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tv   Mad Money  NBC  January 8, 2016 3:00am-4:00am CST

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"mad money" starts now. >> hey i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to save you some money. my job is not just to entertain but educate and put into perspective. call me or tweet me @jimcramer. >> this market should go up and the dow plunging through. s&p 50 plunging 3.27%. nasdaq diving 3.03%. that's the worst start for the dow ever. you can go back to 1928. dow has never been down more than 5% until now. it is the worst trading days for the s&p as well at the beginning of the year. >> throughout tonight's show i'm going to talk about the proximate causes of going down.
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i said from the moment that the fed started tightening that from now on we will be fighting the fed. they're not our friend. they're not our mortal enemy but they're not our friend. ever since the bottom in 2009 the fed was there to help us, or at least not hinder us. we're down 6% and we would finally be free of the chatter about what would be their next move but no sooner did they raise rates than they began to tell everyone that their job is beginning and might tighten as many as four times this year. since then this horrendous sell off in china. it's silar tthe destructe force that dcended un our marketlast augt. backhen ifou recl thfed was out pull e triggeon ra hikbut they tught betterf it. now th ty'reuyin they he chos to ke one input tter me than a oth inheir disio to rae rateand that thenly inpu
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plumting andasing flatn. it'shat hiring is od which meanif we get a robust employment number tomorrow morning we could finourselve do subantially becauset wod mean more talk thathe fed must tighten even in the ce of the obviounightmarof china and what it's doing to our markets. we know one of the main drivs of whether a stock market is going to go up or downs whether the fed is planning he or hinder theconomy. if the fed wants to help our stock market has positive bias, hinder, negative bias. you throw in china which is massive uncertainty. in keeping with a country trying to figure out how a stock market should work and you have a picture that produces selling which gives me a chance to talk about the mechanics of the sell off. i keep seeing questions in social media along the lines of how could there be a sell off of my magnitude because there's buyers that will step up to the plate and purchase stocks. can't have a seller without a buyer.
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demand. own less stock than they have in the recent past. they don't like to lose money. so let's take the emotionally turbo charged apple. a stock so many of you have on your lips. apple sin expensive. it's capable of reinventing got a growing ecosystem and the company is well managed. it has a lot going for it but if you're a big money manager and you own apple you're not sitting there thinking wow i like this ipad pro. you're saying every day i come in and this stock goes down because i hear about slowing cell phone sales. slowing sales that were confirmed this very evening by two large suppliers to all cell phone makers. so you go over to your trading desk and say this firm owns 1 million shares of apple and you need to sell it.
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now keep in mind that apple stock went out at $95 and change. you're not going to knock it down. cheap stock. but that means nothing to the manager what made up his mind to sell because he thinks it's going down. this money manager just wants it gone and he's willing to sell it way below the current sale prices. he thinks someone will sell it even below where he wants to sell it. he wants to beat the seller to the punch. i wish there were more to it. i have run a hedge fund and traded personally and run a trust. and i can tell you that the guy who says offer 1 million apple shares 92 low when the stock is at 95 is in control right now because that manager is simply tired of losing money in a stock that isn't going anymore. the company isn't doing as well as it was. that's enough. of course i'm picking on apple here.
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hundreds of other stock out there where managers are selling their traders to get rid of it. levels that are lower and the traders aren't asking any questions. they're just selling. overlay the sellers of the s&p 500 futures saying the charts are all broken so they have to sell or dump everything and then layer the macro investors that say as china goes so goes the world. when does this process stop? when everyone that wants to sell below the current market prices with fresh cash see real values and are willing to take unfortunately while there's individual stocks that are cheap and i'll talk to you about them later in the show, the overall market is not cheap even after the average stock has come down 20% for its highs. those that have a long-term view may not notice the decline
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themselves and we still haven't had what the late great told me we wanted to see. it didn't finish all the way down today and then opens down even worse. that would flush out the remaining sellers in what he called a crescendo of so if the market isn't cheap and many large sellers are willing where stocks are trading including apple, well, maybe you beat them to the punch. maybe you can sell disney at 99 and get back in at 94. maybe you can sell at 41 and come back in at 28. and you can still sell the stocks of my company in china and making the right move.
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out of it. recognize that this market needs to experience that wash out that marks the end. the crescendo of selling just hasn't occurred. so you have to play by different rules. let's go to jim in nevada. >> good morning. my name is jim. i work for the railroad here in the battle born state of nevada. a big booyah to you. >> thank you. my interest is in union pacific as i do invest in it through my company's 401k program. just curious what your thoughts are. it has a price to earnings ratio of 12.6 earnings and one year just see what your thoughts are. >> i think union pacific is a great american company. that does not mean right now it is a stock i would want to own. it yields 3%. it's down 7% for the year.
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and i would tell you that i think the estimates that you're basing your thinking on going forward may not be as strong as they were in the past and that's going to cause the stock to go down. all of that said would i own union pacific for the long-term after this decline from 124? i would. but if i tell people that they should buy union pacific now and that stock goes down $3 people are going to say you really hurt me. don't own union pacific. good company. okay stock. gordon in michigan, gordon. >> jim? >> yes, gordon. >> my name is gordon, i'm from holland michigan. >> excellent. >> i got a simple one for you. i'm 85 years old. i have an adequate retirement. i'm concerned about what future events may do to my equities. should i be buying gold or silver. >> i think you have k have up to 10% of your assets in gold.
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that's how i view gold. i have not changed my view. i continue to think that gold is still not up to where i thought it should be given the fact when august 25th and china collapsed but it's an insurance policy. i like to have insurance. don't like paying for it but i have it. >> jeff in nevada, jeff. >> cramer, thanks for taking my call. my patient is united airline. jamie baker calling for a record year last year. yahoo! finance -- or this year, yahoo! finance shows everybody going up 20% except for united dropping from $12 to $8 a share. what am i missing? >> some people feel that united isn't as good of shape managerially.
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that people feel better run. i don't know, delta and southwest is a very good company but i have been recommending delta as the play on the airlines. that's my favorite. don't have to hurry to buy it. >> how are you doing? >> struggling like everyone else. >> i wanted to know with all the concern around firearms would this be a good time to pick up swhc. >> i think that the stocks just spiked. i'm loath to come in after a spike to buy because the history in this market is that when you have a spike in a particular segment there's sellers underneath for some bit. some degree of value.
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yet finished okay? so we'll play by different rules. be a little more rigorous. be a little, let's say tough. twhast this market requires. i'm here to coach you through it. on "mad money" tonight, china is taking a queue from tom petty and can't stop free falling but could there be some scenarios where something good happens? when it comes to the market the only thing to fear is fear itself and i'm helping you manage your anxiety with my survival guide. not a buy guide. a survival guide just ahead. and oil plunged today. what does it mean for the overall industry? stick with cramer. >> don't miss a second of "mad money." follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question, tweet cramer #madtweets. send an e-mail to call at 1-800-743-cnbc.
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head to >> whenever we have to navigate through this chaos we wish we had more to go on. more analogs and patterns and totems. they can be helpful in times of turmoil and a quick programming note in terms of turmoil, i'll be with you tonight on a cnbc special trying to help you do just that. right now we know the proximate cause is china.
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yuan and break down of the chinese stock market. assuming the chinese market opens down maybe size bli we can expect the shanghai composite to trade down below the 3,000 level that the communist government is so fix sated on last summer. what would that mean for us? patterns, totems, maybe we see revisit the late august lows when our stock market was hit with a flash crash and bottomed on august 24th. a couple of days before china. s&p 500 as low as 1,867. dow briefly dipping to 15,370. that's nearly 1200 points below where it went out today because with the chinese market collapsing it's possible we levels. have a couple of caveats. the federal reserve would tell you our economy has gotten raised rates. second a major commodity
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commodity falling from 39 to 33 and change. the company's focus on the consumer should be doing better. companies involved in international exports might have stronger bottom lines than we even if it's possible china could be hurting anyone doing business there. i wouldn't touch those companies, you know that. what could we learn at looking from the dow jones averages this summer. first only five dow stocks are are below where they traded. but the ones that have apple, american express and ibm. they each reported worse earnings since then. and key cell phone semiconductor supplies are reporting major short falls including two after the close this evening. caterpillar is awful. if you're selling to the consumer you're doing okay but
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goldman, who knows. it is versus all the other financials. if it had a higher dividend i'd probably tell you to buy it but it doesn't so i don't. many dow stocks are well above their august lows maybe that shouldn't be the case. two stand outs that are bothersome to me, chevron and exxon. 69 and 68 respectively back then versus 83 and $76 today even though oil is well below where it was back then. they're the highest quality players no doubt but their stocks don't make much sense to me up here. third much of the big gains in the dow are either the result of better than expected numbers or changes in the capital structure. real fundamental positives. for example, boeing, ge, home
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dupont rocketed thanks to the dow chemical merger. all of these stocks seem vernalable to me. nike does too. so i'm not in a hurry to dump it but it's higher than in august. home depot is doing great but that's an expensive domestic hiding place. the stock could be vulnerable. it's from 90 to 115 now. but it's becoming a turn around story. people want to buy that stock into the weakness. ge falls into the same category. too many buyers in between. what else seems odd? most of the health care and consumer stocks are at near their lows from late august. i don't fear those except for j and j. that's up $8. no particular reason. procter & gamble is up $9. i label those stocks suspect.
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too. walmart is back to where it was at the end of august but traded much lower. i don't know how the turn is going but the stock got too cheap and now the consumer is better with the $2 gasoline. i understand why it could rally so big today. united health seems shaky to me given that it's up since late august. finally there's 3-m which my charitable trust owns and united technology and disney. all are viewed as having weakened because of either asian business or in the case of disney worries about espn even though star wars just literally broke every box office record. 3m's low seems like a logical target. disney could try to make a standoff where it was back then though i do like the way disney hung in with some of the other companies. traded to 88. that's not all that far from
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it took numbers down. lot of chinese exposure. when you compare the dow components to where they were the last time it broke down you get a pretty mixed to negative picture and a hand full make sense to buy. let's explore china itself. what's the worst case scenario if they decide not to prop up their stock market at 3,000 like last august? they're probably going to do it but we have to plan for the best. we have to analogs here. this could be october of 1987 situation where the dow plunged to 1400 in a couple of weeks but nothing really happened to the u. s. economy. or china could be facing a nasdaq 2000 scenario which might be the best analog because the boom and bust have been similar to the nasdaqs back then.
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850 odd points of down side. if that's the case, what happens to the chinese economy? very little. but the chinese market isn't big enough. not even at 6 trillion to do that much damage. although at 4 trillion after that landslide. here's the bottom line. reforwardless of how bad things get for the stock market let's remember in 1987 and 2000 stock market crashes the actual impact of our economy was slight and those crashes actually happened here. deep breath and remember, news flash, if we live in the united states, not the people's republic of china. much more mad ahead. this market might have you feeling stressed but forget i'm going to help calm your nerves. then rustoleum, should you get to know it's stock? a real company. i'm talking with the ceo and oil hit 12 year lows today but are
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>> we have nothing to fear but fear itself. and negative and leads to seen since the beginning of the
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i'm not saying that fdr was wrong about the fear and fear i'm saying that the stock market beast is a bear and not a bull. this is the most high anxiety market i can recall since 2011. but in a classic example of what i'm talking about the high anxiety moment, overnight the uber investor came out and said we could be about to have he said the safety. nevertheless the 24th richest man in the world speaks we can't miss him. what are we doing in this
3:24 am
something that brings your anxiety and help you feel less adrift. and not buy decisions and better decisions. >> suppose we assume that it's as bad as 2008 and china was still over here and bring down our banking system and repeated the great recession? the average stock and the s&p 500 is now down 20% from its high. you can wonder if we're beginning to be in a bear market but that's already the definition of a bear market. technically stock versus been break down for ages now with only a hand full of very overvalued names making the overall averages look better than they are. things are fragile indeed and we're now fighting the fed. something that makes it impossible to think things could be as good as they were before when the fed hadn't started tightening. it's all terrible, all bad, all broken. don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows. just like in 2008 in term of the
3:25 am
you can't tell anyone to be fearful if things weren't so hot. how did you make money back then? the answer you bought the accidentally high yielders or ahys as they were nicknamed in the recession. what's an accidental high yielder? it can afford to pay a good dividend that ballooned into a big yield. now let me make this real clear. the company that has to be able to cover that dividend out of the cash flow. plenty of oil and cash firm versus big yields here. there are other companies like chevron. that's a good solid business committed to its dividend and yields 5% but there's two reasons why i'm not inclined to pick it at. chevron stock traded lower last time china blew up. it was $70 back attend of august and now at $83 despite the fact that oil was at $30 and now it's
3:26 am
that doesn't add up to me. how about you? but what does. all right. how about verizon? but i think they're more likely to raise the dividend than cut it. remember the 10 year treasury, a descent comparison is yielding less than half of what you get from verizon. i like that. what else? how about pfizer. here's a stock a point away from the last big china scare in august. yield is 4%. give or take. pfizer is not only good for the dividend but also merging with allergen which will be spectacular for shareholders. i think that stock would hold up under a chinese-led on slot. how about plays on the consumer. i think l-brands, walgreens and constellation brands all of which reported this very day and put up excellent numbers are places to go if they pull back on china. l-brands had the best in
3:27 am
and constellation raised numbers. people don't cut back on beer except for maybe me because i'm on one of these rotten cleanses with my wife. it's driving me crazy. walgreens put up 5% same store sales numbers today. i doubt any of these companies will be doing business that retreats. i like it even more now that the how can they put up good numbers? because the world isn't ending. a lot of spare change at the pump. the consumer velzing it might be the new number. no wonder walmart down 30% last year rallied the last week of august. walmart is strong because the consumer is still strong and that's how it could rally 2.3%
3:28 am
fact that when i say these stocks work back then someone might start shouting or say jim on twitter. cramer is bullish, buy, buy, buy. now i'm not bullish. i'm saying they can create as they go down. to say the decline is beginning after the average stock is down 20% seems complacent. i'm stimulating that people are the market lower, fear of earnings in technology stocks. come true, now you have your survival guide. you know what worked last time the fears came true and the systemic risk was here. not across the ocean in china >> hey, jim. >> how is it going.
3:29 am
>> thank you. >> my question today for fitbit i'm a big fan of the product and kept my eye on it since the ipo in june. purchasing three rounds in the low $30 range in early december today it continues to slide to $21.50. should i hold the stock or take >> i think you should hold it. i think fit bit is doing well. that's the company. the stock is not doing well. are they diverging right here? there's a fear that everyone is coming in to get them. whether it be underarmor or apple and apple is going to report a bad number and there are many spill over implications of that with the apple watch. do i think fit bit is going to go higher in the next 48 hours? two weeks? i don't know. do i think it's a good company? yes i do. i compared it to go-pro but i don't think fit bit is a good sell here.
3:30 am
jude in new jersey. >> hey, jim, how are you? >> i'm good. how about you. >> first of all i want to thank you. your staff is terrific. >> thank you. they are great. >> yes and also you do a terrific job of having me make money. >> thank you and is sis coe food still a good investment with the volatility in the restaurant business? >> well, you know, the restaurant business is getting better because of the lower price of gasoline however cisco was going to buy a company and then the stock took off and when i loved it was when it yielded four. it only yields three now. why am i defaulting the yield? that worked for me in 2008. it's a couple of buck toos high. maybe 35 where it was before it had the big rally will be the right place to be. there's plenty of fear in the market but now you're at least armored with a survival guide. i'm trying to get you to think better. not to buy better. to think better.
3:31 am
especially rpm international is a real company and inspired big time consumer industrial brands. could the domestic player that makes so many products you used protect your profits in this uncertain market? and oil continues to steady decline but might not be all bad news. and you don't have to tackle this tough market alone. i'm answering your calls, rapid fire, tonight's edition, lightning round. stick with cramer. my son and i used to watch the red carpet shows on tv now, i'm walking them. life is unpredictable one thing i need to be predictable is to be flake free.
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after yet another brutal decline for the averages, can we please, please, please remember that these hideous market-wide sell offs can ultimately create bargains for high quality stocks if you're willing to stay calm. consider rpm international. you know this company. it's the maker of paints, coating, roofing systems, for both consumer and industrial end markets. it's getting no respect in this market whatsoever even though the company reported second good quarter in a row.
3:35 am
its sales from the u.s. housing market. if the fed keeps raising rates people worried about housing in general now and the company has plenty of international exposure too. very little in china though. it's getting hurt by the strong dollar. we can find a way to deal with that. but it doesn't mean something beat yesterday morning. in line revenues. the stock trades less than $2 above it's low. could this be giving you an opportunity of bargain or do we need to tread lightly? let's take a closer look at the chairman and ceo and hear more about the quarter and where his company is headed. welcome back to "mad money." good to see you, sir. >> we have your products. it's a real company that makes real things. and you have a record, a family business that has a record of returning money to shareholders one of the best in the new york stock exchange. are you going to sweat where
3:36 am
our exposure to asia is less than 3%. 70% of our revenues in north america and 20% in europe and our businesses are doing well. we reported earnings yesterday up 20% year over year and 8% sales growth and expect the rest of the year to be pretty solid and it's all about innovation and organic growth and the fact that 2-thirds of our products are maintenance and repair or redecorating as opposed to new construction or cyclical products. >> so you talk about bail square feet of roofing that needs -- let's say a touch up or maybe a total redo and you go to rpm to do it. >> this was an example. it was popular in the 70s and 80s. coming off warranty and the end of their useful life now is over a billion square feet of roof.
3:37 am
come up with a proprietary system that can extend the life of the roofs with the cost of replacements. you totally eliminate the land fills with the roofs and it's all reroofing. not new construction. >> this is what is important. i want people to understand, we talk about stocks all the time. there are companies that actually generate a lot of income from -- your company paid a dividend consecutive for more than almost every company in the world. >> 42 straight years. >> yet you raised the dividend. >> our goal is to raise it every year. i made a quote yesterday, albert einstein was quoted as saying that compound in interest was the 8th wonder of the world. well you like a dividend that grows modestly every year because it's better. >> at the same time you're an innovator that happens to make what a lot of people recognize around the house.
3:38 am
used. >> right. new products. really exciting. >> how do you deal with the fact that there's people now saying what are they talking about rpm? don't they realize the world is falling apart? >> our job is to please our consumers and customers and be innovative. it's the life blood of my business. we try and cannibalize our existing products with new and better products. rustoleum is coming out. you'll see it introduced in stores all of our big customers in february. rock solid. a great entrepreneur came to rpm. nobody can attract entrepreneurs and their companies like we can. we're very proud of that. we innovated garage floor coatings about 8 years ago. created the market and it was an over the weekend project. through rock solid we're now bringing industrial technology that's consumer friendly and an overnight project. you can start on saturday.
3:39 am
better finish. and quicker for the consumer. so it's constantly trying to improve on our existing products and then also bringing new ideas. >> well, i have to tell you, i'm so glad you're here tonight because you're a business man and you know that business gets done regardless of whether shanghai is down 7%. you have an innovation team that created the best in the country. that's what i want. that's frank sullivan. chairman and ceo of rpm international. thank you for explaining to us that there's real business being done. >> jim, thank you very much. he said sure. but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists. with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean. oral-b
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it is time. it's time for the ghtning round. and play this sound. and then the lightning round is over. are you ready? time for the lightning round. start with paul in arkansas, paul. >> hi. buy, sell, or hold? >> no, they already have a government regulation issue and oil going down. the numbers are probably too high. i'll say stay away. >> hey, jim. how are you? >> i'm all right. how about you, sir. >> good. good. hey, the question is on united steel. >> no, the chinese are too busy getting rid of their subsidized dumping steel and that's what is killing their company as well as it's pipe business in the oil patch. elizabeth in nevada. elizabeth.
3:42 am
buy sell or hold? >> i happen to like the guys at aig now. the stock is now under it's tangible book. is there a hurry to do it? you'd buy it down in stages. it's not a bad company at all. let's go to dan in minnesota. >> booyah. >> booyah. >> $43 a share special dividend coming up shortly. what about visteon. >> i'm in that camp now. we're seeing peak autos. so then i can't be all that excited about a company that sells into the auto market. when i saw the numbers we just got right and i know that the fed is going to raise it's going to hurt all so i'm not in a hurry to own a peak auto supplier. barbara in michigan. >> yes, jim. happy new year and booyah to you from michigan. >> go wolverines. what's up. >> thank you. radius health has been dropping
3:43 am
can you give me a hold or a buy on that? >> well, radius is a speculative stock and you have very solid companies like amgen and celgene getting crushed. you have to expect this one will get crushed more and up more. you have to understand it was pure speculation. everybody is allowed to speculate. you should speculate in one or two positions out of ten but it is a speculative stock and this is what happens. >> brad in new york, brad. >> booyah, cramer. i just want to say thanks for having my pack. >> doing my best, man. what's going on. >> my question was about cig group. at 6 times earnings is this a buy? >> well, it's a financial and the financials are starting to go down because people feeling like interest rates aren't going higher. they're caught in a rock and a hard place. i'm not a buyer of cit here even though it is at the 52 week low.
3:44 am
i need to be in it. let's go to corey in massachusetts. >> jim, thank you for having me. i'm in a bio tech with great results and the $800 million market that's flowing 150%. what's your take on sgyp? >> i know that there was -- i saw a downgrade by city the other day. i have to check my bio tech bible from the street. i'm not ready at this moment to opine on it because it's a current and fluid situation and that ladies and gentlemen is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> the lightning round is sponsored by t.d. ameritrade. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more
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>> with oil breaking down again, down to where it was at the very depths of the great recession now, what does it mean for the industry? i think december of 2008 where oil traded at this exact price is the wrong analog because that was caused by a real decline in demand. what we have now is a massive supply glut so let's ponder another time when we last saw such an oversupply of crude. when it traded in the 20s. if oil returns to these levels, what happens? i would bet many of the independent oil companies could spiral into oblivian. many natural gas companies would most likely also file for reorganization.
3:48 am
in the world, we would also raise earnings estimates. >> many traders view it as a sign. and the declines are cyclical stocks. we refuse to see the weakness in oil is a sign of overproduction. not under demand. to everyone worries that the declines in the oil and gas sector will overwhelm the rest of the economy despite the fact that it's advances in the oil and gas sector that hurt us. last time when i sat down with kevin o'leary we talked about that oil is going down. take a listen. >> i know it's bad for that sector grown men are weaponing, i get it. oil is going to 25. i get it. but what about the other nine sectors in the economy. leave energy out of it and look
3:49 am
they're going to rock. >> kevin reconciled the decline in the price of oil with real businesses. why? he's a real business person. when you say it to yourself or i say it outloud i sound like i'm being a pollyanna. but when you talk business person to business person you have a rigorous discussion with a bottom line guy and the bottom line say huge boost from this decline. go ask the fed. we're dealing with an oil stock hang over of massive proportions. stock hang over. a hang over of stock creation. it's the inevitable consequence of the boom going bust. too much money raised. too many ipos. too much debt sold. too many limited partnerships dreamed up and put together. they are crushing people. i know that. it's a fact of life.
3:50 am
is jealous of how pioneer was able to sell yesterday down $8 from the last sale and raise critical capital. they all need to raise capital. you don't want to be part of the capital rising but the negative spill over hasn't happened yet. they're diversified enough that it won't crush their earnings as it might have done we wouldn't be getting these numbers like yesterday's adp figures plus finally a sense of the positive spill over the real economy when earnings is week over week. i'm not saying that the cal vary is coming. not with the china overhang staring us in the face. i'm not saying it's all bad. i'm saying that it's not custard's last stand for the stock market or for the economy if oil plunges down to the 20s.
3:51 am
think you could go much below 40 however last time he did say that the saudi iranian tension is being viewed way too complacently by the market. i think crude might stay right around here. lower longer. my point, if oil's weakness is a sign of anything it's going to be of economic strength for the 317 million americans that use some form of energy in their day-to-day lives. even as those that toil in the oil patch won't be able to make up their own economic losses. energy consumers, not producers are in the vast majority. even as the damage being wrought on the market threatens to overwhelm the stock of the very companies that actually benefit from lower oil prices. sooner or later this crazy town insanity will end and the companies that benefit from
3:52 am
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stay right where you are. i'm about to join a cnbc special report and we have every angle covered. you do not want to miss this. i am constructively negative. how about that? i don't like the market but i'm trying to be constructive and trying to give you the kind of game plan you need to be able to make smarter decisions. so you know what you're doing and maybe you should be thinking long-term. that does help. i like to say there's always a bull market somewhere and i promise to try to find it just for you right here on "mad money." i'm jim cramer. i'll see you tomorrow. jeff: today on "flip my food," we're at an amazing bed and breakfast in shreveport, louisiana. let's get in the kitchen, and let's get cooking. announcer: today on "flip my food," chef jeff checks into a historic bed and breakfast, where he cooks up italian comfort food like spaghetti
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