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tv   7 News at 530 PM  NBC  October 13, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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now. ing a. two boston police officers gunned down. the shooter now dead. those officers in critical condition as we learn new details about the shooter. tonight we're hearing a frantic calls for backup. >> we have an officer down. even news with the the latest on two officers shot in east boston. can first here at 5:30 we're learning more about two officers shot. police were called to the scene for a domestic dispute between roommates. shots were fired and two it happened in east boston. when police arrived they found 33-year-old kirk figueroa armed with with an assault rifle and things escalated quickly. gunshots rang out. >> that man was shot and killed by police. we have team 7 coverage starting live where everything played out overnight. kim, while this has left residents rattled, you look behind so many hours later and you can see the crime scene
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police trying to piece everything together. the injured officers have been identified this afternoon by boston police commissioner as police officers richard cintolo and matt morris both longtime members of the boston police department and rushed to mass general with multiple gunshots and went into surgery overnight tonight and listed in critical but stable condition. as for the shooter, 33-year-old kirk figueroa. he was wearing a bulletproof vest at the time all this went down and armed with a tactical rifle. all this street here in east boston. he was eventually shot and killed by police in a ferocious firefight. now investigators have been trying to peace all this together through the day and what led to figueroa opening fire on police. boston police commissioner evans explaining today it was other officers who dragged the injured officers to safety, saving their lives. >> both officers at this time
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condition. mayor walsh and myself visited the officers this morning and, you know, they're recovering which is really good news. our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to those individuals. but i've got to commend the officers for rushing into that building with no fear whatsoever to rescue two fellow officers. >> because this w officer-involved shooting, dan connelly will begin launching an i want investigation in his words into all the circumstances surrounding this shooting last night. and they're also expected to detectives from the district attorney's office are expected to basically go inside the crime scene at some . today begin processing ever and try to learn more as to why figueroa did what he did. ev.
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dispute between two roommatessing apparently over heat in their apartment. we are now hearing frantic calls for backup. chris anderson with that. >> we got shots fired. i need every officer available to make their way 136 gladstone street, please. an urgent call for help from a aboveon -- boston dispatcher. bed a -- be advised, the situation. we have the building surrounded somewhere two or three officers inside the building. there have been shots fired. still unclear at this . who opened fire and if anyone was injured. the officers quickly learned two of their own had been shot. >> we have an officer down. ambulances please. we need an ambulance. officers desperate to get emergency help for their wounded brothers. they're pushing, they're pushing, sir.
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critical condition. the suspect 33-year-old kirk figueroa killed in the shoot-out. several other officers wounded or traumatized and taken to tufts medical center. we need ambulances, if we can get a dog unit out here too. we have a gold unit headed out there. we need multiple units. >> boston police commissioner commenting those officers who put their lives in adam williams continues our team coverage with more on those heroes. after those two, police officers were shot. other officers jumped in to harm's way to help save them. police commissioner evans say dragged the bounded evans for safety. nine officers had to go to tuft medical center for minor injuries and stress.
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react as they go into emergency mode. it can sometimes be difficult to come down off that level of alertness. it is difficult to understand what first responders go through. on a daily basis it is variable and i think that we all need to support them as much as we can. before you get involved this situation, automatically physiology, your blood pressure will be up a little bit, your adrenaline level will be up a little bit, prepare for that. the doctors says it is not just the immediate aftermath that he and his team have to worry about but also the follow-up. in the newsroom, i'm adam williams, 7 news. adam, thank you. stay with 7 news for the latest on these two officers shot. when you're not seeing us here on the air, you can get up
5:36 pm a sexual assault in mission hill. 32-year-old faces assault charges. he approached a womanner fits. pushed her to the ground tried to call sexually assault her and took hiewf a teacher facing charges after she was caught doing drugs in school. they found a cut-offaw pill grinder and a bag of white power. she's out of jail. six days since north carolina continues to deal with the big aftermath. 55,000 without power but originally 900,000. and 43 shelters are housing about 4,000 people. our next focus for those people in the shelters is to
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we want to get these people out of shelters so they have more privacy, so they have more dignity, so they have better care, so they can be with their families and reunited also with their pets if possible. federal government has distributed $2 1/2 billion in aid and set aside another i've $5 million for road repair. well's fargo has a new chief operating last month well's fargo was fined $185 million after admitting to create fake bank accounts to meet sales goal. a crash valving a freight train and semicaught on camera in california after the truck's trailer got hung up on the track while an officer trying to address the problem quickly gets out of the way because the speeding freight train bare es through the truck. luckily no one was rutter in
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caught on camera in florida. an older man first of alls in the middle of the road. finally there is a good samaritan, helps to stop save the man. drivers pass by the this man every day and they don't think twice about it. but when he fell on hard times on tuesday, one person was there in his time of need. he was just in the . of falling down on the ground. just, he justen so i'm like, oh, my good johns a dash camera recorded the whole thing. as soon as i got out of the car, put it other than. he was approaching an intersection when he saw the man on his back right there in the midol the road and to make matters worse, cars were swerving around him. >> my first reaction was like, why isn't anyone stopping? not just to happen, why current people stopping because there is an old plan lying in the road. >> he flags down a couple of
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safety. he says it is glad it wasn't worse. he could have easily got run over. i ask gods for help every day. when there is the opportunity to help someone else, you to take it. >> the elderly man you saw was not injured in that incident. in the newsroom, seven news. new research says deaths from breast cancer feel between 2010 and 2014. the centers for disease report reports racial differences in their fin death rates decreased faster for white women than african-american women. an official prince tributes concert taking place tonights in minnesota. performers includes music have spar stars likes stevie wonder, cristina aguilera, morris day and the time. he died in april at his paisley park estate from an accidental
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amazon plans to adds 100,000 seasonal workers. amazon thinks more poll lay shoppers will she's to shop on-line rather than stores. that is a 20% increase over last year's hiring. here on 7 nice at 5:30, a new threat transforming terrorism. and the man who headed the boston marathon bombing investigation explains how terrorism has changed since 9/11. bruins take to the ice. and why goalie says he's more ready than ever to start this season. and we continue to follow the latest. two officers gunned down after being called to a domestic dispute. what we're learning about the
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the man boston marathon bombing case says a lot has changed since 9/11. he's explaining a new type of threat this is transforming terrorism. new groups using new tactic as to attack. it is forcing the u.s. to change its strategy, 7 adam williams more with the new face of terror. boston marathon attacks were the first wake-up call to the united states about the newspaper face of terror. as head of the justice department's national security division, john carlin othersaw
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thon -- boston marathon bomber. smalledder in scale than what happened 15 years ago in new york, washington and pennsylvania more complex and still devastating with a new digital component. groups like isis are sending the duel jihad out, electronically on the internet. and the threat we face now is crowd sourcing terrorism. it involves individuals who are inside the united states, but inspired by terrorism causes overseas. at 43 years old he's the youngest and longest serving head of the national security division. it used to be the realm of science fiction. spoke at a security forum at m. i. t. and granted seven news a rare tv interview. there have been hacks are the rnc, dnc and some so people are out there saying, could these cyberterrorist, these terrorists influence our presidentiam election?
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idea that a foreign power might try to influence even if they can't, but even if they just wanted to try to influence our election, take that very seriously. i know it would demand a response. it is fair to say the fight against terrorism is the new normal? i hate the phrase the new normal to me it is never going to be normal and it is never going to be acceptable for a single one of our family members or friends to be killed by one of >> whatever the threat, whroafer the danger, feels a sense of reassurance, confidence thanks in large part to what he saw in boston following the attacks here. >> bostonset an example for the country on how a community can get back on its feet. we need to be vigilant, but we can and will defeat this threat. carlin announced his retirement from the justice department this fall. but he'll still be working in the private sector. still offering his knowledge and instinct into fighting the
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in our newsroom, i'm adam williams, seven news. >> coming up on 7 news at 5:30. it is a cupcake controversy. and why a bakery is catching heat for naming one of its cupcakes after president obama. >> we are talking about few sprinkles this evening and then back into the sunshine tomorrow. weekend forecast up next. at 6, the latest on the officers show in the east boston. police is a i the man who opened fire on -- open fire on boferson officers were wearing body
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more. that's why question two's opposed by the massachusetts pta and school committees all across the state. join them in voting no on question two. the cupcake controversy in oregon after a baker redecided to try something new.
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circumstance just something that would be elite? the owner of fat cupcake says she knew her cupcakes with an oreo cookie inside would be a hit and needed a name that would fit. what job position would you wear really, you know, formal suit to. and then i thought the presidential office what is more elite than that. she named it mr. president and later found out president barack obama's cookie is the oreo, people reviews of being racist. i never thought or intended or could have ever imagine that it would be taken as an insult, because, really in my mind it would be an honor. >> she says racism something she would never support and has changed the name to "the professional" we always, always welcome reviews, comments, and every single one i always especially if there is something they have that is a concern i
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letting us know, because we literally can't improve without hearing feedback. she says despite all the controversy, that cupcake is the most popular at the store right now in portland,or or. we are talking sprinkles and isolated showers through the seacoast, southern maine &. nothing like what we saw on nd through most towns you'll see sprinkles. but less than a .10 of an inch of rain, the leading edge of cooler air continues to move east that will drive the showers offshore and later on this evening, for the month of october,sy of boston coastal locations not doing too bad in terms of rainfall for a change
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drought, the extreme category along the south shore, plymouth, has been peeled back it takes several months to get into this situation here. so it is going to take some time to get ourselves out of a drowbt, you -- a drought. it may take several months of at or above down the road i don't see significant rain between now, but perhaps by the end of next week, maybe, just maybe there is another sizable rainstorm. upper 60s at this time, the city at 69 norwood 69. again, a mild afternoon out ahead of that cool front. you notice as you jump across the front the numbers are lowering into the 50s. tempts in the upper 40s and low 50s.
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tomorrow. these temps again tonight not record shattering. we'll start with wind. that will be your enemy tomorrow morning. chilly wind, northwest e18 to 20 miles per hour making it feel like the upper 30sand low 40s. and then as we work into the afternoon if wind does fade away and a nice fall afternoon. a little bit on the cool side. upper 50sto around 60. high school footb out there, crisp, but the temps tomorrow afternoon in the 50sand settle in the 40s tomorrow evening. chatham 58. high pressure is with us tomorrow afternoon. it is really with us all day tomorrow. tomorrow morning is a bit windy as the blue h gets closer to us that will change the wind out of new england. and with high pressure in new england sat and sunday, sunshine each of those days, saturday is the cooler of the two days. sunday temps in the mid and upper 60s monday will be our
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few isolated showers. bob dylan winning a nobel prize today. the legendary folk musician was awarded a nobel prietz in literature. the swedish academy says dylan's songs became anthems for the anti-war and srs musicians. next a texas volleyball player stepping off the field and waved to the mike recording of the national anthem saved the day. coming up at 6, we have the latest on the officers shot in east boston. we're learning new details about what led up to the deadly encounter, plus, the latest on the officers' conditions. and we're learning more about the gunmann who opened fire on those officers including some details about troubling posts made on social media. we'll have i-team 7 coverage coming up next at 6:00, we'll
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she has a nice voice. great confidence, great poise. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> we have another half hour of news and adam joins me now with complete coverage of the officer-involved shooting in east boston. . we got shots fired i need every officer available officer to make their we have an officer down. turns into a day of prayer in east boston. for the officers shot. begin this half hour with a live look now at gladstone street in east bonnos -- boston, specifically the spot with two officers walked into what turned out to go an intense shoot-out last night police are still there blocking off the area. for their investigation as the sun begins to set.
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and community members are gathering at a boston police station to honor the officers who continue to recover at mass general. tonight we're learning more about the two officers now in intensive care and learning about the brave fellow officers who rushed in to save their lives has been on the force 27 years and shot four times officer matt morris 12-year veteran shot three times. >> we're learning new details about the shooter kirk f constable and the fight we're learning about that caused his roommate to call 911 is let's get started with steve kooper. >> greeted by gun for more than 18 hours after this deadly confrontation. you can see the crime scene remains sealed off at this hour while residents is that have been rattled by all of this are
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shoot-out here. it was a chaotic scene when police pulled up to 136 gladstone street here in east boston before 11 last night. that is where they were met by a man who said his roommate threatened him with a knife after they argued over the heat. and no sooner did police enter the house that there was gunfire. i need every officer available to make their way, 136 gladstone street, please. good to see t up the street like that with gun, it was insane. rich cintolo and matt morris shot multiple times before officers would exchange gunfire with the shooter. 33-year-old kirk figueroa armed with an assault rifle wearing a bulletproof vest gets into a firefight with boston police officers before he shot and killed. the injured officers are rushed to mass general. he quickly displayed a rifle


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