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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  October 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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the patriots looking to even the score with an old rival. >> reporter: and trick or treat. one young boy's costume that's turning heads. >> first at 11, gunshots ring out in doorchester. the gunman is still on the loose. >> and get right to the night team's brandon live at the scene with the latest details. brandon? >> still no suspects and it ap innocent bystander when shot and killed right where i'm standing while a young teen is recovering. police say they were shot on the streets in dorchester. >> it's another sad day. i'm not sure what happened. you should be able to walk down the street and not worry about ducking from bullets and running from cover. >> it happened on washington street before 2:30 saturday afternoon. the boy's shoes still on the sidewalk. >> most people think when you
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if someone has to die to feel better about yourself, you have to change that mentality. >> reporter: they believe the boy, fan or 16 years old, was ?? 15 or 16 years old was the target. he will survive. the woman was taken to boston medical, but didn't make it. >> we're not at war. we're not in iraq and afghanistan. we're here in roxbury, dorchester and let's make a stance and be accounted for something. >> i believe it starts at home to take care where parents really truly need to be accountable for the children. >> reporter: they're asking for the public help and say it's a busy street. someone had to see something. >> we have both a female and young kid getting shot in broad daylight, people need to take responsibility and step up and say yes. >> reporter: now if you know anything, call 1?800?494?tips and you can remain anonymous. live in dorchester, brandon, 7
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and police investigating yet another shoot nothing dorchester. this happening earlier in the evening ? geneva avenue. or nearby. the victim is 16?year?old shot in the chest. emts rushed him to the hospital with non?life threatening injuries we're told. police have not released any information on the suspect or the motive in that case. >> anchor: also on 7, an alarming assault at brockton high school. they say a student was raped right there in the parking lot. kelly o'hara kelly? >> reporter: and that teenage girl is recovering after the assault right here in the school parking lot. police tell us they believe they have the plan responsible tonight behind bars. >> looks kind of scary, actually. yeah, you would think they'd be safe at school. >> what is the world coming to? >> reporter: brockton residents horrified over the news a teen was sexually assaulted thursday afternoon at school. they say the teen was attacked in her high school parking lot when school was in session.
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44?year?old man just after 12:00. the superintendant of schools saying the man was known to the teen and had come to school to pick her up. >> the school is supposed to be a safe place. you know? it's just heartbreaking. >> it's sad. it's sad for the parent. >> reporter: that sexual assault suspect is under arrest and behind bars. the superintendant of schools saying in part, quote, the victim is being supported by school it's an isolated incident and at no time were other students at risk. again, police believe they have that man responsible for the assault behind bars tonight. they say the investigation is continuing. he may face several charges but right now he's facing first thing monday morning. tonight, kelly o'hara, 7 news night team. >> and it happened on memorial road and believed the fire broke out and hit the floor. the woman was inside and did
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window to get to safety. >> and then the bomb squad was called and after inspection they determined it was no threat. police believed the package might have been placed there as a hoax. the car on route 93 goes up in flames and this is the scene heading southbound under the circle near staro driv while crews work to knock down that fire. you see heavy smoke pouring right out of the tunnel there. officials say nobody was hurt. >> anchor: the night team now turning to your forecast. a cool and cloudy night in boston and what is it going to look like for all the trick or treaters on halloween. bri eggers has the spooktacular
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too spectacular. we talk about the history and a whole lot of snow arrived just in time for the trick or treaters. we're not in for that and in fact it will be dry for halloween on monday and could be watching for a few showers moving through late in the day tomorrow and overnight into early monday morning and we'll run through those and talk about the totals in a few minutes. >> anchor: on the mass tike continuing to tear down the toll booth tonight and everything is being torn down the automated system. that's online right now. the state made the switch last night at 10:00. one of the biggest concerns, of course, the traffic monday morning. officials say traffic disruptions are likely until november 22nd when the next part of the demolition project is scheduled to begin. >> anchor: well, the patriots are renewing the rivalry and the next time the pats play the buffalo bills it's getting ugly.
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the boys are ready to roll and hope he's on station at buffalo ready to go. trey? >> reporter: john, rex ryan when he got to buffalo said he wanted to build a bully, but there is no bully in the afc east quite like tom brady. 25 and 3 in the career against the bills. 62 career touch downs. and with brady back on the field it was the bills doing all the pushing around. then out of nowhere robert of tries to shove him. >> shoved and shut out. in week 4 the patriots. >> and catch and the toupdown. >> earning rex?ryan the 16?0 win. that scenario highly unlikely to play out again for one reason. the guy wearing number 12. >> i'll admit it. it was probably an easy ergame to plan without him. i'm here to say it was easier. >> reporter: tom brady is
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thousand yards passing. 8 touch downs, no picks and full attention on the division battle in buffalo. >> going to be focused and ready to go and they have a good scheme and that's what makes it challenging. the last time we played them we didn't play particularly well and they played really well. we need to play well in all 3 phases. >> reporter: fueling the ofbs is rob gronkowski. virtually unstoppable with brady at the helm and one setting the patriots franchise record with number 69. >> we have a big game here and buffalo bills going into buffalo and the crowd is super loud. they're always into it with a lot of energy. >> and in pittsburgh and know how hostile it is and it definitely helps you and i think now is how can we continue and use what we learned from going to
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>> reporter: no tom brady last time around. this time it's mccoy who is likely not to play on sunday. reporting live in buffalo, trey adair, 7 news night team. >> reporter: it's the election countdown just 10 days until that election. early voting going strong in boston. this was the turnout at the library in west roxbury today. in the meantime the two candidates looking to make final impressions in key states. >> drain that swamp! phoenix crowd chanted "drain that swamp" at the trump rally, he announced he's leading a movement to stop washington corruption and stop his rival hillary clinton. >> her criminal action was willful, deliberate, intentional and purposeful. >> reporter: with the director of the fbi announcing the bureau renewed the criminal investigation of clinton's use of a private e?mail server, trump railed against the democrat telling supporters the department of justice has tried
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>> reporter: she set up this illegal server knowing full well her actions put our national security at risk. and put the safety and security of your children and your families at risk. >> anchor: clinton spent saturday in florida with the campaign reeling from the new probe discovering illegal messages she sent to her aide. the woman's former husband, congressman anthony weiner, is under investigation and led to the renewed klenton probe. >> we called on the director to explain everything right away. put it all out on the table. >> clinton seemed to hint at a clinton campaign to get her. >> it's pretty strange to put something like that out with such little information right before an election. in fact it is not just strange, it's unprecedented!
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hoping to make a comeback because of all this but many pundits wonder with all the early voting going on and many people who already voted, how will all this impact the election? >> anchor: well, still ahead a very cool story. this is a tricked out costume. how a community teamed up to make a young boy's dream come true. >> reporter: a few showers later in the day tomorrow and dry for halloween. nothing scary there, but it
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>> reporter: a family going big and geteding creative for their trick or treat costumes. last night we told you about the dad. he had the determination to transform his son's wheelchair into the perfect star wars prop. >> anchor: this is a costume that is out of this world! so today that family's dream came true thanks to a little
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called haberyl, chewbacca is helping an x?wing pilot on his mission to collect as much candy as possible. the wookie did it all for his son, tommy hardy. >> it was the theme of choice this year. every year my wife and i decide on something, what we want to do so we figured we wanted to do something really big so what's bigger than the x?wing autism. the x?wing fighter is built around tommy's wheelchair and took flight for trick or treating. >> it's not always easy and little kids stand to stare more. in a negative light. this he gets to be the rock star and the kids are like that's the greatest thing in the world! >> anchor: he's definitely the rock star right there! what an amazing costume! dad was chewbacca and mom a storm trooper.
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bri, what about the weather? >> reporter: i've been loving seeing the costumes and the big trick on monday is if the coat goes on underneath or over the
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>> and moving through earlier today and didn't ou much and mainly north of the mass pike with the exception of cape cod included there. tomorrow will flip flop this but the wet weather doesn't arrive until late in the day. we keep most of the clouds around through the night tonight and that breeze out of the southwest and it is fairly mild at this point and because of the breeze and the cloud cover sticking around temperatures won't budge a lot overnight tonight. what you see here is about what you get. i think the coolest it will be
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now looking out west, not much and to expect down the pipeline but there is a disturbance that zips by along this front to late tomorrow evening and then it clears on out and and then into mostly clear skies and the temperatures to really get quite chilly as well as for the trim or treaters with the dryer air mass in pleas and the temperatures can drop and will do so late halloween. the 30% chance and i think there will be a chance to the south of the mass pike along the south coast of new england. not all of us see these showers for late tomorrow. mostly cloudy overnight tonight with near steady temperatures at 47 and even on the cool side with the low to mid50s and tomorrow, because we get that jump on the temperatures earlier in the day, we could even see some mid60s. if we can break out the cloud cover in some spots and, again,
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south of boston near the south coast of new england. the same forecast for the next couple of days keeping the clouds around in the upper 50s for tomorrow and then on monday in the mid to upper 40s so you'll definitely need to think about that extra layer for the trick or treaters and count on the mid to upper 40s for the trick or treating forecast and then dropping into the 30s overnight on monday into early tuesday morning and see that close to freezing and some places get there early tuesday and how about a bit of a and thursday? mid to upper 60s doesn't sound all that bad! we'll be switching the clocks back next weekend capital one believes your bank should work for you, not the other way around. so capital one reimagined banking... ? with a place that feels nothing like a bank. and helpful people that talk to you...not sell to you.
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>> coming to you live tonight from buffalo where the patriots are getting set to face the bills tomorrow in orchard park and tom brady lit threw it 59 times for more than 460 yards. and this year it's his legs that are making it each more dangerous than in years past. brady excellent when it comes to the pocket presence in recent years. he buys the pocket and scrambling to move the change. cam newton he is certainly not but rushed 5 times last week in pittsburgh. the second highest total he's had in the last 2 years
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this year after rushing for just 53 in all of 2014 and giving the element to account for even if they have all the patriots receivers covered downfield. >> just one more thing they have to defend. we made a bunch of those when he was in there early and jakobi made some. it's nice to be able to do that because it does help the team and they feel like they have you covered and the right call and all of a think they're preparing mere scrambling on first downs and that's not the top 10 things on their hit list and i think it is pretty discouraging when it happens and hopefully keep it going. >> reporter: good news coming and it appears he missed friday to rest and then it's torching the browns and then it is going to the last 2 weeks and only
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pittsburgh. and we'll be joined by tim fox to break down the game and now in the house the first time this hockey season tomorrow night on 7 nbc between the eagles and the cowboys. and final injury note, good news probably mot so good news when it comes to the bills' top running back and sean mccoy will be doubtful for sunday's ga the day in boston sports, we toss it back to chelsea mcdonald. >> thanks, trey. and returning after missing 3 games with a lower body injury, and the player returns at the perfect time helping the bruins snap their 3?game losing streak in detroit. rass till a perfect 3?0 and keeping autopsy the board in the first and it continues in the second. the bruins with the breakdown
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front but rask up to the task and then scoring from the tough side angle and this is after giving up 9 second period goals and the bruins just happy to head to the third with a lead. and in the third, rask keeping it that way and one of the saves of the night and bruins with that extra attacker on but keep a much needed shut out and 1?0 the final. on opening night they barely hung on for the win against the nets and fell short in chicago. the c's due for the complete effort and leading start to
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would be crying jordan by the end of this one and, yes, i went there and avery drilling from the sea and it is 6 of 10 and fast forward to the 4th and kendall walker with back door for the team high 2 of 29 and back on the seas of bradley and the bank the quarter check out isaiah thomas who finishes 2 of the season high 14. the celtics built a 13 point lead but the star tonight bradley. he caps off the performance with the 8?3 and drops 39 points to go along with the career high 11 rebounds. the celtics win it 104?98 improving to 2 and 1. to college football! boston college visiting nc state.
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patrick tolls hands off to jones who throws to sweeney for the go ahead touchdown and b.c. adding the conversion for the 21?14 lead. next wolf pack possession and cameron moore with the interception in the end zone to seal the bc win. their first acc victory since the end of the 2014 season. the eagles win 21?14 the final. umass hosting wagner on campus in amhurst and this men. already up 14?0 in the second. andrew ford rolls out and hits andy isabela for the 55 yard touchdown. umass wins it 34?10. and improving to 2 and 7 on the season. the cavs hosting the magic and lebron james a man among boys. the spin and the slam. this poor guy officially dressed as a poster for halloween.
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day. and game 4 of the world series at chicago and indians
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>> anchor: that's going to do it for 7 news at 11. i'm nicole. >> anchor: and i'm jonathan hall. saturday night live is next right here. good ? >> good evening. from hofstra university, i'm lester holt. [ cheers and applause ] and welcome to the first presidential debate.


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