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tv   Today in Iowa at 5  NBC  February 1, 2016 5:00am-5:30am CST

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surpass which candidates could benefit the most from tonight's results.
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the big day is finally here....caucus day 20-16. tonight the first americans will decide who they want for their next president. there are more than 16-hundred caucus sites all over this state. we'll have full team coverage all day leading up to the caucus. channel 13's josh nguyen is live now in capitol square where much of the caucus chaos is expected to take place. but first, we'll go to megan reuther, who is live at west end salvage which is
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notes: lets take a look at our coverage for
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but we will follow each candidate. lets start with dave price. he will in now. onto, donald trump he will be at with sonya hetisuhen. right behind him in the polls is ted cruz and he will be at the fairgrounds and stephanie moore will be giving us the lastest from his camp. on the dems side, hilary clinton will be at drake, in the olsted center. lynn melling will live from there and to close out bernie sanders will setup his hq today from the airport will be tracking the results with him. from most experts we talk to this is shaping up to be an all timer. not sure it will have the turnout of the 2008 caucus but the tight races on both sides have people excited. but the year that keeps coming up when i talk with professor is 1988 and the similarities are striking. we all know this year, the gop has a packed field and no one knows who will come out on top. the dems had that issue in 1988 with 8 candidates. richard gephardt ended up winning that year. its a much different on the dem side with just a 2 horse race with sanders and clinton. the republicans, dealt with that in 88 too. with bob dole and bush sr. dole won that year with almost 40 percent of the vote. but where this resembles 1988
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"to me the turning point was 1988... a number of democrats running, so..." there is one more thing that makes the 1988 iowa caucus
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gephardt, won the caucus in 88. but he started something that year the every candidate does today. we will tell you more about that in a half an hour. despite the push from campaigns, turnout might not reach 2008's record numbers. "the sense is it won't reach 2008 numbers, those were such historic numbers for turnout. the number of candidates, you would think turnout would be higher because of the number of candidates, but i'm not hearing a lot of that being true." in 2008, a record number of iowans turned out to caucus -- about 240- thousand democrats and 120- thousand republicans. but so far this year, not as many new voters are registering. high caucus turn out will most benefit candidates who are relying on new caucus goers... like bernie
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the game plan for campaigns today is to reach out to caucus goers and break down any barriers for them getting there. "trying to tear down all those barriers, child care, well, let me help you find childcare. we've got campaigns who are offering childcare to families at the sites. you've got people who are concerned about weather, can i help you with a ride. can a volunteer help you with a ride to the caucus." you can still register at your precinct caucus night. here are a couple other things to keep in mind.. you have to be 18 or older by election day, which is november eighth. you have to be a registered republican or democrat. you have to be in the door ready to go by 7 p-m. so plan to get there early, especially if you need to register. you can find your precinct by visiting iowa democrats dot org or iowa g-o-p dot org. we put those links on our website at
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sanders is still within striking territory... in the des moines register's final iowa poll, he's just three points behind hillary clinton. that's within the poll's margin of error. as for republicans... it appears the race is donald trump's to lose. he's now five points ahead of senator ted cruz... and 13-points ahead of senator marco rubio. ted cruz is managing a controversy on caucus day... iowa secretary of state paul pate is criticizing his campaign for this mailer... in addition to reading "voter violation"... it also gives voters a score... and tells recipients to caucus in order to improve their score... channel 13's political director sat down with cruz who said he's not sorry for sending out the mailers. "i will apologize to no one for using every tool we can to encourage people to come out and vote for the caucuses. our country is in crisis." cruz fired up iowans during a late night rally at the iowa
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yesterday. his campaign estimated more than 11-hundred people filled the room. the senator will be there again tonight for his caucus night watch party. many hawkeye fans spent their sunday focused on basketball... not politicians. back home last night at carver- hawkeye arena against northwestern. after just 9 points against maryland jarrod uthoff bounces back... iowa leads by 16 at the half. peter jok brings the hawks a total of 26 points. hawks win this one easily, 85-71. meanwhile also uni back home against southern illinois.
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still ahead on today in iowa.. nbc's political director joins us live... and tells us the biggest stories on both sides leading into the iowa caucus. (phone ringing) (phone ringing) you can't deal with something by ignoring it . but that's how some presidential candidates
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americans work hard and pay into it, so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates! answer the call already. do you think when you are president you'll be paid as much as if you were a man-male... this is one of the jobs where they have to pay you the same. but there are so many examples where that doesn't happen. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure every woman in every job gets paid the same... the men who are doing that job. i'm hillary clinton
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they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people.
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a blizzard watch is in effect for tuesday for those north and west of the des moines metro. moderate to heavy snow is expected at times and wind speeds will increase as well. winds will be strong from the north-northeast at 20 to 30 mph, gusts to 40 mph. this will create very difficult driving conditions all day on tuesday and for the start of wednesday. a winter storm watch is in effect for those southwest and southeast of des moines until tuesday night. most of today will remain dry for those caucusing around the state. light snow will begin falling after midnight as the bigger system proaches but shouldn't be muc a problem for the driving
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mmute on esday. the majority snow will fall during the morning on tuesday, taperingf by the late evening. right now snow totals are still expected to bein the 4-8" range around des moines with 6-12" farther towarde rthwest, 2-4" in theutheast. no matter what,avel conditions will be poor
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coming up next on today in iowa... nbc's chuck todd joins us live and tells us what will set tonight's iowa caucus apart from year's past. and who he thinks will come out on top. from postal workers to nurses... he's been endorsed for real change: bernie sanders. endorsed by friends of the earth action
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the nation endorses bernie saying, "you can trust sanrs because he doesn't owe his political career to the financial overlords." the des moines register calls him, "a man of courage and principle." endorsed by council bluffs daily nonpareil because "he would build on obama's legacy and challenge the establishment." i'm bernie sanders
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our top story... caucus day 2016 has arrived. and all the big networks have taken over des moines to cover it. you're taking a live look at west end salvage downtown. the today is filming there this morning. it's also playing host to other nbc programming including meet the press and nbc night news with lester holt. and candidates are making their final push to get iowans out to caucus.
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may not be enough. in 2008, a record number of iowans turned out to caucus -- about 240- thousand democrats and 120- thousand republicans. but so far this year, not as many new voters are registering. high caucus turn out will most benefit candidates who are relying on new caucus goers... like bernie sanders, donald trump and even ted cruz. tonight the first americans decide who they think should be president of the united states. we're just hours away from the iowa caucuses. tracie potts is in des moinesthis morning. she's been out and about talking to voters.. .getting a sense of who tonight's winners might be. presidential candidate :00-:04"this is our time. this is the time for the men and women of iowa." final arguments... less than 24 hours before tonight's caucuses. presidential candidate :09- :15"...large turnout in most iowa counties...we win." presidential candidate :16-:20"i hope you will stand up for me. i hope you will fight for me." hillary clinton and donald trump have slim leads in the latest des moines register poll presidential candidate
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election, we have to win in iowa." but that same poll shows nearly 1 in 10 iowans are like cassandra: "i'm kind of an undecided voter." the register found nearly a third of democrats and almost half of republicans here have favorites: "i'm learning toward marco rubio." but could still change their minds... today! karen tentner's a democrat who may caucus as a republican: " make sure that a republican candidate we're not interested in is not included." vicky daniel interrupted her florida vacation to fly home for tonight's caucuses. "it's important. i wanna stand up for my candidate." that's what democrats have to do here - literally. unlike republicans, there's no secret ballot: "you have to put your hand up in public and say 'i am for this candidate.' that's really something. that's just hands-on public democracy."
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nbc's political director knows just how important the first in the nation's caucus are. chuck todd was there when a record number of voters turned out to caucus in 2008. the meet the press host joins us live from west end salvage to tell us what we can expect going into
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the time has come to make a choice... about which candidate can actually make a difference for you. in a world as complex as this, we need a president as experienced as hillary.
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at the negotiating table... and always on your side... fighting for children and families. with a real plan to get incomes rising... ...reduce drug prices... equal pay for women... ...and protect social security and medicare for seniors. she'll build on obamacare, not start over. break through the gridlock, not add to it. defend planned parenthood, not attack it. stand up to the gun lobby, not protect it. lead on foreign policy, not ignore it. we need a president with the experience and determination to get the job done. i'm running to make a difference. a real difference for you and your families across our country. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place
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to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america if we listen to our hearts. and that journey begins here in iowa. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask you to join with us at the caucuses on monday night.
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