5 pour, 56 in boston.
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northeasterly breeze and a mist and drizzle sticking around with us with the temperatures in the midto upper 50s, closer you get to the coast. there's your onshore wind, it has been sticking i rain for sometime, picking up moisture and bringing it in our direction, but in the ben fishtial rainfall. we have seen very few umbrellas, and you just need the jacket and big smile. again, here are the pourth annual, big fund raising goal is $2.2 million, and we are more than halfway there. so if have you time this morning come on down and enjoy this, we would love to see you here and make sure you say hi. for now, i'm bri eggers. two people died at the scene of an accident and another taken
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serious injuries. ed road was closed down for several hours after the crash. you can see how serious the accident was. it is still being investigated this morning. turning to a dedham situation where a truck plowed about a husband leaving behind damage. narrowly missed a young woman lying down in the home. we had a chance to speak to the homeowner. >> reporter: a close call for the couple who live in this crash crashed into the bedroom where ross carrer are a was sleeching. >> the whole house shook. i thought we got hit by a meteor ite or something. >> reporter: narrowly missing the spot with don's wife was lying down. >> she was laying here and
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when it hit and everything fell on the area where she vacated on the bed. >> reporter: when dedham firefighters arrived they had to pull the driver out of the truck. he had some sort of medical emergency, causing the accident. the family thankful for this prick wall say they protected them. >> the wall caused it to swerve off and missed, took the conner of the house off. >> reporter: and hopeful the driver, a man who lives in the neighborhood, will recover. >> i hope hs >> reporter: 7 news today in new england. >> kris: latest on new jersey commute crash. federal data revealed there were safety concerns before last week's deadly accident. new jersey transit trains have been involved in more than 150 accidents since 2011. an audit was started in june after noticing an increase in
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tommy gallagher the train's engineer who is interviewed by investigators yesterday was seriously hurt in a crash, he had no red flags in his history prior to this crash. but information gathered from cameras at the site resealed there were no signal problems. investigators recovered one of two records, data from the black box may be able to explain why the train did not slow down and what the engineer was or crash. and saft board says initial attempts to gain information from the recorder have been unsuccessful. we have been recommending positive train control for 40 years. so we will look at that and look at whether there are positive train control installed and all the aspects related to that before we come to any conclusion. >> kris: one person killed and more than a hundred others
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house, 37 days until the election and a "new york times" report shows donald trump lost nearly a billion in failed businesses back in 1995 which may have allowed him to avoid paying federal income taxes for past 18 years. during a rally on saturday night he took the focus off himself questioning hillary clinton's loyalty to her husband insinuate she was unfaithful and mocked her for leaving a 9/11 memorial service after she got sick. report in the statement her campaign says in one year donald trump last nearly a billion, a billion, he stiffed small businesses and laid off workers and walked away from hard working communities. he got to avoid paying taxes for two decades while tens of millions of hard working families continued to that i theirs. the vice presidential candidates are preparing for their debate on tuesday.
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a college dorm goes up in flames in new hampshire. you see the flames and smoke. fire crews rushed to the scene at morton hall in dartmouth. the flames started in the ceiling. the 70 student who lived there were safely evacuated. the fire department is still trying to figure out what sparked that fire. residents in arlington are on alert, issuing a warning about coyotes after one attacked and killed a family pet. victoria war than spoke with concerned neighbors >> reporter: a warning in arlington for dog owners to be on alert. a coyote attack and killed a family pet. >> that's scary, you know. >> reporter: it happened in a home next to a park, 7 am, on friday morning. >> they put their dog out in the morning to let the dog out and give down minutes or so later they count find the dog. the coyote brought the dog into
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their dog's body a small west highland terrier, the same size as mary's terrier mix. she's well aware she has coyotes for neighbors. >> i have seen them walking across the street. >> reporter: arlington police warning everyone to be careful. it is a warning people like mary are taking to heart. >> i can't imagine living with that. i don't know how you get over it. >> news, today in new england. >> kris: protests erupting in los angeles. what we are learned about a police involved shooting there. >> bri: here all morning long on thes planned a. >> kris: a reallying start. and creepy clowns plaguing a missouri town. the disturbing messages they are
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>> kris: you will see the skyline a cloudy cool start to our sunday. and you might want to keep the umbrella close by. scattered showers and drizzle expected throughout the day. the draery weather isn't keeping meteorologist bri eggers outside.
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absolutely wonderful reason. >> bri: the making strides against breast cancer walk starting now, rolling start between 8-10 am and there is a lack of sunshine but not a lack of smiles. this is such an empowering event and with me this morning, peter with the catholic memorial high school from west roxbury. you were telling me this is an incredible event for you. why do you support this cause? thousand for this research, and we are a boys' school in west roxbury. 700 boys, part of the mission is to educate them and have them become advocates for important causes that face everybody. all of our boys care deeply. we have sisters and mothers and friends and girlfriends, this is an epidemic that we all have to encounter, and that is part of or mission here.
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thank you for your support and did you a fantastic job singing fight song earlier to kick us off. a lot of people out on the 2-5-mile start. a reallying start and i have to tell you the weather is not all that bad. right guys? it has been worse. they always expect rain on this event but it happens rain or shine. looking at the current conditions and talk about the forecast now. right now we are looking at blgts bit of mist. yesterday, been fishal rain, we needed every drop we got and today just dampness hanging around and cooler temperatures, midto upper 50s and we'll climb a couple of degrees. onshore, winds, sticking around with us out of the northeast, a bit of breeze in the city of boston perform 10-5 teen mile an hour sustained winds. you will want the jacket. and we have that mix, that i mentioned before, if you look at
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they appear to be moving in from the northeast to the southwest. and yes, showers, we can't rule it out as we get into this afternoon but not like yesterday. intermittent scattered showers through the area. low lying clouds sticking around with us but there is drier air at the midlevels, trying to work in for this afternoon, and i do expect improvement in the afternoon hours and you see this bigger picture, upper level low pressure system that has been near the in the stagnant pattern for last couple of days. and will continue to do do adds it works its way your shore. we are in this same patten for another day or so. getting close to the 60 degree mark at 11 am, temperatures not moving a whole lot and slight chance of rain with us tomorrow, and also on tuesday. and now, a rolling start, you can still come out here, we would love to have you, not many
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need them, maybe something with a hood or pink hat. the forecast, past wednesday, once we get the sunshine back in the picture, tricky after that. we know there is a major hurricane in the caribbean, hurricane matthew and for more on that and the projected patty will send it back to the studio with meteorologist rob i canner. >> rob: well defined eye and is a cat dpoer 4 hurricane. and it is almost as strong as it was yesterday morning, maintain its strengths. and it is moving currently to northwest. we will impact jamaica, and haiti tomorrow, in to tuesday, and now the good news is it is a powerful hurricane but tiny, the winds are extends 25 out from the center.
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water but right now the forecast has it hammering haiti with some of the worst winds. and then over the bahamas on wednesday, thursday, and friday. and then where it goes beyond that, is anyone's guess. computer models are all over the place with some bending it more toward the carolina coastline, some kind of taking it up the u.s. east coast and some curving it to the atlantic. if i had to say there was a trend i would say it is trendsing f out in the atlantic, which would be good news for us. the key if it were to impact or either it wouldn't be until next weekend and that is a big ff if. weep that in mind on the forecast for thursday and friday, receive-day forget is iffy there. >> kris: alec baldwin taking on
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on saturday night live. >> mr. trump you criticized senator clinton for voting for the iraq war. but you supported the war? >> wrong, wrong, you are being very mean to me tonight. very mean. i was against the war, ask anyone in the world named sean handity. >> donald trump has terrible dg and spendses his life cheating middle class labors, like my own human father who made drapes or sold drapes or, he was was relatable and i am also relatable. rapper weekend was the musical guest. coming up the royal family
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abroad and adorable prince george stealing the show again. and what happened to this little boy, called a kelly: you know me. not from thousands of false, negative ads- but as your first female attorney general- appointed by republican and democratic governors. as your senator, i'm fighting for equal pay and against workplace discrimination,
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i reached across the aisle to protect access to mammograms. i approve this message because after all the false, negative ads, i'm still the kelly ayotte you know-
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christmas an eeri epidemic, and
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children there. and we are hearing from a boy who received a creepy message. >> i was shocked and surprised. i didn't know what to think. i don't know why he's messaging me. >> reporter: ethan received weird messages on line from accounts disguised as clowns. and he's not alone. they said things like i'm coming for you and your friends and going so far to make thr well. >> they said they were going to the high school and kidnap the kids and kill the teachers walking to the cars and stuff. >> reporter: he says some students have stayed home from school, the school district has had extra police on campuses and say they didn't find any credibility to the threat. but it is still a scary time for these young students. >> i don't know what to think. i don't know if they will actually do it. that's messed up. >> kris: that is scary for those
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there were no problems on friday but these cloud sitings are occurring all over the country. a bus swerves out of control. look at video from on board the bus. what happened seconds before that bus tipped over. and keeping a cleese eye on a hurricane, murk matthew moving through the caribbean.
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this morning this young man recovering from heart surgery and sat side this police so far who prayed with his parents while they wait forward an ambulance. they are calling that small moment of kindness an absolute miracle. we have more on this touching story. >> reporter: at just two years old... little michael through more than anyone could imagine. >> he accepted his tiny new heart , no complications. >> we don't know how long it will last. >> reporter: a week ago on their way to texas children's hospital michael's mom noticed he started to turn purple. >> i know he was there to help us. >> reporter: at the right place, at the right time. because if he wasn't there i don't know, i wouldn't have made
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manuel edwards was working traffic control. she pulled up behind him in a desperate panic. he did something unexpected. >> he grabbed my hand and said god's with us. and this will pass, whatever it is, it will pass. >> reporter: at that movement a miracle, the baby started to move like nothing happened. and i think that moment, michael's mother never thought she would see the deputy again but to her surprise, hours later the deputy and another officer arrived with toys and balloons. >> it is nice to see there are good officers and people out there. >> reporter: little michael's struggles hit home for deputy edwards, he lost a grand daughter at three months old.
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but now michael's mother says deputy edwardss a gained a grandson. >> he came into our lives. today in new england. >> kris: a sweet story. much more ahead on the next half hour, including zika infected mosquitoes found in south florida. how health experts are responding. >> bri: a lot of pink ribbons and smiles here. the making strides against breast cancer cancer walk. we have more coming up. >> kris: and major drug bust in lull and who police arrested in connection with this cri joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. when she has the chance to strengthen background checks,
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suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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a persian gulf storm spiralling its way toward haiti and jamaica, the emergency evacuations that are now in effect. this, take asterifying turn, surveillance video showing the moment this school bus full of children crashes into a ditch. the royal family wrapping up its whirlwind tour of canada but all eyes on the little prince and princess as they said good-bye. this is 7 news today in new england. >> kris: thank you for sticking with us this morning, i'm kris
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meteorologist bri eggers who is at the making strides against breast cancer walk this morning. there is a woman behind you wearing that pink cowboy hat. you have to get one of those. that is perfect. >> bri: it has life on it. we have so many pink ribbons here and everybody is really excited and rain or shine, this is the 24th year and walkers have showed up to make that two-mile, five-mile start. and it is a rolling start, as it should be on a sin morning. you can get here whenever you want and be a part of this support, strides against breast cancer and that is what we are doing all morning. let's look at the current conditions, starting with radar. because again as i mentioned, rain or shine or drizzle, as it were. because we don't have any showers moving through. i haven't seen umbrellas here,
9:32 am
it is misty like walking thank you included and a bit cool, with temperatures in the 50s. we will climb a couple of more degrees this afternoon. a big afternoon for boston's sports, and not only have i seen the pink ribbons and i have seen red sox caps and also pats gear for sure. winds direction from the northeast again, sort of stuck in the same pattern, literally a day-to-day. but yesterday was our chance for been fishal rainfall, today is not. i think really just a drizzle and mist and dampness sticking around with us and improvement expected for the afternoon, so now the question is when will we see the sunshine again. we'll have more on the extended forecast to come and again, we are still here all morning long, live on thes and nad, bri
9:33 am
esplanade. and we are keeping our-on hurricane matthew. people in jamaica are stocking up and boarding up in preparation for this big storm. 700 employees and family members being evacuated from the u.s. navy base at guantanamo bay and emergency plans are in place as leaders brace this impact. the sound heard on the streets in kingston, jamaica are of a country preparing for hurricane matthew. >> if we are in will catch us unaware. >> this is a storm that jamaica has not seen in decades. >> kris: the storm is moving through the caribbean toward jamaica. >> the entire jamaica will be affected by rain. but a greater concentration in the eastern part of the island.
9:34 am
on food and supplies. >> have you been selling out of water and bread? >> bread. they can't make enough. >> reporter: and if you can get your hands on a lev of bread that is half the battle. and it's time in wait in line. >> unbelievable. way down there the line is. can you believe that? >> kris: the waves have picked up on the coast as the country's leaders prepare for the worst >> at the up end of this episode and i'm hoping when it comes it will not be in a category that will have a devastating effect on the people of jamaica. >> kris: a wig storm, it is expected to hit tomorrow but residents should be feeling the effects by sometime today. there is breaking news from overnight now. the l.a.p.d. is investigating a fatal officer involved shooting. police say officers tried to pull over a car they believed
9:35 am
officials say the passenger got out and started to run away. he was later shot and pronounced dead. the shooting did spark some protests that lasted into the night. and on 7 now, two suspected arrests on drug distribution charges after lull police made a big bust. they entered one of the suspect's home was sech warrant yesterday morning, and they found a significant amount of heroin and cocaine. you see some of the pgts here and they fonds 16 cell phones $5,000 in cash. about the suspects will be arraigned in court tomorrow. hundreds taking to the streets after police released video of a controversial shooting of a black man in california. faith based leaders came together and spoke with the shooting of the 3 yot-year-old, a peaceful march followed with
9:36 am
>> this is important and i believe lit initiate, if it hand already, initiate some change that will take place. >> kris: police say he refused to comply with the officer's orders to get his hands out of his pockets of his pants. sad news the six-year-old student critically injured in a shooting in south carolina, has died. jacob hall was shot in the leg on wednesday when a fourteen-yol another student and a teacher were hurt. investigators say the down killed his father before driving to the school. officials don't know a motive behind the shooting. new test results are suggesting some mosquitoes in south florida are carrying the zika virus. officials say the test are preliminary and need to be confirmed by government health experts. 35 people in miami beach have contracted the virus so far. officials have been spraying the area to kill the affected
9:37 am
caught on camera. newly released video shows the moment this bus school of school children flipped over in texas. there were sixteen students and driver injured in that crash. >> reporter: an ordinary bus ride until the driver asked the students a question. her eyes are or the road and she loses control. the bus ended up on its side, with 50 sixteen students and the driver had to be taken to the hospital. >> you can't make those mistakes with 50 children. it is not acceptable. >> reporter: she was about to make left turn and the bus came up behind him and the driver swerved to the right, right before ending up in the ditch. >> i think she should fired. i'm sorry.
9:38 am
can't be asking questions driving 50 or 60 miles an hour in the rain. >> reporter: the driver is not being cited by police or disciplined by the school. she had been a driver for 25 years but this wasn't her usual route and she was filling in for another driver. >> scary. >> reporter: witnesses will never forget the crash. some helped dozens of kids get off the bus safely. >> you should pay but mistakes happen. no one is perfect. today in new england. >> kris: resident fls iowa are still cleaning up after devastating flooding there. this is how streets of cedar falls looked last week when people were forced to paddle around town. several volunteers came together to help clean up debris and value vajed what is left of the
9:39 am
canada came to an end. prince william and his wife wrapped up that tour of canada. but their two children stole the show at the departure ceremony. prince george waved to the crowd and prince ses charlotte smiled and waved as well. look at those smiles. still ahead on today in new england, praying tribute to a bib legend. big papi set to play his final home game of the regular season today. how bostons legacy ahead in 7 sports. >> bri: keeping the rain away and making strides. more from the charles river more from the charles river esplanade and your forecast fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 100 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mrs. wagner's car to arrive for the airport,
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>> kris: cloomy weather to start off our sunday here. lo continue to roll through but in boston's back bay people are walking for a very wonderful cause. and raising money for cancer research. meteorologist bri eggers is out there all morning long. >> bri: i think, kris, as long as we keep the rain away we are dock okay. we are here for the 24th annual making strides against breast cancer walk, a fantastic cause,
9:43 am
$2.2 million for research and treatment, breast cancer with the american cancer society. and with me today speaker de leo, so glad you are here. you have been bringing a whole crew with you for 21 years. >> this is my 21st anniversary and we started small, we are up to buses with people from winthrop and and we come here every year to talk about some of the survivors. and look at it as their anniversary of being cancer free. and to hear the stories and that's why we will keep on doing it. >> bri: about the support and funds raising and smiles. we have seen pink ribbons and it is not raining here and you made the jacket and boston red sox cap? >> i have my patriots thing
9:44 am
>> bri: a big day for sure. you are decked out. we have time to make it out if you would like to join us, a reallying start. and if you don't make it by ten, you can still walk and show your support. we will get to the forecast, we will know what to dress for for the rest david in boston. as we said before, damp and cool. bedford is five 2 and 54 in boston and so it's a start for sure and still a bit of a breeze coming in off the waters from the northeast. and 10 on 5 teen miles in the city of boston and that will add a chill to the area and also bringing in low clouds and mist. the radar, tiny blips on the radar, drizzle and mist that is showing up, just barely though. we can't rule out a passing shower this afternoon, it couldn't look likely we will get
9:45 am
not like yesterday. we could use every drop that we can get. mike-- making strides forecast, as we make the to 11 am, 59. if if you are headed to fenway park, celebrating big big papi, you will need that jacket. here's a look at the chance for rain as we make it through the next couple of few days, a stag hant weather pattern that we have ourselves into and after that upper level offshore, we will see that for late tuesday and we will keep it around. after that forecast gets tricky and as we all know all eyes on hurricane matthew in the caribbean and i will send it back to the ud studio with meteorologist rob eicher. >> rob: a powerful category 4 hurricane. that is a glitch in the satellite imagery but the eye is
9:46 am
crucial for haiti. the forecast is a worst-case scenario bringing hurricane force winds to haiti tomorrow to the early part of the day on tuesday. the radius of the winds extends out 25 miles from the center. if this were to shift west, that is it. haiti doesn't get any winds over 74 miles an hour, but the track is crucial. matthew is a powerful storm but kind of a tiny storm, similar to what we and passing on cuba on tuesday and thursday and friday over the bahamas mp where it goes from there is still anyone's guess. we have some models bendsing this toward the u.s. east coast, some taking it right up the east coast and some curving it more harmlessly to the atlantic. and it has been trending more out in the atlantic today. so that could be good news for us. either way our forecast here as we head to friday and saturday and early part of next week,
9:47 am
so keep that in mind. i can tell you cloudy and drizzley but not a whole lot of measurable rain today. a slight chance of a spotty shower. clearing on tuesday and wednesday and thursday and most of friday is seasonable. and saturday and beyond could depend on matthew. stay tuned. >> kris: rob, thank you so much. still ahead, saturday night live with their own tribute to big papi. how actor key than thompson took on the role of the baseball determined to join his classmates on the football
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9:50 am
>> red sox have clinched a playoff spot and they know who they will be playing. boston with a half-game lead on the indians for the advantage, entering on saturday. the big big papi fair well tour, centered around the heroes of the community, bobby orr and ray bourque and a group of former
9:51 am
2016 celtics roster, all wearing number 34 ortiz jerseys. he doesn't strike out kevin, and second inning single to left and we are tied at two. meanwhile, bouncing back, with travis swinging. gets him out of a jam. rodriguez gives up three on the night. sox down, tying run at third and you don't see mookie betts and we are tied at three. will craig simple be called out in the ninth and he really struggled and does the same on saturday. blue jays, 4-3 and boston half a game back on the indians, holyfield advantage in the albs.
9:52 am
to go along with pats and bills, sports extra following sunday night football on 7-nbc. that is it for sports. >> kris: big papi, keenan thompson talked about his retirement and season finale against the yankees. >> big papi what do you think will you miss most about playing at yankee stadium? >> you know all of of these thing, i would probably say lunch. >> you will miss lunch? >> a big stadium has a big lunch. >> kris: he ate the yankees for lunch quite a few times. his regular season finale is today. and people are shelling out the cash to see him.
9:53 am
in new mexico, why hundreds of hot air balloons flooded the
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interviewer: what would you do with five minutes to kill and a smartphone? man: check the scores. woman 1 : uh, probably post a pic. interviewer: how about register to vote? man: really? galvin: you can. five minutes online and a massachusetts driver's license is all it takes to register so you can vote for our next president. go to register to vote m-a dot com. it's that easy. woman 2: done. i just registered. man: that was easy. galvin: register by
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>> kris: video here, all eyes in the sky, in new mexico, 500 hot air balloons in all shapes and sizes participating in the balloon pees that yesterday. nearly a million visitors enjoyed the sight of a hundred speciality balloons with pilots from all around the world. some included darth vader and yoda and smokey the bear. an extra special football game for a michigan high school.
9:57 am
isaac allards first time back on the field, after he suffered a brain aneurysm with partial paralysis and inability to speak. >> he fought his way back. >> i'm so blessed. he was so determined he left his wheelchair behind and took his first steps with his team out onto the field. inpraigs there. so today in new england, heading back to the hatch shell where people are walking to raise money for breast cancer research. we will check this with bri eggers there. and a few hours away from the big game with the buff low bills at gillette. but who will be the start can
9:58 am
joe plaia: every three days, someone in new hampshire is killed with a gun. mothers, sons, friends. and yet kelly ayotte continues to play political games instead of making new hampshire safer. washington gun lobby instead. then - on a bill to keep suspected terrorists from getting guns, ayotte flip flopped. kelly ayotte's become another typical washington politician and that puts us all at risk. narrator: independence usa pac is responsible for the
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it's ready to cook. just pop it in the oven put it on your plate. no prep. no cleanup. delicious, fresh, easy. wegmans ez meals. [alright] >> kris: police are still investigating after two people were shot in dedham this morning. next to a crudded room on bridge street. a crash this morning, we will update you on the latest in that situation in a few moments. a crash into this home a woman lying down inside, when that car came barreling through the house. we'll let knew what happened there and the ron behind this crash. this is receive news today in
10:01 am
realtime closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning. >> kris: it's 10:00, good morning to you. happy sunday. i'm kris anderson. a lot of news to get to today. we want to look outside a gloomy weekend, we have had showers but today it is not so bad, a little mist and drizzle and let's get out to bri eggers who is live in a special event in boston where a little rain won't keep anyone away. >> bri: we are out at the hatch s breast cancer, the 24th annual event. people are all over the place, and my new friends who are helping to keep the ears warm. and keeping the frizz factor to the down-low. they are from the community center in the north end, one of my favorite spots in boston. kim khazei is up on the stage and talking to supporters who are out here. the fund raising goal is $2.2
10:02 am
way, expect being 40,000 people. stills it is hard to move, you guys haveing fun? as we mentioned before, we are not getting soaked, people are finishing the loop and they are coming back just fine. and this is a bit of mist and dampness and chilly, so you may want to find that pink jacket and hot. looking at the f radar a few tiny blips there, and that would be that mist that is coming in off the water. it will improve as we get to this afternoon. we have drier air that is working in for us and unfortunately, it didn't look like the sunshine for us as we get into the afternoon but it will dry out a little bit. still staying cool, very moist air mass in place, temperatures don't budge a whole lot. low to mid50s and maybe climbing to the 60s weighs make it to
10:03 am
day in boston sports for sure. pats game at gillette and we have the red sox playing at fenway park. big papi's last regular season home game a bit of a breeze off the water out of the northeast about 5-ten miles an hour, not as breezy as yesterday. here's the making strides forecast, keeping the clouds around, but we have the smiles and we have friends and have the support to warm us up for sure, and this is a fantastic event and you have time to make it wn sort of a make up your mind when you want to start the two or five-mile stretch. and bring the support and we'll see you down here making strides against breast cancer. i'm bri eggers live from the charles river esplanade. for 7 news today in new england. >> kris: thank you. rolling start and head out there. and tracking hurricane matthew this morning. look at this storm a very powerful category 4 hurricane
10:04 am
across the caribbean including the u.s. naval base on guantanamo bay in cuba. i can eyeing rob eicher is here with the latest. >> rob: the raidous of the winds extend with 25 miles from the center, and you only get hurricane force winds about 25 miles on either side. the center business 340 miles south of port-au-prince haiti and heading that that general category 4 hurricane and will likely make landfall or come close to landfall in haiti as either a cat 3 or 4 hurricane tomorrow, into the early part of the day on tuesday. because it is so small, this track is crucial and put shift it further to west, to the left, and those winds stay out over open water. this would be a worst-case scenario for haiti.
10:05 am
hanks out over the bam-- bahamas. where it goes from there is in anyone's guess. our extended forecast does depend on where this goes next week and we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> kris: a breaking story a deadly krosh on buck ild island ride in yarmouth. two people died at the scene. another one taken to the hospital with serious injuries. edd several hours. the accident is still being investigated this morning. also on 7, a dangerous drive in dedham when a truck plows into a house leaving behind a whole lot of damage. it also narrowly missed a woman lying down inside. we spoke to the homeowner and we have more on this story. >> reporter: a close call for a couple who live at this two-story home in dedham. after a truck crashed through in
10:06 am
into the bedroom where she was sleeping. >> i was just getting out the shower and we heard a tree men does noise. i thought we were hit bay meteorite or something. >> reporter: narrowly missing the exact spot where his wife was lying down. >> she was laying close to the window and she rolled over to look at the clock to see what time it was and that is when it hit, and everything fell on t the bed. >> reporter: when dedham firefighters arriveed they had to pull the driver out of the truck. he had some sort of medical emergency causing the accident. the family thankful for this brick wall they say protected them. >> the wall caused the trouk go on left, and took the corninger of the house off. and helpful the driver args man who lived in the neighborhood, will recover. >> i hope he's okay.
10:07 am
>> kris: now in arlington where resident there's are being warned by police after a coyote killed a family's dog. it happened in someone's yard early on friday morning, and now police are urging everyone to be on alert. victoria warren has details. >> reporter: a warning in arlington for dog own tors be on alert. police say a coyote attacked and killed a family pet. >> it is scary, you know. i'm not surprised. it happened in a home nt park at 7 am friday morning. let the dog out and 15 minutes or so later they couldn't find the dog. the coyote came in the yard and brought the dog interest a wooded area. the family found the dog's body a small west highland terrier, the same size as mary's terrier pip. she is aware she has coyotes for neighbors. i have seen them in the park and
10:08 am
walking across the street. >> reporter: arlington police are warning everyone to be careful. a warning people like mary are taking to heart. >> i can't imagine living with that. i don't know how you would ever get over it. today in new england. the latest on the new jersey commuter train crash. federal investigators are still gathering information about what caused that deadly crash in hoboken, new jersey on thursday. one person was killed and more than a hundred o witnesses and officials say the new jersey transit train came spat station too fast and never slowed down. but it is unclear why. the train'sening near returned home from the hospital this week. gallagher was seriously hurt in the crash in new jersey. investigators interviewed him on saturday and it appears he had no red flags in his history prior to this crash. investigators have also recovered one of two event recorders from the damaged train. one of the recorders is still
10:09 am
data from the black box may be able to explain why the train did the slow dan and could determine what thening near was or wasn't doing at the time of the accident. it is 37 days to go until election day, and possibly tax troubles for donald trump, a "new york times" report shows that trump lost nearly a billion in failed businesses back in 0995, which may have allowed him to avoid paying federal income taxes for the past 18 during a rally on saturday night he took the to tuesday off himself and questioned hillary clinton's loyalty to her husband insinuating she was unfaithful and mocked her for leaving the 9/11 memorial service when she got sick. clinton responding to the tax report, in a year donald stiffed small businesses and laid off workers and walked away from hard working communities. he apparently got to avoid
10:10 am
while tens of millions of hard working families paid theirs. the vice presidential candidates are prepping for their big debate on tuesday in virginia. jonathan hall will be there and bring us live reports. the 3-0 parties are hoping to make it four straight. they are hosting their eastern divisionryal buff low bills today at gillette stadium and still no word on who will be the starting quarterback. after this week it seems likely that at least jimmy garoppolo and jacoby brissett will be available in some capacity. both are nursing injuries. the the pats will assess jimmy's shouldner pre-game warmuppance go from there. -- shoulder in free game warmups, and go from there. >> we will see on sunday. we have to get there and we will assess it then, i guess.
10:11 am
the game-day coverage. start time is cohn:00. still ahead the royals saying good-bye to canada prince george and princess charlotte, and a big afternoon for boston, new england, all starts here, bringing making strides against
10:12 am
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christmas a live laoutside, some of the low clouds starting to clear and we can see the skyline, that is good news. a lot of outdoor events today, big papi's finale at fenway park and bri eggers is who is at a special event, the making strides against breast cancer ahatch shell. looks like things are getting better weather-wise? >> bri: we are expecting improvement in the afternoon but you have to get the walk in before you can head to anything else before you can head mig else in the afternoon. and if you are headed to gillette, wear your pink, it is breast cancer awareness month through october. and right now i'm joined by tom flannagan with the american cancer society who heads up this event. the 24th year.
10:15 am
else you are trying to get the ball rolling on here? >> our road to recovery program a service fosh patient who's need transportation to and from medical appointments related to cancer and in the boston area and in massachusetts we are in a dare need for volunteers, unfortunately we have many patients in the state that don't have transportation to their appointments and that's a shame. and i think if we can get volunteer help we can get people drivers are needed in every county, specifically in the post-area to drive them to the many great cancer centers. if you want to get involved go to and find information there and we will get you set up. >> bri: kim khazei is here on the stage, she is the emcee. this is the 24th year and funds
10:16 am
>> which hope we will raise that. i think he can do it. a bray event, 24 years, rain or shine, we have the supporters, sther great and we expect 40,000 today. >> bri: i think this is about what we are dealing with as we get into the afternoon. let's look at the forecast, albeit cool and a touch breezy pop in the as rainy as yesterday was. yesterday was our day for been fishal rainfall and today is our cool temperatures, you can see that wind 10-15 miles an hour from the northeast, and once again, off the water but taking a look at radar, seeming quiet. a little mist and low clouds hanging around. there is the dampness and i have a survivor here, who says you have to break out that frizz factor and tell me. making strides forecast for you
10:17 am
close to 60, this afternoon most topping out in the low 60s. and unfortunately i have to say this, stagnant weather pattern that we have had, is sticking around for a bit. a for an isolated shower and also a very slight chance on tuesday, and we will break out the sunshine by the middle of the week, seasonable conditions expected for the end of the week. still live at the charles river esplanade and more on your forecast in a >> kris: we are keeping a close eye on matthew, currently a category 4 hurricane. rob eicher is following the storm, joining us live with the latest on this track. rob rb the center of matthew about 340 miles south of haiti, that is over the top of water, and then moving to the bahamas where the water is similar, even a degree or two warmer, that is
10:18 am
unusual case. right now 050 mile per hour hurricane, likely will weaken as it interacts with the rough terrain of haiti and cuba. it will impact haiti tomorrow in to early tuesday and passing over the eastern tip of cuba. on tuesday. and to early part of wednesday. then over to the bam hamas, the pretty warm, 85, and because of that even though it is interacting with the island nagses or islands out here they will likely maintain major most are weak in that area, and water is warmer than normal. where it goes from there is any guest of guess. some hug the u.s. east coast, some think it is safely in the atlantic and turning it on out in the atlantic and you can see the timeline if it impacts our weather and in the until next weekend. >> kris: thank you. still ahead on 7 news in new
10:19 am
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you won't have to wait on hold. and you won't have to guess when we'll turn up. because after all... we should fit into your life. [ laughing ] not the other way around. [ clock ticking ] >> kris: royal family's trip to canada coming to an end. prince william and his wife kate wrapped up the 8-day tour but their children stole the show at the departure ceremony on saturday.
10:22 am
there and sharmtd waved to the crowd as well. up next in 7 news today in new england, live one more time to bri eggers for a final look at the forecast on this soggy
10:23 am
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10:25 am
nicest day outside but that's in the stoping walkers to it hatch shell. bri eggers has been there all morning long, the 24th annual making strides against breast cancer walk. look at the all of people there, bri? >> bri: countless survivors and supporters and friends and family members to make strides against breast cancer. one last look at the forecast before you lot of things in our area this afternoon. first up pats game, prepare for a dampness, we keep the clouds around, about 60 degrees. and look at the 7-day forecast, how about we break that sunshine back out by midweek, really hope are for that for sure. it has been a while since we have seen the sunshine. i promise you, thank you for everybody's support for the more than cancer society, for coming
10:26 am
your pink and you can still wear your pink throughout the entire month of october, which is breast cancer awareness month. for now live at the esplanade, i'm bri eggers. >> kris: a rolling start, so head on out there and join bri and thousands walking for that wonderful cause. so much going on today. 3:00, big papi at fenway park against the blue jays, regular season finale and patriots against the bills in gillette. in case, but a lot of fun out there. keep dry and have a great sunday. that will do it for us for 7 newstoday in new england. "meet the press" is up next. have a great day and we'll see you back here next weekend. realtime closed captioning
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this sunday, trump's terrible week. a rough debate. 3:00 a.m. tweets. and an obsession with the 1996 miss universe. >> she was the winner, and you know, she gained a massive amount of weight. and it was a could have avoided payingaxes for 18 years. i'll talk to trump supporter rudy giuliani and clinton campaign manager robby mook. plus, a lead opinion lined up against donald trump, but to what effect? i'll take to anti-establishment voices from the left and right. michael moore and glenn beck. also, the vp debate. how much will tuesday's pence-kain face-off matter? and live from new york, it


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