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tv   Channel 13 News at 6  NBC  January 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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and you've probably noticed they're pounding the state's pavement now more than ever... by the end of the day, candidates will have held events in a total of 30 iowa cities. that includes all three democrats republican field. we'll let you hear from many of them tonight, but let's start with senator rand paul. stephanie moore joined him on the campaign trail in knoxville. it's first on 13... steph intro- senator paul held his rally this morning at the national sprint car hall of fame and museum which alined perfectly with the theme of today's event--racing to the finish line... vo- senator rand paul was greeted by a small but dedicated crowd in knoxville... the kentucky senator talked about his christian conservative values and is hoping to gain additional support with both young and independent voters. paul said unlike some of the other candidates he thinks the people should be in charge of the economy with a small government taking a back seat.... "i think people are frustrated with washington and so am i and in their frustration they're looking for an easy way out and right now donald trump is the easy way out, give him the power and he will fix things but there is also a long standing tradition in our country going all the way back to our founding fathers that worries about eeogetting too much power, so ioy about a donald ump cumuli so much power that would be used toake away
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foren tradition to donald trump but should be very important to iowa voters because anytime you let power t carried ay, there's always the chance we'll lose our freedoms in theocs eph tag- paul is continuing s push across the state, he ill has 12 scheded eves ading up to his victory party nday night. paul also said he's been connecting with young voters because of his stance on privacy. paul believes the government shouldn't be collecting people's phone and credit card records without cause. governor chris christie says
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the democratic frontrunner... the most important thing is hillary clinton. we cannot take our eye off the ball. and so last night, i kept trying to bring us back to that point, which is, you know, it's fine if marco rubio has changed his position on immigration - i just wish he'd admit it. it's fine if ted cruz has changed his position on immigration - admit it. but those changes, those differences, are minor, compared to the differences we have with hillary clinton. have with hillary clinton. and christie stayed true to that during the republican debate in des moines last night... he focused his attacks on hillary clinton instead of his rivals. at an event in johnston, he said it's one of the reasons he'll "surprise" people at the caucus. he also said his time as decisions and be accountable for them. marco rubio also has his sights set on the democratic candidates... at a rally in burlignton, rubio bernie sanders before turning his attention to the obama administration. he said the president failed the united states by trying to make
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he didn't discuss the debate, aside from one thing... i had this thing going on last night, this debate. i don't know if you saw it. it was a lot of fun. i actually had a little bit more time than usual. i think there was somebody missing or something. but it was great. donald trump says his decision to boycott the debate, quote, "turned out great." trump made the comment in new hampshire, after holding a replacement event in des moines. it raised nearly six million veterans organizations, including the iowa based puppy jake foundation, which trains service dogs. however, he claims he would've taken the stage with his rivals if to veterans causes. democrats had a chance to a town hall this week. now, they're hoping those differences are enough to gain them a slight edge in
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if we win this election, it's going to be a very very close election, it will depend on voter turnout. if we win,it will indicate that this country is ready for "real significant change. i would very much appreciate your support on monday night. in mount pleasant, bernie sanders said a vote for him is a vote against "establishment politics." sanders also said he's best positioned to beat a republican in the general election, not hillary clinton. the latest "n-b-c news - marist" poll shows the two virtually tied in iowa. hillary clinton hopes her husband, bill, will help her pull ahead in the polls. the former president campaigned for his wife in fairfield today. meanwhile, clinton touted her experience with foreign policy and national security in des moines. she promised to fight for iowans over the next four years if they caucus for her monday night. people other than just the candidates are putting in work in caucus crunch time... we've got 681 locations so that's at least one volunteer in all of those spots. oftentimes many
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staffing our caucus helpline in case anyone has any questions. iowa's democratic and republican parties say they're dotting the i's and crossing the t's. that includes making sure each precinct is prepared for crowds and has enough voter registration forms to accommodate. and come caucus night, both parties agree one thing will make the process easier... we've really evolved with the technology and we're really excited about the microsoft app this year. we've actually tested all 681 precincts and we've done successful tests with that so we're really excited about getting those results back on monday. precinct captains will enter results into the microsoft app, sending them to party headquarters. the results will then be made available to the public in real time. an app could help caucus newcomers navigate the metro's skywalks. polk county has added new features to the app, launched last month. it was originally created to
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closures for construction. it now also points out restaurants, hotels, and other points of interest connected to the skywalk system. the app is available for both apple and android smart phones. just search "skywalk d-s-m." it's free to download. you may want to skip the skywalk for a walk outside this weekend. it'll feel like spring came a bit early! chief meteorologist ed wilson joins us with a first look at the forecast. ed, we should enjoy it while it lasts...
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and it was up for discussion in west des moines... straight ahead, a look at the agriculture industry. hear how far officials say it's come in the pas decades, and how far it still has to go. it's possibly a first for iowa, yoga classes behind bars. find out how juvenile offenders are benefiting from their time on the
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
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the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise... can't wait. the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now.
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i'm caucusing... i'm caucusing for hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i said, geesh those people can cure cancer. that's a pretty big selling point. my staff looked at me and said cure cancer, sir we can prevent cancer. for the u-s department of agriculture, "cancer" is a metaphor for world hunger. the "land investment expo" drew hundreds of people to west des moines. they're celebrating america's ability to feed itself, and feed the world. secretary tom vilsack says in order to continue this momentum, congress needs to allocate more resources to agriculture. he points to output increasing by one hundred 70 percent since 19-50. that's with 26 percent less land and 22 million fewer farmers. but he says that productivity needs to keep rising, along with a growing
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it's suggested a 70 percent increase in global agricultural production, which will require as much innovation in agriculture in the next 35 years that we have seen in the previous 10 thousand years. this is the ninth year of the expo. about 650 people were expected to attend. johnston is receiving federal help with a project in a popular area of town... the environmental protection agency is giving johnston 50 thousand dollars. it'll provide the city guidance as it overhauls things like sewers, streets, and trails... east of merle hay. the guidance comes in the form of finding alternative funding sources and determining how to structure utility rates. the project is estimated to cost up to 20 million dollars, and will take place over the next decade. tonight des moines police are searching for a pair of bank robbers... officers were called to the central bank on university this morning. when they arrived, the men had already gotten away with an unknown amount of cash.. witnesses described the suspects as about 20 years old with bandanas over their faces. one of them had a gun. police say they're currently
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a linn county prison hopes its offenders will learn a lesson on the mat... the key here is keeping your hips down and forward. the county's juvenile detention center offers a yoga class every week. the classes focus on breathing control, stress relief, and emotional calming. it's called "trauma informed yoga." at first, offenders were skeptical, but some say they're noticing benefits. it just, like, calms me down if i'm frustrated.i've had kids tell me that when they're in their rooms at them fall asleep. staff say those who take the classes are less likely to have outbursts. besides the wind it has been a mild day all across the state, and we have one more day of beautiful weather on tap for central iowa. clouds will begin to move in late which will hold temperatures steady and in the lower 30s. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds on saturday with some of the warmest temperatures we have seen so far this january. before the bigger system early next week, we will see a chance for a rain/snow mix early sunday. this is not expected to bring significant impacts but could create some slick spots throughout the area. for caucus goers, monday looks to be dry with temperatures in the middle's not until
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winds and moderate to heavy snow move in. at this point snow we could see snow starting to fall as early as monday night, which means snow willikely impact e morning commute. iisstill a bit early to put out exact snow totals, but it is ssible that many aces acrosse area will see amounts approaching or exceeding 6". on top of that wind will also be a huge issue with this next system which means visibility will be xt to nothing at times. be re to stay infordv thext several days as we continue to bring you the latest updates. the american people can't afford to wait for ideas that sound good on paper... but will never make it in the real world. the grandmother who has to choose between paying for medicine and paying rent... can't wait. the single mom who desperately needs a raise...
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the student with a mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now. i'm caucusing... i'm caucusing... i'm caucusing for hillary clinton. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. car repairs, home improvements, a family trip... it's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000 in personal expenses on a republican party credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal and for five years rubio refused to release
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marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. marco rubio: just too many questions. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] i've got some real estate here in my bag counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] all come to look for america all come to look for america all come to look for america
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the largest high school sporting event in the state will be here in 3 weeks. state wrestling. sold out crowds will invade downtown des moines but first, best in central iowa. ciml conference meet at southeast polk. the second ranked wrestler at 113, waukee's kyle biscoglia, wastes little time. opening round,
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120 pounds, johnston's zach price follows suit with a pin. he's finished 3rd in his first two state appearances. southeast polk has dominated the c-i-m- l.. zach barnes at 138 works the half, i call it a pretzel. thats a fall. fort dodge could be the team to upset the defending champs, cayd lara winner at 145. 19 teams taking part in the conference meet and it will last all night. the hawkeyes are hoping for a run at a national wrestling title, something they havent had in 6 years. iowa is undefeated in duals this season, tonight they host their rivals to the north, number 23 minnesota. match starts at 8 on the big 10
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in the last 2 weeks iowa state has beaten number 1 oklahoma and number 4 kansas. now its time to prove it on the road. the big 12-sec challenge sends the cyclones to 5th ranked texas a & m. and it will be a reunion for steve prohm and aggie head coach billy kennedy. kennedy is prohm's mentor. they coached together for 12 years at centenary, southeastern louisiana and murray state...prohm the assistant understudy at all stops. saturday they go head to head the first time. cyclones play at texas a&m saturday afternoon at 1. texas
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already this week t at arkansas. - finally tonight, it may be the strangest way to predict the next he was rated a+ by the nra. not for his promises, but for defending the second amendment... he's a man of deep faith, who fought time and again for the right to life. he laid out a plan to destroy isis months before paris. he'll strengthen our border
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to put washington's broken fiscal house back in order. jeb bush. he's the conservative you can trust, to fight for our beliefs. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. one of the areas that i've been particularly interested in is the area of children. all of us have a responsibility, to ourselves, to our children, to each other. we intend to be sure that everybody in this room and every child in this state is somebody. no matter where they're born, no matter to whom they are born. our children's future is shaped both by the values of their parents and the policies of their nation. it's time to protect the next generation, fill the lives of our children with possibility and hope, open up the doors so that every child has a chance to live up to his or her god-given potential.
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families and our country, and i'm not stopping now. (crowd cheers) i'm hillary clinton,
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president. these rodeo bulls in cedar rapids are pooping on their desired candidates. their guess is hillary clinton on the democratic side, and donald trump on the republican side. there are so many jokes here, but we'll have to awit and see if their predictions come true monday night.
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen.
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where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our hearts. and that journey begins here in iowa. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask you to join with us at the caucuses on monday night. thank you. from sony pictures studios, it's america's game! wheel... of... fortune! ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our show --
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come on, get on with it, jim. we wanna get out here.
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