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tv   FOX Carolina News Tonight  FOX  February 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we'll be right back. 3 carolina presents "you south carolina 3 good evening, i'm diana watson. watson.and i'm cody alcorn. tonight, we are pre-empting our normal newscast to bring you this special - on the eve of the south carolina republican primary. polls will
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seven tomorrow morning... morning...and tonight, you will hear from all six republican candidates on two topics: illegal immigration and the last half-hour, we brought you their answers to questions about the economy and fighting isis. if you are just joining us and want to hear those answers, we'll have them up on foxcarolina dot com in a bit. 3 all eyes will be on our state over the next 24 hours as the six remaining candidates take aim for the white house.they are: jeb bush, doctor ben carsonted cruz john kasich marco rubioand donald trump. over the last few months, we've requested one-on-one interviews with all of the candidates. five of the six candidates granted us that time and we asked all of them questions on the same topics. we presented no time limits, so the answers vary greatly in length. 3 we'll begin this half-hour with the topic of illegal immigration. we'll present the candidates in alphabetical order to be fair. 3 fox carolina's ben hill was invited to spend a few minutes with former florida governor
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bus and was able to ask a few questions. 3 trt: 1:04illegal immigration 15:20:19 i feel like being in the state of florida, too, gives you a different sense of illegal immigration. you've got your opponents who want to kick people out of this country and build a wall. what's your plan and how does it differ from others? 15:20:30 well, i wrote a book about it and unlike everybody else, my views haven't changed. they've been pretty consistent in the last five years. of course we have to control the border and about half the people who come here come with a legal visa and overstay. a great country needs to protect its border. the rule of law needs to apply. but beyond that, we need to modernize our legal immigration system and deal with the 12 million people here illegally. it doesn't make sense to say we're going to self depart people. i mean, how do you target misery like that? or to round people up as donald trump says. this is not practical. and the better way is to say, "you can have a path to legal status, not to citizenship, where you earn it through paying a fine, working, not receiving federal government assistance, not
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over extended period of time, earn legal status. i think that is the approach where conservatives can unify behind. 15:21:23 3 now to doctor ben carson.we spoke to him during a campaign event in greenville. greenville.the topic of illegal immigration has been a hot button issue.we asked him about the cost structure of his plan. 3 trt: 3:0207:30:28 how much it may or may not cost american taxpayers? and also, what would you say to a family who has come here even illegally but hopes for a better life? they've been able to find work all be it is illegal. what would you say to that family to perhaps reassure them they could find a path under your proposed plan to come here to this country?07:30:49 first of all, the illegal immigration problem is imminently solveable and it's imminently possible to stop the influx of people here. to put up the right kind of barrier and i would use a double fence with
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one that was used in yuma, arizona and, of course, you have to put border agency at the border, rather than 70 miles inland. and you have to have policies that have teeth in them, rather than catch and release policies that we have now. when we had prosecution of the first offense policies in yuma, that was a large part of stopping 97% of illegal traffic. the doj said no, you can't do that, so that they could become just as pourous as everyone else. i don't know why our department and our government are working against the people. but we could stop it if we had the will to do it. and then you turn off all the goodies so people aren't incentivized to try to come here. that solves the influx. the people who you mentioned who are here already, in terms of things, americans, we have to admit,
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and harvest the crops. i've talked to farmers, large farmers and they start people out at 11 dollars an hour and they still could not hire a single american, so yes, i would give people the ability to be guest workers in the segments of society where americans don't want to do the work, so that way, at least they would be legal, they would have to pay a back tax penalty and they would have to pay taxes going forward and they are not american citizens and they do not get the rights and privileges of american citizens and they do not get to vote. but, uh, i think many of them would find that would still be a better life than what they are going back to, which is the third leg. and that is, we need to be doing the same kind of things in south and central american that american companies are doing in cameroon, africa right now. they are over there
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record crops, making huge profits, but at the same time, building the infrastructure of that country, providing jobs over there and teaching them the ag business so they can continue that themselves and creating friends for america rather than enemies. no reason we can't do that in south and central america so they won't feel that they have to come here. 07:33:30 3 we spoke to texas senator ted cruz at the same event where we caught up with doctor ben carson in greenville. greenville.we asked cruz about illegal immigration and the cost to deport people who are already here's how he answered. 3 trt: 1:5707:45:03 we're facing a crisis in this country right now when it comes to illegal immigration. you know, one of the best things about donald trump running this cycle, is suddenly, the mainstream media is talking about illegal immigration. they discovered it's a problem. the natural next question is, what is the record of each candidate when it comes to solving illegal immigration. i'm the only republican candidate running
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leading the fight to secure the borders, to stop illegal immigration and to oppose amnesty. the majority of the candidates on that debate stage have publicly previously embraced amnesty. i'm the only candidate who has never supported amnesty and has led the fight in congress to defeat amnesty. when it comes to immigration, there's a lot of bipartisan agreemetn in america outside of washington. there's overwhelming agreement that we have got to get serious about securing the borders and stopping illegal immigration. and there's also considerable bipartisan agreement that we need to welcome and celebrate legal immigrants, americans by choice, is what ronald reagan referred to legal immigrants. my father came legally 58 years ago from cuba. he was penniless, he couldn't speak english, he had a hundred dollras in his underwear and he washed dishes making 50 cents an hour, working toward the american dream. that's who we are as americans. i'll tell
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presient, we're going to solve this problem. no more of this demagoging, no more of this playing politics with it, when it comes to securing the border, the problem is the obama administration won't enforce our laws. in the years 2013, the obama administration released 104,000 criminal illegal aliens. if i'm elected president, we will secure the borders, we will end sanctuary cities, we will stop this administration's indefensible policies of releasing violent criminal illegal aliens. 07:47:00 3 next, we have ohio governor john kasich. we understand the candidates' schedules are very busy, so we were only able to get in a few minutes with him during a stop in clemson. 3 here's how he responded to our photojournalist's question about what his plan is on the topic of illegal immigration. 3 trt: 2010:52:53 we should finish the fence. make sure we can protect our border. and have a guest worker program, where people can come in and then go home. and for the 11.5
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haven't committed a crime since they've been here, some back taxes, maybe a fine. maybe a path to legalization, but not the citizenship. 3 florida senator marco rubio was not able to grant us an interview. however, we attended several of the stops he made in south carolina this week. 3 and during one of those stops, he addressed illegal immigration. 3 trt: 36on immigrationrubio haley avail sot 13:39:25:13 there's no nation on earth that's more compassionate on immigration than we are. we accept a million people a year in the united states, legally. every year. mexico doesn't do that. no other country in the world does that. but we're a sovereign country and we have a right to control who comes in, when they come in, and how they come in. vatican city controls who comes in, when they come in and how they come in as a city-state and as a result, the united states has the right to do that as well. "13:40:02:19 3 the final candidate on the subject of illegal immigration tonight is donald trump. 3 during a campaign stop this week, trump allowed fox carolina's ben hill to interview him backstage. 3 trt: 32illegal immigration 10:48:50 you and governor nikki haley have gone back and forth a little bit on illegal immigration. what mistakes do
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stance on illegal immigration? 10:48:58: well, she's weak on illegal immigration and i'm very strong on it. i've been by far the strongest. we're going to build the wall at the southern border. it's going to be a real wall. by the way, mexico is going to pay for it. we have a trade deficit with mexico right now, 58 billion dollars. the wall is going to cost 10-12 billion dollars. believe me, they are going to pay for it and they understand that, believe me. so, but you know, we want to see strength at the borders and we're going to have that. 10:49:22 3 there you have it: all six gop presidential candidates speaking on illegal immigration. immigration.we're not done yet: next, we'll hear from each of them on the subject of healthcare. 3 you're watching you decide
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3 you're watching you decide 2016: the south carolina republican primary. 3 welcome back...tonight, we are letting you hear from each of the six gop candidates on a variety of topics. one of the biggest domestic issues this election cycle... is healthcare. healthcare.with the passage of the affordable care act... the candidates have had plenty to
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change if they were the last segment, we brought you the candidates in alphabetical order, so we'll reverse them in this segment. we're starting with donald trump... to get his take on healthcare and obamacare. 3 trt: 21(10:48:29) obamacare, we're going to end it. 100% end it. we're going to come up with plans, healthcare plans are going to be fabulous. so much better, so much less expensive and the big thing is i'm self-funding, i'm putting up my own money so i'm not going to be hostage to all of getting money from the insurance industries and everything. we are going to do the right thing for the american people. (10:48:49) 3 and now to marco rubio. rubio.rubio says he wants to repeal obamacare and replace it with a conservative solution and he has a three point plan.first, rubio wants to provide an advanceable, refundable tax credit that all americans can use to purchase health insurance.second, rubio says he wants to reform regulations and encourage innovation.and lastly, rubio wants to save medicare and medicaid by placing them on
11:14 pm's what rubio had to say about healthcare during a campaign stop this week. 3 trt: 0910:21:12:01"when you elect me president, you are going to have a president that leads the way to get rid of obamacare once and for all and put you back in charge of your health insurance decisions. 10:21:21:12 3 and ohio governor john kasich spoke to us about healthcare too... too...he says he supports a free market system that gives everyone more choice in who treats them...and says he would repeal obamacare. 3 trt: 2810:52:21 yes and i would have a plan to ultimately change the way in which the market works in medicine to get ourselves in a position where the free market can actually function. we want to pay for lower prices and high quality and that comes about through a program that will give us complete transparency on how our hospitals do, on how our physicians do, so we can have more choice and that we can drive financial rewards to those who do good quality at very low prices. 10:52:49 3 and our own ben hill also spoke with senator ted cruz....
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obamacare... and whether it would stay the way it is or change, if cruz is elected. 3 trt: 1:4207:43:00 a lot of the american people are still a bit weary of their coverage of obamacare, but some polls are showing that it may cost millions of dollars to actually repeal obamacare. number one, do you think that is true? and number two, what would be your healthcare plan? 07:43:18 you know, six years ago, reasonable minds could've differed over whether obamacare would make sense, but today, seeing it in implementation, it is the height of reasonable and moderation to say "this isn't working. let's repeal every word of it and start over." today, under obamacare, millions of americans have lost their jobs, have been forced into part time work, have lost their health insurance, have lost their doctors, millions of americans have seen their insurance premiums skyrocket under obamacare. if i am elected president, i will repeal every single word of obamacare. and then we'll pass common sense
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empowers patients and consumers to make healthcare decisions with their doctors without government getting in the way. and i'll give you three specific reforms that reflect those principles: number 1: we should allow people to purchase health insurance across state lines. that would create a true 50-state market place. it would drive down costs and would expand the choices for everyone wanting health insurance. number 2: we ought to expand health savings accounts so people can save in a taxed advantage way for healthcare needs. and number 3: we ought to make health insurance portable, so if you lose your job or go job to job, your health insurance goes with you and travels with you. every one of those empowers patients and keeps government from getting in between us and our doctors. (07:44:45) 3 with doctor ben carson's background as a neurosurgeon... he has spoken often about the medical field and healthcare.'s his take on the status of it now... and how he'd change it.
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07:33:56 well, one of 3 the first things that i would make an attempt to do is get rid of the employer mandate because that's antithetical to the growth of jobs. the small business sector is where 80% of the jobs come from and when people get up to 40-45 employees, they start pushing back, that's not going to be conducive to strengthen our nation economically. and then, you know, i would present an alternative that is very attractive, utilitzing health savings accounts, paying for them with the same
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traditional healthcare with, giving people the ability to shift money within their hsa, within their family, so they have the flexibility to cover almost anything that comes up and also, since almost everything comes out of the hsa, almost nothing is coming out of your catastrophic insurance so the cost of that drops dramatically and you make it possible to buy across state lines as well, so suddenly, you've got excellent coverage for costs that are, in most cases, smaller than what you're paying now and you have complete portability and freedom and you've got no bureaucrats telling you what you can and cannot do. plus, we're bringing the medical system into the free market system, which will control cost and quality and bring transparency. now that works for the majority of americans but doesn't take care of the indigent. but how do we take care of them now? with medicaid. i would use those same medicaid dollars - 4-5
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there's a quarter of the population involved - too many and there wouldn't be nearly that many if we fix the economy but let's deal with what we have now: 80 million into 400 billion, 5 thousand times, 5-thousand dollars every man, woman and child. imagine what you could buy with that. concierge practice costs 2-3 thousand dollars. you could still put them all in concierge practice and have thousands left over to buy catastrophic insurance, which is cheaper now. i'm nto suggesting that we do that, but we have enough money to do that and if we craft the program appropriately, imagine what could happen and we have no two tiers then, everybody is worth the same and it's going to take care of a lot of the disparities that occur in medicine. so, that's something that's going to be very attractive to the poor and the indigent people. i don't think anybody's going to want obamacare, why would i want that, when i can have this and it's costing us less money and giving us autonomy and the nice thing is you're also teaching people to be
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who had the diabetic foot ulcer, um, who is poor, they will learn very quickly not to waste 5 times as much money at the emergency room, go to the clinic and get teh same treatment, but the er sent you out and the clinic says let's get your diabetes under control and you're not back here in 3 weeks with another problem. a whole other level of savings. we're not even beginning to realize any of that now. plus, we're teaching that person personal responsibility and that's what we want to teach people, personal responsibility, not dependency. 07:37:05 3 and finally... jeb bush is weighing in on healthcare too. too.he talked to fox carolina's ben hill about getting rid of obamacare and what he'd push to replace it with: 3 trt: 1:03healthcare15:22:59 let's talk about healthcare, is that something you would do - repeal obamacare, despite some analysts saying that could cost millions of dollars and what system do you implement? 15:23:10 repealing an extraordinarily costly system with massive subsidies and massive taxes and massive
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way to go for economic growth. but we need to replace it with something and what we've proposed is, let states create non-coercive exchanges, give everybody that's not receiving insurance through their business a $3100 tax credit, let them go purchase catastrophic coverage as the minimum core benefit, keep the pre-existing conditions which i think people generally support and then let markets work. here was a good example: if nc has a better exchange, let people in sc cross state lines to purchase insurance and vice versa. you would push costs down and the focus would be on health, which is ultimately the best way to lower costs - is to have a healthy workforce, a healthy population. (15:24:02) 3 six candidates... four important've heard from each of them tonight, in their own words. words.when we come back... what you need if you plan on voting tomorrow.polls open bright and early at 7 a-m.
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3 you're watching you decide 2016: the south carolina republican primary. 3 we're back with what you need to know if you are heading out to vote in the south carolina republican primary. 3 if you're unsure where you're supposed to vote--election officials say you should go to the precinct you normally vote at during the november
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places have changed.if yours has moved, you should have received a notice in the mail. but to make sure you head to the right polling place--head to the as seen on section of our website, foxcarolina dot com, to find out how to search for your precinct online. 3 in order to vote in tomorrow's primary, you must be a registered voter...but you don't have to be registered as a is, however, too late to become a registered voter. that deadline passed a couple of weeks ago. **but you can only vote in ***one of the presidential primaries--either tomorrow's republican primary or next saturday's democratic primary.polls open at 7 a-m and close at 7 p-m.if you're in line by 7 p-m you will be allowed to vote. 3 and before you head out the door make sure you have the required identification so you can your polling place, you will be asked to
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photo ids:- a south carolina driver's license- an i-d card issued by the south carolina department of motor vehicles- a south carolina voter registration card with a photo - a federal military id- or a u-s passport passportif you don't have one of those i-d's, you must bring your voter registration card with you--and you will be able to vote using a provisional ballot after signing an affadavit.for more on what you need to take to the polling place, head to the as seen on section of our website, fox carolina dot com. 3 and remember, if you're planning to vote in tomorrow's presidential primary, it is only for the republican candidates.the candidates still in the running are businessman donald trump, texas senator ted cruz, florida senator marco rubio, ohio governor john kasich, former florida governor jeb bush and retired neurosurgeon dr. ben carson. 3 and south carolina's democratic presidential primary is *next saturday, february 27-th.there are three
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race--former secretary of state hillary clinton, vermont senator bernie sanders and businessman willie's worth nothing that martin o'malley will be on the ballot despite him dropping out of the race. 3 in fact, if you vote in the republican primary tomorrow, you'll also notice several candidates on the ballot who are no longer actively campaigning. that's because they suspended their campaigns after qualifying and getting on the ballot. 3 stick around...more on you decide... the south carolina republican presidential primary.after weeks and months of campaigning it all comes down to the first in the south primary...a few final notes on what you need to know before you vote, straight ahead. 3 you're watching you decide 2016: the south carolina
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3 you're watching you decide 2016: the south carolina republican primary. 3 and before we go tonight, we want to remind you about information for tomorrow. tomorrow.remember polls open at 7 in the morning.and they close at 7 tomorrow night.if you're still in line at 7, you will be able to vote. 3 and a final reminder...electio n officials say you should go to the precinct you normally vote at during the november elections.but **some polling places have changed.if your's has moved, you should have to make sure you head to the right polling place--head to
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website, fox carolina dot com, to find out how to search for your precinct online. 3 and take one last look.these are the six republican candidates battling for the presidential nomination and south carolina voter's support. they are businessman donald trump, texas senator ted cruz, florida senator marco rubio, ohio governor john kasich, former florida governor jeb bush and retired neurosurgeon dr. ben carson. 3 and these are the three candidates running for the democratic nomination.former secretary of state hillary clinton, vermont senator bernie sanders and businessman willie wilson.the south carolina democratic primary is **next saturday, february 27-th. 3 and we will bring you coverage from tomorrow's republican primary right here on fox carolina.we'll let you know as soon as there is a declared winner...breaking into programming for campaign speeches. and you can get the results as they come in at fox carolina dot com,on our fox carolina news app and our social media pages-follow us on facebook and twitter for
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the day from polling places to candidates celebration events. and of course, we'll have a complete wrap-up of the primary with team coverage on the ten o'clock news tomorrow night. 3 we want to thank you for tuning in for tonight's special "you decide 2016: the south carolina republican primary" primary"we'll be right here tomorrow with the results.
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