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tv   7 News  NBC  November 24, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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>> anchor: now at 7 o'clock mall madness is here. shoppers go a spending spree. >> anchor: city leaders stepping up to the plate. and listening to community concerns. >> anchor: a touching tribute. the moving ceremony to honor a fallen officer. >> anchor: a driver killed in a wrong way higher terrain. rain on the way throughout the weekend. how much is on the way. >> anchor: calling troops over seas. president obama saying thank you to our soldiers. >> anchor: as they spend the holidays far from home. >> 7 news at 7 o'clock starts now. >> anchor: chilly evening out there. clouds over head and scattered rain throughout the evening. best advice get an umbrella. >> anchor: that's right.
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bri eggers with a closer look for us. bri. >> reporter: it looks like a lot is happening when you look at the map of new england. not a lot happening when we're talking about light snow showers in the northern part of new england. in southern new england drizzle and rain showers coming through. bright banding it's just some higher reflectivity as a snow flake is melting. it passes that melting mark. that could be mixing in. places like keen and jaffrey could be seeing flurries. as far as for the rest of the evening. i don't expect temperatures to budge. low 40s from boston to norwood. worcester county we're talking close to the freezing mark of 32 degrees. 34 in worcester. sometimes you can get icing even
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freezing on bridges and over passes and in higher terrain. icy spots are possible into the overnight hours and into tomorrow early in the morning. something that we need to pay attention to. overnight tonight the areas of drizzle and possibly isolated areas of freezing drizzle. 35 to 42 generally speaking for our overnight lows. tomorrow a boost in the temperatures as we top out in the mid 40s to low 50s. continue for us. how long does it last? and how much rain are we talking when all is said and done? more to come in my extended forecast. >> anchor: the chaos started. shoppers in new hampshire lining up for the best bargains of the season. that's certainly the hope. not all stores have opened doors just yet. >> anchor: that hasn't stopped hundreds from getting a jump start on holiday list.
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>> reporter: here in nashua opened at 3:00. plenty of people have filed here in the store. jc penny does not close until tomorrow night. open all night. people here for those black friday deals. one long line stretching around jc penny. >> hi happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: at the pheasant lane mall in nashua. >> i'm here. >> reporter: anxiously to pass up. >> i figured why not check it out. >> reporter: doors opened at 3. people started showing up hours earlier. >> i already made a plan ahead of time. jc penny and then target. this is a good complex for everything over here. >> reporter: down the street at best buy norman oak and his family have been camping occupant since monday to be the first in line.
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>> we get tvs so many electronics. whatever we can get our hands on. >> reporter: dad volunteers to play santa greeting late arrivals. >> it's what we do. what we have fun with. >> reporter: others it's about not missing out. >> the only thing that is a factor that makes it difficult is the cold. other than that it's just fun. >> reporter: the stores are open here in open until midnight. live in nashua alex deprado 7 news. >> anchor: a man killed after a wrong way crash in plainville. the tragedy happening early this morning on 495 south. police are piecing together what happened. brandon gunnoe live with the latest on this tragic accident. brandon. >> reporter: absolutely. adam, the first call came in
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foxborough a wrong way driver. a deadly accident had already taken place. >> 495 south. >> reporter: state police received a call about a car going the wrong way on 495. a head on crash with one man dead iftit's as terrible as anything i can imagine. it should be avoidable. >> reporter: the 22-year-old driver was going north in the southbound lane. crashed in plainville where he got on the interstate and what investigation. >> they said it was a 25 minute e.p.a. >> reporter: the impact was so severed it killed the driver and seriously injured a 21-year-old woman in the other car. >> my thoughts are when you drive here it's no joke. you better be wide awake. don't drink. if you're not feeling well pull over. >> reporter: the interstates are clearly marked and can't understand how someone would
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>> aye never had a problem seeing the right way and the wrong way to go. >> i feel bad for families and wish them well. >> reporter: now that 21-year-old woman from barn stab she was taken to a rhode island hospital with what we're told serious injuries. live in foxborough brandon gunnoe 7 news. ; police saying the fire started on what rel road this morning. are the homeowner wa smoke inhalation. the cause is under investigation. a risky rescue in saugus when neighbors step in to save an elderly man from a fire there. the flames in the photo that tore through the home last side. the man was trapped last night. one of the neighbors went in and carried the man out to safety. >> i knew there was an elderly man that lived in there.
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>> it was over powering. we had to walk away from the house 2 or 3 times ourselves to catch our breath before we were able to pull him out. >> reporter: that man was treated for smoke inhalation. fire officials are investigating the cause. >> anchor: 7 news turning to boston where city leaders are dishing out meals this holiday season. marty walsh carving time out to meet with people and serve hot to the community. >> reporter: giving thanks with the community at pine street in n and saint francis house on thursday. >> it's difficult. we've made progress in the last couple of years. coming by and let people know we appreciate them. >> reporter: starting the day at saint francis house. carving a turkey along side girlfriend laurie higgins.
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>> give us inspiration by him being here and his presence lift up our spirits. we don't feel left behind. it's a big thing. >> reporter: joined by police commissioner bill evans to pine street inn. 200 volunteers helped serve meals to the homeless. 2000 dinners are served at the pine street inn. 2000 pounds of turkey and for some this is the first thanksgiving they've spent in a home in many years. >> the character is seen in how we take care of those who need extra help. this san expensive place to live. for many who used to be in better situations it has become too hard. >> reporter: the day about more than turkey and the sights. more about an opportunity to
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>> anchor: a trooper tribute in marlboro. a ceremony honoring fallen officer thomas tom clarity. >> anchor: there was a moment of silence before the game as dozens including clarity's wife and children honored his life. jennifer eagan reports. >> reporter: marlboro against before the game. >> right, left. >> right, left. >> reporter: everyone here paused and remembered fallen trooper thomas clarity was from this town. he raised 6 children here. >> i'm honored to be here today. it's a beautiful tribute for my husband. for my family. >> that's going to be the heads.
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>> reporter: 4-year-old noah did the ceremonial coin toss. >> great for my kids to see that everybody's thinking of us after this time and honoring my husband in a special way. >> reporter: for dejesus it's hard to talk about. >> it's still something i'm struggling with. >> reporter: he was at the scene along the pike that day back in march after another clarity in his cruiser. >> he had a way with people. it tells you something about someone when you have somebody that tom had arrested and they come out to baracks to pay their respects. >> i'd like to have all my braves in the state police know this is what we do. we will do it and take care of our own. >> reporter: her husband loved thanksgiving never missed it. for a moment before the game she
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i thought that was a sign he was looking down wishing obviously he was here to see the support from everybody. >> reporter: jennifer eagan 7 news. >> anchor: and next here on 7 news troops on thanksgiving. how the men and women on the front lines are celebrating over seas. >> anchor: history in the making. what new clues are being unraveled nearby about our nation's past. >> reporter: drizzle and light rain showers through tomorrow. you'll need the rain gear headed out to the deals tomorrow. forecast is next. >> anchor: macy's thanksgiving day parade filling the manhattan streets. >> anchor: trotting for tradition.
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>> anchor: well on the holiday centered around how much food can you eat here's a to celebrate thanksgiving. hundreds of runners laced up sneakers for the turkey trot in framingham. today marked the 22nd year of this holiday tradition. >> anchor: another holiday tradition the 90th annual macy's thanksgiving day parade. 3.5 million lined the parade route to see thousands of performers, bands and famous floats.
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pole ushering in the holiday season. i heard earlier that only one time in the 30s that santa led the parade. only time in 90 years that he's done that. save the best for last. >> anchor: the other time was because he started it. i haven't fact checked that. >> anchor: bri, we are going to weather. i saw on facebook one of my that it's snowing there. >> reporter: there are snow flakes mixing in with the rain drops where the temperatures are cold enough. in northern worcester county and west middlesex county. for the rest of us drizzle and light rain showers that continue. you see where the purple is there. on the outer route 2 maynard area that's a possibility. love to see those pictures too. this is what you see is what you
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fall. it's more bright banding. the snow flake is melting. sending more energy to our radar site there. i think light showers in general. this is not a lot of rain out of this. i don't expect anything in the way of snow accumulation not for us here in the bay state. not even in southern new hampshire. look at the time line here. it's on again off that rain snow line retreating farther and farther north with the cold temperatures as we warm up tomorrow afternoon. mid 40s into the low 50s for most of us for highs tomorrow. current temperatures getting close to the freezing mark. 36 in fitchburg. upper 30s for bedford and through route 2 as well. not out of the question to see snow flakes that fall. they may not survive on the
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drop to the freezing mark tonight. icy spots are possible. northwest of i-95. higher terrain, and bridges and over passes freeze quicker. keep that in mind. here's your planner for tomorrow. starting out near 40 degrees at 7 a.m. 2 p.m. closing in on 50 degrees for most of us. how much rain is on the way. we need more than we're going to get. 10th of an inch to a an inch tends to look to be the best case scenario. more snow to northern new england ski resorts. travel weather for tomorrow. cloudy through the great lakes and the midwest. unsettled weather in the northeast. stormiest spot in the pacific northwest. shouldn't be travel troubles. here's a look at the 7 on 7 forecast. breezy on sunday as well.
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wet weather returns for the middle of next week. >> anchor: they're thousands of miles from home. dedicated soldiers on the front lines of defense spending thanksgiving in iraq and else where. >> anchor: and today they're coming together to celebrate with staple dishes of the season. >> reporter: inside this tiny kitchen on a remote base far from home it's time to chop, stir and turkey for 150 hungry mouths. 50 miles south of mosul. it's private jord angwhite's first deployment. >> definitely miss my family. sacrifice for others to be with their families. >> reporter: down time before the big meal meant sprucing him. >> obviously can't wait to face time my family at home.
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defense here on camp swift. and we're what everyone relies on. >> reporter: their sacrifice not forgotten by president obama who took the time to call 9 soldiers over seas today. wishing them a happy thanksgiving and thanking them for their service. operation inherent resolve is the fight against isis. her 10-year-old back at home is counting down on the days. >> he sent me a message this morning. happy thanksgiving mom. i love can't wait for you to come home. hashtag 48 days on it. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: it's his 6th thanksgiving away. that doesn't make it easier. >> i have my family at home. i'm in a good spot. >> reporter: you're covered this thanksgiving. >> yeah. >> anchor: later today it's back to business and the mission for those soldiers counting down the days to be with their family.
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? dylan: anybody can do parkour. our whole aim with the gym is to get people moving, and want to have people understand that you own a body. we can do some crazy things with it. having blue cross blue shield, i've always felt comfortable being able to try something that i might not know if i'm going to land, because i've always had this security behind me. my name is dylan. i own hub parkour training center
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>> anchor: new clues about our nation's past unearthed in our own back yard. plymouth. researchers stumbling on artifacts. >> anchor: the polices of history dug up by a team of archaeologists from u mass boston. >> reporter: a huge and timely
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>> reporter: archaeologists from u mass boston say they now know when where the pilgrims originally settled. >> we spent time over the fall to work through the data we collected. we feel confident now that we found a section of the 17th century settlement preserved under downtown plymouth. >> reporter: the group spent the past 4 summers digging historic town. >> what we've found was post holes left from the actual construction of part of a wall a building and a fence line. >> reporter: the key to the findings though the discovery of calf bones. >> one thing that's interesting about the calf is in the historical context of the plymouth colony cattle became important to the economic
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for the colony. >> reporter: until now it was difficult to pin point where the first pilgrims settled. development made it more challenging. archaeologists found the objects in an old cemetery in burial hill. >> there was a consensus of the lay out of the settlement. no one had successfully put it on the ground in this historic sens news. >> anchor: all right.
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>> anchor: we haven't said it already happy thanksgiving. hope you're having a great night. nice spending time with you at 7:00. >> anchor: and i'm jadiann thompson. wish you and your family a happy thanksgiving. see you back here for news at
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happy thanksgiving now on "extra". think you know trump? >> i can call you donald, right? >> a trump? >> fair enough. >> every secret about our next president as we go boack to his roots. those roots, too, he's at ivanka's lost photo shoot. >> it's always been an ambition to make a name for myself. and from the reel washington to jessica chastain's political thriller. what she found out about the


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