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tv   Mad Money  NBC  January 30, 2016 3:00am-4:00am CST

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have a great weekend. my mission is simple. to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere. i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now. hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money." welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you money. my job is not just to entertain but to teach and coach. call me at 1-800-743-cnbc. or tweet me @jimcramer. a week ago this very friday you couldn't give stocks away. we left here dazed and confused and glad the miserable five days were behind us. this week turned out to be the opposite. we finished january with a bang, 397 points higher, s&p the 47b9%.%. h nasdaq climbing 2.38%. what the heck happened to make these things go right for stocks? first, amazingly we decoupled from the chinese stock market. finally we got a good week for oil. as much as it is a negative for businesses and consumers the
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any rebound means the oil companies get to raise more capital buying more time to stay in business. when it comes to higher oil. this week we learned people quit on stocks easily. stocks hammered earlier in the week ended up much higher by today's close. i wouldn't be surprised if amazon bounces back next week. let's keep the bounce it is back situations in mind when we get another flood of earnings next let's keep the bounce it is back situations in mind when we get another flood of earnings next week and a flood of incredible guests, by the way, when we take this show on the road. we are going to san francisco to
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so stay tuned. you are not going to believe the guests we're talking to. i was blown away. >> you know we are constantly trying to figure out what will happen to the independent oil companies that ruled the world. companies like anadarko which is a tremendousle oil company with terrific properties. this is exactly the paradigm. this is a tough environment for them and the thought is somebody will take a run at the guy ifs they stand still. i say, let's hear them out. maybe they have a plan to deal nd with the low price or so they don't. this former golden boy of the oil patch can help us figure out the next move because the group is remaining front and center in this market. after the close we hear from the last member of fang when
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will facebook be more like the a amazon or the n, netflix. both flubbed when they released numbers. ale if a bet which, like facebook is a big position for my charitable trust will be as stellar as last time. the cfo of morgan stanley organized the financials in a way to understand greatness. alphabet stock is the cheapest of f.a.n.g. and the company is too great to sell at 19 times next year's earn ings for this. that's ridiculous. now the oil stocks are bifurcated here. there are pure plays like anadarko and then others with options to pull back on. all we want to hear about tuesday is exxon mobile. we have to know what they have to say. the balance sheet trades more like a utility.
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lots of folks exxon will come and don't hold your breath. i think it would like prices lower for stocks. prans when stressed out companies can want pay their bills. 2016 could be the year when that happens and those with capital win. exxon wants to wait for the fat lady to sing before it pounces. we no the stock of chipotle has been on a wild ride since the e. coli incident. when we get reports this is first quarter where we have a sense of the taj that was out. and how much it costs to fix including the safety measure which is are primo for this country. there is still lots of pain ahead. remember, they are the best in the business. i say if it gets to 400 that's where you go. i want to see the numbers.s. it feels like we'll also hear
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competition under cut it is pricing leading to a slide in the share price. one that continued with the stock falling more than 5% despite the huge rally in the marketplace. 40% lower. does it have something up its leave? wednesday we get one from general motors t. company gave you guidance about what you can earn. so many people think the whole auto psych sl peaking. maybe gm's management could set us straight. i like the restaurant stocks. will buffalo wild wings be able to put a positive spin on the group on wednesday? on thursday, how about y.u.m.? kfc, taco bell and pizza hut will be detailing the upcoming spin off of the chinese
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i think we want to own yum. thursday we get results from conoco phillips and occidental. maybe they were too bountiful. that's why the stocks are owned. are they safe? is it safe? i don't know. is it? it will be one of those situations. do you know what i mean? that's a rechbs to that. we'll take a break from earnings next thursday. this will be the house committee on oversight and government reform is holding a hearing on drug price. believe me, the hearing has the capacity to cause havoc in the health care group, especially because martin skrelli, former ceo will be called to testify. he boasted about raising drug prices and then of course was arrested last december for securities fraud. if you don't own drug stocks maybe wait until after the
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[ rim shot [. >> finally on friday there is a nonfarm payroll report. the single most important isn't the earnings but the fed accelerates raising interest rates. if it is strong with higher wages look out, we are in a good news is bad news code mode. expect the fed calling for hikes beginning that day. they will start talking about it and the timetable will be accelerated to march. bottom line, we are not through with earn ings season yet. we got very big numbers coming next week. don't forget our trip to san francisco. remember, employment numbers on friday trump everything else. tread lightly up to that. the wages actually rise to someone in america makes more e money. the bullish move we could see this past week could be repealed in a heart beat. don't get cocky.
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room for that kind of behavior. kevin in texas. kevin. >> caller: hi, jim. bank of america. it was december 16 it was at 17.75. today, 14.14. any chance it gets back to 17? >> i think it could go to 16.16. here's the deal with bank of america. my trust bought some today. mike mayo hated this thing. he went to a buy today. that's what caused bank of america to turn around. i like it here.. let's go to minnesota. updish. >> caller: hi, jim. i'm from st. paul, minnesota. boo-yah. >> boo-yah. >> caller: walgreens is down significantly from the 52-week high. do you think this is a good buy at the current price? >> jack moore, the research director for my charity trust and i sit there and curse this
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we cannot believe it's below 80. we bought so much we can't buy more. this is one of the cheapest in the wook books but it's lumped in with health care. maybe after the drug price hearings which will be covered by every media outlet. it's been a good week but don't get cocky. employment numbers trump all so tread lightly. tonight the aerospace sector hit turbulence when boeing reported. could the earnings from honeywell and united technologies help the group un reach cruising altitude? i'm accentuaing the positives and talking about stocks moving upwards. and can the company that made my boston whaler keep going higher? i don't know. i'll ask the ceo. so stick with cramer! >> announcer: don't miss a
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follow @jimcramer on twitter. have a question? tweet cramer, #madtweets. send jim an e-mail to or give us a call at 1-800-743-cnbc.
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head to you know what? we have to deal with a real puzzle. we have to find out what's going on with the aerospace sector we have loved for so long, find out if it is peaking or not. there is real money to be made or lost here. when there is money on the line we have to roll up our sleeves and figure out what the heck is going on. here is a group that's one of the strongest out there. the whole space, something got called into question wednesday morning when boeing -- boeing! reported a decent quarter with weak guidance. we started hearing about how the aerospace sector might be past its prime. boeing stock plunged nearly 9% in a single session. casting a pall over the market. we got another piece of news the
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a different take away. united technology, utx issued a much rosier outlook for 201. this morning we heard from honeywell. another diversified industrial with the business. just like predicted they reported a fantastic quarter. similar guidance for the aerospace side. it was the strongest unit. when you get conflicting data points there is two ways to look at it. maybe the aerospace cycle is peaking and boeing is seeing it sooner than united technologies or honeywell. or maybe and this was my initial reaction. we are not seeing a peak in the industry at all. rather boeing's only significant competitor, the european based airbus is getting a huge boost from the weak euro. at the same time that boeing's competitiveness is being
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strong dollar which gives airbus the edge because the planes are cheaper than those priced in u.s. dollar. you have to buy boeing with u.s. dollars. the real issue might be that airbus is taking business from boeing and the story we heard from united technologies and honey well confirm it is theory. these companies, honey well and new text are agnostic. they sell parts to every airplane over the sun. both boeing and airbus and they are not experiencing a downturn at all which suggests that orders for new planes are shifting from the united states over to europe thanks in part to the fed's bone headed commitment to raise interest rate which is makes the dollar stronger versus every other currency under the sun and the european central bank is debasing the euro so employers like airbus have a leg up on the boeings of the world.
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i'm leaning toward the theory that aerospace is doing just fine. even if boeing may be hurting. this is an important issue so we need a deeper dive. let's start with boeing. evener before they reported it was down # 1% since the beginning points worse than the nearly 7% decline on the & p 5 # 0 of the same period. boeing preannounced it was cutting back production of the storied 747 based on weak demand. what really crushed the stock wednesday was that the management forecasted rim lousy guidance for 2016 including earn ing of 815 to 835. wall street looked for 9.43. call it the biggest guidance miss of the year with the possible exception of polaris. just because boeing gives you a disappointing forecast relative to expectations you don't just write off the industry. not until you do your homework here.
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we got the decent quarter from united statesed technologies where the company's two aerospace units accounted for roughly half of sales. united technologies didn't do anything flashy. le they reaffirmed the guidance for 2016. that was a sight for sore eyes considering how they cut the outlook in 2015 and before hayes took control of the company. beyond that there were positive thing about the aerospace business talking about the best volume growth in five quarters. opposite of boeing. in fact, on a conference call hayes was practically gushing about the geared turbo fan or gtf. that's the newest, best commercial airplane engine ever. specifically the focus was meeting airbus's demand for the program and the company plans to deliver 200 engine this is year. again, most to airbus. in other words, united technologies made it clear they are getting bountiful orders in aerospace but coming from airbus.
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weakness is limited to boeing itself and not to the entire industry. exhibit b, remember alcoa, right? they make light weight aluminum parts for airplanes. they reported on january 11 and they were called out for strength in the aerospace sector saying the engineer product business which will be an independent company saw aerospace sales increase. in the end, it was honeywell that brought the whole peak aerospace thesis crashing down today when it reported a robust quarter. the aerospace business accounts for roughly 40% of honeywell sales and forecasted slow but steady growth for all of the aerospace businesses. i felt fabulous about the aerospace sector when i heard honeywell. they build the instruments in the cockpit for just about every plane manufacturer in the world. you could argue honey well and
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that's nonsense. i can demonstrate it by calling my final witness for the prosecution. boeing itself. you see if you bothered to listen to the conference call the ceo didn't blame the guidance on a lousy environment in the aerospace market. in fact, he said, we continue to see a generally healthy commercial airplane market driven by improving airline profitability, solid passenger traffic load and meaningful replacements. he points to strong growth in the chinese airline traffic and emphasized while the car go market stalled boeing expects the air freight business to rebound. here's another great nugget from the boeing call. we are also seeing further strength in the aircraft financing market as financiers see a good investment. as i alluded earlier airplane order activity and customer discussions are continuing at a
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if they are so positive about the industry how come the guidance was so weak? part of it as i mentioned was this issue. just yesterday iran got part of the nuclear deal to get 118 planes from airbus and the international deals will be difficult to compete with because the weak euro means airbus is giving customers a discount while the strong dollar means boeing is charging everybody a huge premium. especially in the emerging countries. plus the restrictions placed on iran by the u.s. government makes it did i havele cultle to win iranian orders. there is another positive case here which is the ceo's fist year on the job. it wouldn't shock me if they wanted lower expectations to make it easier for the new guy to deliver.
3:19 am
i would be willing to recommend buying boeing to get a signal from the reserve they will take the plan for four rate hikes off the table to allow the dollar to go lower and make the airplane maker more competitive. boeing trades at 13.5 times earn ings with a monster buyback and a juicy yield. the bottom line is simple. even if boeing is having a hard time because air bus has an unfair advantage it's clear the aerospace industry is doing fine as their major competitor is getting orders trickling down to honey well and united technologies and alcoa that supplies both companies. both united technologies and honeywell are worth owning here. even boeing may be, too. once we see a top in the endlessle strength of the u.s. it's the attack of the killer quarters. i'm reviewing the major names with higher places to climb. the stock down almost 30% is it time to buy or are the waters too rough for the boston whaler.
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fabulous quarters this week. hallelujah >> something to add fuel to the fire and we finally seemed to decouple from the chinese stock market. [ applause ] let's focus on earn ings. at the end of the day a market where the earnings matters is a market we can get our heads around. it's time to do some celebrating and congratulating for amazing executives at some incredible american companies. first this facebook quarter was a wonder to behold. wow. the conference call was like a great shakespeare play. this company is making a fortune off you because it's your story. you love it! the adoption of the facebook family of products including the core franchise and, yes, the $19 billion app is spectacular and real. they make more money than
3:23 am
advertisers are just beginning to recognize how effective this is in reaching customers. despite the run we have news for you. i kid you not. how about these industrials with major aerospace expo sure. neither company has the growth ge does and i like this, too. you have to be impressed. united technologies is under greg hayes. get used to that name. i will talk a lot about him. i loved it when he said the best can buy as much of his own stock as possible. honeywell hasn't started the new acquisition yet. both go higher especially since the global aerospace cycle seems to be doing fine. what about 3m? what about its ceo ?
3:24 am
dollar get in the way of growth. the consumer business is on fire. it was in perfect condition, product lines once again causing it to grow. it is a fountain of invention. over add johnson & johnson. i have been waiting for the company to get the lagging medical device business and he did it, bucking the entire anti-health care move. the stock can go higher given the outstanding growth the division is showing. i do feel terrible that 3,000 people had to be let go as part of the restructuring that got j & j's mojo back. everybody was freaking out about credit cards because of the american ex press quarter, everybody leaving home el without it. we saw amazing numbers from mastercard, visa, paypal. it's clear the companies are taking it to american ex press. they are all better run. they are. who wants to compete with dan
3:25 am
mastercard, paypal and visa. visa up 7.4%. mastercard, 6.71% and paypal, 5.5% today. they were the leaders of this stunning rally. there is a bias against fast food but what steve easterbrook is doing at mcdonald's is astounding. this man is a miracle worker. by simplifying the menu which minimizes mistakes and adding all day breakfast, egg mcmuffin, less than 400 calories he made gave this mid single digit same store sales that would have been unthinkable. that's how a stock hit the all-time high. procter and gamble dazzled. they are going higher. finally there is a deep dive on the transformation as one of the sleepiest companies.
3:26 am
but it's microsoft. the ceo has been running the country for slightly less than two years. under stated man. simple, terrific. sometimes i have to wonder if he's for real. has he been able to make microsoft a leader in the cloud so fast? the answer is yes. absolutely. he's given microsoft game. i bet there are kids in this country using microsoft software at schools or at home who think it's cool. why not? x box is the most powerful hardware force in gaming. microsoft is young and aggressive again like in the 1990s. microsoft stock has more room to run. look, all of the stocks and great american companies with topnotch executives made monster move this is week. i'm confident there will be down days next week and when we get a sell-off this is the bottom line. facebook. united technologies.
3:27 am
3m, j & j, visa, mastercard. paypal, mcdonald's. procter & gamble and microsoft are now go-to names. each ceo , congratulations, gentlemen on a great quarter. thanks for everything you do. i want to go to kyle in my home state of new jersey. kyle! >> caller: boo-yah out of rutgers, camden. how's it going? >> all right. how are you? >> caller: good. tcyo and jci. what do you think about tyco's shareholders? >> everybody hate it is deals, kyle. any time a company is buying another company in 2016 it's been ignored and hated and that's wrong. i think jci, the ceo should come on. that's a winning deal. maybe not tomorrow, but it will be. all right.
3:28 am
we saw terrific quarter this is week. these all-stars are go-to names. remember, we could have down days next week. no reason to chase. this market always gives you a chance. much more "mad money" ahead. plus some of the best. ethan allen starting the year with a strong earnings report. i will see how they redecorated the balance sheet with the ceo and let's end the week with a super freaking friday edition of the lightning round. so stick with cramer! >> announcer: silicon valley where ideas changed the world. and with the big game just around the corner cramer is going one on one with industry leaders and entrepreneurs in a league of their own. with appearances by intel, under armour, paypal, fitbit and more don't miss "mad money's" invest
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what on earth is going on with the top maker of recreational boats including my own boston whaler. a company i regard as one of the best plays on discretionary
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yesterday it was a fine quarter beating the stuffing out of estimates with a 7 cent earnings beat. revenues may be lower than expected by some. up 7% year over year or 11%. the guidance was strong. the stock was slammed yesterday. i think investors, maybe they are wary of the global economy. people are less likely to buy a boat when things are tight but it's importantnto remember f. scott fitzgerald's word that is the rich are different. this may hold up better than you think. let's take a look with with the chairman and ceo of brunswick. this is his last interview before he retired. what iran. welcome back to "mad money." >> great seeing you. >> congratulations on an amazing run. i remember when the company was this and this and you have taken it like this. i'm going to say it. i think this is the best quarter you have had. i'm trying to figure out the
3:33 am
go over the facts rather than the emotion of the market. >> sure. sales growth 11% constant currency. eps growth for the year, 21%. we are projecting going ahead. continued eps growth. we have not misguided. we exceed it. maybe you take the guidance the growth will be 20% this year. >> i'm thinking your stock could fall 20% when the dow falls 7%. you have an amazing outperformance. this is a judgment of the stock market, not the financials of brunswick. >> it's the stock market, yes. another thing going on, people may be comparing this to other people calling the power sports. atv, motorcycles, all of that. the market has been in decline. the competitive base looks different.
3:34 am
5% in the u.s., jim. the marine market in the fourth quarter we were up 12%. we are just in a different marketplace with a different competitive set. i think the comparisons and my judgment is that's what happened. >> in terms of cycle it is replacement cycle is more important than anything. they are all about to kick in for you. >> it absolutely is. as you look at the boats made since 1965, we are entering the cycle for the useful life of hundreds of thousands of boats. beginning to go away. >> right here. >> we are going into this. the replacement cycle comes up and we are growing our fitness business significantly. >> yes. >> the replacement cycle for equipment in a commercial gym is about half of what a boat is. that's another reason we want to be in that. >> until -- geez, you know, i
3:35 am
this is a good acquisition. >> great. it does several things for us. as we look at the competitive set of the gym owners of the world, they are getting bigger, more global. it will take good math in order to supply them globally. gives us a great second brand. the cybex is about the technical exerciser who is function first. we are for the exerciser who wants to feel good on the equipment. that's what we do. >> great cost synergies, ability to grow the manufacturing base without having to do further investment. it is a homerun for us. >> obviously when the stock is down you go through everything. other than what i thought was just canada because canada is tough. and brazil. brazil is tough for everybody. with every single area around the globe it's going well. >> terrifically. even in places because of
3:36 am
are growing share there. we are relaxed about where we are. again, as we look at the stock price it's a good perplexity. the one thing i have learned all these years, don't worry about it. >> keep doing the numbers. >> when it's right the market will come back. >> on parts and accessories this is a good business. as things go on that's the retail level and it's an annuity stream. isn't it? >> yes. it is a great annuity stream. it's now 25% of the business. the highest margin business we have. it's not dependent upon the economy. it is dependent upon usage of the product. usage of marine products continues to grow significantly year after year. that's why we invest in this business. we have taken it from a small part to now 25%. we are continuing to grow it. >> sometimes if you don't have a
3:37 am
once you have it, you like -- we buy all the accessoies to make the boat better but my wife said ask him about the 27-footer. i said don't try to sneak that in. i knew. we love your product. people should know the boston whaler, virtually unsinkableunsinkable. >> is unsinkable. >> why is that? >> the way we make them there is a core inner to two outside nodes if you will, made out of foam for which we have patent protection. >> okay. >> we love to bring out a new boat and put every employee we can put in the boat and it won't sink. or you know one of the greatest marketing ploys we have is so much fun to do. we'll cut the bostonle whaler in half and as far as the engine goes it'sle still floating. >> one of the great runs. you made our viewers fortunes.
3:38 am
this company in a way i never thought could happen. >> thank you. >> "mad money" will be back after the break. (cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? janet? cough if you can hear me. don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for my phlegmy cough. yeah...but what about mike? it works on his cough too. cough! it works on his cough too. mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. in a world that's trying to turn you into someone new... hair color wants to help you keep on being you.
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...that even in sunlight, doesn't look like hair color...
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>> announcer: lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. it is time. it is time for the lightning round. on cramer's "mad money." you say the name of the stock. i don't know the calls or the name of the stock ahead of time. i tell you whether to buy or sell. when you hear this sound -- [ buzzer ] -- then the lightning round is over. are you ready, skee-daddy? time for the lightning round on cramer's "mad money." we'll start with edward in new hampshire.
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think about citibank. it's everywhere but where it should be >> we have to have michael on the show to tell us why this is a big turn. michael, i want you on the show. let's go to robert in california. >> caller: rdn. >> if i'm playing housing i'm going with lenor. we had a fabulous move with rdn carol. >> caller: plymouth company. is it a buy at the current price? >> after the hearing on thursday buy friday if you want to. paul in california. paula. >> caller: jim, give a quick shout out to your biggest fan, 96-year-old mary reynolds who thinks you are so sexy and so cute. >> well, i tell you, i wish i i'm giving you a shout out. thank you. how about a stock, too. >> caller: stonemore partners.
3:42 am
no! [ buzzer ] mark in michigan. >> caller: eep buy, sell or hold. >> i think -- i'm not recommending fossil fuels now. we had a move in oil but let's not push our luck. and that, ladies and gentlemen, is the conclusion of the lightning round. >> announcer: the lightning round is sponsored by td ameritrade. mcdonald's. i want you to think about mcdonald's as a place to go not as a store but a stock. i want to go to the store because i love the egg mcmuffin. are thesele filled with quinoa? i can have them on my cleanse if they are. i have to get rid of the bread and the cheese inside. >> let me check my watch. no. you have to check your watch all the time. >> got it. i checked mine, too.
3:43 am
>> thanks. >> it flashes when the wife calls. [ buzzing ] >> likes to call at 9:00, 6:00. those are the times. 9:00 and 6:00, lisa. >> let it snow let it snow let it show some of us are cold and some of us need to deal with two, three feet of snow on the ground. how about columbia, the gem of the ocean? i can't take these -- i have to keep these together because when the show is over we return them. that's the budget we have. oh, boy. does the wife love her sorrel boots. i watched her dig out the front steps and i cheered because i have a bad back. good news from schlumberger last week. i'm taking a look at the
3:44 am
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on a certain day like say today i like to remember some industries are willing to stay strong even if they have to give back into bearish territory. home furnishing space has been strong. even as the fed tightened and made mortgage rates more expensive. not just home depot. take ethan allen, the chain of 300 design centers with high quality home decor, design and
3:47 am
inconsistent history. earlier this week, ethan allen reported a strong quarter. company delivering ten cents earn ings as well as higher than expected revenue rising year over year and 7.3% increase in same store sales and the company boosted the dividend bringing the yield to 2.55%. that's a nice sign of confidence. a lot of this has to do with the company rolling out merchandise that appeals to younger customers. they are developing a line of disney inspired products oh to reach a younger demographic. let's check in with the chairman and ceo of ethan allen to learn about where the company is headed. welcome back, sir. >> good to see you. >> have a seat. it looks like the things you put in place since we have seen you last, disney and something important with the army and air force that has an impact. this is a good beat you did. >> absolutely. when we take a look at the number of issues you have, plus our operating leverage.
3:48 am
makes a difference. that is if you increase sales. we increase ed sales 5.3%. operating income at 35%. our eps went up 48%. all of those reflect the work from a retail network to manufacturing to logistics. now when you're talking about this question after the announcement we just made, that's the next strategy. what are the ethan allen digital strategy. we discussed it in the past. it's twofold. we are not in the furniture business. we are in the personal service of providing personal design service. in the last three or four months you may say an experiment really worked well. we said, let us advertise and
3:49 am
beautiful, come into our design centers, meet a designer and you will get from october, november, 30% savings on one item but you cannot do it online. we had a 33% increase in october, good increase in november and for the quarter 15%. >> let's talk about that. wayfair says that's way people buy, digital furniture. that's different from what you do. right? completely different than checking a box on a shop keeping unit. >> we are in the service business. both from the perspective of interior design and we have what we call premium in home delivery. we deliver products at one cost nationally whether it is in seattle, washington, miami or in new york. because of the fact it created one of the better or the best premium home delivery services in the home. now discretion of the military
3:50 am
one. you might say the other side of digital. we have created a special website for the army and air force. the current service people and retired go to this through the military. then they are connected to our website. they can buy the products and then it is delivered and serviced by a retail network in north america. >> this is a price break? >> no. they don't get a price break. they save when they get it through the military they don't pay sales tax. >> that's a price break. >> but the prices are the every day best, whatever the prices are and it is delivered in through our premium home delivery throughout the ice. >> we went through this conference. there is a mr. sandell who said your company wasn't working right. he didn't fare well in the statement, did he?
3:51 am
we could perhaps sell a lot of hard real estate and we said we are a different business. these are not buildings on 5th avenue. we have small stores all over the country. we have been transforming. anyway -- >> financial engineering. you are in the business of design. >> that's right. of course they said, make your point. they did. >> you let him speak. >> we did. we are pleased that the shareholders desided what we were saying made sense. >> look at the quarter. it does make sense. >> when you look at it also, jim, we have transformed the offerings. >> disney is an important initiative that we launch this fall. but this is not just products. this is creating a magical home, ab ethan allen disney home. >> the chairman, president and
3:52 am
this is an early turn, i think, in the next level of the company. stick with cramer. the more you move the more you sweat degree's motionsense technology keeps you fresh with every move. it has unique microcapsules that contain fragrances. friction breaks the capsules... ...releasing bursts of freshness all day. whether you're meeting a deadline... ...grabbing a bite... ...or heading out for the night. motionsense, protection to keep you moving. degree, it won't let you down. today you can do everything in just one click, even keep your toilet clean and fresh. introducing lysol click gel.
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