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tv   Today  NBC  November 25, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning. lovely lady. >> when you come back to earth, would you please go tell the boys to come in and straighten up their room? >> florence henderson, the american icon who played beloved tv mom carol brady on "the brady at the age of 82. an early member of the "today" show family and a ground-breaking actress, we'll take a look back at her remarkable career. friday frenzy. stores are already mobbed this morning with one of the biggest shopping days of the year well under way. we've got everything you need to know on this black friday. thanksgiving miracle. a california mother who vanished while jogging almost a month ago has been reunited with her family after she was found tied
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the urgent search now under way for her alleged kidnappers. and, best in show. 2,000 dogs. their harried handlers and a whole lot of hoopla. >> well, there you have it. 2016 winner, best in show, the greyhound. >> but there can be only one winner of the 2016 national dog show. and gia, the greyhound, is gracing us with her presence "today," friday, november 25th, 2016. >> announcer: frbc this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this friday morning. i'm willie heist. >> i'm tamron hall. we'll talk to matt in a few minutes about some very sad news
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brady. the "today" show family got to know her a little better. she was best known as the mom as "the brady bunch." she died of heart failure at cedars sinai medical center in los angeles on thursday where she was surrounded by her loved ones. >> reporter: she was known as america's mom. carol brady. ? here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls ? >> reporter: for five seasons starting in after in reruns, that lovely lady, florence henderson, starred on "the brady bunch" as a widow with three daughters who marries a widower with three sons, settling down in sunny california. >> doug. >> yeah. >> when you come back to earth, would you please go tell the boys to come in and straighten up their room? >> yeah. >> reporter: henderson helped raise a generation of kids with
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nontraditional blended family could work. an idea way ahead of its time. born in dale, indiana, henderson was the youngest of ten children. the stunning beauty made her marken mark on broadway starring in a string of shows until she got her big break -- that big break coming on the "today" show. she was in every sense of the word a "today" show original. in 1959, she was hired to be very first "today" girl doing the weather, fashion and other light news segments. it wasn't just morning tv. she broke ground in late night as well. in 1962 becoming the first woman to guest host the "tonight show" before johnny carson took the reins. >> this is "later today" with jodi ap -- >> reporter: decades later
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"today" roots. through the years she shared many memorable moments on "today." >> florence spoke to matt in 2015. >> you say you feel better no you than when you30. what makes you happy in life these days? >> well, i try to get up every day and say, wow, it's a great day, i'm alive, i have four healthy children, five healthy grandchildren. i have grand dogs. i have friends. i am so blessed to be able to still do what i love and i'm just grateful. >> reporter: when she wasn't appearing on tv, she was popping up in commercials. perfectly poised. pitching products from wesson oil to polident. henderson continued to appear on tv in a variety of shows and in 2016 at age 76 she competed on "dancing with the stars." overnight, celebrities sent
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mccormick who played henderson's daughter, marsha, on "the brady bunch." tweeting, florence henderson was a dear friend for so many years and in this my heart forever. as we mentioned, florence henderson was a long-time friend of the "today" show appearing with matt many times over the years. matt wanted to join us this morning as we paid tribute to florence. he's on the phone with us. matt, we were all surprised whether we woke up to the news this morning. what are your thoughts? >> it's so tamron. i first of all just loved looking back at some of those moments on the "today" show and on other shows that you guys just put on the air. i will tell you this. and i think you both will agree because you got to know her as well. in all my years in this business, i don't think i've met anyone so talented and so popular who had so much u millty and so little ego. i can say that without hesitation. she was the most down to earth,
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work in entertainment, she's right. she was always in demand, always working because she was so good. she was so good at what she did. i mean from america's mom -- by the way, could there have been a better role for florence henderson than mrs. brady? because she nurtured everybody. she was so caring. she -- every time you saw her and she walked into the studio, first thing was the hug. then the kiss. and then it wasn't some kind of say how are you and how is your family. she meant it. you had to stop and tell her how you were doing and how your family was doing. and if you didn't have stories and pictures, she wasn't going to let you go. >> that is so true. you talk about that nurturing spirit, matt. i walked with her this past february in the go red cat walk for heart disease. i was super nervous to go out. she was like just go out there and have fun with it. that sense of humor just radiating. we're so lucky, someone we admired on television became a
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>> she had a wicked sense of humor. she really did. i mean she was as quick with a one-liner as she was with one of those hugs. and she could be a little bawdy. she could catch you off guard with her jokes. by the way, i remember a little fun that ellen degeneres had with a segment that florence henderson and i did on the "today" show where ellen used a little video magic and editing to make it look like it was a little more raucous than it actually was. i was nervous that florence might not get it. i'll tell you, no one liked that more than florence henderson. she thought it was hysterical. i am sad for her family. her children, for her grandchildren and i'm especially sad for the people who didn't get to experience the brilliance and the magic of florence henderson for all those years on tv. >> to know her a little bit off tv was an even better experience, matt, we know you are away with your family right
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in this morning. >> all right, guys, have a good weekend. it's friday after thanksgiving and millions of americans are already out shopping this morning. the good deals are up for grabs and records are already being broken. nbc's jo ling kent is in the thick of all of it in jersey city. good morning, jo. >> reporter: good morning, tamron. good morning, willie. happy black friday to you. you know, if you thought black friday was dead, here in jersey city it is alive and kicking. thousands of shoppers showing up here at 137 million americans are planning to shop this holiday weekend. already the spending is shattering records. throngs of shoppers lining up for hours. before bursting into stores to cash in on black friday deals. >> put you in the right holiday mood. >> reporter: the rush of action a welcome sight for retailers. target's ceo says early store traffic data has been positive
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consumer. lines are much bigger than they were last year. >> reporter: online, records already shattered. americans spend at least $1.15 billion online on thanksgiving day. a 14% jump from last year. almost half a billion dollars have been spent on mobile devices alone. >> we're looking pretty good for black friday and the holiday season in general for retailers. i think a lot of companies and consumers are happy that the election is over. >> reporter: overall, holiday sales are this year. shoppers started earlier than ever on thanksgiving day. >> three, two, one -- >> reporter: macy's customers flooded in the doors for deep discounts on boots and cashmere sweaters. as for what to buy now, new data shows the best deals are on electronics, toys and pet supplies. average tablet prices are down 25% compared to this time last year. television prices, sinking 24%.
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far this holiday weekend. now if you're waking up and you are looking at some deals on your phone, you should know that online spending is legislated to be abo about $2 billion already this morning as we wake up. as you start shopping, make sure you use legitimate apps and are logging on to the actual website. stores are rolling out concierge and all the works just to get you in so you buy a little more. >> jo, thank you so much. as many of you prepare to head home this weekend after the thanksgiving holiday, there are some possible travel delays ahead from coast to coast. dylan is in for al this morning. >> hey, guys, happy thanksgiving. we are looking at not too many problems today but things get a little more interesting saturday and again on sunday. we've got this storm system moving in to the pacific northwest. that's going to bring rain and mountain snow to that area.
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the great lakes, there is nothing really to worry about today. saturday though we've got both coasts dealing with the possibility of delays, especially down through san francisco and also into the boston area because of low clouds and just reduced visibility. it is also going to be a little breezy across new england but we could see some of those showers and wind causing some delays at san francisco airport on saturday. if you're driving, again it is that i-95 corridor because of a coastal storm that's trying to develop in the northeast. not only will it be windy the farther north you go, you could see some rain and snow showers causing some problems. then on sunday we are still looking at maybe some tricky conditions across mountain passes. we'll see some storms develop through the middle of the country and northern new england could see some of those delays as well. in lax, we could see delays because of rain. in boston we could see some those low clouds and breezy conditions causing some delays at the airports. ov overall doesn't look that bad but just a couple areas to keep in mind. now to politics.
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at his mar-a-lago estate in florida as his transition team debates candidates for secretary of state. nbc white house correspondent kristin welcher is in florida with the latest for us. kristen, good morning. >> tamron, good morning to you. as mr. trump continues his holiday weekend here in palm beach, the choice he is facing with his cabinet, whether to bring in more former rivals or long-time loyalists. one of his top advisors may have political world waits for the president-elect's next move. >> reporter: we're getting our first glimpse of the president-elect while vacationing at his mar-a-lago resort. these pictures captured the day before thanksgiving with the holiday now over, he's poised to make new cabinet appointments as early as today. at the top of that list -- secretary of state. trump considering two top contenders -- former new york
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the start, or 2012 presidential candidate, mitt romney, formerly one of his sharpest critics. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> reporter: trump not tipping his hand but one of his top advisors may have. kellyanne conway tweeted out receiving a deluge of social media. some trump loyalists warn against romney as secretary of state, a sign trump world may be divided. the other positions in play -- commerce secretary. billionaire wilbur ross at the front of e retired marine corps general james mattis is looking likely. transition sources tell nbc news trump's former primary rival turned surrogate dr. ben carson is considering an offer for housing and urban development secretary, though he has no experience in the field. on thanksgiving carson not giving any hint about which way he's leaning, tweeting we must focus on what unites us all instead of what divides us. trump tried to paint the holiday
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to stay in the u.s. making progress. will know soon. carrier currently planning to move its indianapolis plant to mexico and confirmed they're in contact with the incoming administration. on the trail, trump railed against outsourcing jobs overseas. >> our jobs are coming back. and our companies aren't leaving. and if our companies want to leave, there are consequences. >> reporter: meanwhile, trump's former rival, hillary clinton, was spotted doing a little thanksgiving shopping this week and tweeted greeted by this heartwarming display on the corner of my street. thank you to all of you who did this. as mr. trump works to build up his administration, the team tasked with his inauguration already in full steam as well, they are aiming to raise tens of millions of dollars for the historic day. tamron? willie? back to you. >> thank you very much. federal authorities are being looking into a possible hate crime in west virginia where one charleston family is
7:15 am
son this holiday weekend after he was shot dead on a neighborhood street. nbc's ron allen is in washington with the latest on this story. ron, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, willie. james means was a 15-year-old black teenager. his alleged, 62-year-old william pulliam who is white and now in police custody. it is what police say the alleged gunman said about the young man's death that's igniting even more outrage. >> be advised your suspect is in a dark hoodie, handgun in his po >> reporter: late night outside a charleston discount store. police in pursuit of a gunman. authorities say it began when 15-year-old james means bumped into an older man. the suspect went into the store. when he came out, the two exchanged words before means was shot twice. means died later at a hospital. 62-year-old william pulliam arrested and charged with murder. according to the criminal
7:16 am
stating, the way i look at it, that's another piece of trash off the street. the report also said he then had dinner and visited a friend. police say pulliam shot means because he felt threatened. in a jailhouse interview with wchs, pulliam claimed the teenager had a gun. >> i don't like it. believe me, i didn't want to kill anybody. but, you know, they're not going to kill me. >> reporter: but police say means was not armed. and federal authorities are now looking into willfully using a firearm to kill another person because of the victim's actual or perceived race, color, religion or national origin. maximum penalty -- life in prison. >> my son is in a safer place now and we all love him. >> reporter: means' family says they believe justice will prevail. >> we're just not going to put it in our hands. we're going to let the law put it in their hands.
7:17 am
>> we don't hold a grudge so nobody else should hold a grudge. we all have to forgive and let everything take its place. >> reporter: on social media, the response to our request for a few thousand dollars to help with funeral expenses has soared well past $40,000. while the suspect remains in jail, his next hearing, some time after the holiday weekend. tamron? willie? >> ron allen, thanks so much, ron. and also making headlines this morning, the great a franklin. ? >> the 74-year-old queen of soul kicked off the day of football on thursday dazzling fans in her hometown of detroit with, yes, we could officially call it -- an epic rendition of the national anthem. the song usually lasts about two minutes. but when you're the queen of soul, guess how long it goes? 4:35 seconds. who's countsing?
7:18 am
show respect. some people, because some people just got to complain about everything. they finished eating and had done the dishes by the time she was done. willie and i have issues with people on social media who complained about this. >> that's 4:35 seconds of free aretha franklin. that's how i look at it. >> she wasn't singing "jingle bells." she's singing the national anthem. >> i was actually cooking with that on in the background. i was saying -- i did on? >> i can sit down for a seconds? we love aretha. we'll take all the aretha k we n get. nationally across the country today, besides a big storm out in the pacific northwest, could create some mountain snow. we've already seen about two feet of snow in the cascades. we're also looking at some mountain snow across northern new england in the highest elevations and some scattered showers and storms today in
7:19 am
dallas. that's a look at the weather >> wren: northern new england is looking at the chance of snow today. here in southern new england, we're willing at a damp black friday forecast. we have the chance of showers as well as drizzle off and on throughout the day. as we head into tomorrow, we're looking at more of a coastal storm. the chance for showers across the cape and the islands, the coast, further inland it's actually looking to stay predominantly dry. highs today around our average
7:20 am
patchy fog this morning >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you very much. coming up, a missing california mom found alive in what some are calling a miracle. we'll have the latest on the search for her kidnappers. plus, your holiday survival guide to getting through weekend with everything from the best bargains to some travel tips. but first, this is "today"
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>> this is 7news now. >> nancy: good morning to you. just about 7:30 as we take a live look outside. wren clair with a check of our forecast today.
7:27 am
drizzle and showers across the north shore as well as some fog that. will take the mix out. mid-morning hours, a lot of that fog is west of the 495 loop. visibility down to many spots. showers continue as we head into the rest of your day. again, we'll mix out this fog by mid-morning hours. temperatures today trend mild in the upper 40s. >> nancy: wren, thank you. top stories, a state trooper rushed to the hospital after a s.u.v. slammed into his cruiser on 93 south in boston. a driver impaired. the trooper had minor injuries. the driver was arrested and charged with o.u.i. and the man suspected of hitting four police officers with his car will be facing a judge today. 34-year-old vincent weeks was arrested wednesday according to investigators when officers approached his car. he sped off, dragging two officers and hitting another two. the officers are expected to be okay. we're back in 25 with another
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? 7:30 now on this friday morning, the 25th of november, 2016. we are happy to see so many smiling faces, stopping by to i guess we can now play christmas music without shame. >> i love christmas music but you're moving a little fast for me, tamron hall. let me digest my meal first. here's a look at what's making headlines today. thanksgiving shoppers have already spent more than $1 billion and mobbed stores in the wee hours today. it is just beginning. 137 million americans still expected to shop over the holiday. u.s. special operations soldier was killed in syria on
7:31 am
explosive. it's the first american combat death there as the fight against isis intensifies. so far the pentagon has not revealed that soldier's identity. and, florence henderson, the beloved actress who played tv mom carol brady on "the brady bunch," has died in los angeles of heart failure. she was a fixture here on "today" show over the course of several decades and a renowned broadway actress. florence henderson was 82 years old. now to what's being called a miracle in california. a kidnapped mother found county road. her family's prayers finally answered nearly a month after she went missing. nbc's gadi schwartz is in los angeles with the details. >> good morning, tamron. three longs week ago, sherry went for a run and she didn't come home. her whole community has come together to try and find the missing mother of two. investigators fielding over 400 tips, searching dozens and dozens of miles.
7:32 am
alive. >> reporter: the 34-year-old woman described by her family as a super mom, this morning once again surrounded by those she loves. >> she has been located and has been reunited with her husband and family on this day of thanksgiving. >> reporter: she was found thursday at 4:30 in the morning 150 miles from where investigators believe she was abducted while out jogging over three weeks ago. >> she was bound with resnt a passing motorist on i-5 near county road 17. >> reporter: now the mother of two is recovering with her family by her side. for weeks the community had come together to search for any sign of papini after her husband had reported her missing. her sister asking for the public's help. >> you don't realize that it could happen to your family. i know my sister would never abandon her children in any way
7:33 am
>> reporter: papini was last seen on a run, her cell phone and a pair of headphones discovered a mile from her house. investigators say papini has described two of her captors as hispanic women with a gun and a dark suv. >> we do not know if this is a strange r r on abduction or no. >> reporter: the sheriff is still cautioning the community that whoever kidnapped papini is still on the loose. the community of redding, california still very much on edge. investigators have been speaking to papini about what happened and are expected to give another briefing a little later today. tamron? >> thank you so much. what a story! >> unbelievable. thank god she was found safe. let's get a check of the weather now with dylan. >> looking at a pretty big storm in the pacific northwest, mostly in the mountain passes with the
7:34 am
right now. crescent city california seeing some rain as well. as this storm moves onshore we have a better chance of seeing snow especially in the rockies later in the week. a secondary front will move in bringing mountain snow, and periods of rain extending down in l.a. where we could see heavy rain tomorrow. as for heavy rain across the pacific northwest through monday morning, crescent city looks like they could pick up five to six inches of rain. then as far as snow is concerned, we could end up with about a foot and a especially across parts of the cascade and sierra, nevada. much needed snow, of course, as we get into some of the dryer months. elsewhere across the country, things are quiet right through the middle except for some scattered showers down through texas. >> wren: northern new england is looking at the chance of snow today. here in southern new england, we're willing at a damp black friday forecast. we have the chance of showers as well as drizzle off and on throughout the day.
7:35 am
looking at more of a coastal storm. the chance for showers across the cape and the islands, the coast, further inland it's actually looking to stay predominantly dry. highs today around our average highs. in the upper 40s and low 50s for the cape and the islands. patchy fog this morning mixed. >> and if you didn't get enough football yesterday, don't forget sunday night is "football night in america." the denver broncos are hosting the kansas city chiefs. weather looks good. about 45 degrees and a little bit breezy, too. don't forget, you can watch football coverage at 7:00 p.m. eastern with "football night in america". >> announcer: this "sunday night football" weather is brought to you by verizon. introducing verizon lte advanced. powering america's largest and fastest 4g lte network ever.
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(more popping) go together like being late and being grounded. made for real, real life.? ("le freak" plays throughout) freak out ? ? back now at 7:40 this morning. on "rossen reports," a holiday weekend survival kit for you. >> just in time for black friday, "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen has rounded up some important tips to save you money and to keep you safe. jeff, good morning. >> hey, guys, good morning to you. hope you had a great thanksgiving. black friday is here. so many of you getting in the car right now heading home from thanksgiving, and of course, shopping. no matter what you're doing,
7:41 am
from the secret tips to save major cash in stores, to a warning about online shopping. we even have travel tips with snow and ice hitting parts of the country, how do you pull out of a skid. this morning it is one-stop shopping to kick off your holiday weekend. >> reporter: it's the biggest shopping day of the year and we're all heading to the stores. but don't hate retail. we have secret tips to save you big bucks. >> i like that one. >>ep her first tip to save you cash -- the price match. she's got ler eher eye on this dishwasher. >> i was going to price check them against other retailers. >> we do price check. >> reporter: the salesman goes online and finds another store selling it for $44 less. >> then you guys match that one? >> reporter: sold to our secret shopper. at best buy andrea shows off her
7:42 am
>> i think it is an insignia. >> reporter: an item that's been returned to the store in good condition. maybe missing a couple aek s accessories. >> can you throw in some remote or some additional discount? >> reporter: she checks with her supervisor and good news -- they'll knock off $280. but what if you want to avoid the store all together? there's always online shopping but watch out. and singapore aren't going to have the same laws that protect consumers and shoppers as you'll find in the u.s. >> reporter: the photos lure you in. trendy clothing for less. the ads are posted on sites we visit every day. google, there they are right on top. and facebook, those ads off to the right. my producer went online to order clothes for herself.
7:43 am
and ordered coats, sweaters and dresses in her size. >> okay. the order's in. >> reporter: just one week later -- >> so they finally came. open them up. >> reporter: first, this coat we ordered. here's what they promise in the ad, and here is what we got. already tearing at the seam. how about this stylish blazer? here's the luxury photo. and here's ours. a flimsy sweater with strings hanging off. and the fit? >> not >> not even close. >> reporter: then there's this blue evening gown. it looks so elegant in the ad. but -- >> this is basically bathing suit material. >> feels like spandex. >> reporter: so how are these ads even allowed? facebook and google telling nbc news misleading ads are against policy and they have teams in place to crack down and remove them, google adding that in 2015 alone, it disabled more than 750
7:44 am
thousands of violating accounts. but, the most important tip to end your thanksgiving trip, how to get home safely. snow and ice already hitting many states and cars are spinning all over the road. from sedans, to semis, crashing into each other. so what do you do if your car is caught in a skid? to show you, we're in maryland at the specially designed ice driving course. >> there you go. >> whoa! >> reporter: i hit a patch of ice and make a classic mistake. >> two things you can do -- you jammed on the brake, and you jerked the wheel. >> what am i supposed to do? >> get off the brake, get of ot accelerator, straighten the wheel and ride the skid out. >> it goes against conventional wisdom. i want to stop the car. >> that's the worst thing to do. >> i'll get control of the car faster that way? >> yes. you have to steer around other things you might be heading for. >> tom also gave us another
7:45 am
your eyes, not your butt. sounds weird but what he means is, so many of us don't react until we feel our car sliding out from under us. drive with your eyes, he says. know your surroundings. make sure you make your moves before you feel the car skidding out. by the way, if the temperature is below freezing, there is likely black ice on the road right now so slow down. i really hope these tips help, guys. >> jeff, thanks. we'll stop driving with our butts right now. that's what he taught us. swift's beach buddies, to bruno mars' bathtub, how some of your favorite stars celebrated thanksgiving. but coming up, best in show. we'll meet the greyhound who
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bushed! yea me too. excuse me...coming through! ride the gel wave of comfort with dr. scholls massaging gel insoles. they're proven to give you comfort. which helps you feel more energized ...all day long. i want what he has. beating out nearly 2,000 other dogs. gia won best in show at the thanksgiving day. >> one of her first stops as top dog alone with her owner/handler. we've fallen in love with gia. >> she's a gorgeous dog. beautiful greyhound. gorgeous dog. great personality and temperament. >> this was a big field this year. biggest ever. >> our biggest ever. nearly 2,000 dogs. 202 different breeds and
7:51 am
competition. >> she's a beauty. if she had a dating profile for the male greyhounds right now, what would you describe as -- other than clearly sleepy this morning. what do you describe as her best attributes? >> her personality. not only is she beautifully constructed in her structure and everything but her personality wins people over. >> she's a winner. she's won a lot of blue ribbons. >> 44 best in shows. >> 44 best in shs. >> special for a lot of reasons but whether you win at a big dog show like this or a little dog show somewhere in a little town, they're all fantastic. >> she's won 44 best in shows and she's the top hound in the country. leading the way. she's a beautiful dog. >> she stares right at you. i feel like we've got a thing. >> look at her. she's like eye balling -- dylan was remarking on how beautiful her coat is. she's stunning.
7:52 am
>> if we can get her to stand, you can see this great -- see that she's built for speed. >> she's taller than willie geist. >> that's saying something. >> look at that chest. she's had a long couple of days. >> congratulations. you put a long of long work. and gymnaia. david. >> you can tune in to an encore presentation of the national dog show right here on nbc at 8:00, 7:00 central. coming up, the smartest savings. what you should buy today and what we can all wait on. plus, with a new christmas movie on the way, the amazing
7:53 am
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7:57 am
>> this is 7news now. >> sarah: good friday morning. 7:57 if you take a look over boston. hard to see the zakim bridge in the distance, >> wren: we have fog we're dealing with. winds will be mild. fog this morning and tomorrowing morning, as well. a good deal of moisture to deal with today. moisture will not pack a punch in terms of rainfall, but we have scattered drizzle throughout the day. bands of rain moving west to east for us. a will be at what we're seeing, big pictures, snow to our north. we're not going to be seeing that here in southern new england. we'll be dealing with these showers, which have been light-to-moderate.
7:58 am
stories. a state trooper rushed to the hospital after an s.u.v. slams into his cruiser on 93 south. the driver was impaired when he rear-ended the cruiser. the trooper suffered minor injuries. the driver was arrested and charged with o.u.i. boston police school officials are conducting an internal investigation after allegations of sexual abuse on a school bus. according to the "herald," staffers allegedly failed to report that a six-year-old boy from the boston renaissance charter school allegedly
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, remembering florence henderson. >> we have something special for you. >> america's favorite tv mom and long-time friend of "today" dies at age 82. we look back at her life, career andy on our show. >> do you feel at home here? i hope you still feel like this is a piece of your home. >> i love it here. i always feel like i'm coming home. and they're off. as millions of americans head to the store this black friday, we'll tell you what you need to know to save big bucks. plus, dolly for the holidays. >> are you real? >> am i real! well, let me hold that little hand and you pimpnch me and see for yourself.
8:01 am
back at her legendary career and where she is now. >> i'm just in a really good place right now. all the hard work i've done has allowed so many great things to happen. >> "today," friday, november 25th, 2016. ? hello, greenville, south carolina! >> sending love to our family and friends back in >> all the way foreign policy tennessee to see tamron and willie! >> i'm celebrating my 11th birthday on "today." woo! >> good morning, tampa! >> happy black friday, america!
8:02 am
on this friday morning. what a crowd we've got on this plaza! >> i know we don't pick fab favorites out here but i have a favorite person here. dallas cowboys. what's up cowboy nation. how about those cowboys? coming best thing about thanksgiving -- the leftovers. we'll show you how to transform your turkey into a new and dish dish that everyone loves. >> we're getting cheers for leftovers! >> everybody's more awake. >> at this hour, no less. before we get to all that, let's get to the news at 8:00. i'm kristen welker in palm beach. we begin with the trump transition and we are getting
8:03 am
president-elect vacationing this morning. these pictures taken on wednesday. this as mr. trump could make more cabinet announcements as early as today. the position getting the most buzz -- secretary of state. and there seems to be a divide within trump world over rudy giuliani, a hard-liner and long-time supporter, or, a moderate republican and formerly one of trump's sharpest critics. trump not tipping his hand but one of his top advisors may have given a little clue. kel yan conway tweeting -- receiving a deluge media and private coms regarding romney. she also highlighting a political headlines. some trump loyalists warn against romney as secretary of state. trump eager to show he was, woulding on thanksgiving as well, tweetsing yesterday i'm working hard, even on thanksgiving, trying to get carrier ac company to stay in the u.s. making progress. now carrier, which is moving one of its plants to mexico, confirmed the conversation but did not have any new announcements. trump railed against that company and others for
8:04 am
candidate. meanwhile, we're also learning today that third party candidate jill stein is touting the fact that she's raised $4.7 billion, enough money for recounts in three states, this after computer scientists found irregularities in those states. reality is though according to experts, very unlikely those recounts are going to go anywhere or that the election results would change. >> all right, kristen welker in florida for us, this morning. as we've been reporting, there is some sad news to share henderson has died. best known for her iconic role as the mom on "the brady bunch," she also had deep ties to us here at "today." >> but alice, you will -- >> reporter: she was known as america's mom. carol brady. ? here's the story of a lovely lady who was bringing up three very lovely girls ? >> reporter: for five seasons, and for years in reruns, that lovely lady, florence henderson, starred on "the brady bunch."
8:05 am
to look at this house tonight. so you'd better have your rooms picked up. >> reporter: she started her career on broadway in a number of hits before making her way to television. henderson got her first job on the small screen in 1959, right here on "today." ? >> reporter: she was hired to be the very first "today girl," doing the weather, fashion and other light news segments. she broke ground at late night, too, becoming the first woman to guest host the "tonight ow 1962. >> this is "later today." >> reporter: four decades later, henderson returned to her "today" show roots co-hosting the spinoff "later today." she spoke about her life, her career, and her longevity with matt in 2015. >> you say you feel better now than when you were 30. what makes you happy in life these days? >> well, i try to get up every
8:06 am
day, i am so blessed to be able to still do what i love. i work all the time. and i'm just grateful. >> florence henderson died of heart failure last night on thanksgiving at cedars sinai medical center in los angeles surrounded by her loved ones. she was 82. she will be missed by the entire country, but particularly by her "today" show family. now to an explosive end to an then they got rid of them the only way they knew how -- they blew them up. the country has strict rexes on fireworks and all agone in a flash. this all happened in peru. >> pretty good chance i won't try that at home but thanks for the tip. coming up, your the mat black friday cheat sheet. what you need to know before you hit the sales today.
8:07 am
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8:11 am
just yet because "today" financial editor jean chatzky is here with your ultimate black friday cheat sheet. smart shopping tips you need to know before you hit the sales. black friday is a holiday for some people. is it still worth it to go out today? >> absolutely. but you can also get some great deals online. we are expecting some really big sales. $27 billion is expected to be spent today, including $3 billion just online which would be a record breaker. >> but we're 23% of shoppers are planning to head out to stores this friday. >> that's because a lot of them have figured out that you can get much of the same merchandise but not all of the same merchandise online. if they're door busters you are looking for, you actually want to hit the stores. the first thing you need to know is that when it comes to those door busters that you've seen in your circulars, you got to get there early. some of those things you may have missed already at this point. online the stores are going to stagger their sales. you're going to see them
8:12 am
are watching the language in those advertisements. if it says limited quantities, that means when it's gone, it's gone. >> so you made it into the store. what do we look for? >> we're going to look first for what's a deal and what's not a deal. so a lot of these door busters are things that are either made just for black friday or last year's models. and that means they may not have all the features of the models that you are used to seeing. so for example, unlawful lot abo-- awful lot ab. do your research so you know if you'll be happy with it when you get it home. also download the apps for your ferret sto favorite stores, online and off. amazon will release new deals as frequently as every five minutes, often through their
8:13 am
>> you saw use the right credit card. >> that depends on your credit cards in your wallet. but look particularly at the gold and platinum ones because they have benefits like return protection, extended warrantee protection, and the ability to give you money back on your credit card if you -- if the price of that merchandise goes down over the next 60 days. importantly, you have to shop on that particular card. and, if you're looking for an additional way to save money, look at are other people's gift cards that they don't necessarily want on sites like giftcardgranny where you can get a discount. today we are looking at tvs in particular 4k tvs. also looking at laptops, large and small appliances, things like kitchenaid mixers and vacuums. microsoft often waits for black friday to unveil its biggest
8:14 am
watches, first generation, you'll get good deals on. and surprisingly, a lot of good deals on travel. >> what do we wait to buy? >> toys. the hottest toys. not the hatchimals or lego sets, grab those. but jewelry and apparel, those things will get cheaper as the holiday season rolls on. >> thank you, jean. if you enjoyed jean's pep talk, she'll be back monday to take us through cyber deals and how to protect yourself >> very impressed with how you did that. >> that was smooth. >> you do it every day you go to that monitor. let's see what's trending today. let's get started with a viral video this morning that i think i've watched millions of times. add to the 30 million times others have. here is why. it is an adorable baby girl enjoying every minute of a shampoo for the first time. usually bath time for a new baby
8:15 am
but not for this baby. she is soaking it up. look how happy she is. look at the rinse. look at the rinse. the nurse in the video says the baby loved this part, followed by a little gentle brushing, lil little dab there. look at that face. i'm telling you. you feel anxious at any point, just put this on. it is just the best. >> i am so relaxed. >> isn't that how the both of you feel when you go to a hair salon. >> gng part. >> it is like washing all the problems out of your hair. >> until your neck starts to hurt. so they are the hottest toys of the season. they are called hatchimals. you know about the hatchimal? you haven't heard about it yet, you will soon. when you witness fellow holiday shoppers stampeding toward them. so what's a hatchimal? it is an egg you nurture. eventually it hatches into a furry animal. there is a mystery factor of not knowing exactly what's inside until this thing hatches.
8:16 am
october. they sensed it was going to be a big deal. so they stocked up. they bought $5,000 worth of hatchimals. now selling them on ebay. they made their money back and then some, projecting a profit of more than $8,000. our resident hatchimal expert. >> you birthed one of these already. >> during the third hour of today i held it for a full hour. i brought it into this world, really. you give it love. you tap it. you rub it. >> we didn' love. >> i tried to give it love. >> you and harry connick. >> i loved it as much as i could. and it hatched. >> how long does it take to hatch? >> 20 to 60 minutes. >> that's it? >> that's a quick gestation period. >> then you raise it. >> you had to wait 9 1/2 months. yesterday -- come on, let's admit it, we all feasted on delicious food. today we're going to feast some more, right? arguably one of the best parts of thanksgiving, leftovers.
8:17 am
because usa "today" tells us how to craft they say the perfect sandwich. number one, choose your bread carefully. some say this is the most important decision you'll make in your life. >> i like potato bread. >> me, too. and that hawaii bread? it could make or break the sandwich. two, choose dark meat if you can. >> i can see that. >> the flavor is now soaked in. it's been a day. that's where all the flavor is. only one interior starch. >> i disagree with that? >> what's an interio >> like stuffing. mashed potatoes. >> if you pile on the works you may regret it, they say. and cranberry sauce is a must? really? >> oh, yeah! >> and if you add an egg, it counts for breakfast. >> wow. i do want mashed potatoes in there. >> you do? >> but i also like the stuffing. i thrown corn, green bean casserole. i throw everything that's on my plate. >> that's a dagwood sandwich. >> i didn't know you put mashed potatoes on it.
8:18 am
there? >> the lettuce can be removed. >> i don't know about that. >> we'll eat these leftover sandwiches which look amazing and get to "popstart!." we are starting off with "popstart!" miss piggy and tony bennett. legendary singer and beloved puppet stole the show during the thanksgiving day parade. not because of their spirited performance, but because of the moment when miss piggy instantly lept t helping hand. >> miss piggy to the rescue. she leaped into action. tony almost lost his balance when the float took a sudden move and she grabbed his arm to save him. >> easy on the gas there, buddy! not supposed to peel out of
8:19 am
geez! >> well, miss piggy was there so we're good. how does a star spend their thanksgiving holiday? sit back and watch. taylor swift spent the day at the beach with friends. the singer shared these photos of the fun she had in the sand before her big feast. also enjoying a tropical turkey day, christy bri ti brti and her daughter. reese witherspoon shared from the kitchen and gwyneth paltrow shared this photo of h >> no, that's shakira. >> why is she walking a turkey? >> she took a turkey for a trot. and bruno mars. >> that's not reflective of my thanksgiving at all. dylan, a little double duty today. "popstart!" and a look at the weather. >> here is what not graceful looks like. >> i disagree.
8:20 am
>> elsewhere across the country we have a lot of cloud cover going on. but other than that there is really nothing to worry about. we've got a few scattered showers down through texas. scattered showers in and around the great lakes with some snow flurries. temperatures have been really warm across the southeast where some areas saw some of their warmest thanksgivings on record, especially down through south carolina. but we're in the 30s and 40s across the north and even 20s back through northern rockies. today we are looking at heavy rain and mountain snow in the pacific northwest. those mountain passes that will be your biggest concern. >> wren: northern new england is looking at the chance of snow today. here in southern new england, we're willing at a damp black friday forecast. we have the chance of showers as well as drizzle off and on throughout the day. as we head into tomorrow, we're looking at more of a coastal storm. the chance for showers across the cape and the islands, the coast, further inland it's actually looking to stay predominantly dry.
8:21 am
for the cape and the islands. patchy fog this morning mixed. >> that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. when it comes to music legends, they don't get much bigger or better than dolly parton. but dolly never forgets her roots. that's why we love her. >> she grew up in tennessee's smoky mountains in a little cabin and a big family. they didn't have much but the holidays were still a very special time. now dolly is out with a new tv movie about her christmas miracle. i caught up with dolly at her dolly wood resort to talk about faith, family, and country. >> i think everybody should be proud of who they are and where they're from. i've always said don't be ashamed of how you're brought up. that's who you are. >> reporter: from a childhood where all she had was family and music, dolly parton grew up to be an american icon. >> you famously grew up in a little cabin just over a hill over there somewhere with 12 brothers and sisters. your mom and dad.
8:22 am
was like in that home? >> yeah. i do. mama was always big on making sure we knew what christmas really was about. so she always told the christmas story of jesus and always read the bible. but we made our own -- lot of our own toys. in those very early days we didn't have electricity. >> millions of you joined us last christmas -- >> reporter: "christmas of many colors, requests her new nbc tv movie, is based on a true story about a christmas miracle dolly's poor but tight-knit family experienced when she was little. >> we didn't know we was poor until some smart aleck told us. but we always felt loved by momma and daddy. >> reporter: ricky schroeder plays dolly's dad. jennifer nettles is her nmom an dolly plays the town's painted
8:23 am
she was so colorful, big hair, big makeup. bright lipstick and all. tight clothes. i wanted to look like her when i grew up. so i play the painted lady, girl that i patterned my look after when i was little. it is kind of a cool thing. >> christmas is a little different at your house these days, i imagine. what are some of your favorite traditions zp had. >> i try to get with my little nieces and nephews. we bake cookies. they usually spend the night. i have an elevator painted like it is a fireplace. so i go presents and the little kids are downstairs and it is all painted like fire. then i come down the elevator dressed like santa claus. ? >> reporter: it's been quite a year for dolly. she's fresh off a nationwide concert tour. a hit new album, "pure and simple." a 50th wedding aanniversary, an her 70th birthday. >> you've had a remarkable year, dolly. you had a milestone birthday. you had a milestone anniversary with your husband, carl.
8:24 am
congratulations again. >> thank you. >> for the first time in a couple of years. do you feel like you're in a great spot right now? >> i really do. i've been working all my life. it is kind of like they make a joke and say i am an overnight success after 70 years. you know? but i've worked hard but i'm just in a really good place right now. all the hard work i've done has allowed so many great things to happen. >> you're one of the most positive and optimistic people i kn right now? >> yes, i am hopeful for the country. i believe we are still a great country and i know that we can and will be greater. but i think we all have to pull together. i think that we are still america. that's why we have all those people in the government. one person cannot make all the decisions. you've got to have people helping. so i really am looking forward, you know, to a great future. i mean everybody had their own
8:25 am
wouldn't win. but the fact is, we have a new president coming in and we have all got to get in there and do our part and if he doesn't do good, i would imagine there's americans that will get him out of there. and if he does do good, then we can all say, yes, then this is good for all of us. let's at least give everybody an opportunity and a chance. >> well, if you couldn't tell, like most people, i am a sucker for dolly parton. she's just the greatest. >> everything about her. >> the last movie for nbc that waas more than 16 million viewers. dolly parton's "christmas of many colors" this year airs wednesday, november 30th, at 9:00, 8:00 central, right here on nbc. dylan? >> thanks, guys. coming up, one of the most talented actresses on the planet and matching orange room perfectly. jessica chastain taking on washington, d.c. in a big screen
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> this subpoena 7news now. >> sarah: good friday morning. 8:27 as you take a live look outside. let's send it over to clair claire with a look at your fourth. >> wren: we're dealing with fog, some of which is on the denser side. worcester dealing with fog. visibility u a at 4 miles. jaffrey 3 miles. this fog will take a little while to mix out. by the mid-morning hours, that should start to lighten up. by the late morning hours, i think we are in the clear. we have chance for scattered showers and drizzle throughout your forecast here. so make sure to grab a rain jacket before you head out the do some shopping. >> andy: now to our top stories. >> sarah: a state trooper rushed to the hospital after an s.u.v. slams into its cruiser. police say the driver of an s.u.v. was impaired when he rear-ended the cruiser.
8:28 am
injuries. the driver was arrested and charged with o.u.i. the man suspected with hitting four police officers with his car will be facing a judge today. 34-year-old vincent weeks was arrested on wednesday. investigators say when officers approached his car, he sped off dragging two officers and hitting another two. the officers are expected to be okay. and fire officials are investigating after a home in salem, new hampshire, goes up in flames. smoke pouring out of the house on haverhill road thursday morning. two people were treated at the hospital. we hope to see you then have.
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is 8:30 now on this friday morning, november 25th. we've got a huge crowd out here today! working off some of the turkey and stuffing by waving to their friends and family back home. that's a way to work it off. thanks, all, for coming out here. jessica chastain stars in a new political thriller that's
8:31 am
we'll talk to her about tackling a role that's ripped right from the headlines. plus, a new twist on turkey chilly and more ways to enjoy your leftovers while parked in front of the tv this weekend, say, watching football. and a live concert from d daya. the 18-year-old is fresh from performing at the thanksgiving day parade. but first, we are wrapping up our annual series, "thanks and gi work at st. jude's children hospital. again with us is marlo thomas, national outreach director for st. jude. some familiar faces this year. giving away gift bags with a little surprise from retailers who support st. jude so the kids are giving out the gift bags. we're going to talk to marlo. marlo, tells us about what "thanks and giving" is about for you and for us. >> well, as you know, st. jude is called america's hospital.
8:32 am
scientific discoveries go to every community in america. and america helps us fund it. because as you know, we're non-profit. nobody pays at st. jude for anything. not travel or housing or food or treatment. so this is one of the ways in which we raise money. >> how does it work today if people go out shopping? >> well first of all, can you see me on the camera? first thing you do, you look for this logo. this is where the good guys are. ann taylor, williams-sonoma, best buy. we're sending out gift cards now, home goods and domino's pizza, k-mart, kay jewelers. wherever you go, they'll ask you to add a little something for the children of st. jude. all you got to do is say yes or go to st. >> you have with us lauren lewis and abby geyser. hi, ladies. happy thanksgiving.
8:33 am
this we are? >> i'm thankful that i go the to keep my eye and my leg and that god blessed me with that. >> how about you, lauren? >> i'm thankful for being here in new york -- >> to hang out with us. >> yes. >> this is what america looks like working together, everybody giving a little something to help us continue our motion of finding cures and saving children. >> these are special girls you brought some amazing stories. you inspire us st. jude is so important. >> no child, no family, pays a nickel for this treatment because of the great work marlo and st. jude do together. thank you. >> we have one more treat. okay. so if you have a gift bag, you may find a gift card from your retailer. those of you out here who have gift bags with green ribbons on them? raise them up. raise your bags. you got your bag up? if you have a green ribbon on it. hold it up. right? you're big winners for the $100
8:34 am
there you have it. happy spending there. >> that's a lot of pizza. >> very good. thank you again, marlo. lauren. abby. >> thank you for having us. . we're taking a look at weekend outlook where we are going to see some heavier rain and also some snow showers in the pacific northwest. the highest elevatns mostly across northern new england. we could see heavy rain and gusty winds across eastern maine with some snow possible in the higher elevations. here is what you can expect if you are traveling on sunday. we could see some stronger storms, especially through the midwest. that would be heavy rain. if you're traveling along i-35, you could run into some delays because of the heavier rain. the rain also looks heavy out in the pacific northwest with some more mountain snow. that means mountain passes will have an issue. in the southeast and up and down that i-95 corridor, if you are
8:35 am
a-okay. we should see lots of sunshine, temperatures comfortable, too, in the 40s and 50s. saturday at 4:00 p.m. is one of the worst times to be on the road. keep that in mind. you might want to wait until >> wren: northern new england is looking at the chance of snow today. here in southern new england, we're willing at a damp black friday forecast. we have the chance of showers as well as drizzle off and on throughout the day. as we head into tomorrow, we're looking at more of a coastal storm. the cape and the islands, the coast, further inland it's actually looking to stay predominantly dry. highs today around our average highs. in the upper 40s and low 50s for the cape and the islands. patchy fog this morning mixed. >> okay. we're checking off bucket lists here. it was get this box checked by "today" show host. i guess i count. right? >> yeah! >> awesome! thank you so much. >> all right, dylan.
8:36 am
powerful women and her latest role certainly is no exception. >> the new thriller, "miss sloan," she plays a ruthless washington lobbyist. at the center of the story is a controversial gun safety bill. elizabeth sloan will go to any length to outsmart her foes. >> well being is about foresight. about anticipating your opponent's moves. and dividing counter measures. the winner plots one step ahead of the opposition. and plays her trump card just after they play theirs. >> jessica chastain, good morning. we're mesmerized. >> good goosebumps. >> thanks! >> so elizabeth sloan described by one viewer as beautiful but scary. >> good. well, elizabeth sloan is a very
8:37 am
she gets brought over to work on a bipartisan gun bill. >> you know, of course, everyone talk about the election at thanksgiving dinner yesterday. perhaps some survived, some did not. what a perfect timing. >> i think it is a great thing. as an actress you don't get very many roles where you play a female character -- or even see in the movies that you have a female cct perfectionist and so flawed. you see men play these roles all the time but i think in our society women aren't necessarily brought into that area. i think it is good to have elizabeth sloan there in the world. >> you did some research as you always do for a character in d.c. sort of looking at the world of lobbying. we know the reputation of lobbyists. sort of mercenaries and cynical a devious. >> no. i met with some incredible women. i went to d.c. -- well, first, i
8:38 am
jack abramoff's book. that's an interesting place to start. how could someone go wrong here? then i researched the most successful lobbyist in d.c. and i went there and met with 11 women. what really struck me about them was how powerful they were, even almost before they entered the room. 7 out of the 11 women were wearing black nail polish. they had like -- they really carried this energy with them to contend with what they were doing because i found out less than 10% of i think they -- you have to really show up. >> especially in d.c. i mean it is a tough town as we know. i can imagine when the odds and numbers are against you as it is with gender, women in d.c. and this character. >> it is fascinating. d.c. definitely -- i think we all know it is a bit of a boy's club. when you have the debates, one of the things hillary clinton was criticized for was being overprepared in the first debate. i've never heard anyone say that
8:39 am
actually, i love being overprepared. i'm overprepared for things and elizabeth sloan is, too. >> it is clear you prepared for this one. a lot of people are mentioning the word "oscar" with this one. when people see movie, they'll know why. >> thank you so much. >> "miss sloan" opens in theaters today. we have an exclusive clip on our website, coming up next, great ways to enjoy your thanksgiving leftovers starting with little turkey sliders. stick around. fi ? with simply right checking from santander bank, just make one deposit, payment, withdrawal or transfer each month to waive the monthly fee. and there's no minimum balance. you're alright... with simply right checking from santander bank.
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8:41 am
we're back with our special series "today food loves football" getting ready to cheer on the chiefs and broncos. chef eric has just the recipe to put your thanksgiving leftovers to good use while enjoying sunday night game. hey, buddy, what's going on? >> how are you? >> i'm hungry. >> i'm glad. >> that's how i am.
8:42 am
>> football to me means chili. football the weekend after thanksgiving means turkey chili. >> okay! you are starting out with red onions. >> red onions, garlic, cook until translucent. tomato paste. cook for a good two minutes on high heat to kind of amp up the flavor. you add everything else to the pot and leave it alone. the easiest recipe in the world. you can even put it in a crock pot and forget it. >> you've torn off some of the turkey from yesterday. white meat? >> white, dark, everything. a good bunch of spices, paprika, chili powder, cumin, salt, green chil chiles. >> black-eyed beans are the best. is it a bean or a pea? >> i don't know. i'm a little bit embarrassed. >> oh. you got beer? >> football. >> nice!
8:43 am
>> i love that you let it low, let it go. >> leave it alone, let it do its thing. have you this delicious -- >> what do you put on top of your chili? >> anything you want. but classic is sour cream, scallions, cheddar. >> there is a big debate over if it chili should -- i'm a texan. chili's not supposed to have beans. i think chili should have beans. >> i think chili should have beans, excuse me. >> why don't you eat first. >> all out of order. >> we use a little bit of leftover turkey breast to make some fun sliders. it's kind of -- we call it wicked sliders. we make a chili paste with a bunch of spices, cayenne and brown sugar specifically, little bit of olive oil. brush it on the turkey. >> did you see in "trending" talking about the perfect turkey sandwich? >> i did. >> did you buy that?
8:44 am
>> cranberry sauce. we kind of take a fun play on cranberry sauce going on the sliders. we make it into aoli. add mayonnaise, add your leftover cranberry sauce. looks a little weird in pink but it is delicious. >> what do you guys think over there? >> fantastic. really good. >> if you dunk the sandwich in the chili -- >> love where you're headed. >> i'm very good football things. so this is -- >> now do you put the sauce on both sides of the bread or just one side? >> both sides. >> it doesn't matter? okay. i love that we're making our own sandwiches here. just like at home. >> when you add heat, add a little bit of sweetness. i'm going to drizzle the honey action on the turkey. ? thank you, eric! you can find these recipes, don't forget the denver broncos host the kansas city chiefs on nbc's "sunday night football." coverage beginnings with
8:45 am
here on nbc. up next, a live concert from one of the hottest stars on the scene. daya.
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. 2016 has been pretty spectacular for rising pop star hands with singles like "hide away," "sit still and look pretty." >> daya, good morning. on top of an already big year, you got to be the macy's thanksgiving day parade. what was that like? is s >> it was craziness. it was just great. the squirrel from "ice age" was
8:48 am
>> did you get a chance to enjoy any thanksgiving dinner or was it all work? >> not yet. all work. but today. right after this. we're going to go. >> you're going in. all right, before you eat, we're going to let you sing. daya, take it away. >> thank you so much. ? sorry boy ? ?
8:49 am
? ? ? ? ?
8:50 am
? ? ? ?
8:51 am
? ? ? >> woo! awesome job! daya. >> thank you so much. you earned that thanksgiving meal. >> yes, you did. congratulations. >> the single is "words." the album is out now. catch daya on tour early next
8:52 am
8:53 am
created by our sponsor, american express. founder of small business saturday. shop small this saturday. let's look ahead to the weekend. check in with dylan over in the orange room. >> guys, tomorrow is small business saturday. we've been celebrating small
8:54 am
to get in the spirit, our viewers are sharing some photos online with their favorite shopping buddies. rene posted this one with her back seat buddy in the car there. kussan likes to hit the shops with her mom and cousin. it's always fun for a girls shopping trip. shannon says here we are in new york city shopping and look who we bumped into. see that guy right there? mr. matt lauer. i'm sure matt would make a good shopping buddy. keep those photos coming on today's facebook pageit hashtag shop small. what do you got coming up? >> coming up on "sunday today," talking about politics and travel. a business travel day. our profile this week, andy cohen, and also for the third time a best selling author, a guy who's loved famous people and pop culture, now becoming famous himself. >> anson cooper always says that no one enjoys being famous more
8:55 am
a criticism. then i started breaking down what he was saying. here's my analysis of this. i became famous after the age of 40. so i want you to imagine being in new york, then suddenly people are giving you things, they're just treating you better. so if that's what it means, then i think you're right, i do really like it. >> andy is us a honest. that's w much more of that this weekend on "sunday today." > >> andy's tips on life. >> you're in the book, too. >> we have much more coming up
8:56 am
8:57 am
hollywood mourning the loss of a star known as mrs. brady. florence henderson passing away at the aim of 82.
8:58 am
two more goes before a judge. the trump transition a new report saying the president-elect has been a no show at several intelligence briefings. >> and shopper hitting the stores early and off black friday is here. >> so far it's been a soggy black friday. can we expect this wet weather to stick around throughout the
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> 9:00 breaking news one of television most famous mothers now gone reaction pouring in after the death of florence henderson >> breaking overnight a state trooper rushed to the hospital after his cruiser is rammed by an suv. we've got the very latest. and it's the day shoppers have been waiting for. hitting the stores early looking for those black >> good friday morning everybody. thanks for waking up with us. we'll get to your top story in a moment. first kind of gray for black friday. it's hard and those live shot pictures to see boston skyline. it's so foggy. it absolutely is. we're actually contending with the spots. we have had drizzle and showers and slick spots and also this fog.


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