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tv   7 News Today in New England  NBC  November 15, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> breaking overnight police state huff huf hit by taxi and keep going. one patriot big man taking a big hit. now some injury questions swirling around gronc as sunday's game approach. beaten up after he shares his political views. one man talking about one station about an attack he said happened here in boston. >> 9:00. it's tuesday morning. thanks for joining uhm. ice kris anderson. i'm christa delcamp. kind of a calm before the rain. we need the rain; ren? >> exactly our quiet stretch of weather had to come to an end. it's coming to an end today. we're talking about wet weather but at least we're not talking about snow. we actually do have some cool weather headed our way by next
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cooler than yesterday by more than 10 degrees topping out in low 50s. there's showers pushing from the south. low pressure will bring the chance for rain throughout the day today. closer look at who is seeing that here. boston seeing sprinkles push through. worcester seeing some sprinkles as well. we will looking alternate pocket of heavy rain possible and isolated storm possible into the late morning and afternoon. we also are looking at coastal flood advisory in effect from 10:00 to 2:00 this afternoon. and minor coastal flooding is definitely a possibility for us. back let's go to danielle gersh for fast track traffic. it's so busy out there watching a couple of incidents as well. here's a look at zakim bridge. you're not moving very fast. we're watching an accident southbound on 93. let's go to maps alternate government center. the left lane is blocked from that incident. also expressway. freeport street this accident is
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to expressway from free port street there. northbound and southbound on the expressway slow this morning route 3 northbound stop and go back to weymouth. route 24 and 95 not too bad. pike hitting the breaks through framingham slow into boston. route 2 and route 3 seeing stop and go traffic but no major issues there. let's take a look at the drive times if you get ready to head tout door. half an hour on the expressway. 23 minutes into town on the pike from about half an hour if you take the t this morning we have moderate delays on the green line. back to you guys. >> breaking story overnight a state police suv hit by taxi in the back bay. we are told the vehicle crashed at the intersection of com av and berkeley street. that's when the taxi took off. no one was injured. also breaking a brand-new house still under construction has been destroyed by fire this
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on fox corner road around 2:00. you see how intense those flames are as they tore through the unoccupied home. we're told that the house located on dead-in road which made it tough for firefighters to get water to the fire. also this morning questions are swirling after rob grownkowski got roughed up by the seahawks at gillette on sunday. he took a hard hit to the chest. and now reports are surfacing ant what my have happened. he's a tough guy either way. but the injury first punk punctured lung but now doesn't seem that serious. john, gronc finished the game. >> he's a tough guy. he finished the game after taking a huge hit from earl thomas. gronc missed the first two games of the season with hamstring injury and he could miss more time. that was a big hit for sure. probably one of the hardest i've
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>> grownkowski gets popped. boy, he took a shot. it knocked grownkowski out of action for five plays. it may have caused more damage. the nfl network reporting that he suffered a punctured lung. however espn is being told gron cjj cjjis -- grownkowski just has a chest injury. >> despite the big hit. after the loss the tight end said he was find. just knocked the wind out of me a bit. the teammate said the injury will not slow gronc down. >> he's been doing it since he's been in here new england. he has tough injuries to deal with. he just continues to come back. he learned of injury during weekly monday radio interview. what do you know about grownkowski and his condition?
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i still haven't heard anything. that was first i just heard of it. if it's the case i hope he's doing well. i won't know more until tomorrow when i go into football facility. >> if gronc can't go this sunday that will make bennett the top tight end. live in foxboro. john cocoa. 7news "today in new england." for the latest on gronc's injury check out and the phone and they said i took a wrong turn. i took a wrong turn. you know you're in massachusetts. >> night out on boston turning dangerous for the man that you just heard from this morning. he's talking about how says his support for donald trump led to a beating. let's go to jennifer eagan in boston this morning with details you will only see here this morning. jen? >> this young man left with black eye and broken nose.
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the decision while he was out over the weekend. some other people apparently did not like what they heard. >> they said i had nerve damage. >> happened 21 while cameron macy was out with friend talking ability politics and why he voted for donald trump. just our reasoning on why what i liked about trump. what i didn't like about hillary. just the normal talk. up front both sides. there was a group of people listening and butting in and when he wen sat day morning. he said things else else ka lailted. one of the guys yelling at me racist. calling my mom names. they said i took a wrong turn. you know you're in massachusetts. >> cameron said he took a hit to back of his head. >> i just got sucker punched. he ended up fractured eye socket. broken nose and busted lip. the arm of jacket almost ripped off from the fight.
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away and they did eventually take off. he wants to find the people responsible. i think everyone should just get along. we're a nation. if you don't like the president, come together as the people. i don't think really violence is an answer. >> cameron was checked out at clinic in burlington. boston police confirmed his story. they are investigating. we're live in boston, jennifer eagan, 7news "today in new england." >> r university turning violent. look here this cell phone shows an anti trump supporter with megaphone getting shoved down a flight of stairs inside a student union. then punches start flying. the video wposted on the web si and the result of the presidential election continue leading to some troubling situations across the nation. and here at home now the massachusetts attorney general has decided to take a stand and
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victoria warren is live outside of the statehouse with more on the details of what's being planned. vicki, good morning. good morning. she's setting up a hotline. she wants to be able to track these reports and then where appropriate have the proper authorities intervene. >> reporter: fighting back against halt. the states a attorney general said the anonymous letters filled with racial slurs and violent threats that were left at a natick home are just one of seeing since election day. we've established a hotline out of our office in the wake of reports that we have received here in massachusetts and nationally. >> in maryland someone ripped holes in a poster advertising a church's spanish language service and then wreet the word trump nations whites only on the back. in indiana hate filled graffiti including a swastika was spray painted on a church.
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desecrated. it's supposed to be love. >> in massachusetts the attorney general said there's no tolerance for hate crimes. . lawyers and staff will answer questions to track reports and take action where needed. the attorney general's office will be here to work with our partners in law enforcement to enforce the law and to defend call a hotline they are also setting it up so you can make the reports online as well. live from the statehouse. victoria warren. 7news "today in new england." in the mean time donald trump's transition is under way today. the president-elect and the vice president-elect will be meeting in new york city as they decide who they want to fill their cabinet with few positions already planned. let's go to sarah in our control room with the latest on that. >> this morning there's speculation over some possible
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driving the discussion about how donald trump the candidate might give way to donald trump the president. donald trump's cabinet could be in a new york state of mind. the ap reporting that rudy giuliani is the president elect leading cabinet to be secretary of state. giuliani defending trump's appointment of steve bannon to be chief strategist. i fine it a very decent, extremely smart man and patriotic american. bannon is under fire. he warren saying he wants to make a platform for outright. his critics calling one conservative call renegade jew. president obama steering clear of the topic. but the president admitting he gave trump some advice.
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important to try to send some signals of unity. and to reach out to minority groups and women. >> of course that report is being met with krit similar this morning. according to second trump transition souce the id clearances. trump himself has not commented. in the control room, i'm sarah french. 7news "today in new england." four construction workers are recovering this morning after a wall collapse in kingston. take a look at this sky 7 hd over the scene on christmas tree lane monday afternoon. officials say construction crews were putting up a second floor wall when it fell over. two workers were seriously injured while other -- two others suffered minor injury. all four victims are expected to
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neighbors describe the scary scene. >> we saw a cop car coming flying down with lights on and then followed probably like five minutes later. by a couple of ambulances. osha investigating and working to determine what caused the wall to collapse. >> happened today another medical marijuana dispensary set to open. it's located on washington street in newton. this city's first medical marijuana dispensary. under way right now. >> veteran pbj journalistment qwenn has died after a battle with cancer. she graduated from simmons college in boston. her first job at the "boston herald." she made the switch from print to television working for cb s&p bs. she was 61 years old. >> and fixture during some of those debates. >> all right. still ahead this morning on "today in new england." a school torn apart.
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a follow up as the flames destroy part of a building leaving students out of class. we will show you some of the latest trailer just released for the marathon bombing film patriot's day as its filmmakers get ready to give back. >> and as we head into the next hour. we get a coastal flood advisory. i'll have more after the break. >> new balance fighting back.
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>> its good to see you. >> of course the weather was beautiful when i was stuck in bed all day. >> yesterday was beautiful. today not so much. we could use rain. some rain will be heavy at times.
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especially along some low lying areas. as we head into the day we're adding this into equation. coastal flood advisory in effect at 10:00 wrapping up at 2:00. minor flooding possible. minor coastal flooding light. high tides will be at 11:08. and will definitely be monitoring that throughout the day. this will be a especially a problem for low lying stretches. into tomorrow high tide significantlyig with astronomical high tides correlated to super moon. the negative effect of super men are some coastal flooding concern. temperature mild for us. 50 degrees in boston. 47 in bedford. where do we go from here. we're not warming up that much. our highs today will be in the low 50s as we head through the morning hours we increase the chance of seeing some of the heavy rain. by the midmorning hours to the late morning hours most will see not just light rain like what we see now but we will see more
9:17 am
embedded thunderstorms in the showers absolutely a possible. the risk for severe weather remains low. as we head into the evening hours as you head home from work count on a wet commute. pockets of heavy rain definitely possible where you see the oranges, those roads. that's where we see some heavy rain. this problems maybe a lot of locations could end up seeing that. into tonight the likely chance for showers continues and we have brief warm up in the temperature departm a half is definitely possible. and if you manage to see some thunderstorms today you could grab up to around 2 inch of rain. later tonight you can see we actually warm up a little bit. east of the 495 loop. but you can see further to our west temperature stay in the upper 40s. kind of mixed bag into tonight. moderate temperatures though. rain showers are likely into the overnight hours. we could see patchy fog as well. your 7 on 7 forecast showing temperatures rebound right back
9:18 am
of stragglers when it comes to showers early wednesday morning with clearing skies and plenty of sunshine. >> ren thanks so much. we get closer look at new trailer for patriots day. the mark wahlberg day about the marathon bombing. the film depicts the day of the bombing and the ensuing manhunt that followed. hits theater on there's a charity campaign called charity campaign. and according to herald filmmakers have provided 100,000 dollars in matching fund and they are looking for recipients. it's open to nonprofit group supporting survivors first responder and medical personal. premier of hbo documentary will be held tonight in boston. it's called "marathon the patriots day bombing." it will be shown at the shubert
9:19 am
details the story of survivors. just ahead on "today in new england." a comedian speaks out. >> final tally is in. find out who has officially
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>> a man from swampscotts indicted for this deadly crash. he was drunk and speeding when his car hit the back of airport shuttle. two people were killed. three others were hurt. prosecutors say the suspect's blood alcohol level was nearly twice the legal limit. new this morning wanda sikes responding to controversial incident over the weekend in boston. the comedian was in the middle come home fund-raiser when the crowd starting booing her during anti trump rant. sikes fought back cursing at the crowd and continuing on with jokes. sikes released a statement reading i then moved on to either material, got some laughs and said good night. i left with the stage with my head held high and middle finger even higher. new balance meantime fighting back after a white supremist web site declared the brand the official shoes of
9:23 am
based company expressed its support for trump. new balance said it has zero tolerance for bigotry or hate in any form. the company went on to say the companies believes in humanity. integrity and mutual respect for people around the world. unhappy customers have been lighting their new balance sneakers on fire in response to the comments made abouttrum p. marty walsh said he doesn't agree with the plans to deport 3 million illegal immigrant. in a state he said he's proud that boston has a long history of supporting immigrant families and that he has no plans of changing the city's policies. the officials in many communities are calling on boston to become a so-called sanctuary city. but the mayor said he doesn't intend to do so. the results are now official. hillary clinton won new hampshire. trump's campaign didn't seek
9:24 am
clinton's victory. clinton won by just about 2700 votes. the electoral calls close to 90-232. votes will counted in michigan. clinton won the popular nationwide by under 800,000 vote. still ahead. shocking site. what's behind this startling scene where thousands of dead fish have turned up. >> find out who did it better. did bri get bogged down or come out
9:25 am
9:26 am
>> 9:26. time to find out who did it better. bri and james competed to see who could harvest the most cranberries in foxboro. they had two minutes. when the competition was over appeared bri collected more
9:27 am
she won. did you agree. bri did win. she received 75% of the vote while james ended up with 25. they had a really good time. brings her to 3-and-2. >> next week she takes on familiar face chris lamton. he was on last year and lost. he wants rematch after losing last year. he's getting one this time against bri. >> very funny. you say he's a glutton for punishment. >> the 7news who does it better people can compete. coming up on 9:30. sicker get a chance to shine. how a cancer survivor get a chance to sing on stage with country legend. >> you may have been singing the praises of yesterday's weather. we'll take a look at our soggy forecast after the break. a community coming together
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>> a man speaks out after a brutal attack. school getting scorched. classrooms charred. hundreds of students forced out when flames break out in lawrence. >> bizarre scene i thousands of fish dead in a lake here. the shocking sight and what's to blame. >> 9:30. welcome back this tuesday morning. i'm kris anderson. it will get ready later on today. >> it will. heavier rain off to the west as well as to our south. here in boston right now light rain and some sprinkles.
9:31 am
this pick up the pace into the late morning hours. a closer look at what we're seeing. couple of sprinkles light showers having moved through. it's spotty. we will look at heavier bands of rain moving in. another concern for us are the coastal flooding today. we have coastal flood advisory in effect at 10:00 that's going to wrap up at 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. minor coastal flooding is expected and we could have couple of pockets of more moderate coastal flo well. back to you guys. here's some of the days top stories we're following. a taxi crashing into state police suv in the back bay. we're told the vehicles collided yesterday and that's when the taxi took off. the crash caused minor damage to the cruiser and the other cars. no one was injured in that accident. and a brand-new house was construction was destroyed by fire. crews were called to scene around 2:00 this morning.
9:32 am
fire just destroying that home. no one was inside. the house located on dead-end road and made it difficult for firefighters to get water out there to put tout out the flames. >> suddenly i took a wrong turn. you know you're in massachusetts. the man you see there said he was beaten and now he is sharing his story about a night out here in boston. he was voicing his support for trump and that's when things got attack. jennifer eagan has a story you will see only on 7. >> they said i had nerve damage possibly. happened while 21-year-olds out with friend near the garden talking ability politics and why he voted for trump. just our reasoning on why -- what i liked about tum trump. just the normal talk. there was a group of people listening and but i think in and when he went to leave around
9:33 am
escalated outside. >> one of the guys that overheard me yelling alternate me. i'm racist. calling my mom names. they said i took a wrong turn. i took a wrong turn. you're in massachusetts. >> cameron said he took a hit to the back of his head. i got sucker punched. knocking out completely. the arm of his jacket almost ripped off from the fight. >> he got really torn up. his friend were yelling trying to get attackers away and he wants police to find the people responsible. >> i think everyone should just kind of get along. i don't think really violence is an answer. >> cameron was checked out in burlington. boston police confirm his story. they say they are investigating. in boston, jennifer eagan 7news "today in new england." family and friends gathering for a vigil in honor of brockton
9:34 am
police said 16-year-old jennifer lyn fay was walking with friend and vanished. people retraced what they believe to be her last known steps. >> i appreciate all my friends and family coming out tonight and walking for jen. i can't give up hope and think that somebody will come forward and i'll find her. and police say they still don't have any suspects in that case. new this morning bosto change after deadly trench collapse. two men were killed in the accident. the mayor now proposing some new rule requiring companies to report if they are in good standing with osha before receiving work permits. >>the two men were working for atlantic drain service which at the time was being fined for safety violations. right now part of a school in lawrence is left charred and in pieces. fire ripping through the bruce school monday morning. forcing hundreds of children out
9:35 am
allowed back in as of now. sarah french is here with more on what happened here. sarah? >> investigators believe the cause of the fire at the school was electrical and the damage is so severe students won't be allowed back in. >> reporter: the windows of the science room are all boarded up. there will be no students in this classroom for sometime. and no classes at all at the bruce school in lawrence on tuesday. all this after a fire rips through a classroom shortly after school started monday morning. >> we hear the fire we thought normal fire drill. the teacher came in and said, oh, fire, fire and then we just left and i smelled smoke and it smelled bad. >> no one was in the classroom where the fire started. but there were hundreds of students in school at the time. once the alarm sounded kids walked outside just like it was a drill. the bruce is scheduled for a drill this friday. it's just part and parcel of what we do.
9:36 am
minutes as the fire grew to a second alarm. but the flames didn't spread to the rest of the school. >> significant damage to the classroom. heavy smoke and water damage throughout the school. the students were all relocated to a nearby middle school and the bruce school has cancelled school for tuesday. while the cause is still under investigation, fire officials don't believe it's suspicious. the bottom line at the end of the day all the kids and teacher are safe. how to fix it and get back in class when we can. the damage is estimated to be about a quarter of a million dollars. live in the newsroom. sarah french 7news "today in new england." a connecticut man accused of stabbing two women and stealing their cars being held this morning on $100,000 bail. he led officers on a chase through connecticut and all the way into massachusetts to worcester last week. one of the women suffered three
9:37 am
her head. the other women had to have surgery for a wound in her arm. right now they are both recovering. >> some more news today. crews battling flames at an apartment on wells avenue in dorchester last night. you see the fire trucks with ladders up. the fire started on the first floor. one person taken to the hospital. good news is they are expected to be okay. six families though live in that home and because of smoke damage no ones allowed back inside. officials are investigating a soggy ride in new hampshire. driver said he was cigarette with his car in his car, i guess on a ramp. and that's when he dropped the cigarette on to his lap. so then he jumped out of the car. and that's when it rolled down the ramp into the water and floated away. nashua department helped to bring the car on land. >> police look for father of girl found all aalone inside manhattan. the 5-year-old led police to apartment where they found her
9:38 am
elmer gomez may have left her at the bus terminal. the mother from guatemala and the child speaks mainly dangerous. due to age there's complications about interviewing her at that age without a guardian. we're working on that at this point with new york authorities. the couple had previously separated detective say seems they reunited in apartment. had an argument which led to struggle then the homicide. york canal with thousands of fish turning up dead. people trying to figure out what's going on. the fish as you saw there just complete completely cover the surface on the water. >> i'm out here 23 years. never seen anything like this. spectator started gathering early monday around a new york canal once word started
9:39 am
the water. its covered with fish. >> a man take thing video with his cell phone shows thousand maybe millions of bunker fish clogging the canal. which was closed on one end. >> it looked like ice. it was solid bunker mostly all dead. the silver and white actually looked like ice. >> bunker fish are used for bait. they have lots of natural predators. officials believe they were chased by a large school of blue fish. >> the water was just bubbling with fish. it out of the amazon with peranos. that's what it looked like. they chase them in here. sheer number of fish in here just sucks the oxygen out of the water and they suffocate. by the time the locks were open. some fisherman scooped them up and plan to sell them as bait. our seasons are ending. we're done for year. lobster guys are done.
9:40 am
up north. and the fish that don't get picked up will be fish for crabs and birds. >> it's a circle of life. absolutely it is. >> that's the way it goes. as precaution health official took sample of the water to test it for dangerous chemicals. happening today congress is getting back to work for the first time since the presidential election. they will also start the so-called lame duck session their first order of business to avoid government shutdown next month by negotiations a bill to fund federal agencies into next year. president obama arriving in greece this morning as part of last overseas journey in office. he expected to make stop in germany and peru. president obama expected to meet with leader from european union to reassure them about trump taking over the white house. just ahead cancer survivor's moment to shine.
9:41 am
with a country great. >> a singer with baystate ties, belting it out on the voice how she did before the results tonight. and today our weather takes a turn from yesterday's sunshine to a soggy forecast. i'll break that down for you
9:42 am
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here's what's trending today. taco bell making debut in las vegas strip.
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officers vip lounges and deejay. there's only four taco bell can tinas in the u.s. drumroll. "people" magazine releasing sexiest man alive. big man big heart. duane the rob johnson. he's made move from professional wrestling to highest paid actor in world. now he's the sexiest man alive. >> he's the highest paid in world. >> as if he needed more accolades. he's always tweeting about him-month-old and stuff like that. >> i was listening to your picks. and to ren's picks. >> riveting conversation. just observing and listening in. >> it was pretty riveting. >> today we look at some wet weather headed our way. soggy forecast. rain likely. we're seeing that. it will pick up the pace as we head into late morning hours. we're actually looking a the
9:45 am
weather can count on higher rainfall totals. everybody needs the rain. even though it's the nicest of the dry weather if good to have showers for once in a while. we had long stretch of dry weather. we're concerned about minor coastal flooding. more on that in a second. good news things are mild as we make our way to rest of your work week. after today we're really actually looking at some dry weather through friday into saturday. sunday looking more rain, though. we're tracking showers pushing further eastward. low pressure continuing to track and we're seeing some moisture out ahead of that system. we'll can't to see that again intensify into the late morning hours. coastal flood advice are i in effect at 10:00 today. until 2:00 p.m. high tide at 11:08. we're looking at king tides today. in correlation to super moon. high astronomical tide. we could see coastal flooding. it is anticipated with moderate coastal flooding possible as well.
9:46 am
thor 40s low 50s. it's pretty mild out there. winds will pick up a little as we head into the day. breezier than yesterday. winds so far have been calm. a look at temperatures as we head into the lay morning hours and the afternoon we don't warm up too much from here. 51 degrees bed today. 52 degrees boston. you see the oranges anden reds that means we're looking at heavy rainfall as well. we do have the chance for some bands and pockets of heavy rainfall today. that could cause localized urban flooding oe especially again in boston here. temperatures in up thor -- upper 40s. that's the trend into tonight. showers all day long and into the overnight hours. we could see some patchy fog by this evening through the overnight hours as well. later today we see temperature arrive into tonight. couple of degrees even after dinner time. east of the 495 loop. here's a look at rainfall totals
9:47 am
you're looking at potentially an inch and a half two inches of rainfall. highs in the upper 40s and low 50s. that's what we will see for overnight lows as well. wind from the southwest being gusty through the overnight hours. your 7 on 7 forecast showing temperatures tomorrow above average again. we ride that out through the end of the work week. >> also on 7 a virginia college student is getting to live out her dream of performing with some of music's greats. >> she's a cancer survivor whose goal of sidelined by the disease. now a country star helped change that. here's sarah french with more. this young women finally getting her chance to be in the spotlight. he has a day she will never forget. >> daniel alger won a meet and greet with garth brooks through a local radio station. she told them her story and added she's a huge carrie
9:48 am
his sound check. >> i sing with trisha. singing one of her songs. i had the lyrics. i will not mess her song up in front of her. >> she wasn't feeling well. she had a cold. and how would you like to sing with me? >> what? tonight? >> she was really impressing the entertainer of the year. so garth took it a step further. since you're a huge fan you must know the song i told you so. i said yes, i loff that song. just sing for me t whatever you want. i just started singing. acapala. wow, this is like a movie right know. her movie was just getting started after the song check they invited her entire family to lunch. he said let's do i told you so tonight at the 3:30 show. i'm like okay. >> are you nervous. you don't have to do it. are you kidding me let's do this.
9:49 am
she brought the house ? ? ? ? >> i figure you know if this little thing will bring me down. can sit on my butt and do nothing or make something of myself. that's what i decided the do. is make something of myself. they found a new liver. she is staying positive since she's invited to meet garth and trisha's manager. that's promising and inspiring as well. >> next up in sports. celtics in a nail biter not a very good team. could they get a late bucket to seal a win against the pelicans down in new orleans.
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>> brady throwing. that's incomplete. grownkowski gets popped. >> that was a big hit for sure. probably the hardest i've been hit in my career. knocked the wind out of me. once it comes back, you're good. biggest baddest tight end on the planet. now we know he's one of the toughest as well. turns out gronc had a little bit more than wind issue. according to report by adam shefter he has a chest injury but not a punctured lung. it's not considered quote overly serious. gronc took the big hit late in the second quarter. his sat out five plays before
9:53 am
yards. the patriots play in san francisco sunday. gronc's status could be in question. >> they force a deal with davis. johnson learned what he's about firsthand as he gets shot. here's davis showing up offensive skills working on johnson. getting the lay-up to go. he dropped 25 points. 16 boards four steals and two blocks. the celtics trail by as many as 14 in the second half. but rallying in the fourth down 2 with under ten seconds left. for two team high 37. we're tide at 105. down the other end. tim frazier filed by kelly. frazier hits one of two free throws and the pelican escape 106-105. detroit tigers michael fullmer named the rocky of the year while the dodger name ford the national league. have a great day. more baseball news. retired red sox slugger david
9:54 am
his trophy case. received the boston pride award goes to person with most outstanding representative of boston support. ortiz opened up about what he will miss most in retirement. >> the fans you know. that's the one thing that i always think about. the fans how great the fans are. they are big part of my success. that's one thing that i will defini the fans will miss him too in all he took home four awards last night. great to see him out and about there. the field is narrowing on the voice. how a local dorchester native how a local dorchester native did fios is not cable. we're wired differently. so we're offering incredibly fast 150 meg internet, just in time for the holidays. hurry, freddy, you're gonna miss it. coming. i can't believe he's doing this.
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the crowd last night on "the voice." ? ? ? >> she sounds so amazing. dorchester native performing the song "i don't want to miss a thing." you can still vote with the voice app. the final 11 will be announced tonight. go courtney. i'm behind her all the way. she morning >> it's so funny how you get one version locked in your mind. makes you feel bad about your singing voice. how are you vocals ren? >> they are all right. i don't think i could rock the cape like that. today we lack at some rainy weather. it's pushing in. so far sprinkles, spotty showers. light spotty showers. you can see the band of rain that's what's headed our way. we have coastal flood advisory
9:58 am
afternoon. thanks for watching. i'm christa delcamp. i'm kris anderson. we'll see you back here for 7news at noon. at fallon health we realize that no matter where you are in life you can always be moving forward. forward together?
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this morning on "today's take," a super man. dean cane joins the fun as our celebrity guest host. plus, a surprise announcement from new kids on the block, boys 2 ne abdul. ments and super model gisele bundchen. from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this tuesday morning, november 15th, 2016. a little rain out there. i'm tamron, along with dylan and the person who is going to warm your heart, our co-host for the morning. we're just sitting here. dean cane. it is all about dean.


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