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tv   7 News at 11 PM  NBC  November 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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grade. jadiann thoch son lives in newsroom with latest families of those children are still being notified. as of now identity of victims young children from kindergarten to fifth grade have not yet been released. parents are gathering a wood more elementary school tonight praying for the injured. a tragedy as 3:30 monday when school bus driver loses control. bus is split in two around a ee they believe there's ejections. da says 5 the children died on the bus. a six the died at the hospital. >> authorities say 23 patients were taken to hospital complete horror. >> i can see an arm moving i don't know if anybody can get to. chief police says this is everyone's worst nightmare. you have police, fire ems and partner doing everything they can top rescue victims.
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board this mangled mess firefighters work to go get children out trapped inside officials say they went to wood more elementary school and range in grades from kindergarten to fifth grade. eight-year-old darren griffith escaped with only bump and bruises. tonight school superintendent is asking for prayers. hearts and go out to families for students who have transferred to hospital. some left with their parents. police saying bus was only vehicle involved in crash they are speaking with bus driver. question. and he is cooperating. so it's not clear why the driver lost control. that person is cooperating with police and now they are looking at speed as possible factor. in newsroom jadiann thompson, 7 news night team. >> new at 11, we're hearing from a mother who says her child was abused by another student on a school bus in boston. she says a 6-year-old sexually abused a number students while on that bus.
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bookman to lie live with more. >> well boston police they were alerted to these allegations but because of the young age of the children involved there wasn't much that they could do. now this mother is taking matters into her own hands. >> to protect her son's privacy this mother is isn't show her face to keep other children safe she's telling his story. >> there was another child that was touching him. and asking him to perform, you know, different sexual acts. this mom says a sexually molested her son and four others repeatedly on school bus to renaissance charter public school in hyde park. he was threatening him someone will shoot your mother. >> he was also being hit by him. so he will punch him in the face. if my son refused. her son never told her. she found out when another student on the bus who witnessed this happened told an adult. social worker then notified her november 3rdrd. i cried. i, lost it. >> the school says we have taken
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have taken appropriate measures to ensure safety. >> we have also taken the appropriate steps to protect the privacy of the children who were involved. really concerning talking about, you know young kids, very, very difficult situation tough situation my heart goes out to families involved. this mom says she hasn't seen any action so she told a friend and that person posted about incidents on facebook. it since gone viral. i think something needs to be done to the driver. i think he needs disciplined. i think that school should take more of a responsibility as far as getting kids some counselling. and i think there should be a monitor on every bus. >> and this mom says her son is not doing well since the revelation he no longer is on school bus she drives him to school instead. reporting live in boston kimberly bookman seven news night team. tonight on just one station. i heard a big bang and i hit my head. i remember that.
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crosswalk. he just kept going a woman relives the moment of impact. >> and tonight she's wearing a cast on her arm boot on her foot but this woman knows it could have been so much worse. tonight she's glad a telephone tip led to driver's arrest. alexis live in chelsea with the story you will see on just one station. alex. well adam the woman was hit in this crosswalk on friday. that driver is under arrest. and police say he didn't even have 72-year-old carol donnelly was thrown to the ground as he is was hit by mini van as she walked in crosswalk in chelsea. big white thing coming towards me. i said, what well, i you know, and he, it hit me. donnelly says there's no question the driver knew he hit her. i said he's not stopping us to myself. or something. i heard a big bang. and i hit my head. i remember that. now charged arnold hernandez he
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december didn't know he hit anyone. he had no idea he had hit her he if hear anything out of ordinary. no problem. this was nothing to suggest that he had made contact with another object. a witness who tried to stop hernandez says he knew he hit someone. i take off after caravan he dodging through traffic. he going through stop signs all of that sort of stuff hernandez is father to two children his estranged wife was in court i came here because we have two kids we're married i need to know whas future. donnelly suffered a fracture wrist and bruised foot she says she wants justice but isn't sure what punishment hernandez should face. if we should be stopped and you know, then you say showing you you're sorry. whatever. but we just took off. i really don't know. >> and hernandez tonight is being held on $2,000 bail. live in chelsea i'm alex, 7 news night team.
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it could turning point for our temperatures with the cold outlook beyond thanksgiving day here's chief meteorologist jeremy reiner to give us a closer look. new pattern ps temperatures right now in low 30s. city at 32. worcester 27. we still have wind out there gusting over 25 miles per hour. driving windchills down into the teens and 20s. look worcester feels like 15 right now jaffry it feels like 18. here in city of boston feels like 22. huge storm. one that came through new england yesterday has itself across southern canada and not going to move. that will continue to pin wheel cold air into knowed overnight tonight and through day tomorrow. lost mostly clear skies unlike last night and this rn mo morning ai don't think we will have to contend with snow showers tomorrow morning temperatures will be cold with mostly clear sky. windy at 6:00 a.m. upper 20s, windchills down in teens and 20s. by nim anne lost of blustery and cold good day for travel wednesday travel day for you we'll talk more about that in ae
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police officer in ambush style attack is in cussed tonight. police arresting 31-year-old otis tyrone mccain who they say pulled up to a san antonio officer sitting in car shot and killed him mccain says he does did it because he angry society for not letting him see is son. the you see this officer here one four officers across country today who was shot in separate incidents. >> snow a devop magnitude earthquake struck that country. officials urge people living oh coast to find higher ground. this is same area by the way where devastating tsunami killed thousands back in 2011. but so far, there hasn't been much damage from this earthquake. now to latest in the trump transition, the president-elect going point by point with the american people. mr. trump posting a video on youtube detailing his plan to
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immigration policies. let's go ryan schulteis. in that video we're getting a better idea what if first 100 days will look like. president-elect focus remains creating jobs fighting illegal immigration. pew donald trump lays out his plan for first one 00 days in office. truly great and talented men and women patriots indeed are being brought in and many will soon be a part of our government. helping us to make america great again. he talked about executive actions he can take on his first day in on trade, on cancelling restrictions on american energy and immigration. i will direct the department of labor to investigate all oof busz of visa programs that under cut the american worker trump tower he continues to be with potential candidate picks include former massachusetts senator scott brown who wants to run veterans affairs. >> listen i'm not competing with anybody. you know i think i'm the best person. but there are some tremendous people out there. oklahoma governor mary fallon a little more low key.
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nieshl meeting to discuss wide range of topics. trump also interviewed primary rival rick perry once compared trump to cancer. every bit as stunning weekend get together with mitt romney. >> president-elect trump has done a flurry of nonstop meeting and needs time to reflect and discuss on many different from diverse backgrounds he met and in the loose two weeks. new transition team president-elect trump is well ahead of pace set by successors but he will not rush to fill his cabinet. team. patriots owner robert kraft weigh in on trump transition he asked whether he would consider a cabinet position after meeting with the president-elect last week in new york. >> i love what i'm doing. and i do anything i could do to help america be stronger. one of the things i hope is that there are policies that happen that make our country more vibrant and help our inner
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more well paying jobs. i really believe we're out path to do that. stay with sebelius knew on air online for latest trump trump tran tigs se elect new cabinet members aout now from the night team, after a wet and wild western win. completed. the another miraculous escape and throw for tom patriots could be down a defender. the thrill of a victory quickie overshadowed by tough loss pore patriots alan branch suspended for four games. nfl leaders say aviolated the leagues drug policies sports director joe amorosino is here with more. >> patriots defense now a big hole to fill a key to run defense set to miss the next four games due to drug suspension. espn adam reporting 31-year-old defensive tackle tested positive
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punishment from the league. this is second time bravenlg faced disciplinary action this year. he was suspended by the patriots for week during training camp team never disclosed what he had done wrong. with 33 tackle and ten games this year branch was on his way to a career high. if his suspension holds up he would not eligible to return until week 16 against the jets. report live in newsroom, joe amorosino up next a store owner cracking up about a crook' fail. got to be the stupidist thief i've ever seen. the would robber just can't catch a break. he's caught on camera trying again and again trying to get into that store. >> plus, pats players along with owner robert kraft kicking off the holidays to help those in need. no snowflakes tomorrow. but they may return by end the of the week forecast up next. coming up this is a drug so deadly state police won't even
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correct the dog could die. what if their partners
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a dangerous drug on the streets proving to be a potentially deadly dose for police dogs on the front line of the opiate crisis. just a small amount could prove deadly for these sniff out crime. invest gaven reporter cheryl fine danica found tate police officers are looking to make changes to protect k-9s by their sides. state police dogs on front line in war on drugs. >> using their nose to look narcotic. it's been risky job but something has changed with these crime fighting k-9s in even more
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and if dog get anywhere close to it, they could die. >> it's called fentanyl. it wan 100 times more potent than heroin and can lethal to the dogs who are working to keep us safe. we have not trained dogs fentanyl they say they are encountering more and more crime scenes and in drug raids. just last month during a raid in florida, three police dogs nearly died when they came in contact with the drug. >> the drug enforce the agency police k-9 units. fett anyone call kill k-9 com pan yops. when police ever exposed their something that can save them from potentially deadly symptoms narcan a nasal spray who often overgoes dose on heroin. u spri sprai doesn't work on dugs detectives have come was we're doing about dangers fentanyl. police state police are making a
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first in the country to carry injectable narcan. >> vets say getting dogs shot of narcan instead of the spray could save their lives if they have been exposed. dogs do great work for us. it's, you know we have lot of time and money invested into them. and, there's lot of devotion. we will do whatever we can keep them safe. massachusetts state police say they expect to begin carrying the injectable narcan in january. and the department sayss police departments looking to provide the same protection for their dogs. in control room i'm chefrl fiandaca. all right. as long we're talking about our beloved pets. jr is getting to point we start to warn people about leaving them outside oh not that cold? no it's cold. temperatures overnight will head down into the 20s. the windchills what it feels like for us as well our little furry friends down into the teens. be mindful of that cold week
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tomorrow. i think it does fade was mid week wednesday for hurry overall no big storms good traveling this week. jet stream last week was off to our north. why we were able to easily find 50s and even 60 degrees last friday afternoon boston. when that storm came through, it rearranged some things including jet stream. though that jet stream tapping into cold air pulling down into eastern half. chicago 28. here in city we are 32. worcester 27. and those are temra by themselves you factor in the wind it feels like these numbers right here. feels like away in town worcester feels like 15 hyannis feels like 24. big storm to our north doesn't move all that much you can see producing impressive snowfall lake effect snowfall coming off ontario this continues to stream across new york and western new england. not quite as potent as they were last night. i don't think they will reach coastline tonight and tomorrow some of them did this morning
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still windy mainly sunny skies. temperatures 30s and low 40s. normal high about 51. so these are way below where where we should be for this time of when you factor in wind will feel colder knot of town numbers in upper 30s to around 40. again city right around 42. 43 tomorrow afternoon. fitchburg at 39. jaffry 36. and out on to cape islands low to mid 40s. wednesday cold. but less wind. temperatures on wednesday in the low 40s. if tomorrow is big travel day, quiet weather along eastern metro new york city, d.c. atlanta, a okay there will be rain showers down towards dallas and houston. chicago is dry minneapolis light snow west coast will feature rain seattle down toward san francisco. if wednesday happens to be your travel day that midwest system a little farther east dry on eastern seaboard. mild in florida 70s to around 80. rain showers in chicago. as well as detroit. now this weather system it does move up into new england on thanksgiving.
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so there will be lot of clouds on thursday. there may actually be a couple snow flurries thursday morning out ahead of this warm front not going kind of snow that fetts in way of travel plans. just enough to maybe put you in mood you head out to high school football games you run fichlt k in his morning in any event you can see this new pattern chilly. right through the holiday weekend. few rain showers on saturday. temperatures on saturday low 40s. but that will be in form of snow caught on camera in brockton you heard term smash and grab. well call this one a smash and skram. a would be burglar trying not once but twice to break into fire before finally giving up amaka ubaka is live to show us more. well adam, this the rock that the thief used to throw at these doors. owner tells me that he is cameras everywhere he couldn't bri his eyes when he saw the video.
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a thief caught red handed. hey how. how stupid can you be? trying to break into this convenience store. you see man takes his time getting out of the mini van. >> with a black bag in one hand, and a rock in the other. got to be, the stupidist thief i have ever seen. man chucks rock at the doors trying his best to shatter the glass. he's lining up like he was pitching a ball. and it bounced back. but the thief trying to again with no luck. >> the rock went under his vehicle. he was too fat to bend down to pick it up. owner steven davis couldn't help laughing when he saw video attempted break in he post surveillance individual on facebook. along with at pretty clear message. the top 5 dumbest thieves in brockton. cameras also cap shufred man's license plate number and a here end damage to the van only
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behind bars. what's your warning for somebody who tries to do this again breaks into one of your stores in don't waste your time. cameras everywhere. now owner says he's laminated glass here at the store. he says it cost $1,200 to fix this door. he said he put the video on facebook. hoping it will keep away future potential burglars. we're live in brockton tonight amaka ubaka, 7 news night team obviously steven davis you saw in piece there has been in news in past. but is fortunate connection with whitey bulger. interesting to see him here. i was quite surprised. bigger story is pretty hilarious. all right joe amorosino is standing by. what's on tap? let's talk celtics coming into tonight. 39 times. nba teams have gone fourth kwhaur down by 13 or more points. every one of those 39 games were a lost until tonight.
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patriots players and owner robert kraft continue long tradition with good will today. there they were handing out thanksgiving baskets to families in need. and craft didn't just handout baskets he also delivered good
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he's proud of his team for volunteering today. having players come here, they could be chilling you know, for two days, they spent their evening here and makes me very proud. and since the team was helping with good cause, coach bill belichick told players they don't have to practice again until wednesday. and now, time for 7 sports with joe amorosino. >> patriots force just nine turnovers second time in franchise history. the defense has single digit take aways this late in season. they have however had turn over on their roster. and now alan branch suspended facing that four game ban for positive drug test espn report branch tessed positive for marijuana. will 31-year-old will a suspend by team for week. and. million belichick wouldn't comment on branch's latest
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radio apgs this afternoon saying the matter is between the league and the player. and how many more hits can this defense take started with chandler jones been trade. jamie collins shipped to cleveland this week jamal left home for san francisco trip branch banned for four games pats have dropped from 9th to 17th in total defense since last season giving 355 yards per game. brad stevens going with the guys who hustle and play defense in minnesota tonight. fourth quarter. and unit that did not include isaiah thomas and avery bradley leads the green team on a 17-0 run. the celtics facing 2014 first overall pick andrew wiggins in 2015 top pick karl anthony towns. right before the half ricky comes up steal off that lazy hand off throws lob to towns. minnesota up by ten at the half towns had 27 points and 18 boards. celtics were down by 13 entering
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off the dribble gets into paint hngs and hates a 5 point game. next time down the floor watch al horford he misses the three but stay on it gets his own rebound going to stay on this thing he throws it down and guess what, the celtics are within three. horford 20 points six boards and 5 assists. then after he hit a three to tie the game he gets hand past lane house that for defense come up with steal he's off racing and slams home. that one that put two. part of 17-0 run. his 12 points off the bench really did the trick for the team tonight. the celtics win this 99-93 for their second straight win. play of the day brought to you by capital one. campbell university chris clemens might be the best dunker you've never heard. 5 foot nine same height i so i ii so i a thomas. one step inside free throw line. rocks the rim look at this kid
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earning our play of day huge congratulation legendary coach john jayde inducted into massachusetts basketball coach's hall of fame. famous mission and done bo sko grady has 454 wins and still going as interim coach. this year. that's spots. complnt, joe.
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time's up for us on a monday. thanks so much for watching jimmy is up next i am adam williams i'm kim khazei. 7 news continues at 5:00 a.m. with today new england. it's monday, chilly but we have thanksgiving to look forward to for most of you maybe short week. so enjoy everybody. have a terrific tomorrow and we hope to see you back here tomorrow n.
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jason sudeikis, kristin chenoweth,
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and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: 575, new mexico! >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon! ? ? [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: that's what i'm talkin' about. hey! hot crowd. hot crowd tonight here. welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. welcome to "the tonight show." this is it, baby. you made it. [ cheers and applause ] this is it. you're here.


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