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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  February 4, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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light rain. no issues expected. temperatures will cool to 32 in the upstate and 27 in the mountains for friday morning.expect lots of sunshine for friday, with highs in the low 50s for the upstate and 40s in the mountains. winds will die down by late friday, leaving a pleasant weekend forecast as well. be sure to check out for more on the forecast and interactive radar 3 and don't forget to wake up with thee morning news-- meteorologist nicole papay will have a check of the forecast and traffic reporter chris scott will have the latest road conditions on your way to work.that's from 5:00 to 9:00 on thee morning news. 3 back to you. 3 3 the carolina panthers are getting ready for the super bowl 3 they're hoping to seal their first win in franchise history--this sunday as they take on the denver broncos... and already super fans are
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it all alland joining us there live is fox carolina's cody alcorn-- and cody you ran into someone while out there didn't you? 3 you just never know who will show up at the super bowl there's people from all over the world here in san francisco for super bowl fiftyand check out who i ran into this morning at the carolina panthers news conference3 3 3 3 3 yes, that's snoop dog himself he's no stranger to the football scenesnoop has his own youth football league so of course he'd be here for super bowl 50he told us cam newton is his favorite player to watch on the field and even threw a few questions out for there for cam himself.
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3 snoop: first of all i want to say cam, oh cam, cam cam dab for me. there you go. first question is is the kid in you outweighing hte man in you in this big game youre about to play?cam: thats a good question. i don't know i just think half of me tries to be as professional as possible but the human in me just wants to take it all in innow i should addsnoop dog also made an appearance at the broncos newswer before the panthers 3 we'll say this...snoop stole the show as soon as people realized he was in the building. but meantime... both the panthers and the broncos are hard at work preparing for sunday's matchup...and joining us now with those details is fox
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3 well, think back to week 16... carolina coming in at 14-0 against atlanta... all the talk going in was could they go undefeated... that narrative changed in a hurry.. 3 but after that loss, carolina rebounded quickly... and has been rolling ever since... beating the bucs in the regular season finale... holding off seattle in the divisional round before scoring the most points in nfc championship history to crush the cardinals... some say that loss did the panthers some good.. but don't tell that to cam newton... he's still upset about 3 it.. 3
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you go into a season thinking that you can't win them all, shame on you. that's a losers approach. so we didn't have a game where we said well we can lose one. cause that would have been a pessimistic attitude towards everything. so for us we're going into each and everything. so for us we're going into each and every game like we have to win. cause it's the next game." game."newton and company look to put up another offensive onslaught against denvers number one defense on sunday... they did pretty well for three out of four halts so far this postseason.. 3 and on the defensive side... the panthers figure to get two key contributors back in thomas davis and jared allen... coming up in sports we'll check in with number 58... on who's helped him bounce back the most... 3 so diana things are heating up as we inch closer to super bowl 50--we'll continue our live coverage from the west coast tomorrow...until then...aaron
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3 and our live coverage continues tomorrow on thee morning news...with fox carolina's lauren elise. remember for all you need to know about the big game you can head to fox carolina dot com. com.and on saturday february the 6th at 7-p-mbe sure to catch the panthers pursuit of the title - for one on one interviews and everything you need to know about the journey to the superbowl -in the hours before the big game. 3 and take a look at this... wofford college in spartanburg is showing their panthers pride as they do the dab! students...staff and alumni took this picture to send to the nfl team's owner and founder jerry richardson. richardson graduated from wofford college in 1959.the school is also home to the training camp each summer.and remember you can email in your super bowl 50 pictures...or like us on facebook to share. 3 as you decide 2016 3 former secretary of state hillary clinton and senator bernie sanders are going head to head tonight in new
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debate....just four days ahead of the new hampshire primary. they spent a lot of time debating their progressive credentials.they talked about many issues... like healthcare ... battling isis...and which candidate would be able to defeat the g-o-p we can't show you the debate while it remains on air...but we will have full coverage at our website on fox carolina dot com and more on the morning news. news.and the democratic candidates will face off here in south carolina on february 27-th for the primary elections... elections...and the g-o-p candidates are getting ready for their next debate in south carolina on february 13-th... just one week ahead of the south carolina primary election. 3 new at 11 3 a sheriff's office in western north carolina is turning heads with some new markings on their patrol cars.the rutherford county sheriff says he ordered all of his marked cars be outfitted with an "in god we trust emblem" 3 we sent fox carolina's adrian
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find out the reason behind the decision and what people in the community think about it. 3 3 3 3 3 "rutherford county sheriff chris francis says making the decision to put some new emblems on his patrol cars wasn't difficult at alla&and neither was finding the money to do it.""nats""sheriff's patrol cars in rutherford county have all the typical markings and lights you'd expect""nats""but just this week they got a small makeover that sheriff chris francis says is a big improvement improvement 3 "we looked at it as an opportunity to show our patriotism."""nats""francis is talking about the new "in god we trust" emblem all 50 of his patrol cars will soon be sporting."i want to make sure that my deputy sheriffs know what in god we trust blessed we are to be citizens in america to live in western north carolina and to be able to support our nations motto on the back of our patrol cars."3 francis says he made the decsion to do put the emblems
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until a local church offered to foot the bill for them that he decided to do it"i'm sure that there will be many positive remarks made, but im sure that with every decision i make i wonte make everbody happy but i am here to do whats right."""nats""but in rutherfordton where "in god we trust" can be found on the county office building and courthousea&those we talked to support francis decision"it should have never been taken awaya&protect and serve and in god we trust should have been there all along."""nats"" in rutherfordton adrian acosta foxcarolina news tonight. 3 continuing to cover our counties.. 3 we start in henderson county-- where the sheriff's office is investigating a suspicious death...and right now are searching for the victim's son. son.the sheriff's office was called to this home on oakwood road near mountain home just after nine this morning... where they found the body of 66-year-old terry butler. butler.and tonight authorities are looking for this man....
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his father at the home.right now they are worried about his safety.if you see him or have any information you're asked to call the henderson county sheriff's department. 3 the red cross is helping a greenville family who lost their home in a fire firewe brought this to you as breaking news last night at 11--the slater marietta fire chief says the home on ridge drive was fully engulfed when they arrived on scene...two people were inside at the time but both made it out safely... but sadly their dog did not. the cause of the fire is under investigation. 3 and in greenville county some of you contacted us about an accident on anderson ridge road--troopers say a seven year old girl was run over by a 19 year old driver in a private driveway around 6:30 tonight.troopers say the girl was riding on the hood of the car, fell off and was run over. she was taken to g-h-s. no word on her injuries.the incident is under investigation. 3 in madison county authorities
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suspected bank robber.'s a look at the suspect--the sheriff's office says the robbery happened just before 11 at first citizens bank in marshall.witnesses told deputies the man was driving a gray toyota corolla or camry...when he fled the scene.he's believed to be between 50 and one was hurt. 3 if you live in spartanburg listen up!changes are coming to the city and county recycling programs! programs!starting march first...neither spartanburg county recycling centers nor the city of spartanburg's residential curbside recycling program will accept *glass! they say changes in the recycling marketplace have forced the change--including a dramatic drop in the price for glass recyclables. 3 and still to come...the upstate is getting ready to cheer on the panthers 3 coming up see how some super fans will become a "roaring riot" for their team this sunday you can join in- next. 3 and our live coverage from
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3 coming up we'll take a look at your seven-day forecast...and what you can expect as you head out the door tomorrow morning.stay with us.
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3 3 almost here! 3 and already fans are getting excited and heading out west ahead of sunday's big game between the carolina panthers and denver broncos broncosand joining us live in san francisco is fox carolina's cody alcorn! 3 there's no doubt the super bowl experience is expensive we're talking flight, hotel, food, tranpsortation while here plus, the game and any extra things you want to do. here alone you have to get a day pass to get in here which can range....(adlib)check out this placethe n f l shopyou can find anything you want in here from super bowl fifty apparell, to the bronco's and of course the panthersthere's even a customization station where you can customize your gearbut this stuff will put
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500, regular shirts run between 30 and sixty bucks. so bottom line the super bowl doesn't cater to everyone.... even on a tight budget you'l spend several thousand if you go to the game...that will cost you another grand or two. i'll tell you it's a once in a life time experience but it will cost you to experience it. 3 3 again we'll be joining you live tomorrow from san
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3 and back at fan group is getting excited for the super bowl....they're called the "roaring riot" chapter of greenville... they're just one of several organizations across the nation.and this sunday night you can find the group cheering on their team from twin organizers say they're expecting a large group! 3 3 3 "we will be starting at 3 pm we will be doing card games and dominos and all types of things just to lima of get out
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game."now it's too late to join the "roaring riot" group this season....but they say super fans can join for next year...for those details just head to fox carolina dot com...under the as seen on section. 3 chief meteorologist kendra kent joins us now with a look at your forecast- 3 colder air will blast in tonight bringing strong winds into the mountains, and a
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for our area. the mountains will see scattered snow showers between 8 p.m. and 3 a.m., with only light accumulations expected. a couple flurries could make it into the upstate, mixed with light rain. no issues expected. temperatures will cool to 32 in the upstate and 27 in the mountains for friday morning.expect lots of sunshine for friday, with highs in the low 50s for the upstate and 40s in the mountains. winds will die down by late friday, leaving a pleasant weekend forecast as well. sunny skies will be the rule on saturday with highs in the upper 40s to low 50s area-wide, then it will be a few degrees warmer for sunday with a few clouds in the mix. monday will bring a chance for snow in the mountains, and a possible rain/snow mix in the upstate. it's all as a strong cold front moves in. extremely cold temperatures will settle
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with 30s for highs and teens
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3 for weather 24 hours a day, log on to fox carolina dot com and click on the weather tab 3 and download the new fox carolina weather app. you can get weather info on the go, along with alerts on watches and warnings in your just text carolina to download! 3 a lot to get to tonight in sports... 3 starting with some key injury updates for the panthers as we inch closer and closer to kickoff for super bowl 50.... 50....and the gamecocks womens basketball team putting their unbeaten record on the line tonight against a ranked opponent...could they remain unscathed? that a look at some more college hoops coming up in sports... 3 3
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3 3
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3 in just three days the panthers will take the field at levis stadium for super bowl 50...the chance to bring home the first title in franchise history....they're the favorites 3 our crew's been reporting from the bay area all week 3 and sports director aaron cheslock joining us now with
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3 no setbacks reported in practice the past couple days... and the outlook of both jared allen and thomas 3 davis still look good... 3 davis...still sticking to what he told us after the nfc title game that he'll suit up for super bowl sunday despite a broken arm... davis, breaking it on a tackle against the cardinals.. while he says the amount he can contribute will come down to the amount of pain he can tolerate on game day.. davis acknowledges 3 that a lot of guys are using it as rallying cry... as in, if td can play through this kind of pain, we all can do great things.. but number 58 says don't think he did it
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3 "i hope they understand that me being out there and being ready to play, i would only do that if i could help this team. i wouldn't have been able to do any of the things that i've done as far as coming back from injuries or just sitting right now dealing with a broken arm. i wouldn't have been able to do that without the people that are around me and it starts with my wife holding things down at home and making sure the kids are ok. and they're the real mvp's. mvp's.3 both davis and allen expect to play on sunday. both would provide huge boosts to the carolina defense. 3 more live panthers coverage coming up tomorrow... throughout the day... we've got you covered morning, afternoon and night... till then, aaron cheslock fox
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3 now to some college hoops...lots of road games for our upstate teams...starting with the paladins... second place in the socon at birmingham to take on samford...down early in the first half...devin sibley gets the edge inside and lays it inpaladins down 13- 9. but the bulldogs continue their hot start...eee-mahn johnson gets the roll...puts samford up 8.but the paladins start to heat up from the perimeter...matt rafferty drains the 3 to make it a one point game. game.he'd have a career high 20 point game as furman downs samford 67-65 to knotch their 5th straight win. 3 at chattanooga the terriers eric garcia hits the three from the top of the key...wofford up 12-8a little later garcia drains another from the corner....the terriers living by the three in the first half...this time it'll be fletcher magee 3 but late in the first half the mocs would rally they'd go on
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now 10 and 13 overall. 6 and 4 in the socon. 3 the gamecocks women's basketball team one of just two unbeaten teams in the country....the other team number one ranked uconn...tonight south carolina putting that perfect record on the line against 18th ranked kentucky... kentucky...head coach dawn staley firing up the troops... they'd certainly respond... play of the night right the clock winds down in the 3rd quarter kah-dee-jah sessions hits the well over half court 3 point buzzer beater to give the gamecocks a 57-53 lead heading into the 4th...and colonial life arena certainly rocking after that... later in the 4th...tina roy hits the put s-c up by 5. 5.but this night belonged to junior center alaina coates who poured out an s-e-c career high 27 points as the gamecocks stay unbeaten at home sets up for quite the matchup now as they host the other unbeaten squad uconn
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3 in nascar tony stewart will miss the start of his final sprint cup season as he recovers from a broken back. stewart suffered the injury while riding a dune buggy in california. daytona 500 about two weeks away... 3 3 let's get a last look of the forecast with meteorologist kendra kent kentmeteorologist forecast when the republicans weren't going after president obama they were coming after me. his attorney general. in the cabinet, i served with hillary clinton.
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this is a woman whose fought her whole life for children, to protect civil rights, voting rights. and today hillary is pushing hard for tougher gun laws and police accountability. if you want to make sure republicans don't take us backward help hillary move us forward.
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3 we're back with a last look at your forecast 3 chief meteorologist kendra kent joins us now...and kendra
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looking?colder air will blast in tonight bringing strong winds into the mountains, and a chance for snow and flurries for our area. the mountains will see scattered snow showers between 8 p.m. and 3 a.m., with only light accumulations expected. a couple flurries could make it into the upstate, mixed with light rain. no issues expected. temperatures will cool to 32 in the upstate and 27 in the mountains for friday morning.expect lots of sunshine for friday, with highs in the low 50s for the upstate and 40s in the mountains. winds will die down by late friday, leaving a pleasant weekend forecast as well.
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3 thanks for joining us, good night. night. 3
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3 america's heroes have a message. if you've fought... you know picking a commander in chief is no small thing. you're looking for smarts... and guts. we looked at each candidate... we studied their record... we know... looked them over... we checked them out... and we chose one. there's only one. jeb bush. he's got a plan. he'll keep us safe. he's a president - a commander in chief. jeb bush. best prepared to be commander in chief. right to rise usa
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